Darius J Wright is a prolific OBE explorer of the unseen realms beyond the physical. Since he was a small child, Darius has been “awake” to the nature of reality, experiencing things that others around him couldn’t understand. Through years of practice and exploration, Darius has developed the ability to access the other side through … Read more

SHOCKING! What SCARED Hollywood From MEANINGFUL to More DARK & CYNICAL Storytelling with Matt Williams

Matt Williams is best known as the creator and executive producer of the hit series Roseanne and the co-creator and executive producer of Home Improvement, one of the most successful programs in television history. Williams joined The Cosby Show during its premiere season and worked as a writer/producer on the show for three subsequent seasons, … Read more

Clinically DEAD Woman Dies During Stroke; Shown FUTURE Versions of Herself! with Amber Cavanagh

In this captivating dialogue, we delve into the extraordinary life of Amber Cavanagh, widely recognized as the “West Coast Medium.” Amber’s journey took a profound turn in 2021 when she experienced two significant strokes, providing her with an unexpected passage to the Other Side. Amidst this life-altering experience, she was presented with the monumental decision … Read more

REVEALED! How Universal MANIFESTATION Actually Works! (The Law of Attraction) with Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is a New York Times best-selling author and creator of “Notes from the Universe” whose acclaimed books have been published in 27 languages. He lives and teaches the art of living deliberately and creating consciously, having inspired LIVE audiences in 156 cities, 42 countries, on 6 continents. He was one of the featured … Read more

The Guides REVEAL Ancient Method to PROTECT Against EVIL Entities & Spirits with Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann is a well-known author, spiritual teacher, and medium who has dedicated her life to helping people connect with the spirit world and find a deeper understanding of their own spiritual journeys. She has a background in the military and worked as a U.S. Navy Commander before retiring to pursue her spiritual calling. Giesemann … Read more

CHILLING! Met Strange ENTITIES From OTHER REALITIES Using Psychedelics – MIND-BLOWN! with Paul Austin

Paul F. Austin is an entrepreneur, psychedelic facilitator, microdosing expert, and author. He is the founder of Third Wave, a trusted, research-based psychedelics education and community platform featuring psychedelics guides, courses, podcasts, blog content, etc. Through his initial seven-month microdosing protocol, Paul experienced the tangible benefits of microdosing LSD, including accelerated learning, easier access to flow states, and a deeper … Read more

Clinically DEAD Man Shown in NDE the FUTURE of HUMANITY! Will Leave You SPEECHLESS with Bill Tortorella

Bill Tortorella was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from the School of Art and Design in Manhattan with awards for his art. Bill Won an international art contest with over 250,000 contestants for WNBC radio and television for the Broadway musical play “Jesus Christ superstar” and Andrew Lloyd Webber production.  While working … Read more

Athena’s UNBELIEVABLE CHANNELED Method for 5th DIMENSION MANIFESTATION Anyone Can Do with Robin Jelinek

Robin Jelinek has spent most of her life researching the meaning of life and studying metaphysics. Continued practice led her to a Kundalini Awakening (a profound spiritual experience), which sparked incredible change within her and opened her body to receiving unfiltered information from the universe. By sharing the information she receives, she hopes to help … Read more

People DON’T Realize What’s Coming! CHANNELERS Shown Future of Mankind! with AJ Cavanagh & Thomas Workman

Thomas Workman is an intuitive channel, teacher, and energy healer, and has many years of experience teaching, channeling and counseling for a wide range of individuals and groups. While working in Washington DC, Thomas discovered his latent gifts in metaphysics, and through his mentor and instructor Sheila Cash, developed as an intuitive channel. Thomas has … Read more

Woman TAKES HER LIFE; DEAD for 10 Mins; Meets Jesus Who HEALS Her CANCER! (NDE) with Rosemary Thornton

For 20 years, Rose Thornton enjoyed a national reputation as an expert on old houses. The author of nine books, Rose has been featured on everything from PBS’ “History Detectives” to BBC Radio. In 2016, her husband committed suicide and two years later, Rose was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. After a “routine” medical procedure, … Read more

FINALLY REVEALED: Are Animal’s SOULS Waiting For YOU in a PET AFTERLIFE? with Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson is an award-winning Animal Communicator specializing in pet loss. For the past twenty-six years, she has guided thousands of heartbroken pet parents struggling with a loss to find peace and healing. Karen has written several books documenting her incredible journey sharing insights from the afterlife, including the international #1 bestselling and award-winning “The … Read more

UK’s Top Psychic REVEALS Humanity’s NEXT STAGE! Brace Yourself for the BIG RESET! with Nicky Alan

Nicky Alan is a born Psychic Medium coming from many generations of gifted Psychics before her. She officially started her psychic work 32 years ago. For eighteen years, she was a police officer, ending as a Major Investigation bereavement-trained Detective in Essex Police. Following medical retirement in 2003 and by public demand, she has achieved … Read more