Life and Near Death Experiences (NDE) with Dannion Brinkley

Lightning never strikes the same place twice” is a common phrase of reassurance. But the odds of lightning striking the same place or person twice, in reality, is very likely. Be it years apart or not. And in the case of our guest, today life has struck him a couple of times harder than most.

Dannion Brinkley‘s near-death experiences being struck by lightning first at just 25 years old, which subjected him to unendurable pain and endless surgeries that affected his brain, heart, nerve endings, and tissues, is still able to support others today and share his journey at 71 years old.

This ordeal transformed his life. Dannion has been working as a hospice volunteer across the country for the last 40 plus years.

In 1994, Dannion co-wrote and published his autobiographic record-breaking 25 weeks New York Times bestseller book, Saved by the Light: The True Story of a Man Who Died Twice and the Profound Revelations. 

He describes his purported near-death experience and the aftermath of being clinically dead for approximately twenty-eight minutes. He eventually told a tale of a dark tunnel, a crystal city, and a “cathedral of knowledge” where thirteen “angels” shared with him over a hundred revelations about the future, some of which he claims have come true.

In our interview, Dannion talks about his unintentional out-of-body that had just been shot through with himself and watching his loved over 180,000 volts of electricity as he watched his loved ones and paramedics try to save him.

You can also find his 2009 publication, co-written with Paul Perry, Secrets of The Light, Lesson from Heaven in the show notes below.

In this one, Dannion offers an accessible spiritual guide for empowering your life based on his own experiences in the afterlife. A survivor of three near-death experiences, Brinkley presents us with profound “Lessons from Heaven”—the Seven Truths revealed to him in the afterlife—to help readers find their personal paths to happiness, enlightenment, health, and prosperity.

This is a conversation about discovering one’s inner knowing.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dannion Brinkley.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 009

Alex Ferrari 0:10
I'd like to welcome to the show dannion Brinkley. How you doing?

Dannion Brinkley 0:15
I'm doing great, Alex. Thanks for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:17
Thank you so much for being on the show. I am. I'm really excited to get into this with you today because you have had a fascinating life. So far I have so many questions. And and you definitely have a different perspective than most people on near death experiences and death in general. So I really am looking forward to getting into it. But before we go deep down that rabbit hole, I want to just talk about what happened to you 1975 when you were on the phone?

Dannion Brinkley 0:48
Well, in 1975, I was 25 years old. I thought I was the toughest, most narcissistic, ego maniacal, bad boy, nice days Marine Corps working for various programs. You know, not religious, not any of that I thought I was the center of the universe. And one evening I was sitting down is Mr. Somebody, and I was holding the telephone to my ear. And that was when you had landlines back in the day. And lightning came down the phone line and hit me in the side of the head. It went down my spine, it welded the nails or the heels of my bass legions to the nails in the floor. If it hadn't been grounded by women, by welding those nails, I would have exploded. It threw me in the air, slam me back down breaking the bread that frame. And I was burning and on fire and I could not see.

Alex Ferrari 1:48

Dannion Brinkley 1:51
And the pain Alex was so incredible. And when when you experience not knowing what happened, I did couldn't have ever imagined lightning. So I was trying to get to a position as a defensive position as a fighter and a combat God. And I could not move. I could not move and I couldn't see where I was in my god pain, every nerve in and was burned. I mean, I have pictures of what I looked like eight days after that, you can see what it despite my bruises down my spine, every vertebrae had a big bruise on it, where it just twisted me in the air. And then all of a sudden I lift up out of my body, I could see I wasn't in any pain. And it did not matter where I was, I was not down there anymore. And I'm looking around and seeing that everything is vibrant, you would think it was solid, but nothing is really solid. It's like the matrix exists not all those numbers. And everything has a certain resonance and a frequency. And I was looking at all of that. And somehow I knew I knew this place. Better than I had known that 25 year old punk where I was now. And I watch them. The guy on the other end, the phone was a corpsman in the Navy, he came straight over, he lived really close. My girlfriend was just in take a CPR CPR course. And so she was pounding on me. And then tm got there and they worked on me say call the paramedics went next door call the paramedics. I'm just floating around. I'm looking at everything. I'm so disconnected from it, you know, and this is going to happen to every party, Alex, you'll be so happy when your time comes that you won't know what to do with yourself. And the biggest thing that people do is grieve about losing you. But that only slows you down. It only holds you because you stay connected to them instead of them celebrating your life. So I watched them load me in the ambulance. And I figured I better go with me. Okay, because it was a new and interesting reality. So I better go with me. So I cannot figure out how I was floating above my, the paramedic working on me. And, and I had visual range. I don't know how that possibly worked, but I did. And then the guy said he's gone. He's gone. And I thought well gone where I mean the paramedics here, the lumps down there, where's anybody gone and then over my left shoulder, this spiraling tunnel, and it was moving, whether I was moving or not, and I could feel myself being pulled down it. And now I've moved down this tunnel and come to this place of bright, brilliant, beautiful light, you know, everybody will have an inner knowing, Alex, that they've been there before and that they know this Place, there is no fear. And a lot of times when people have fear at the end of life, someone that they trust to know comes to get them. What people don't understand is all of this led me to become a hospice volunteer. I've been a hospice volunteer for 42 years, and I have more than $34,000 at the bedside. And I've been with 2010 people going from this world to the next. And I've been with 348 people taking their last breath. And I spent the last 37 years in the VA dying with veterans. So all of this was so impressive to me, of what I saw, and what I witnessed and what I went through, that it transformed my life. You know, it just transformed it because we are great, powerful and mighty spiritual beings with dignity, direction and purpose. You were that before you got here, and you will be that when you leave here, you take on these psycho socio psychological identities to achieve certain goals, both your chosen to come here, and then you choose to come here. So I get down to the end of this tunnel in this bright, bring it beautiful life. And this is another one of the issues I have, I looked down to see my hand or I was gonna look at my body. Because I'm steady, I'm in this place. There's not all that jazz going on with that dead guy. And I'm looking at my hand and my hand was not there. And then as I focused, my hand appeared, and I could see my hand, it's not like Michael Jackson with the glove on, but it has a shimmering essence to it. And then I'm so a being this. And that's the only thing I can describe these things as being a radiant

being, I can understand why people think wings, because of the movement around that body as it was moving toward me. And my hand disappeared back into that shimmering soberness. As I focused before I left and focused on the being coming toward me, when this big game tend to be a sense of safety and calm, rushed over me. And I always say it like this, you know, when you cut your knee, and you're and you're four years old, and you run to your mother and Scott blood, and she picks you up and set on the washing machine. And she's, except you know, what that feeling is the feeling no matter how old you are, that's the feeling that you get that loving, compassionate sense of safety. And then I had what I think is the single most important thing about the near death experience other than it does happen, which confirms without any question that no one dies, it will not happen. And how do I know that I have been dead three times. I've had one death except experience. And I've had four near death experiences. Dad struck by lightning dead for 28 minutes, completely paralyzed for six days, partially paralyzed for seven months, two years to learn to walk and feed myself, pass it out, taking steps breaking my nose, blood, pulling my shoulder out of socket, trying to push the button on a door to get to open the door, and I just blacked out and hang there for three hours until my dad comes by, pulls my shoulder out a joint breaks my collarbone, and I'm still hanging there. Well, back in the tunnel. So this being the most important thing that everybody has to understand is the panoramic life view. You and this is concurrent in most near death experiences, you will see your life pass before you went to 360 degree panorama. You have missed nothing. Then you'll watch it from a second person point of view as if you were your own best friend. So he can see how silly you are, how funny you are, and how unserious you are. Okay, then you literally become every person that you've ever encountered. And you feel the direct results of your interaction between you and that person. And then there is a question and I'm going to use the term God, because there's no word God is a German word, but there is no word for it. Then this divine essence ask you a question. If God couldn't come today, and God sent you in the life you distribute, what difference did you and God make? What does that tell you? You are responsible. You chose to come here. You were chosen and you chose and you're going to be every person. So it is your intent that matters, not what you do, but why you're doing it. And then that reflection because I basically didn't have a lot of really good things after three. That you know, I mean, I had to be the God the Most ignorant hiddenness brute, a main man. And the worst part about it out says I could fight back those words up. So I had to take a lot of punishment from my actions. But I am responsible, and nobody's gonna get away with anything. And the universe is fair and just in the story. And once that was over, this being took me to what I call crystal cities, you know, I have no other term for how I would describe it, because I remember driving into Denver, one night about 2am. And the houses were lit up on the sides of the mountains. And they because of the fog, they radiate it out. And that was the image that I put to that. And I got into this Crystal City, and I was looking at the architecture of it. And then these beings, these 12 beings appeared, you know, and I go through all the religious context of the 12 disciples, the 12, gates to 12, pearls, the 12, tribes, all that. So 12 is got to be a significant position. And if you're a Tesla, three, six, and nine are the variable numbers of how the universe operates in frequencies and harmonics. So it all kind of makes sense to me now. But each of these beings showed me a box and what would happen, Alex is that being would radiate. And there was a 13th being to my right. And that 13 bit would designate not in order but designate a being to show me what became now is known as the prophecies of Damien. I always call that section nostre. Dania, because I'm just some jackass from South Carolina, okay. Under too much about me to be impressed.

Alex Ferrari 11:56
All right.

Dannion Brinkley 11:57
I don't deal with any of that. But what happened was, I saw a series of events, each one of them showed me series of events. So here we are, 45 years later, 45 years later. And I would say that we were in what I call box 12. Remember, I wrote a book called saved by the light in 1993, and it was published in 1994. became an international New York Times bestseller. And in the boxes of knowledge, which is what I call these, these prophets that prophesy visions, okay, that that as I watched them come true, okay. And when we were writing, say, by the light, Paul and I, Paul Perry, who's my co author, and probably my one of my best friends, he's a little anal retentive, and a little skeptic, but he's written the, he's written five New York Times bestsellers as the co author of near death experiences. And so they came to be, they didn't want to put the prophecies in the book. Because some of the things I said, were too close to happening, which was the Iranians acquiring submarines. And they didn't want to put it in there. So this is like, 1975 all this happened in 1975. Say, by the way, it was written 25 years ago, 25 years ago about an event that happened 45 years ago. I was dead. Right? patient? Patient not breathing, no EKG, what does that tell you? 1975 a covered me when she moved me over, but we're in box 12 so what I'm going to show you is in a 25 year old book. What box 12 he is can you see that? technology and

Alex Ferrari 14:04
you got to be kidding me? What does it say?

Dannion Brinkley 14:09
It describes you can turn on the television you can read checked box chapter five bucks to help and even go and find it's all over the internet. And you can turn on the television and see if I missed anything.

Alex Ferrari 14:25
Wow. That's one of the things that was said in in one of the 12 boxes that will you are presented with

Dannion Brinkley 14:32
in 1975. So 25 years ago, so I have one history for 45 years. Okay, so the probable possibilities of what happens in this life determines in the intent that each of us use in the reasoning for why we're doing what we're doing. And when you start focused on being physical being, as opposed to a spiritual being. love thy neighbor as thyself Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, you know, the basic core nature of acts of love, kindness, because when you have a panoramic life with you, and everybody has one, you're going to see the little things, the little acts of kindness, the smile, the pat on the back, it's gonna be okay, the dollar on the guy on the street of those things. I mean, you know, people have to understand, when you're a great, powerful and mighty spiritual being with dignity, direction and purpose, the only thing that can ever go wrong in your life is you allow something to affect your dignity, which gives your direction and your purpose. Well, anybody who's ever read, saved by the light, or have ever watched my life for 45 years, knows, I know what I'm supposed to be doing. And I have given my whole life to death. I am an expert in palliative and end of life care. And I know exactly how to help a person go from this world to the next, based on that their spiritual being, I don't care what your issues are. I know how you celebrate it, and how you structured and I created the toilet Brigade, one of the largest end of life care volunteer programs for dying veterans in American history. And now I have done with more veterans than any other person alive. So when you find out what your mission is, and you seek that as a spiritual being, which the nature of box 12 is to keep you from being able to do that the technology and the virus, okay, the designing of a chip, that could be structured that cows, all of your information, and they could determine how to kill you whenever they got ready. Okay, and how it was going to be structured, this one person would come and they would rise and again to come to see themselves as God, like, create philosophical foundations and become the world's leading authority on D population. And that everybody was mandated to have a chill, patent 060606.

Alex Ferrari 17:26
Sounds familiar.

Dannion Brinkley 17:28
So, I have watched live for 45 years. And what people have to really understand now is they're scared to death of something that will never happen. Well, I laugh all the time, because I in in my near death experiences, my one death experiences and my other near death experiences. Because of damage done to me from being struck by lightning, I've had to have open heart surgery, brain surgery, and open heart surgery. And then after this last open heart surgery, because I had an aneurysm under my aortic valve, and went into surgery, they only gave me a maximum of 10 days. At least, that's what the doctor told my brother, my sister and my wife that has about 10 days. And she said that the scar tissue and damage on the inside of me was unbelievable, and that no one would ever be able to go back in there. And no matter what, because of what she saw, she couldn't figure out how to live this long. Well, she missed it. Five days later, on a Sunday morning at 2am. I went into cardiac arrest and they had to resuscitate me. About seven minutes I was resuscitated now went into cardiac arrest again, Jesus. Okay, now that was two and a half years ago. And so when someone goes to tell me that they think that the about life after death and that you live in a dead universe, if you take drugs or pharmaceuticals or anything that looks to a doctor, then you live in a dead universe. It's dead. Are there's a living universe? Well, I live in the living universe. I celebrate this. I know I don't die, and then the four shots they've had me I've never been the hail. So if you don't die, and you don't go to hell, this ain't nothing but entertainment to me. Know. Yeah, I mean, I know about pain I know about suffering. And I think they have to kill me out. So like every 10 or 15 years, I have to kill me every 10 or 15 years. So there's nothing somebody is going to tell me about what they're going through that that cannot help understand how they get through it, because I have been them. And then if you look at it from a spiritual point of view, struck by lightning under Black's law, which is the black the day scenario of Black's law is the dictionary used for legal terms, an act of God is a defensible position in a court of law. So that's spiritual, open heart surgery, the center, breaking me, brain surgery, mental, physical and spiritual, each of those places that you attack me to stop me, or to make me pay attention, I don't ever take the place of a victim. Why a spiritual being cannot conceive of themselves as being a victim. It just does not and will not happen. So I can never take the victim who had way, way way and pour is me.

Alex Ferrari 20:45
So, let me ask you a question. Why do you think because I mean, everything you said, I mean, it's obviously very fascinating. When a soul comes down to earth, I've always looked at it is very much like an actor playing a part. And that part being a mission that they have to achieve in this in this lifetime. And that part could be socio economic, you know, the parents, you pick the environment you pick, I mean, you know, me being a male, Latino male in Los Angeles in 2021, is very different than being a woman, somewhere in the Sudan, right now, you know, or man, and so that you know what I mean, it's like, and we're living at the exact same time, but it is a very, very different life experience, being at certain times being certain races of people and things like that. So do you believe that, that we come down here and kind of put on the jacket put on that part, if you will. So we learn those lessons, grow, and hopefully discover what our mission is, I feel that sometimes we don't even know what our mission is. And we still achieve that mission regardless, but some of us few of us actually have the insight and can look inside and find out like, like, you have your like, my, my world's gonna be this Mother Teresa had hers. Those are extreme examples. But other people were like, you know what, I'm gonna be a hospice, I want to I want to help people. I want to be a writer, I want to put this out into the world. I want to be a filmmaker, I want to be an artist. I want to be an architect these things to help people and to help society in general. Do you agree with anything I'm saying?

Dannion Brinkley 22:24
Everything, I can tell you what the purpose of this life is. Over there, and you don't come down from anywhere. You migrate there between each dimension. There are seven densities. So you you like you said put on the coat you put on seven codes, in order for you as a spiritual being to think you are a human being and physical, which is literally impossible. It's impossible. Because if you if you look at the the physical world, Alex, it's based crankcase fears, which is the sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub atomic particle that makes up atoms. If you add them under the electron microscope, it's 98.99999%. empty space, right? Well, what sub molecules is a bunch of atoms. So if you take a molecule and you put it under an electron microscope, it's 99.999996%. empty space and molecules make up cells, and you have 10s of trillions of cells in your body. Well, if you put a cell on an electron microscope, it's 99.99999 to infinity, empty space. So today's physics, an electron microscope proves you are not even here.

Alex Ferrari 23:53
It's energy

Dannion Brinkley 23:54
it it proves, but you have never left heaven. The insanity is to think because of pain. Okay, so that you can measure this atmosphere and not be damaged by it pain, and then we create psychological and emotional pain. Okay, yeah. And then you wait religions and things that get people do see him and think like all that,

Alex Ferrari 24:20
and tribes, you know, all that stuff.

Dannion Brinkley 24:22
You had to be chosen to get the opportunity to come. And then you co created the world that you would walk in the meaning of life is to practice being a god. So people say, you know, this is all punishment. Bye bye. Okay, we'll make a list of everything that you pray and hope that God is writing on a piece of paper, and then look and see how many times per day do you get a chance to be one or all of those all day, every day. You get a chance to be what you hope and pray that God is. So What's the meaning of life? practice being a god. So the opposition to that is to keep you from focusing on that, by creating it cost you to live on the earth, you have to pay to be here. And you really don't own anything. You pay taxes on the property, or they take it away. Okay, you don't really own anything. So when you start buying into those stories, Alex, that's the trap. That's the trap. And once that happens, and look at the world we're living in right now. People are scared to death of death. And they are being frightened on a regular basis. And they have to know that it doesn't happen. It does not ever happen, you are not going to die. And no one ever leaves you the process of grief and guilt and, and loneliness. In the divine world, Alex, two things that never happened is helplessness and loneliness. Because you are divinely connected. As you put on those seven coats to come here to each density, the new part of the subtext is to build relationships, loving, kind, caring relationships, okay? And so the senses of being helplessness when you come here, and when you leave here, you have two points of reference to helplessness when you're born, and we're nearly, and loneliness when you're born. And when you're leaving. And throughout life, you experience degrees of helplessness and degrees of loneliness, why it never happens in the divine realm. So if you take those consciousness own as a physical being, that's the issues that are used to control and manipulate you, you will not be controlling and manipulating me. You know, what are you going to do to me, kill me? Thank you funny. That's like Bayer wrap. Please don't throw me in the Briar Patch. So Right, right. When a person stops, and, and I do this because when I decided to write, say, by the light, my experiences were mine. I had gone through lightning and two years to learn to walk up payments, open an open heart surgery and all. Think about it. And it's all because of being struck by lightning. I am healthy. You know, I take care of myself. I don't do anything that's not trying to be healthy. And so when I went to see Dr. Raymond Moody and when I got to ravens house, and Raymond wrote life after life, and he coined the term near death experience. I got to his house, the electricity was turned off, the water was turned off and he was sitting in his house on Christmas Eve, Alex depressed. He had literally been destroyed by his own world, the world of philosophy, a PhD in philosophy. And a forensic psychiatrist who coined the phrase near death experiences because he started researching people with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and people being brought back. The biggest crisis that the that the medical field has, is because of them, we come back. No, say there's nothing and no life after this. With their advancements and understand chemistry, electro interference, and resonance and drugs and understanding the body, they can keep you alive longer than you're supposed to be here. And what happens is, they are creating ways that we can re enter the body. But I think that that's God playing a practical joke. Okay, what do you think there's nothing after this? All right, well, I'll say it four or five of these crazy summer bitches back. No gay people. So again, why do you think you were chosen to give this great message? It's very easy. God was scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel. Well, let's talk fantasy jackass. And let's pile it on him and see how he handles it. So that's how I know

Alex Ferrari 29:24
the one thing the one thing I as we're talking the one thing that's just just vibrating off of you is your fearlessness. And is because you have an understanding in your own world. Oh, no, excuse me, that was a better word unknowing in your own world about what this is all about. And that confidence just comes off of you that you're like, Oh, I'm good. Like, I know what happens. You know, I'm trying to help you guys out. That energy is is so knowing and it's only knowing from the experience, so I'll use an example In my world where I have a film student who's never been on a set before, and I've been on a set 1000 times, and they're nervous and scared and everything, I'm like, just calm down, man, it's all gonna be fine, you're gonna be okay. But they are building all this stuff up in their head. And I'm like, No, I'm, I've been here a billion times already, you'll be okay. And you teach them to walk through the, you know, walk through this minefield that they've created in their own mind. And I think that's what generally society has about death. And about that, because I told my wife, you know, and I told, you know, my end of life, you know, ritual, or I forgot what the term is, you probably know better than I do. And my wife knows it, because she works in the field. But that paper that says, This is what I want to happen, no resuscitation, all this kind of stuff. Right on Well, a living will thank you, in my living will I just like, you know, I don't want to be plugged into anything. If I'm going amico, let me let me and I also don't want to be buried, I want to have a celebration of life is celebrating should be a party, it should be a real celebration, shouldn't be a downer, I lived my life, I experienced things I helped as many human people in people as possible. That's what it should be all about. And one thing before you say something, I find it so so powerful. One thing you said earlier, in the panorama review, that you see everything and that you see how you affect you, then you sit in everybody else's seat, and how your life affected them. And you go through that feeling. And I find it really interesting because both you and I speak to the masses, you speak to the masses through your books, I speak to the masses through my shows. And I occasionally, oh, I quite often get emails back from people, like you've changed my life. You helped me with this, you know, this interview that this and that, and that, and I tell people that is addictive. It is a drug for me. Now I live for that feeling. I'm like, Okay, I'm now going to dedicate my life to being of service because I see what effect it has on other people. And anyone listening out there. You don't if you're thinking about writing a book, or doing something that could help somebody else, do it because you have no idea what impact you will have. If one person reads a book that you've been dying to write for the last 20 years, you can change one person's life. And you and I've been blessed with changing hundreds of 1000s of people, if our if my numbers, if my numbers are correct in my data. As far as my analytics are concerned, a lot of people listened to me over the years on my shows. So it is so important that once and I told you this before we started, once I gave myself to being of service, my entire life changed economically. relationships, I was able to make all of a change the moment I stopped asking and taking. And I started to give without, with this is the key without wanting anything in return. I put out a podcast for free, I don't charge for it. I make my money other other places and money comes I don't worry about that. But I give 95% of what I do away for free. Because I truly want to help if anyone asks for anything. They'll I always say, Hey, man, there's about 7000 hours of record that you can listen to, and never pay me a dime. And that's completely fine. And if you can't pay me a dime, great. But that's that's the amazing thing about it. I'm sorry, I went on a little bit of a tangent there. But I'd love to hear what you think about that.

Dannion Brinkley 33:34
I support you look I'm doing this year, I have mastered this technique. Because person who's in transition has nothing to give me. Right, they will still be gone. But from working in the vas and in what's called the CLC is the nursing home some of these people I have known for 10 years. And I watched it live because their family dropped them off and just let them and they have no body. They're dying alone. And now this has become a psychology. There's two things that I want to thank the devil for on this podcast. And number one is this. I'm a 71 year old southerner. And I have seen racism and bigotry growing up in the 50s that I can't believe it. And the society the psychology that's being played today is that of the 1968 Nixon playbook of politics to create racial divide. And then 71 I can look and say My country is not racist. No matter how hard they try. No matter how hard they try, they cannot make us a racist nation. I think the devil for that because I think that that's what's occurring number two. I am also thankful that my parents have already left this world because if you think they You could keep me from getting to my mother and my father, at the time of their transition or when they needed me, you have lost your mind. You have lost your mind. And no matter what, you better figure out a way. Because at the point where you cannot gather as a church and talk to each other, to find comfort in relationships, to where your mother or your father is sitting alone in by themselves locked in a room in some nursing home, for anybody to think that there is any reason for that to happen, is a fool. I mean, why I have spent 40 years watching people be abandoned, you know, help us and abandoned and alone and No one calls him the only person they see is me. Or guide. So anybody who allows this to happen, for whatever reason. And I hate to say that people are failsafe foolish, because there was nothing you could do to stop me from getting the mind. And if I was the old then I just tend to her back you always knew dad is I have no problem. That's it, you know, what guarantees justice in America bail? I'm Oh, get out. Okay, I'll be right back.

Alex Ferrari 36:30
It's so interesting that that that the, the universe, the higher being whatever it named God, whatever name you want to put on it, chose you for this for this journey for this message. It is fascinating because like, just like you said, you know, when you think of, of a messenger in the scriptural base in throughout history, and throughout stories, you generally don't find it in the package that you're in that you are sir, which is so refreshing, it's so many ways, you normally find someone very serious. If you if you believe the books, if you believe the stories, everything very, very serious, very calm, very, you know, doesn't have a sense of humor, all that kind of stuff. You're the complete opposite of all of that. So that's what I find fascinating about you.

Dannion Brinkley 37:15
Business, all that the SWAMI business, okay? I've been is dead so many times, it's like a comedy routine. And I do not, I, I love this world. And I love this life. And I hate to see what people are being done to think that they're going to die. And what you can scare them into doing. What you can scare them into doing shows their faith and belief in their self and the divine understanding of who they really are, is so clouded and so delusional. And I can only blame religions, institutions and governments for that. I can only do that. So I get up every day. And I pick what I want to do. And I want to do the show because you are exactly the kind of people I want to support. Thank you, you know, this the shows that I want to do you know, I'm famous dannion. But only because I've been dead so many times, God, what a way to be famous. But there are people out there who can make a difference in impact, because we are drawn toward each other. We who have who truly, who truly have an intent. And to make a difference shine because it is the natural divine way of your true self coming out. And once that happens, I migrate. And when we were asking earlier, I said How did you find me? Okay, because I knew to do it. I knew to do the show no matter what I was going to be on time and I was going to be ready and everywhere when I'm going but I'm just always going to be me. And it's easy for me I was because I'm just telling the truth, right? I don't have to hide anything or make up anything or do anything. And then I was telling you that when I saw Raymond when I got ravens on Christmas Eve in that house all alone and by himself. I decided that as I had grown in this I went on about my business Alex, I went back to work when I could get up and go again. I went back to work because the lightning strike completely destroyed everything. Every time I die. I lose everything, Alan's everything. I am my income, I lose everything. Okay? And I've done this four times, been wiped completely out. Alright. Just trying to see how how was checking out my sense of humor. But all the people who had this experience in the early years, Alex, they had nobody to talk to. No Raman created a way that there was a place that they could frame what had happened to them because if they talk to their minister priest, Rabbi They tell them to go tell their psychologist that they go tell their psychologists or psychiatrists that they tell them to go talk to their priest or Rabbi or minister about it. Okay. So, Raman was broken. I mean, he was down. And I decided that I would write, say, by the light, and I would put the boxes of knowledge in there. Because I wanted people to pick on somebody their own size, he won't attack somebody, when you just come over here and get yourself you know, pushed around a little philosopher Raman is a little his typical psychiatry. She knows always something wrong with them. But there's a wonderful, loving funny human me and then all his friends was dead Socrates, Plato.

Alex Ferrari 40:50
by a couple years by

Dannion Brinkley 40:53
Yeah, that's right. I always thought it in the Rain Man helmet, because of his personality. But I needed people to pick on somebody sighs Come on over here. Let me write this book and Paul, sit down with me and I wrote it. And Paul did a really good job, Alex. I mean, when I know and how Paul who is one month older than me, were the same age grew up in the same time period. We're completely opposite. We don't agree on anything. Okay. But when we sit down and write this, and like now we're working on projects now, because now bucks 12 tells me now is the time to strike, which moves into the final vision, I am finally about to finish a 45 year adventure. Okay, because I know what I'm supposed to do. You know, it's waiting the time it didn't see. And so talking to Paul, it's funny how all these years 25 years of being close friends 26 years of being close friends, but with nothing in common. I thought Paul did an excellent job of taking my notebook. So I wrote all this down in 1976 and nifty spiral notebooks, because I could start right again, you know, I had to walk and he quit wet, wet myself. And I had to put clothes when I grow myself on the floor. I had to put clothes, clean clothes and a wet rag and those those wet towels. So if I didn't make it to the bathroom, because making it to 10 to 15 feet to the bathroom was like a serious effort. And it was painful. And a lot of times I didn't make no i didn't make it. So coming from there. And looking at people had the spiritual experience. And with no one to turn to and there was turning to Raman and Raymond's worldwide crushing. Well, I decided to write the book and get into the SWAMI business and do my part. You know, to do my part, and because people need to know they are divine. You have great powerful and mighty spiritual beings. And if you don't lock on that you will be led astray. You will be manipulated then the day you think your physical, although quantum theoretical dynamics can literally prove you're not here. Science and prove that you're not here, right? atoms, molecules and sales. What do you made up? atoms, molecules and cells? Well, what's inside of a sale, adamant molecule, Nothing?

Alex Ferrari 43:37
Nothing, right. I think I think that every I think so many of us. I mean, I'll just use my, my journey. As an example, I focus so much throughout my life on the physical, physical things physical attainment. And I always was somewhat of a spiritual person, and definitely, you know, believed in a higher power and, and all of that, but only as I've gotten older. And I'm now only after, you know, getting to this age and all the things I've experienced over the last five or six years doing my shows, I started to realize to let go of stuff because stuff means nothing. At the end of the day, it absolutely means nothing. helping somebody else. life experiences are so much more valuable than a big screen TV. I would much rather take a trip and enjoy interact with other people and help other people and experience what this world has to offer. Then to own stuff. And slowly.

Dannion Brinkley 44:43
Have you ever seen a u haul in the back of a horse?

Alex Ferrari 44:49
Great, great. Oh my god, I'm gonna steal that. That is an amazing. That is an amazing statement. Have you ever seen a u haul in the back of a horse? It's absolutely true. But yeah Most of our lives were focused on obtainment on stuff on the, you know, the next big gadget, the next big thing and that's what we're constantly being bombarded with through television and media and, and even your peers are constantly like, what do you have this? Or what do you have the new thing that I had my last iPhone I had for six years, it worked. I didn't need a new one. I didn't need anyone I just bought it, I finally bought the other one because it finally broke. I'm like, Okay, it's time to buy a new one, I'll have this one pro for another six years. You know, it's like,

Dannion Brinkley 45:32
I mean, people have to get, you have been pulled outward, that the ultimate goal of what you're living in based on the boxes of knowledge from 1975. There is any theory or level of consciousness that existed you those quiet meditative moments where you put your feet in the grass or you at the ocean are up in the mountains, that negative ion charge that connects you to your divinity by pulling you outward by creating blockchains by making the phone everything to create cryptocurrency, then they can create a way to control you just like when Jesus drove the money changers from the temple. Everybody thinks that means that you're not supposed to make money being spiritual. But if you read it, what it says was the difference between Roman money which if you bought something under Roman occupation, you had to pay for it in Roman coinage. And the difference between shackles or whatever coinage that they used or the value of a gold or whatever the barter exchange right? was so insane you got for every 100 things that you had you got one roman coin, so when Passover in the celebration came, it would break you in order to follow the traditions of the Hebrew culture created by that sages these faricy. So what Jesus was rebelling against was the rate of exchange, not about making a living. Because that way, it's been construed for you to lose a certain value. I think saving the world is a profession. Okay? And when you dedicate your soul the point that a person has to watch for, if you start out with an intention to achieve something, there is a very fine shift in frequency that intention becomes a motive. And right, there's where the trap is, right? There's where the braiding is, right? There's where the salad points are right there. Okay, I could detect it instantly. Because some people are enlightened, I was enlightening. And I opened up, I opened up to sensory perceptions about stuff that I can tell about people. You know, I can tell about him. Just like I said, when we started this conversation, I was just making sure I would write about you, and you have reinforced it in this call. So we all have to stop and realize that what you're the most afraid of will never happen. You will never die. And if I didn't go to hell, nobody's going. Okay, now has this. Not win this

Alex Ferrari 48:18
trophy. But the whole concept of hell never made sense to me. Even when I was growing up as in going to Catholic school when I was young, I was like, wait a minute, you mean this God that loves me, is also going to create a place that will burn so I will burn in eternity because I ate meat on Friday. This does it all right pork on Friday. This doesn't make a lot any sort of logical sense whatsoever. Oh, and I can I can also I can lie to somebody and also go kill somebody, and then go get forgiveness and confession, and we're clean. Like this doesn't make any sense. So that's why I was always searching for something else. It's crazy, crazy.

Dannion Brinkley 48:57
No problem. You are responsible. The panoramic life review to hollow records the great book of judgment. Okay. Well, let me tell you who judges you. You judge you who you think knows more about you than you. You? Nobody, okay, you want to judge? It's just as a higher level of your identity that's judging. You take off the uniform of being Daniel or Alex and you get back to being who you really are. And then you check it out and see how stupid you could have been.

Alex Ferrari 49:26
Or how gracious Did you ever see the movie Meet Joe black with with Brad Pitt, when he when it was death coming on death on vacation, essentially. I feel that it's a lot. It's very similar to us like we're on a human physical vacation but what we really are is divine souls, divine energy. And this is just, we're just, this is just stuff I look at like I love to be Joe black for that. That reason is like oh, I'm going to put literally put on the the meat skin coat And just go and experience the physical. But that always knows who he was. He never, never, at one point, thought that he was anything but we don't have that ability, most of us at least, don't have that ability to to understand that we are divine creatures. And we have such immense power inside of us, that we are not even remotely tapping into. But when you see these masters that are able to do it throughout history, the Buddha's of the world and, and that Jesus is of the world, these kind of masters who are able to finally tap into that and try to share it with all of us. Is, is fascinating.

Dannion Brinkley 50:38
Well, always remember Alex, you're here practice of being a god. Okay, but let me tell you the coolest stuff about it. We are heroes. When you come here, when you're chosen to come and you choose to come, you're considered a hero in the next seven levels. You know, in Genesis, it says there are seven, Genesis has seven levels. There are seven heavens, okay, says a Genesis, well, in each of those, at least five of those levels, because I have seen for in my life I've seen each time I went over there, which I've been over there now, four times, each time I went over there, I went to a different level, a different place to explore it, to understand it to look at it, you know, and then I write a book about it, you know, because I need people to say, hey, look, star, who's dagen I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you some Bs, I'm not gonna do that. Because if I'm gonna have a panoramic life of heat, and I'm gonna be every person I've ever encountered, and I feel the direct results of my interaction between them, for me to be lying to you would make me completely insane. Well, pretty crazy. But I'm not insane. Okay. And the other point is this, when people understand when they said, we're Daniel behind the world, can you be a hospice volunteer? Do you know Alex, what it's like to be able to be looking in the person's eyes who's lying there, and they've been alone, and by themselves and suffering from Agent Orange, and they're dying a horrible day, to be them. And to be able to see in my life review, to be able to see them looking up into the eyes of the Divine, because I'm there. And I'm holding their hand and I'm talking them through it now. Tell them what's gonna happen and how it's gonna happen. And to be able to have that in the panoramic Live Preview, it's very easy for me to be doing what I'm doing. It's so easy, because I have seen myself as the representation of divinity and panoramic live views. And remember, I've been to forward these puppies. So the worst thing about a panorama and live preview is it doesn't pick up where you just left off, you got to go through all that evil crap you did get. So when it does that, so that you never get to unreflective about your growth.

Alex Ferrari 52:58
Right. So

Dannion Brinkley 52:59
if people wake up in the morning and set a series of goals, and at the end of that day, have a library view, their life were organized when they're in the sleep state. You know, when people say, when I was looking at theoretical quantum mechanics and the string theory, and in this part of the string theory, there's the chaos theory. And in the chaos theory, there's the multi Universe Theory, which I know is true. So people said when someone told me that we are living 11 to 17 simultaneous lives in the multi universe there is no more damn no one not wake up so tired in the morning. rather well, whoa, not party. apologize, but not being Salam it serious? No, no, what would you say is which get it worse?

Alex Ferrari 53:52
You know, look, there's so much fear in this in this world. And I think the human condition were entrenched with fear from the beginning. I mean, I was, I was yelled, I was I was told about, you know, the hell and I remember when I first heard about hell, I was terrified. It was just a way of control. It was a way of controlling a rambunctious child, and we're constantly being controlled and we're constantly trying to be, you know, fear monger to, and it's only the people who can really kind of cut through all of that Bs, look inward and understand their true nature and true identity. That can really kind of help not only walk the path themselves, but hopefully enlightened people around them through the work that they do, or the things that they say the books that the writer the movies they make or whatever, whatever way that goes out there. It is, is really interesting. I wanted to ask you, though, do you meditate?

Dannion Brinkley 54:47

Alex Ferrari 54:49
Yeah, I figured as much I'm a very big meditator myself, I, I try to get in at least an hour to a day if I can. And I've been doing it for and when that started you I finally started to get into meditation. That's when everything also started changing. It was I believe, around the same time I started doing this. It was oddly around that time where these two things started coming together, I started meditating more and more. And my shows started to grow more and more, and my business and all that started to grow more and more. And I think that without meditation, this is my feeling. I love to hear your thoughts. I feel meditation is the way that you can connect to the divine in a very profound way. And you can find the answers. I have gone into meditation with questions and come up with answers many, many, many a time. So anytime I have a big deep life, quote, unquote, problem, I will go in, I'll ask the question. And nine out of 10 times I get the answer within a few sessions. Question. Now I want to ask you one last question. Why is what is your souls mission in this life,

Dannion Brinkley 55:58
to create a create the fact that no one dies, and that I have successfully gotten up from the dead. And I have done this with without any chance of surviving. Two and a half years ago, there was no chairs, mom, my brother and sister, Catherine, were there to tell me goodbye. Because that was the story that was going to burst. And that was it. And the surgery because of how weakened My body is from the lightning, then they didn't have a chain, they couldn't even find a doctor to do that surgery. Nobody wanted to try it because I guess it messes up their record, if I died on the date. When that came out of it came from what I thought was is I come from open heart surgery into intensive care, I have no blood pressure. None. Wow. And this guy, this, this little nurse who had worked, he had worked 12 hour shifts. And so he said that something told him that this guy needs to leave. And he stayed for two hours till we got my blood pressure to something like 50 over 20. But I was done. It was over. And then I lasted five more days, and I was dead again. So my life's mission is that this to create the centers, everything has been saved by the like, you can buy it on Amazon, or you can go to light there's a friend of mine who put the boxes of knowledge up. And you can read chapter 12. box box five, I mean, box, chapter five bucks, 12. And then the final vision, which is the centers, the ability to access those levels of consciousness, while you're still here, the OB the spiritual nature of yourself the techniques by which it is you gain control of you, instead of being controlled. And in that moment, you don't have to die, to touch your spirituality. And once that place is put into position. And there is that way so that a person who has who's really grieving, which I think is a horrible thing. I think that separation and loneliness, but most grieving is structured on guilt based on abandon, because you think he died and left you and you mad about instead of looking at that I'm writing and Paul and I are working on a book called certainty. Because if there is something that's guaranteed and inevitable, you need to be an expert on it. And if you're breathing, you're leaving. In the book, we just, I'm just finishing now it's called 10 things to know before you go because I make fun of everything. Sure, so. So the first page says, What's the number one cause of death in America in most other countries? Question mark, you turned the page and says no matter what you thought birth is the number one cause of death.

Alex Ferrari 59:02
That's a great lie. That's actually it's excellent.

Dannion Brinkley 59:05
It says Remember, if you breathe in, you leave it and if you just took a breath, this book is for you. So that book comes out sometime in the fall and then certainty comes out. And I want to put these centers in place and I will do it by the middle part of next year. Okay, I mean, I'm structuring it now, and I'll tell you where I'm going to do it. I'm going to put it at the AARP Institute, the Edgar Casey hospital built in 1928 in Virginia Beach, because most of Edgar Casey's readings that he did was about health care about illnesses and a lot of integrative and complimentary medical protocols. Okay. And then he built it in 2008. And I think that I can revive cases studies and look at this stuff. Because hi in the world can I feel bad when here's a fundamentalist snake pass Kentucky boy from Kentucky, who's scared to go to sleep at night because nobody wakes up some woman's written down all the stuff that he's talking about how you got that big birthmark on the front of your head when you ran into a wall somewhere in Atlanta's 250,000 years ago, feel so bad, because think about portal Egor. So I can revive that. And I can finish this vision. And I can have a lie. I mean, either I'll leave or outstay, but it would be that I owned me, the lad to fill the boxes of knowledge. I have never moved Alex from what I said the battle for the soldier and will be fought in healthcare in 1970. Well took me about a month before I could talk again. But I've never moved. And I've integrated my life in the medical paradigms of palliative and end of life care. And then my memorandum of understanding with the Veterans Administration, it was to explore integrative and complimentary pathways to be used. And I'm now creating the transition Brigade, which is dealing with home health care. Because as I watch where the VA is, and I watch what's happening, then I created a program called if you love them, keep them home as long as you can. And learn how to do this and learn how to manage this emotionally and spiritually and responsibly because it's possible no matter what else is going on. And it will definitely keep what we see happening from happening. If they're at home.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:42
Then it has been amazing talking to you. Thank you so much for coming on the show and and sharing your experiences with the audience. I truly appreciate it and keep up the good fight my friend and keep doing the good work that you're doing.

Dannion Brinkley 1:01:57
Thank you for being you and please tell your wife, she has excellent taste in husbands.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:02
I appreciate that. I will definitely do that.

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