Adamus St. Germain Speaks! Channeled Wisdom That Changes Lives with Geoffrey Hoppe

Geoffrey Hoppe is the founder of the international Crimson Circle organization and the channeler for Adamus Saint-Germain. Adamus is an aspect of the well-known St. Germain, who uses the Adamus moniker to differentiate his work with the Crimson Circle from his past work with other channelers. The current Adamus messages focus on the journey from awakening … Read more

KRYON Speaks! Channeled Message We ALL Need to Hear for 2023! with Lee Carroll & Monika Muranyi

Lee Carroll is the author of sixteen books. Well-known in Metaphysics, KRYON is one of the best-known channeled names in the world. But it’s not just about channeling: Three of his books about The Indigo Children, all published by Louise Hay, introduced the Earth to the term “Indigo Children.” Lee has been channeling Kryon for … Read more