Therapist REVEALS After 1000’s of QHHT Sessions the RAW TRUTH About PAST LIVES! with Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner is a world-renowned explorer of human consciousness using the modalities of hypnosis, meditation and channeling. Her empowering work in the field of hypnosis began in 2012, learning from the late Dolores Cannon. Suzanne has mastered Dolores’ hypnosis technique called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. She has directly assisted Dolores in classes and taught with … Read more

Woman Shown PAST LIVES on Other Worlds & Civilizations in Mystical PRE-BIRTH MEMORY! with Rebbeca Wertz

The winds of existence often carry us to realms of insight and transformation, and today’s conversation is a testament to the profundity of our journey. On this episode, we welcome Rebbeca Wertz, a courageous soul who has traversed the path of spiritual awakening, shedding light on the mysteries of pre-birth experiences and beyond. Rebbeca Wertz’s … Read more

INVISIBLE INFLUENCE: The HIDDEN Force That Shapes Your “CURRENT” LIFE’S Journey! with Dr. Toni Reilly

In the vast theater of existence, some individuals possess the rare ability to traverse the boundaries of life and death, uncovering the timeless truths that bind us all. Today, we welcome Dr. Toni Reilly, a distinguished past life regression therapist whose profound work delves into the mysteries of reincarnation and the soul’s eternal journey. Dr. … Read more

Woman Shown TRUTH About the MULTIVERSE! Sees PARALLEL LIVES on the OTHERSIDE! | Natasha Venter

Life, with all its unseen currents and whispers from beyond, often guides us to moments of profound clarity and understanding. On today’s episode, we welcome the extraordinary Natasha Venter, an intuitive healer and medium whose deep connection with the spiritual realm offers us a window into the timeless nature of the soul. Natasha’s work unravels … Read more

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