Woman DIES From Heart Attack; Met STRANGE BEINGS & Sent Back with URGENT Message! with Virginia Drake

Virginia Drake has worked in the fields of education, social work, counseling, consulting and motivational speaking for over 30 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Education from Georgetown College, a Teaching Certificate from Eastern Kentucky University, and a B.S. Degree in Social Work from Murray Kentucky University. In 1998, Virginia had a miraculous healing … Read more

ATHEIST Dies; Meets Jesus & the Told the TRUTH Why We’re Here! (NDE) with Stephanie Kraft

Stephanie Kraft has been an Intuitive Energy Healer for over 20 years and a Hypnotherapist for over 19 years. She has a unique healing gift that has been calibrated higher than unconditional love on the David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness Calibrations. She is able to communicate with anyone’s higher self during healing sessions. She offers … Read more

ER Doctor Is TAKEN to HEAVEN & Shown the SECRETS of Healing the HUMAN BODY! with Anoop Kumar

Anoop Kumar encourages audiences to rethink the relationship between mind and body in a way that informs the moment to moment experience of our lives. He communicates this vision through the lens of the Three Minds–a framework that declares consciousness to be fundamental and matter to be its product. Anoop is the co-founder of Health … Read more

Woman HIT By a TRUCK & DIES; Shown That LIFE Goes On FOREVER! (Incredible NDE) with Felice DiMartino

Felice DiMartino underwent a profound Near Death Experience in 2015, a life-altering event when she was struck by a large truck while crossing the street. Transitioning from her role as a Montessori School Educator, Felice has evolved into a Futuring Facilitator and multidimensional Guide for “The Way Of Light,” an enlightened path of living. As … Read more

MUSLIM WOMAN Dies; Meets JESUS in Near-Death Experience! Given URGENT Message! with Honi Borden

Rev. Honi Borden is an International Inspirational figure who assists Humanity to Its Divinity through Embodied InScension. The 1st Ray of Light consecrated her under the direct Guidance and teachings of Master ElMorya of the Blue Flame Temple and the Seven Sacred Flame Temples to embody her I AM Presence. She is a TransMedium TransChanneler, … Read more

Man DIES; Meets SPIRIT GUIDES; Sent BACK To Earth with URGENT MESSAGE for MANKIND (NDE) with Jacob Cooper

Based on his near-death experience and past life regressions, Jacob L. Cooper, LCSW, shares insight into the mystery of life on the other side of the veil. In addition to peace and euphoria in the afterlife, we also experience these feelings in the physical world; there is so much more to live for, as we … Read more

Clinically DEAD Fireman Shown TRUTH About Our REALITY By BIZARRE Beings (PROFOUND NDE) with Bill Letson

William J. Letson Jr. is a retired fire captain and forester of 35 years. In 1994 his engine company responded to, and treated, severely ill patient in the Santa Barbara area. Within a few days he was hospitalized with a similar illness and was admitted to intensive care where he spent the night extremely dehydrated … Read more

Young Girl ASSAULTED & KILLED in Mexico; Shown Why WE ALL SUFFER In Life! with Allison Snowden

Allison Snowden’s passion and drive for energetic healing are anchored in her own transformation from a traumatic near-death experience in 1999, leaving her in a wheelchair for two years with nine major reconstructive surgeries. Please enjoy my conversation with Allison Snowden. Right-click here to download the MP3 Listen to more great episodes at Next Level … Read more

Man DIES & Was Shown MANY WORLDS in This PROFOUND Near Death Experience (NDE) with Salvador Adatsi

Sal Adatsi is a new man. After experiencing life on the fringes of existence, he returned to the physical realm wiser, more informed, and ready to share his knowledge with humanity. Growing up, Sal Adatsi experienced the ups and downs of life, as many inhabitants of this world do. However, even as a child, his … Read more

Clinically DEAD Woman Dies During Stroke; Shown FUTURE Versions of Herself! with Amber Cavanagh

In this captivating dialogue, we delve into the extraordinary life of Amber Cavanagh, widely recognized as the “West Coast Medium.” Amber’s journey took a profound turn in 2021 when she experienced two significant strokes, providing her with an unexpected passage to the Other Side. Amidst this life-altering experience, she was presented with the monumental decision … Read more

Clinically DEAD Man Shown in NDE the FUTURE of HUMANITY! Will Leave You SPEECHLESS with Bill Tortorella

Bill Tortorella was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from the School of Art and Design in Manhattan with awards for his art. Bill Won an international art contest with over 250,000 contestants for WNBC radio and television for the Broadway musical play “Jesus Christ superstar” and Andrew Lloyd Webber production.  While working … Read more

Woman TAKES HER LIFE; DEAD for 10 Mins; Meets Jesus Who HEALS Her CANCER! (NDE) with Rosemary Thornton

For 20 years, Rose Thornton enjoyed a national reputation as an expert on old houses. The author of nine books, Rose has been featured on everything from PBS’ “History Detectives” to BBC Radio. In 2016, her husband committed suicide and two years later, Rose was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. After a “routine” medical procedure, … Read more