CHANNEL Predicts: You CAN’T STOP What’s COMING! Humanity’s NEXT Stage is Upon Us! with Anne Tucker

Anne Tucker is the creator of Business Energetics, a transmitter of the Nine Angelic Frequencies Series, and a trance channel for Angelic wisdom. She is supporting awakening souls on their journey through community, spiritual connection, and healing so they can take advantage of this time of rapid growth and ascension. You can find her weekly … Read more


Robert Theiss is an internationally recognized artist, intuitive guide and the author of Living Inside your Passion, Straddling your Freedom, Awakening to your God Self and iSpirit – A New Story. His ability to function as a mentor has made him a highly valued resource to clients worldwide. Robert started his first business, Falcon Designs … Read more

CHANNELLING EVENT: Alex’s PERSONAL Spirit Guides Have a MESSAGE For Humanity! with Stephanie Banks

In the ever-evolving realm of spiritual and personal growth, there emerge individuals who transform lives, not merely through their words, but with their innate gifts. One such luminary is Stephanie Banks, a prominent intuitive channel, mentor, and guide. Her ability to connect with beings beyond our tangible reality is a testament to the vastness of … Read more

Woman STRUCK By BUS; Clinically DEAD 5 Min! Shown the AKASHIC RECORDS! Profound NDE with Anne Bayford

Anne Bayford is a multifaceted Psychic Medium and Past Life Practitioner now specializing in Soul Auditing – helping people know where they are on their soul journey and then coaching them towards what they are here to do through Soul Coaching. She is the Co-Founder of Odyssey The Platform, runs her own successful private practice … Read more

CHANNELED Message: How to TRANSFORM & MERGE With Your HIGHER SELF! with Lincoln Gergar

Since the age of 18, Lincoln Gergar has been helping people to awaken to who they are as the blissful consciousness creating their lives. At 25, Lincoln started teaching to a world-wide audience via YouTube, holding personal sessions and hosting in-person events. His Channel Higher Self videos have received over 5 million views and he … Read more

SECRETS to CHANNELING the UNIVERSE & Manifesting Your DREAM Life! with Dee Wallace

Internationally known for her five series, Dee Wallace has starred in appeared in 7 television series, over 400 commercials, as well as holding the record for any living actress with over 280 films/TV movie credits, including Critters, The Howling, Cujo, The Frighteners, 10, The Hills Have Eyes, and the number one blockbuster, E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL … Read more

There’s NO STOPPING IT! Channel REVEALS Humanity’s FUTURE – It’s NOT What You Think! with Cindy Edison

Cindy Edison is the original channel for Josef and has been in communication with them for several years. Her awareness of Josef came over time as they presented opportunities for her to expand her own awareness to include them. As she expanded, she was being prepared to channel their important message to the masses at … Read more

Is This REALLY Possible? CHANNELING Reveals How We Can Jump Into Parallel Realities! with Julie Poole

Julie Poole (BSc., SQHP), is a Spiritual and Personal Empowerment Coach, Law of Attraction Teacher and Author. She is a Psychic Intuitive and Channeler, Energy Aligner, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master/Teacher. Julie help people find their own empowerment, both spiritually and personally through her books, channeled tarot readings, healing sessions, teachings and podcasts. Julie authored six … Read more

LIFE-ALTERING LIVE Channeling That Will REDEFINE Your Life! A Must-See Event! with Rubia Lacerda

Rubia Lacerda is a Channeler to the Arcturians, Psychic Mentor & Ascension Teacher. Through Quantum DNA Reprogramming she supports other Starseeds and advanced souls to overcome unconscious limitations and take their channeling and intuition to the next level so they can follow their soul’s true purpose. She is the founder of You are the Oracle … Read more

CHANNELED Mary Magdalene REVEALS Truth About Her RELATIONSHIP with Jesus with Wendy Rose Williams

Wendy Rose Williams had 2 Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) in August 1997 while pregnant. She met her Angels for the first time while home alone, lying unconscious on the floor & again the night before surgery. Meeting the soul mate, Wendy contracted with to ‘wake her up spiritually’ led her to Dr. Michael Newton’s ‘Journey of … Read more

Saint Germain’s CHANNELED Ancient Method for MANIFESTATION (Law of Attraction) with Tara Arnold

Tara Arnold is an Intuitive Artist and Conscious / Trance Channel Medium. As a Medium, she channels messages of universal knowledge and divine healing energy. As an artist, Tara channels this energy into her artwork. Tara works with the Ascended Masters and consciously / trance channels Universal messages of love and guidance from Ascended Master St.Germain. … Read more

UNLOCK Your TRUE DESTINY! DON’T MISS: Channelling ‘The Guides’ REVEALS the TRUTH | Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann is a well-known channeler who communicates with spiritual guides or entities through a process called channeling. She is a former United States Navy Commander turned spiritual teacher, author, and speaker. Suzanne Giesemann began her spiritual journey after her stepdaughter’s death in 2009. She turned to mediums and learned about channeling to connect with … Read more