Woman Shown PAST LIVES on Other Worlds & Civilizations in Mystical PRE-BIRTH MEMORY! with Rebbeca Wertz

Rebbeca Wertz is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Pain Management Coach through Take Courage Coaching (TCCU) as well as a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner through the  International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP).

Rebbeca’s journey with early childhood trauma and abuse contributed to her chronic pain and illness including chronic migraine, fibromyalgia, and joint hypermobility syndrome/Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome. She was at a point in her life where she could not get out of her own way and knew she needed a coach to help her see outside of herself and get her back on track. Rebbeca’s healing journey has inspired her to help others looking for hope, health, and a connection with their higher self.

Rebbeca’s spiritual awakening in 2006 led her to discover  multi-dimensional connection with divine groups like the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians, etc. Rebbeca enjoys being an ambassador on Earth for these groups and connecting others with their loving divine families.

Please enjoy my conversation with Rebbeca Wertz.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 336

Rebbeca Wertz 0:00
I see like a one or two year old in a highchair. And it's an old fashioned Thai chair. And I'm celebrating my first or second birthday, and I'm a boy. So that's the first time I, I'm figuring out, oh, my gosh, I'm a boy in this life. And she was very happy and excited, you know, to be celebrating the mother. And we had a strong connection. I just remember that. And then that was all that was given to me. And that's when I woke up.

Alex Ferrari 0:40
Like to welcome to the show Rebbeca Wertz. How you doing Rebbeca?

Rebbeca Wertz 0:43
Hi! Thanks for having me Alex.

Alex Ferrari 0:45
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I've been looking forward to this conversation for a bit, because we've had a lot of near death experiences on the show, but we don't have a lot of pre birth experiences on the show. And they are as fascinating if that even a little bit more fascinating sometimes than near death experiences. So before we get into your pre birth experience, what was your life like before you remembered? Or really embrace these memories?

Rebbeca Wertz 1:13
Yeah, so I grew up in the Mormon church, and I had a traumatic childhood, a lot of all forms of abuse and whatnot, and in healing from the abuse, and, you know, confronting my perpetrator and taking him to trial and going through that whole process. You know, I, the church was not giving me the answers that I was looking for. I had been through so much, and it didn't make sense why, you know, maybe my college roommate had a great upbringing, you know, I just didn't understand. It didn't make sense. The churches was not offering me answers. So I decided to kind of like look elsewhere into, kind of just spread my wings a little bit and ask about other religions and people and just do a lot of self exploration. And I had my teenage rebellion during those years, even though I was in my mid 20s, it was hitting them. And I was married in the temple in the Mormon temple before, but that, that marriage, we just kind of left amicably. And then we got married later. And about two months after that, my wedding to my second husband. I started having a lot of questions about after death, and what happens when you die. And I wanted to find my own answers. And that's when I found the endof.org, which is all the near death experiences. And I must have stayed up all night reading them. And I felt like I was remembering things I already had known. And it was just a really beautiful experience that launched me into a spiritual awakening. And this was in 2006. So I went through the spiritual awakening, I also had some divine ET contact was, which was really amazing. I didn't know what was going on until I researched some of the names that were being given to me, either during meditation are in a dream state. And I've never heard of these names. You know, so the fact that I was being reached out to was just like, wow, something big is going on. I also had like a spontaneous sort of Kundalini awakening. And it was during lucid sleep, the kind where you can close your eyes, but you feel like you can still see the room around you. And in a weird, sort of, like grayish format, so and then I had this, like, lucid kundalini awakening, and it was it was wonderful. And I didn't know what it was. I thought it was a seizure. To be that way. Yeah. Anyway, fast forward, I've had a lot of great, uh, you know, experiences of everything. And then I've, you know, had trouble getting pregnant, I got pregnant, but I always had this inner knowing like, the birth is going to be hard. I just knew that for myself. And sure enough, it was really, really traumatic, another traumatic experience, where I had retained placenta, sorry, the sclerosis. But I hemorrhaged and I lost consciousness, and I had to have emergency surgery, and then two blood transfusions. And when I woke up from the surgery, I felt like I had been somewhere so it was sort of like a mini nd without me remembering anything. I had a lot of near death type. Things happen afterwards with just a lot of psychic ability and just a lot of abilities that I never had before, I would say for about a year. So within that year, finally, I'm sorry, I'm getting to the point. It's all good. Within that year, I had the remembrance of the pre birth experience that I actually have two memories of it. So All the first memory was oh, I'm sorry.

Alex Ferrari 5:02
So before we get into it before we get into the pre birth memories, you know, so funny because I've had a couple of ex Mormons on the show, and I'm a recovering Catholic myself. So it's, it was really interesting, because I have have really dear friends in the Mormon church. And I know, I've no way more than I need to know about the Mormon religion. Because of it. Fast forward, she had her teenage rebellion in her 40s When she left the church, so it's kind of like, because it's like, almost, there's not a I'm sadnot saying that you don't mature like the rest of the world. But it sounds like it may wrong on that that assumption is kind of like you're kind of like, stunted if you will?

Rebbeca Wertz 5:48
Correct! Absolutely. Yeah. Because you're not allowed that self exploration, you're given the answers and want to believe, there you go, you know. So, you know. And if you follow that faithfully there, you know, there's nothing really that will shake you out of that unless something dramatic happens really, some kind of life. That kind of shakes your belief.

Alex Ferrari 6:11
Got it! Exactly. And so when you decided to kind of all this self, self exploration and spiritual awakenings, Kundalini and all this kind of stuff that's going on. Did you keep this to yourself? Or did you kind of come out and start talking to people about it

Rebbeca Wertz 6:29
Took me a long time. Took me a long time, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 6:33
You're in the closet.

Rebbeca Wertz 6:35
I started a YouTube channel with the hopes of just sharing harp music and everything and eventually got the courage to talk about this stuff. Mostly after my birthday, that birth experience, I was just getting so much information. And I was getting the feeling like, I've got to move my channel in this direction, and share a lot of this information. And if it helps anybody, you know, there's a lot of people awakening right now and finding their own truth. And I just felt like this was the time to start coming out was so hard. I was so scared. Sure. But now it just feels so right. And everything. And because I have done it. And because of the positive reinforcement I've gotten, and just the passion that I have about that and helping others. It's, it's like, it just takes away the fear

Alex Ferrari 7:30
Of going through that. So yeah, so let's go into the the pre birth experience. Tell me what you remember. And how did it? How did it spawn? What sparked it?

Rebbeca Wertz 7:39
So that going through a lot of the abuse, trauma and trying to heal that in my 20s. I had a lot of questions like, Why was I born into my family? Why did I experience that. So one of the pre birth memories I had was through this healing process, kind of a vague remembrance of being in a room with a soul family group, a large one. And they were actually kind of excited because they were all planning their live different lives and what they wanted to accomplish and everything. And I remember a table or screen or something like that, where we could do some like reviewing of things of how things could play out. I think healing generational trauma was a big one, mental health and illness issues go like far back into both lines of my family. So I think that was a big thing that was that was discussed at that time. But I remember like saying, I want to go down at this time and do that and come into this family group and be the one to kind of go through the the thick of it, the hardest part of it. And I do remember volunteering for that. I'm not sure why. Sometimes I often question myself, like, Why did I didn't, but I do very much remember the volunteering aspect of it. And because of that, that really challenged how I felt about like, the abuse that happened to me and kind of like how I felt about all of that and my abuser and all you know, just like, Well, does that mean I had a part in it? You know, or that I kind of knew that something or there was a potential for something like this to happen. And I had to work it out for many years, because it was important in my healing process. And in the whole part of like, everybody talks about forgiveness, and it's so different for everybody else. I'm not saying everybody needs to go out there and forgive the abuser right away. It's a process. It's a process, but I knew I had a hand in it somehow in terms of I knew something was going to be happening. So I think that was a big part of how I was able to forgive and kind of like, move on, and kind of spiritually launch myself out of this other light, you know, I just call it my before, like before my spiritual awakening kind of life, you know, it explained a lot about it. So it's hard for a lot of people to hear that, you know, because they're not, they're not at that point. And I wasn't, it was yours. You know, I had to, I had to go through the anger, I had to go through the trial, I had to go through like he needed to be prosecuted and sent to jail. And he was and all of that. So, you know, I had and I had to go through my anger with the church being a perfect foundation for that kind of thing to exist. We are supposed to be our priesthood holders, you know. And this priesthood Holder was the abuser and he baptize people he passed a sacrament, he did all those church type of things and callings and everything. And, you know, so it's who was a lot had to go through that a lot of that anger and healing. So

Alex Ferrari 11:05
Let me ask you this. And, and, and I mean, no disrespect when I asked this question, so please, take that. I'm asking him purely as a devil's advocate for people who are watching who might say, and if you've seen my show, you know what I do all the time, like, this all sounds nuts. It sounds crazy, you know, for for people who are watching who are like, this is a little bit about, you know, this is made up in our head, maybe she's using this as a coping mechanism to deal with her trauma. What would you say to people who are having a difficult time, believing in this, this all of this stuff, not just the prebirth, but the spiritual awakening and all of these other things? And I say that because I want you to prove to them how real it is to you.

Rebbeca Wertz 11:49
Oh, gosh, this is such a huge question. And I still feel like I have to somewhat prove and it's, it's really sad, because I get it, though. Not somebody looks at me. And they're like, how are you even functioning right now? How with what happened to you? How are you even at this level? And I think that had a big part of why I volunteered is because I knew I could take on a lot of darkness. I feel like a transmuter Yeah. Like, I also I felt like I had a great love for my family and for the perpetrator and the abuser. I'm that was the very hard and conflicting part was that I loved him. You know, he's my father. So, you know, it was like two different people, you know, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, or however that goes. So, you know, it, it was hard, I wanted so much to heal this, and it's always been my driving force. So when I was hospitalized for suicide attempts, and, and all of that through my 20s and 30s. I mean, that's the bulk of where I went through all my suffering. And I think because I was able to leave the church and get away from that box, like thinking, I was able to then connect with my higher self, and be able to be like, why why why not just like, oh, the Lord is giving you trials that only you can handle that answer from the church was not working? No, that is not going to work for me. So I wanted to know, what what was this? And that vague memory that I had of volunteering? Why didn't I have that? Why do I have that. And I just would go into it more. And I you know, I would feel into it more. And I would understand and be given more information when I went into meditative states or connected with my guides, and just spiritually advanced myself. I've been very just a very goal oriented, poor person. So it's just I'm kind of a trailblazer, that's just my energy. So and because I'm a trailblazer, I want to make that trail so that I can help make it easier for other people. That is my passion. Truly,

Alex Ferrari 14:28
You are a warrior in many ways, my dear you, you are a warrior, because you are again, plotting a trail out out of this religion and out of the circumstances for others to kind of model and as they say the first one through the wall is generally bloodied. Or first one over the hill is the one with the arrows in their back.

Rebbeca Wertz 14:53
Yeah. So we feel that Yeah. So

Alex Ferrari 14:57
So before we get to the second year Pre birth experience in that first pre birth, what did you feel? How did you communicate? What was you know, I I've heard the room, and I've heard the soul group. And I've heard that many life review. Yeah. And I've heard of the giddy energy of yeah, oh my god, we're going on a ride where it's like, before a roller coaster like we're going on a ride we're gonna, we're gonna do this live and we're gonna do that loop. And that's kind of the vibe that I got. But on a on a tech if there's a way did you feel loved? Did you feel nothing? Was there any smells? Was there any? How did you communicate in that first section,

Rebbeca Wertz 15:37
So that the firt I have the two pre birth memories. The first one is with the family soul group. The second one was the roller coaster one that you were talking about. So that was something totally different that came after the birth experience, which I haven't gone into detail yet. But I could share that later if you'd like. So back with with the family, I just remember feeling love for the group, a lot of love. And like you said there was giddy energy I do. And I'm still kind of confused about this. I do not know if I was part of that soul group. Or if I came in separate. And I fell in love with their plan or what they wanted to do and found that it aligned with mine. And so we kind of joined forces. And I said yes, I'll help out kind of thing. I still don't know. I'd like to think they're my soul group, you know, because I love my family. But, but I don't know. And it's funny. I don't I don't know why I am not clear on that yet. So

Alex Ferrari 16:36
I think it's maybe it's just they sent you enough information? Yes. To to help you with what you need right now.

Rebbeca Wertz 16:43

Alex Ferrari 16:44
Just Just go. She needs this cracker. Let's throw her a cracker. Not the whole box. Right?

Rebbeca Wertz 16:51
They do a lot with me.

Alex Ferrari 16:53
Do that with everybody? By the way? That's just because we

Rebbeca Wertz 16:56
Fly with it. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 16:57
Well, no, because it kind of, right, if you knew the entire plan, it ruins the fun. Like, everything fun. US I used the term fun as a loose term. But you know, from my understanding from the other side, this is a ride, this is fun. This is an experience that you can't get on the other side. And everyone's kind of getting to do it good, bad or indifferent in all the experiences. And we we have a very difficult time dealing with that down here. It's kind of like Mario, it's kind of like if you're interviewing Mario, and Donkey Kong and like, to the dam monkey keeps throwing the barrels at me. I know. Yeah. But you get excited. And you have to build get the point that like, it's a day or

Rebbeca Wertz 17:45
I'm a gamer. So I know, it's like, this is such a video game. Like you get your character you get to pick what they look like what they're wearing. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And then like, you know, your, your different challenges, you know, what, what do you want to accomplish? What experience or whatnot, you know, and here we are. And again, everybody has free will and free choice. So there was very much I felt like, with these mental health issues, there was a lot of potentials for abuse type storylines to take place, even though we weren't exactly sure you know, 100%, what's going to happen, I still think they know, they have some kind of knowing up there. That's like probability potentials, you know, a way of seeing different types of things that can come up. And I guess that's what the screens are for.

Alex Ferrari 18:35
Right! And I always call I call us God's algorithm, because there is a puzzle, you aim it at a direction, but it kind of goes where it wants, you don't know exactly where it's gonna go. But you know, the direction it's going and there's certainly kind of markers that it has to hit. So there's like, you know, if there's an abuse in your life, you're gonna have that abuse, how you deal with it, how you get there, where you go from it is the what ifs. You know, if you're going to make a big giant in my world, make a big movie, you're gonna get that opportunity, how you get there, where happens, all this other stuff kind of goes in different directions. And it's hard for people to wrap their head around because no one here can think why would I want to be abused? Why would I want to be poor? Why would I be born with one without one leg? Why do I have this chronic illness? You know, Why was I born into this family? It's hard to process that idea down here. Would you agree?

Rebbeca Wertz 19:32
Absolutely. And that's why I'm so thankful for that memory because it was it was given to me and I believe Alex, it definitely was just enough to give me an order to do the healing that I needed to do to get to the next level.

Alex Ferrari 19:46
Right! No pun intended. It gives you a just give they give you enough sometimes, and it but you know so funny they do no one and how much to give, whether it's signs, whether it's certain things to get to keep you going. And they know like, Oh, she's out of block, we got to throw her a bone, right? If not, she's gonna derail. And we're gonna have to do this all over again. Let's not do that for her. Let's try to help her out. They get into fear, but they just drop crumbs for us to kind of follow, if you will.

Rebbeca Wertz 20:25
Absolutely. And when I was going through my suicide, many numerous attempts and everything. And the healing that I came out of that was knowing it, it was like it, I finally got it. I can't do that, because I'll be back doing the same thing. somewhere else, it could be on a different planet, I don't know. But I would have to learn whatever I wanted to learn or accomplished or do in some other way. So it would be like a delay in the process, a huge delay.

Alex Ferrari 20:56
Where did you hear that? Like, how did you come to that realization was

Rebbeca Wertz 20:59
Like an inner knowing it was an inner

Alex Ferrari 21:01
No one told you that you didn't read that anywhere or anything. It's just something no one spoke words of God didn't come into you. You just don't like if I do this, I'm going to be back, I'm going to be back. So that was just an inner knowing. So that might very well easily been a message from your guides, strong message going. Yes. It's up to you.

Rebbeca Wertz 21:21
You're kind of throwing away what you can accomplish down here. In a short amount of time. Well, to them, it's short to us, it feels like agony, and it's very slow. But yeah, I definitely got that, that feeling. And that really helps. kind of stop that sort of suicidal like, cycle, you know, that I would go through year after year. You know, so because,

Alex Ferrari 21:46
Because if you feel like if you're not only gonna have to do this again, you're gonna have to be a baby again, you're gonna have to crawl again, which is a very rough verse again, and you gotta learn how to walk. That's it. Let's just keep going.

Rebbeca Wertz 22:03
Yeah, and that's why they say this life is a gift for that reason.

Alex Ferrari 22:06
It is it is it is amazing. So tell me about your second the roller coaster.

Rebbeca Wertz 22:12
Oh, yeah. So that one's that one's fun. So, you know, after you've had like a near death type experience, a lot of strange things happen. And I've shared that on my channel. I have a little video that goes over what I went through. One of those was a pre birth experience. It was yes, it was in a sort of like dream, but it was, it was kind of dream where you felt like you were never asleep. And it was so vivid. And when you woke up, you were just like, you know, immediately, like you didn't feel groggy or tired or anything, you just open your eyes and you're like, wow, I was just there. So that experience is a lot of fun. It's a pre birth experience I had of another life. Or I was observing another life. Yes. So I remember being this curious, like little orb. And I was so childlike. And I was in this heavenly atmosphere, you know, cloud flooring, you know, and there was like this sort of bubble like dome, and have the colors of a bubble. But I felt like the bubble wall was like, thick like you there was a boundary to it. And so it's very curious. And suddenly, I noticed the guide, helping another soul, prepare to go down to earth. And I thought, Oh, well, that looks interesting. Hey, can I do that? Literally, it was that easy. Just the basic curiousness. And the guide was like, Sure, you know? Yeah, let's, let's, let's get you ready. So the first thing I remember is going through this bubble barrier, which now I know and to understand was the veil that a lot of people talk about, yeah. So and I remember there's a resistance to it, like an energetic resistance to it. So I went through that, and then there was this sort of tube that you would prepare to go down into, and it to me, it was shown to me so I wouldn't freak out. You're given like images that you're most relating to that make you happy or you know, they don't make you scared, they don't want to scare you. So I saw like a roller coaster, you know, and you get into this car. And you know, you get situated and you're getting ready and you're putting on you know, whatever. But what I was doing then it switched from the vision of getting into a roller coaster to I was trying I was getting into an energetic body template, which was absolutely fascinating. And the guide was telling me now you've got a spread because I'm this little bubble right? So are you know this little orb? I need to spread my energy into every nook and cranny into this light body. And I remember it being very like energetically like uncomfortable and And it was hard to hold. And I wasn't going anywhere until I, you know, satisfied their, their specifications for filling out this complete light body. And once that happen, zoom down, I went through this tunnel. And then the very next memory that I had, was observing the pregnant mother during birth, and I was kind of outside of her. And I was observing not only her pain, and, and fears, kind of like energetically feeling her pain too. I think that's an empath thing that I just have. But I was able to feel that like she was in a lot of pain, but I felt her excitement about having a child. So I felt like overall, it was positive, even though I was worried about her. So after that, the next memory I have is that I see. And again, it's like I'm seeing from an outside perspective. I see like a one or two year old in a highchair. And it's an old fashioned Thai chair. And I'm celebrating my first or second birthday, and I'm a boy. So that's the first time I I'm figuring out, oh, my gosh, I'm a boy in this life. And she was very happy and excited, you know, to be celebrating the mother. And we had a strong connection. I just remember that. And then that was all that was given to me. And that's when I woke up. And so I was really worried. I was really worried because I had feelings for that mother. Did I die? And that's why I only remember that much. Yeah. Or was I only given that much to remember, because if I remembered more about life, it would really mess with my current life. So I'm hoping it's the latter because I would really, I did not want to cause that mother grief after everything she went to, to have a child. So that was an amazing experience. And I haven't had one sentence like, you know,

Alex Ferrari 27:05
We'll let me ask you why. Oh, there's, there's a bunch to unpack. Why do you think that they showed you this life memory? Is this a past life? I'm assuming?

Rebbeca Wertz 27:18
I think it was. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 27:20
But was it what what year? Do you think it was based on what they were?

Rebbeca Wertz 27:23
1930's or 40's

Alex Ferrari 27:25
Oh, okay. So you could tell by the way they would dress? Yes. That was the time period. In your, in your spiritual travels. In your education? Have you heard of this concept of there is no past present or future that everything's happening all the same time? Yeah. Yeah. So all of our past lives, quote, unquote, past are happening as we speak, right? And anything that we do in this life ripples back that way and ripples forward, quote, unquote, because that's how we have to look at it here. Yeah. Do you think that you were just stepping into I always I always say our souls lifecycle is a record. And are the needle on the record is where we are right now.

Rebbeca Wertz 28:07
I was thinking a spiral. But I love yours. Your analogy is so great. It's so perfect, because all you have to do is move that needle.

Alex Ferrari 28:14
Right. So did they get the needle up and move you back? A few grooves to go? Do you think that's what happened?

Rebbeca Wertz 28:20
Absolutely. And I remembered a future life too.

Alex Ferrari 28:23
So please, oh, I'd love to hear this one. ray guns and and young people. Let's go.

Rebbeca Wertz 28:30
That's why Yeah. This one actually, yes. Well, I had that, oh, gosh, I've had so many experiences. But this future life, I felt like had a lot of karma attached to it. I know a lot of people don't believe in the karma. But I felt like to me, it was just a heaviness that maybe I felt like I wanted to clear but I was another being I was not human. I was males sort of an energy. I was tall. I was like an alien typing. And I was responsible for a planet where these simple minded, But innocent other beings were living. And because of a power thing, struggle. It's really hard to explain this because it's like, I have no words. Authoritarian power struggle I was going through, I let the peep the the beings on this planet be harmed and be destroyed. I know that sounds absolutely nuts. But I felt such a karmic responsibility and a sadness for that, because of my own fear that I that I had as that being. It's part of why I'm here doing kind of the, like, awakening work that I do with people and feeling like I can help another planet out. Does that make sense? I know that's really wild.

Alex Ferrari 29:48
No, it makes sense. It doesn't make sense. I mean, the way I was looking at you know, when people bring in other beings and like look, if God made the universe it's a lot of real estate guys. Yeah. Really, he's not going to he or she's not going to

Rebbeca Wertz 30:03
Put in one little place.

Alex Ferrari 30:05
Like, yeah, that's it. Everything else is just for you guys to look outside and you can't see most of it anyway, it doesn't make a lot of sense. And then when you start getting into quantum physics and multi dimensions, and you're just like, okay, it Yeah, at a certain point, I get it. But you're not the first to talk to me about those kinds of things as far as seeing other realms, seeing other planets in past life, past lives and future lives and near death experiences, even where they travel to other planets and so on. It's interesting, because if you only think of the narrow idea that there's only one planet, that's 6000 years old. That one that idea only, it's very, very small idea. And that's very egotistical, very Joby. 100%. Yeah, it's a completely ego based, where if you really look at even even scientists and physicists are just like, come on. 100. There's 100 billion earth like planets. Let's not talk about the other trillions and trillions of other planets. But earth like that is like 100 billion in the Milky Way. The Milky Way. Yeah, not all the other galaxies out there. So when you start thinking of the math you like, of course, this makes sense. But it all it all kind of works together with what you're saying, because you felt this great. Like, help. I didn't defend an entire people. And they'll have to kind of do my penance. Yes. Yeah, that too. Yeah. to kind of help others karmically, it does make sense to me, it kind of makes sense what you're talking about.

Rebbeca Wertz 31:43
And I thought, the deep sadness, I didn't even know what was going on. I had was reading a book, just a random book about Planet destruction. And I immediately burst into tears. And I had no idea why I had such sadness. And then later on getting these memories back and everything and piecing everything together. I'm like, oh, gosh, it makes so much sense. It makes so much sense.

Alex Ferrari 32:05
So when you had this other, this future, or this other life experience, how did that get triggered? Were you in a meditation

Rebbeca Wertz 32:15
I was on a beach in Mexico,

Alex Ferrari 32:18
And it just showed up, you're just like, asleep.

Rebbeca Wertz 32:20
I closed my eyes I was very relaxed. Um, you know, because I was on vacation, I was alone. I think my friends or family or whatever, we were just, there was a bar nearby. And they were probably added or whatever. I was just left in complete silence to be and showed up. Yeah. And it was in the sun. And sometimes I wonder about the sun having certain kind of codes, awakening codes. I don't know, some people talk about it. But I don't know.

Alex Ferrari 32:53
It's definitely a UV rays. So please put sunblock on. But

Rebbeca Wertz 32:59
Don't remember anything put on some.

Alex Ferrari 33:03
So what do you remember any other pre birth experiences or any other like, past lives as well?

Rebbeca Wertz 33:10
Just those two, I do have strong affinities for certain time eras, that I'm sure are connected with past lives. But I don't have any specifics. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 33:21
Isn't that interesting? Isn't that interesting, though, that like, there's something that you're drawn to, like I'm drawn to Japanese culture, samurais. You know, I've been drawn to that all my life. It's just fascinating to me. Not, you know, not King Arthur, not knights, it's samurais for whatever reason. So I've always loved samurais growing up, and it's just something that's always going on in the culture in general, the culture in general. So I'm like, oh, that must have been something or Absolutely. Or like, you know, different cultures or, you know, pyramids here. There are those kinds of ancient civilizations there. It's always fascinating why you are drawn to certain things. You have kids, right? So I do you when you see children, and I have children as well, when you see them growing up, and you see them just start to change in the sense of being drawn to certain things. And you're like, were their personality traits start to pop off and you're like, there's no one around who they're modeling.

Rebbeca Wertz 34:24
Right. There's no way fluence that, Where's this coming from?

Alex Ferrari 34:28
I always say the program that the factory that way. So because it's like this, it makes no sense. You know, like, why would they be acting that way? If there's literally nothing around them, right influencing them? Or like, why are they drawn to, you know, a disaster that they absolutely, you know, like Pompeii, like, Oh, I love Pompeii. I need to study Pompeii. You're like, you were there, yeah. Why is that out of all the things that happened in history that's drawn to It was really fascinating. The journey in any of these other experiences, did you? What was the feeling like, as far as any? Do you have any sensory feeling? Or was it just watching a show?

Rebbeca Wertz 35:17
It was watching a show that you're very connected to with all the sensory feeling, and emotions. So, when you wake up, it doesn't feel like oh, that was an interesting dream. It was like, No, I was like, physically emotionally involved with this happening. And it feels more vivid than a dream. And it just makes a lot of spiritual sense. Do you know what I mean? It like fits like a puzzle piece into your life. It's like information that you're given, you're like, Oh, my goodness, that makes sense. So that way, you can tell for sure.

Alex Ferrari 35:51
When you when you start having these, how does it start to shape your perception of this life? And where you're going?

Rebbeca Wertz 36:00
Yeah. Well, because not really a lot of information was given to in that pre birth experience that I remembered being a boy another life, I really don't know how it shaped other than it was given to me of the whole pre birth process. And I think it was given to me as because I needed to share it. And also, just like proof to me about with the Near Death Experiences that had been researching, maybe it was given to me like, Oh, look at this pre birth experience to it was like my whole interest in the whole process has always been there, that whole process of like, how do we come down? How do we leave? What did we do there? You know, I'm curious in everything. And so I have such a curious nature. You know, I'm very open, very open minded. So,

Alex Ferrari 36:56
Yeah, I I've asked many channels that to him like, so is there a bar up there? Do we all? Like, are there dances and movies? For my

Rebbeca Wertz 37:07
Lessons, just in case you just replay that to get in?

Alex Ferrari 37:15
So when you decided to, I mean, it's one thing, just have all this stuff happening to you personally. And maybe tell a friend or two but when you come up publicly with all Yes. How did your friends family kind of react colleagues react about this? And how did you deal with it psychologically?

Rebbeca Wertz 37:34
Um, luckily, it's been. It's been very kind. The worst things, I've gotten our YouTube comments, honestly, but with my family, let's take my relationship with my husband, for instance, he's, he's, you know, when I married him, he was very, like, atheist agnostic type of thing. But he's come a long way, seeing what I've gone through. And also, we've practiced manifesting stuff together, you know, like chip checks in the mail $50, or something easy to manifest. And he's like, Whoa, that happened. And then we started moving that into his career and everything. So he started to believe a little bit more, you know, into, like, there's, there's something there, there's something there. And so we had to come to a place in our relationship, where it was like, I don't need for you to believe that this is true. I need you to believe that it's true for me. And I'm like, if you can do that, we'll be okay. And he said, Okay, I can do that. I can do that. And so that's how we've been able to deal with our faith differences, you know, and our beliefs, if you can give me that respect, and he has, you know, and so that's been a big part of it. My sister has, I've just been gently waiting by her side being in her energy being available for her to also, like, come to her own realizations.

Alex Ferrari 39:02
And she was on the church or she left you?

Rebbeca Wertz 39:05
She was but she also left. And she left and she came to me when she was ready, you know, and but I couldn't force it on her. But I could be there for her. Yeah. So she's also making her own psychic discoveries right now that are blowing her mind. And having her own wakeup. Yeah, it's exciting. So, to me, I'm like, if I'm in that person's energy, I already know it's already stirring things up for them. I feel like the more awakened a person is the more spiritual person, you know, because you've come in touch with so many Yogi's and different people. When you get in their energy. It's suddenly like, you go up a level you're like, wow, you know, I just well. Their energy is so powerful and so peaceful, and it just it calibrates into your own energy and then just brings up your own stuff that You want to have Russian? Yeah, British evolution right there. That's how it happens.

Alex Ferrari 40:06
But let me ask you this. Yeah. When you initially and I'm asking this for people who are going through what you went through that exactly, but the aspect of leading a church, any church? Yeah, any church, I mean, Mormon, Mormon churches, it's a pretty tight situation. Leaving any kind of religion, if you were raised in it, your parents brought you into it. You're born into religion, you're not you don't generally pick it at the beginning. Right? Generally, you're born into it. And that's the programming you get. And that's just the way it is. But when you leave, especially leaving a church, like the the Mormon Church, where your entire life is revolving around the church, friends, family, everything you leave the church, you're almost exiled. Yes. What how did that go for you? And what advice do you have for somebody who might be going through not only the Mormon purchase, like I said, any religion leaving it, because they're afraid of losing all their friends and family and basically being ostracized, which is one of the greatest fears a human being could have?

Rebbeca Wertz 41:18
Absolutely. So I still have family in the church. So it's, it's kind of that same thing. My sister's life is a good example, because her husband is still in the church, and some of her daughters as well. And they had to go to a faith transition counselor to help with their marriage and everything. Yeah. And it turns out, this woman was actually a member of the church, but she was open enough to help with faith transition and be you know, that existed. Yeah, I know, right? They found it and it saved their marriage. But anyway, but my sister will be okay with me sharing. But, um, basically, she thought dipped her foot here and there into church, like what she can handle, like, a woman's meeting is called a Relief Society meeting. So sometimes she will just go to that. And if it, she's having a hard time with it. And I remember this, too, when I was transitioning from the church, I would just feel this ball of anger. And I just wanted to stand up in protest and be like that, no, no, that's not like, let's open our eyes here, ladies, you know, kind of thing, like you just you want to share your experience, but you also want to be appropriate. So you would just get up and leave. Or if you felt comfortable enough, you would raise your hand, share your experience, and have people just kind of, you know, do that. And it's hard. It's hard to feel that. But I feel like there's shifts happening in the church today. A lot of shifts were a lot of people are going through this experience, because a lot of things about the church and I don't want to get into the whole historical, like what they've done kind of thing, but that is coming to light for a lot of people, and they're not able to hide that kind of stuff anymore. Plus, someone's intuition when they're sitting in church is not feeling right anymore. So that person's already, I didn't have to read a book. I didn't have to read any kind of anti Mormon literature or anything. All I had to do was go through my experience, and look and observe what was happening around me, that was proof enough for me to be like this. This isn't right. This isn't right, to say that men have the power to heal the priesthood, you know, they have they hold this Melchizedek priesthood, they have the power to heal with their hands. But I as a mother who gave birth to my child, I cannot lay my hand on my child and not send her Reiki or healing or you know what I mean? And I'm keeping the swearing down for all if there's Mormon.

Alex Ferrari 43:59
You're also speaking to an ex Catholic. So yeah, there's been some stuff in the in the news about the Catholics lately, the Catholic Church and they've gone through their stuff as well. So I think it's happening not just in those two religions, I think all religions are having this kind of this this awakening this this thing that that that people are just like, This doesn't make any sense anymore, where people before older generations would just be like, oh, yeah, that's the book got to do it. We're now the younger generation coming up and like No,

Rebbeca Wertz 44:34
No way the kids that are being born now. They're just like, that's not gonna fly with me. And they they've already come in knowing you know, this stuff.

Alex Ferrari 44:42
And yeah, program at the factory, if you will, with this,

Rebbeca Wertz 44:45
Right. Like, college now. I'm not gonna go to college and accrue a ton of debt. You know, it's that and you know, they're still living at home because they don't accept even just the way our society is going with working nine to five, five Two days a week, you know, that grind that is not being accepted anymore, like people are just done with that, you know, I think, with our nation and everything, and with the skyrocketing prices, I mean, it's, it's all going to come to a head at some point. And I'm just like, when When's that going to happen? You know,

Alex Ferrari 45:16
Will these always gonna happen? Will these old all these old systems have to kind of be bound, they have to crumble because they can't sustain themselves. And in order for the new to rise, the old has to kind of reinvent and reimagine it reimagined in one way, shape, or form or fall altogether.

Rebbeca Wertz 45:33
Right, they can evolve, like if they the church did certain things, like, you know, accepting same sex marriage and you know, all of the just a lot of the mainstream issues that are that are happening, it's just like, maybe they would come forward and be like, You know what, that is true, that was covered up, or, you know, the admittance of things like, a lot of that has to happen for somebody to stay. You know,

Alex Ferrari 45:59
I mean, growing up, the things that are going on now would have just grew up in the 70s and 80s, you would have never thought the things that are happening now, whatever have come up, like marijuana being legal in many of the states here in this in the United States, overseas, you know, marijuana being legal, not that I smoke marijuana or approve of it. But you know what I'm saying it's just a point thing, but or what's going on in the churches like, it's just before? You know, I said this on the show before, and I'll say it again, because it's so powerful. When it happened to me, when I walked out when I was in the Vatican City, I went to Vatican City, and I walked into St. Peter's Basilica, and you sit there and this all is honest, I mean, if you've ever walked into that church, it's just awe inspiring. Everywhere you look, there's Michelangelo or Rafael fresco? Or is that the Petra is that like, are you you're like, Are you kidding me? Like, this is insane. And I just looked around, I'm like, Oh, my God, this has so little to do with Jesus. So little to do with his teachings, this has nothing to do with any of that, you know, it is all about power. It is all about control. And, you know, and I had a conversation with a Italian taxi driver, who really went off. I mean, went crazy. And it's really, it's a really fascinating what's happening in the world today with all of all the changes.

Rebbeca Wertz 47:25
Yeah. And it's like, those beliefs are still going to work for those that are comfortable in them, you know, because it answers their questions, they have not been shaken out of it. Maybe that wasn't part of their, you know, life plan, or whatever it was at the time, but I think it's, like you said, the future of where this is going, more and more things are becoming more exposed, people are following their intuition. They're waking up, they're seeing what's around them, they're following their intuition and their own guidance. And you know, I I'm telling you, if anybody goes just to the near death, Ender thought word and reads near death experiences that's gonna blow and open up their mind, right there is just seeing that there's these related experiences where tunnels of light and you know, this is the research that you've been doing this as your podcast, and how similar it is across the world, between ages, cultures, religions, you know, and

Alex Ferrari 48:27
Also an heiress to talk to people who Yeah, you know, think the earliest or whatever. Yeah, Edward Casey was that's early on, but that's not even that early I'm talking about 1800 1700s and even some near death experiences in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and and the Tibetan Book of the Dead The if you really want to know about what the process is of the afterlife and read The Tibetan Book of the Dead, that is exactly your head will explode. And I've heard from others in near death they like that's the closest anyone's ever to it.

Rebbeca Wertz 49:06
I heard you talk about that in another podcast. And I'm like, I first of all, I would love to go there. I would love to but second, I definitely want to read that. Absolutely. Is it available to read I this is my showing.

Alex Ferrari 49:20
Okay, so Amazon has just copies of it

Rebbeca Wertz 49:22
I figure but I wasn't sure if it was like sacred and behind like you know, pecs, Plexiglas or whatever. So

Alex Ferrari 49:27
The Tibetans generally generally, and I'm not an expert generally don't do that. That that the Vatican, but they have a few couple of pieces of literature underneath the theatres that in a way, a little bit, but that's, that's a whole other podcast, right? The podcast with all of this that you've gone through, what do you think this? What do you think the meaning of all of this for you in this life?

Rebbeca Wertz 50:05
I feel like and I've been told, and it sounds really like egotistic. But over I am so not not an egotistic person I am in a bath and Ambassador of sorts, in terms of coming from conservative Ultra religious to being an awakened what I call myself as a star seed. Because I do remember other lives as a different being. And I do have contact with divine et beings. So therefore, I feel like I was coded and I was meant to wake up and to remember, and to just kind of like, again, I said, like trailblaze. But it was like you said it wasn't easy. What I know consciously what I would have chosen down, I wouldn't have done that. No, it was too hard. I there was too many close calls where I would have not have been here due to suicide attempts. And just sheer just the sheer struggle of being here on this planet. It hurts sometimes to be in a physical body. And you know,

Alex Ferrari 51:15
Sometimes? Are you kidding me sometimes wake up and things are popping. When you're 16 When you wake up, you don't hear popping sounds constantly.

Rebbeca Wertz 51:25
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Thanks. Exactly. So it's hard to be in a physical body, and then to experience trauma and abuse, you know, and to recover from that. I just want my experience to be able to help other people. So that one, they feel validated, accepted, and like they're not going crazy. Because I've worked as a paralegal like I, you know, I went to so many therapists to heal my views. You know, I've worked with medications and supplements. And I've done the, you know, I go my healthcare is military, I go to the military, Air Force base for my health care is my husband has retired military. So I have a very grounded experience. Yet I have also this very, like esoteric spiritual stuff, and I'm supposed to, like bring this together and talk about it. So it's not so crazy and out there. And I also need to represent being a grounded person that looks like they still are an okay person, a mom to come up to after school and shake my hand be like, can we have a playdate kind of person and not have to worry about like, what you talk to aliens? What you know, I'm supposed to normalize it, and I'm supposed to get it ready, because we are going to be in contact more and more with them?

Alex Ferrari 52:53
Well, yeah, there's no question about that. And I think there's just this giant awakening that is happening. And more and more people are awakening around the world. And, and, you know, a lot of people listening might be like, Oh, well, what you're doing, it doesn't have to be this grand, giant mission, that you're going to save millions and billions of people. It could be just like, whoever I interact with for the rest of my life, right? I can change their their course just by being who I am. And that's the thing that people like how do we change the world? You change yourself? Change yourself, people around you look at what you're doing, and be inspired without you even having to say a word. A lot of times.

Rebbeca Wertz 53:34
Yeah, I mean energy stake in the ground just for you don't have to say anything in your energy effects.

Alex Ferrari 53:41
People just like a yogi like, like a yogi does. When people walk in, they just can't even speak sometimes. Yeah, near an enlightened being. It's been, yeah, it's fascinating. Well, I applaud you for not only making it through this gauntlet that you've gone through in your life, and these in these memories that you've shared with us, but also having the courage to come out and share your story with everybody. So

Rebbeca Wertz 54:08
Thank you Alex that means a lot.

Alex Ferrari 54:10
Yeah, it's not easy. It's not like I've said on the show before, it wasn't easy to be launching the show. It this was a scary proposition for me. You know, I'm not a monk. You know, and I was definitely a filmmaker and I was living in another world and this world is not the world I came from. So it was something that I was called to do and like when you're called to do it as as a good storyteller knows the call to action. You go no, no, no, I can't go because be a star fighter and beat Darth Vader. I just want to stay here are you farmboy. But things happen and you kind of

Rebbeca Wertz 54:52
It happen in in they always happen to move you to nudge you to get back onto that path and that passion and this is part Have it and and sharing my journey is definitely part of it. So thank you for letting me do that.

Alex Ferrari 55:05
Absolutely. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions as I guess, yeah, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Rebbeca Wertz 55:12
Fulfilled life is if you get purple Epic Gear on your avatar, you get a legendary mount. No,

Alex Ferrari 55:24
You are geeking out hard, I like it like it.

Rebbeca Wertz 55:27
But what that translates is moving to this world and experience it like, use your senses, you know, that's the one beautiful thing about being in the physical body is we get to eat pasta, and pizza, and all those really good foods and the touch of human skin on skin. Like, we can't get that over there. You know, on that side, this is, these are these beautiful things that we've come here on this earth to experience this physical reality. And, you know, just do your best is, is what I end when your best doesn't even feel like your best, it's still your best. Because,

Alex Ferrari 56:06
Now, if you had a chance to go back in time and talk to Rebbeca, what advice would you give her?

Rebbeca Wertz 56:12
Oh my gosh, that's my gosh, that's a hard one. Um, so I'm still experiencing a lot of chronic pain with my healing journey. And I'm sure because you know, the body keeps score, that's a good book to read, by the way, about trauma and how your cells, you know, kind of embody that trauma. But anyway, a lot of chronic pain can come out. And there was a big piece missing it in my healing journey, and it was self compassion. I'm a big perfectionist, and that was holding me back a lot. It's funny how you think that you feel from the views, but yet your thoughts to your own self can be abusive, you know, with how you should be doing this, you should be that you should have did this more perfectly, that kind of thing. So I've been working with my pain coach, and she has been great. And a big part of it has been learning how to be self compassionate, because women in our society, we're not taught to do that, at all, what is self compassion, it sounds like, you're letting yourself off the hook that you're being lazy. But it's so much more than that. It's it's giving yourself love and trying to teach yourself how to love yourself. And that has been my biggest thing that I've wanted to say to myself when I've been young, just like, do everything you can to learn how to love yourself. Because that is going to be the biggest thing that's going to help you in your healing journey. So

Alex Ferrari 57:46
Beautiful. How do you define God or source?

Rebbeca Wertz 57:51
Um, everything. Everything. Yeah, absolutely. Color, sound vibration. Everything around us. Music. So, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 58:03
Play that harp just in case.

Rebbeca Wertz 58:04
Yeah. There you go, Alex, that was for you.

Alex Ferrari 58:10
Finally, what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Rebbeca Wertz 58:14
Ultimate purpose of life. Like, if I just come and experience enjoy, take what you can from this life and in physical form. You know, there's a lot of argument whether like, oh, the soul is here to grow, because we need to grow and evolve. And then some people say, Oh, but the soul is already evolved. So it's like, there's there's these two different beliefs. And I've actually thought both of them. At times, I'm like, Yeah, I can believe this is true. And I also believe that's true as well. So what is it? Well, I'm here, I'm going to make the best of it. I'm going to experience what I can. I'm going to heal what I can. I'm going to share it with others. And I'm going to treat others like I would like to treat myself the golden rule. So

Alex Ferrari 59:01
Fair enough. Where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Rebbeca Wertz 59:05
Oh, thank you. So I have a YouTube channel. Becky Works heartstrings and wings. And I also have a website with the same name, and Instagram and on there, I share a lot of free content, free harp music that you can listen to if you just want to meditate Chillax, whatever. I share a lot of spiritual awakening videos. There's my whole faith transition story. It's like a two hour video on my channel that took forever to upload. But, um, that is going to go into a future book I'm writing. So I'm I've started writing that which is it's hard because you know, you go through it all in, you know. I'm like it needs to be written because when I was on the bathroom floor in the hospital when I was hospitalized, that was what kept me going. You're going to write a book one day. And basically it's translated into this today. What I'm doing Right now sharing my story. So, thank you if you come and visit me, I'd love it.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:04
Rebbeca, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your journey with us. I appreciate you.

Rebbeca Wertz 1:00:08
Thank you for having me, Alex. Thank you!

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