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Embark on a captivating journey of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment with Next Level Soul TV—your delightful nook in the infinite universe of soul-stirring content. We're not merely a platform; we are a circle, a gathering of souls intertwined by curiosity and eagerness to delve deep, contemplate, and flourish together.



NLS COURSE - james van praagh

Cultivate Your Mediumship Skills

James Van Praagh
Uncover your true soul essence and learn how to connect to non-physical souls — to begin communicating with your spirit guides and deceased loved ones through your innate instinctual gifts of intuition, mediumship, and psychic awareness.
NLS COURSE - Sheila Vijeyarasa

Collaborate With Your Spirit Guides

Sheila Vijeyarasa
Psychic medium Sheila Vijeyarasa joins us for Explore 7 New Ways to Collaborate With Your Spirit Guides: Connect With Higher-Frequency Beings to Receive Healing & a Personal Message to share 7 new ways to work with our spirit guides and how to begin connecting with other higher-frequency beings to receive guidance and healing.
NLS COURSE - Anita Moorjani

Beyond the Veil Summit

Anita Moorjani, Eben Alexander, MD, James Van Praagh, Suzanne Giesemann & More
Free Online Event - The Beyond the Veil Summit extends an intriguing invitation to explore the mysteries of the afterlife, paradoxically enabling you to embrace the present moment with joy and awe — celebrating the gift of life! This summit grants you access to esteemed wisdom traditions and contemporary teachings that encourage you to embrace the grieving process, bringing closure, peace, and acceptance in the realms of death and the afterlife.
NLS COURSE - suzanne giesemann 3

Communicate Soul-to-Soul With the Spirit World

Suzanne Giesemann
In this heart-expanding hour, you’ll discover that when you deepen your capacity for soul-to-soul communication — starting with your own soul and Higher Self — your trust in the Universe expands leading you to connect more easily with other souls (on this plane and beyond)… and even allowing you to begin releasing your fears around death.
NLS COURSE - Dr. Elena Villanueva

Healing Beyond Western Medicine

Dr. Elena Villanueva
In this Medications can and do save lives — but the truth is, they often address only symptoms rather than work upstream on the causes of health issues. Medications can and do save lives — but the truth is, they often address only symptoms rather than work upstream on the causes of health issues. There have been many advances towards a truly holistic approach to health. We’re excited to have a chance to learn from one of the pioneers at taking a truly integrative approach to creating radiant health — Dr. Elena Villanueva, CEO of Modern Holistic Health and co-author of The Longevity Code.

Energy Medicine Summit

Cyndi Dale, Donna Eden, Dawson Church, PhD, Lynne McTaggart & More
Energy medicine is based on the premise that physical, mental, and behavioral issues are third-dimension manifestations of the body’s subtle energies — and as you attune to the factors that are clouding your energy, you discover a portal for releasing challenging energetic buildups and blockages arising from stress, illness, or difficult relationships. During the Energy Medicine Summit, you’ll learn how to raise your vibration and stimulate your own system to heal.



Energy Medicine

Donna Eden
Take a deep dive into your body’s energetic systems with energy healing expert Donna Eden, and gain the ability to heal physically and emotionally, eject negative energy, and relieve pain.

The Silva Ultramind System

Harness altered states of mind to awaken your mind's fullest potential and transform your reality with this legendary approach to personal growth: used by over 6 million people worldwide.

The Art of Astral Projection

Jade Shaw
Transcend space and time, and experience consciousness beyond your body with astral projection expert Jade Shaw, as she shows you how to harness this mythical practice to level up your life.
Mediumship_optin_facebook copy
NLS COURSE - suzanne giesemann 2

3 Keys to Unlock Your Powers of Mediumship

Suzanne Giesemann
Mystic, medium, and author Suzanne Giesemann will share an easy practice to help you open to your own mediumship capabilities during a FREE video event, 3 Keys to Unlock Your Powers of Mediumship: An Evidence-Based Path to Communicate With Loved Ones & Others in the Spirit World.
NLS COURSE - Anita Moorjani

Discover the Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

Anita Moorjani
International speaker and bestselling author Anita Moorjani not only had an NDE herself, she now guides others to access this transformative wisdom, profound spiritual truths, unconditional love, and a “no-holds-barred” way of living that frees you up to authentically be your very best self during a FREE video event.
NLS COURSE - Gregg Braden

The New Human Story by Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden
Join visionary Gregg Braden to awaken your deep intuition, precognition, and advanced states of self-healing. Discover the surprising science that reimagines the very origins of humanity... revealing how you’re more than you’ve ever imagined!
NLS COURSE - Adriana Ayales

Indigenous Plant Medicine Rituals for Purification & Protection

Adriana Ayales
In Indigenous Plant Medicine Rituals for Purification & Protection: Experience the Power of Smudging & Limpias to Cleanse Your Energetic & Physical Space, you’ll purify your physical space, raise your vibration, dispel negativity, and reconnect to your spirit with Adriana’s ancient cleansing ritual, guided visualization, and meditation practice.
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NLS COURSE - Anodea Judith

Supercharge Your Chakras

Anodea Judith
During the Supercharge Your Chakra Practice seminar, world expert Anodea Judith will reveal techniques that can help you understand and work with your chakra system on a daily basis to supercharge your body with revitalizing life force energy.

A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

Your experience of life is where your destiny is. Ranked among the 50 most influential people in India, Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, and visionary. He has dedicated himself to the elevation of all people’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
NLS COURSE - Michael Beckwith

Living in a Visioning State in Your 40s, 50s & Beyond

Michael Beckwith
Bestselling author, spiritual teacher, and founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, Michael Bernard Beckwith, will help you move beyond the limits of visualization to begin living as your vision no matter what age or stage of life you are in.



The M Word

Emily Fletcher
Transform meditation into a powerful tool for upgrading every dimension of your life in this groundbreaking program with Emily Fletcher, one of today's leading meditation experts.

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance

Marisa Peer
End self-sabotage and reprogram your subconscious mind for fast and permanent transformation in all areas of your life with the guidance of Marisa Peer: Britain's no. 1 Hypnotherapist.


Jim Kwik
Awaken your mind's limitless potential, gain a bulletproof memory, and achieve superhuman productivity with this accelerated learning curriculum by master mind trainer Jim Kwik.
NLS COURSE - THUMBNAIL - Dr Bradley Nelson
NLS COURSE - dr bradley nelson

The Emotion Code® - Address Underlying Health & Life Imbalances

Dr. Bradley Nelson
Discover the Emotion Code — an easy, yet powerful approach to energy medicine — that releases trapped emotions and addresses the underlying causes of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances

Be Extraordinary

Vishen Lakhiani
Join New York Times Best-Selling author and Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani as he empowers you to achieve higher states of consciousness, tap into your fullest potential, and even bend reality to meet your desires.




Eric Edmeades
Permanently transform your wellness and longevity, and reimagine your relationship with food with this critically acclaimed program by Eric Edmeades - no diets or exercise required.


Ronan Diego de Oliveira
Two 15-minute workouts a week is all you need with this optimal fitness program that harnesses muscle stimulation science to transform your body fast: no more endless hours in the gym.

The Longevity Blueprint

Ben Greenfield
Wellness luminary Ben Greenfield presents a blueprint to extraordinary longevity and health: based on leading-edge science and data from the world's longest-living communities.



Lifebook Online

Jon and Missy Butcher
Turn your life into a masterpiece with the transformational lifestyle design system that empowers you to envision, plan, and achieve your greatest life in every area that matters to you.



Business Freedom Blueprint

Eric Edmeades
Designed by serial entrepreneur Eric Edmeades, this program empowers you to build a profitable business, while still having the time you need to nurture your health, relationships, and self.

Zero to $100 Million

Miki Agrawal
Social entrepreneurship visionary Miki Agrawal takes you deep into how to build a $100 million brand, creatively disrupt entire industries, and turn your company into a force for good.




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