MYSTERIOUS Manuscripts Holds the KEY to DECODE Your LIFE! (Indian Palm Leaf Reading) with Dr. Q Moayad

Dr. Q Moayad  is a Transformational Mentor that provides tools necessary to experience a Quantum Leap of Personal Development that will help create Abundance of Happiness, Health & Wealth.

Indian Palm Leaf Reading, or Nadi Astrology, is an ancient divinatory practice originating in India. It claims to unveil an individual’s life history, present circumstances, and future prospects by examining inscriptions on ancient palm leaves, believed to have been written by sages centuries ago. Seekers provide a thumbprint to identify their specific palm leaf set, which is said to contain their unique life information. Trained readers interpret the inscriptions, often in Tamil script, to reveal details about one’s career, relationships, and health. While some people believe in its accuracy, the practice is met with skepticism, and authenticity varies among practitioners.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Q Moayad.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 335

Dr. Q Moayad 0:00
I know I can heal them. And you know, too, but they don't. So they gotta do something where they focus their energies on this raw egg to carry it in your left pocket for the next two weeks, make sure it doesn't crack. And by the time they invest their energies, healing will manifest itself in the if he's careless, is that whatever it cracks? Well, then obviously, he's not ready for it. Or he doesn't really want it. Hence, Unity will not manifest.

Alex Ferrari 0:41
I'd like to welcome to the show, Dr. Q. How you doing? Dr. Q.

Dr. Q Moayad 0:44
Phenomenal. Thank you so much for having me, Alex. It's an honor and a pleasure being on your show. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
Thank you. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I have a mutual friend of ours, Laura Coe. As I was having her on the show, we were talking off air, she mentioned that she had a reading with this amazing doctor with something called Indian palm leaf reading. And then she kind of explained a little bit about it. And I was like, what, what is that? What? How in God's been? Or do I not know about this? With all of my studying and traveling and being into this? I had never heard of these concepts before. So before we go down that road, which is a very interesting road, and we're going to go deep down the rabbit hole on on that. Can you tell the audience a little bit about how you started your line of this line of work with any palm palm leaf reading, and the other healing work that you do.

Dr. Q Moayad 1:36
Sure ofcourse now, first of all, those of you are just listening to this and not watching it. I'm a white guy. I'm from the West, I'm not Indian at all. So that I do this is mind blowing to me too. After 10 years of doing it, I You can rest assured. Now you need to understand a little bit about me to understand why I ended up doing what I'm doing. We all carry across one shape or another and my crosses health. I've always had major health issues. And I'm pretty sure that I've been in hospital longer than most people. And the whole thing started when I was 16 when I was diagnosed with cancer and now I grew up as a my mom's Austrian Oh, that's Persian. So we grew up in Iran. Some of you might remember being mature enough, or reading the news, there was a revolution in 1979. So my dad was very wealthy, and not a Muslim, it was behind and behind were persecuted, killed, imprisoned. Hence, when the revolution happened, the Islamic Revolution, we had to flee the country period, there was no future for us in that country. And most certainly my dad would have been executed in like the US all of us, too. So my mom packed up two suitcases and flew to Vienna, Austria, cuz she's from there. So overnight, from wealthy with a chauffeur, and you know, servants and all the rest of it to zero. So I know how it feels to be wealthy. And I know how to feel to be a refugee and have no money at all. One of the reasons why money is that a big driver for me really it isn't. And when I lived in, I was a teenager, and I lived in Austria, in 1986, some of you might be mature enough to remember that to whom there was a nuclear catastrophe, the biggest to the state called Chernobyl. There is a great Netflix series too, if you can watch it. So in April of 86, Chernobyl bursts and the nuclear power travels, you know, a few 1000 kilometers miles and dumps the fallout, the nuclear fallout over Central Europe in Vienna, Austria is in the heart of Europe. And because of that, I got cancer. Now my cancer doctor again, lucky to meet that wonderful lady who saved my life. She became a politician afterwards, and she became the the Secretary of Health for Austria. And we became very good friends, close friends, because she didn't get to see so many kids that may survive. And we're still in touch. She's still alive. And she told me behind closed doors, I should say that it's because of Chernobyl. And you can see a spike in cancer rates across Europe. But they didn't mention that publicly because they didn't want to. They didn't want people to know that that's because of Chernobyl which is far far away from the and Austria. So not only Austria was impacted, of course, Germany and the Czech Republic and all the countries around there. So it took me three years to recover from this. I was an inpatient for six months for a long time, chemotherapy, radiation surgery, you know, the whole nine yards 1000 needles went up my veins 1000 A lot. And of course, at the time when I was diagnosed with cancer, so God why me, Mommy, I'm just kidding. You know, we just survived the revolution euro and my life hasn't started yet. But I'm going through it being and I saw people getting killed at the revolution to going wrong. I saw that too. You know, shootings are in the streets. And then I saw people die in my room as well, when I was in hospital. Not as lucky as I was. And when I was 19, I said, you know, you're good to go. You're in remission now, and hopefully we never get to see again. Well, there was a wish, because I have to go back every year and get checkups. But I think God, why me? How come I survived? And these poor buggers did not. And that's somehow when I connected the dots, there's got to be more than meets the eye, there's got to be it's, we just get to see the tip of the iceberg. So even though I was a kid, I really started wanting to get deeper into things and understand things even though my mind wasn't there yet, because, again, you know, I was just a kid, I was a teenager yet, that was the beginning of my spiritual journey. Of course, I had to pursue a regular career too. And I would have most likely studied medicine because I come from physicians family, but three years in and out of hospital purely for good to ever set foot in hospital voluntarily again. So that option is out. But I became an academic. And that's the reason why I'm called Dr. killed. So it's on a stage name. My friends at University started calling me Dr. G, because they wanted to either tease me or they thought it was cool. But it's stuck in oven for 25 years now to kill. And, and so I went to Sherman to the Amazon and crazy things I can be open about it too. I use not just regular meditation techniques to get deep in but I had some shamanic elbow went to John of gods in Brazil several times his most famous medium in the world. Did you know Reiki healing group therapies, passionate, you know being stuck in darkness. I did all of it. Just to pierce the veil. I want to know is there something that I cannot see? Yes, there is I cannot see it. Economics painter cannot touch it. But yet I know that reality happens in here in your head in our heads. And so healing or sickness, death, good times, bad times money you name it doesn't really matter. Happens up in the head. I'm pretty sure how to manipulate the answer. Sometimes no, sometimes I don't. I'm just a human being like everyone else. But I do know that it works in one way, shape, or form or another. So 10 years ago, I had a very sick again, a virus impacted me and hit me without me knowing it. And it impacted my heart at the time, I would have met a girl from Hungary. Budapest. That's why I ended now in Budapest, Hungary. So I'm talking to you from Europe. She, I you know, I'm a very fit guy. I know that Amin I'm fit. I'm very strong. And so when we were jogging, I couldn't even keep up with her anymore. I said. She said Tuesday that doesn't look good. You need to go back to your cancer hospital because this is abnormal. I was sweating and chills and and so she put on a train and sent me back to Vienna, which is only three hours away. And I show up with my cancer aspirin again. And they normally say Oh, Dr. Hugh, welcome, you know, our VIP treatment there because they know me because I was a kid there. And they said, Yeah, let's let's test you. And then they said, Talk to my they said you have to stay here because you're very sick. And I said, What do you mean, I've got a flight to Frankfurt in two days. You know, I said, I remember the chief. Cardiologist, he shouted into my ears and Dr. Moyer and I don't think you quite understand you are deadly sick, you will stay here. I said, Oh my god, okay. I didn't feel that bad. But that day I collapsed. And thank God I was already in the hospital. And they shoved me into the ICU because I had myocarditis. Without me knowing that means an inflamed heart, muscle and water, my heart attack pneumonia, water my lungs, only because I'm fit and every since my cancer times and we look after myself very well helped me survive. So when I'm when I'm being shoved into the ICU, I see God Oh, my God, this is crazy. Why me? I mean, there's so much health issues and their car accidents, and you know, pneumonia all the time, and way more than just these two big events. And so I thought it must have to do with karma, you know, some are quick, massive due to karma. So I share this with my girlfriend who came to him, you know, to the ICU. And she said, You know what, you need to do a palm leaf reading, which he just had heard about on local Hungarian TV don't know exactly how. And I said, really? Okay, well, I'm a sucker for all of this. I've done it all I'm telling you. And she said, But I told you already a year ago. I said, that's impossible. Yes, I told you a year ago do it. And that's, again, is evidence of the fact that when we're not ready, we don't hear it. We do not hear it. And I remember that I read that I read a book by Deepak Chopra to who I now know because of the work that I do. He wrote a book called The Book of Secrets. And in his book, he talks about public readings to about his own naughty reading. And it went in and out. It didn't sink in, which is which is bizarre. I'm a sucker, I'm telling you, you tell me something that is crazy. I'll do it right away. They told me what I asked them, I flew to the Amazon and did it right there in the jungle. And I was scary as hell. And I do it, you know. So there is, anyway, when you're ready, you're there. And that is why I ended up getting a reading done. And the reading blew my mind, I'm telling you, not only did they find out my name, and my parents names, when that's called matching process. But the guides told me at the time, and I had two readings so far. And the first reading, he said, Oh, at age 77, to 79, you will have a heart attack and die.

I was impressed, because it did not tell him that I have heart issues. And if you asked me as a human, how do you think you're gonna die, it's like, well, either cancer comes back, or I'm gonna have a heart attack, because my heart has been impacted, because of radiation therapy and chemotherapy and the big virus that hit the heart. I was like, wow. But he said, it's just karmic, you can do something about it. And the good news about potty training is that for every block that's identified in your reading, you get a healing modality. So you can fix it. And that brings you back to that everything in life is just energy. So that means if you're sick or sick Lee, or things in your life are not working out the way you like, or they work out the way like so the positive and negative is just energy. And so you get a healing modality, we call it a puja, where you usually recite the mantra, all you have to do physical act, to help overcome it. And the more you do with your heart, the more you can prove to the universe, that you're serious about it. And then the universe helps you. And he also said 10 years ago, and by the way, you're gonna bring this to the west. And I thought, He's kidding me. I'm a white guy, I have nothing to do with any of this. I went there to get healing for myself. And no ideas beyond that. So then, of course, I share my experience with friends and family. And they all want to get everything done to say, Okay, let's fly to India. And this is when I realized that India is a no go zone for most western people, period. That's just the reality of it. I've been in travel and tourism my entire life, I've been to over 100 countries, to me travel is just second nature. I love travel, I'm a gypsy, if I don't travel, I get sick, I really need to go and explore things. But that's when I realized that people just don't want to go to India, it's too hot or too dirty, too poor, you know, the food's spicy. I don't know, whatever the reasons might be, they're just scared. And that is when we said, Okay, can we maybe do it on Skype, you know, the old days, and then we're gonna secure and that is, and then when they had readings on, and I was in every single reading, because I realized people even though they, they want to get a reading, they didn't understand the accent, you know, called English, because he was interpreting and into Indian English, you know, English, and it's very thick. And you really need to have trained ears to understand what they're saying. So I was in every reading, reinterpreting and into proper English. And the next thing I realized is people didn't understand the message. And not that I had any idea about public readings at the time, but I had done a lot of spiritual work. So I understood the deeper meaning of a reading, we cannot take it literally, it's a compass. It's a guideline. It's a blueprint for life, and many other things that go into this. So I not only reinterpreted into proper English, but also tried to make an understand the deeper meaning of that, of what a reading actually is, and what the reading is meant for them. And then they spit the word and more people came, and then I ended up talking to people that I never heard of, you know, I said, Oh, my God, this is no more me helping a couple of friends out my family. And that is when we put it into legal structure called an employment reading Institute. And the rest is history, because now I'm talking to you 10 years later, and I you can rest assured I never ever in my entire life plan on doing so. So the universe somehow guided me. And now when I think back of the first reader who told me, I'm gonna bring this to the lessons of Man, if only the number two he was, I will go back and say, Oh, my God, we changed your life. Here I am. I just didn't remember him, regrettably. But the second reading I did, and that might bring a good end to this introduction, is, I do know, the second leader, because you know, is our chief leader in our institute. And I remember him sitting across from him, you know, when you think of an office in India, and I was in his office in India, it's a hole in the wall. That's the reality of it. You know, it's tiny, it's cramped, they use a lot of incense, which given the chemotherapy that I had is like a sledgehammer in my face, I any, any scent, that's more than a little bit, just minutes. So I was suffering for them, you know, the 234 hours that he took. And so he looks at me when he goes through the the matching process, which I will explain later on. He looks at it to make sure that he finds me on the leaf and looks at me, looks at the leaf and is like, baffled as I was obviously you are doing this. He said you were doing this and the second reading was three years later, and by the time we already had the institute But it's, it was on my leaf that I'm already doing this, I said, Well, I'm not, I'm not doing myself what I have now 92 were drawn to people. And then he said, oh, and I can see 82 Plus, so you got to give them longevity, which means the healing work that I did, after my first reading, impacted to overcome the karma, which caused my health issues, I have not been in hospitals, and so Touchwood I don't really intend to go back. And that I'm doing this already. So now I'm getting ready to do a third reading and see what's out there. So that's me being involved in all that. So I already told you, I personally make no money with this. It's an institute, it's a no nonprofit foundation, the whole purpose of it is to preserve this ancient knowledge and wisdom. It took many years to find the right people, it's not easy have to be honest with you, too, for those of you who've never traveled to India, because I get a lot of emails every day, oh, I'd like to do it in India. So good luck. Good luck finding someone who is authentic and real, because it's not so easy. Most regrettably, an Indian would sell you almost anything to make a quick buck. That's the harsh reality of it. So it took me quite many years to find the team that I trust that I know that they're really doing with all their hearts, because it's not easy to become a reader. It takes about seven years to become a fully fledged reader seven years. It's like going to university for a long time. And I know what university and it is, because I've spent 10 years of my life as a student and then as a lecturer. So they not only have to learn an ancient language that's dead, that's called grantor or ancient Tamil. And by the way, the whole thing, the hub of it the hub of Indian parliament readings, oh, by the Indian parliament meeting is a term that I invented. In the end because I thought I hope that people want to send it's connected to India, palm leaf, I hope that people understand there is a leaf involved the palm leaf, not the palm of your hand. And yet, every day I get a message on Facebook or Instagram, can you read my palm this emittance have a picture of the policy dude, read the website before you send me an email. I have no time for this nonsense. So palm leaf and then readings that there is some sort of reading involved. But in India, we call this Nadi reading or nadi astrology. Now Nadi has many meanings, many but I'm just gonna explain a few to make sense to you. Nadi means seeker. So personal six the message it means leaf, it means pulse, representing life, human life. But it also means the exact moment in time when the message is divulged to the seeker not a day before, then later that day period. So naughty waiting, but at that time, I thought nobody would know what naughty really means. So hence, Indian palmitic. And I do this, you know, as good karma working, because in my reading, I was told to do good karma work, which I'm happy to do, it's now way bigger than I thought it would be. In the beginning, it was just me helping a couple people. Now, with the 1000s of readings, it's overwhelming, to be honest with you, too. It's become a real Institute with staff and otherwise, I wouldn't be able to do any of that. But I give back as much as I can. So we have an orphanage in the town our offices in and we do we support, separate from the orphanage, which looks after about 8040 Kids and 40 adults that are mentally and physically disabled. Individuals with with, you know, cow donations, and you name it, so I'm here to help as many people as I possibly can. So that's, that's the institute by the way, the the whole, the hub of all of this is in a state called Tamilnadu, which is the southern most state of India, and those who've been to India might know or might not know, that's the only state that's different to the rest of India period. If you want to go into the one part of India, that's distinctly different to the rest of them. That's Tamil Nadu. First of all there Tamil people that live there, and they speak Tamil language was the only state it's you know, it's a federal state like the United States or Canada, Australia, that does not speak the common language called Hindi. So when an Indian travels to Tamilnadu, which by the way, has a similar shape to California, it's only on the east coast of India, not the west coast that California is as 85 million people in one state alone. And they're primarily vegetarians, and it's the most spiritual states today. There's the state of Tamil Nadu is more temples than any other states per capita.

And so, even if an Indian travels to Tamil Nadu, they cannot communicate because they might speak the common language Hindi, but Tamils don't. So they have to revert back to English or English. And so to Tamil, another Indian is also like a foreigner. So when they come to get a reading, they gotta be just as careful as a white boy like me to find there'll be a person and which is not so easy because there are plenty people that claim that they're leaders and they just give you a reading, which is either nonsense, or they charge you, or go on to money. So that's where the whole thing is. And our office is in the heart of that state of Tamil Nadu, it's about five hours south of Chennai, Chennai is capital city. Chennai itself has 15 million people. And if you had a travel cell for about five hours, and there is a small town, small village, and that's why it's a town where we have our office. So now geographically in ideal world where it is, and legend has it, that about God knows how many years ago, two to 5000 years ago, because there is no written record, there isn't. And by the way, currently, I'm working on a book, to write it down. From the history part to what the reader needs to study to be able to become a reader how the process works, all of it in one book, so people can always refer back to it. So legend has it a two to 5000 years ago, that means before Christ was born, enlightened sages would call a Maharishi. Maharishi means great sage, sat down in meditation, prayed to the gods, they knew at the time, there will be Hindu gods, this is not a religious act, what you're doing this is a naughty reading. And yet it's connected to Hindu traditions. Because again, you got to put your historical glasses on and think back to the 5000 years ago, that's all they knew was, you know, the little universe called which we now call Tamil Nadu and the Hindu gods to the military to them, that the power forces are tapped into the Akashic records. And that's one of the reasons why Laura and I get along very well, because it's, you know, everything's in the Akashic records, if you wish. And by the way, folks who have no idea what Akashic records are, we're not doing a cache readings, we don't put the Akashic records is like a compendium of all knowledge up there, to keep it simple. And so they tapped into it and downloaded the message for the individual, for Alex, productive queue for whoever and then dictated the message to their disciples, telepathically, I guess. And they started writing them down on on palm leaves, hence, Indian palm reading, again to 5000 years, 2000 5000 years ago, there was no paper. So they utilize what they had in abundance, palm trees, and their big, big, big, big needs, not the needs that you might be used to from in California. They're different. They're huge names, and they cut them into, I don't know, 1015 inch long, about an inch or two wide, fresh, and then they utilize sharp tools to etch the information on to the leaf. And then when he dried up, the message came through, so perfectly by degradable approach to life that in waste the environment and in order to preserve this brittle, leaves, dried leaves, they use the bark of the palm leaf, palm tree, and credit books to cover the leaves that are put into one book. Now this is for those of you are just listening, I'm just showing you this to Alex, that's a book or bundle, if you wish. And these books are bundles, carry leaves, that have one thing in common that will be your thumbprint, your thumbprint category type, I'll get to it. And then these books are bundles are stored in archives, libraries and archives across for the most part southern India called Tamil Nadu. Now, when you think of an archive or library, you might think, what are the Spencer's security guards aircondition far from it because he went India, these are for the most part, little holes in a wall, dusty, dirty, and they are safeguarded by families. So the vast majority of these bundles are in private laboratories and archives. They're big ones to municipal one state bonds, federal ones and I've been to, I think by now to all the big ones. But the vast majority of these bundles, which carried individual palm leaf are with families, reader families, that is because most readers are being taught grandfather, father, son, and so forth. As an outsider, you may become an A reader to of course and usually you would submit yourself to your guru to your master and start sweeping the floor and doing you know, work here and there and then eventually you will start divulging his vast knowledge about this to you. And the training lasts about seven years is a long time because the reader a fully fledged reader a real one and authentic one has to learn a lot of things for one that will be a engines terminal because they are written in a deadline which is kind of like Sanskrit, only the Tamil version of it called grantor. We can call it ancient Tamil to, doesn't exist anymore. To make things a little more complicated, Tamil and ancient Tamil both are a syllabic language sound based, unlike all Western languages, English, since you were just in France, French, Italian, always even Persian, Persian, letter based ABCD. Tamil International is not similar to Chinese Mandarin Jewish. If we had to convert them into letters, it will be 247 letters in the Western language a lot. So here's the study of that. It's kind of like ancient Greek and modern Greek, a modern Greek person does not read letters in ancient Greek. They go to university to study ancient Greek, even the modern Greek roots in ancient Greek, same thing with Tamil and ancient era. So it's a Slavic language, it's a dead language, in order to be able to compress so much information onto the Li, it's the US Code. And the code consists of a lot of different messages. And one of them the tool that we use to tap into it would be Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology is a new hip term for the real words that we use Indian or Hindu astrology, but in the 70s, our VEDA became hip in the West. So they started to use the term Vedic Astrology to connect to the our VEDA, but in reality is in astrology or Hindu astrology. So the reader is also a fully fledged Vedic astrologist. Now, I know after doing this for 10 years, I'm not an astrologist, but I've done readings on one or two you can rest assured to correct me. I now know that Vedic Astrology is more precise than Western astrology. And the simple just keep it simple difference will be Western is based on the sun. That's the one astrology that we all know. And in astrology is based on the moon. That's one big factor that separates these two, then he has to know about numerology gem, ology is very principles, because all of that message is on the leaf. specifically written for the person who gets a reading, because not every reading is the same. Yes, Alex I can see you want to ask me something.

Alex Ferrari 27:23
Yes, so Okay. I want to there's a lot to download here. I know, there's a tremendous amount of download here. Okay, so if, let's say I'm gonna go get a reading. Yep. And all of these would recommend you, by the way, which, which we'll discuss after this interview is over. Yeah. So if I want to get a reading, if all of the leaves that were written down two to 5000 years ago, are scattered throughout the state in India, how can you find my leaf? If it's not all in one library?

Dr. Q Moayad 27:59
Don't worry, we'll get to that. We will get to that. It's as I told you already, before we even started this interview. It's very complex. And the more I learn about it, the more I know, oh my god, it never stops. So two to 5000 years ago, these enlightened sages and those of you who are watching this video on YouTube, I just am showing Alex a picture of a teen main maharishi's, 18 there were hundreds of Maharishi subordinates hundreds, but these 18 we deem as the main ones, and the guy in the center with the potbelly. His name is August TR. So Agastya is considered to be the main guy who wrote the most leaves. He was not just a Maharishi, connected to another readings, he was a poet, a scientist, he did a lot of things in his life. And so if you get a reading, usually they would find a book written by him. If you do several readings, then they will look for different nourishes, that might have a leaf for you, too. So to answer your question, yes, you can have several readings in your lifetime, not just one you can, because there were so many different nourishes, who wrote a leaf. That's one thing they said meditation is

Alex Ferrari 29:14
Before before you go into it, just because they wrote leaves for every human being or is it that everyone has one how does that work?

Dr. Q Moayad 29:24
Well, now we can that will be for part two, but if you want to go deep into deep into the rabbit hole, but we can we can tap into that now too. As I explained, you know, I read the book by by Deepak Chopra, the book of secrets. And in this book, he talks about his own Nadi reading experience went in one ear and out the other. I read it within an hour from my own girlfriends who is now my partner in crime in what we do, she told me a year before I heard it, there was vomiting. I want to gift it to you didn't even sink in, and I'm a sucker for anything spiritual, I'm a sucker for it, then then didn't register. So that means most of us, most of us will never get a reading. Because it's not in here. It's not. It's just I'm just scribbling on the, on the surface here. Through the meditation that I do a lot, and I'll explain to you, I think before the recording started, I really go deep, very, very, very deep. I've done crazy things in my lifetime. And through the meditation, more meditation without any shamanic help. And with Shamanic help, I realized that when you go deep, very deep, and there is no more thought you become one with the universe, you understand that this, whatever we consider to be reality is a matrix, for lack of a better term illusions. It's an illusion, I know that for sure. Now, what we do with this illusion, again, we've got free will and choice to make the most out of this particular journey that we're that we chose to have in this shape and form. Now, period, I don't want to go too deep into this, because I can talk about this for hours, now. And then, because once and I now even manage once in a while, not all the time to get to the point that myself, it's scary on his end, can be overwhelming. I know that too. But once you're there, there is no more thoughts than you realized, Oh, my God, the beginning of creation is thought. Once I verbalize something in here, that is the wild, wild, wild, wild power. Before that there is universe, it's always one is beautiful, and oh my god, now I know what what it might be once I'm reunited with moksha. And we can talk about the two, that means liberation and be your inner with eternal source. And then you have the thought, and you start creating something, body, couch, this now the other the reality that you're in. And so the thought comes in palmi, freedom, boom, so the thought is here, but you don't do anything about it, but it's there. And then when you do an act, you do something physically to bring the thoughts into reality. And in our case, will be to submit your thumbprint, which I'll explain. Then, at the moment, when you submit your thumbprint, you bring this into your own reality. At the same time, 3000 years ago, 5000 years ago, 2000 years ago, I do not know, one of these Maharishi starts dictating the length and the message for Alex because now you're ready to get to receive the information that you want. I need to be further explained that, given all the work that I've done, as a simple human being, again, I'm just a simple guy. I didn't I wasn't raised by parents who were champions or, or knew how to meditate my dad until he died, couldn't even pronounce the word yoga correctly kept saying you guys are dead. That's something completely different. So that you know, I'm just a regular guy read. Yeah. But if I can do it, good news is anyone can do to your team. And that's, in my opinion, the best news there is. And so I realized the time the way we perceive it is not the reality. It cannot be everything happens at the same time. I'm pretty sure of it. cannot prove it. No, can explain it? No, but I'm pretty sure deep down and that's just the way it is. So that means if there is no past if there is no now if there is no future, the the way we perceive time linear, compress it into one. That means everything happens at the same time. That also means must mean that Alex, you and I are one must mean. Oh, so all was.

Alex Ferrari 33:42
So let me let me let me interrupt you for a second. Because this is one of my favorite topics. Is everything. Everything happening at the same time?.I've talked to quantum physicists about this. I've talked to Yogi's about this. I'm trying to explain what the Maja Rishis were doing three 5000 6000, whatever, 1000s years ago, is it possible that they if everything is happening at the same time, which quantum physics is now really starting to dive into? That means that there's no past there's no future there is no present. It all is happening at the exact same time. I always say that the record, the needle record happens to be where you and I are right now, on the record, but the record is it's all there ready? It's just Yes, correct. This is where we're at could the maharishi's because of their level of enlightenment. In this plane, we're able to and I'm using this as an analogy step back, see the entire record. And that's where they got the information because for them, it's not going into the future. It's there already. They're just kind of tapping into that signal and writing it down. So it seems like it's past the future. But really, they were just, oh, that's already there. So boom. And that's kind of the way psychics work in many ways. Is that fair?

Dr. Q Moayad 35:00
Yes, yeah, of course. Of course, of course. Okay. That's all I'm thinking about and do all day long is exactly this topic. Okay. But it's how should I say advanced or it's, you know, it's a rabbit hole, once you're in it, oh, there is no turning back. And it's just going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. And you need to be careful not to go nuts, because it's mind blowing, in order to stay grounded, and so forth. So I don't I didn't want to scare anyone either. But I wanted to, since you address it, I'm happy to talk about it now to why things are the way they are no, there is no need for every single person because not every single person here is if period, they don't done. If you don't seek, hence naughty reading seeker, then there is no time, the exact time for the message to be given to you from a leaf, also naughty, naughty being the exact moment in time when the message is delivered to you. So that is coming back again to how it works. Now, because I said these bundles are books carry leaves that have one thing in common that will be your thumbprint. That now is the beginning of me explaining the process. The process is exact same as it has been for 1000s of years, it's a three step process, one of the search for bundle that hopefully contains your lead to the matching, that means we go through the book, which I will open up this to find your length, and when the belief matches you, that's called the match, and then the reading three steps. Now, the big set will be free to submit your thumbprint. Again, you got to think back 1000s of years, how could the Rishis make sure that they connect a leaf with the individual again, at that time, people couldn't read or write, they couldn't. But they had one thing that really marked them as an individual, that will be your thumb impression. So they said okay, we're gonna lock the leaf with the human through their impression. Male men, right thumb, female, left thumb. Important, right, the guys and left the girls, you submit it, the reader looks at your thumbprint, and identifies your category type. There are 108 different category types, it's important to know just to study thumbprint category times is a science in itself very complex, and yet the reader identifies it. And then once he knows you can every time he goes on a physical search for a book or bundle. That means from one like I've done the next to the next to the next there is no computer system involved. There is no registry involved there isn't doing this for decades. Of course, they have a rough idea, where should I go to find it. But it takes time. Hence I tell everyone guys, the average search time for bundle with our institute is six to 16 weeks. So he would first look at his own archive and then it was to the neighbors and then he would hop on his bicycle go a little further away, we would hop on a moped that he has going further away, he would hop on a public bus, you know, go for a couple hours to look. And if it's too far nowadays, of course, we have I don't know brokers or agents, they would call you know the different municipalities saying hey, my friends, I need a bundle or book that matches this category type. You have one or two or not. If he says yes, he ships them over, it looks at them. Yep, could be right. And then he will call you in the office. So that's a physical act, people are so impatient. They send us an email two days after discipline your thumbprint is you have my friends read the email that we send you it takes six to 16 weeks, it can be sooner it can be just one day it can be of course it works in his own archive, boom, there is one takes it out. Now people need to understand that there are 1000s of bundles 1000s will just one category type their 100 a different category types. That means we're talking millions of bundles, real ones, not the fake ones, because if you add the fake one, so it then God knows how many we have. And each one of these bundles or books, or originally in the old days with 108 leaves Max 108. But of course you know time goes by their griddle, they crack there's fire there is this and the other. So we have on average, I don't know 20 To 60 Maybe in a bundle today 20 to 60. That means we got 10s of millions of leaves all over the place. In the old days. The hub for Nadi reading is a town called by tissue bar and coil in the center of Tamilnadu. That's where the mywish is lived, many of them and my office is not far from British yarn coil. Life happened. So the Tamils spread into other parts of India that means you can have a reading in other parts of India of course you can because they took the bundles with them. And then now we get Tamils in Sri Lanka, you can have a reading in Sri Lanka to move to Bali, you can have readings in Bali too, of course you can. And to make things a little more complicated, in the northern parts of India, we're all set, My wish is to tap into the Akashic records. And those these are written in Sanskrit. And Brega, will be the most important one of them, that people might have heard of, or not. So we're going to Agastya the main guy in itself, but he was the main guy in the north, and dozens of good ones, you know, real, enlightened humans called marriages in between, but the hub, the center is itself. So then, so the physical act takes a while gotta be patient, and then it brings him to the office. And if you were in India, you would walk into the office, because people say, Oh, my God, I want to do it in India is so much more romantic. I'm like, my friends, realities. I go to India all the time. It's not romantic, not romantic at all. The way we do it is 10,000 times better, because you are in your home, you know, it's either air conditioned or heated, depending on when you do it. You can sip your cup of coffee or tea. And you're in a relaxed environment there. It's hot as hell, mosquitoes they use 20 incense sticks, which drives me nuts. There is noise there is this there is and you're cramped in a small office, called an office in reality is a hole in the wall. You can hardly breathe. And that is my experience. So it's anything but romantic. And then, so the search comes to an end, you now know where they are and how the search works. Because people think, Oh, you're just going to Google me and you find me said, Man, you know, first of all, I make no money with this. So whether you come and get a reading or not, to me person makes a difference. One, two, you need to know that India is a very poor country.

I'm a big fan of India. And I can, to some extent deal with it cannot live there already explained to you before we started recording. No, I cannot. But my readers travel an hour or more to come to the office. Because at home, they don't have internet. One. They have an outhouse, my friends, they take number two, in a hole on the ground in the ground. So do you think he, me or anyone else, waste a minute of my precious day to Google anyone? You can rest assured? No. But if that is your main concern, then please do not get a reading period. That's just the reality. We don't have time for that. Because I get emails to all you Google me, you hacked my Social Security, I'm like, Man, the amount you pay for this is not worth it is not if you paid 100,000, maybe, but you're not. So it's so you got to trust the process to and I know how it works behind the scenes. And I know how my my pre nine my readers work, they meditate, you know, they come into the office, they meditate, they get them into the state and the right state of mind. They're way more advanced than we all are when it comes to everything out there. And then they tap into it. So you come to the office, and they're ready for you. And then the matching, and the reading happens. So matching means this. First of all, all the leaves in this, as I explained to you before have one thing in common. Every leaf has the same thumbprint categories. As you that means you travel with your soul sisters or brothers in a book or bundle. You're not relating to them. It could be a gentleman from France, it could be lady from Australia, I don't know. But you travel together, they might not even have been born yet, or long dead. But it's one bundle. And each bundle has like a symbol or a number on the on the cover. So when the reader goes into the office into these archives that we see just looks at the cover. And then it was okay match, no match. You know, that's how it works. And all of the 1000s of bundles that would match. He just doesn't take the very first one says oh, that's the one no, he you know, is there, some are connected because I talked to my readers on Amazon, he says I don't know, I think that's, that's the one and then he pulls it out, you know. So it's some sort of divine connection for them to and 90% of the time, that means nine times out of 10 they pull the right bundle out. Imagine out of the 1000s out there and it's just mind blowing to me to to bring into the office. And then they open the book in front of you. And in this case will be a book of Agasthya Anna Garcia is the main guy and the guy who wrote the most fun laws and we you can call him a GP if you wish, as he gives general guidelines about your life, and so they will open up the bundle in front of you. And those of you watching this on YouTube. By the way, this is a mock up because I used to bring original one to my talks, live dogs, you know go to expos all the time. And the one thing I tell people please don't touch but the people do they touch it. That's it, man. This is 300 years old. You just cracked it. So we copied it and that's a it's an original bundle original just copied over so people can touch it. And and if you can see, you know the inscription It's ancient Tamil, it's called grant up. So then the reader will opened up this book, just as I do now. And then he would look. So I open up the book now, and then it would look at the very first leaf,

He will look at it. And then he will read out for you a statement that he deems to be the most important statement on this leaf. And your job in the matching process, Laura went through it. So she understands the viewer. And I have to remember, remind people over and over again, the only job that you have during the matching process is to say yes or no, correct or incorrect, right or wrong. That's it. These are not questions. These are statements because he's matching a leaf to you. And again, to be for you to trust that this is you. The Rishi is the Naresh is wrote down information on here. So that you can say Yes, that's me. So that our, you know, limiting intellectual mind can understand and accept. Okay, that's me understand. Cool. So here is a statement. So you you're married. That means now so it's your present reality, if you're married now, you say yes. If you're not married now you say no. No need to ever give any more information than a yes or no. Let's say you're going through divorce, but you're still married. And he says you're married. Now you say yes. No need to say yes, I'm married, but I'm going through divorce is irrelevant. Yes or no? And then for as long as you say yes. He stays on the same leaf and reads out more information to you. You have two siblings, yes or no? I don't know you were born February, March, yes or no? And if you say yes, he stays on it. If you say no, that's not June, if he flips over to the next one, and starts from scratch, whatever important message he sees on that leave, he reads out to you. And then as long as the SSD is on it, and then boom, boom, I should say, match happens when the reader starts reading out to you. He knows nothing about you. Nothing. He knows your thumbprint category type, because you submitted your thumbprint. So you notice that you're male or female. And that's it. That's all he knows. And you can message her then our Institute's, we don't let the reader know because he's not interested in knowing who you are. He will then read out to you your first name, your mother's first name, your father's first name, your date of birth, your time of birth, your weekday of birth. If you have a partner partners name and here comes the killer. If you have ex partners that you haven't spoken to in years and you hate their guts, boom, they show up underneath to and you're like, Oh my God, how can that bugger is unbelief? Well, apparently it was important to your soul. So that person's name can be on the leaf to how many children have their gender, siblings how many gender to me, I was blown away. When he said you have parents from two different continents already. I was like, Man, oh man, this guy does not know me from bu you know, my mum's European, my dad's Persian that means Asia is two different continents. Correct. So that's you, to me, it was mind blowing. I was just sitting there stunned because he, my mom's. Again, to me, that's how it sounds done. Because it's also delivered to in a sing song because it's written as a poem that in prose, it will be awesome, you'd say, Oh, this thing belongs to Alex, his mumbling is no is, you know, the leaf one more time you see how small the leaf is? It cannot be like that at all. So it's very small, two sides, two sides, you know, so it's, it's written in code and as a poem, and the reader has to learn how to deliver it to you as well because it's delivered in a singsong Domina murramarang. And the reason why they do it the way he does it, you know, again, sound waves energies, it has healing faculties in it. So BUM BUM BUM BUM Aleksey, like oh my god. So in my case, dharmaram. Bottom, Gisela meaning Dominum your mother's name is Giza. I was like, Oh my God, I know he has never heard that name in his life before keeping up with you know, a German first name. And my dad is a llama Madame car wash. So oh my god, you know, my father's in a car wash, I guarantee has never heard of that name before. And so I knew it's me. I knew it period. And then so that's called match. And when you can embrace the fact that it is you the second step, the matching, you know, search finished match finish, then reading happens. And the reading is based on three aspects. First of all, it starts with the day, the moment you get the reading, because it's not a not a day before, not a day later on that day. But one, then it's based on three aspects aspects. One is your thumbprint to name your category name, because your thumbprint name is like your genetic imprint. It's your baseline, it's you. It's your soul's journey, neither good nor bad. And then we explain your thumbprint name in detail to you in your reading. So that You understand why certain things are the way they are. And if you're a little more mature, and you know, we too are, we can look back and understand why certain things are the way they have been, and will be. So it's a bit it's general and yet you're like, Oh my God 9%. Okay, so that's your company. It's your base, and that's the only thing you're reading. You cannot change the two other parts to change all the time. First of all, it will be your energy's not your mood. Whether you had a fight with your wife in the morning or not morning coffee or not makes a difference that will remove your energies according to our system. A human's energies changes every six months you can be in an energetic cycle where there is a leaf for you. When energy cycle there is no need for you. I'm just giving an example here. So your energy is the change all the time. Then the stars and the planets they have an impact on us a big impact whether we want it or not. And the vehicle we use in Nadi readings to tap into that message would be vedic astrology in an astrology. As I explained to you before, a reader is a fully fledged Vedic astrologist, Vedic astrologist make a living, you know, they, they help a lot of people, and yet, their entire career in Vedic Astrology is just one tiny aspect of a reader's education canon. So hopefully that makes you understand a little more why it takes so long for a reader to move on the reader. Because on your leaf, there are references to planets and how they interact with you. So you need to understand what is going on. So that changes all the time too. So two parts change all the time, one part never changes your baseline eugenic imprint, called your thumbprint, category type. So based on these three, he looks at the leaf decodes it and gives you a possible life trajectory from today until there is no more writing on the leaf, which could mean the end of your life, but not necessarily. Now I'm explaining to you the most important part, in one sentence, why anyone can get a reading because these maharishi's wrote the message for you. And if we go deep down the rabbit hole, you wrote it for yourself, because we're all one in reality, right? To create a better life trajectory for yourself after your reading better, whatever better means to you. We all carry across one shape form another mine is hell, I just didn't want to be in hospital anymore. Some people want a relationship, kids better money, a more meaningful job, whatever better means. If you are crazy enough, wanting to live longer, well then better means longer for you to hence I say it could mean the end of your life but not necessarily. I do not want to extend my life. I'm done. I'm telling you, I'm more than happy to check out here and then kicked back out there and sipping on pina colada and saying sayonara to never come back. But that's a different story. We can talk about that in a different podcast. So that's it a better life trajectory for yourself. Now, no one's life also very, very important. No one's life is set in stone cannot be because we have free will and choice every single day to turn left or right to drink coffee in the morning or not tea instead of coffee. Big, small and big choices and decisions that make every single, every single day moments that we exist. But what it can do is it can show you a possible life trajectory from today's point of view. It helps you as a blueprint as a compass as a map so that you with your free will and choice can steer your ship in a direction that brings you to calmer waters, happier waters, healthier waters, whatever that might be for you. And if you don't like that trajectory because a lot of blocks were identified in your reading, well, then the Reading helps you to overcome them so that you can go the direction that you want. So that's the fundamental part of all this I'm sharing with you now. You have free will and choice your reading is your life is not set in stone. It's here as a tool to help you to make the right decisions to get to wherever you want to get to. Then we and it's also important for people to understand the reading is not here to make you feel good about yourself. Oh, I'm so cool. I'm chosen i don't know I'm special. No, it's not. It's a raw brutal reading it is it can be variable.

It's not sugar coated at all. And to some people, it's a shock and I get emails all the time. All that reading was terrible. So in the old days, I was like terrible. That's impossible. My readers have extremely good so I watched their recordings. To realize that was a fantastic reading, only they weren't told that they're special, or, you know, no, the reading is here to help you create a better life trajectory for yourself, wherever you are, this moment in time. It's raw, you know, it's not sugar coated, it gives you the good, the bad, and the ugly. Good means in simple terms, it's a good period to do X, whatever the X might be, write a book, move, find a partner, get pregnant, expand your business, change jobs, whatever, it's a period of time you got free will and choice, we just show you the water when you drink from it is up to you, the bad and the ugly. Basically mean, there is a block a block identified in your reading in your life, you have had blocks before to you were just unaware of them. You were hitting tree, because you were walking through a forest, like, as a blind person will walk through it, boom, you literally have no idea why the waiting shows you there is a blog. Now you know it, what you do with it, again, is up to you. But the real power in the reading, as I said will give you a life trajectory, to tell the good, the bad and the ugly. And we do whole life readings, whole life. Leaf is divided into 14 chapters. And each chapter covers a part of a human's life, health, education, family, spirituality, you name it, we did all you know, the most important driver in my life is to be ethical periods. I want to be ethical, so we give you in. That's what my dad told me. And I have to be very grateful for him as if it was a wealthy man. And also a man with a lot of enemies because he was ethical because he said, Son, money makes a difference. Status makes no difference. The only thing that you have is your name. Don't f it up. I'm going to be ethical period. So I'm hence I'm very open about all that we do. So there is no woowoo involved in this. I'm not embellishing anything, I'm not telling you all your chosen your special No, it's here to help you no matter where you are today. And so the real power in this, the secret, the secret is your thumbprint that connects you with your leaf. That's the secret. But the power the magic, that helps you because that's the only person who can do it you to change and overcome the blocks is the last chapter of your reading. And that will be the puja reading. puja, literally translated means healing prayer ceremony or ceremonial act. Nine Western terminology because I've done this once or twice over the past 10 years already given many talks about this is like a an energy shifting exercise. That's what it is energy shifting exercise, if we all can agree. Time doesn't exist, the way we think it exists, that good things or whatever we consider to be good money comes in the job is okay. My partnership is fantastic, you know, kids good things that we can embrace and, and, and live with, versus things that we don't like health issues and being bullied at work doesn't matter, whatever. Not so good things. He's just energy. And it all starts here. So you can shift the energy and that's the beauty of, of anatomy. They already knew this 1000 years ago, it's just energy man change, it would show you the blocks. And we show you a tool to help you overcome those blocks. Again, you know, we need to think back simple people to 5000 years ago. You got to give them homework. Now the one example that I use most often is this I read a book several times way before I even got involved with this by Paramahansa Yogananda maybe you've heard of it, maybe read yourself The Autobiography of a Yogi right. There we go. I work with the Yogananda Institute now to they send us quite many people. I met them in person, they know that we're ethical. So I was reading this and of course, it was blown away because they talk about saints you know, people before in a year isn't gonna do this. Now. You know, I'm a half behind have Catholic kid I was an altar boy. And I went to Sunday school with the FBI. So to me a saint is like, somebody's long dead, and it's something wonderful. And then yet in the book, there are millions of people that are saints, and they walk on the streets and do this, and they're the other. And so Yogananda talks about his guru when I was a teenager, and his guru was was a healer. I don't remember the exact words I'm just using my own words. So this this goes through, they travel through, you know, these villages, and all these villagers come because he can heal them. So they line up, you know, people with terrible diseases, leprosy, you know, which is deadly and you don't want to get even close to persons that precede them. Thank God. We don't have that anymore these days. Cancer, they all line up and looks at them and says you're healed and Then he gives them a homework, crazy homework. He says, this raw egg, you will carry in your right pocket for the next three weeks, make sure it doesn't crack. From now on, you will drink milk with your right hand for the next two weeks, make sure that you don't mix up the hands and you don't spill the milk, you know, crazy homework. So Paramahansa looks at his door and says guru I don't understand, you know, you can heal him. I know I've seen that you can heal him. Why the hell do you give him crazy homework. Again, these are my loose words that I'm using here. And he says, Son, He says, I know I can heal them. And you know, too, but they don't. So they gotta do something where they focus their energies on this raw egg to carry it in your left pocket for the next two weeks, making sure it doesn't crack. And by the time they invested their energies, healing will manifest itself in them, if he's careless, is that whatever it cracks? Well, then obviously, he's not ready for it. Or he doesn't really want it. Hence, healing will not manifest. So the poojas are the exact same as what Pyromancer you're going on the road in his book, you're showing the universe, that you're serious about change. The reading, the Maharishi has told you, these are the blocks. Good news is and I keep telling everyone, if a block is identified in your reading, don't collapse and be sad. And as Oh my God, so many clubs. Just embrace them with all your heart and say thank you because it is a blessing in disguise. Now, you know, you have a block man, say thank you. And then at the same time the reaches give you the tool to do something about it. And how cool is that they show you the problem. And here's the solution. And all you got to do is just follow directions, verbatim. That's the killer, for Batum go reading, not verbatim, it's a general direction you like it, do something to achieve it. You don't like it, do something to overcome it. And so you can go in the direction that you want. But the puja is where the real magic and power lies the very last chapter of your reading, you must prove to the universe and to yourself that you're serious about change, you need to do them exactly as prescribed, not any before and not at the end later. Not the way you feel like you've got to do exactly. And they're not big either man, they will take time, but it's nothing crazy that you need to do is just do it on the exact day as prescribed. And as you do, you will see energies both church shifting, and you will bring into your reality, a reality that you prefer that you want, hence, improve the trajectory of your life.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:43
Dr. Q, this is fascinating. I look forward. Look forward to getting one of these in the future, my friend with all of the, you know, hundreds, if not 1000s of readings that you've probably been involved with at this point. What is the biggest transformation you've seen in a person's life that you can remember? Affected by one of these readings?

Dr. Q Moayad 1:03:05
Well, first of all my own simple. I mean, I'm a white guy, I don't claim to be a superstar superpower, healer. No, I'm just a regular guy who wants to be a better human. That's my number one job and to overcome my health issues, period. And yet, here I am, 10 years later talking to you. Free of charge is my free day where I'm not traveling, I'm here talking to you. Because I it's been an amazing journey for me. And I just want people to get better, whatever better means to them, period. It's one, two, I can give you many examples, but one of them will be for example, would be a lady called GG Williams. And she's a big supporter now. And she helps me a great deal became a dear friend of mine. I met her on my day job where make the money's in tourism. So she wasn't one of my tours. And I casually talked about what I do outside of this, you know, doing this institute work. And the people that I supported, oh my God, I want to get to reading them too. And she's a Filipino lady living in Phoenix, Arizona. And she came to the expo, we go to quite many expos. You flew into LA you know, we do the conscious life Expo I'm sure. I guess you've heard of that too. I've been going there for many years. And many people who run the expanded reading with us too, and everyone that goes there, they all know me. So she came and she said, Oh, I'm ready. She bought the cache and she's I wanted some bread and boom, we did it. And I was her moderator moderator by the way, so that you understand in a reading there are three people the reader who only speaks Tamil and knows how to deal with this. And they don't speak English. So we have to have an interpreter in the office in India brick and mortar office there we have next MC it's an interpreter interprets Tamil to English or rather high English, even though I tried my best to help improve their English and it gets better and better of course over the years but still to a foreigner and if you've never been exposed to in English It's hard. So in the early days when I, you know, just help friends, either time realized minimum, we need to have a Western person that connects the seeker where we get to reading with Indian. So we have in every reading a Western person that I trained myself to, will moderate it. So that's he or she he holds your hand from the very beginning to the very ends when you do the matching the reading. And if you don't understand what they say, they repeat it for you because their ears have been trained and I trained him also. So they can help you understand the deeper meaning of a reading, because you might receive any information, but you do not know what it actually means. They know they will have you. So that's called a moderator. So I was a moderator for for GG. And the reader. Again, reading is very individualized. Some people get a lot of nutritional support, you know, things they need to eat and not eat. Some people get zero people think, oh, everyone gets the same No, absolutely not depends on where you are today and what your needs are. And in her case, she is now 77 Exact same ages as my mom. And her reading was maybe five years ago, the reader said you something is wrong, you must get a health check. Now, he said, which is also odd, you know, you need to get health check now. And then after the talk Jesus, or do you think it was, you know, serious, you're already going to get healthy, sick GGO kidding me. When the reader says you need to get a health check. Now you must go on kicking your butt not virtually gone, you know, get an appointment with a physician. So she went and did and bombed. She was diagnosed with cancer, breast cancer. So it was already in her growing, but it was caught in time she lost both breasts. And I may say so publicly, because she's a big supporter, she gave testimonies and she talks to everyone who wants to hear about it. It saved her life, it saved her life, you know, without that she would have never gone to a physician. And she would not long be dead because of the cancer in her system. And so it took her a couple of years to overcome it. But she's overcome it. And every time she can and I'll give a talk she goes and says I'm My name is Gigi Williams, and I'm my age is this and this is what I can vouch for. So it can be of tremendous, you know, incredible help to you, as a seeker. So, you know, Reverend Bill, who was on your show to in his first reading that he had, I don't know, 20 some years ago, 30 years ago, it stopped at age 70. But Reverend Bill was now is also a good friend of mine. I talked to him all the time when I've seen him in person too, because of the reading, you know, only because of this because the worker and I now get to be friends with YouTube. In his first reading, he was told oh 70 That's it. And when I when I met him, I said, no reverence is a guideline, you know, it only meant at the time, there was no more information written for you. So he had a second reading through me. And then I was his moderator. And they went deep into his 80s and told him, he didn't tell me either is like, now you're writing a book, this is the perfect time to write a book. And it was writing a book at the time. So they told him that he's going to write several more books, he's going to do this and then the other. And Reverend was a big supporter of our institute. So I may use his name. So So now that you think that I'm just blurting things out without their permission, I do have the permission to share their their story. So we and Reverend Bill has had a very rough time going, as you know, because you interviewed him and, and he went to Vietnam, Aaron was exposed to orange, agent orange and orange. His entire life, you know, many surgeries later. So I relate to him. I love what he does. He's very ethical, very authentic, loving human being. And but he's a so called remarks sharp, you know, in your reading, first of all, a person who gets a reading can only only souls and again, I go deeper into the rabbit hole. But since you said I can, only old souls have a reading period. So these leaves are written for old souls. That means your last life or second last life, people that are younger and other souls that needs to do still a journey. No leave. So only old ones. Or the poor suckers is a column, those who already our pastor last night, they are Moksha which means liberation. Stupidly, they decided voluntarily to come back to help humanity. And we call those people Lightworkers time travelers. And Reverend Bill was one of them, one of the few that we had in our in the lifetime of our institute. So he came back voluntarily and Reverend Bill is a great example for because As you choose to come back, as opposed to mandatorily being here, now you can say, Oh, I didn't want to be here, but I'm here. So you can blame them wherever they might be. But Reverend Beyonce, Reverend Bill, the only person you can blame is you and my friends, you chose to be back. And you did not choose an easy life for yourself. Because of all the problems that he's had and the health issues. Sure, just because you choose coming back does not necessarily mean that you can lead the life of a Pasha and have servants and drink milk and gold couples on chalice so Yeah, correct. So that is a little bit about the readings and, and, and who it's written for. So old souls plus, and maybe I don't want to go too deep into that, because of my burst your brain too. We have four yugas. You know, remember, I told you, my dad, my dad keeps saying yoga while he meant Yoga, you know, because he was not into this at all. But these you guys are time periods, more distinct time periods, we can compare him to I'm just explaining you might know, but maybe the audience does not know. For time periods, we can compare to the seasons. sure to keep it simple. Spring, summer, fall and winter. Now we are in so called Kali yuga. And Kali Yuga is comparable to winter time, which in a deeper sense, means that the minority of songs is evolved or more evolved, and the majority is not, when dark times. So the brunt lies on the shoulders of a minority of people to carry the majority through dark times. So within the minority of people, a max of 25% of souls are like that have the potential, it's all about potential, because we've got free will and choice, you can still end up killing someone and being greedy and stealing money and you know, doing other crazy things that we do, as an enlightened soul.

Only the old souls within the enlightened 25% get a reading. And the My wish is that that. So those of us who get a reading can create a better life trajectory for ourselves and help hence others with their lives. Because there's an old soul, you get homework called poojas. And in my case, the Buddha was a lifelong puja. Boy, little did I know at the time when they told me that to social service and spiritual service, lifelong, because the poojas are usually a cycle of eight Saturdays, five Thursdays, you know, the might have several of them might take you six or nine months to do them. But it's a one time cycle and you're done. But an old souls within within the reading is a lifelong process social service, which is service, which means you want to help others consciously, as best as you can, from this small, helping an elderly lady across the street consciously to running a soup kitchen and free. I don't know, free coaching or whatever people do. Donate money and spiritual service means to help others grow spiritually. I thought, you know, what, just help people with the reading. That's it. Little did I know that 10 years, and I'm talking to you. That wasn't readings later. And now things have gone out of hand really, because I'm doing things that I'd never in my life thoughts. Right, right. Right. Right, right. So that is here to help us to make this a better place. Because we are at the tail end of Kali Yuga. We do not know how much longer Kali Yuga will be. But we know it's the tail end. You know, some people say 30 years, some people say 100 years, who knows. It's maybe longer than my lifetime, but we are getting there. So our job as people will get a reading and our enlightened souls on this planet is to just be of service to make this a better place period. And that's here.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:10
So Dr. Q, this has been such a fascinating conversation, and I'm looking forward to getting a reading and, and reporting back to the audience on what my reading was as well. Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. Of course, what is your definition of living a good life?

Dr. Q Moayad 1:14:28
Living a good life to me means that I can help. I want to be ethical and help.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:40
If you had if you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Dr. Q. What advice would you give him?

Dr. Q Moayad 1:14:47
Don't worry in the end it all makes sense.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:52
How do you define God?

Dr. Q Moayad 1:14:57
All of Us.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:00
What is the ultimate purpose of life?

Dr. Q Moayad 1:15:03
Dharma to be of service. Help others.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:07
And where can people find out more about you these readings and the work that you're doing amazing work you're doing in the world.

Dr. Q Moayad 1:15:13
Thank you. Well, our institute is called, well, the website is Indian palm leaf reading, It's pretty simple. The cost is $100. For the search, which again, being as ethical as I can be, if we don't find a bundle of for you this abundant book over time, in six months, from the moment the search starts, because we are waiting to get your thumbprint. And then if the something is good, the search will start. And from that moment onwards, we look for six months, every search time is six to 16 weeks. So three, four months can be faster, but can take a little longer to will give you your money back. So that's the money to cover the search part of it. If you find a bundle, we send you an email saying congratulations, a bundle has been found. Now you can pay the remaining balance and it will be $400. For the matching and the reading. You pay and then you can book your reading, we have reading seven days a week, twice a day, because we cover the world. So we have readings at 6:45am East Coast time. So we can cover the East Coast. And at 9:45pm West Coast time, that will be 12:45am, New York time, twice a day, seven days a week, several readings a day that we offer. And in each reading, there will be the reader, interpreter moderator is a way more work than you might think involved in it. And every Reading helps me ask the institute to help more people. So as I told you, we donate money to the orphanage, which is a CCW trust. They know of us we can all go with, it's all in the open. And even more. So now I'm starting to incorporate on a larger scale cow donations to poor people in India, it's you can buy a cow and donate it to a family a milk cow, which helps them for years to have their basics covered. So our website is in impairment, you can find me on, of course, on all of that, Facebook and Instagram and Linked in and my name is Dr. Q and A doctor cuboid ma yd, I've got my website. It's all one now because that's all I do. I stopped I have no time period. That's the one thing I have not in my life anymore. It's time. And so you can find me as a person. And the Institute is a separate entity on all of it. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, by the way, you can go on YouTube, and find us in some environment reading Institute, several people started to allow us to put in their reading and you have complete privacy. No one ever gets to see it. But they said, Oh, I'm happy to share my experience with the world. So we put their entire matching and reading on YouTube. And the lady who started it might be of interest to you to to meet her. Her name is Dr. Erica middlemiss. She lives in Phoenix too. And when I met her the conscious topics posted oh my god, I think he does such a great work. You know what? She had no clue what I'm doing really. She just felt drawn to it. And you know what? Recorded and put it on YouTube. I said, Erica, you have no clue where to talk about this very intimate, they will tell you the good, the bad and ugly. And they there's there will be dirt. You know, I said oh, don't worry about it. And so and so we did. And now she has 100,000 views already her reading like her actual super personal private reading is on there. And when people saw that, she put it out there and now we have a dozen people was it oh, I'm happy to do it too. So doctor, so Reverend Bill has put his hair on it. And God knows you know, a kid a 19 year old kid from Poland who's been mentoring ever since. Adult put it up there said man that's very emotional. He said, man, they talk about you being gay. Your parents certainly know that gives it up. But don't worry about it. Just put it on. So we have a 19 year old kid. You know, revenue is like 70 Some years old, male female Indian people had their reading be put on so people can actually watch it. They understand that it's out in the open they have nothing to hide. It's as authentic as it possibly can be. And but rest assured everyone else. It's highly private. We do not keep any records. Once your reading is done. Once you downloaded your files, it's deleted from my system. So you cannot come back five months later saying Oh, I lost my computer. Can I have a copy of it? No, you cannot. It's deleted. It's over. So I'm telling you this too. It's on you Once you've downloaded it, my system tells me it's been downloaded. So you get a recording of your reading, you get the whole chat history of zoom, we do it over zoom too, because we tap a lot for you to understand things better. You get pictures of your palm leaf, both sides in high resolution and most importantly at the end your pages in a PDF format, including all the gods and goddesses, you're going to do just print them out and follow directions once you have that sucked into your system, you know, we send it via we transfer and the system tells me that you have downloaded it the system automatically deleted I don't know it doesn't happen right away but in seven days I don't know man, I'm not an IT person. I'm an idiot when it comes to it. So so they it's gone. So because I get emails all the time all you know, can we get this? And I said no I told you in an email that we sent you downloaded you got 30 days to download it and once it's downloaded, the system automatically deletes it so I can no go back. And so it's private it's important for me to tell because people think oh my god, you know there is readings online and how come and you know, we have written permission from our whoever is online. It's a very different story altogether. You the vast majority privates periods.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:10
Dr.Q thank you again, so much for coming on the show and sharing this, this ancient technology, if you will, this ancient wisdom it is with all of us, my friend, so I appreciate you and everything you do for the world, my friend. Thanks.

Dr. Q Moayad 1:21:24
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Namste! Thank you for having me. Really appreciate it.

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