Historian DISCOVERS New Hidden EVIDENCE of ATLANTIS’ Lost Civilization! MIND-BLOWN with Michael Le Flem

Michael Le Flem, M.A. is a researcher, adjunct professor of history and philosophy, columnist for New Dawn Magazine and KennedysandKing.com, a scuba diver and guitarist. He grew up in South Florida, and attended the Harriet. L. Wilkes Honors College and Florida State University, where he studied Western intellectual history and U.S. foreign policy. ‘Visions of … Read more

UC Berkeley Physicist UNCOVERS Supernatural Phenomena CHANGING OUR Reality! with Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of several books including Quantum Jumps, Reality Shifts, and High Energy Money. Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is founder of RealityShifters, first president of the International … Read more

NEW EVIDENCE: Lost Ancient Texts REVEAL Secrets to Humanity’s GOLDEN Origins! with Billy Carson

Billy Carson is a multifaceted personality renowned for his contributions to the fields of space exploration, ancient civilizations, and consciousness studies. As an author, researcher, and speaker, Carson’s work delves into the realms of science, spirituality, and history. With a dynamic approach, he synthesizes scientific knowledge with esoteric wisdom to uncover humanity’s hidden narratives. Carson … Read more

Man in COMA for 5 Months; Shown MANY Civilizations & Realities! JAW-DROPPING NDE! with Larrick Ebanks

Larrick Ebanks is a singer & songwriter from the UK living in Spain, releasing music into the universe for those who resonate with the vibration. He just recently came out of hospital after 11 months due to what doctors call Covid/Pneumonia. This experience completely changed his life, and with a 10% survival rate, he was … Read more

UNBELIEVABLE Changes Ahead: Humanity’s Great Shift EXPLAINED! Everything WILL CHANGE! with Mary Reed

Mary Reed was a staunchly agnostic healthcare executive living in Washington, DC when she began venturing uncontrollably into mystical experiences in the company of Jesus, Buddha and angels. She finally surrendered her “normal” life and spent several years in a tiny nunnery in the Himalayas coming to terms with her unexpected abilities. Her profound experiences are both … Read more

CHANNELLING EVENT: Alex’s PERSONAL Spirit Guides Have a MESSAGE For Humanity! with Stephanie Banks

In the ever-evolving realm of spiritual and personal growth, there emerge individuals who transform lives, not merely through their words, but with their innate gifts. One such luminary is Stephanie Banks, a prominent intuitive channel, mentor, and guide. Her ability to connect with beings beyond our tangible reality is a testament to the vastness of … Read more

Woman STRUCK By BUS; Clinically DEAD 5 Min! Shown the AKASHIC RECORDS! Profound NDE with Anne Bayford

Anne Bayford is a multifaceted Psychic Medium and Past Life Practitioner now specializing in Soul Auditing – helping people know where they are on their soul journey and then coaching them towards what they are here to do through Soul Coaching. She is the Co-Founder of Odyssey The Platform, runs her own successful private practice … Read more

EVERYTHING We’ve Been Told About DEATH & LOSS is WRONG! Shocking TRUTH Revealed! with Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell is a writer and director for theater and film. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Seraglio, a short film he wrote and directed with his lovely and talented wife, Gail Lerner. He has taught Theater and/or Filmmaking at Chapman University, Loyola Marymount University, Cal Poly Pomona University, and to incarcerated youth … Read more

The HIDDEN Blueprint: Manifest YOUR Dream Life in Record Time! with Jon & Missy Butcher

Jon and Missy Butcher are a dynamic power couple renowned for their significant contributions to the personal development and life transformation sphere. With a passion for empowering individuals to lead extraordinary lives, they co-founded Lifebook, an innovative life design program that has garnered global recognition. Lifebook offers a holistic approach to personal growth, covering twelve … Read more

CHANNELED Message: How to TRANSFORM & MERGE With Your HIGHER SELF! with Lincoln Gergar

Since the age of 18, Lincoln Gergar has been helping people to awaken to who they are as the blissful consciousness creating their lives. At 25, Lincoln started teaching to a world-wide audience via YouTube, holding personal sessions and hosting in-person events. His Channel Higher Self videos have received over 5 million views and he … Read more

Psychic Medium REVEALS Humanity’s FUTURE! It Will Leave You SPEECHLESS! with Mary Anne Kennedy

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning, Mary-Anne Kennedy is one of Canada’s Top Psychic Mediums. She is a published author, spiritual educator, soul-based coach, and TV Personality. Featured as a guest and expert contributor with numerous television, radio, and podcast productions, Mary-Anne’s professional contributions to the metaphysical community are extensive. Mary-Anne is the founder of the School … Read more

Woman Struck By Lightning & DIES; Tours HEAVEN & Shown FUTURE WORLD Events in NDE with Sharon Milliman

Sharon Milliman has had four near-death experiences. The first occurred at the age of 13, when she drowned while taking swimming lessons. Sharon was struck by lightning four times over the course of several years. The fourth lightning strike resulted in her second NDE which occurred in 2005,when she was struck while talking on a … Read more