Akashic Records REVEALS WHAT Will Happen to HUMANITY This YEAR & Beyond! with Bonni McCliss

Bonni McCliss is a gifted psychic, channel, healer, medium, certified hypnotherapist and internationally recognized author. She is a scholar of the Akashic Records and uses the knowledge to help others overcome their perceived limitations and guide them beyond the boundaries of their own thinking.

Bonni was aware of her gifts as a child but only recognized them as gifts later in life. Having only her inner guidance to lead the way, she began immersing herself in understanding the teachings of the Ancient Mystery Schools. Through her studies she not only began to understand her own gifts but she also gained the knowledge to show others how to apply these ancient teachings to their busy, modern lives. It is her hope that through these teachings, she will enable others to transcend to living their highest timeline.

Please enjoy my conversation with Bonni McCliss.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 422

Bonni McCliss 0:00
The great solar return. And what they, what they explain that to be is that if you could think about paper dolls, right, like if you could think about many different parallel lives, parallel lives that you're leading, you know, some people call it past lives, but you know, thank you quantum physics, we think that through, you know, the multiverse theory, we think they're parallel. So, any trauma, any extreme pain, or or incarnated terror or shadow that is looming out there in any of these lives, that hasn't been contended with, the bill is due.

Alex Ferrari 0:48
I like to welcome to the show Bonni McCliss, How you doing Bonni?

Bonni McCliss 0:52
Hi, good. It's good to be here. It's nice to meet you and your viewers.

Alex Ferrari 0:55
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to be talking to you today you are you are a buffet of psychic abilities, of many, many different avenues that we can go down from a channel to a psychic medium to an Akashic Records psychic, I think we're going to dig a little deeper into the Akashic Record reading, but can you tell everybody? What was your life like prior to the insanity? That is your current life of the Akashic records, psychic mediums and channels? Like what was your life prior to all of that?

Bonni McCliss 1:32
You know, it's, it's in some ways, it's always been some iteration or version of insanity. So, you know, I mean, actually, in my circumstance, becoming a psychic and a channel and Akashic reader, all the things, it actually bred some kind of normalcy and direction in my life. Because you know, in many people who are natural, everybody has this gift. But people who are really naturally geared toward this type of work, they often report and I'm no different coming into this world is just, it's a mess. If you're sensitive, you're confused, you're a bit of an outcast. In my case, they fully believed I was mentally unstable for a while. And so you know, that world is a lot harder than then moving through the spheres of consciousness and pulling back information. It actually is like, Finally, things make sense. So. So lovely. Yeah, really grateful to be in this work. Thank goodness. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 2:37
So when you were when you were coming up? I mean, but as I mean, did you understand that you had these abilities as a child? When did you first start noticing that you had these abilities?

Bonni McCliss 2:45
Yeah, no, you know, it's kind of like if you know, people who are like colorblind, they don't really realize that they're missing anything until somebody says, Oh, you're, you know, here's, here's the standard. So when I was a little girl, you know, my first experiences, you know, going back to about age of four, were these incredible light beings that would just come through my ceiling that looked like the Northern Lights, and Aurora Borealis. And they would make these incredible sounds like symphony, symphonic music, so I would just lean back in my bed, you know, and just enjoy the show, feeling, you know, great. So that's what I just thought everybody experienced, honestly. And from there, you know, it emerged into other imaginary friends and other astral interactions. And again, that's just what I thought life standard was. And I was I was, I was pretty up there. And my age, like 12 years old until I hit some kind of contrast of this is not normal. Yeah, I remember being at school. And I don't remember exactly how old I was, I was probably almost 12 and referencing a spirit. And, you know, like, you know, that that person over there that energy or that, you know, that that the shining people, right, it's what I call them, and my friend on the playground going, what do you what are you talking about? There's, you know, so I remember that moment of, oh, maybe not everybody sees the shining people, so weirdly normal.

Alex Ferrari 4:21
Exactly. And I've heard that from other channels and psychics and people who have disabilities that when they finally hit that contrast point, when someone just goes, You're not like the rest of us. And depending on the kind of family you have, if you sometimes it's a supportive family, sometimes it's a family that says you're crazy, or you know, or religion gets thrown in there sometimes as well. How did you psychologically deal for, you know, until you were, you know, an adult. Deal with that, because I mean, it's tough enough being a kid, let alone a teenager, let alone dealing with this stuff.

Bonni McCliss 4:58
Yeah, no kidding. No kidding. I actually, you know, as far as like the trajectory of my life, I had a nice interactive world full of really polite light beings, who, you know, you emitted love and light and great concerts, you know, so I was not lacking for anything. The you know, the part in my story where it became super complicated, is where, you know, the adults around me became really scared that I was maintaining, you know, these conversations, or I would have a lot of night visitors and, you know, visions and connections on, you know, what was coming, kind of collectively sometimes. And, you know, it was just passed off as no big deal until pre puberty. And that's when my mother, grandparents, teachers, people around me were like, you know, there's some kind of mental issue or instability. So they took me to a bunch of doctors, and those doctors, at least back in the 80s, you know, 80s, like, No, this is odd. So they ended up actually diagnosed me with early onset schizophrenia, and medicating me for it. So that's when things got very, very, very weird. You know, their, their belief systems are there big words, like hallucinations, it really wasn't throwing me, it was the medications that for my system, it cut me off from my little Disneyland light world. And as as a kid, or people who know this work, you're constantly instinctively reaching out to read the vibrational spectrum around you in space, like it's an instant. So I didn't stop that instinct. So when I had the medication, it kind of it literally lowered everything. And I was reaching out into, I guess, you could say, very shadow and heavy lower planes of consciousness. So what I would get back are very contorted, twisted, dark things, which obviously to any kid is scared the bejesus out of me. And that was just a downward spiral. So that, you know that when you go that way, it's, you know, everything just kind of collapses. And it went so far as to even a mental institution for a little institutionalization for a little while. And, you know, then I got out of that, and I just kind of was just in a state of just floating through life. Yeah, like, yeah, right.

Alex Ferrari 7:25
So at what point at what point did this crank back up meaning in a good way, like, when did this, you know, you, you came into your own, and you said, No, this is who I am, this is my abilities. And I'm here for this. I'm here to do this work. And you just owned it finally, and said, the hell with all of you.

Bonni McCliss 7:43
I wish that was my story, how I just took back my life. And I had this power, I got my powers back. And I said, this is me. But you know, as life goes, and as the Akashic Records tends to show us, there are these patterns and these mile markers, you know, nobody's destined to hang out in the dark forever, there are these interventions. So I hit one of those mile marker markers as a young adult, in the form of, you know, I was really, really depressed and someone had referred me to a local woman who worked in therapy, no big deal. Like, I'd seen a lot of fancy doctors in my day, but I thought, you know, it's getting really bad. And this woman, like, practically on the first visit or two, took that that diagnosis and said, That's not right. That's not That's not what's going on. I think you're psychic. And so kinda, I was kinda diagnosed psychic, actually.

Alex Ferrari 8:39
I love that. I love that.

Bonni McCliss 8:43
Yeah, it was really great. So not knowing really what that meant, either, you know, through her efforts of explanation, she even threw me into the deep end by me by showing me kind of putting me on the spot. Like, let me prove to you, you know, tell me what my house looks like. Like she she kind of threw me into remote viewing even. And that was when I finally got it, something's going on. And maybe this isn't just me hallucinating and being crazy. So that was the turnaround was this incredible, you know, light beam light woman that that said, hey, this might be something else. And you know, it was just in my path. It was meant to be to have the to have this always obviously reroute. So thank goodness for that. So ever since that point, it was a lot better program to follow this than to be the other. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 9:39
So and I wanted to kind of dig into something really quickly because it's something I think that might help people listening is that you did have to go through a struggle. You had to go through that dark time you were talking about and a lot of people who are watching are going through a dark time. Yeah, looking back on it. Isn't the dark time what made you it was the fire that forged the person that you are today, essentially, it sucked. When you're going through it, though, it's going through its oxy or being in the fire, you're burning, it sucks. But when you get out and you look back in, and that's one of the one of the gifts of being getting older knees or not one of them, but but wisdom is and you look back and you go, thank God, I kind of went through that because it's who I am. Would you agree with this?

Bonni McCliss 10:28
Oh, completely! Yeah, I think I think just about anybody would on the flip side of going through it. But I often that's exactly what I tell people that really what forged this ability, what actually helped me hold all of this and be able to do readings for people or global readings was the pain or the darkness, it's almost like it cold out a crater in consciousness. And then I could say this is the same for anybody going through suffering, it creates this kind of incredible depth of v. So that you can actually hold your birthright as crazy as that sounds. So not only does it breed stamina, it expands your container. To hold the light, it's kind of an interesting way to turn this. But 100% When I look back on my background, I think there was never a moment of accident. There's nobody at fault here. There's no bad guy there, you know, there's only this kind of cast of characters and elements. And this initiation, to be able to work in this world and to and to hold this space, which is, you know, truly my honor to do this. But yeah, I'm glad you brought that up, because that's my mission statement for us, as we suffer is to to try to keep a little bit of our a tab on what it means for us in the long run, or what it's giving us in the ways of really kind of deepening our well. For that which we're asking for, you know, it really you know, careful what you ask for. We stretch in a lot of different ways. The divine, this divine source is very creative. So yeah, yeah, definitely. I'm grateful no accidents.

Alex Ferrari 12:18
So during with your work that you do, have you come across, I mean, obviously, you talk about karma a lot. And about, I'm assuming like Soul blueprints, purpose, these kinds of things. In your opinion, do you, when you're creating a blueprint on the other side, or a soul plan on the other side, however you'd like to call it, that there are these markers in life that you are like going to hit, but how you get there is really truly up to you. And that's where the free the free will comes into play? In many ways, because everyone's like, Oh, what's his destiny? Why are we here? And if everything's written already, then what's the point of this whole thing and, but there's these mile markers of like, you're going to have this happen, you're gonna have these big giant movement, like big giant mile markers, that you're going to meet this person who's going to, you're going to marry and you're going to have these kids because that's part and you're going to take that job in Paris, because you know, there's something along those lines. Is that what you found in your work?

Bonni McCliss 13:19
Oh, absolutely. Yeah, yeah, I love I love that, that scenario of these mile markers. And I think that that's why Astrology can be so accurate. You know, when I look at my astrology, or anybody's, I'm like, wow, you just sit back, like, don't fight it, you know, it's gonna come the way it's gonna come. So I think that, you know, there is kind of a vertical conversation to have and all this, you know, we know that, you know, we know the horizon, we know that our path is set, but there's an opportunity, it's not so much good or bad. But there's an opportunity of the how that you how you approach each module of life or each marker, how you move through that, you know, and this is something that's been talked about from the beginning of time in many different spiritual sectors. And this idea of ascension, or my guides say that we're becoming this avatar Ik, you know, version of ourselves, this evolves states. So I think, you know, it's not the what we're going to encounter, actually, it's the it's the how we go about it, how we receive it. And, you know, what I'm told is we're, it's really simple. While we're here, you know, it's really not complicated. We are here to bear light, in both usages of the word to bear receiving the light, you know, to walk home and to rescind to remember who we are and where we've come from, through all of these different bombastic life scenarios, and to bear light to to be the impetus of healing for those that are in you know, a place of of suffering. And this is One of those epochs where humanity it clearly everybody's aware of this is up against one of the most incredible test in, in Earth's timeline. So it's the it's the how we're going to do this evolving thing. Because we will do it one way or the other.

Alex Ferrari 15:21
It makes perfect sense, I would also argue that we are evolving, just in these last 10 years, like you were saying, you wouldn't have never been able to have done I mean, you've been around long enough doing this work 18 years ago. Yeah. Yeah. So much. You know, like, I think you were saying we were saying beforehand, like Akashic records, is that the serial like? Because. Yeah, exactly. But now we have quantum physicists, and Nobel Prize nominees who have had on the show, talking about the Akashic field, and how it's an it's how we're all connected to the Akashic field and that the records are an aspect of the Akashic field, or are they the same thing? There's some, but it's in the, it's in the conversation now, where it was not. At all five years ago, 10 years ago, it was really on the outskirts. So we are, I think, evolving, slowly and kicking and screaming sometimes.

Bonni McCliss 16:18
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 16:22
So let me ask you, with the work that you do, what is, you know, when you were doing a session with somebody, is there a session that sticks out in your mind as so transformative for the client, and for yourself? After you gave the reading?

Bonni McCliss 16:37
Yeah, actually, my gosh, there's so many, you know, the things that the things that comes to my awareness are both for the individual and then for the collective. So I have a lot of like, what you would call nighttime dictations, on where humanity is going in various different ways there. And then, you know, also for the individual. And I think one of the most powerful sessions I have ever seen. And I you know, side note, I've learned everything that I know, I've learned from all these interdimensional beings from all these different planes of consciousness, many different planes of consciousness. But this one reading that I gave years and years ago, it, it started off is really unassuming, was a nice lady came with her mother. And, you know, I didn't think anything about it. And the woman came in and wanted to talk about her two daughters. And you know, her career, she had a career and in politics, and it was a nice reading, and halfway through the reading something phenomenal happen. I was transported into, you know, sometimes you can have you see these things coming in like little snapshots, and then they can take you even deeper into what I would regard as a vision. So I was pulled into what I would call a vision, where I was seeing a boat floating on water. It was an empty boat, and Christ Himself was hovering above the boat. And it was just a really reverence and odd thing to see. And how do you explain that to somebody? I'm like, Well, Jesus is here on a fishing boat. What does that mean to you? So I said to the woman slowly, I was like, let me pack this gently. So there's a boat and empty boats floating on still water, and I see Jesus, which, well, I can count on one hand, how many times that's happened, you know? And she said to me, oh, my gosh, it must be my father. He's on a fishing trip. And I said, No, you know, I don't know how I know this, but it's not your dad. And I said to her, you know, whatever's coming, is really not only it's big, it's going to chase change the course of your life. And it's, it's really gonna help a lot of people. But something big is coming. It didn't feel negative, it just was big. So, you know, I did the reading, it was fine. And she left in about a week later, my phone just was blowing up from people who she knew friends of hers trying to get a hold of me. And apparently, her daughter, her 23 year old daughter drowned in a canoe accident, a boating accident, you know, five, five days later. And that was really really, really tough. It was tough for it to be shown but not stopped. Okay, so they didn't say, hey, stop this, this kid of yours from from going on this trip, you know, nobody said that. There was calm waters and there was Well, Jesus. So you know, you know, I said, you know, give us some time and we'll come back and and I'll see what I can do. So a few days later, I met with a family and her daughter came through like a blinding light, the one that had passed away and drowned in the accident and said, you know, you've got a lot of to her mother, you've got a lot of work to do, this is going to change lives like this is fine, don't big deal. Like let's move on, you know, they were extremely, you know, grief stricken, as you can imagine. And so how this continued to unfold? You know, a few weeks later, this woman said, Would you just come out here, there's so many of my daughter's friends that would love to just talk to her. And you know, it's not really in my wheelhouse to do that. But I was like something is saying, go do this. So, all this to say, our relationship grew and grew and grew, and we built a retreat center. On the property, which is now known as the legends of greater things. We built this massive geodesic dome where we help people in grief. We help them develop their consciousness and their intuition. So it's kind of a rat of radical reading, because I didn't see any of that coming. I just saw the next step.

Alex Ferrari 20:59
Sometimes that's all you need. And that's sometimes all you need is the next step. You don't need to know where the entire staircase is going.

Bonni McCliss 21:06
Yeah. That's gonna get you out of the potholes. They're going to just show you where your souls going. So that was just a radical reading, from start to finish. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 21:19
Now, as of this, as of this recording, we're coming up on this eclipse thing that's happening on April 8. And where I live in Austin is going to be a full Eclipse. So we will have where it comes right over our city, like people are flying in. A lot of my former guests are flying in just here for this eclipse. Yeah, cuz it's kind of like every once every 200 years or something like that this situation happens. Apparent. Yes. So I'd love to hear from the Akashic records because a lot of people are of course, terrified about what's happening. Like, oh, my god, the world's coming. It's 2012 all over again. It's it's y2k all over again. It's all it's a Mayan Calendar. It's like, okay, okay, everyone calm the hell down. We're not going to the world's not ending on April 8. But I love to hear what you have to what you and the Akashic records might have to say about the meaning of it, and what will happen if anything to humanity on a spiritual standpoint, again, I don't think a bomber comets dropping, but what does it mean for us?

Bonni McCliss 22:28
Yeah, that's a really, really great question. There's a very long answer. And then there's a more condensed answer. So I'll give,

Alex Ferrari 22:34
I'd like to answer let's go, let's I love going deep, I love going deep into these things.

Bonni McCliss 22:39
So let's, let's do it. Let's do it. So there and this happened a little bit, too, there was an apex of what I'm about to describe on the last eclipse that wasn't in totality, you know, our retreat center is going to be in the, in the course of totality in Hot Springs, Arkansas. So it's really cool to see how you know, where, where people are, you know, located as this is going on. So back in March 4 of 2020, I had one of the most incredible interactions of my lifetime, which and I've had a lot of weird stuff happen. Where I had a visitation, you can call it an energy from from equality tea, you can call it energetic, apparition visitation, whatever you want to call it. But it came in the middle of the night, and I walked through my wall literally. And it had a lot to say about what was getting ready to happen for humanity. And of course, this was about what approximately like 1011 days before COVID became America's problem, right? Or whatever that is that we were about to go through. So this being and I'm speaking, you know, I'm condensing down what was told to me so this was a lot of telepathy that was happening. And it was a very feminine energy. At the time I thought she was saying is shining but in further reflection, and I think it was like an assignee base being who knows. But it said that there's about to be a terror, a push of terror on on this earth for humanity. And I thought the first thing that came to me Alex was how rude What a rude thing to say.

Alex Ferrari 24:22
Wake up there you come in here with your with your with your light. Tell us that we're doing something wrong out there you sir.

Bonni McCliss 24:31
I really throw humanity. I mean, I know we have our problems, but we're really trying. So I thought that was a really bit of an exaggerated term terror. That was my first feeling. And this this kind of contact is not something I had this before. So it wasn't completely freaky. But anyway, so this being said, there's going to be a push of terror. And it went on to explain that we are we're going to undergo something that are higher beings understood as the great solar return? And what they, what they explain that to be is that if you could think about paper dolls, right, like if you could think about many different parallel lives, parallel lives that you're leading, you know, some people call it past lives. But you know, thank you quantum physics, we think that through, you know, the multiverse theory, we think they're parallel. So any trauma, any extreme pain, or or incarnated terror or shadow that is looming out there in any of these lives, that hasn't been contended with, the bill is due. And so it's coming back, you're collapsing down, like paperdolls, coming back to one, or an accordion coming back to one, all of these erroneous, extremely, you know, extremities of your being, need to come back integrate, so that we can first individually experience a sense of wholeness of what our soul is encountered in form. So they said, she said something to the effect that human beings will be going through one or the other, predominantly, either the return of pain. And I mean, let's just take a second to think about that it if you are going through a life where you were beheaded, or if you were in Nazi occupied Germany, you know, and going through the Holocaust, and lights out, you know, energy never dies. So, you know, we have to alchemize or transfigure, you know, what's going to happen with the energy of pain. So, all of those memories are coming back to your hearing now, without necessarily a lot of understanding of what it means. So if you're having a pain of some kind of terror, you're just waking up and modern 2020 going, Oh, my God, I have anxiety. Now I my life is wrong, my partners are wrong. So all of these really kind of non Indus script or misunderstanding of what's going on, everything's returning. So that's one side of the spectrum of what human beings are going through, which explains the, the mental field right now, she said, the other thing that we're going to go through is the return of our greatest talent, or a great this gift or power. So just again, dramatically trying to explain this point, if you were a monk, who learned to work with the laws of nature, and to find cosmic harmony, and levitate, that's waking up inside of you now. So not necessarily, you're going to wake up and levitate out of your bed, but the terms or the quality of life, or the lifestyle or the knowledge that would be required to to work with such an incredible existential gift. That's just kind of coming home. So we have this incredible return for one. I thought that was enough. That's enough to contend with all of us. The second thing they said, or she said was that if you're any kind of leader, or channel, or healer, or anybody who's working to, you know, with this kind of evolution state that we're in, you have to work with the higher levels of levels of consciousness. And in specifically, she said, 11th density consciousness. And I thought I don't I mean, what does that even mean? What are the rules for density consciousness, and went on to say that this is going to be a non binary state of mind, a non dualistic life style of non judgement, that if you were to pull from anything that could be of use to Earth at this time, it's going to have to come from that united point, that non judgmental or non binary field, anything else, she said, you're just pulling from Earth's archives that aren't necessarily going to advance us where we're going. And the third and final thing that that I was told is that some of the chemical aspects or biological or environmental aspects of Earth are going to begin to change pretty dramatically, that we were going to be experiencing a lot of, you know, even radiation in Earth's atmosphere. So all of that to say, it's been this kind of trajectory from the last four years of these apexis, specifically with the Eclipse or certain numeric Harmonic Convergence points, where the veil becomes really, really, really, really thin. And it's a lot I guess, you could say, easier or more transparent, for us to access what we're working with chromatically or some of the pain bodies that are returning from other live streams if that makes sense or to Really get in touch with our innate inherent gifts as a souls in form. So, to me, these Eclipse are like glass windows, a moment of clear transparency to reach and to the beyond your own existence and pull back these soul themes, you know, more than ever before. So I'm really excited for the Eclipse just to just to just take a moment and stillness and trust and listen to what's being returned. So not an end of the world. Return to your own. Yeah, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 30:39
Fair enough. Independence Day is not coming. The Aliens aren't coming. It's all it's all good. Yeah. So as far as the clips on the eighth is concerned, is there a difference? In? Is it a joke? No matter where it is in the world, it affects the planet or expects everybody? Or is it like, you and me? We have a great view, we're gonna get more of that juice than anybody else.

Bonni McCliss 31:07
Yeah, it's a great question. And there, there's so many different people that have different opinions on this. And I feel like the these, these things that are propellants for our spiritual advancements, or our evolution, you know, these things that we get to participate in, can take our consciousness anywhere. So I think the Eclipse at large the energy of the eclipse is going to affect everybody on the planet. But the people who are journeying to be a part of the experience of watching this incredible, you know, unfoldment of this, the Shadow Fall in the in the line of light, I think it's going to be such a moment of awe is that perhaps the people in that experience just propel themselves into deeper in the window of what they're looking at soul wise, you know, so I think the experience of loan could be its own kind of kindling, kindling to the fire or propellant. But honestly, no matter where you are in the country, this is going to you're going to have the opportunity to work with these energies. It's just my personal belief,

Alex Ferrari 32:15
The the, the idea of an eclipse, which is there's light, and then there's a darkness that covers the light, and but then gets to open itself up again to the light. Is this not an analogy for life in general, we come from the light, we go through this whole thing, and then we go back to the light. Is that is that kind of like a when it's when it's happening? Is that kind of what's almost supercharging our journey right now as humanity got by going through these kinds of things?

Bonni McCliss 32:50
Sure. Yeah, for sure. You know, it's like humans. Look, here's your map, if we promise, you know, this is the program, I think it is supercharging, I think you take you know, this, these, this, these combining, you know, charges or charging or efforts of shadow in light. And it's almost like you have the opportunity out again, to pass through the mandorla like this kind of, you know, I have the needle. But you know, I've gone through an eclipse a full Eclipse before, in Tennessee, a few years back. And you know, as a psychic, the things that I found that was just a phenomenal experience with working with Eclipse energy is the space that it creates. So, you know, people that are in the line of the eclipse, the bird stop chirping, the insects stop Trilling, there's no cars on the road. It is like if you've ever witnessed a Eclipse, and maybe this is your experience. It's like the earth falls silent. And in in a vacuum, it is so hard to describe. It's incredible. And in this vacuum of space, again, not only is do you have the charging efforts of light into the dark as a metaphor, you have an unbelievable moment where time feels and I think actually truly stops. And that again, is an opportunity to go deep into that skill window and explore it's kind of like a near death experience. In my opinion, just for the for the planet. Exactly. Exactly. Like let's go let's let's get a truth.

Alex Ferrari 34:30
Yeah, I haven't. I've seen a partial because there was a partial eclipse I think, last year here in Austin, where the light got really weird and funky outside and I didn't I haven't looked up because I didn't have the proper glasses. So the but the whole point. There's just this eerie energy. It's like it's 12 o'clock. Yeah, it's 12 o'clock, but it's not night. It's not day. It's just as weird thing. I've actually don't think I've ever been experienced a full Eclipse, like me being at a place where a full Eclipse happened. So it's going to be interesting to see what that energy is like, because you're, you're absolutely right is an energy that comes associated with that. And it was, it's just the even that partial eclipse, the vibe, just the vibration, the frequency, just something changed. While that was going on, it was where people were moving. I was at the supermarket and then look up, I was like, What the hell happened to the light? Like, I had no idea what's coming, I was just, it was a very interesting thing. So good. So we don't have to worry about April 8, everything's gonna be okay. It's actually gonna be supercharging, our evolution, and so on. Okay, fantastic.

Bonni McCliss 35:45
So I got like a portal, it is what you make of it. So if you want to go in seeking out the pain of all of your destinies go for it. I honor that. Or if you want to go in with the highest intention with your own personal and collective evolution. Obviously, that's a good idea.

Alex Ferrari 36:04
Fair enough. You know, Bonnie, you you do read the Akashic records and how when you go into a, a transit, I guess, or a state, if you will, with a state that a transparent state, when you go into the Akashic records, do you mind going a little deep and we can have some questions we could ask the Akashic records. And are they certain when you and people always talk about the Akashic records? Are these the beings who kind of control or not control but like caretake, the Akashic because we think of a library with 1000 billion books. And there's, you know, there's a couple of, you know, librarians moving around, it's the only way we can wrap our head around it. Who are you actually connecting with when you actually are going to going into the state?

Bonni McCliss 36:49
Yeah, yeah, it's a great question. So you know, when people talk about the Akashic records, I am so happy it's coming up, because this is the part of our evolution, where we learn, you know, our inheritance, and what this life could possibly potentially be about, collectively. But really, the word Akasha just translates into space, it's the field. So when you do intuitive work, when you go into these, the space, it is like the cosmic internet. It is it is all the same, what whether you call it the Akasha, or you know, psychic space, or whatever you want to call it, it's all the same thing. So I think when people think of the Akashic yes, they think about this book in the sky, that holds memory, but it also holds all of the potentiality of now, the how of now. And then, of course, the timelines that could potentially unfold in the future. But also, I think, when people think of the Akashic, they think they're very, it's a high minded resource, it is something that you're going to go to the highest plains of content or information for the individual that you're with, or for the collective. And so and that's kind of how I experience it. When do I go into the Akashic records I go as high is my human avatar, and my experience will allow me to go. And at that point, it is it isn't an issue. They don't individuate it's a collective light. It's a Christ consciousness. And they do like to work with the highest, you know, position on what's happening on a soul level. So you know, it's, I like to say it's like, it's like a it's like therapy on speed. Right. You know, it's all of these kind of powerful intentions of the soul and what karma you're working through, and what your greatest talents are. So, yeah, it's a it's a coalition. It's a collective light. People say, Who are you talking to? I'm like, That's a good question. Hi benevolent light beings. There, it's the consciousness of Christ. So they don't really say Hi, my name is Bob. It's just incredibly intelligence, field of light, and wisdom. So I don't try to question them too much. I just, you know, stay in my lane.

Alex Ferrari 39:09
Gotcha. Yeah, fair enough. Fair enough. All right. So yeah. So what do you need to do to get into the state? How do you how do you do it?

Bonni McCliss 39:15
Sure. Sure, sure. So it's not a full trance. It's just more of like, kind of a kind of a dreamy meditative state where I tend to talk a little bit fast and lose time. So I'm going to trust Alex, that you're going to be so good at keeping keeping the time.

Alex Ferrari 39:30
Well, yeah, yeah, we will not be for four hours, don't worry.

Bonni McCliss 39:35
Yeah, we can really get to some good stuff in four hours. Okay. So yeah, yeah. So I'm ready. Whenever if you have questions. We'll we'll see what comes through. Sure. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 39:44
How do you see humanity's collective future evolving in the coming years?

Bonni McCliss 39:49
And they immediately go to this place of fearlessness. Actually, they're they're showing me that, you know, we're always we're always worried about being fearful, and fears going to, you know, take a stone and create this anarchy or this split of consciousness. But the first thing they say is to trust the, this kind of surprises me a little bit actually. But to trust, a lot of where technology is advancing us to that it's not all bad that there's some really positive advancements in technology, that's going to take the weight off of human experience. So that's, that's kind of an interesting point. They say to me that through the sun, you're going to receive it, we're going to respond to a lot of light language or a lot of messages that are coming through for individuals that are ready to remember their worth to remember where they come from. So a lot of these solar flares and objections are going to speed up. But for some, it's going to feel like a homecoming, it's going to feel like something that is what has been missing the whole time. So So kind of like a return of information, they're saying, don't fear it. They also say that time is going to feel like it is speeding up quite a bit as we go through in the next coming years. But, again, don't fear evolution, itself is the big message that they're giving so far, try to trust your life, and trust the plan of this Divine Earth. They keep saying there's nothing to be afraid of which I don't know if we could all agree with that, actually,

Alex Ferrari 41:25
In what ways do you believe our current economic trends will shape our global community?

Bonni McCliss 41:30
I'm asking them about anything with economics that they want to speak to at this time. They're telling me there's a propellant in economics or in our social structure. Similar to what you were speaking about earlier, Alex about the dark or pain being this greatest teacher that we could ever know. And that there are inherent beauties and talents and gifts with co creating with the Earth and the cosmos being one with harmony. And so as these kinds of economic, some people would see it as crisis, but these economic shifts that are transpiring, some people are going to feel in tune and alignment to kind of take their power back, so to speak, to kind of start their own homesteading, to start their own gardening, to trust that their talents are worthy, and that they can that they can create and feed their family from it. So a lot of this is actually propellants to remember. But to not Can, can stay confused and continue to go into a broken system. It's a stop, it's a reset. And they're saying, you'll be surprised how many people are listening currently. And as people listen, collectively, they start to change the tempo, the harmonics of the planet. So, you know, our biggest our biggest teacher right now is is things that have always worked will not will not continue to work. And that's going to be our greatest lesson to dig underneath it. And remember our greatest talents and implement them. So economically, it looks like there's going to be a freeze, not a horrible freeze, nothing to fear, but a return back to values, instincts, and basics of our best versions of ourselves and human nature. So, again, the dark, the dark, only back ends on the light. So I like that it's really good.

Alex Ferrari 43:29
Now, can you shed any light on the spiritual significance of the political races going on this year around the world?

Bonni McCliss 43:37
Ah, yes. You know, again, with the Akashic records being very high minded, I've asked them about this one. And because it's a close or or the beginning of the close of polarity as we move into a new paradigm altogether, what looks like a problem isn't necessarily a problem. What looks like a disaster could be the catalyst creating that crater that's going to bring in light so politically, they say that everything is in alignment from the highest point looking down. So I know that doesn't say she ate maybe some of the questions out there about politics. But I get a lot of don't be alarmed. Everything is working for the higher good. So yeah, I think that's pretty much all I've been able to get out of them with that. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 44:24
So in other words, the Antichrist is not showing up on either side of the of the aisle.

Bonni McCliss 44:30
I don't, I don't think we'll see that in our lifetime. I see. I think we're gonna see, you know, what they say is this incredible technological advancement, which we're already seeing an incredible empowerment with our you know, organic beings and memories, you know, if our greatest talents are returning, oh my gosh, what, what could we create? So, they say that you have nothing to fear but fear itself truly. And it's your it's your will. It's It's your call, you know, whatever you want to lean into you will you will you will create and breathe. So they don't seem too worried about it in our lifetime. No.

Alex Ferrari 45:08
What is the Akashic view on the role of the current conflicts in the world karmic journey?

Bonni McCliss 45:10
It's they like to speak of it as critical mass. You know, I think and possibly in quantum physics, or in a physics analogy, maybe it's the M theory. But they say that just like you draw back a bow, all the way back to critical mass with conflict, all the way to that tension, where it's practically crib quivering, and you feel like it's going to stop. When you let go of the arrow, it creates momentum. And so again, it's hard to understand that conflict could be the predecessor to this to this new earth. But there is a close of this paradigm, there's a closing of polarity. They're saying, you know, it really, it's interesting what we're doing as we're kind of creating an emphasis on polarity. If you notice, you're kind of zero. We as humans are zeroing in on people we don't even know and latching in and polarizing them, you know, if somebody says, Oh, you know, I think I think it's light outside, you'll have a whole cast of people saying no, it's not, it's a little dark. So there's a reason that we are polarizing and allowing this to kind of get hit some kind of climax, again, so that it can create critical mass, and then eventually end up with this amazing energy of momentum towards evolution. So yeah,

Alex Ferrari 46:39
From the point of view of the Akashic records, what happens to soul, once it passes?

Bonni McCliss 46:45
From the Akashic point of view, especially from where I can see it. So you know, humbly from where I stand in the Akashic you, it looks like we just keep living. And I know that scares people. In fact, some Akashic information states that we're kind of, this isn't even really life. This is like some pre life. This is a relation of life. This is like pregame, but where we go is a continuation or an ascension. So, from an Akashic standpoint, it looks it really does look like life continues on and continues to build more and more and more. So death isn't really something that shows up in the way that we know it. From an Akashic standpoint, if that makes sense. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 47:34
It makes perfect sense. Now, what insights can you offer about the existence of the multiverse? From the Akashic perspective? This is a long answer. Go for deep, deep as you like.

Bonni McCliss 47:48
Long answer Oh, my goodness? Well, you know, I think that it kind of goes back to that idea that they originally presented with this paper doll effect, you know, with the, the undulating forces of the universe, the pattern of the universe is this expansion. And this collapse station, it's the pulse, it's the sound. And, you know, it's kind of like the analogy that they give me is that, you know, if you can imagine a big explosion of light, where it actually went through a point of separation, it and creating all of these different, you know, tiers of the universe or this, you can call it a hologram or a multiverse, whatever you call it, but a Separation from Source is really what they focus on. And if you can think of it in the example of a blast, some peace, some sunlight beings, or some aspects of light or souls, however you want to look at this, well, they landed really close, close to source, some people would regard those as angels or saints or higher beings. And some souls or fractals of the light ended up very, very far from source. And that's kind of if you start to really take the cosmos into account is kind of the way spatially if we could look at it that way, it kind of it's kind of replicating that. And so the soul, the whole soul journey is a reconnaissance mission. And it works both ways. So those that are close to the light, have a call to go and pull back, you know, those that are further so you can see that in the healing arts, you can see that in us trying to help people shift consciousness, doing everything we can to relieve suffering or to help our brothers and sisters, whatever, you wouldn't look at it like that way. So part of this, you know, this universal program is a reconnaissance or retrieval or a walk back home. So for those that are very, very out and away from light and steeped in darkness and suffering, their journey and job is to receive the light or to allow it to come back in and like I said earlier, you know, we're either bearing light in as a receiver or bearing light as a projector. And so the whole thing is undulating pattern of expansion and contraction, retrieval and homecoming. So, you know, it's pretty, it's a lot bigger than that. But it is when you break it down to its most simplistic pattern, or either going out or coming back, it's this this contraction expansion. And that's what we're seeing in our everyday life, you know, we have these high points, and these low points. And from, from the perspective of the Akasha, the journey is knowing where you belong in that pattern, you know, are you the one that is so close to the light and you know, the truth? That you put yourself out there to try to help others find their way home? Or are you there's not one is not better than the or the other? Actually. Are you someone who is you know, further from the light that needs to trust and learn how to receive. So it's, you know, it's complex, but very simple. When you get down to it.

Alex Ferrari 50:58
Fair enough. Now, there is a lot of fear around AI and artificial intelligence, because obviously Skynet is coming for us. The world is coming to an end, the Terminator should be here any second the matrix and so on.

Bonni McCliss 51:13
On a spiritual? Well, this is an interesting question because my my human self looks at AI, and it's really intimidating. I look at it like this can't be good from my background, it will. I'm not super excited about the trajectory. But from the Akashic standpoint, you know, it's an unknown and so we naturally fear it, right. So but they say that there's a lot of positive evolution coming from the AI point. Now, everything is going to speed up. And it looks like as humans speed up in their in the way that they process life, or content, or energy or information, they move into what what they're talking about this avatar state. So it's, you know, when we think about AI, we go straight to technology, or, you know, taking away jobs or, you know, bleeding out humanity all together. But they often say that, you know, it really what we do with technology and how we treat it individually, or what how we fear it, or we accept it actually goes into the bounty or how this world is going to, you know, progress, if that makes sense, like, you know, so what we believe about it is what's going to unfurl. But again, when I tuned into on this, on this point, they say trust, trust the earth, trust the Divinity trust the consciousness. And I don't think that that's a popular opinion, right now. I think that through this, this polarized state of what we're going through, you have to pick aside, it's either good or it's bad. So I think that, you know, I think that it's really overall, it'll be necessary for where we're going. So I know that it's such a hot question right now. And it is it is, it is hard to see its benefit long term. But again, I left more is than meets the eye is happening. So yeah, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 53:06
Yeah. And I'll chime in because I, I lean towards the positive side, I think AI is extremely positive for us all, and that it is going to help us I think we'd slow down our spiritual evolution without AI. Because AI is going to take away a lot of the mundane things that take up a lot of our time. And once you are free of those mundane things you can be think a little bit more about yourself, work on your spirituality work on your missions and your purposes in life without having to worry about a lot of these mundane things very much like the Greeks did, all those many 1000s of years ago, when they were just sitting around thinking about deep thoughts. While you know, obviously slavery was what was causing them to have all that free time. But taking away the slavery aspect of it, just the removing of the mundane stuff, where you can then focus on deep thoughts, if you will,

Bonni McCliss 54:06
I think that's what they say. It'll be what we make of it. You know, it is it is it. That's the how we get to each point, each marker, you know, it'll be what you make of it. And the more people that can see where this could go in a positive way, you know, it really is shifting the tides of consciousness, you know, clearly.

Alex Ferrari 54:23
Now, you said earlier comment about how we consume content. And it's very fascinating to me, for someone who comes from Hollywood have been doing storytelling and working in that space for over 30 years now. I'm really curious to see how the Akashic Records thinks or their views on Hollywood, how we consume content, social media, and so on.

Bonni McCliss 54:49
Yes, yeah. This is a great question. And this is one that's close to my heart. Because I've always loved the power of media. It is such a powerful tool. And you know, in I walk in wanting to work with people or speak about some of the things that's been given through me. You know, media is an incredible forum. And over the years, I've almost heard my guides say, you know, wait, it's not time yet. You know, those, the those that are in media are not at a place of consciousness where you could be heard or others like you can be heard. So over even 1015 years ago, I was stopped from even going into it or, you know, my wagon was parked. So it's kind of it's I liked this question because it really speaks to even the AI or any type of process of ascension look, we didn't really, nobody set this model in motion. It's the it's our DNA. It's it's the shift of consciousness, it's the programming within us is slowly in just not tolerating dense models of energy in the form of content or fear production, or, you know, these really sensationalized you know, parts in Hollywood, there's something in us that's waking us waking up that scientists refer to this as the imaginal cells. So it's like a part of us part of our DNA is literally like the caterpillar, it's mutating, it's shutting down, it's, it's, it's dying, and a new part of us is waking up. And so us as content creators are kind of feeding that and feeling that and you're watching TV and media slowly evolve. In a way, kind of by itself, we're doing it, we're waking up and putting it out there. So you know, I'm really excited and hopeful for media. And it's just going to continue to have this kind of high minded, it has an opportunity to be high minded. But the the thing that I sense the most is that viewers, humanity, as a whole can't, will not be able to tolerate old models of what they're receiving, I mean, TV is just an media's going in, you know, we're in that theta state, and we're just receiving it's like junk food, we, we won't be able to digest it. So we're going to need higher organic, authentic content. And it's just, it's gonna keep going that way. Which you know, what I want to symbolize on it's, it is interesting, again, the Akashic records, suggests that we just need to participate and align, we don't need to work as hard as we think we do. And change it all up, a lot of this will continue to progress, kind of, with or without us, you know, we just, it's our choice to participate as creators, you know, with what we put out or what we receive. So I have really high hopes for media. And I feel also that media will drive communities to beat to meet in person. So like, even with like your show, Alex, you know, I feel like part of the progression of what you're doing. Whether you see it coming or not is going to be options to meet your viewers in person or to gather you kind of like this eclipse thing, you know, where your bodies are actually in physical location, creating this interesting, energetic vibration together, which I find very fascinating. So I'm getting a lot of that media will stir communities to come together no matter where they live all over the world. So that's gonna be fun.

Alex Ferrari 58:22
Yeah, that was that was a great answer. Now, can you shed some light on the karmic implications of the conflicts that we're having around the world today? Yeah, because there seems to be some karma in the world going on. Right now with these conflicts. There's two major ones going on. In the news right now with with is the Israeli Palestine conflict, and the Russian Ukraine conflict, which are old, just old, some even 1000s of year old arguments and wars, they're still going on. So I'd love to hear the Akashic Records point of view on this.

Bonni McCliss 59:00
Great question. I don't know that I could answer that in one fell swoop, right, because this is such a complex system of events, and participants at large. But, you know, it brings me to an interesting point that I heard recently when an off astrological level, so back in October, when we have that partial eclipse for some of us, you know, some of us it was a partial eclipse and the fall in Eclipse Season. Some of the deep underground astrologers are talking about this eclipse being one that was going to activate the 12 tribes of Israel that was going to bring up the I guess, you could say the, I don't know if we would call it karma or the initiation or something was going to happen on an on even in an on an Israeli Israeli soil. And that was days before some of these world events transpired. And so what that brings to me is kind of it only comes back and validate What I hear from the Akashic spectrum, is that events, even though from our perspective, that are considered negative or conflict that you know, are just really, they're jarring us, you know, they're bringing us into a split polarity, even in our own consciousness, have an incredible productive place. They say to me often that, you know, human beings are just reading an energy schematic. So this brings us to something called the law of correspondence, as above is below is within is without, and that we're receiving kind of a signal. And as we receive the signal this this, maybe this god geometric formula, we are interpreting it, and it's dictating the reality that we're experiencing. And I know that's kind of heading. So as it's like reading these energetic Braille, that that is being expressed to us, you know, from our Universal Community. So as we evolve as a solar system, as we evolved to understand that, again, conflicts not taking us anywhere, why? Because what is conflict that's usually born from greed, from fear, you know, from polarization, but the thing is, we're closing down the polarization, could it get more complicated, complex and complicated before it gets better? Sure. But it too, is working out its system as it grows, the earth knows what it's doing. So I'm not saying sit back and put your head in the sand. I'm just saying that, from my perspective, what I'm told, and what were the Akasha weighs in on this is that things are not always what they seem. And sometimes the contrast and the conflict is creating room for expansion. Which we could all agree that there's some truth in that probably, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 1:01:51
Fair enough. Fair enough. Now, what are your thoughts on how humanity can engage with the concept of the multiverse and how it works with the parallel realities and how we do our day to day stuff, knowing that this information, this concept is out there, and these parallel realities?

Bonni McCliss 1:02:10
Well, there's tears of doing this, I would think I think it depends on where you are in your, in your abilities to meditate, and to go within. So I think if you're just someone who's new to this world, who wants to experience their, you know, parallel lives, you can't do any of that if you can't maintain some space and stillness. So obviously, we need to do the meditation, we need to work on going with and, and we need to learn to trust the sensations that were developed in our body to even access this kind of information in the first place. So you know, I get these people that want to talk to the ET's, or they want to know what's going on in parallel lives. And the first thing they'll do is look up and out the stars, you know, for this information. And then it's kind of like, our instinct to go out to the great beyond. But you know, really, the portal to all of this, all of this great information that can be had about soul lives, or the multiverse, or different types of beings in the multiverse, you have to go within the portal and the Stargate is going within. So I think that, you know, again, going back to these eclipses are going back to these, what we call Harmonic Convergence, numbers, or some of these things that are opportunities on a global level, to go in into meditate, you're going to get what you can handle, I mean, you can if you can handle seeing all of your parallel lives, you will but again, the idea is that we're returning back to ourselves. So you know, that's a big answer, or a big question to answer. I think, my big statement on that is learn to develop your intuitive abilities. Learn to go within learn to meditate. I mean, we know so that you could even, you know, handle the spectrum of what your consciousness is involved with. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:08
Bonnie, I can keep asking you questions for another three or four hours for sure. Thank you so much for this amazing conversation. Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions. I asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Bonni McCliss 1:04:24
To me, it's trust, radical trust and whatever is in your path. You know, it's this, it's the non attachment, a non aversion, just like the Buddha said, you know, a fulfilled life is seeing the purpose and all of it if you're going to do any of life, take it all. So I think just like we talked about earlier in this in this interview, you know, the dark is not always the bad guy. So being present, and allowing you're trusting yourself and whatever shows up in your past if you can get there then you can go deeper into the pattern of, of of what you're here to do, you can see your propensities. You could see your spiritual edge, your processes. And that's all we want. We just want to know, we just want to know who everybody wants to know the same thing. Who am I? Why am I hear? Where am I going? And when is it over? So I think fulfillment is the capacity to be present. And radically trust that which passes, you know, through your life in your experience. Easier said than done. For sure.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:34
Very easier said than done. I agree with you. 100%. Now, if you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Bonni, what advice would you give her?

Bonni McCliss 1:05:42
I would tell her, you really don't have to stop playing Barbies. Just because you're really don't have to stop talking to imaginary friends. You don't really have to stop playing. You really can keep playing. I think that's the thing that, like keeps us trapped in that childlike nature that play that silliness. You know, that light, you know, you get older you get really serious. And very, very right and rigid. And I would just say, Don't listen to them. Keep playing. keep imagining. But you know it honestly, I've already had that conversation. And we worked it out. It's okay, good. Yeah. Good. Good. Keep the play. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:27
Now, how do you define God or Source energy?

Bonni McCliss 1:06:30
You know, the answer that comes to I think just about anybody who would be given that question would be love or infinite love. But I think it's, it's, it's, it's this Akashic space. Is it is God to me it is it is the life force. That is, it's infinite. It's what can't be seen. It's the opportunity. It's patterns within patterns within patterns of consciousness. So yes, God is love to me, but I think it is infinite potential, infinite potential of of what we could we could get in touch with. So I mean, gosh, I don't know that I'm qualified to answer that. But that's what it means.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:12
Of course, you are we are all part of God.

Bonni McCliss 1:07:17
We all have our answer. You got it.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:19
Yes. Now, what is love?

Bonni McCliss 1:07:22
I think it brings me back to that bearing light thing. I think I think honestly, true love or real love is a one way street. It's, you know, this, this light without expectation. Without looking backwards or going where's mine, it's this, you know, purified and divine intention. And knowledge of you know, what comes into you. But it's, it's this ability to bear light. To put it out into the world, obviously, that's a version of love. But over my years, and working in this world, love is a receptivity to light as well. So it's, you know, a surrender, at the end of the day of giving and receiving. Sure. Wow, these are great questions. These are like, existential, I can speak to you with my mind in my eyes. But I mean, Words fail me really.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:21
And I appreciate Yeah, well as it as I say, This is not my first barbecue. So

Bonni McCliss 1:08:27
Yeah, absolutely. It shows. Right.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:30
And, and finally, what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Bonni McCliss 1:08:33
the ultimate purpose, the purpose of life is to journey away from the light, and then make your way back. So it's, it literally is the journey of remember where you come from expand and contract.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:49
Yeah, exactly. We brought it back.

Bonni McCliss 1:08:53
Yeah, all the way. All the way back to not and to not fight that internet fight that process, really, I think, is to get to the point where we just have an innate trust of God and the divine, the divine plan, where we're just a part of the cosmic, you know, the harmony and we just flow and dance with all of nature without resistance. I think that's the evolution that's that that's the avatar ik state to work with, you know, as one as one united force, for sure. But you know, we're doing we're doing all right.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:24
We're doing okay, we're doing okay. Now, where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Bonni McCliss 1:09:30
Yes. So my I have a website, psychicbonni.com If you would like to work with me privately and see your karma and your talent, but we also rent a retreat center in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We call it the dome. It's this 2000 square foot geodesic womb, out in the middle of a field, very, very fun. And that they even that business is the legend of greater things. We believe in hope for the future. and that this is all happening for divine purpose. So those are the two places where I hang out.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:08
Now do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Bonni McCliss 1:10:10
No matter what, trust your life, whatever crosses your path, whatever shows up the dark, the unexplainable, the confusing. Trust does not mean that you're putting your head in the sand and giving up and just get to drink the Kool Aid of opposition. Trust means that you believe in your birthright, and that you're participating in the larger plan that this earth has in store. So radical trust and compassion, have compassion for everything you encounter. And you'll do all right. Nothing can get you down at that point. I don't think Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:46
Bonni it has been such a pleasure and honor speaking to today. Thank you so so much for being on the show and for the amazing work you're doing to awaken the planet.

Bonni McCliss 1:10:55
Absolutely. Likewise. Very good to be here.

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