Woman Reveals MIRACLE After Leaving Her RELIGION & LOSS of Her Daughter! with Nichole Clark

Nichole Clark is an artist, best-selling author, and spiritual guide. She has been married to her sweetheart, Nate, for 20 years and together they have six children. After being a stay at home mom for 15 years, Nichole decided to pursue entrepreneurship. She’s tried a little bit of everything and gets the most excited about helping mothers feel, heal, … Read more

MISSING TEXT REVEALED: Catholic Church DELETED This From the Biblical Record! with Paul J. Davids

Paul Davids is an author, artist, and award-winning Hollywood film director. As an author, his most recent book is the ambitious 514-page non-fiction AN ATHEIST IN HEAVEN – THE ULTIMATE EVIDENCE FOR LIFE AFTER DEATH? It is co-authored with Professor Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., a scientist who is also a prolific author. In 1990, Lucasfilm … Read more

NEW EVIDENCE: New HIDDEN Pyramids DISCOVERED By Google! Changes the HUMAN TIMELINE! with Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden is a renowned author, speaker, and pioneer in the field of bridging science, spirituality, and human potential. Born on June 28, 1954, in the United States, Braden has dedicated his life to exploring the intersections of ancient wisdom and modern science, offering profound insights into the nature of consciousness, healing, and the interconnectedness … Read more

NEW EVIDENCE: Guru & Noble Scientists AGREE: UNIVERSE Is An Illusion! with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Today’s episode is nothing short of transformative, as we sit down with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar—a celebrated spiritual leader and humanitarian who has touched millions of lives with his teachings and mission. For those new to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s work, let us introduce you to a man whose vision transcends borders and cultural … Read more

The UNSPOKEN EVIL SPIRITS of Ayahuasca, Psychedelics & DMT! What THEY Don’t Tell You with Aubrey Marcus

Today, I sit down with Aubrey Marcus, the genius behind Onnit—a revolutionary global brand championing a holistic health approach named Total Human Optimization. This philosophy has positioned Onnit as an industry forerunner, enhancing the lives of millions, including elite athletes across the globe. Aubrey doesn’t stop at Onnit. He’s the voice behind the “Aubrey Marcus … Read more

Man DIES in Surgery; Shown SHOCKING Truth of Other DIMENSIONS & PLANETS (Insane NDE) with Mark Hodges

Today on the show we have near death experiencer Mark Hodges and Mark’s near death experience is unlike any other that we’ve had on the show because he once he died was shown the multiverse and the truth of all other realities it’s pretty insane. Please enjoy my conversation with Mark Hodges. Right-click here to … Read more

CHANNEL Predicts: You CAN’T STOP What’s COMING! Humanity’s NEXT Stage is Upon Us! with Anne Tucker

Anne Tucker is the creator of Business Energetics, a transmitter of the Nine Angelic Frequencies Series, and a trance channel for Angelic wisdom. She is supporting awakening souls on their journey through community, spiritual connection, and healing so they can take advantage of this time of rapid growth and ascension. You can find her weekly … Read more

It’s Has Already BEGUN! STUNNING Message for Humanity’s SURVIVAL on NEW EARTH! | Matias De Stefano

Welcome to today’s enlightening conversation with the incredibly inspiring Matias De Stefano! Hailing from Argentina, Matias is not just an author and lecturer but also a profound spiritual teacher who has touched the lives of many with his unique perspectives on consciousness, spirituality, and the ever-evolving human soul. His work has carved a significant niche … Read more


Robert Theiss is an internationally recognized artist, intuitive guide and the author of Living Inside your Passion, Straddling your Freedom, Awakening to your God Self and iSpirit – A New Story. His ability to function as a mentor has made him a highly valued resource to clients worldwide. Robert started his first business, Falcon Designs … Read more

Woman DIES After CHILDBIRTH; Shown the Reason of LIFE! (Profound NDE) with Lei Mohr

Lei Mohr started this life in Hawai’i many decades ago. In early adulthood, she married and had two sons. After divorcing their father, she traveled with them to Russia. Returning to the US, she attended college at the same time as her son. They graduated together, she with her MA and he with his BS, … Read more

America’s Top Psychic REVEALS Mankind’s Next Stage of EVOLUTION! Prepare Yourself with James Van Praagh

Welcome to today’s enlightening conversation with the legendary James Van Praagh, a global leader in the realm of mediumship and one of the most accurately gifted spiritual mediums of our age. James is renowned for his exceptional work as a “survival evidence medium.” Through detailed communications from the spiritual world, he brings forth compelling evidence … Read more

INVISIBLE INFLUENCE: The HIDDEN Force That Shapes Your “CURRENT” LIFE’S Journey! with Dr. Toni Reilly

Dr. Toni Reilly is Australia’s foremost international Past Life and Reincarnation Specialist, the best-selling author of AWAKE The Purpose Of Life And Why You Are Here. She created SoulLife® Coaching programs and has guided thousands of clients and students worldwide with her visionary, intuitive approach to personal development. As Founder of the Toni Reilly Institute, … Read more