GOOSEBUMPS! Young Woman SENT From OTHER REALITY to EARTH to Become HUMAN! SHOCKING with Akerke Muratova

We have on the show Akerke Muratova. Akerke remembers what it was like before she was born; she remembers her pre-birth experience putting together her soul blueprint, her soul plan, and why she chose such a difficult early life with abusive parents, and her explanation is heartfelt and beautiful.

Please enjoy my conversation with Akerke Muratova.

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Arke Muratova 0:00
The previous memory I had was, so I was in a very dark space, I could say, and I felt like I had no physical body. And nobody around me either. So, but I felt some sort of motion as if I was moving. And I saw a tiny, bright white light at the end. And then I was moving closer to that light. And as I was moving closer, I felt like I was in a hypnotic state or something. I questioned, I stopped, and I questioned, Wait, where am I going? And then a very gentle voice just started speaking through me. And there was nobody around, but it was speaking through me. And she said, You go into planet Earth. And I was like, oh, planet Earth. And again, I felt like I knew what that was, but I forgotten about it. So I asked, what is.

Alex Ferrari 1:13
Like to welcome to the show Arke Muratova. How you doing Arke?

Arke Muratova 1:17
I'm good. Thank you, Alex. I'm very happy to be here. Thanks for pronouncing My name correctly.

Alex Ferrari 1:24
You know what I have for hours, we've been trying and thank you, we finally got to take that works. But, but I appreciate you so much for coming, for coming on the show. I know it's early where you are right now you're on the other side of the world. And, and I do appreciate that you don't do interviews very often. So I do appreciate you taking the time to share your story with my audience. So for so I appreciate you being here, my dear.

Arke Muratova 1:49
Thank you, Alex. And I'm honored to be here. And I love what you do. And I hope somebody finds something helpful from my story. And that can serve as someone else's Survival Guide. So yeah, thank you.

Alex Ferrari 2:04
So my first question is, well, first of all, we're going to be talking today about your pre birth memories, your pre birth experience if you had life between lives, before these memories came in, or did they come in later in life? But is there any time prior to those memories? And if there is prior to those memories? What was your life like before these memories came back into your life?

Arke Muratova 2:29
That's a good question. Thank you for asking. So the pre birth memory, I recalled it when I was four years old. So I just saw my mom breastfeeding my little brother. And that's how I recalled everything in the fact that she was my mother. Because at the time, I didn't know she was my mother, I was living with my grandparents. And I fully believed that they were my parents. And I recall the pre birth memory, I told her exactly how we remember everything in she just said, Oh, it's a dream, something like that. Just forget about it. And growing up up up to the age of I think 22 or something around there. I always remembered that. The pre birth memory, I just thought maybe it's something insignificant, like maybe everybody has it. And I think I just sat down and shared with my partner at the time and my friends. And I was like, Oh, do you guys also remember, like, how you came to this live? And they went? No. And I felt a bit crazy. And they were like, What are you talking about? So I share that. Then they were like, That is insane. And I thought, oh, okay, well, I thought everybody remembers it. And I started writing it down so I can remember recall exactly how it happened exactly how I remember everything. And I started researching about people. And they found some people with near death experiences and pre birth experiences, which made me really happy. And I realized that I'm not insane. And it is a perfectly normal thing. So I felt grateful that a lot of people remember that there is more to this life, and that we came from somewhere and it's in that we serve a bigger purpose here than we think. And we know. So my life before I before I recalled and before I realized this memory is actually something that matters, that this memory is something that can help others. I was living in a very I was in a very bad state. I was living in a survival mode and I was just that the lowest I could be in my life and I had a very, I was actually in Russia. So I was meditating and, and through the meditations, I got this telepathic message saying, share your memory, share your pre birth memory, through YouTube. And I was like, I stood up, I got shocked. And they said, No way, I'm not filming myself, that is insane. And that message kept popping up. And I felt a little bit of a pressure, but it was a good pressure, like a push, like, you gotta do it, you gotta make the video, you gotta share that. So I just shared that. And I thought, you know, what, am I going to lose nothing, maybe I'll gain something, maybe I'll help someone. So let's do that. And I shared that little video, which was five minutes. And I think a couple of people wrote a comments, saying thank you. And that just felt amazing. And I felt grateful that I, my words helped someone. So that kept me going. And I have always found by Lee, and then Melissa and I shared my message. And more and more people are now getting in touch with me and connected with me some helping here and there. With what I can I do my best. Obviously, I don't know everything, but I have received a lot of messages and I still receive through dreams and astral projections, things that can help people. So I guess it's just a gift that I have to use, and they just accepted that.

Alex Ferrari 6:40
So it's when you decided to kind of go public? Or come out of the closet, if you will, out of the pre birth closet. How did you deal with it psychologically meaning like friends, family, people around you, colleagues? You know, because again, like the first time you you spoke to somebody, they're like, What? No, we don't know what you're talking about. You sound crazy. How did you deal with it when you first came out?

Arke Muratova 7:12
That's a very good question. So at first, it was really difficult a i o where I already knew that I felt like I could fit in now I felt like oh, okay, well, now I'm sending out amazing. Okay, we will, now we're going to work with it. So I at first, it was really difficult because I love my family and my friends. And I loved them deeply. And I wanted them to understand me. And it was really, really frustrating when I tried asking them questions like deeper questions. Do you remember this? And do you remember choosing this and they looked at me as if I'm just, you know, this person who is insane and crazy. So I felt a bit hurt. I felt devastated that nobody else can remember, and especially my loved ones. At some point, I think I kept writing in my journal, to get to know myself better and dig deeper and to find out because the answers weren't coming from the other people. I couldn't get anything. So I kept asking myself and I get, I started getting more and more messages like you can force people, you can control people, you can't try to convince people in bed that you can't make others believe in what you believe in your experiences, what shapes your beliefs, and it matters and their beliefs also matter what they think also matter, even if they don't believe in you. It's okay. Because I still know that they love me. They accept me that it's you know, they're not going to believe everything you say because they haven't walked my path. They don't know my experience. They can't feel what I felt. So they completely respected that. And I think I journaled and I said, Oh, the universe or God or whatever, my higher self, whatever the out there is, or in me just helped me align myself with the right people. And slowly it was really painful. Then the universe actually started taking those people away from my life. Even my family members and my brothers and my brother and my partner, my friends, everything started falling apart. Now I am alone in a Buddhist temple. I am learning from Buddhists. I'm just learning about religions meeting different people finding so many interesting people. And I never thought that would happen a year ago. I was hurt. I was in the dark. I felt alone. I felt like my people didn't understand me and I was going insane but everything aligned I kept believing that I'll find my peace. Pull. And I'll find people that are interested in hearing me out. And people that are open minded and open hearted. So I kept believing in it. And it actually happened. I'm talking to you and I'm talking to so many beautiful here, I talked to Lisa yoga. I am in touch with so many beautiful people, so many open hearted and open minded and curious about life and curious, and they question everything with what, why and how and where. So. And yeah, I'm having fun with it. I think the pain I experienced in every pain that we experience shows us that the other side is beautiful. And it matters what you experiences. It turns into wisdom. So that's what happened. Now I am alone, but I'm not lonely.

Alex Ferrari 10:58
And very important distinction there I am alone, but I am not lonely. That is a very Buddhist way of looking at things. It's so it's so beautiful. And you know what, I think that is a lesson for so many people. Because we do out sometimes we outgrow people in our lives. You know, I tried to tell my children that like my friends, I'm like, Honey, the friends you have at this age, the chances of you talking to them in 10 years or 20 years is probably not going to be there. They're just going to fall away. And the right finding your people finding your, your your the people that are supposed to be surrounding you can be fun, but it also be painful. And you went through that through an extreme version of that. I mean, you are an extreme version of letting everything else go. You're in a Buddhist temple now, alone, but not lonely. So not everyone will have to walk your path. But there's a lesson here that it doesn't have to be a negative thing might hurt. But, but it's a good hurt after a while when you look back, right?

Arke Muratova 12:08
Exactly. Yeah, you're right. Absolutely. Well, I am still in touch with everyone. And I may not annoy them with my stories and questions about the universe and life anymore. But I always check on them to see how they're going, what their dreams are, where they're going. And if I can help with anything I do. And they always remind me that they're with me and in spirit or, but maybe not physically buying spirit, they always say we believe in you may we may not believe in everything you do and support or understand, but we believe in you. So I appreciate that. And I always keep that in mind that in deep inside, we are all this, we're all the same. We all just want to be happy. And we all want to experience joy. We want to know how to experience joy and connect with people and love people and be accepted. So yeah,

Alex Ferrari 13:14
It's beautiful. Now, let me ask you, when you were growing up, we all get quote unquote, programmed with the beliefs of our of our parents of our some of our, of our group around us, whether it be neighborhood societal religious country, did you have to overcome any of this programming to kind of go into this life because it doesn't sound like this life that you're living now is what you were raised with? Is it different?

Arke Muratova 13:46
Oh, it is. It is very different Alex I grew up in a small village and, and then, you know, I grew up in poverty. So a lot of things I experienced, they shaped me into believing that the world is a dangerous place. And you know, you got to protect your heart you got to protect yourself, you got to protect your loved ones and you gotta fight for what you want. And that was their mindset I always had and that you got to work hard. If you want to earn something you got to earn that was a big word. You got to earn anything in life, love, money, anything knowledge, you got to earn every stick Oh, also there was a i i learned a little bit of Islam. So I was raised by some Islamic beliefs and practices, but I never accepted them as a kid I would always go against them and I will always question why you're discriminating people. Why are you saying there is hell and heaven? How do you know that I will go to heaven Why you telling That for me. Why? Like I would

Alex Ferrari 15:02
You're a troublemaker, you're a troublemaker.

Arke Muratova 15:08
Yes. And obviously I would get shut down. And I would get told to not raise your voice to not speak back like that and things like that. And it all shaped me to becoming very socially anxious person and suicidal because there was a, I would always get told as a kid that I am not I was not an I was not a one to child, and that I was an accident and I ruined my parents life and things like that they I would hear that often. And that would shape that shaping into a very suicidal person, depressed person. And I thought, you know, I gotta just live for other people. So I would just No, I never thought of myself as anything, but just in service of other people that I would leave for my siblings, I would leave for my mother, I would say for this person, that person. But eventually, I burned out. I had enough. I saw her than asinine. I thought I did. She'd stop. And I think I was actually I was working in a hospitality and I was you know, getting bullied, and I was abused, verbally abused on a daily basis. And I thought, This is enough. I can't do this anymore. I can't live in this survival mode. There is not enough money. There is not enough. There's not enough that Bills, Bills, Bills. And I had no time. So I just sat down once by the, under the moon. It was a full moon, I remember was beautiful. And it was like, Wow, I've never noticed how beautiful the moon is. And I think I prayed for the first time and I never prayed. I never believed in God, I was really mad at him. And my first sentence started with, oh, God, if you are there, if you exist only if you exist, you must know you're stupid. I am mad at you. You took my mom, you took my parents, I hate you. But at the same time, I'm back here, because I want to ask you something. And I was like, Well, if you exist, you're listening to me. If you don't exist, I'm talking to myself. I'm a madwoman. That's okay, too. So I asked, I think I said, my life is hard. I don't know what the purpose is. I don't know how you kept me alive. Because I've tried committing suicide many times. And you saved me many times. Now show me why you saved me because I don't understand. I am stuck in a pattern. I'm stuck in a circle. I'm running in circles. I don't know what I'm doing. I don't think I'm good at anything. I don't know why I'm alive. And what is the purpose of life because this is insane. I don't think I want to work and then get married and have children. I don't see that for myself. I couldn't see that I couldn't imagine I thought that was suffocating. I can't do that. It's not my thing. And I ended up crying my eyes out. I think I said, Hey, if you show me the way, I'll follow it. If you just give me a chance. I'll take that chance. I am ready to change, do whatever you want. Do any Excel go to any extremes to change my life and get out of the state I am in and change everything about my life because I can't do this anymore. I said I'd rather die. I can't do this anymore. So I ended up crying. I went home. And the next thing would happen is they had this. I was in an astral plane outside of my body with my mom. And we talked, I think the first thing I said was wow, it was so beautiful. I was in my old apartment and I was laying on my mom's lap. And I said, Wow, this is so beautiful. And I looked at my mom and I said oh, you're not real. I said you're dead. You you can't be here. And then they said, Oh, this must be a dream. So I looked around and it was so realistic. So I started poking on her shoulder touching her. And it felt so real. She was warm. She was real and she kept giggling she kept laughing at me. And she was so bright and beautiful, angelic almost being so I think the first thing I said was even if it's a dream or even if it's not real. I just want to tell you that I missed you. And my life was hard without you. And I said I wish you were here with me on earth because it's hard. So she just hugged me. And I think I finally said I love you which is something I have never said to her I I said I love you and thank you for being my mom. So I was hugging her tightly and I didn't want to wake up I knew that something was coming but the look in her eyes was Amazing she she had the whole universe in it. And she, as if she, I think that the look in her eyes was so loving as if she was telling me it's okay. It's, you know that it's going to be okay. And I understood. And everything that I experienced on Earth and life seemed like a bad dream. Like a very, it was a nightmare. And they said, Oh, but that was okay, I felt relieved. And there was this giant light, which was on top of us, which started coming down and filling us with this bright light, which felt really warm and healing. And it was beautiful sensation. And I woke up in my bed crying and feeling my mom's hand like someone was still touching my hand and holding me. So I felt I knew instantly that it was real. And after that, I think I received the blessing. And in a way, because the depression, I had the thought pattern that had the negative thinking it was gone, I was completely conscious, mindful the entire time. And I felt like the blindfolds I had was taken off. And I was looking at life as a new person, completely with completely new eyes, and just open mind and open heart and a lot of magical things that are happening, very weird, but good things, I think I was in this super conscious state, where I could experience it all the goodness in the world, I've could access every message every inside knowledge I wanted to know about. So that was amazing. And I could connect to all the people and people that hurt me as well. And I started understanding that no one was actually trying to hurt me, it was, you know, we were just doing our best trying to protect ourselves. So anyway, that was it. And I think that experience meeting, my mom put me in a state where I received a blessing in a way I was completely in the present moment now. And I healed myself. I knew how to heal myself, I knew that I had to meditate, I knew that I had to go to that place, I knew that I had to pick up a crystal and things like that. But I had no concept of meditations or anything like that. I didn't know what I was doing. But I knew that I had to deal with. And that helped me. That changed a lot of things for me. And I think I also wanted people to know, and I think that's, that blessing was given for me to tell people that they can heal themselves, and then how magnificent and how powerful we are and how we forgotten about it, that we all have the access within our hearts. And that's what they wanted me to tell other people. But in a way, that was the blessing I received.

Alex Ferrari 23:19
That's beautiful. That is That is such a thank you for sharing that I know that was an easy wasn't an easy road for you to walk down. So I appreciate you sharing that with me and the audience. So we've been talking a little bit about after your memories, and you know where you are now, let's actually talk about these memories of yours. These pre birth memories this life between life. Can you tell me what was? Tell me what it's like on the other side? Tell me how it works? Explain it to me if you can.

Arke Muratova 23:54
Okay, thank you. So the previous memory I had was very sad. I was in a very dark space. I could say and I felt like I had no physical body. And nobody around me either. So, but I felt some sort of motion as if I was moving. And I saw a tiny, bright white light at the end. And then I was moving closer to that light. And as I was moving closer, I felt like I was in a hypnotic state or something. I questioned, I stopped and a question Wait, where am I going? And then a very gentle voice just started speaking through me. And there was nobody around but it was speaking through me. And she said you go to planet earth. And I was like, oh, planet Earth. And again, I felt like I knew what that was but I forgotten about it. So I asked but What is what is Earth? And I felt really weird about asking because I didn't know how to ask and what to ask. And what am I even asking about? I knew nothing. I was just this completely blank canvas. So the this gentle presence, she was really patient and she said, Earth is your new home. It's your planet. And I was like, Okay. And I was moving slowly. And I noticed that in that, that bright light, the white light was coming closer and was gonna becoming bigger and bigger. And I noticed that there were three speakers, and they were yelling and screaming something and they were saying keys keys. And I, I didn't know what they were saying. But I was excited. I got excited. And I asked that presence. What are they saying? I want to know, what are they say? And she said, they are saying kids, which means a girl in their language, they screaming girl girl. And I was like, Girl, okay, lovely. And I said, Well, what is girl? And I felt like I knew all of those things. But I forgotten. So I felt a bit weird about asking, but she was really, really patient. And she was like, she explained that I was going to be born as a girl. And that difference between a boy and a girl and reproduction system and how my body as a girl, as a female was able to create new human beings bring new life. And I said, Wow, that's lovely. And I felt like that was a superpower when she was explaining to me and I was like, that is so lovely. I can't wait to be a girl. And she could seem it's time to go. But I didn't want to go. I was like, wait, wait, I have more questions that she said it's time to go. And the white light was becoming closer and closer. And I think I felt as if I was falling back asleep. And slowly that voice that presence was fading. That she said, you're going to be fine, you're going to be okay, you're going to be welcome. You're going to be loved. We're always with you. Just remember that always. And she was fading in the background. But I think I was fighting the desire to sleep. And I was I tried to stay awake. But I just quietly said, Okay, I will remember I will remember. And then the next thing I know is I am in that tiny body that those people were holding. And it was very uncomfortable. It was stiff. And the first thing I noticed is that I was disconnected. I didn't feel that love and that calming sensation that I felt in that darkness, or wherever I was. I felt really uncomfortable. I almost said something like, oh, I don't want to be here. I don't like this. And this lady, someone started holding me and they brought me to my I think they put me on to my mother's chest. And I could hear the heartbeat. I was listening to the heartbeat and it was really warm. It was calming. And she said something my mom was saying something, but I couldn't understand the language. But whatever she was sitting it felt like a wave, like a warm energy going through my body. And it felt like she as if she said I love you and I will protect you. And I've been in that moment I felt relief. I said, Okay, I am loved. I am welcomed. And they were right. They said they said I would be welcomed I would be loved and I felt that. And I was thinking to myself, I wish she could hear me back. Thank you. And I wanted to say that to my mom, thank you for loving me and you know for welcoming me. But and then yeah, I fell asleep. And I was four years old when I remembered all of it and I told my mom I've had many out of body experiences and I still have them. I made the loaded people on the other side or however you want to call. I made my guides I made people that are still on Earth as well that in the spirit world. And I would say what it's like over there is we're just we're just very loving. We are like children were very curious. And there is no negativity, there is nothing like that there is just love and compassion and acceptance. And even when I was out there out of my body in, you know, outside of Earth and on that astral plane, I still wanted to go back to Earth, I had a huge desire to go back and live as a human. I missed my ego, I thought that, and I understood that ego is needed. We need ego, to build our personalities to learn from ego to transform it, and to evolve further and learn about unconditional love further. And that was something that we were doing to for the expansion. And out there, every being I met on astral planes, they were fascinated when I would say I'm still on Earth. And they would say good luck, all the best, you're doing amazing. So I would say it is a thing we all know. And, you know, deep inside what we are. And I, I was told when I was shown that we were created from love. And when you create something with love, it lives on. It never dies, it keeps evolving. And that's what we go back to and every all the negative emotions we experience on Earth. They arise from love. And they are filtered through earthly sensations and experiences, but they are still love. We transform them, we learn a bit, then then we go back to love. So it was a very, it was an amazing experience. And I think I hope that everybody feels that within I believe that they do. I meet a lot of people and they feel that. So that's what it was like on the other side. And that's what it's like, I still get out of my body, but I don't do it. Myself. Usually, when someone wants to speak to me, or there is a message, they pull me out of my body. I just ended up being outside and ended up being invited for a walk or something so they can tell me something.

Alex Ferrari 32:35
Yeah, that's just beautiful. It's such a beautiful experience. Do you remember anything prior to being in the black void? Because it sounds like let's say you're in a gathering outside, like you're at a party outside or you're at your house and the other side, let's for earthly reference. And you're you're at school, and your teacher is like, Okay, you ready to go down now? And you're like, Yeah, but up there, you still remember everything. You are connected to the universe, you understand what a planet Earth is. You understand your soul mission, you understand your soul blueprint. And then it sounds like after you got through all of building out the soul plan, building out the soul blueprint, I'm gonna have these parents, I'm gonna have this experiences, feel this and feel this to grow as a soul. This will you pick up the story is you have not walked through the door. And like when you walk through this, it's all gonna go away, and you're gonna start the journey back to Earth, and you're gonna forget all of this. Is that kind of where you began? And if it is, do you remember anything prior to walking through that door of being in this void?

Arke Muratova 33:46
Okay, that's an amazing question. No, I actually don't remember anything before that void. But I as a kid, I would always remember small thing. So I would say hey, I, I think I was five or something. And I was asking around what is birthday? And they said, it's the day when you were born? And I said, What is my birthday? And they said, 24th of September. And I remember being so happy, and I said, Oh, I chose that one. I chose 24th because I liked the number. And everybody was like, okay, being a kid and knowing things like oh, and like, as a kid, I would go to other kids and tell them you know, you can dream about something and it happens. You know, you can create something you can manifest things. And so I knew some like as a kid, I feel like everybody has those villages. We know something. We just start forgetting about it as we grow up. But the I didn't remember anything before that void. But in I think it started happening after 2021 I started having out of body experiences and that's where I met my guides and I was shown this sort of a life review but not a a complete lie for you. I was also shown how I chose the life I chose. I said, I'm going to volunteer, I want to help the earth, I want to help. And I think I said, Give me the toughest challenges, I want that. And I said, so I can wake up faster, I can help faster, I can gain wisdom pasture. And I was really overly ambitious. And they showed me that and they also showed me, I was very proud of myself for not forgetting the pre birth memory. I think that was something that I picked in a plan that it would wake me up, that he would wake me up one day, because I would have a tough life. But it would keep me going and keeps me going and I would wake up. But I was showing her life review I was shown. Also I was showing the future that things are going to be okay. Like glimpses of my future, I was working with camera, I was working with people. And I was told by my guides, and by ancestors, I believe there were a lot of people in the room. And they use actually the faces of people from Earth, like everybody I met on Earth, even the strangers I met in a cafe or something. And when I asked him why they were using their faces, they said, because you're going to forget about this unless we use their faces. And that's when we talked about everything. And that's when they showed me the plan I chose and I was really still ambitious. And I said, let me do more what I can do, but can I What can I do? How can I help more? How can I What What should I do? And they just said you don't do you just be your, you've been yourself and you've been doing that all your life and, and they showed me how many people I have impacted I have changed by small acts of kindness and small interactions. And that's what happens to everybody. We interact with each other, in my somehow influence without knowing it. And we are all teachers and students all together and we connected. And even if we are hurting each other, there was a balance the giant, they showed me the giant balance on Earth, which was, you know, always balancing the dark and light and negative and positive pain and the joy, everything was balanced. And I thought wow, that is beautiful. And everybody had every soul had their grand purpose. And that grand purpose was serving in a collective purpose in the collective consciousness. So that was beautiful. And I thought, wow, the Earth is actually amazing. But yeah, a lot of messages.

Alex Ferrari 37:52
Well, let me let me stop you for a second, there seems to be a lot of you really wanted to level up in this in this game, if you will, if you're a video game character, and you're like, give me the hardest levels, I want the most challenges because as way I gain more experience, I can get stronger, I can get faster, I can learn more become wiser. So you've really stacked a bunch of stuff in this in this journey, if you will, when you were meeting with your spirit guides. What did you learn about the process of spirit guides the process of how we build our own lives? What kind of information can you give the audience about that?

Arke Muratova 38:35
Thank you. So I've asked questions about why my life was hard. So that was answer because you chose it. And also, that there is a soul contract that we signed before coming. So we know what are the challenges, we know what we're taking in? And sometimes there are parts of the soul contract that you have no control over. You have no you know, your freewill doesn't apply there. So is an example my childhood so I was brought up in a very I would say and not a healthy environment. So there was a lot of domestic violence. So there was a lot of abuse and that there was a lot of pain. And I didn't choose to be there. I could have been I couldn't I even if I wanted to I could have not changed that because I was a kid. There was no way out of it. But I wanted that experience. And now I was shown why I wanted that experience and through that experience of pain when I was growing as a child. They also showed me how they were helping you out how they were sending you signs, how they were telling you to go there to go there. And it was all coming intuitively, as a child, you just heard voices or like just thoughts, they were coming to my head and I was the you think that's your thought, but it wasn't my thought I was I just somebody said, go outside hide in the barn, and I would do it. And that would help me that would help me to escape and survive. Things like that they wish they showed me and also that this was the recent interaction where I was in a room full of guides, and they said, We are your guides, were helping you on earth. And they were many. So I said, I was fully conscious. And I said, there is no way that I have so many spirit guides, why would I have so many spirit guides? Because, again, I wanted to know, I wanted to get a clarity around it. So they said, why would you not have spirit bats and I said, there's too many, I thought that would be two or three people were just a lot in the room was full of, and I think around like 60 6070 people. And they all had faces of the people from Earth I knew. So they said we're using them. So you can remember when you get up when you wake up. So and I think I said something like, so who was the main spirit guide? Like who's helping me around here? Because

Alex Ferrari 41:27
Who's the boss? Who's the boss here?

Arke Muratova 41:27
Yes, who is the boss here? So they were really confused. By the way, they were really confused. They were like, Oh, the main one. And they showed me this woman she was she just took a step forward. And she said, Well, I've been around you the most, but we are all ways supporting you all together. So there is no way that there is one or two or three there are your ancestors, your spirit guides, they always help around but they cannot. They cannot how what is the word in English? It can vary your inter interfere, interfere? Yeah, yeah, they cannot interfere with your experiences, you gotta go through them. There is no way out. You gotta go through them. But they will always help you and guide you on your path to show you that you're on the right track. And they always send you like Angel numbers, coins, feathers, and things like that, like messages through books and people interactions. When they reminded me that, even though they're helping me it's not an instruction. It's not that you have to follow what they say. You always have the freewill. It's you who was experiencing the life as a human. And that's what he told me you have the freewill, you you chose this life you have the free will. Don't be afraid because the purpose of life is to live the life and experience life. And your purpose is whatever you make out of this life. So don't be afraid to make a mistake. And they always also said and they also said, to have a mindset and say and remember that you are beginner for life. You haven't lived as archy you started over and there was a reason why we start over why we forget things. We start a new human experience. We want to experience what it's like to be a beginner for life. What it's like to learn about hatred, anger, cringe, embarrassment, guilt, shame, everything we want to learn about it and love. And it's I think wow, I said okay, beginner for life. All right, that's who I want to be okay. That's what I learned that then that they do help you around, but they don't give instructions. But you can always ask for clarity. So whenever I get stubborn, I get really persistent. I want to know more I want answers, clear answers. I cannot look at 888 and think okay, what is that about? So I would always journal and ask for clarity, but without forcing anybody because even your spirit guides don't owe you anything. So I always say thank you. If you think I'm ready for this answer for this message, please let me know. I'm here open. I'm here to accept. And I think, yeah, that's what I do. And that's how I get a lot of the messages and guidance through them. But everybody has, has guides, everybody has their ancestors. Sometimes we love our loved ones that passed away. They choose to become a guide. And my mom is an example. She passed the lead by she chose to be a guide so I I have close interaction with her all the time. So I feel connected with her, I get messages from her, I talk to her, I see her in the astral plane. So that's something that happens it feels.

Alex Ferrari 45:17
Let me ask you this. I mean, I've studied Buddhism, fairly extensively throughout my life. I've studied most many different philosophies and religions and trying to understand, like the curious, I'm always curious, you know, between the Vedic texts, the yogi's Buddha, Jesus in all of the things, how does these experiences and what you are doing now? Work with Buddhism? Because from my experience, and please correct me, you're much more much more expert than I am in Buddhism, of how do these kinds of spirit guides and astral plane travel? Is that something that's within the Buddhist philosophy at all?

Arke Muratova 46:07
That's an amazing question, Alex, I'm not an expert, by the way, I

Alex Ferrari 46:12
Beginners for life, beginners for life. But you are in a Buddhist, but you are in a Buddhist temple, and I am not, I'm assuming that you're a bit more advanced. That's all I'm assuming.

Arke Muratova 46:24
Okay. Well, thank you for saying that, I appreciate it. But I obviously am not an expert. And I actually am not a Buddhist, and I don't know myself much about Buddhism. I moved here a week ago, on almost a week ago. A is this is a completely different path to the life I've been used to, a decided to volunteer and learn. So I am a just that learning from them. And I don't actually I'm not religious, and I don't think I'll ever be I, I actually got a message from the guide saying that their religions will die. But every religion I respect him, and my belief that they have truth in every religion has their own truth. And sometimes I believe that they're speaking the same thing. They're talking about the same thing, but different vocabulary, different wording, a little bit of a different perception, but it's all the same thing. You know, what I liked about religions. What I like about religions currently is the dedication people have, and faith they have. And that's something I wanted to learn from them. What I like in Buddhism is how people are dedicated to growth, self growth, and also, their self growth means not only about yourself, but it's also about other people, how you influence other people, how your growth helps others to grow and see their own light as well. That's something I like about Buddhism, then, yeah, I came to learn here. I'm excited. It's a totally different journey. But I, I don't know where this life will take me. But I thought, I'll just, you know, live. Now, since I've been surviving my entire life. So I thought, I'll live and have fun. And learn, because I believe that's the main reason why we here live and learn. And I learned a lot from Islam. Because growing up, I learned about Islam. And some things I still appreciate, and some things I really respect about Islam and Muslim people. I love everybody, despite their religions, but I don't agree with everything. I want to decide for myself. So I want to learn from this religion from that, and this, and probably just travel around and see what they're what everyone has to say. Because different perspectives, and it's fun. And, you know, you don't have to make up your mind or opinion right away, right. And I think that the, my, as I experienced life, that's when I that's when I see some, that's when I see my values and my beliefs align with something and it resonates with something from that religion, this religion, and that's when I understand Oh, which is all the same. We're talking about the same thing.

Alex Ferrari 49:39
Just different different parts of the different parts of the elephant. We're all talking about the different parts of the view.

Arke Muratova 49:46
Exactly. Yeah. May or may be asked me in a year time and I'll tell you what I learned from Buddhism in an in depth. Okay, more.

Alex Ferrari 49:55
Sounds good. Sounds good. So you have mentioned a few times In this conversation that they told you a bit about the future, about what's coming, can you share anything with the audience in regards to what you've seen and what the Spirit your spirit guides have told you about religion about the state of the world, about our, our enlightenment or shift in consciousness that we're going through? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Arke Muratova 50:24
Thank you. They showed me a lot of things. And I think at the time they showed me I wasn't ready. I didn't know what they were talking about. But I just listened to it because I had a lot of questions. So I was really curious and grateful that they were telling me things. They talked a lot about how the Earth was shifting how we are raising the vibrations, and they told me how me and other souls, they came to volunteer, and we are all spread out. And we are spread out because we want we have to raise the vibration from different points of Earth and create our own heaven. That's what they said, You are here to create your own heaven. And know until people are show people that wherever you are, that is home, that is your haven. And you can create your own reality. That was what it was shown. And they showed me how the war was happening. I think it was before the war started in Ukraine and Russia. And I was in Russia. So they showed me that there was there's going to be war, you have to leave. And I thought there is no way. But they showed me that it's going to bring a lot of sadness. But it's serving a purpose. It was waking up a lot more people, it was waking up people from Russia, Ukraine and other parts of the world. And we got to stick together, we got to help each other. And it wasn't a war between people it was war between governments was war between greed, but not people, ordinary people. And they showed me how it was going to change so many lives, how it was going to awaken so many people. But there will be sacrifices of these late people will die people in or people will lose their cities houses. But they told me Don't feel bad. Because they showed me that they those souls, they chose it. Every soul chooses their death, their departure, their their time, their graduation, so don't feel bad. They chose to go to that battle, they chose to help. And they also showed how the system would change religions would die, and how in education system and school system, we would be teaching children about internal world, not only external, because we teach Oh, this is math, geography, this and that we teach children, you are human, your emotions, how to regulate your emotions, what do they mean? How do they teach you? How interactions with other people teach you that what triggers you in other people is what is teaching you and every problem we have is an interpersonal problem. And no one's trying to hurt you and how to leave and things like that would happen, the shift. And they showed me also how new souls were coming. Very advanced volunteers were coming. So you can see a lot of children that know a lot, then they have their wise, they are already wise they have a lot of insights. They're very creative, they're fearless. And sometimes we call them Gen Z. But they they and I was very happy and when they were showing you that also, I was also shown that the the sufferings would be over and people in the earth, the New Earth would be different. And it's not going to be all sunshine and rainbows we all gonna still have challenges. It's not because the purpose of Earth is to still teach you about human life, right? But we're all going to have that in their life in a strength inside, when we're going to teach that to our children to next generation. That Hey, life is messy life is this. Yeah, it can be challenging, but it's beautiful. That's what it's what that's what life is about. It's not about pleasure or getting more having more. It's all about experiencing life. It's all about getting hurt, falling in love falling out of love. Yeah, that we would teach that. The education would change that Children would learn about life and that the purpose of life is about living the life. And so I also ask about reincarnation that people would would people reincarnate again and again, they said, it's gonna be easier people that are stuck here and they feel stuck and they keep reincarnating they're gonna be shifted. Obviously, they're gonna reincarnate again. But I'm on New Earth. They will get new education, new people around new energy, new vibration that will help them to stop the cycle and finish their lessons. Because ultimately, every soul they know their responsibility. They know why they're coming here. And they do it because they want to. We do it because we want to, we want to expand we want to learn. I think they also ask about, I also asked about my death, and because wow.

Alex Ferrari 56:10
So when am I dying? Can you give me the date and time?

Arke Muratova 56:14
Yes, I, that was a very funny experience. I was struggling, I was a bit depressed because both of my parents passed away very young. My dad was 26, I think, and my mom was 35. So I am 26 next month. So I was depressed. And I was thinking, Oh, what if I die? I don't want to die. I want to live. So I asked the question, when am I dying? And then we met on the astral plane, and they showed me my future and that I would be an old lady with both hair and, you know, gray hair but happy surrounded by my family, children and grandchildren. And they told me to not worry about it. And also I asked how many lives I lived. And that was a really weird answer I got. So I asked how many lives in total, I live? I want to know. And they said 244, far million lives. And they just said, that is not a real number.

Alex Ferrari 57:24
Yeah, he says that didn't sound like a real number.

Arke Muratova 57:26
Yes, I said that's not a real number. But he's the earthly number. And they they kept repeating 240 It was a robotic voice. It said 244 million lives. And I was like, oh, okay, well. And so when am I die? Like when I'm finishing this life? What date Exactly. And they did not give me the year. But they gave me they gave me the date and the month. And they showed me my future self, the old me and they said this is your departure, graduation. And they said, Congratulations. You're graduating on the date and month. And they said you can wake up now. And I woke up. But it was a really it was an interesting experience. And I felt grateful because I was showing that I would live a long life and I would have family and I would have grandchildren. I know the date, but they didn't tell me the year. I think that was on purpose as well. So I don't stress myself out.

Alex Ferrari 58:37
Like oh, God, the clock is ticking. Yeah, yeah. So you also mentioned something about religion that all religion is going to go away? Which, or transfer into something else? What did what did you mean by that? What did they say? Exactly?

Arke Muratova 58:56
The religions were all separating people. And they said, people change. Even if there was one message, they changed that message and they spread their message. And they started creating religions in in religions, unlike sub religions. So they said they're separating more and more. They're saying I am this you are that we are this. That's what we believe in. And that's what others believe. And then it was separating, but they said eventually it will all go away. Because now that the New Age is coming, you you souls are coming and new changes are happening. There's a grand awakening happening, I believe everybody can notice that. We're getting this insights and we're getting this. We're getting so many external changes like COVID and wars that are triggering the internal changes. We started questioning more and more that hey, maybe that's not what we believe in. Maybe that's maybe we choose what we believe in May Be, were actually the same, you know. So they said, it will slowly go away. But obviously, it's not going to happen like that. But slowly it will fade, they will go away into the background. And then we'll become minority, their religions will become minority and free souls free will. And union, love and union. And that's going to become the new religion. The kindness is the new religion, love is the new religion. So that's going to become that.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:35
And when and when are some of these things happening? Like 10 years, 50 years? In our lifetime? In my lifetime in your lifetime? I don't need an exact date. I'm not I'm not as specific as you are when you're asking these questions. So, generally speaking, is this going to happen in the next 50 years? 100 years? 10 years?

Arke Muratova 1:00:55
Honestly, I would love to say, I would love to give an exact answer, but I don't know. But it will happen. For sure, you know, when and how it doesn't matter. I think we're just going to enjoy the process and see what we can do from our end, and how we can contribute the just support whatever is happening and not try to question yet I guess, it is happening naturally. So there is always a they showed me that there is always a natural balance. In you know that the whole creation, the whole, what we are was created with balance and system that goes back. And it helps it balances it out. So nothing goes out of control, nothing just you know, falls apart. It's always somehow bring itself back in order. So suddenly know how we having external turbulences in the world, that is changing a lot of things internally in people. So that's a thing that there's going to be more, there's going to be a lot more external factors that are going to influence people. But it's setting for a good purpose. To change.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:28
Yes. Let me ask you this question. Why do you think you've been blessed with this, with the memories, with the ability to speak to your spirit guides, I'm sure many of us listening, would love to be able to hang out with our spirit guides and ask them very detailed questions like you. So why do you why do you believe you've been blessed with this? And what's the purpose of this blessing?

Arke Muratova 1:02:54
I thank you so much for asking, I think I believe that. It's, I'm very grateful for these gifts. I actually did not like them. In the very beginning, I was scared. I didn't like what I was experiencing. I didn't like being the black sheep. And at the time went by and I noticed I started helping people. Sometimes when someone is about to pass away from Earth, they would show up in spirit, and tell me, can you tell me? Can you tell my loved ones that I'm about to go, but they will be fine. So I started doing that. And they would pass away. And but at least their loved ones. Got to say goodbye. And they were prepared. So I started from that was one gift that I have been using, and that showed me oh, I can help. And all I want to do is actually help. I think what they told me is you just keep being yourself. We'll help you don't worry. And we'll guide you through life. And what you went through what you experienced is going to serve someone else as a survival guide, and it's going to help them without you realizing it. So, but I believe that everybody has those gifts. It's just not everybody probably is activating them or they chose to use them. And I believe my soul chose to use them use gifts and the keep the connection with the spirit world and keep it up. And I don't know. I can't tell for sure, but I believe my purpose is the same as everybody else's purpose. is to experience human life, but at the same time, help as much as I can. And, you know, author, I just want to show people that you can have fun, you don't have to take life seriously. You know, even though things are hard and challenging, you know, we come here to enjoy it. And I think I've learned that, even though things were hard, I still have fun. And I think, I think I can cheat, I can help with that. And if I can help one person, that's great. And they told me, you just be yourself. And that's going to help other people. But the purpose of my gifts, I think, again, to guide me through and to let other people know that they are guided to that they, they're so loved, and they're so supportive, they're so protected. They just forgotten about it. But that was the plan to forget it. But the main goal was to have fun, I remember just being out of my body and saying, oh my god, we forgot that the purpose was to have fun. Okay, now we're gonna go back and tell everyone that we can have fun. And we can enjoy. And when you wake up on the other side, it's just gonna be a dream. And it's just gonna go like that. And you're going to miss that dream, even though speaking from my experience, even though I experienced horrible things, I missed them. I wanted to go back, I want to, I never wanted to change any of it. I wanted to, I was very proud. And my head sisters and everybody around me, they were so happy for me. And I think I was happy for myself as well. So yeah, I believe the purpose was to let others know that they are also gifted, they're also blessed. And they've just forgotten about it. But that doesn't mean that they're not. Um, yeah, very silly. I think I'm serving that purpose. Just delete myself.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:21
You're doing a fantastic job, my dear. Thank you. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions I asked all of my guests What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Arke Muratova 1:07:33
Definition of living a fulfilled life? That's a great question. And loving so far, all of your questions, thank you. Thank you definition of fulfilled live I think I have a purpose and a grad eight is to serve an earth and also live the life fully and experience life Lee and as much as I can learn about the human life as much as they can. And along the way, helping along the way, giving, loving more, staying with an open mind and open heart and enjoying the little things. Because I know that you know, we came here with nothing, and we'll go with nothing. But the bet, but what we will take away is the experiences knowledge and interactions and love and that's an memories. That's what we were going to take with us some I cherish that. And I think that that feels fulfilling. I meet a lot of beautiful people on a daily basis, very different. And I learned so much. And my love grows more and more for people in life. And I feel fulfilled already. And every day I make sure that even if I die today I have regrets. I speak how I feel and that's what I learned. I speak always how I feel and from my heart I think be it in the past I noticed that people speak head to head as if we're speaking program to another program. And I learnt that speaking from your heart matters, and it's okay to be vulnerable and speak how you feel and let people know Hey, I am upset I'm angry. I was a bit frustrated with this and that but we we can work through and and they changed a lot of things. I've connected with a lot of people when they started speaking how I feel not how I think and I feel fulfilled already, with the fact that I'm here with so many beautiful people, and I'm living, and we are have so many different experiences and I, we can interact and we can share, we can teach one another. It's beautiful. I think that is the point, just nothing fun living.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:23
Now, if you had a chance to get into a time machine and go back in time, what would you say? To little Arke what advice would you give her?

Arke Muratova 1:10:33
I would probably just saying, just remind her that she's strong. And she's going to make that I wouldn't change anything. I wouldn't tell her anything that would change anything because I became who we are, I became who I am today. Thanks to everything that happened and is happening. I wouldn't change anything. But I would tell her, Hey, you're strong, you're going to be just okay. You're going to have this breakthrough and that you belong here. Because I think a lot of us don't feel like they belong here. And I grew up feeling as if I don't fit in, and they don't have a family and questioning where is my home? Why don't I feel at home and things like that? So I would tell her that she belong? She's, she's very strong.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:32
Now, how do you define God?

Arke Muratova 1:11:36
God? So I would say, God is I don't actually use that word at all. Source Energy. Use it. Yeah, doesn't matter. It's all the same, but I usually don't. But I feel like it is love. I think it is energy. It is eternal love. And I think that's what the are all in and the answer lies within. Because I think we are all curious, we love to create, and we want to grow, we question things, why and how and things like that. I think that shows that our core that we are curious, we are that creators, we are the ones who created this experience in order to expand further and further in love. Yeah, I think that God is love and love is evolution, love is grow. Love is unconditional. So I think that is who we are. And we live on we never die, love never dies. And whatever you create with love never dies, it just keeps moving on and on. I think the fact that we are as humanity, we're living on it, we, you know, evolving, it shows us that we are made of love. And we go back to it again.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:05
Beautiful. And finally, what is the ultimate purpose of this life?

Arke Muratova 1:13:11
Think. Well, I asked that question. And the ultimate purpose. They said it was love. And I was like, they'll clarify that for me. I don't know what that means. But I think we have a collective purpose, which is to keep the balance, keep the evolution and keep experiencing and keep expanding. So we come back here, we experienced different lives and different characters and expand for their experiences in order to serve in a collective consciousness and keep believing and keep I think everyone I mentioned earlier is that everybody has individual purpose, I believe and that serves and in the collective purpose as well. But ultimately, I think the purpose of life is to live and it's to experience it's to grow. It's to also you know, I feel like there is only one emotion, that is love. That's what we are and then we come to earth and we we experience other emotions that are filtered through earthly sensations and interaction that are like hatred, shame, guilt, that we all once we learn about them, once we learn from them, we transform them with love. So ultimately, what exists is love. So that's the whole purpose. I believe we come from love we come to learn about love and we come to live with love.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:03
Beautiful. I think that that says that says it all

Arke Muratova 1:15:10
Passing that message on and on. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:13
Now if where can people find out more about you? And and if they want to reach out to you if you're accepting of that?

Arke Muratova 1:15:23
Oh yeah, absolutely. I have a website. It's so just my full name and I have a YouTube channel, it's divine inside. And I mostly post on Instagram. What's also divine inside underscore triple one. I have other social medias like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook, no, I actually am lying. I don't use Twitter. I create it, but I don't use it. I have TikTok Oh, which is I'm still learning how to use it's a very modern thing, I guess. Yeah, well.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:08
I'll put all those links in the show notes. And do you have any parting messages for the audience my dear?

Arke Muratova 1:16:14
Don't be afraid of living. Nothing in the world is trying to hurt you or trying to bring you down. We are just doing our best. And in this life, we don't have a defined path. And that is the beauty of life. It's the it's walking the path this path. But we know that the end is one and having kindness and compassion to one another and showing that we're here together. And I would like people to know that all the answers they need is within them. And just live life fearlessly. And I mean, we will experience fear but still try to live fully without regrets. Because I think that's the purpose we have. It's just live this life and experience. And I just want to say that your life experience matters. What you've gone through matters, and it wasn't for nothing. And every single one of us have changed so many people have put so many smiles on other people's faces made some people cry. But they served a good lesson. And I know that a lot of people say Hurt people hurt and heal people heal. But I would say that hurt people heal to and heal people hurt. But there's always a balance going on. And I would just say don't be afraid to live and speak how you feel so beautifully faded.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:06
So beautiful. I thank you so much for being on the show and for this amazing conversation that I hope will heal people listening to it and continue to change lives as as it goes on in the ether of the internet. And hopefully more and more people will see this beautiful message that you have. So thank you for coming on the show and I appreciate everything you're doing for the world. So thank you again.

Arke Muratova 1:18:33
I thank you Alex, I'm I was gonna say the same thing. I love what you do. I watch your show. I love how warm you are to your guests. How caring you are and how you put that humor and, and and make people smile and spreading this message and kindness and care very grateful that you are here and I'm here. I'm grateful to be with you and people like yourself. So thank you for being you. You're doing so amazing.

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