Channeled FEMALE ASCENDED MASTERS Reveals HUMANITY’S FUTURE! Prepare YOURSELF! with Genevieve Taeger

In the unfolding tapestry of existence, every thread contributes to the grand design of the universe. Today, we welcome Genevieve Taeger, a remarkable channel and healer, who shares her journey of spiritual awakening and divine connection. Her story is one of transformation, filled with encounters with higher beings and the profound wisdom they impart.

Genevieve Taeger’s spiritual journey began unexpectedly when, at the age of sixteen, she felt the presence of Mother Mary while preparing for school. This divine encounter, which she describes as an initiation, set the stage for her lifelong connection with the spiritual realm. Over the years, Genevieve has channeled around sixty different entities, each offering unique insights and guidance. “I’ve always felt that they were friends, like they were my best friends,” she explains, highlighting the deep bond she shares with these benevolent beings.

Before discovering her channeling abilities, Genevieve led a seemingly ordinary life. She pursued studies in geography, music, environmental studies, and health and safety, eventually working in the automotive industry. Her spiritual awakening, however, transformed her path entirely. A pivotal moment came when she began experiencing profound meditative states, merging with the light and accessing divine wisdom. “I experienced love, I experienced divine wisdom, and I was just overcome,” she recalls.

Her connection with divine beings intensified over time, with entities like Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and Mary Magdalene becoming regular guides in her life. These encounters provided her with teachings and healing, which she now shares with others. Genevieve emphasizes the importance of self-love and balance in this journey. “You have a purpose here, and they’re just here to help you with your purpose, but you’re still human, and you’re still meant to live a human life,” she advises.

One of the most compelling aspects of Genevieve’s story is her ability to channel the energy and personalities of the entities she connects with. For example, Mary Magdalene, known for her compassion and wisdom, offers insights on aligning with one’s spirit and finding joy in life. “Your spirit has this incredible passion, and it is emanating from your being as long as you are connected to the spirit,” she shares. Similarly, Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, emphasizes the importance of healing and forgiveness. “Everyone deserves forgiveness and love and support, and know that you so deserve to experience a joyous life,” she says.

Genevieve’s teachings also delve into practical aspects of spirituality, such as overcoming addiction and understanding one’s purpose. Addiction, she explains, is rooted in cellular memory and can be addressed through becoming an observer of one’s thoughts and inviting divine healing. “The goal is to be the observer and to understand what your body is saying,” she notes, offering a pathway to transformation.


  1. Embrace Divine Connection: Genevieve’s journey underscores the importance of connecting with the divine within. By aligning with our spirit, we can access profound wisdom and experience true joy and purpose.
  2. Healing through Awareness: Understanding and observing our thoughts and emotions can lead to deep healing. By inviting divine energy into our lives, we can transform old patterns and embrace new possibilities.
  3. Live with Compassion and Joy: Genevieve’s teachings remind us that compassion and joy are integral to our spiritual journey. By forgiving ourselves and others, and by embracing our passions, we can live more fulfilling lives.

In conclusion, Genevieve Taeger’s story is a beacon of hope and inspiration for those seeking to deepen their spiritual connection and transform their lives. Her experiences with divine beings offer valuable lessons on love, healing, and the boundless potential of the human spirit.

Please enjoy my conversation with Genevieve Taeger.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 337

Genevieve Taeger 0:00
And this is why AI is something that is not always the greatest thing AI is great for efficiency. However, AI is not great for bringing in new creations. If one relies only on the existing creations that AI has, how can one experience the divine creations? Your Holy Spirit wants to bring forth new creations into Earth? How can you bring them in with AI you must connect to the Divine.

Alex Ferrari 0:37
I like to welcome to the show Genevieve Taeger. How you doing Genevieve?

Genevieve Taeger 0:41
Good, thank you excited, nervous.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
Don't be nervous you are you're an old pro at this. You've been you've done a couple of these before. So relaxed, that thing's gonna be a lot of fun. I've been looking forward to talking to you really have. You are a wonderful channel and have you know, I always say unique aspects to channel because anyone who channels has a unique aspect to it. But you don't just channel one or two entities. How many entities do you channel?

Genevieve Taeger 1:08
I've channeled about 60. Now, so there,

Alex Ferrari 1:11
It sounds exhausting.

Genevieve Taeger 1:16
It's actually fun. You know, I've always liked variety. So it's it is fun to get to know different. I've always felt that they were friends. Like like they were my best friends, which is interesting.

Alex Ferrari 1:28
It is extremely interesting. So let's go back for a second before all of this insanity that is channeling came into your life. What was your life like before this?

Genevieve Taeger 1:38
My life was I was a bit of a loner, I liked. You know, when I was a little kid when I was five years old, I liked to just go to my dad's records and play them some kind of spiritual music, that kind of thing. And then But then when I grew up, I, I just was like a regular person, going to school, talking to people, and going into the career world, learning geography and then getting in music and then getting into environmental studies. And then I moved into health and safety. So I was I always say this, I was a director with over 1000 people in the automotive industry without the title of the director.

Alex Ferrari 2:21
Exactly. So you were you like spiritual? You were into channeling how did the first how did this come upon you?

Genevieve Taeger 2:30
I was spiritual. I was always spiritual. But I was never like the whole idea of channeling that never even came across my mind. I was just into going within experiencing the breath. That's it. Nothing else. It was all just this came later on, basically,

Alex Ferrari 2:49
How did it come? How did it come to you?

Genevieve Taeger 2:51
Shockingly, it came when I was 16. I'm guessing I was around 16. And I was blow drying my hair getting ready for school. And then all of a sudden, I felt Mother Mary in my room. And you have to understand, like I never even knew who mother Mary was. I didn't know anything about this. But I felt her presence. And immediately I knew it was her. And it felt like she was giving me a blessing. That's what it felt like almost like an initiation. And I ended up immediately going down on my knees and going in prayer. And the funny thing is, it was like I knew her. Yet I had never. I mean it's it's like if you were brought up? I don't know, brought up some other belief system and you've never ever heard a Mother Mary.

Alex Ferrari 3:44
Yeah, all of a sudden Shiva shows up and you're like, Who the heck is Shiva?

Genevieve Taeger 3:47
Yeah. Yeah. So she showed up, and I was on my knees and I was just grateful. And then she left and then I got up and I continued blow drying my hair. And I went to school and I didn't tell anyone.

Alex Ferrari 4:01
Did you see her or feel her?

Genevieve Taeger 4:03
I felt her.

Alex Ferrari 4:04
And you heard her?

Genevieve Taeger 4:06
I didn't hear her.

Alex Ferrari 4:07
Interesting. Okay, so you just felt the energy in the room? That was the beginnings of this.

Genevieve Taeger 4:12
Yeah. In my mind's eye. I could I sense that she was wearing that. You know, a cloak. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 4:20
But psychologically, how did you deal with that? At the beginning like that? That seems pretty intense. So how did you deal with it like as a 16 year old no less?

Genevieve Taeger 4:31
It felt peaceful. It felt normal. Okay, it Yeah. So it's a weird thing, because it felt like oh, that's normal. It almost like Doesn't everyone experience it. And the weird thing was, it was so sacred. I had no need to tell anyone. It wasn't like I was trying to hide it from my parents. It was just like I had no need, which is totally doesn't make sense when you think about it, but somehow it just felt sacred.

Alex Ferrari 5:00
So how did this continue to evolve?

Genevieve Taeger 5:03
Well, when I was 18, all of a sudden I went to sleep and I had some guru person come in and say it is time. And we went into another room, we sat in meditation, and I immediately became one with light. Immediately, and I experienced love, I experienced divine wisdom. And I was just overcome. And in the same way that people have near death experiences, you become one with the light, you are the light, you experience the sound of the light, you experience the heartbeat, and, and the incredible love that you have never experienced on earth. And the other thing was, I was accessing wisdom, I was asking both science and on both the planetary systems and I was getting all this complex information and made total sense to me. And I also understood at that moment, that there is no time and space.

Alex Ferrari 5:58
Yeah, this is all happening during your during this, you kind of went to sleep or you meditated. And this all happened in this kind of experience. And when you came back, did you just start hearing voices in your head?

Genevieve Taeger 6:12
No. Okay, so then I came back, and I believe it or not, that was so beautiful. I almost didn't want to be here anymore.

Alex Ferrari 6:21
That was pretty close to a near death experience.

Genevieve Taeger 6:24
Yeah. And at that moment, I felt, why did I experience that because it was so beautiful. And I had to make peace with it for a while. And then later on in life, I understood why I did. But I also understood why many people don't experience it. Because it's so incredibly beautiful. But it happened where it was, I don't know, was probably in my late 20s, early 30s, where I would go to sleep. And then suddenly, there would be a master Kuan Yin or ISIS or Mother Mary, that would come to me and give me a teaching. And I would experience His teaching. And what happened was, I would say, I can't remember I might have been 33 or something like that. And suddenly, I I, oh, this is what happened. My brother had passed. And I went to a medium and I wasn't into mediumship at all wasn't into psychics, nothing, okay. And I was told he was showing Hands, hands hands. And I was told you need to look into this from the medium. And I thought okay, and she said you need to go to a psychic fair. And I thought, oh my goodness, do I need like psychic fair, come on. And and then I went and there was a Reiki practitioner there. And I had some healing. But anyway, long story short, I ended up learning Reiki and then right after that, I got into UC, all those books there. I bought all those books. I started reading and reading and reading and learning everything spiritual. And then I decided I'm going to try automatic writing. And this is where the challenging journey began. And I discovered Quan Yin. And she started writing. As I was writing, and I didn't even know who Quan Yin was I thought it was some made up name.

Alex Ferrari 8:27
Who is for the audience? Because she's not a very well known at least in the West. Ascended Master. Yeah. About her a little bit. Yeah.

Genevieve Taeger 8:35
So she's very well known in the east. Here's an example. You see, you see statues of her. She's on an elephant there. She's often presented in green. Made a green stone. And so she's very, yeah, she's a compassionate, ascended master. And she vows that she's here to help humanity and will stay helping humanity until they have all risen. And those are the words I hear her say, right now. But she's kind of like she's revered, just as much as Buddha is revered. Yeah, so she's quite famous in the east.

Alex Ferrari 9:19
So she came in and started helping you right? She did when you were automatic writing, did you when you started that, again, voices hadn't come in yet into your into your mind. It was still just letting the pen flow.

Genevieve Taeger 9:35
So it's interesting that you say voices, because I've never had voices come into the mind.

Alex Ferrari 9:40
So what is so how do you communicate that? How does it just does it? That's very interesting, because a lot of times with channels I hear, Oh, I hear the voice or I sent them or automatic right. But what is the communication medium then?

Genevieve Taeger 9:55
Yeah. So most people say I hear but that's just the way they Say it, it's not really that, for the most part that we're hearing, we're actually it comes in the form of thoughts, right? Our own thoughts. And the thoughts are very different than our own personal thoughts. And that's how we can differentiate the difference between the two. And, and many people don't realize that they have this ability to connect to their spirit, they have the ability, even some have the ability to connect to other benevolent beings, but they don't realize it, because you're so used to your own thoughts. So you don't realize that sometimes they may be some other thoughts that are occurring.

Alex Ferrari 10:37
Still. When you started, when you started to hear I say, Here, when you started to, I'll just use the word here, because I can't use any other word here these thoughts that are not your thoughts coming through your through your or have these thoughts that are coming through your mind? My understanding is that the body needs to be prepared for this energy to kind of come in, when when you're when you're channeling your I'm not sure if you're trans, you're trans channel, or are you a what kind of channel

Genevieve Taeger 11:09
I'm a channeler, a non trans channeler

Alex Ferrari 11:13
A non trans. So you don't go into a full blown chance, in the end, the entity comes in and speaks through you, you actually are a different kind of channeler.

Genevieve Taeger 11:22
That's right. So I translate the energy that comes through me, basically, I can act very strongly with them. And I can actually express their personality, I feel their energy, their energy is almost merging with mine. But I'm fully present, but I do close my eyes. And I do appear like I'm going into a state because I do literally let them merge with me. And then I'm paying attention to the thoughts that pop up on my head. And I'm literally saying word for word, what they're giving me sometimes. Some words, I'm not, I'm not, it might be an advanced word. And I'm not, it may be another word that I normally use. And then I'm not kind of hearing the thought properly. So I try to translate the word into some dumbed down version.

Alex Ferrari 12:17
So when you so when this process started, did you have to kind of go through a priming period with your body to handle the energy load, which is much different than our normal energy load that we have on a day to day basis?

Genevieve Taeger 12:31
Yeah, it is much different. And it is it is a slow process. And I believe that I mean, it started out with Reiki, I took some other healing modalities, like you know, just even reading books, it just I started to develop myself. And always, the moment you start to do automatic writing or connect, you're already inviting in a much higher frequency. And when connecting to Ascended Masters or angels, they're extremely high frequency beings. And so yes, it does take an ability to be able to integrate that energy properly. And if someone were to do that, all the time. I mean, that could be that could be a bit much.

Alex Ferrari 13:12
You could burn out. You could a little Yeah, you could burn up your circuits.

Genevieve Taeger 13:16
Yeah, you could.

Alex Ferrari 13:18
Yeah, I've heard that from many other channelers that it's a slow process takes years to be able to acclimate to the energy coming in. And sometimes they bring in lower frequency entities to kind of prime you, you know, so before Jesus acquired and Gene comes in, or Mary Magdalene comes in who's or an angel comes in, it's very high frequency, though, like different tiers, if you will, to kind of prep the body. That's my understanding. Do you agree?

Genevieve Taeger 13:49
Yeah, you're kidding really experienced in this amazing. Gaia Gaia is a good example. Yes, of grounding to bring in her. She's a good example. Or instead of archangels, maybe angels will be a good step,

Alex Ferrari 14:07
Right. It's just like, you know, just the just a little bit, it's kind of like test the water a little bit. It's like the temperature of the water, you can't just jump into zero degrees, you've got to slowly acclimate to the temperature little by little, so you go in to different pool temperatures as it keeps. So eventually, you could just hang out at zero degrees if you wanted to, for for as long as you want. But, but if you just jump in, it's gonna freak you out and possibly can actually do some damage for my understanding, like burnout, the nervous system pop, like literally pop circuits.

Genevieve Taeger 14:40
Yeah, that's why it's important to self loves. Take care of yourself, honor yourself and not be addicted to the feeling like oh, there's something benevolent and I just want to hang out there. You got to understand that you have a purpose here. And they're just here to help you with your purpose, but you're still human, and you're still meant to live in human life. And so it's important to have balance and to do those human things.

Alex Ferrari 15:05
It sounds the channeling aspect of this where you're like you said the beloved energy, it sounds almost intoxicating in the sense that you want to be there, you're like, Oh, why do I Why am I hear? This is heavy, this is tough down here. I have problems on the other side. Like when I was in that room talking to these other masters, it's felt so much better. I don't want to come back down here. It, it almost seems like what you just said, said, You have to honor yourself that you are on this journey. But you're seeing what's on the other side. So it's a it's a very interesting balancing game that channelers have to play, isn't it?

Genevieve Taeger 15:45
It is. And it sometimes takes a while to understand this process. I mean, when you think about it, I'm 54 now, and I started in my early 30s. So it was a process of understanding all of this. And at the beginning, just feeling blown away by it all. And learning how to make peace with being human, to be honest with you.

Alex Ferrari 16:10
Most of us don't in a lifetime. We don't make peace with being human at all, at once. But once you once you gotta kind of grounded yourself and like, No, this is I chose this. This is the path I'm on right now. And these, this abilities that I have are here to help me on my life's mission. Is that fair to say?

Genevieve Taeger 16:30
Yeah, well, actually, to be honest. It wasn't, it wasn't something that I decided to create as a life mission. It was something that I wanted to, however, I was doing fine. I was working as the health and safety person and making good money or as much as I could possibly make. And so I I always had the dream to be able to help others. But I was too terrified to give it a try and to find a way to make money and all this kind of stuff. And what happened was I had a breakdown. When I turned 50. And that breakdown caused it was a blessing because that breakdown made me say, I don't give a you know what anymore, about what other people think. And whatever direction I'm meant to go in, I know that I'm meant to do this. And so I will do whatever it takes to make this direction. So it's it was a calling inside of me. It was a calling and I made that vow suddenly, that I will listen to the guidance, and I will follow through and I will take those steps. And that's when crazy amount of information came through.

Alex Ferrari 17:50
When you open the door when you actually just said I'm gonna take when you had faith, I'm gonna take the leap of faith and just go wherever you take me I'm gonna go.

Genevieve Taeger 17:58

Alex Ferrari 18:00
And so you were this is very interesting, too. Because, again, I've spoken to so many different channelers over the years that it is terrifying to it's not terrifying the work or the ability can be at the beginning. But generally speaking, you kind of get into the groove. But coming out publicly, you know coming I always call it coming out of the closet, if you will the channel in closet, your family, your friends, your colleagues, how did the people around you deal with this new Genevieve? And how did you deal with it psychologically of possibly losing friends that you've had all your life or family members and things like that? It's a thing a lot of critics don't think about like, there's obviously there's a lot easier hustles and then channeling I mean, seriously, if you're gonna try to hustle people in this world, channeling is pretty low on. So what did what happened?

Genevieve Taeger 19:03
Honestly, it was that breakdown. So what happened was I started hyperventilating. The next day, I went straight to the doctor. I said, Look, I need time off work. And and then I went and saw two therapists to help me. And I said, I want to have my own business. And they helped me to use my own sense to see whether or not this is the right thing to do. And then that worry about always worrying about what people think it was because I didn't want to hyperventilate one more time. I didn't want to feel suppressed anymore. So I felt like my whole life. Many people would be able to relate when they're in the automotive field. It's it's a grind. It's manufacturing. It's a grind. Like everyone who works there. When they go somewhere else. They think it's a breeze. but it's a constant grind and people in there, people who are on health and safety, they can relate everyone hates you, basically, because you are making them do more work. And they hate you for that. So I got used to that I got used to people talking behind my back, that kind of thing. And then other people smiling at me. And then next thing, you know, they say something stupid behind my back. And so I got used to that. And then I feel like I was prepared for that, for this moment in time, where I wouldn't give a you know, fly if I wouldn't, I wouldn't care anymore. Because that's the fear is what holds us back. That's the thing. The fear holds us back from really living our calling. And, and the messages and the guidance that I'm being told to share to the world is to step into this part of you, where you're not afraid of your calling, so many people are afraid of their calling they're afraid of, of doing what they can you heard that the purpose things, it's like a big thing all of a sudden, that every one purpose. They're feeling this, there's something more, and they're afraid they're anxious, there's things that are holding the back. And it was just that moment where I thought, well, you know what, so what people are going to think I'm weird, people are going to I mean, people are gonna hold the cross in front of me thinking that I'm possessed or something like that.

Alex Ferrari 21:35
Obviously, you obviously the devil is working through you. That's what happens to all channels. Don't you understand this? Yes. Demons devils, that and again, I always like joking about this, because it's like, yes, this these are horrible demons and devils because all they're talking about is love, and helping people grow and spiritual awakening. You know, horrible, horrible demons and devils there. They obviously have not seen movies. That's not the way they work.

Genevieve Taeger 22:02
Yeah, it's true.

Alex Ferrari 22:05
So you came out, you finally came out? And you said To hell with it, I'm gonna start doing it. And And did I mean, did you lose? I'm assuming you lost friends. I'm assuming you lost family members, or people who just don't understand this world of yours.

Genevieve Taeger 22:21
Well, the good thing is I didn't have a lot of friends. I have the you know, the just few quality friends that says you should, because I find life is so busy that you don't have time to have a whole bunch of friends. My my, my family, they just thought oh, no, be sure that kind of thing. But now my mom is like, promoting me everywhere.

Alex Ferrari 22:45
Oh, you're all in now. Right? Oh, yeah, they're all Yeah. All in. Do you know my daughter's a channel? She does sessions? Would you like to talk to her? Is it amazing how that turns around so quick? Well, you know, what it's like in channeling is still fairly new concept to society. It is not a mass thing yet. It's becoming more mass. I'm hopefully hopefully helping with that, with this show and kind of bringing out this idea. But there's been channels throughout history, as long as mankind has been around, but they were burned at the stake or, you know, are drawn and quartered, or, or drowned or something along those lines. But nowadays, it's not. It's, it's a little bit more accepted. And something you said very interesting that I haven't heard on the show before that more and more people today are awakening to this mission to this purpose in life that that generations before magic people in the 50s waking up and going I have a life mission that generally, you know, my parents generation, your parents generation, they did not have a mission. They just like I need to make some money. So I could survive. Nowadays is a little, it seems to be a little bit different. Would you agree?

Genevieve Taeger 24:00
Yes. It's totally different. It is totally different. Because when you think about the Schumann Resonance, the Schumann Resonance is shifting on the planet, the frequency of the planet is shifting. I mean, this is a science this is known. And when when when you when you understand wavelengths, and you understand vibration, and when there's you know, when something's not bouncing up and down so quickly, it's a it's a slower vibration. It's a lower vibration. It's it's an vibrations all relate to qualities of energy, qualities of energy, meaning maybe security stability, those are much slower vibrations, and people's focus was on those things as the Earth shifts and frequency, the actual earth, then what happens is our cells, our bodies have to shift as well. We have no choice we resonate to the earth, and when our bodies start to shift, then what happens as a result is the quality of energy that we're focused on becomes different it becomes a higher frequency. So maybe you know you're moving up that Maslow higher hierarchy, and where now people are experiencing more, meaning they want more meaning they start to think about these things. And I'm feel like I'm missing something, I keep hearing that from people. I feel like I'm supposed to do more, what is it that I'm supposed to do more. And so this is moving up, even when, as I'm speaking, I can feel that it's a very different quality of energy. So when people can understand energy, and how your bodies respond to energy, I mean, all the water starts to vibrate differently. And so our thoughts start to shift. And this is why this, it's becoming common knowledge. Now, when people start talking about meaning, I want more meaning, or want more purpose, or I want a mission, those kinds of things.

Alex Ferrari 25:57
Right, and I think it's the awakening that's happening spiritually around the world, within all of us. Because before we were always focused, and some are, and by the way, it's not a blanket statement, that entire species is doing this, but many of us are leaving the ideas of the physical behind and focusing on have to make a living have to do this have to do that, and focusing more on higher levels of energy, where those things start to just be there. We're not rolling around. And you know, we're not billionaires or anything, like that's not the purpose. But our needs are covered, we have a roof over our head, we have food on the table, to send our kids to school, when you know things, just bare necessities to kind of just be comfortable. It's not happening for everybody, but a lot of people it is happening for and when that starts to happen, they start to focus on more of the spiritual, more of the things because at a certain point, you could have all the money in the world you want. But you know, there's only it's just a bigger box, you're living in a nicer box that you roll around in the mail. It at a certain point, you just like, you know, if you live in a 10,000 square foot mansion, or a 300 square foot efficiency, you still waking up into a room? Just different size. At the end of the day, you know, so it's I think people are starting to figure that out a little bit more, would you agree?

Genevieve Taeger 27:29
They are figuring that out a little more. But it's, I think it's even beyond that. I feel that this is what I'm being told at this moment. So I'm just kind of, you know, I'm connecting to the divine mind and listening to what's coming through at the same time. And it's not something we can verify. But what I'm being told is for a while now, there have been light workers that have come on to this planet. And they have brought in awareness to people who they really are. And there's been this shift in consciousness and in preparation, so I'm literally just, it's coming through me, okay, so in preparation for the children that are coming on the planet. And then when I say the children, I'm not talking about this generation, I'm talking about like two generations before, the children that were coming in, in the 60s and the 70s 80s. And it started to exponentially shift into the 80s. These children that were coming in, they were coming in awakened, and they were coming in wanting to know more yet the parents were not aware of these things at all. And so the light workers, the light workers that are from the older generation, they were coming in, and they were slowly awakening these parents basically, slowly waking humanity in preparation for these children that are now in their 20s and 30s. And some 40s And now, it's a conglomerate of like highly awakened people. And now they're kind of thinking now what do I do with this? Because they haven't there wasn't any schooling where the teacher is you what do you do with this? What do you do with this awareness of energy? What do you do this with this? So I understand that I have a spirit what I'm like, What do I do? Do I? Do I connect to it? How do I connect with it? And so this is what they weren't the awareness slowly started with Lightworkers it literally it's still coming through me this awareness slowly comes about just energy itself, the basics back in the day, understanding vibration, understanding color, understanding sound and understanding that there is more than just the physical body. But now what's happening is there is this overall understanding of this And now, there is this awakening, as to what do I do with this now. So it's not just even though I mentioned the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, it's not just that, it's also that there has been this little literal awakening over the ages. And now the awakening is going to the next level. Awakening now is not just about energy and sound and all that now the waking is, how can I how can I house the spirit? In my body? Now? How can i How's it and be completely aware of it and communicate with it? And, and through that embody its purpose? That is what's happening.

Alex Ferrari 30:47
Very beautifully said, tell the divine energy that they're not bad. So let me ask you. So you've already started channeling a little bit with these some of these questions. Do you want to I heard early, earlier, before we started that there was somebody who wanted to come through you to kind of say a few things. Do you mind bringing her in? And how do you? Can you explain to everybody again, how you bring them in? And how you come out? And will will different entities just show up and start talking? Can I ask questions, all these things.

Genevieve Taeger 31:28
So Mary Magdalene is going to come maybe a thing I'm not sure but Mary Magdalene is going to come. And I basically just close my eyes off and place my hand on my, my higher heart area to so that I can feel still grounded and connected to to that. And I will show you their personalities. Because they they they share with me their quality of energy. But I'm fully present. Genevieve still here, I'm just sharing with you what I'm experiencing. So you can have an experience, basically. And also, so you can feel their energy. The other thing I want to share with you is, I have a unique quality of channeling incredible healing energy, they often give initiations and all that. So Mary Magdalene says, Put your seatbelt on

Alex Ferrari 32:16
Strap in.

Genevieve Taeger 32:19
Some people may notice that. And just and I just want to say just let that integrate in your Bing. And sometimes it takes about three weeks to slowly integrate it keeps working on you. And then you can ask any question, the one thing that they if they may steer you back on a certain track, because they have a mission, they have a mission through me. So they may steer you, but that's just whatever. It's just

Alex Ferrari 32:48
So no asking the lottery ticket numbers, is that not a bad form? Bad form? Got it. Got it.

Genevieve Taeger 32:56
And then when I just come back, and I just, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 33:00
So All right. So let's bring in Ms. Mary Magdalene. All right.

Genevieve Taeger 33:06
Welcome, sweet one, it is a privilege to be here with you, Alex, for you are shining your light for the world. And you're awakening humanity in the most pleasurable way. And I'm here with you to share this. And to answer any questions you may have.

Alex Ferrari 33:21
First, do you thank you so much for coming. Is there any? Is there any message that you want to give the people listening in the audience.

Genevieve Taeger 33:32
Listen to that stillness within yourself, and understand that you do have something called passion. And when I refer to passion, I'm referring to a unique passion, it is not a passion, where you're just bound by limitations with the mind, I'm talking about a passion where the Spirit soars through you, your spirit has this incredible passion. And it is emanating from your being as long as you are connected to the spirit, and really defining your way through your spirit. And so what I'd like to do is be able to help you to understand that you have this passion and that your spirit, so dearly wants to speak to you and show you. It's yearning. It's calling for you while you were here on Earth, because you have more to do on Earth more to experience on earth, and to experience the greatest joy, whatever your passion is calling you for.

Alex Ferrari 34:31
Thank you for that. I have a question that I get from the audience a lot, and so many of us here in Earth struggle with it. How do you overcome addiction in a lifetime?

Genevieve Taeger 34:44
This is a brilliant question. First of all, addiction is occurring in the memory of the cellular. Your cells are the ones who are telling your body that you need more and that you're lacking something inside of you. And when you can understand In this, then you can know how is it that I can address the cells inside of myself? How can I address this memory for this memory is not what you may think it is, this memory does not necessarily stem from this current life, this memory may be coming from an ancestral time, or it may be coming from a past time, or maybe coming from a collective consciousness, you see. So this memory inside of you is telling you something that it is frightened of something, it is scared of something, it is terrified of something and in order to alleviate this terror, then a substance addiction is what gives it a soothing, so to say. And so how does one address this need for soothing? The only way to address it is to become the observer of that experience within the cellular memory to become the observer of the thought that occurs, the experience that the body is telling your yourself what is your body saying when you're experiencing this type of yearning? Is it experiencing some form of fear or terror, and you may not even be aware that your body responds in this way. But there is a way to be able to understand this. And when you can understand this, then you can address this situation. And when I say address, I do not mean psychologically address because although psychology is very useful, it is also important to understand that when you're addressing some time from a time that did not happen in this lifetime, then how can you psychologically address something. And so your body needs to shift and you need to develop new neural pathways for your system. And so the benevolent beings are here to assist you or the Divine is here to assist you whichever way you prefer to be able to transmute to be able to shift this frequency of these neural pathways so that you can then align with that which you so desire. And the desire that one has is the desire for soothing. And so in order to have soothing, one must address that part of the body that is having the fear what is being taken away from you, when you think of those experiences, when maybe you're frightened in front of someone and you don't know why and your body is shaking. And so you go for that substance to give yourself some easing, some soothing, what is being taken away from you? Do you feel like you're being choked? Do you feel like your voice is being taken away from you? What is it that is going on with your body because it may not be logical, trust me, most times that is not logical, because you may not have experienced it in this lifetime. And so the goal is to be the observer and to understand that which your body is saying your body is a great barometer to tell you, what is going on with you. And when you can become the observer and acknowledge, I feel like I'm being choked. I feel like I'm being tortured. I feel unsafe, I feel like I don't have a voice, whatever it is, and when you can get specific enough to understand what your body is saying. That is when you can have transmutation occurring. And so when you place the observer notes indicating what is going on, then you can invite what it is that you truly want in your life, I want to voice I want to have freedom. I want to experience joy, I want freedom of expression, whatever it is that you want. And through that you can go into meditation and invite the benevolent realm or invite the divine to soar through you and to transmute those qualities of energy and neutralize them so that the cellular memory no longer carries that information. And then you can move forward with a new U. And this energy will integrate in a matter of weeks inside your being and you'll notice that you will start creating new neural pathways, you will be thinking differently. And so this is how your life slowly changes. And those substances you won't be longing for. There will be a shift you will suddenly desire some herbal tea or something different. And so it is a process. But this is kind of a shortened version I'm giving you

Alex Ferrari 39:24
Thank you so much for that beautiful answer. It seems that on the other side there is infinite knowledge. Why do we incarnate here to learn simple truths?

Genevieve Taeger 39:39
Although you may think you incarnate here to learn simple truths, this is actually a lie. You are here to experience all kinds of truths, whatever it is that you please and so you have a desire to experience simple truths and that is the desire to do however you are if you have a desire to experience all Ultimate Truths, you can experience the penultimate, penultimate ism she's making up a word. So you can you can experience a variety of truths as much as you please because you are the one who has the ability to connect with the, the unlimited mind the divine mind, you have access to unlimited potential. But this does not mean this need not mean that you must access unlimited potential. However, I'm just chi bashing the idea that humanity is here to experience simple truths, because that has been the so called lie where one has thinking that they are here to experience limited truths because humanity has been in such a low vibration for eons. That one thing is that that is just the way life is however, humanity is awakening. And so you get to experience benevolent teachings you get to experience those teachings that do not exist here on Earth. And this is why AI is something that is not always the greatest thing. AI is great for efficiency. However, AI is not great for bringing in new creations. If one relies only on the existing creations that AI has, how can one experience the divine creations? Your Holy Spirit wants to bring forth new creations into Earth? How can you bring them in with AI you must connect to the Divine, the divine mind, who has all the information that you so yearn for, and you can receive and so it is up to you it is up to humanity as to how much they want to receive. All they need to do is place their antenna upon high and they can experience the greatest union with the Divine and experience that which your heart soul yearns for.

Alex Ferrari 41:50
There's a term that has been thrown around vacation lives. Can you better define what a vacation life is where a soul comes just to kind of relax to seems like they have everything and they just not as much struggle as others and maybe are born into a very wealthy environment and vacation all their lives. But you know, we see some of these people not saying that they don't have problems, but it seems a lot different than someone born poor and a country that has little options, maybe with illness, maybe to an abusive family. Do you see the difference? So can you explain the concept of vacation lives a little bit more.

Genevieve Taeger 42:32
Vacation life can be also a limited life, a vacation life can also be an unawakened being a being who is just living the status quo, and is living the materialistic life who is experiencing some beautiful things though, and they may be slightly awakened, they may be experiencing the Buddha consciousness, they may be experiencing the peace within nature and that is a beautiful thing. However, there are some vacationers so to say, who are not awakened who are not experiencing the Buddha's day consciousness who are experiencing life as is on status quo. And so they are not gifted, so to say as some people may be thinking, they are not blessed as so. Some people may be thinking that they are no they are. Some of them, unfortunately, lost souls lost because they have lost their connection to the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit that exists within them, they have lost their passionate heart, they have lost the connection to who they really are. See, they were created in the likeness and the image of the Divine, they meaning their spirit, not the human body, their spirit was created in the likeness and image of the divine and the Divine is a creator and the divine has the voice and the divine wants to experience life. And so your spirit is that that which wants to experience life and surge with new creations because the Divine is the creator and wants to keep burning and as such you're spirit created in the likeness and image of it wants to burn and keep creating. And when I say burn, I don't mean burning more bodies, I mean burning creations, burning those things that do not exist here on Earth, burning those new ideas, exploring with them, letting them explode and be able to create new avenues in this world. And so those are the awakened ones. Those are the ones who are living a great vacation, but they're exploring and they're, they're experiencing great joy on their vacation, because one one is experiencing work. So to say in that glory of the Divine, then one is not working. One is playing and this is the ultimate type of life that one can experience is the play in the Divine. The play and or Earth, because when you are here on Earth, you get to experience your greatest treasures, you get to materialize those creations in a physical reality, which is the most beautiful thing one can ever do. And this is why you yearn to come here to Earth is to be able to bring forth your divine creations and create from the Holy of Holies. That is what you are here for. And so it is an illusion to think that one is having a vacation, and one is so lucky. No, because when you think about those people, they are lonely, and they get bored. And they want to find one thing after another to do just to give just to pass time and have some sort of fun, but they're not experiencing bliss. And bliss is the key thing that I am talking about. Because when you are connected to the Holy Spirit, when you're connected to that divine source, then you are experiencing bliss, because you want to pinch your cheeks, because you're so excited about the expansion that is occurring inside of your auric field. Because when you bring forth these creations, your aura keeps expanding and expanding and expanding onto this whole planet. And more people get to experience this expansion. And then more people get to experience this bliss with inside of themselves. And so we act like a mirror for each other. And the world is then playing in a in a play box sandbox. They're playing, everyone's playing in a sandbox. And that is the real vacation.

Alex Ferrari 46:39
And Mary, do you have any final words for our audience?

Genevieve Taeger 46:45
Invite yourself to think about the concept of pinching your cheeks. Because when you can know that you have the possibility to pinch your cheeks. And you're going to think again, you're going to think about your life and you're going to think what is it that I can do to be able to realize that I can live that day where I can pinch my cheeks and wonder how great this world is. Because this is why you are here and I am here on to help humanity to pinch their cheeks. And know that if you are not pinching your cheeks, then you you can, you can move towards that direction. And so the trick is to know that you can not to just believe, but to know that you can and when you align with the knowing of the Divine, knowing that the divine can give you this, then you will be pinching your cheeks. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 47:42
That was beautiful. Thank you so much for that. How are you feeling?

Genevieve Taeger 47:46
Good. feeling. Feeling warm.

Alex Ferrari 47:49
Yeah, a lot of energy flowing through you.

Genevieve Taeger 47:51
Yeah, there was a lot of energy. She was getting a little passionate there. I saw that. Yeah. So I could feel the I was worried about the mic because she was getting louder. And I thought, Oh,

Alex Ferrari 48:03
This is perfectly fine. Now, one thing that came to me while we were having that session is one question I get asked a lot is the ascendant masters are generally known as mail, a lot of they get a lot of the press, a lot of male Ascended Masters. So you know, the usual suspects, Buddha, Jesus, Saint Germain, so many others, I've actually had audience members speak to me personally. Okay, are there any? Are there any feminine masters? Are there any female Ascended Masters? And my answer has always been? Yes, there are. We've had a couple of Mary, Mary Magdalene, mother, Mary, and a few others, but they're not predominantly out there. My experience what I tell them in please, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this is that on Earth has been very male centric, very male led, and that if a female of Ascended Masters shows up in 2000 years ago, probably not going to go well. So it had to be more male energy at that time. Is that a fair explanation?

Genevieve Taeger 49:13
Yeah, that's a fair statement. Because even in the 90s, I remember that they were calling it the Brotherhood, the brotherhood of light.

Alex Ferrari 49:22
And heard something about that. Yeah.

Genevieve Taeger 49:23
Yeah. And things are changing now. And yes, because in even books, some really great text written in the 1900s. You'll notice they say he throat, and it's kind of like the woman is at home taking care of the kids, but the one who's getting some spiritual advancement, so to say is usually the he and that's what humanity was, was ready for, which is interesting, because, as I mentioned to before this call is that I've noticed these Goddesses are coming through Which is interesting and they're not ascended masters. And so there seems to be this movement towards bringing in some of this femininity. And it is interesting to say that the Ascended Masters Yeah, it's not that common.

Alex Ferrari 50:18
It's a it's a boys club. Let's call it what it is. It's a boys club for the most part. But there have been a handful. The the Ascended Master, we were just speaking about King Jean Jeff, forgive me. They the Kuan Yin Kuan Yin, you channel Quan Yin as well, correct? Yeah. Do you think she could actually come in? Can you channel her? She should be available too, because I've never had her on the show. I would love that energy to kind of come in.

Genevieve Taeger 50:47
She's so different, by the way. Okay, so different. Yeah. So you're gonna notice it's kind of fascinating to see. Okay. All right. Welcome, Alex. Sweet one. How may I be of service to you?

Alex Ferrari 51:03
Thank you so much for coming. My first question is, and I asked that of Genevieve, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Why hasn't there have been more feminine, or female Ascended Masters throughout history? This is a question I get from my female centric audience. Many, many times.

Genevieve Taeger 51:23
We are laughing with you as we speak this because we'd like to tell you that there are many Ascended Masters, there are so many that you can't even count them. However, who has been invoked over the years, of course, it has been the males, because the males are the ones that men could relate to. Males were the ones that men honored as bringing valid truth. Because, as you know, in humanity, women were not regarded. Unfortunately, as very truthful, they did not trust them. They thought that they were dumb. And so why is it that humanity could only bring forth the male Ascended Masters, it is because they thought men were smart. Unfortunately, it is as basic as that. And so now humanity is shifting, as you know, and there's been a movement towards women, there's been a movement towards awakening humanity towards the understanding of equality, and with equality, comes a new generation. And this is why, unfortunately, but it was fortunate in a way because men could bring forth these Ascended Masters who were male, people, women could bring forth these ascended masters that were male, and they could bring the wisdom and the love and the great teachings that they brought. And so it gave them great comfort to know the truth that existed from these male Ascended Masters. And they could confirm and be reassured that this information was true. And so this is why humanity has invited in the male Ascended Masters,

Alex Ferrari 53:05
What can we do to stop the greed that could easily end our civilization?

Genevieve Taeger 53:11
That is the simple answer my friend, very, very simple answer. Being awake, being awake of one's thoughts. You see, humanity has been asleep. They've been a slumber. They haven't experienced what's going on in their mind. They have understood the illusion that their limited mind is the one that is the great Almighty, they have been under the illusion for eons that the brain is the one that creates the most magnificent things. And so this is the great lie. And when the mind is creating the most magnificent things, this is where greed and soothes. And so, now is the time to become aware of your thoughts, so to say. And when you're aware of your thoughts, you can understand how fear based they are. Greed occurs because of fear, greed occurs, because one is afraid of something one is afraid of losing something, one afraid, one is afraid of not having the security, one is afraid of not having something as a result. So with this fear, one has greed. One is yearning it is an addiction, as we talked about previously, it is so well tied with your previous question. And so how does one shift from greed to abundance one must align with this beautiful Divine Will because then understanding Divine Will you experience abundance, when you experience the abundance flowing through you, as you can do right now experience that energy flowing through you right now? Know that you are in separate from it. And this energy when you understand the qualities of this energy from the Divine you want Understand it has an intelligence, you understand that it has love. And you understand it has great joy inside of it. And so you understand that it has the power. And through this, you know that this is coming through you, this is part of you, you're in separate from it. And when you realize this and place your awareness on this, this is when you can receive divine answers. This is when you can understand or differentiate the difference between illusion and reality. And so that it The tide has turned where one must now understand what is true reality. This is the place where we must question ourselves, are we understanding what true reality is, if anything is, is in the thoughts other than wisdom and love and power, then it is an illusion. And so this is where greed goes. Because when you understand that you are living in abundance at all times, then there is no need for greed. When the cup runneth full, then there was no need to fill the cup. And so this is how one must do this.

Alex Ferrari 56:14
To piggyback on that last question about greed. I get this question all the time. And I just love to hear your thoughts about souls who are born into wealthy environments, what are their purpose? Because wealth has been so demonized in the West, especially specifically as like, Oh, if you're wealthy, you're greedy. If you're, you know, you're wealthy, you're obviously evil, you screwed someone over all this kind of myth that's been created wrong wealth. And certainly that is true in some aspects, but not in all aspects. So I'd love to hear your thoughts on why souls are brought into the wealthy environment. And this whole idea of wealth being a negative thing or an evil or greedy thing.

Genevieve Taeger 56:58
When one puts down the word of wealth, and feels like it is a bad thing, then that's this person who is feeling this is the one who is afraid. They are the ones who must ask what is one afraid of, because when you live in abundance, you get to experience abundance of everything, you get to experience abundance of joy, abundance of wealth, and so forth. And when P beings are born into wealth, what is their purpose is the main question you have asked? Well, some purpose. Well, purposes are very individualized. And so it is not easy to say what is their purpose, because each person is an individual unique identity, they have their own unique spirit, and they have their own unique desires. And so although they were born into wealth, they could be doing all kinds of things, depending on the person, maybe their purpose is to be a Buddha like nature, as Mary Magdalene had talked about, maybe their purpose is to help humanity not star, maybe their purpose is to expand joy, spread joy to the world, maybe their purpose is to help children live better lives, maybe their purpose is to help the oceans. Maybe their purpose is to awaken humanity to the spirit within maybe their purpose is to play in the sand. And what I'm trying to say is their purpose is no different than any one else's purpose. And yes, there is an advantage that they have wealth. However, those who do not have wealth, many of them have an ability to also achieve wealth. And yes, you are right to say that there are some on Earth who will not be able to achieve wealth. And that is the case for sure. However, what I'm trying to say is that there are some who can achieve wealth and in fact, many who can. And there is a unique identity within everyone. And so the purpose is dependent upon what their passionate heart is saying, what their calling is, what their spirit wants them to create on this earth, because we are all divine creators. So we have the ability to create and so this is the key thing is to be able to tap into that wisdom that your spirit is calling for you. What is so uniquely you, even you know, you have drives inside of yourself, my friend. And so those drives inside of you or keep stirring inside of you saying I want to do this. I know one day, one day one day, and so that is your spirit calling you asking you, hey, why not try this? Why not bring forth these creations here on Earth? And so that is your spirit talking to you

Alex Ferrari 59:48
How can we the world the way it is right now, a lot of people see a lot of negative in the world a lot of you know quote unquote bad things happening in the world. How can we defeat evil, without harming ourselves,

Genevieve Taeger 1:00:03
You must be intuitively connected to me because I am the one to answer such a question. I am the goddess of mercy and compassion. And so I am the one here to teach people, to have compassion for others, and to experience compassion inside the hearts of every humanity, if every human to experience the love that exists within everyone. And so, although some people are experiencing strife in the world, when you experience strife inside of your body, you can even imagine a war inside of your body right now, when you imagine a war inside of your body, what is your body do with constricts, it starts to feel ugliness inside of itself. It feels less light, things are stellar. Everything's moving towards this a rock solid foundation, but not a proper foundation, where you feel like you're turning into stone, and you're not able to move. And so the goal is not to experience the war inside of yourself, and not to protest the wars going on. Not to say that some cannot do that. But what I'm trying to say is that when you focus on the greatness in the world, and you focus on awakening humanity, to what truly exists, because the strife that exists in the world is because of Lost Souls, lost souls who know not the divine truth. And when you can awaken humanity to the divine truth, rather than telling people what is wrong. Because if you saw the ocean is flat, and I told you, no, it's not. It's not flat, the Earth is round, you would not believe me. And so the same goes, when someone is experiencing strife and, and, and fighting against something, you cannot prove them wrong, all you can do is awaking them to the truth that exists within. And the highest truth is that truth that they can receive from the divine mind. The Divine is always connected to you. And all you need to do is place your attention on that. And when you place your attention on that you start to receive divine wisdom, you start to experience divine love, that cannot be hidden. And through that when you when you shine that inside of your being. And you point that way in that direction. And you point that way to others, they start to experience it inside of themselves. And when they experience it inside of themselves, then they know they start to awaken. And they start to experience compassion within themselves. And they start to wake up, and they start to experience divine truth as a result. And this is when they start questioning their own motives. And this is when they start to change.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:09
Do you have any final words, parting messages for the audience?

Genevieve Taeger 1:03:12
Know that you are not separate from the Divine. When you can experience the qualities of love flowing through you. When you can experience love for others when you can forgive others because you know that inside of them is truly the divine and they're just lost souls. Then humanity will start loving each other and being kind to each other. And this is what everyone's so deserves. Everyone deserves forgiveness and love and support and know that you so deserve to experience a joyous life. And you can begin today and do not be hard on yourself for your past. Make make amends with your past and start living a joyous life and I'm here with you whenever you want to call upon me.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:09
You're so right she definitely has a different energy.

Genevieve Taeger 1:04:12
He has she's never harsh. She's never harsh.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:16
No she's she's Mary has a little bit more spice in her to say the least. And going going along with this. This theme of female ascended masters can you do you know of any others from other cultures as well? That we could tap into not today? I'm just saying as a general statement. Are there any other ones that if people listening want to kind of go down the road and start to look up and study other Ascended Masters works? Maybe lesser known? Female specific Ascended Masters Do you have any you could recommend

Genevieve Taeger 1:04:59
I can record And at the moment because I'm just your spur the question here but I can recommend goddesses for sure. Goddess Daphne, she's all about nature she's all about you connecting to the nature within you and to understand your your natural part of you. Goddess Sophia is all about helping you with your creative side, helping you awaken your creativity goddess a man Well, a men Wallah. She's here to you and unite you with the essence of the divine the qualities of the Divine so that you can experience these qualities more in your being. And I believe Quan Yin was the one talking about experiencing that mourn goddess a min wala is really, really useful for that. And well, goddess Athena, she's all about experiencing the warrior in you, goddess Isis, she's all about helping you to experience full balance of the active qualities, the mat, the the great masculine qualities, and then the receptive the creative qualities of the feminine. And so those are some some examples that Gaia, Gaia is expressed is a great mother, as well. And yeah, I would say that's probably enough.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:27
That's a good starting point. And for people who don't know who Gaia is, uh, can you just real quickly,

Genevieve Taeger 1:06:33
Gaia is the great spirit of Mother Earth. Right? Yeah. So Moon two, sorry, mother, Moon two comes as the great spirit too. And she helps you to see your reflection, but in a good way. Instead of self sabotage, to see what you hold is, is beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:58
And anybody in your repertoire of entities that that you channel, Does anybody else want to just come in to say a few words or messages that they want to get through? As the as the window is open here to talk to an audience? I, from my experience, the line is probably forming right now. But I have some experience in this. And any quick messages of who wants to come in?

Genevieve Taeger 1:07:28
Sure. Let's see who who who beats the chase. I feel strongly Archangel rafail. Okay. Okay. Have you ever had him?

Alex Ferrari 1:07:40
I don't know if I've had I fail. I've had I've had a couple I've had Michael Michael shows up a few times. I haven't had a lot of Archangels. I had Archangel groups, but never individual as much.

Genevieve Taeger 1:07:52
So he's, yeah, he's trying to show off. So

Alex Ferrari 1:07:56
Hey, let's do it.

Genevieve Taeger 1:07:58
Okay. Welcome, everyone. I am here because I want to further this topic that we are all discussing. And it's all about awakening, but it's also about healing. And so I'm bringing my healing energy. But when I talk about healing energy, I'm not just talking about the physical realm, because so many have been focused on the physical realm over the years. But what I'm talking about is that part of you, where you want to reconnect to your spirit, where you want to reconnect to that which you truly are. And when you can invite that part of you in, then, of course, you can heal physically, you can heal those wounds inside of yourself. And through healing those wounds inside of yourself. You can experience a great opening, a great opening, and some pains and aches that may have existed in your body may suddenly be transformed. And so I'm inviting you to bring forth that energy of the healing energy because the Divine is full of this healing energy. This healing energy is soaring through you at all times. And when you can awaken to the understanding that this energy is pure, that this energy is whole. And this energy can bring you back to wholeness. And when you can go back to wholeness, this is when you can experience your divine wholeness. And so allow yourself to experience this energy. Allow yourself to call upon the wisdom of myself. I can teach you some things that you might not know. I can help you see past illusions. Invite me in to help you see past illusions, because it is unfortunately this sweet limited mind of yours that is experiencing so many illusions and believing so many thoughts, and when you can Unbeliev those thoughts. This is when you can return to wholeness and experience wholeness. And so All, this is what I'm welcoming all of you to do. And with that, you can also invite elephant spirit to come in, because elephant Spirit is the one to also help you to return to wholeness, and put back all the pieces together. So you can experience the wholeness while you are here embodied on Earth. Invite your spirit here on Earth, invite this to come into your entire or to experience the greatness that you are. And to let your mind be healed. Let your mind be purified. Imagine that I'm placing purification water all through your mind, and reorienting your mind towards great abundance, abundance towards the divine truth of all that is, and so this is what you so deserve. And this is not just what you deserve, but you are so ready for. And so I'm here to welcome this into your energy as we speak. And with that, I give you my greatest honor. And thank you. Beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:05
Beautiful. Now, I won't keep abusing you. So let me because I could be here all day. And I'm sure there's a line forming as we

Genevieve Taeger 1:11:15
Because he was even introducing elephant spirit is

Alex Ferrari 1:11:21
Like, but I'm gonna ask you a few questions, ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Genevieve Taeger 1:11:30
Embodying your spirit, when you can embody your spirit. You can listen to it, and you can bring forth its power, then you can really follow through on its passions and live those passionate steps. So to say,

Alex Ferrari 1:11:47
If you had a chance to go on a time machine and go back in time and talk to a little Genevieve, what would you say to her?

Genevieve Taeger 1:11:52
What advice would you give, don't be afraid, and stand in your power, and do what you feel called to do. And when you can align with the divine, divine will and let the will flow through you, then you can do anything

Alex Ferrari 1:12:07
How do you define God?

Genevieve Taeger 1:12:08
All that is.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:09
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Genevieve Taeger 1:12:11
To awaken to your spirit? To be able to return home and experience your greatest pleasures?

Alex Ferrari 1:12:20
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Genevieve Taeger 1:12:24
You can find out about me on my website where you can type And I'm also on Instagram, Genevieve.Taeger. And I have a book and my book you can go to through my website, or through Amazon.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:42
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Genevieve Taeger 1:12:45
Yes, I believe that you have an amazing ability to be all that you want to be in this world, you really do. And the only thing that holds us back are our beliefs. And if you can really awaken to the power that exists, and then embrace that power. Because once you experience that power of the Spirit, you're going to be afraid of it. And then being able to embrace it and do it anyway. That's the key thing. And I know that you can do it and you're meant to. So go and do it.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:23
Well, my dear, thank you so much. This has been such a wonderful and transformative conversation and I really do truly hope it helps the audience and people listening. So I appreciate you and the amazing work you're doing. So thank you so much.

Genevieve Taeger 1:13:37
Thank you so much.

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