Woman DIES in SUICIDE; Given Message From SOURCE ENERGY for HUMANITY (PROFOUND NDE) with Rev. Devi Grace

Rev. Devi Grace is an ordained Gnostic minister, Essene bishop, Kundalini Yoga instructor, Caring Economy advocate (Center For Partnership Studies), advanced energy medicine practitioner, Twin Flame Physics mentor, oracle for Gaia, childhood walk-in, trained channel, initiated medicine woman, shamanic guide, geomancy consultant, Integral coach, spiritual messenger, multiple NDE experiencer, and a somatic teacher of male/ female soul embodiment.

The mission of the Divine Union Academy is to provide guidance, tools, and platforms for individuals, couples, and teams to embody their soul’s original design in harmonic cohesion with the Natural Laws of our Universe. Visionary leaders are initiated into a direct re-balance of power within themselves, thus impacting our evolving world through the transformational principles of Partnership Culture. We serve luminaries to integrate key Rites of Passage from Earth’s ancient lineages to renovate humanity’s capacity to awaken Earth’s new Blueprint of Consciousness.

Divine Union Foundation’s vision is to provide an evolutionary regenerative template that opens the gateway for humanity to embody their original divine blueprint and realign with the vast intelligence of nature. Luminaries inspired to integrate a more excellent vision of life’s potential are trained in the core values of partnership culture through time-honored lineages, thus creating leaders for a global awakening. We provide new platforms for embodied stewards to launch Cultural Transformation initiatives. Our legacy is the response to humanity’s deepest prayers for assistance in understanding who we are, what we are here for, and what we can do to ensure an expansive and generative future for our interdependent human and planetary ecology.

Please enjoy my conversation with Rev. Devi Grace.

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Devi Grace 0:00
When I died in that near death experience at age four, technically my biological age is four years old. My consciousness though, is extremely ancient, ancient, ancient. And so when my life was temporarily forfeited, right, I played the part of like a Frodo, so they call me like a female Frodo was wearing that ring of power around my neck. And in that first near death experience, it was like, you know, Frodo booking to, you know, the fires of Mount Doom to return that ring of power. Basically, human and sex trafficking is just the abuse of power.

Alex Ferrari 0:50
I like to welcome to the show, Reverend Devi Grace. How you doing Rev Devi?

Devi Grace 0:56
Delighted to be here today with you this summer.

Alex Ferrari 0:59
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm really looking forward to talking about your, your interesting adventures and misadventures, this

Devi Grace 1:08
Of the unusual kind

Alex Ferrari 1:11
Of a very unusual guide. So before we get into you, before you get into your nde's, we're also going to talk a little bit later about your walk ins, which I've only I think, had one other person on the show and all these episodes, the how to walk in. So we'll talk a little bit more deeply about walk ins. And you had five of them, apparently, so. You need to, you need to close the door. It's enough with the rockets. And you had to nd ease. So dying to I mean, first of all, it should have moved on. So what was so what was your life like prior to your first near death experience?

Devi Grace 1:45
Well, I fit into the category that PMH Atwater refers to as childhood, near death experiences. So you were talking about the wild stallion that you are. So my consciousness was very much eager to be of service, and got started very, very early. So that quote, unquote, now in the 2023 2024 2025 2026 timeline, I'm like an elder, even though right, I'm half a century, I've had the life experience, right of a shamanic grandmother, probably about like, 88 years of wisdom, and I'm ready to be that resource for others, because like we said, we just didn't waste any time and jumped right in upon early arrival.

Alex Ferrari 2:32
So So what was your near death experience? Do you remember the first near death experience when you were so young?

Devi Grace 2:37
Yes. However, I always love to contextualize the value of inexperience with what you would call the fertility of the foundation. And it would be helpful to discuss the purpose of the near death experiences from the perspective of the pre birth planning. So I have researched that you've had other presenters. So if you haven't heard of that term, you know, just look up next level soul pre birth planning. And so then we'll have multiple speakers, right, multiple authors that will be able to answer any of your questions with this episode. And so my function is to be a dispensation of grace for the ancestral healing of the entire species. So this is really not my near near death experience. It's really something that the ancestors were still, you know, grappling with, and coming to terms with even before quote, unquote, I arrived. So that means that I was literally recruited by the Ancient Ones, which, you know, like, all the Ascended Masters, right, the ancient ancient ones, hey, we got a bloodline on the planet that really needs a lot of help to come back to love to come back to wholeness to come back to Unity. And oh, by the way, if you help this bloodline, then you're actually helping the whole human ancestral family tree of life. So that it's not just helping this one family system, as we say, in family systemic constellations that bird challenger started, you know, you have a breakthrough in one family system. And then, as Rupert Sheldrake said, through morphogenetic fields, right, you can then be assisting all the fractal healing and all these other family systems around the planet that technically we don't even know each other. So it's the purity of the intent. And so if you go back to PMH atwater's research on childhood near death experiences, like, I didn't need to have that experience. It wasn't like a lesson. So do you see the context? So in Buddhism, they have the archetype of a bodhisattva and Bodhisattvas. We don't have karma, right? We come to be of service. So it's kind of like that. Bodhisattva consciousness scanned The planet and said, Okay, so where does humanity need the most help? And they zoned in on this family system. And then they asked, you know, do we have anybody willing to go and assist with those issues, unresolved issues. And then I was recruited, I was chosen because I had the potency to stay the course, as you would say, to near death experiences and five walk ins a lot of territory to navigate. And yet really, the way we can talk about this most fluidly is to reference one of your other speakers, Dr. Ervin Laszlo and he talks about the science and the Akashic field, right or on wet, Ahmet, Google Swami talks about quantum physics. The only way that we can actually talk about my experiences means that we glean from the wisdom of your other speakers, that I am just a manifestation of this brilliant awareness of the quantum unified field that was scanning all what we would call those timelines, to see what could bring in the medicine, of love to bring love, where love has never been before. Does that translate?

Alex Ferrari 6:14
It makes perfect sense. I want to ask you two questions before we continue because you brought up two very interesting ideas that I have not really tackled before show bloodlines, and the Buddhist Modi Safa, okay, forgive me

Devi Grace 6:29
Aboti Safa

Alex Ferrari 6:31
Aboti Safa the best I can. So both of those concepts one, because a lot of people don't understand the bloodline issue a bloodline idea where there are bloodlines of people who are channels or psychic mediums or, or just come from a long line of, you know, people that that help the the earth and things like that. Yeah, there's there is a genetic aspect to it. I love what you said. You're like, Hey, guys, there's a bloodline down here. Does anybody want to jump in? Because this bloodline needs. So there is this like, I hate to say like, it's almost kind of like that whoever is born to that bloodline is going to be given these gifts because of the genetic genetic makeup of the bloodline here on Earth, and just in this dimension, does that make it make sense as an explanation?

Devi Grace 7:27
Yes. And right the avatar behind you the yogi, right. So you're gonna Yogananda This is also yogic lineages. So it works both ways. Right? So I incarnated into a family line that had many, many issues of separation, and duality and polarity, which are best highlighted right now by this beautiful film on the planet called Sound of freedom, which goes worldwide, starting September 1, about the neutralization of right child and human sex trafficking. And as this beautiful real life story exemplifies, it is many generations deep. It's one of the oldest industries on the planet. And it's the number one grossing black market industry in the history of the human species. So we're looking at manifesting this new Earth paradigm that's based on loves universal force and loves universal presence, and fair to say, human and sex trafficking is anti love, right? Or the opposite, right of that Bodhisattva loving compassion. So a bodhisattva is like a Guanyin. Bodhisattva is like a Buddha, or Bodhisattva is like a Yeshua, you know, like the avatars are the bodhisattvas, because they come to purify density. And so I came to purify that density, where many, many, many millions of children have been harmed on this planet, and there was no champion, right? So in other interviews, it's like, I'm a guardian for the children. And so, when I died in that near death experience at age four, technically, my biological age is four years old. My consciousness though, is extremely ancient, ancient, ancient. And so when my life was temporarily forfeited, right, I played the part of like a Frodo, so they call me like a female Frodo was wearing that ring of power around my neck. And in that first near death experience, it was like, you know, Frodo booking to, you know, the fires of Mount Doom to return that ring of power. Basically, human and sex trafficking is just the abuse of power. And what keeps the human race and separation consciousness our misuses of power, of course. So my assignment right for all of my near death experiences, and all of my walk ins is just there is a divine plan for the rebalance of power on the planet. That rebalance of power is through two frequencies, which is the manifestation of Divine Love, and the manifestation of Divine Grace. And a lot of people think that love is enough. Well, yeah, love is the most potent and powerful force and all of creation, what I got to experience through all of my deaths, right and upgrades is embodied love is made possible through the loss of grace. So all the avatars will say, Yes, love is real. However, how much do we embody, right on a biological cellular level, that love frequency. So basically, I'm just a pioneer for biological ascension, if you've ever used that term in any of your podcasts, ascension, isn't actually going to ground on the planet until it happens through full soul embodiment. And therefore, you could say each time that I died, which were really difficult deaths, not fun, right? Human and sex trafficking is quite brutal, right? Very ruthless. So I showed up as the proof that miracles are real. And that love does care about these children that are being murdered, you know, worldwide, used, abused, murdered, and nobody knew how to stand up to those well organized crime. See, I'm saying, so we looked at like, Alright, what's, what are we gonna do to take care of the mafia on the whole planet? Right, so we're gonna bring in some really gifted frequencies of multi dimensional love and multi dimensional grace, and, you know, Special Agent, you know, rather than race, you know, I'm really a holy warrior. And I went, you know, set my people free, kind of like a female Moses, you can't bring through that assistance, though, without going through the experience. So I died, all the ways that all these other kids die and don't make it. The one caveat was that I was going to be surgically right brought back to life to prove that miracles are real, and that the human race hasn't been abandoned by that level of divine intervention.

Alex Ferrari 12:29
So let's take it to the beginning, then in regards to your near death experiences, now that we have the context, which was very important to lay out, talk a little bit about your first near death experience.

Devi Grace 12:39
Yes. So basically, you know, my air supply was was cut off, right, I was inside of what you would call an ancient ritual. And that focus of that ritual is to claim the life of the child so that you can take all the lifeforce. So before.

Alex Ferrari 12:58
So before we go there, how did you get there? You're like, yeah, like, how would you? Did you have parents? How did you like,

Devi Grace 13:05
Well, yeah, I had parents, however, like we said, you know, a lot of these issues have been repeating their cycles. So an ancestral imprint means that that family has had that core wound for many, many generations, right? So it wasn't ancestral karma, etc, from so many kids in this family line had been subjected to those torments, so to speak, and it was just kind of like on a guinea pig repeat mode. So it wasn't about you know, what were my experiences of death at age four. It's like, if you look at all of the generations that came before me, there's a lot of people that didn't make it. I wasn't the first murder. In my family line. There had been family murders, in the the collateral damage of multiple generations. Just examples of the breakdown of where we lost safety, right, and the family unit. And for those of you that realize ancestral wounds, when there is a reoccurring challenge, then it gets entrenched in the DNA, or the cellular memory. So I was just an echo at age four of what had already happened in the ancestral catalog, right? Many, many, many generations ago. So the children that are born are innocent. And there's all of these unfinished issues in the family, right? Like catalogue of life experiences and a lot of them are very Very unpleasant, like you had Anna Christina. Right, who was murdered by her husband. And so when I met her, I was like, sister sent me. Because if she did her ancestral Family Tree of Life assessment or you know, reading, as we say, then she would see that she's not the first in that family system to have that issue.

Alex Ferrari 15:24
And so it's kind of like addiction in a family issue or abuse in a family issue in a family. Like, it's just generational. It's generous. Like if you were beaten your multi generational, if you were a drunk, or you had addiction issues, chances are your family, other parts of your family would have it do unless this cycle stops unless someone's breaks the cycle,

Devi Grace 15:44
Which is why I was recruited, I was recruited to dissolve that recapitulation as they say, and Toltec shamanism now Oracle girl, basically called it the neutralization of child sacrifice on the planet, you know, big stuff. And so it's a frequency it's an abuse frequency. And that's what harvest is, as you saw in Harry Potter, like JK Rollins, right? Those Death Eaters they just suck the life force right out of the person. And it no she she channeled all that in and all that stuff happens and everyone thinks it's fantasy. Well, where do you think those ideas right of alchemical magic came from?

Alex Ferrari 16:30
So let's so let's go through into your into your near death things, but now that I have more context now, yeah, you got the near death experience. Okay.

Devi Grace 16:38
So I found out my shamanic gifts like Harry Potter, right when Harry Potter experience that. You know, conflict with Voldemort in the crib, right? I was the child who lived. So I'm like a female Harry Potter and I'm going up against Voldemort. Do you see the myth. And so it's like, my other levels of consciousness, which are, you know, really, really high level avatars are like, this is just a temporary gift that she's making. It's not my karma, right? It's not my lesson. So I shape shifted into like this dragon inside of that death ritual, and reactivated through a kundalini awakening inside of the death cycle. Right this we call it the butterfly medicine and shamanism of Transfiguration. And so, on the other side of the veil, after crossing over, I get escorted through all of these beautiful wormholes and like stargates through this universal tree of life, and I got shuttled right through stargates and taken into this huge ancestral Council, with all of these luminous, radiant beings of divine benevolent intelligence. And they're like, so how's it going on planet Earth? And I'm like, oh, you know, little rough down there. And so I was asked to give a deposition, right? Or, like, translate. So what's going on with the male and female energy for that species? What are we dealing with now that we sent you in, you know, what's going on? Because from their perspective, the cause of death was the imbalance of power between the masculine and feminine principles on the whole planet. Cause of death is right, inequity. And therefore, we looked at the true cause of death is analogous to big word, the core wound of the species of where the divine feminine, right took a hit, and where the divine masculine, took a hit. And then it showed up in the loss of the Divine Father principle, and the family system, and the loss of the Divine Mother principle in the family system. So all humans are innocent, right? A family system wouldn't harm itself. That's not our true nature. So we have to look at so where did this actually come from? So I'm there in council, right, with millions of ancestors, and they're all studying the problem, right? What is the true cause of her death? Right, because I was sent in in the pre birth planning councils to find the solution. And therefore, I was granted all of the assistance even before I was born, or granted all of the assistance before I died, to bring in the solution to the problem. Therefore, I It really use my power of clarity like you sent me and to fix this thing. So let's roll up our sleeves. And let's get going. And so we stayed in what you would call deliberations of council meeting after council meeting until we got to the core nugget, where the male and female energies back off balanced. And then, right, it was agreed. All right, well, we can't do this all at once. So here's the comedy. So we're going to schedule five walk ins, because it would be too much for a human body to bring this solution in all at one go. So we had the strategy of like, so we're going to do this and five upgrades. And eventually, you're going to bring in this antidote to the poison poison a separation, the antidote is the divine marriage. However, it may sound funny, it's not like a romanticized notion of the Divine marriage. This is the highest frequency of the divine feminine, which is a magnetic charge. And the highest frequency of the divine masculine, which is an electric charge, and the sacred marriage of the union of a quantum unified electromagnetic field that opens up, right multi dimensional plasma. And you're going to start downloading, right, a quantum unified field, into your physical human body, which vibrates at the frequency of source code. And there's this like funny science fiction film. So if you haven't seen your source code, go watch that movie, and you'll know what we're talking about. And then, because we're so conscientious about ensuring that this is going to work, we ran on the other side in my quote, unquote, end of life review, which is an ancestral counsel, millions of timelines, millions of timelines, like researchers like galactic researchers, right? With all of the Ascended Masters assisting mind you, right? Find us the path of grace, find us the organic timeline, where this whole thing works. And we clear the abuse of power on the entire planet. And then we'll send it back in. So that would be years and years and years and years of the best of the best, the highest talent you got, like, you know, in Dream Team, you know, like The Avengers, the Dream Team, the best of the best. And so I kid you not. Souls have incarnated on the planet after my near death experience, right? Feel quantum timelines, like, Hey, I know you, you are in council meeting. I wasn't going to incarnate, but because of you, right, we knew we needed to bring in those other recruits. They weren't even born yet. So they find me on this planet, right? And they're like, Hey, I incarnated because of you, and that council meeting, and I just giggle and I go like, Well, hey, you know, you got this amazing gift. So you're here. So let's co create. So it's really this cooperative investment in this epic, like, collaboration of consciousness that as I reentered, I didn't just reenter as a human female. I re entered with all of these recruits of all of these unborn kids that weren't even conceived yet to come together and build a real Jedi Council. So I am actually Jedi lineage if you do your research, the Star Wars borrowed. Je di Jedi from Egyptian Jedi DJ EDH i and we are Divine Warriors. It's a divine warrior that stands up for the principle of love, right? It's not power over. It's like a Keto right or the benevolent samurai. I cannot use my power right to enforce my will upon another. I can only use my Jedi abilities in order to literally humbly be of service to that which honors and upholds the Jedi code which is the highest investment for all life and living.

Alex Ferrari 24:18
So so that's a that's a lot to decompress. Definitely a lot to decompress without question. So you come back after that near death experience, you went through the the council of elders is just giant council of elders if you will, like yes, came back into life you came back to life. From the moment you came back to your second near death experience, how old were you and your second one?

Devi Grace 24:42

Alex Ferrari 24:43
Okay. And then How was life? Generally speaking, as you know, a 5 6 7 8 year old, how much do you know?

Devi Grace 24:53
With magical gifts. Yes, I was an anomaly, right? Like I didn't fit in It sounds like she's different. Well, yeah, she's not from here. So there's one more translation that I can share that will assist this to land. And it's also been verified by Cornelius Christopher, who's out of New Zealand. his lineage is called coherence healing, or one Oh, and so I already knew this. And so he goes into what you would call your consciousness lineage. And there was like, oh, isn't that brilliant? You had your future self walk in to your four year old near death experience. And I was like, bingo, bingo, bingo. So when I came back, I had all of this knowledge from the future. Now, I have future memory, right, which is a very advanced skill set. And so it made me you know, ancient, or, you know, wise beyond my years, therefore, I wasn't a four year old, and I had future memory. And I had the database of the Council of Elders. So I'm walking around this kind of like, you know, a star child, it's not from here. And it's on mission to write, bring through the redemption of matter. What we mean by the redemption of matter is the spirit of our consciousness, fully taking up residence in our body, the manifestation of Heaven on Earth, is the body fully trusting itself with its spirit, to trust your body with your spirit, which is Tantra, yoga, which means the vibration of our eternal spirit, fully coming into embodied wholeness, or embodied sovereignty, and this muscle, called the body temple. So I brought back when I died and came back all of these huge frequencies of light. And that's what started healing the damage DNA. Okay, now, the metaphor of working right storytelling, go see the last Mimzy I'm that girl in the last Mimzy. So I came back from the future, right with the solution to heal, right are broken DNA. And remember, they built the Rainbow Bridge. And you know, remember, she's the mother of civilization. I. So I'm that little girl. And then when I saw the last Mimzy, I went. That's, that's what I did. You know, do you see the last Mimzy screenwriters brought in that screenplay, after I had this near death experience, so it was in the collective morphogenetic field for somebody that's that creative, to see that story. And tell it through the art form of which you know, so Well, filmmaking,

Alex Ferrari 28:02
And I interviewed the screenwriter of the last mimsy as well. So I'm familiar with the struggles of getting that movie on this big screen it took basically just took some somebody with a lot of power in Hollywood to just say, I'm making this movie. And I don't care what anyone says, and then make again, they made it so it was a really interesting story on how that movie got made. So your second near death experience, tell me how that goes.

Devi Grace 28:27
So then the second near death experience is kind of like, you know, when you go back to headquarters, you know, like the Navy SEALs or the Army Rangers, right, the elite, you know, special forces, that was like intake of like, okay, so what's the status, right of our initiative? Because the violence hadn't stopped. Right? So we're like doing this intake. Okay, six years later, you know, where are we at, like field assessment? And so basically, they're like, Well, okay, so you're receiving the energy of the Divine Mother pretty well, which is the Gayatri frequency? Well, that's great, but your body's not really letting in the Divine Father frequency. And so we got to we got to amplify bringing more of that divine masculine vibration or recipe ingredient. And so in the the second near death experience, they took me through even more mysterious stargates right? And then we we transcended the level of what you would call the ancestral realms, and then we went up into pure creation fields, which are responsible right for oversight of our entire galaxy. So we just you know, up leveled like okay, we're gonna look at this situation now. Thank you ancestors moving on. And then we moved into this inquiry because all pure My hypothesis is right, now you're gonna miraculously rebalance the power on a whole planet kind of large initiative. So these creation councils stayed with that infinite curiosity of like. So what do we need? Now? We realize it's already done, because we've already run millions of timelines. So what is the ingredient that's necessary right here right now to accomplish this future success? So it's reverse engineering. And then it was like, Okay, we got to bring through the frequency of the Divine Father. Great. All right. They scanned all the lineages on the planet, they said, so what is the highest frequency of the Divine Masculine is Excalibur. So we went straight into the Avalon lineages, Excalibur and the Holy Grail. And Cosmic Christ consciousness, right? The divine masculine, like cosmic crystals. And so they're like, great, doo doo doo doo, right? Like, like Star Trek on the holodeck. Right? So we punched up the code. They're like, great. So can you install Excalibur in her body, which is a symbol, a universal symbol for Cosmic Christ consciousness. Great, that's what's needed, then it gets sent back in, right with that frequency, which in Sanskrit is called the divine union. Hence some of Aisha and the Divine Mother frequency of the first near death experience, technically went through this alchemical ceremony with the Divine Father frequency, just basically bringing in Excalibur and the Holy Grail into my dead body. Just keep the mission on track. And so this may sound really bizarre. However, we have said in morphogenetic, field physics, truth is stranger than fiction. These are archetypes. And these archetypes are very real. If you can embody, right, you can raise your vibratory frequency on that river, to actually bring down an archetype, that huge into a human body to keep things on track.

Alex Ferrari 32:15
So with the second year, what actually happened in the next second near death experience was,

Devi Grace 32:20
Oh, technically a committed suicide. It was like, the issue of the human and sex trafficking, like wasn't resolving itself. And so you know, the first thing you got

Alex Ferrari 32:35
At 10 years old.

Devi Grace 32:36
Yeah, well, then, like a genius. 10 years old or not? 10 years old. Yeah. So I was fixated to death and the first near death experience and the second near death experience and kind of threw a temper tantrum of like, I'm not staying right. And the false matrix I was on like Trinity. I knew it was a false matrix. And I threw a temper tantrum. And I said, get me out of this false matrix, because I came here to be a catalyst for change. And I don't see any change. So I'm going back home, like a stubborn, right.

Alex Ferrari 33:09
So a little bit 10 year old.

Devi Grace 33:14
But, you know, I was like, I'm not doing this because it's not working. Right. It felt like we weren't making any progress. So I overdosed on. What do you call it? A Benadryl? So I would like put myself out to sleep, aspirin and Tylenol, which would create the toxic reaction. So I put myself like it was sleeping beauty. And I went to either sleep of death, right? So then we die. And they're like, Oh, she's really pissed. So, so mad. And I can laugh at it now. But I was like, you promised that we were going to clean up this mess. And I'm not seeing, you know, progress. Right? Because I wasn't seen anybody else in the family system being brave enough to stand up to the abuse frequencies. Sort of mean, for those six years, somebody on the planet could have done, what the sound of freedom is all about. But nobody in the family system had enough courage to do what Tim Ballard did. You see what I mean? And I was working from the framework of like, Come on, we need a hero. So I was like, where's my hero? That's gonna stop the cycle. The thing is, Alex, we don't have time, and the other dimensions. So if we had the sound of freedom, back in the 1970s and 1980s, then I could have been liberated. Just didn't know. Yeah. So it just hadn't happened yet.

Alex Ferrari 34:49
Well, the consciousness wasn't high enough to even think about something like that. It's barely high enough now.

Devi Grace 34:55
Yes. So that was my impatience of like attempting to take matters into my own hands, I'm gonna go back and give them a peace of mind mind because this isn't, this isn't, you know, as promised, shall we say?

Alex Ferrari 35:09
Got it! All right, so that makes sense.

Devi Grace 35:11
And so you know, they didn't really call it a suicide because children that have near death experiences and of course Dr. PMH, Atwater has as documented this. We think I'm just going back home. Right? It's not a child that's taking its life. You don't identify with this reality as your home. I'm like, I'm just gonna go back home. Do you know how many childhood near death experiences right attempt to write? Right? take their own lives? So PMH Atwater? I kid you not this is social service right now communication. If your child has had a near death experience, and they start having issues of feeling homesick parents, do not underestimate how smart these children are. Okay? They can, they can step in front of a running train to go back home. Sure, because they don't know that this too, they don't know that the earth plane can become their home. Right.

Alex Ferrari 36:12
PM was on the show. And she spoke a lot about that kind of stuff.

Devi Grace 36:16
Yeah. So it's not like, you know, you're taking your life, you're just fighting to get back to home. So see the difference?

Alex Ferrari 36:25
I do. So Rev. Devi right now, before we get into the walk ins, which I'm sure it's gonna go down another dot another path. You've thrown it, you've thrown a tremendous amount of information out and the in the short time that we've been speaking so far. Yeah. And a lot of people listening might have not only trouble following it, troubling just even dealing with it or accepting it. What do you have to say to somebody who's listening to this? And I mean, it just goes, Yeah, this is a little too much. This is a little way out there. There's a lot going on. Can you can you say something to kind of bring it to a place where somebody that is thinking that right now? Yeah, go? Okay, I get what she's trying to say. Because you I mean, I'm very experienced in this space. I have talked to a lot of things that you've done, right? I've everything you've said, I've caught. For the most part, I understand where you're coming from, but I'm thinking myself, because I always think of myself as the audience. So as I'm like, Yeah, you know, something, this is going to fly over people's heads, and people will just dismiss it. And I know what you're trying to do. So is there anything you can talk to those people who are listening right now going? She seems to be a little bit off the reservation here. Can we can we bring something down? Yeah.

Devi Grace 37:46
Well, let's let's ground this in terms of what is the nature of a true revolutionary. This right here that you and I are having as a revolutionary conversation. And I'm gonna give you a huge compliment, okay. We, we scoped interviewers on the planet. And you were selected, you, Alex, were selected, because of all the interviewers that you've had, before this conversation. See, so in recognition of who you be, this is even why we're having this revolutionary discussion, because you have interviewed all these other specialists, and all these other experts, and all these other authors. So therefore, in all naked honesty, you have this library, you have this collection of speakers, I will only make sense, right? If people give it time to land, through the principle of cooperation, which means that this interview, in what you would call the timeline of August 2023, is only possible because of all the interviews that you've had up until this Now moment.

Alex Ferrari 39:03
Ohh no if you we're episode, if you were episode number one, I would have been like, whoa. And that's the thing I because of the amount of information I've already studied on my own, and also the people I've talked to, I mean, we've liked this point. We're over episode 300. So we've done over 300 episodes of talking to these kinds of people. So I, I grasp everything you said, yes, a lot of people still I see what you're saying you have to look at another

Devi Grace 39:31
The principle is patience. Do people have the patience to then now cross reference your library, if they're truly curious, right, to enter into brave new frontiers. So you know, how am I any different than the radical, you know, proposition that any massive demarcation of human advancement that we've ever had, and The history of the species has been initially met with resistance everyone, therefore skepticism is healthy, right? Resistance is normal. And, you know, like, confusion is par for the course, I am I that much of a visionary. Right? That all visionaries of this magnitude are initially met like Einstein with like it's like a female Einstein here. Right? And do you think anybody understood Einstein at first? No. It's through willingness, right, curiosity, and patience. So if somebody would like to be brave, right, and like the Star Trek logo into Brave New Frontiers, right here is Brave New Frontier, it would require one to transcend the known, which takes a lot of courage, because it would mean the humility of the human identity to admit, oh, maybe I don't know everything there is to know, maybe I'm a novice in this conversation. And that's not a judgment, maybe that's a good thing. So if I can instill the presence or the principle of curiosity, when we're looking at a revolutionary conversation, that is a massive advancement and human awareness and species evolution, it's gonna require multiple interviews, right? And I've many books to write. So I'm okay, if this doesn't actually translate, like for maybe like, two or three more years, who cares? We're getting the process started today, because there is no time. I'm in this for the long game. I don't need people to comprehend what I'm saying today. However, I can guarantee you millions of people are grateful in the future, because we're having this conversation today. Think of, you know, the Avengers, you know, the the multiverse? You know, I came back from the multiverse. So if somebody doesn't have the basics of quantum mechanics, right, this isn't going to translate right now.

Alex Ferrari 42:16
Oh, no, absolutely. I mean, because of my understanding, my rudimentary understanding of quantum mechanics and quantum physics and having multiple hour long conversation with quantum physicists, about this and spirituality, I can grasp a lot of these these ideas. But you're right, this is this is at a different level conversation. And you really do need to go back to my archives, and watch other people watch Tom Campbell, with about quantum physics and actuality watch. pm Atwater. PMH, Atwater watch, Robert Schwartz, there's so many different people that will kind of fill in some of the holes in your understanding of this conversation.

Devi Grace 42:59
And guess who did his work with me? In the writing of a second book, Robert Schwartz is a client of mine. Right. So that's how I know a lot of your presenters because they've been clients of mine. Wink, wink. So my service is impeccable. Robert Schwartz basically said, Oh, my God, I can't even comprehend how she works with the pre birth planning councils until you know, he read. I remember union, right, which is a book from another girlfriend of mine. And you know, he was just blown away. And that was in 2010 2011. And when he was writing, you know, your souls gift. So yes, read Robert Schwartz series. I have the endorsement of great visionaries like Robert Schwartz with trained with me, like she is off the charts in terms of the clarity of the big picture, right? Of how do you step onto your destiny path? That may sound like it's complete and total science fiction? Because even for Robert Schwartz, look at how much he's respected now, when he came to me for help. He hadn't put all the pieces of the puzzle together yet. So I am like that ancient. Why is one right on the archetype of the Oracle. And I sat there for Robert Schwartz and many like him, right, many gifted authors, and help them put the pieces of the big puzzle together in terms of how our deepest wounds actually become our greatest successes. If you stay on the path of the hero's journey, as Joseph Campbell would say, right, or marine Murdock, the heroines journey, right.

Alex Ferrari 44:39
Experts on both of them.

Devi Grace 44:40
Yeah. So, you know, I'm like Rei Skywalker, I'm the archetype of the prime Jedi. So you literally are not interviewing a fantasy I'm Rei Skywalker. I'm the prime Jedi, and I am a part of the twin dyad. So, legends transmit universe So truths, right? Because in shamanic ancestral wisdom, the storytellers are the ones that paint the picture of what's possible. And therefore, people require healthy imagination, to hear a message that is so at the level of legendary. I am here to fulfill on a legacy, and do not act as an individual. And all the great teachers and all the great avatars and all the great lineages that have come before us, stand with me. They are my cohorts. And this endeavor is nothing less than freedom for the human race. Because you've got to transcend the fear patterns, and replace it with embodied love. All that I've ever done right is to meet those experiences of fear, and rewrite recode with manifestation of higher vibration of love.

Alex Ferrari 46:00
So let's get into the murky waters of the walkin. There's a very interesting concept. Can you explain to people who don't understand what a walk and soul is? Or walkins are explaine to us shortly what it is,

Devi Grace 46:15
There's an organization on the planet that was started by Ruth Montgomery, and it was called Watkins for evolution. Again, the we call it in the Divine Child is the suspension of disbelief. Are you willing to take an exploration of what's possible through the principle of suspension of disbelief? Right? So that puts the ego mind to sleep? And can you stay in infinite curiosity? That's what's required. Grace pass. And Star Trek basically said it's our job and our responsibility to navigate brave new frontiers. Walk in is just an archetype of what Dr. Yvonne Casson right from spiritual awakenings International, you've already interviewed her. She's right another friend of mine out of Canada. These are just spiritually transformative experiences. Who cares if you call it an NDE or walk in, she on the planet coined. The human race is going through spiritually transformative experiences. That's a really big category that can include out of body experiences that can include remember the film Interstellar, right? future self right coming to help, right the issue with the daughter in this timeline, go watch interstellar right, this conversation will make way more sense. Do you see why you are also chosen as a filmmaker? Not only will people benefit from going to your archives, people will benefit from actually revisiting these films and get into the mind of what it takes to be a visionary filmmaker, because they have already demonstrated that all of this Close Encounters of the Third Kind last Mimzy Star Wars Harry Potter, it gets my drift. These are epic legends. Well, guess what the legends are real. Inside of our hearts, right? Avalon, Camelot, holy grail. Like we're bringing the mythic truth, the mythic reality into this physical space time continuum. That right there is the journey of the hero. That right there is the journey of the Shiro so I'm bringing legendary wisdom into this reality a walk in is nothing more than a spiritually transformative experience.

Alex Ferrari 48:42
So then I've my understanding of of walk in is that one soul leaves another soul comes into the body.

Devi Grace 48:50
And that's only that's only one category. Okay? That's why I wanted to or desire open ground Ste is right don't know what we're talking about. Go check out Dr. Yvonne caisson sai International Walk in can happen through a Soul Exchange, right? Because of the multi dimensionality of consciousness. Now, my walk in is basically like I said, an aspect of my oversoul right? You haven't heard of the metaphysical term oversoul it's basically saying that the human personality died and an aspect of my highest self came in right and traded places. Right human self down for the count. highest self oversoul recruited brought into right this pivotal juncture in the missions timeline. Say go Can you see it? It's my future stuff that hopped in through the near death experience. My walk in is my future self, right time traveling through the wormholes.

Alex Ferrari 50:16
Stop for a second stop for a second. Because people, you start losing people. And this is what I kind of tried to bring it down to a place where people understand is that what you're talking about is the concept that there is no time, and that the past, quote, unquote, past and future are all happening at the exact same time. So all of our lifetimes, even lifetimes that we would consider in the past are happening at this moment. This is a very ancient idea from the Vedic Vedic traditions, yogic traditions and many other traditions around the world. So what you're saying is that Matthew McConaughey from interstellar from a future version comes back, quote, unquote, back in our timeline here, to help the future, it comes back to the future, essentially, to help the situation that is going on at this moment, your head is going to start to hurt as we continue to talk, because it does, it does start to strain the brain because our computer, our computer is really not great hardware, our mind, not great hardware. So far, to understand these concepts, these concepts are we're now getting into the deep, deep, deep, far ocean of quantum physics, and really deep spiritual ideas and concepts that are now meeting with quantum physics and quantum mechanics. So that's where you're talking about. So your walk ins were future versions of yourself coming in to kind of upgrade you. It's kind of like, if I would go back. If I go back, and I was a 16 year old with the brain that I have now. The damage I could cause Are you kidding?

Devi Grace 51:59
Matthew J. Fox's character and Back to the Future? Sure. Coming back to help himself.

Alex Ferrari 52:05
Right. Yeah, right. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. The second of

Devi Grace 52:09
A playful context. advanced version of myself came in, walked in to a less advanced version of myself. That was stuck in very deep, thick, murky, ancestral karma.

Alex Ferrari 52:25
Right. It was like, in the effect in Marvel it out for a second in Avengers end game. Yes, all of them came back. I think. The old did more advanced Captain America, like in a timeline, came back and had the fight his current version of the first Avengers, and he's like, Oh, you're just you just really, really with the same line again? And I still like yeah, I could do this all day. I know. I know. I know. So is that kind of thing was kind of there to help the situation. So we're having a little fun here with the movie, movie references. But it's hopefully kind of translates translates a little bit better to wait. So these walkins you had, were not this traditional soul swap? It was more of yourself coming in. And upgrading. These are that's a concept I've heard in, in Ascended Masters.

Devi Grace 53:20
Man who had his first walk in, I have no idea. Siddhartha became sure Buddha. Exactly. So right. Yes, show became resource,

Alex Ferrari 53:33
Right, and so on.

Devi Grace 53:35
You research Ascended Master lineage. They are Walkins. And they're all right. Star avatars. Coming up? Yeah. Because it helped the human race. So we got a long history of very gifted, right, multi dimensional consciousness, working with the human baseline, human personality, baseline frequency, upgrade, baseline. The human identity is just the personality, we are so much more. Therefore every single spiritually transformative experience is just to, like, transmit to the human race, you are so much more than your human identity. So we're gonna blow the mind of the human identity listening. The personality can't grok it. Stranger strangely on the consciousness, can see what we're getting at. Let go of the attachment to the human identity, then you can walk in this kind of a discussion, more ease and grace.

Alex Ferrari 54:41
So I would say for for the older, the older crowd listening to me, my age or older the body and the human consciousness is a floppy disk. Yeah, consciousness is the internet. Yeah. It's so much more information that you can grasp where the floppy, very limited comparatively to the vastness of it as an example of what we're talking about, you know, universal consciousness or, you know, tapping into that is the equivalent of the internet is the closest thing we have to that here. It's just like all information all the time, everywhere.

Devi Grace 55:21
And Brave New Frontiers right now, is not computer tech. It's consciousness tech. Therefore, think of all the future generations that are going to find this interview and go like, those two are brilliant, just way ahead of our time. That's all visionaries just ahead of their time. And yet, future generations that are going to find these archives and the Dalek, they figured it out ahead of the curve.

Alex Ferrari 55:50
Well, I mean, Yeshua. What was that way? Exactly? I mean, when Yeshua showed up, I mean, the poor guy had a rough time. But

Devi Grace 56:01
Nobody understood. What happened to Siddhartha.

Alex Ferrari 56:06
Well, I mean, the same thing for you can say, What about Yogananda, you can see it from a lot of these, these kind of Ascended Masters, who let elevated humanity in one way, shape, or form and, and so when we talk about Yeshua and Siddhartha, who are ancient, and really no one, there's no footage of them. But you look at someone like Yogananda you know, he died in the 1900s. And there's footage of him and there is the books that he wrote. And he was a walking tour. And the the actions that he was able to do to bring the west the east to the west yoga meditation that was all introduced by Yogananda. It's not he didn't change the world, but he changed the world. And you know what I mean, he like he didn't change the world, but he changed the world, with these ideas, just the base of the blueprint. Exactly. And now you look back, and you go, Oh, God, like I was talking about meditation. And here in the roaring 20s, like, you imagine an Indian with a turban, walking around New York, talking about meditation, and that the power is within you, in the 20s. That's exactly what he did. So you look back at those kinds of things. So that's what you're talking about. Now, people looking back at this, he was way ahead of his time. But all revolutionary ideas are ahead of their time, because they just don't go. They just like, you know, how many people how many people were like, the car is a fad, the horse is really is where? I mean, I mean, horses,

Devi Grace 57:40
What the heck is a steam engine, or what the heck is a cell phone? Or what the heck is the internet? There's all these progressive revolutions. Now, my willingness to strategically position this is that I work through partnerships and alliances. So I am a member of the ancestors within Alliance. Do you see what I'm saying? So my experience is now couched within the ancestors within movement on the entire planet. Or my experience is couched within spiritual awakenings, international cohorts, colleagues, right presenters, luminaries, visionaries, cultural creatives, I do not present my ideas as an isolated, individual perspective. I strategically position all of my presentations is I am a member of an alliance here, with all of these messengers collaborating together to bring this awareness forward. In, right, that principle of collaboration, or CO participation, not my voice is our voice. I'm a we hear, right? All these other authors stand with me, right or organization beyond being human. Right? I stand with other messengers, and all our pieces are like a mosaic. My piece makes more sense if you can actually appreciate the beauty the artwork of a mosaic. I'm saying, like there's a palette here, right? I'm one of the paints that's been applied to the canvas. My piece of the divine plan will not make sense if you don't have, like all of these other ancestral authors, right, that have made their contributions for the advancement of human consciousness. Now, here's the bold, right challenge. Do people want to play small and keep the planet where it's at? Or do you like to play big and go into bold, brave frontiers? It's like, only the Braveheart right, Scotland. That man was a radical, isn't mean, everybody looks back. You know? The dude's a hero. They thought he was crazy. See? What do you mean you're gonna take on England? They're not messing with my people anymore. It was Gandhi. Mundus, Gandhi,

Alex Ferrari 1:00:08
Gandhi again. Yes. I mean, one man took down the British Empire. Small, one very small man took down the British Empire. He had a lot of help, though. Yes, but he's, it's by it started with him. He's the inspiration. So

Devi Grace 1:00:28
Gandhi did not publicly discuss the way on publicly discussing with you now, the multi-dimensional upgrades that he received in order to accomplish that mission. There are actually there are actually far more occurrences of walkins than people have actually openly discussed. Sure, one of the most famous walkins is Abraham Lincoln. Okay, if you have a really big mission, okay, and you get stuck. In any point of that mission, it was said that if Abraham Lincoln did not complete his mission, our country would have gone into chaos from the wreckage of those civil wars. It was therefore divinely deemed absolutely necessary that Abraham Lincoln receive an upgrade. So we could have the version of Abraham Lincoln that we have on the planet now. Now, the other individual that people go like, Oh, what happened to Gorbachev? What Why did Gorbachev do this? You know, radical, right, reorientation. Do you see if I name off all the walk ins, you have a long list, these are progressive leaders that are in very challenging, right roles or assignments. And if the mission is in jeopardy, and if that mission has to succeed in order to help the human race evolve, extra assistance is sent in. Look at all of the other science fiction films, right where they have to Groundhog Day. Go back into that timeline, right, Bill Murray,

Alex Ferrari 1:02:05
The most spiritual movie of all time.

Devi Grace 1:02:07
And again, right. So I had Groundhog Day in my end of life review. When you have a near death experience, go to the International Association for near death studies, ions, or assist American Center for the integration of spiritually transformative experiences, look up the term end of life review, I was stuck in Groundhog Day and my end of life review. How are we going to fix this issue of the abuse of power? What so you've got to realize that is not this Groundhog Day can be a valuable asset, if you think of it in terms of I am researching timelines. And I have the grace, right of infinite learning curve. On the other side, we ran every single timeline like Groundhog Day. Does it work this way? No. Does it work this way? No. Does it work this way? No. Only until we found the timeline and my end of life review. Right? It's just the dispensation of grace that we were looking for. That dispensation of grace, then identified, she's gonna need five upgrades. You can call it a walk in. That's jargon, it's gobbly gook. It's an advancement. It's a quantum leap in consciousness. And if somebody is humble enough, they're gonna get excited about, oh, we have quantum leaps of consciousness that are possible.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:43
It's in what you said is very true that the advancement of humanity will not come from the external technology, though, that will continue to grow, but only in service to the expansion of consciousness within the individual and within the species as a general statement, which in my opinion, is been happening, but not fast enough. And there's things stopping it from continuing to grow. We are arguably, in many ways treating ourselves differently than we did in the dark ages, let's say, you know, so there has been advancements and you know, the days of, of Yeshua walking the earth are the days of the Egyptians or even farther back, which is one of my favorite things to talk about as ancient civilizations. And things that go farther back than our timeline suggests, our you know, narrative that we talked about today suggests, so we have been upgrading and then if you go into the Yuga cycles, we are actually coming out of the dark ages. So Dark Ages was the literal bottom of that Yuga and now we're going back out. So the how you got Yeah, the colony Exactly. So we are now evolving, but we need some help. And it's Yeah, But But I gotta say, though, in the scope of human existence, what has happened in the last two to 300 years is been insane. The speed monumental, I mean, insane if you don't talk about two or 300 years, but if you talk about the last 2000 years in the scope of humanity, the scope of this planet, that's not even a blink, that's not even. And what we've been able to do is pretty amazing. But now we're getting to that breaking point where we need to either tipping point, you're aware that we're at a tipping point that we need to, we need to wake everybody up. And it's that's the term waking everybody up to the power within themselves. In the in the in the deep, going, it's what Jesus was saying 2000 years ago, has said, every single Ascended Master avatar that has come to the planet has always had the powers within you. And if you continue, that's where that's why meditation is so important. That's why going inward for the answers is so important. And I think that is the next great jump, evolutionary jump of our species. And when we transcend that, that's when really interesting things are gonna happen for the species for the planet, and so on. So, I do appreciate you,

Devi Grace 1:06:21
The divinity within, right?

Alex Ferrari 1:06:23
Yes, and, and to get away from

Devi Grace 1:06:25
The name of the game as the Divinity with in.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:28
Right, and to get away from this dogmatic, you know, religious backgrounds and things like that, which for some people is still something that they need, and that's fine. And that that brings you closer to God, or to source. That's fine. But eventually, you know, like, I literally just went three weeks, two weeks ago, two and a half weeks ago, I was in the Vatican. And I was in St. Peter's Basilica, and I'm walking around. And I, I got to go down into the catacombs, where the priests are, where the where the Pope's are all buried. And then I turn the corner and I go, Oh, look. There's there's there. St. Peter. Yeah. So like, the apostle Peter is there like his, his, his, his body is there. And I'm like, interested, like, I just was really blown away by that idea. But then you're walking around the Vatican City, you walk around the Vatican, and you see it, the first thought that popped in my head, I was like, Wow, this has such little to do with Jesus. It has nothing to do with his teachings. It's all about the power of the organization. And its own abuse of power, that it's, let's let's talk about the abuse of power of the church as

Devi Grace 1:07:48
A human interpretation. Correct. Right. And I have met one of the direct descendants of St. Peter. So I've, I've assisted also our supportive St. Peter's bloodline. Right, just descend it. Right? So the name of the game here is miracles are real. Yes. And the greatest advancement now is the technology of our consciousness. And thank heavens, we have the saving grace that we actually are multi dimensional. So the bottom line, what's the takeaway? You can transform your core wound, absolutely assistance, your multi dimensional love, because that core wound is not individual. It is connected to ancestral issues. And oh, by the way, it is connected to archetypal issues. So it behooves the human race, to think outside of the box. And for those that have the Braveheart, your consciousness will get the idea very clearly from this interview today, that you can petition for miracles. Its leadership legacy, right through the manifestation of embodied divine miracles. The miracle is not a fantasy. It's our capacity to receive that gift of love, and that the technology of miracles is genuinely real. And my whole story is just to prove that very point, the walk away from this whole conversation is technology of miracles is real. Got it? So can you be open to asking, ask and it is given. If human race doesn't know that you can ask for that grace. The laws of grace Trump supersede the laws of any concept of Karma. The law of grace is stronger than any other manifestation of what you would call the thought form of a karmic blueprint. it that is a radical game changer. Take that to the bank that will free millions of souls on this planet, not to mention, right hundreds of 1000s of family, right systems. If you believe that you already are worthy to receive the dispensation of grace, that is the manifestation of a divine miracle. Ask for it. Be the hero of your own life. And know that the idea, right, even inquire what miracles are possible for me. And my lifetime is coming from like you say, power of the divine within

Alex Ferrari 1:10:44
Rev. Devi this has been such a wonderful conversation. Thank you so much for for, for sharing your adventures with us. And yeah, going into the very deep waters that I did not expect to go to in this conversation. But I'm glad that we did. Now I'm going to ask you fries. And I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask them, I guess, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Devi Grace 1:11:10
The joy of the embodied soul, right? Getting to live the truth of my soul through my human body, basically, the integration of heaven on earth. That's where I get my greatest joy, the greatest pleasure on my souls embodied divine path and plan.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:30
This is going to be a fun question, if you can go back in time. And talk to little Reverend Devi. And what advice would you give her?

Devi Grace 1:11:39
Believe, my divine child that you are capable of miracles that will go down in the records of the human legacy of some of the most exquisite dispensations of grace possible, Believe, believe, believe, believe you can be the conduit for miracles right? Not for thyself for the greater good of the whole. Let yourself have that miracle, to be of service to all hearts around you.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:11
How do you define God?

Devi Grace 1:12:13
From source

Alex Ferrari 1:12:18
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Devi Grace 1:12:20
The embodiment of that divine source love energy. The embodiment of heaven on earth, the love is within the lightest within and the divine union is within

Alex Ferrari 1:12:36
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Devi Grace 1:12:39
For individuals, I am structured as the divineunionacademy.com. For couples for organizations, for businesses, we're over at divineunionfoundation.org. And then like I said, I partner with all these different lineages, and you can find us at ancestorswithin.com, spiritualawakeningsinternational.com and beyondbeinghuman.com.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:07
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Devi Grace 1:13:11
Never underestimate that a single choice point can entirely alter the complete and total timeline in the blink of an eye. Never underestimate the power of your love to completely transform the trajectory of an entire timeline. Basically, love and grace wins, and it winds through us choosing to be right, that pivot.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:42
Rev. Devi, thank you again so much for coming on the show. I appreciate you and the work that you are doing in the world. So I appreciate you my dear. Thank you so much.

Devi Grace 1:13:50
And thank you, Alex for everything that you're stewarding. And to be continued.

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