Channeler Predicts CRITICAL Change for Humanity’s FATE in the COMING DECADE! with Cindy Edison

Cindy Edison serves as the conduit for Josef’s communication and has maintained a connection with them for numerous years. Her awareness of Josef gradually developed as they allowed her to broaden her consciousness to encompass their presence. Through this expansion, she became primed to convey their significant message to the world during this pivotal period … Read more

CHANNEL Prediction in 2024: STARLING Future of the WORLD’S Economy & MONEY Itself! with Rubia Lacerda

Rubia Lacerda is an Ascension Mentor, Quantum Healer and Channeler of the Arcturians. For a number of years, she has been supporting hundreds of other Light Leaders, Coaches, Healers, Channelers, and New Earth guides across the globe to release limiting beliefs and embody their Higher-Self so they can follow their soul’s true purpose and mission. … Read more

LIVE CHANNELING: The TRUTH About What is HAPPENING In Mankind’s NEXT STAGE! with Anne Tucker

We welcome back a friend of the show Anne Tucker, a luminary in the realm of spiritual awakening and healing. As the visionary behind Business Energetics and the Nine Angelic Frequencies Series, Anne has continually illuminated paths of enlightenment for countless souls navigating the currents of growth and ascension. Through her profound trance channeling of … Read more


In the cosmic symphony of Earth’s evolution, five channelers stand as harbingers of profound insight, their voices harmonizing to illuminate the unfolding narrative of the Great Shift. Each channeler, with their unique connection to higher realms, offers a distinct perspective on this momentous transition. Through their channels of communication, they weave together threads of ancient … Read more

EYE-OPENING CHANNEL Prediction in 2024: Mankind’s NEXT Stage of EVOLUTION Will HAPPEN! with Guy Needler

Guy Steven Needler is a renowned author, speaker, and spiritual explorer, celebrated for his groundbreaking work in the field of consciousness and metaphysics. With a background in engineering and business management, Needler transitioned his focus to the exploration of consciousness and the nature of reality. He has authored several influential books, including “The History of … Read more

CHANNELED: St Germain Adamus REVEALS the 2024 ELECTIONS & The Coming FUTURE WARS! with Geoffrey Hoppe

We welcome back to the show a luminary in the realm of spiritual guidance and channeling, none other than Geoffrey Hoppe. As the esteemed founder of the renowned Crimson Circle organization, Geoffrey has long been a beacon of wisdom and insight for seekers on the path of self-discovery. Through his profound connection with the transcendent … Read more

VISIONS OF COLLAPSE: Channeler WARNS of Economic CRASH & Global CONFLICT! with Joy Kingsborough

Joy Kingsborough is an intuitive channel, professional speaker, author, and certified life coach who is passionate about de-mystifying the human-intuitive connection. For more than 25 years, Joy has nurtured her connection with the spirit world as a tool for healing, clarity, professional growth, and personal development. She offers workshops, live events, and programs to help … Read more

UNBELIEVABLE! Humanity’s FUTURE REVEALED Through RARE Channeling to the Yr 2300! with Pamela Aaralyn

Meet Pamela Aaralyn, a fascinating individual immersed in the realms of multidimensional semi-trance and trance channeling. From the tender age of 5, Pamela embarked on a journey working closely with Christ Conscious beings and her galactic team, known as The Council of 9. With over four decades of dedicated training alongside these spirit guides, Pamela’s … Read more

Channeler REVEALS What Happens to Our ECONOMY & The FUTURE of OUR MONEY! with Micheila Sheldan

During a struggle to overcome chronic pain, Micheila Sheldan awakened to her intuitive gifts, launching a journey better to understand her connection to spirit and the universe. After meeting a very special guide, Jacob, she was led down a synchronistic path of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, leaving behind her mainstream life to uncover a … Read more

Dr. Peebles Predicts MANKIND’S Great CHANGE in 2024! Prepare Yourself NOW! with Summer Bacon

Summer Bacon is a spiritual teacher, and has been a Trance Medium for the beautiful spirit, Dr. James Martin Peebles since 1994. She first met Dr. Peebles in 1989, through Trance Medium, Thomas Jacobson [To Dance with Angels, by Don & Linda Pendleton]. When Thomas quit channeling, she decided that she did not want to … Read more

LIVE Channeling: ANCIENT BEINGS From the AKASHIC Records! Future of Mankind REVEALED with Lisa Wetsel

Lisa Wetsel, a dedicated explorer of the mystical realms and a beacon of spiritual guidance. Lisa’s transformative journey into the Akashic Records commenced in 1996, fueled by a compassionate heart and a desire to help others. Initially drawn to the healing art of massage therapy, her path unfolded into a profound exploration of the metaphysical. … Read more

RED EAGLE Predicts MANKIND’S Coming Great SHIFT in 2024! Prepare Yourself NOW! with Riz Mirza

Riz Mirza stands as a prominent figure in the realm of spiritual healing and guidance, channeling a diverse array of spirit guides to facilitate profound healing and upliftment for thousands. Through more than 2500 live, full-trance channeled gatherings known as the Circle of Light, spanning over 13 years, Riz and his wife Oriah have created … Read more