Woman Shown PAST LIVES on Other Worlds & Civilizations in Mystical PRE-BIRTH MEMORY! with Rebbeca Wertz

The winds of existence often carry us to realms of insight and transformation, and today’s conversation is a testament to the profundity of our journey. On this episode, we welcome Rebbeca Wertz, a courageous soul who has traversed the path of spiritual awakening, shedding light on the mysteries of pre-birth experiences and beyond. Rebbeca Wertz’s … Read more

GOOSEBUMPS! Young Woman SENT From OTHER REALITY to EARTH to Become HUMAN! SHOCKING with Akerke Muratova

In the stillness between breaths, we often find ourselves contemplating the mysteries of existence. On today’s episode, we welcome Akerke Muratova, a woman who has journeyed beyond the veil of ordinary consciousness to bring back profound insights about our pre-birth experiences, life between lives, and the spiritual dimensions that guide us. Akerke Muratova begins by … Read more

What are Pre-Birth Memories?

Pre-birth memories refer to memories that an individual claims to have of events or experiences that occurred before their birth. These memories are controversial and not widely accepted by the scientific community, as most experts believe that the ability to form memories does not develop until after birth. Some people claim to have pre-birth memories … Read more

Pre-Birth Experience, Life Before Incarnation & Why We Come to Earth with Christian Sundberg

On today’s episode, we welcome a truly remarkable guest, Christian Sundberg, who shares his profound insights and experiences that transcend the ordinary. His journey, from pre-birth memories to deep spiritual awakenings, offers us a glimpse into the vastness of our true nature. Christian recounts his early childhood memories, which include vivid recollections of a pre-birth … Read more

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