Man DIES in Surgery; Shown SHOCKING Truth of Other DIMENSIONS & PLANETS (Insane NDE) with Mark Hodges

In the labyrinth of life, have you ever stumbled upon a profound experience that seemed to defy the very fabric of reality? On today’s episode, we welcome Mark Hodges, a man whose near-death experiences have unraveled the mysteries of existence in ways few can imagine. Mark Hodges is a former military intelligence analyst, software development manager, and now a spiritual explorer sharing his journey through realms beyond the physical.

Mark Hodges’s life took an extraordinary turn during a surgery when his heart stopped, leading to a near-death experience (NDE). “Something stopped working in my body,” he recalls. “I used to think it was breathing, but an anesthesiologist suggested it might have been my heart stopping.” In that critical moment, Mark found himself out of his body, looking down at his physical form from above. The sensation was akin to gliding backward in a pool, propelled by an unseen force. He describes the experience as filled with an overwhelming sense of warmth, love, and an assurance that everything would be alright.

His journey continued through what he describes as a wormhole, faster than the speed of light, surrounded by colors and sparkling lights never seen before. Emerging from this tunnel, he found himself in a different version of San Diego, realizing he was experiencing another life. In this alternate existence, he was a 16-year-old boy, living and learning through a life that felt both familiar and alien. This life was intrinsically connected to his current one, highlighting the interplay between past, present, and future selves.

Throughout his NDE, Mark experienced multiple lifetimes, each providing valuable lessons and insights. He emphasizes the interconnectedness of all lives, stating, “We are creators. Whatever we think happens, it may not happen in front of you in this life, but it happens somewhere.” This profound understanding of creation and the impact of thoughts led him to realize the importance of mastering our thoughts and emotions.

In his second NDE, during another surgery in 2017, Mark found himself in a void, a dark space with a distant point of light. As he approached the light, he interacted with a woman through a slit-like window but couldn’t understand her. This experience transitioned into a bright, expansive space filled with chrome-outlined windows, each displaying different clips of time. Through these windows, he could explore various outcomes and timelines, understanding the fluid nature of reality and the concept of quantum entanglement.


  1. Interconnected Lives: Our lives are deeply interconnected across dimensions and timelines. Every thought and action has a ripple effect, creating and influencing realities beyond our immediate perception.
  2. The Power of Thoughts: Our thoughts are potent creators of reality. Understanding and mastering our thoughts can lead to profound changes in our lives and the lives of others.
  3. Fearlessness and Love: Embracing love and letting go of fear is crucial to living a fulfilled life. Fear restricts our potential, while love expands it, allowing us to navigate through life with compassion and understanding.

Mark Hodges’s experiences underscore the importance of spiritual exploration and the realization that we are more than our physical bodies. His journey through various dimensions and timelines provides a unique perspective on the nature of existence and the infinite possibilities that lie beyond our everyday experiences.

In his quest to understand and share his experiences, Mark has launched a YouTube channel called “Old Scrolls,” where he explores ancient languages and spiritual concepts, hoping to stir memories and awaken the innate knowledge within us all. His mission is to help others heal and remember their true selves, fostering a community of support and learning.

As we conclude this fascinating conversation, we are reminded of the vastness of our potential and the power of our consciousness to transcend the limitations of time and space.

Please enjoy my conversation with Mark Hodges.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 326

Mark Hodge 0:00
Something stopped working in my body. I used to think it was breathing. But I had a, there was an anesthesiologist that didn't think so she thought maybe it was my heart stopped beating. So something happened. And it stopped me from stop my bodily functions from doing whatever and I came out on my body. That's that moment, I came out to my head backwards.

Alex Ferrari 0:34
I like to welcome to the show, Mark Hodges. How you doing Mark?

Mark Hodge 0:38
I'm doing Perfect. Thanks, Alex. I'm honored to be on your show. Thanks for inviting me. And I've been looking forward to this interview for quite some time.

Alex Ferrari 0:47
I appreciate that. Yeah, it does take a couple minutes to get on to the show nowadays, but I do appreciate you coming on man. And I'm looking forward to talking about your unique experiences that you've had in your life and sharing them with the audience. My first question is, what was your life like before you had your near death experience?

Mark Hodge 1:06
I had a military career before my professional career and civilian life. I was in the air I was in the Air Force, but I worked for the NSA. They would call my job now nowadays, they would say are my job was a what's now called an intelligence analyst. But back then we didn't call it that. But that was really who I worked for it was NSA and the Defense Intelligence Agency that was run by the army, by the way. And then I did that for four tours of duty, did the whole Pacific Rim. And you could say I was involved in communications technologies, anything having to do with electromagnetic waves, which really prime me to understand all the paranormal stuff that was happening and would happen in my life from their own, it's very important concept to know is how all these waves are moving all through the universe and all around us. We could get into ley lines and all that stuff. But it's really, I realized that I had been groomed my whole life to understand that part of all this so I could put the pieces together to tell you so you are, how I see things how they work in the universe, at least some of it still have questions on how a lot of it works.

Alex Ferrari 2:36
Were you spiritual before the near death experience?

Mark Hodge 2:40
I guess you could say not religious, my Okay, so. So after I got out of the Air Force, I became a software development manager for a major bank and retired in 2014. Really not by choice, I just became really sick in 2008, and somehow managed to survive. retirement until I was had enough best time in the company. I was able to not work anymore at that time. But as far as religion goes, so it's funny you mentioned that because I've mentioned this in a few other interviews I've had. I grew up my family was 70 evidence, have you ever heard of that religion before? So an interesting doctrine of theirs is they don't believe you have a soul. They believe we all share kind of like a shared soul. And it's basically the Holy Spirit. They say when you die, the holy spirit returns to heaven, and then you just stay in the ground, and are resurrected when Jesus comes again. That's the basic premise of the religion. And of course, the seventh day part of it is just they worship on Saturday, just like Muslims and Jewish people, because that was one of the 10 commandments. So, knowing growing up in that religion, I had no idea that there ever was such a thing as a near death experience or out of body experience, or even that I had a soul. It wasn't until really my near death experience that even comprehended that and so. So yes, it's spiritual. For sure. I've always been searching for this mysterious angel for lack of a better term that disappeared in front of my eyes when I was 11 years old. So you can consider me one of the very OG Ghost Hunters because I was always searching for this how this happened. Like there was a there was an angel or a helper or a guide or whatever that materialized in our world and helped my uncle and I out of a really tough situation when I was 11 years old. And when when that all finished, he just vanished. Literally, he just van him in his car that we were in, just vanished in front of my eyes. And I don't know who else if anybody saw that, but so my whole life I was searching for what that could be. who that was, how can you just vanish into thin air and so spiritual, maybe not, like, in a big sense, but I knew there had to be something bigger than this than we know. In this. I call this an illusion now. Sure, since I have my near death experience, because it basically is an illusion we live in,

Alex Ferrari 5:58
It's been talked about in you know, the Vedic texts in India, the great illusion, the great dream. Yeah.

Mark Hodge 6:06
I haven't delved into a lot of the ancient Indian radians yet, like you have. But those are definitely on my list. Matter of fact, that's the whole premise of my channel is to learn. Or remember, I call learning remembering now to remember all the different languages that we already know, in our DNA. Through all the lives that we're living right now, check while we're living this life. I know that's some people who have never heard of this concept. Apologize, but it's a lot for this brain. Rocco I call her brain and spirit trap. Just like going Ghostbusters. You know, those little traps that? Yeah, that's our brains.

Alex Ferrari 6:51
Why me? You want to start making heads explode? Just tell everybody that there is no past life, there is no future life is happening at the exact same.

Mark Hodge 6:59
That's exactly right. I always told everybody that because I experienced that when I got it.

Alex Ferrari 7:06
So let's so we've hinted about this, what happened with what happened in the day of your near death experience, what led up to it?

Mark Hodge 7:11
So I was in surgery number 5 of 13. My last two surgeries I had I was in a coma. So we might want to touch on base with that one. At the end, maybe it's to show the difference between two possible near death experiences. One I was in a coma and didn't know I was in a coma when I woke up in the middle of it. And a point where a quantum entanglement or something happened in the operating room and I came out of my body. So those are two separate animals. You can't really lump those into the same category. But it's very interesting that I had both of them so I can come back and tell you guys about it. So tell us, okay, so the first surgery, the surgery in the first injury happened about a decade ago, about 12 years ago, now. And I had surgery, they opened me all the way up from my, like my sternum area all the way down past my belly button. And they had they put this mesh inside me know that. Sure. You've seen all the commercials on TV about lawsuits and all that stuff? Well, I'm one of those victims. But of course, my my, the company that made my mesh wasn't part of those major class action suits. So maybe one day I'll see some kind of compensation, but it took my life through for over a decade now. I'm still not right because of it. I don't when they took it out it finally they they didn't replace it with any more mesh. They just say well, what happens now um, the surgeon goes, I don't know. And here we are five years later, that was 2017. So anyway, back to the end. When at some point something stopped working in my body. I used to think it was breathing. But I had a there was an anesthesiologist that didn't think so. She thought maybe it was my heart stopped beating. So something happened and it stopped me from stop my bodily functions from doing whatever and I came out of my body. That's that moment. I came out through my head backwards. And sort of when I gave my interview, the first interview ever about this back in January to the onto Jeff Morris show. It feels I said it feels kind of like you're in a pool and you got your legs, your feet up against the wall is the side of a pool, and then you push off. And that gliding back motion is kind of how I felt when I came out and I A mixed with the biggest kind of high you can ever imagine like, people call it love. It's just the biggest feeling of warmth and love and everything's gonna be alright kind of feeling. Sad did this I kind of kind of slid back glided back, kind of an upward angle for my body. And I was looking down at myself for a while. And I was trying to tell them, I didn't want to go back to that body, like, stop trying to save. Because I had been in so much pain and misery for the five years before that, that I was done, I was at the end of my rope at that point, I just didn't want to get along anymore. And so, after a little while, after they couldn't hear me, that was really frustrating for me. But eventually I got like a tractor beam would suck you back, I got sucked back into one of the outlets, electrical outlets, operating room at the hospital. And because of that, I now know that our soul or spirit body whatever you want to label it. It runs on alternating current or there is alternating current associated with Arsalan. I can tell you that it's very important. And so anyway, I went once I got inside one of those prongs. In the outlet, I went, I shot really fast like through this long tunnel. Slash wormhole is more like a wormhole. Like in a Star Trek movie or something or like in contact when we see going through all those wormholes, it looks exactly like that. Except the difference is I was going faster than light. I know that doesn't seem possible. But even Franco Romero, we were talking about, he told me that is one of your earlier guests you had on back in May, he told me that they are much faster forms of energy than light, and so called gravity, whatever you want to call it. I was in it. And I was going faster than light and I just remember just seeing colors that I've never seen before. Sparkling everywhere. And it's just kind of like going on a ride in an amusement park. The best road you've ever been on was the first time kind of terrified but yet you know everything was gonna be okay. And then at some point, I don't know I don't know how long that was in our time. But when that when all when the tunnel stopped when the wormhole stop, everything just went all the light and everything that I have been passing sort of all caught up like that. And when that when that happened I was in a bathroom. And I knew that I was dead on the operating table a Tampa Florida but where I was in his bathroom was San Diego, California. It but not this San Diego it was a different San Diego. And I don't know how to tell you how I knew that. It's just something I knew. things when you're out of your body, I can see why our brains are designed the way they're designed. Because when you're out of your body or in between lives, I guess you could call it there is kind of no time or space. So it's hard to say how long I I was actually dead on the operating table for it could have been seconds, maybe. But in this time, it went on for years and years and centuries. I know it sounds like I'm a crazy person. But this is exactly what I experienced. And so in this bathroom, I looked in the mirror. I was looking in the mirror when I stopped in this wormhole. And I at first I thought I was kind of like a fly on the wall. I was experiencing somebody else I was observing somebody else's life. Because I knew I was dead on the operating table. So I was like okay, so I don't know what this is. But let's roll roll with it. It's kind of thing and eventually I realized that I was controlling the body of the face looking in the mirror. I'm like how is this possible? And then I started touching myself and I was like how is this possible? Because I was looking at a kid in a mirror. I was like 16 years old and that is And imagine, I was trying to figure this out I. And so that that was the first life I was able to experience. And I was able to experience that life for a couple years from like, when I was 16 till I was 18. And I realized, while I was experiencing this, I figured out, I understood a lot of things, it took a while, I'm not even sure how long it took. Because a lot of this is stored when you come back to this brain, a lot of this the details of all this kind of go by the wayside. But the most important thing for me to know about that experience was that this life was connected to this life, the one I'm talking to you right now. And the things that I was experiencing in that life mattered to this life and vice versa. And then, once I understood the reason for that life, I've moved on to another life. And this just kept happening like dominoes. One life after the other after another after so many, so many. I lost track of how many why were

Alex Ferrari 16:17
So when you kept jumping from life to life, they were in different realities, if you search alternate dimen alternate timelines, if you will?

Mark Hodge 16:26
Yeah. And some I was even say, or what I call, I call sandbox lives now like, there's, like lives within lives, like or kind of testbed lives. Think of it that way. I know. It's weird. But so imagine, I always tell people now after the fact that our thoughts are so important. You can't even imagine how important they are like, we are really creators, whatever we think happens. It may not happen in front of you in this life, but it happens somewhere. And that's why these testbed lives are set up, things that you do get tested. Let's say you're thinking about doing something you probably shouldn't be doing that actually happens. Whether it be you know, whether you're drinking and driving or want to kill somebody or whatever, or

Alex Ferrari 17:16
You want to go rob a bank, right?

Mark Hodge 17:17
Yeah, exactly. And all these things happen to get carried out. And which I want to get into this. Maybe later, if we have time. There's so much to talk about. I could just spend our whole interview just on one of these lives, just to tell you about all

Alex Ferrari 17:39
And now we're all these were all these lives that you were being thrown into.

I wasn't thrown into I was already there in them.

Right. So you said you kept popping into other lives. You said Right.

Mark Hodge 17:51
Yeah, kind of kind of reminded me of a Christmas carol right was Scrooge takes the trip was you know, the spirits of Christmas in the past president

Alex Ferrari 18:01
was almost it sounds like quantum leap. It almost sounds like quantum leap.

Mark Hodge 18:06
I call that quantum I call. I call it a quantum clock. Now, we all have a quantum clock, if you will. So every so a second here seems kind of fast to us. But in many other dimensions, a second is a long time.

Alex Ferrari 18:25
Well, that's like in like an interstellar, like an interstellar when they go down to the planet. 15 minutes to them turned out to be like 30 years, right for the guy up. And

Mark Hodge 18:35
That's exactly what assurance. Yeah, I experienced this. I know.

Alex Ferrari 18:40
Time is very relevant. The pen. Time is conversation about time.

Mark Hodge 18:45
But people think there's no time outside of this dimension. But I don't think so I think there are, there is somewhat of a time in dimensions outside of dimensions. That's another story.

Alex Ferrari 19:00
So okay, so you're jumping from or experiencing life to life? I'm assuming they're different. People, sometimes your guys, sometimes your girls, new cultures. So you're just jumping in experience in different labs, during this whole process as you continue to do this, and this, nde. Is there any other Is there any other guide? Is there any other entity? Is there anything else that you feel? Even if you can't see it, or you're just being thrown into multiple lifetimes?

Mark Hodge 19:32
One thing I knew for sure is that there is this greater force. I call it the infinite one. Now, you know, you could call it God or source. Some people call it source. I've never heard that term until I started doing these interviews, choice energy issue. And now I hear it all the time. Sort of so what people call source I call the infinite one, which is basically you and me. You and me are part of this source a part of this Infinite one, we all make it up. And when somebody says we, we have higher selves, I even believe I've heard others say this too, I believe that we all share that higher self. There is not an individual hires. And but I go back to Frank again, he has so many good things I learned from him like he said, you can, you can be a drop, drop, a drop of water can survive without an ocean, but the ocean can't survive without a drop of water. That's sort of how we can look at our souls and how they operate. We're all experiencing separate experiences, but there's some thing bigger on the other side, that's receiving that experience. Right?

Alex Ferrari 20:54
Some mainframe, the Akashic records, if you will.

Mark Hodge 20:57
Yeah, exactly. So coming from IT background, I relate a lot to what I experienced in those kinds of terms like you're right. Imagine the kind of computing power that's necessary. For Akashic Record thing, reality, like, for example, whenever you have a deja vu moment, I figured out how that works. Okay, so from this experience, so when you have that feeling like Oh, my God, I have never been here before. But yet I know I haven't. So how is that possible? Well, that's because about a millisecond ago, or even shorter than that you were already there, or would be there. And then this happens over and over and over and over and over. And this is how the timelines go on. There's just not one moment in time. There's just that keeps going over and over until something stops it. So this is where I'm at. Lately, in my understanding, and I'm trying to right now, I've learned that talking or channeling our, our future self and our past self, there is a way to change timelines.

Alex Ferrari 22:05
Oh, yeah.

Mark Hodge 22:08
I've been sort of teaching people what I've been thinking lately about that.

Alex Ferrari 22:15
Alright, so you're jumping from your quantum leaping? From sorry, from different from different lifetimes in different and different, I guess, timelines, but they're all on Earth. Right? They're all different. San Diego's they might be different New York. Oh, no, they're not. So you're going

Mark Hodge 22:34
Galaxies, other places. Yeah. Other places. I don't even know how to describe it. Like, yeah, there's places, different bodies, different atmospheres different. All kinds of things are happening. We're living at the same time. And so I, I still have questions. You know, I, when you come back to this, your mind, just our mind is designed for us to forget all that. When we come here, and we go when we come to another body, but one of the biggest questions I haven't answered yet is in At what point do we decide or just something else decide for us? When to inhabit another body? For example, because I will, incarnate Yeah. And incarnate, right. Yeah, and I don't remember reincarnating in this body, but a lot of my autistic friends do. And they told me, We all always choose our mother. And we know why we came here, etc, etc. I knew why I came here. But I didn't really know that. So I was two years old, or I didn't remember until I was two, two years old. I told my parents why I came here because I had to deliver a message for all of humanity. One day, an important message from I had to learn all the languages on Earth. So so.

Alex Ferrari 24:04
So we're really quickly then. So as you're jumping from from lifetime to lifetime in different timelines, what happens at the end of this quantum leaping, if you will,

Mark Hodge 24:13
Nothing happens. I just there was there was a point when I got to write before I came back into this body, and I don't know how long it was from that point until the time I woke up in the recovery room, because I was back into general anesthesia at that point. So I don't remember that. But what was what I was, what I remember what I was experiencing at that, before I came back was I got to see a place where we're all going to call it heaven. But it wasn't seen with eyes. It was feeling it was a feeling I got and I was at a distance from it. Like, but I can tell you This place has Allah, there's a new type of love, we're going to learn about or interactive. And it's remember, remember, remember, yeah, we're already in all these places. And that's why we're not talking about astral projection and stuff. Nowadays, it's really not. We're not traveling anywhere, we're already everywhere. Because basically everything has a black hole. And that's how we travel, we traveled to black holes. That's how it works. And really is I think, the black. The word black fool is kind of a misnomer. It's really more like a gateway or a portal is what they are a portal of time, if you will, time and space. But what I experienced was that that's the last thing I experienced was where we're all going. And that's, that was part of my message to bring back to Yuval was to tell you, it's, there's something so amazing that I can't express it in any language. I don't have words for it. But it's an amazing it's already here. It's already here, all around us right now. And call it heaven on earth. Whatever you want to call it, it's everywhere. And we can't experience it. Until we are vibrating at that frequency. Put it that way. And that is part of what I'm learning about is how to I just found out like a month ago that we could walk through portals on this earth in this realm with our bodies. Have you ever heard that?

Alex Ferrari 26:51
I've heard I've heard I've never heard of that before.

Mark Hodge 26:54
I didn't know that was even possible.

Alex Ferrari 26:56
So okay, so you. So you you're jumping in at the end, you're kind of on the way out of this space going back to your body you see heaven or lack of a better word, feel it feel feel you feel it. And then you get kind of what slammed back into you or you just wake up in your body.

Mark Hodge 27:16
Yeah, I didn't even expect I don't even remember coming back to my body at all. I just remember waking up in the recovery room. At some point after that experience I had feeling that next place we're all going to. And we're talking about like 1000 year span of time that I was gone from here. I know that sounds crazy. But I was able to experience lives like that far ahead. And

Alex Ferrari 27:43
How much do you remember though?

Mark Hodge 27:46
The details about every life a lot, that I'm still remembering every day, I have dreams about places, I realized I was there. And then. So I need to I probably need to write start writing everything down, like, but I don't have time for that right now. Because some of the more important things are happening. Because right now. So what I remember the most was the reason for the lives more than the lives themselves, the details, those are kind of mundane details. But the blessings of why I was in these other lives is more important. You just can't imagine how connected we all are. It's mind boggling. Like when you go to a restaurant with your wife or something and you see all the people around you. They're all connected to you. And when I the first thing I went to IHOP when I got out of the hospital from that surgery, and my mind was just going a million miles a second. And it took me about a month for everything just to calm down to where I could cope here in this life. Because of all the things I experienced, I realized, oh my god, the first thing I realized when I got back to this body was I've wasted so much time in my life. Wasted time I'm talking about like, even watching TV or arguing with people. That's not important at all. All the negative stuff, it's just it's a waste of time. Like next time even when your your viewers are having a bad day or something and try to turn that bad day into something positive. Because energy doesn't die. We just gotta change it to a positive energy. That's really the that's really the secret to this life. Mastering this life is love is really all that matters here. Really. That's why it's not really the forgiveness, learn to love and forgive. Just in the last eight months I've learned that you It's not those things that we have to master it's it's, it's what? It's the vibration that those things generate. Like being grateful. Being grateful is a higher vibration than love. Being grateful that's being grateful for everything you have for every soul. We have to learn how to love every soul in our heart. I mean, think about how difficult that is. Doesn't mean we have to be best friends with Saddam Hussein or something like that. But we have to forgive everybody, because and that's another thing I had a problem with when I came back was I still haven't got a straight answer to this. Why doesn't I asked a lot of preachers this my town that was at the time I said, how, why doesn't God love the devil? Jesus? Jesus forgive the devil? If we're supposed to do the same thing on our level, why? Why is

Alex Ferrari 31:01
Good question.

Mark Hodge 31:03
And this is what I think like, now I try to think outside the box as much as I can, because that's what it's all about. It's about changing our vibration. And here on this planet. It is one of many plants, oh, my God. We have other These are his suits. His bodies are suits, and every system has its own atmosphere. And we have suits that are built for the atmosphere, for example, that we breathe methane in some places of our oxygen bear. You know, it's just different. But

Alex Ferrari 31:37
Well, let me ask you when you came back, though, Mark, do you How did you deal with this psycologically? Did you just accept this right away? Or did you just like what the hell happened?

Mark Hodge 31:46
And put it this way. Okay. So this was like 2012 2011 12, when this happened, was the very beginning of 2012, if I remember, I think was February 9 2012, was when this event happened. So it's taken me 11 years now to finally come out with my story, because it's taken me that long, how to process all this, I'm still processing but now I've gotten to a certain point when I think it's time to kick it into another higher gear now and but that's not why I came out and said anything at all. It just it was a circuit. The reason I came out when I did was a divine intervention, how I even met Jeff Reynolds. It's just that's a whole nother story in itself. But actually my youtube channel old scrolls. Like I said, it was like a Play channel of mine that I was going to teach ancient languages, the ones I know, and then learn other languages with my subscribers. And I was hoping that it would stare something inside, they're still there. So so they will remember another life they're living or like I did when I had my Indian because when I was 20 years old. Now this is back in 1990. I was on a bus in Honolulu, and I was stationed there in the Air Force. And I saw these four Japanese roll read reading this map on the bus and they were really, they look really upset and really lost. And when I looked down at their map, now this is this would be 22 years before my engineer. Okay, so back then I didn't know anything about user, nothing like that back then. But when I looked at their map they were looking at it was written in characters all over the map. And I had this deja vu moment. At that point. I knew that I knew that language. I knew, I don't know how I knew that like, kind of like a child prodigy. You sit them at a piano when they're like three years old, and they just start playing this big concerto or whatever. That's sort of the moment I had that really exact second. So after later on that day, I went to the University of Hawaii and I got a book on Japanese characters. And when I was flipping through this book, all these memories started coming back to me. But I didn't understand how that was even possible. Back then, and and so i i actually enrolled in a Japanese class and Waikiki. And when I when I took the entrance tests my sensei gave me she gave me an oral test, which I didn't understand a word she said. But when she gave me a written test I actually wrote in Japanese Can you imagine? Wow, I actually wrote and When I got to Japan, after that tour, I went to Japan for another tour duty and the people there said that I wrote like the Ancient Ones. Yeah, so in my end, I experienced a life when I was a woman in Japan a long time ago. This is back in like the feudal lord days. And I realized that life was connected with this life in a lot of ways. So dare I had to learn forgiveness in a very hard way because I had like four brothers, and they were all killed. And so I became like, one of them. I wanted to get revenge for their, their deaths. So I, I used to dress like a guy in a warrior outfit. And to go

Alex Ferrari 36:03
Mulan style. Yeah, Mulan style,

Mark Hodge 36:06
Right. Kind of like the last summer I talked to do.

Alex Ferrari 36:10
So let me ask you, then you said you had a second near death experience? How did that differ from this one.

Mark Hodge 36:18
So this was my last two surgeries. This was 2017. And I was just visiting some friends in Nashville or north of Nashville that year. And Christmas Eve, I was taken by him was down to Nashville to a hospital. And that's how it all started. So basically, this mesh got infected inside me. They didn't know at that time, but the mesh got all entangled with my insides, and they had to open me up again. So they did the first surgery. It was kind of like an exploratory surgery because they didn't know exactly what was wrong. And so the next thing I did was I woke up and a lot of pain. You know, every time I hit the button on that pain pump, nothing happened. I was just I kept getting worse pain and worse pain. And then finally, I developed this thing called what they call the fistula slide, which is a fancy term for a tunnel, a tunnel developed inside of me, which wasn't good. So they had to put me out. But I didn't know that they were going to do that. But I didn't know that they were going to put me in a comatose state. So So at some point after that second surgery, they just took the all the mess out of me during that surgery, and they put me in a coma. Well, I woke up in the comb while while I was out, and I know why exactly because I'm in medical terms of what they call an outlier. Like, it takes a lot more propofol for example. They have to give me to put me all the way out. And he's actually geologists they always don't believe me when I tell them, every surgery I've had there. You know, it's hard to tell them things because they don't like people, non doctors to give them because every time happens every time I try to tell them, you need to give me more of this than that. Because I'm gonna wake up in excruciating pain if you don't, because it just takes more for some reason with my metabolism and sheshe I have red hair genes. That's part of it. Another doctor told me later on but anyway, so I woke up in this coma because they didn't give me enough medication or whatever. They were giving me fentanyl, which is toxic to most people. But like if Michael Jackson had had my metabolism he'd still be alive today. Charities are on this fence. This overdosing because of fentanyl. Fentanyl visiting will work on me at all. At all, you can give me IVs of it doesn't do anything to me. So that's what that's one of the main drugs they were given me in my head to central lines in my neck and they when I found out that after the fact I said you got to switch me from I don't respond to that. Sorry.

Alex Ferrari 39:20
Okay, so you so you woke up in the coma? Or did you or did you woke up in the coalmine? And where's your experience? Where's the end?

Mark Hodge 39:28
Yeah, so I didn't know. So when I woke up, the first thing i i saw was, I was in this dark void, if you will, like we're a dark hallway. At the very end of this black, like tunnel. I've heard I've heard a lot of people talk about this calling. They call it the void. I believe I was in this void, whatever that is. Now, some of the doctors after I came out of this experience said that I had what's called delirium. I couldn't remember that word during my interview with Jeff. But I remember that, like a few minutes after the interview, we got delirium. So, Doctor sometimes just chalk it up to delirium, which, I guess, I don't know, I've never really researched delirium a lot. But I guess that implies, like you're having some kind of hallucination, but to me, it was no hallucination, like, I was totally wide awake as I'm talking to you right now, just like in my astral projection experiences, which maybe we could talk about on another interview another day. Because those are more profound in my near death experience, is my astral projection experiences, because I learned how to do it after my near death experience. I wanted to prove that you could do it because so many, so many people that told me about it, they said, Mark, you don't have to die, to experience what you experience. And that's what got me into astral projection, after she woke up in the void will come in this void. What's going on here, because last thing, I knew I was in excruciating pain. And I was on my hospital floor, and they started shooting stuff. Or maybe that's the last thing I remember until this moment. So I didn't know I had gone through another surgery. I didn't know any of that. I just knew that I was in this black kind of space. And I saw this little tiny light way off. It seemed like maybe like three football fields away. It's a real tiny point of light, long way away, and I'm like, Oh, my God, what is that. And so I sort of started kind of floating towards that light, a little bit. And then at some point, I guess I didn't know what it was, there was like a lady on the other side of this little window, it kind of remind me like a slit in the door, like you would serve a tray of food to somebody in prison, right? It was little slits. It was like a little slit like that. So I would look to the slit. And there was this lady on this woman on the other side of that slit. And she was trying to talk to me, but I couldn't understand her. And, and so this went on for a while, a long while. And maybe I was just in between worlds are something right there. That's probably the delirium part. But then after that, everything started to get real bright, all around me. It was like kind of like it was in a blue sky, just a 360 degree blue sky. And in front of me, were all these chrome outlined when Windows. And each window sort of reminded me of a, maybe a page on your browser that has all the YouTube videos. That's what they look like, but a lot cooler, a lot more modern, really shiny chrome borders on all the videos. And with my mind, I could just play with my mind each one of these videos. And so there was so many videos, I didn't know which one to watch first. So I just kind of started from the top left, and I kinda went just like I would on YouTube, or whatever. And each video kind of showed me a little sliver of time in the future, and sort of recent past or kind of present. I didn't see myself on the bed in a coma. I thought I was dead after a while I thought I had, okay. I didn't know how else to think about it. But I remembered my near death experience from five years earlier. And I'm like, Well, this is something totally different. So am I dead? Because when I experienced the same thing, I experienced the floor. I was asking myself all these questions, and I wasn't in a hurry. to figure all this out. I was very calm. I was in no pain whatsoever. So I was disconnected from my nervous system somehow. Whether that be I don't know, I don't know the medical terminology to tell you how it works scientifically. But I was definitely disconnected from my nervous system because I was feeling no pain, like I did when I came out of that. I didn't know I was intubated. You didn't know any of that. I was I could tell I was in this field of windows at this point, and so I at that point, I thought, Okay, I'm gonna figure out why I died. And maybe one of these videos will show me how I died, you know? So I just started playing the videos and I kept watching all of them over and over and over and over and over. And I finally got to some Well, this one video, and they were always in, they weren't continuing continuous feeds, there were clips. Now that I'm learning how to edit videos, now I can I know that terminology there. So these are clips, they were not like live stream, there were quantum quantum flips, I guess you could call them because some of them had different outcomes, depending on how many times I watched it, if you can imagine that. So this one clip seen. So I finally got to this one clip where it gave me the closest I could get to seeing why I had died. But then I figured out if I kept, if I played this other video with it, I could get a different outcome or something like that. I kept playing with the videos until I was trying to investigate how all this was happening, why I was in this state or how I died. So it turns out that this is how I learned about the clip one o'clock a lot, because I learned that if I did certain things in some of these other videos, it would have an effect. When I played these other videos, in the sequence, I was watching him seem to be important, I found out I found out kind of like by accident. But then, so I'd watch this one video, then I watched another video. And I kept trying to create a pattern where I could understand what had led up to this. And I got to this one video where I actually seen like, instead of stopping where it normally stopped, it kept going. And I figured out okay, well, in those other the other pattern, I watched these, and I did this and that, what if I do this differently, maybe I'll live. And sure enough, that's when I was starting to come out of that delirium or whatever the doctor say it is. That's when I just decided to fight to stay alive in this video. So at this point, the video went from a clip to actual reality. I don't know how that's even possible. So I knew my outcome before the outcome was even known. Just like Einstein and others explained about how entanglement works. It's really like that. Everything's known ahead of time.

Alex Ferrari 47:41
This is all happening at the same time.

Mark Hodge 47:43
Yes. So that's what I experienced in my first nd two, I experienced future lives and past lives. And I realized it was all connected to this present life. And so I can tell you, what I experienced was exactly that there is no such thing as future, or President like 1776 When we became the United States of America, that's still happening, that same day is happening right now. Can you imagine that? It's hard to understand. Now I'm realizing these moments, every moment in your life, keep happening over and over and over and over until something stops that moment, or changes that moment.

Alex Ferrari 48:28
So we're going to just jump off here a second from the the near death experience, because I think this concept will be interesting to kind of dive into just a little bit is that from what I've heard from different channels, even spiritual masters, is that when there's a thought, and quantum physicists breath away, when there's a thought you're you create a new reality, a new timeline, and another new timeline, and another time, and you're constantly jumping your epiphany where you're kind of jumping back and forth between timelines based on what you think. Because we all have those thoughts like traffic and you're like, I wish I could just get out and beat the crap out of that guy. Because he's just he's just being eat flicked me off something as stupid as that in a timeline that happened. And that started because of the of our powers of our mind. So that all the leaps are that's just forever. Yeah, so it's an infinite amount of world is an infinite amount of multiverses, if you will, it just continued. So it sounds like from your first near death experience, you got to travel a little bit in that world, going from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime. And even in this the second end you were able to experience different points have a little bit of the past a little bit of the future quote unquote, because it

Mark Hodge 49:53
But it was more recent.

Alex Ferrari 49:54
It was really recent. It was close it was it within that realm, to the point where you caught up on the television and The television on the screen. And that caught up to reality. So is that how you jumped out of that near death experience into your own into life where we are now?

Mark Hodge 50:09
Yes, exactly. You will be what happened? Matter of fact? Yes, I saw ahead of time, the outcome of me coming out of it. That's how I knew I had a chance I had, I knew I had a 5050 shot, it seemed right of getting out. And I was like, because it up into that point, he had been tortured, like, they had me on one of these. So after, there was a point, when I came out of all these when I came out of all those windows, I actually went back into that field, once they gave me more stuff in my view, or whatever, I actually went back to that window field. But there was a time when I was just looking, well, they put Watch Plus on my eyes all along. And I got really mad and frustrated that they did that because then I couldn't see anything in the room. And they had the Food Network. In my, on my TV in my room. The whole time I was in this coma, which is about like a week, I had listened to this Food Network. And they gave me this stuff called TPN like Tertiaries something, you put that in my central line for my food. So remember, this nurse kept coming in, say, Okay, Mr. Hodges, this is your cheese take coming in right now. Or whatever. And then or this is just a nice piece of apple pie coming through your IV. And but that, you know, that doesn't fill you up or satisfy you. But this Food Network was on the whole time and I got so mad.

Alex Ferrari 51:55
So you came back out of it. And and then you've just been processing it for the last 11 years, essentially, dealing with it, investigating it. And just trying to get an understanding of where it is.

Mark Hodge 52:07
I tried telling this to a few of my family members. I just got rejected, like, my father died that same year later on. He had an aneurysm, brain aneurysm and he died really quickly. But the last conversation we had in his life was an argument about my near death experience. He thought it was from the devil.

Alex Ferrari 52:30
Obviously, obviously, was always involved, right? There's a demon, there's a devil. Sure.

Mark Hodge 52:36
And my brothers sisters chose to stay in that religion. So they're the same exact way. I can't talk to them about any of this. And it really back then when I had mine D it wasn't so receptive back then either for the average person, so no, it's been kind of a lonely life up till now. And now I found out there's a lot of us that chose to meet. Here, meet me here. Via that ship, the first podcast, I told my story. I had all these people who showed up on my doorstep. And turns out, we all decided to come here this time for something really important and big, bigger than us. And that's why I'm on your show right now. Because this was all meant to be. There are no such thing as coincidences

Alex Ferrari 53:23
Agreed. Agreed. There's there's no question. And if you imagine, you know, 10 years ago, or 12 years ago how rough it is. I had people on the show from the 70s and 60s, who had nd ease who can you imagine trying to have those?

Mark Hodge 53:38
Yeah. I don't know how old you are. I'm 54. But so my whole grown up my whole teenage years. And early adult we didn't have the internet back then.

Alex Ferrari 53:50
Ohh no, I didn't have I'm not that young sir. I remember. I remember three channels. Saturday morning cartoons.

Mark Hodge 53:59
Well, yeah, well, we had a fourth member that we had the UHF channel, the UHF channel outdoors, and we have the little bunny ears special

Alex Ferrari 54:06
With some aluminum foil occasion. Right? And we basically were just on a bicycle. So you're playing it from

Mark Hodge 54:10
Our generation.

Alex Ferrari 54:12
I'm a little bit younger, but not too far. We've walked over the same bodies as they say, sir.

Mark Hodge 54:19
You remember like when I was in the military, even when we were trying to watch the Superbowl we were in the Windows skiffs were you know, had no windows or anything. So one of us would volunteer to hold up a wire moving from the back of the TV antenna thing, like MacGyver. Oh, yeah. Depending on where you were standing. Oh, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 54:41
Get that get that come in? Oh, no. I mean, we sound like old farts here. But yes, kids, if anyone under 40 listening right now are going What? What? We live like savages basically. We live like savages, essentially. Yeah.

Mark Hodge 54:59
All right. I remember we got the first Pong I remember, when MTV came out

Alex Ferrari 55:08
I have a television. I was fancy, I was fancy.

But Mark, thank you so much for sharing your story, man, I know, we could talk for hours about this stuff. But I hope that this conversation helps somebody else going through it, or just gives people an insight to what were these ideas, these concepts, because a lot of the ideas you have, or a lot of the concepts that are discussed in both your near death experiences, is stuff that we talk about on the show all the time with quantum physicists, with spiritual masters, with channelers, with different people from different walks of life around the world. And, you know, again, from my perspective, being privy to all of it my perspective of talking to so many people, the second you say something, I'm like, oh, yeah, that makes absolute sense. Because of this, this, this, this? And it Oh, yeah, this makes sense.

Mark Hodge 56:08
That's why I want to Next time we talk, Alex, let's talk about some of the after in the stuff that's happened, especially this year, because I'm learning so I'm just learning the I'm a baby, and so many of these things that you have guests on talking about. But now I'm all these labels are starting to come on for me now. Like, I'm starting to understand that, wow, we can really change timelines. And does that have a paradox effect? Like, a one thing I want to really mention also, that we didn't get a chance to talk about is, think about think of think of dimensions that we live around as like a Rubik's Cube. Okay, or have you ever seen that movie The Cube? Where Yeah, okay, the cube, okay, that's kind of how dimensions really work all the time. So

Alex Ferrari 57:01
We're interstellar does that to interstellar has those kinds of things

Mark Hodge 57:04
Think like there's a change or click in different directions and the sub dimensions change? And that's, I don't know how that all works yet. I'm still figuring that out. But there's so many layers to it. But that's happened. I think that's why people have this mandela effect. And I think that's kind of what's happening with us right now. Because we're may be coming into that crossing the Milky Way equator. I think that's, I think that's, I understand, like, when they call it the Nibiru remember the whole Nibiru craze back in early 2000s? Well, I think that they used to call it planet of the crossing, and I thought it meant crossing into our solar system. But I think now, I understand that crossing is crossing the Milky Way, Equator, and not our solar system. So I think every 12,000 years, on the way up, we crossed the equator, and on the other side, we crossed the equator. And we go through this really magnetic electromagnetic turbulence. And that coupled with maybe that source system from our Twinstar, coming into contact with our solar system for that brief period, and crossing through the crossing at the same time, that's when things can really happen. I think that's kind of like, what's going on right now.

Alex Ferrari 58:26
That's really interesting. And since you mentioned the Mandela Effect, I have to ask you a few questions about the Mandela effect. So we have had a bunch of guests on about Mandela fascinating shows is one of my favorite. Okay, so who was the person who wasn't? Who was the face of the Publishers Clearing House? When you were a kid?

Mark Hodge 58:46
Ed McMahon.

Alex Ferrari 58:47
Obviously, it's Ed McMahon. It's obviously Ed McMahon. Ed McMahon has never been part of it is now they've never had they've never been associated with with words. Never it apparently he was part of family. Circle.

Mark Hodge 59:03
This one. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I've heard of magic mirror and all that stuff. But I haven't heard this one.

Alex Ferrari 59:08
I'm gonna blow your mind a little bit here. Mark. This is just going to be fun. And he wants to listening. This is just gonna blow your head so prepare yourselves. Ed McMahon has never been a part of Publishers Clearing House. He never was the guy handing checks with big balloons at people's doors.

Mark Hodge 59:23
I remember I could. I could scare No, no, we offer every Aries

Alex Ferrari 59:28
Millions of us who remember this. Okay, is it JIFF peanut butter or Jiffy peanut butter?

Mark Hodge 59:34
That's another one that got me. A Jiffy for sure.

Alex Ferrari 59:39
It's Jiff. It's never

Mark Hodge 59:43
The one that gets me the most is the magic mirror on the wall thing that it's all Yeah, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?

Alex Ferrari 59:52
And what is it and what is it?

Mark Hodge 59:54
Oh, it's Mirror mirror. Oh, Magic Mirror underworld.

Alex Ferrari 59:58
That's BS. That's BS. There's no match. I know it's Mirror mirror on the wall. It's not magic mirror on the wall. That makes no sense. Okay? Field of Dreams. Remember the movie Field of Dreams?

Mark Hodge 1:00:08
I haven't heard this one yet. All right, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:12
Was Kevin Costner everyone that's listening at nine. Kevin Costner.

Mark Hodge 1:00:16
The other James actually the guy from played Darth Vader's voice.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:20
James Earl Jones. Yes. So is it? What did they What did they say? What is the voice that he hears in the field? If you build it, they won't.

Mark Hodge 1:00:28
If you build it, they will kind of know. What does it say now?

Alex Ferrari 1:00:33
Go watch the movie tonight. And it will say build it. He will come. He will come be yes. It's they will come. They will come because it's the it's always been a of course. Oh, no. Wait a minute. Let's go. Let's go into Star Wars. Star Wars. Oh.

Mark Hodge 1:00:54
I'm your father

Alex Ferrari 1:00:56
No it. It says what is it Luke? I am your father. Yeah, it's not.

Mark Hodge 1:01:01
It's that no, it's like I this is

Alex Ferrari 1:01:05
I don't even know what this.

Mark Hodge 1:01:07
The other one is gone and watch some of these movies like there's also one in Forrest Gump. I have three little code second cousins that ruined that plane. They were they were extras when we were they were playing jump rope. And when he's talking to the African American lady on the bench, there was yeah, those are my cousins.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:25
Oh, nice. Nice. What was it enforced? So what was in their

Mark Hodge 1:01:29
Life was like a box of chocolates? Mama always says life is like a box of chocolates.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:34
But that's the line, isn't it?

Mark Hodge 1:01:36
That's gotta be

Alex Ferrari 1:01:38
it. Isn't it? Isn't that I don't know. What is it? What is it now?

Mark Hodge 1:01:43
It says something like

Alex Ferrari 1:01:46
Last one last one because we can go this forever.

Mark Hodge 1:01:49
It's something totally different to

Alex Ferrari 1:01:51
Its life. Its life is like a box now.

Mark Hodge 1:01:55
Yeah, the Wellington bear thing or? Oh, no, the very thing Berenstein Bears. I never saw that growing up. So I didn't get that one. But yeah, bears the

Alex Ferrari 1:02:03
Bears. I'll give you one more Fruit of the Loom. Okay,

Mark Hodge 1:02:07
Fruit of the Loom. They had the little they had the cornucopia. Yeah, the cornucopia. Fruit, right. That was in the middle of the middle of the

Alex Ferrari 1:02:16
Yeah. And the fruit came out of the court. It's called the cornucopia. I think that little kind of order corn, that little horn thing that came out of it. No, never existed. But it's just been fruit. So this is the Mandela effect. If you haven't, if everyone listening you have not heard of the Mandela Effect. Google it have some fun. There is I have episodes with quantum physicists, talking to me about the Mandela effect that are out on the channel as well. So you can take

Mark Hodge 1:02:44
Here's the here's another perspective, I was thinking about. Did you ever see that show Lost? Of course, yeah. Okay. For Hurley in the game. Sometimes I think we're actually those of us living right now. Actually, that happened to like, we all really died. Like in 2012. I think when the Mayan calendar ended, we switched dimensions. And that's when all this if you remember, that's when all this Mandela Effect stuff started was right around that time.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:12
Like I said, if you want if you did, all I gotta say is, hopefully there's no smoking. Hopefully, there's no smoke monster. Here, right? Let's hope and pray. There's no smoke monster here. Anyway, my friend, I'm gonna ask monster. I don't

Mark Hodge 1:03:30
Start with J.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:33
All I know is the writers got really lazy at the end of that show. That's all they got for really, very. And, of course, it was a horrible ending. But anyway, I'm going to ask you a few questions asked all my guests mark. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Mark Hodge 1:03:49
That's a really great question. Because we all seem to have little different takes on living a fulfilled life. I haven't lived it yet. Even though I've had a full life. I mean, I've experienced things that most people will never experienced in their life, like these lifetimes. But I would say just now let me ask you this. Do you mean like, the possibilities?

Alex Ferrari 1:04:18
Yes. How do you Yeah, how do you define living a fulfilled life with good life it's a general statement.

Mark Hodge 1:04:24
Yeah, get rid of fear your life. Fear is the opposite of love in my book. Fear if once you get rid of fear, you're gonna feel the freest you've ever felt ever in your life. And now, those of us who have had these interviews and our astral projection, we can tell you firsthand that we don't die. So that's one fear you can erase from your book. So once you understand that we don't die, then you understand like if you jump off a cliff or you're in a bad car wreck or whatever, I can assure you that even before that car wreck happens or you fall off that cliff or whatever you're going to your soul is going to come out of your body before any of that happens. And this is just this is how it's going to be. So once you get rid of all the fear, then you will you can live a more fulfilled life because then you're you're not afraid to experience new things and do things. And, of course, that doesn't mean we go out and rob banks. Sure. There's consequently there's negative consequences that come with those kind of negative decisions. But God, yeah, once you once you realize fear is stopping you from doing so many things, then you can live more of a fulfilling life.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:49
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to a little mark, what advice would you give him?

Mark Hodge 1:05:53
I was just telling me everything I know now and Gods that's actually a key to what I'm learning right now is to go back, actually go back and talk a little bit. And take a point your life, maybe a decision you made in your past, go back to that moment in time. And just imagine making a different decision back when that part of your life and seeing how far you can take that and your imagination. And guess what that will happen? You can actually go back and I can tell I've been doing I've been going back into my total merch, this and that was gonna be interesting to see the results of that. So

Alex Ferrari 1:06:41
Yeah, I think it's like, yeah, like, what if I would have dated that girl? Or what if I would have gone to that school? Or what if I would have gotten that job? Oh, my God, where that goes, you know, or I would have not dated that person or would have gotten not gotten that job.

Mark Hodge 1:06:55
Yes, I was actually going on a date was somebody. And I was I was going out on my second date, and the phone rang on my way out the door. To go on that second date was somebody I really liked. But there was another girl another line of that phone that I didn't know was gonna be there. That stopped me from going on that date that night. And it wasn't a very good outcome. I wish I had one. Wish I had one moment in time. I've not answered the phone, just keep walking out the door. And I often wondered how my life would have been different. And now I'm only thinking that like, I picture myself leaving the phone answering. But it's interesting that cell phones, you didn't know who was calling. It could have been your parents? Yeah. For for caller ID Exactly. Have a phone that recognize caller ID

Alex Ferrari 1:07:50
That's true. Now, how do you define how do you define God?

Mark Hodge 1:07:53
God is all of us put together. Everything, everything and all of us. Everything that there is God. I call it the infinite one. The infinite. But we're trying to Food for Thought try to think what happened before? You know, I know. He was always God has always been beginning in the end. But there are minds one, don't believe that we think there has to be a beginning to that. So I always try to think about that. I get overwhelmed when I try and think about that.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:29
And what is the ultimate purpose? And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Mark Hodge 1:08:32
It is to learn the lessons we came here to learn and move on to the graduating class with me, because I want to be in the graduating class this time. I have to repeat like Groundhog Day.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:51
The most spiritual movie of all time, the most spiritual movie of all time. Yeah. Yeah. No question about it. All my gear totally of all time. Now, where can people find out?

Mark Hodge 1:08:59
Where's when the review, alarm goes off?

Alex Ferrari 1:09:02
Oh, God, then. Yeah, no, no, no. Yeah. I got you. And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're trying to do in the world?

Mark Hodge 1:09:14
Okay, so my channel is my YouTube channels. Old Scrolls. Okay. It's kind of a double entendre of thinking about old souls. Old scrolls. You they're one of our one of the things I haven't even started yet. It's actually I'm launching it this week is my ancient language portion of this whole thing. But the whole premise is, you're going to learn ancient languages with me. Some of them I know, most of them. I don't. And while we're doing that, hopefully that'll stir something inside you to remember who you really are. All these other lives for a living and how we're all connected. I call the substance the invisible substance that connects us all. Electric coming, that's what they call it now.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:57
Well, that's like that, like electric honey

Mark Hodge 1:10:02
Gonna be good man for a song too, because I'm a musician. So

Alex Ferrari 1:10:05
That would definitely be a band from the 60s or 70s. Yeah. More 60s, I think electric honey.

Mark Hodge 1:10:11
Yeah, so and then we have a companion Facebook page called gamma scrolls, like Game of Thrones, but game of shame was one of our first subscribers came up with that name. And we just stuck with this race game of scrolls. And so it's Facebook slash groups slash game of scrolls. We have podcasts on there, three, four days a week, that just stay in Facebook, because I wanted to create a safe space for everybody to come, you know, learn how to heal and learn how we had to learn how to heal ourselves, so we can teach others to do the same. And once everybody learns how to heal, and learns, and learns all these things, that we've been taught to forget, like, how to astral project, things like that. I want a safe place for people to come that's private, where they could talk about their deep, deepest, darkest traumas, because that's something we all have in common, that come here. And when we've met up, as we all have been through these massive traumas in our life, think about all the different possible possible traumas. And we, they're all represented. And so yeah, that's a that's a place where I'm trying to get more subscribers to come over there until we can. A lot of people don't like Facebook. So you know.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:47
Well, Mark, I appreciate you coming on the show and sharing your story.

Mark Hodge 1:11:52
Thank you for having me. We could talk about this forever. If you if you think if you think about other topics that we could talk about, please have me back or maybe I'll invite you to my turn. I wonder if you have.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:08
I appreciate you my friend. Thanks again.

Mark Hodge 1:12:10
All right, Alex.

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