What is Consciousness with Frauke Sandig & Eric Black

I recently saw the documentary, Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness, and I felt that it would be a perfect conversation for the show because of how it digs into multiple layers of consciousness and asks a lot of big questions and answers, a couple of questions. But you’re also left with questions at the end of … Read more

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Beatles & Transcendental Meditation with Paul Saltzman

I saw the trailer for the, Meeting The Beatles in India documentary by Paul Saltzman and I instantly know that I wanted to have him on the show. His unique experience meeting the Beatles in 1968 at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in India changed his life forever and this cosmic aligning story is one … Read more

Your Soul Is Speaking To You with Catherine Ann Jones

Finding one’s inner mission and connecting with your spiritual self is a recurring theme on this show. There comes a time in life that compels you to be stale — to hear the voice within and find divine balance and connectivity. I’m basically talking about self-attunement and mindfulness.  For many years Catherine Ann Jones has … Read more

Building a Profitable Business Using Your Soul’s Purpose with Rebekah Louisa Smith

Finding your purpose in life allows you to live a life of purpose. Rebekah tapped into her passion for film in 2009 and rebirth a whole new meaning to her life that has led her to build a successful business consultant in Hollywood.  She is an award-winning consultant and media personality with more than 10 … Read more

I Was on Top of the World & Still Tried to End My Life with Moby

Global icon, musician, and animal rights activist, Moby (né, Richard Melville Hall) has lived many lives right before the gazes and judgment of the world. Self-discovery is a continual process that each time, when done right, unravels a new purpose and even newer challenges. This conversation is about the rise and fall of ego, fame, … Read more

How Conscious Content Can Change the World with Kia Kiso

Just over two decades ago, media influencing was an exclusive privilege. There is no denying the irrepressible nature the media has morphed into. The media’s accessible interactions, technology, and information have taken on a persuasive essence, thus the need for a more conscious media.  That’s why I brought on Kia Kiso today. She’s a founding … Read more

Life and Near Death Experiences (NDE) with Dannion Brinkley

“Lightning never strikes the same place twice” is a common phrase of reassurance. But the odds of lightning striking the same place or person twice, in reality, is very likely. Be it years apart or not. And in the case of our guest, today life has struck him a couple of times harder than most. … Read more

How to Discover the Meaning of Your Life with Connie H. Deutsch

Connie H. Deutsch

There are moments in your life where you run into people who will forever change your life. Today’s guest was that person for me. Connie H. Deutsch is an internationally known business consultant and personal advisor who has a keen understanding of human nature and is a natural problem-solver. She is known throughout the world for … Read more

Transform Your Body NO MATTER YOUR AGE! Jaw-Dropping Results! with Tony Horton

We are all guilty of exaggerated proclamations to start our fitness journey as a new year resolution, and we don’t always follow through. Over the last decade, the concept of self-care, especially the fitness competent, has become a selling point for Influencers all over America. Today on the show, we have fitness legend, celebrity personal … Read more