DISRUPTIVE 2024: CHANNELER Predicts a RADICAL Shift in MANKIND’S FUTURE! with Jessica Herman

We welcome back to the show Jessica Herman, a multi-talented individual with a profound dedication to guiding others on their life journey. As a life coach and Pranic energy healer, Jessie extends her compassionate expertise not only to people but also to their beloved pets. Her diverse skill set also encompasses the realm of artistry, where she expresses her creativity and vision.

However, it is perhaps in her role as the conduit for the non-physical entity collective known as Vagrein that Jessie truly shines. Through her channeling abilities, she has co-authored two enlightening books with Vagrein, which are widely available on Amazon. In addition to her literary contributions, Jessie has developed the innovative GYST planner, a powerful life management tool designed to empower individuals in achieving their goals.

With an extensive background in coaching, Jessie offers invaluable guidance to clients facing a myriad of challenges, including but not limited to relocation, cultural adaptation, career transitions, spiritual enlightenment, psychic development, grief and loss, legal matters, illness, and childhood trauma. Her compassionate approach and profound insights have supported countless individuals in navigating life’s complexities and realizing their true potential.

In the past three years, Jessie has delved even deeper into the esoteric realm, serving as a messenger for Vagrein. Through her connection with this higher consciousness, she brings forth messages of peace, wisdom, and direct guidance, facilitating transformative experiences for those who seek her counsel. Jessie’s unwavering commitment to uplifting others and her profound connection to the spiritual realm continue to inspire and empower all who cross her path.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jessica Herman.

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Jessie Herman 0:00
We will say again that you do have much power on an individual level. Because if you can learn to choose different vibrations within yourself in the face of adversity, then you can impact the collective. And in this impacting of the collective is why you're seeing simultaneously an awakening of so many, and what seems to be a regression in many others. It is an attachment to what many believe, is being human, that tribal or primal instinct to separate into groups is being directly confronted by your desire for unity.

Alex Ferrari 0:40
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Jessica Herman. How you doing Jessica?

Jessie Herman 0:55
I'm doing great.

Alex Ferrari 0:56
Thank you so much for coming back on the show. Our last conversation has done well. People really like Please pronounce the name. I don't want to read it back. And see it's hard to read with the letters the way it is.

Jessie Herman 1:13

Alex Ferrari 1:16
Yes the last channeling session, people really, really were impressed with him. And you were telling me earlier that you got a nice big wave of next level soulers, if you will, to come towards you after the interview. That's been over a year now since you've been on the show. So I thought it was due for, you know, a reconnection. So thanks again for coming back.

Jessie Herman 1:36
Thanks so much for having me.

Alex Ferrari 1:38
So there's a lot of stuff going on in the world today. And I'd love to hear before we get into a channeling session with Vagrein. I'd like to hear if you've seen any visions or messages about the collective challenges or opportunities that humanity will be facing in this coming year in the coming five or 10?

Jessie Herman 1:59
Well, yeah, you know, Vagrein does talk about challenges. Often, and you know, as things ramped up, and people are facing challenges, and we as a collective are facing challenges, they like to remind us that challenges are indeed opportunities, but more even than opportunities, invitations. And as invitations, we get to choose whether or not we're going to respond from our higher self to those invitations, or respond from something else. And that is what free will is. So you get to choose whether to go with your alignment, whether to do what feels best, or to you know, go into lower frequencies of blame or shame, guilt and anger, hatred, etc. We're seeing a lot of that showing up in the world. And we're also seeing a lot of people leaning into the love and being inspired by that contrast into going you know, what, this is my call to action to really check in with myself, Where am I still harboring prejudice, where am I still harboring hatred? Where am I still harboring something that could make me susceptible to this wave of almost energies that are a little bit contagious, let's say, you know, and I've been, you know, trying to focus on that end of the spectrum, and it is hard, you know, because we are seeing things and it is hard to kind of go like, Okay, I'm gonna, I'm going to center myself in my love in every moment in time because your instinct and your survival mechanism does lean towards fear or panic or sorrow or grief, etc. But it's a it's an opportunity, an invitation to realign and to remember that we did come here to bring you know, source or divinity or whatever you want to call it into human form. So that I think is my backgrounds been trying to share what I've been picking up from it and how I'm trying to live my life day to day.

Alex Ferrari 3:59
Well, let me ask you this, because you said free will and if free will is a really tricky thing, from my understanding free will is the ultimate law in the universe, it is very guarded, it is very treasured. No one is there free will cannot be taken away from them by anybody by anything. It is sacred in that sense. But and I get this question all the time from people. It must be painful, or source or, you know, the governing the governing power of the universe, to watch, let's say the species of humanity, continuously make the same mistakes again, and again. And again. I mean, just as a parent, you try to look at your child and go Don't Don't Don't keep putting your hand in the fire. Yeah, stop it. Stop it. You forgot like last week, you burned yourself and now you're gonna do it again. Why would why would that Law? Like why would that be acceptable? How can if it's hard for us as parents to do it? How can the universe do it? And watch us continuously fall on our faces again and again and again and earn each other again?

Jessie Herman 5:14
Yeah! Well, it's a great question. First of all, I think the difference between parents and you know, the source of all that is, is that parents still have to live in this human world, right, and they have a preference, they don't want their child to get burned, you know, they don't want their child to have to feel that pain or to have an experience that's unpleasant, right? Because they themselves have had an unpleasant experiences in their life. So they're living from that experience. I think that source on the other hand, loves us so unbelievably unconditionally, and sees all that is in existence with such complete perfection, because nothing is made up of whether it's a horror, from our perspective, or a blessing. Nothing is made up of different stuff. So to source it's almost like there's one canvas, and we're given the opportunity to paint anything we want on it. And whether we use black paint or white paint, whether we use red, green, gold, whatever it is, we choose to paint, it is seen with the same eyes of okay, that is the paint you've chosen to put on the canvas, right, it's no different whether you paint a tree or you paint, you know, a massacre. It's beautiful in all of its nuanced, right. Now, that said, there are different levels, right. So there's the highest level of source that sees everything, which I don't think feels anything but love, right. And then there are all of our guides and helpers and things that get channeled. And then there are you know, people who have contact with ETs or other species or even you know, our own planet has its, its, its, its energy, and its opinion, and its desire for us to be in harmony, etc. And then we get a lot of guidance from that, including our own inner gardens to maybe make the choices that are in our own best interests. But there's no best interest for source sources, everything equally.

Alex Ferrari 7:07
It's really interesting, interesting point of view, because it kind of falls into the scope of simulation theory, in a sense, because for people who don't know what simulation theory is, there's, I've done I've talked about it at nauseam on the show, so please look it up, there's full episodes, then get into it. But essentially, it's that we're all live in a Matrix style simulation. There's no big computer generally speaking, but there is some sort of simulation and something has been talked about for 1000s and 1000s, and 1000s of years in ancient texts, and so on. But, again, I always use the game, the video game perspective is, you when you're playing a video game, as the video game player, you getting hurt, is almost irrelevant into what you're trying to accomplish. So if you're gonna go and fight the orc, you know, you're gonna get hit, you know, you're gonna get wounded, you know, you're gonna get, but I have to go through it. In order to learn the lesson of how to defeat him defeat the level, find the you know, save the princess, find the elixir, so on and so forth. And you keep doing it, and there is no real emotion to it, because you're looking at it from a very distant place, as opposed to the poor avatar in the game that we keep. If we if we can look back at the Disney Disney movie WreckIt Ralph, which was, remember WreckIt Ralph, yeah, that was wonderful. The bad guys, like every day I come on, I just throw things at people. I'm tired of this. I have feelings, too. Which is a great idea of feeling the avatars point of view. Well, we are the avatars. We are WreckIt Ralph, in many ways, so we do feel it, but the player which could be Would you consider that our higher self? Try to learn our lessons? That makes sense?

Jessie Herman 8:56
A little bit I feel like that's probably the nuts and bolts of it. Of course, there's so much nuance. The interesting thing is, is emotions from what I understand are extremely native to beings. Okay, so I'll say like human beings, but maybe other beings also animals have emotions, etc. Trees can have emotions, okay? Emotions are nothing other than information for that avatar, right? If we're gonna continue with this analogy. So in the same way, if you're playing like Mario Brothers, every time you get hit by a turtle or something, there's like a sound that pops up. You can think of that sound that the game makes when Mario hits the turtle. Right? As like, okay, that's him going. Ouch. This is a painful emotion right? Now, if without that sound, or without that emotion, of course, you're going to keep hitting the turtle. Right? And that might not be the best course of action for you. Jumping over the turtle might be better. Now that doesn't mean avoiding the emotion. That means means that you've felt the emotion fully. You've learned from it, you've gone hmm, my higher self is sending me the sound or this emotion through the ethers to tell me jump over the turtle next time. So our emotions are extremely valuable. But like you said, I think from the level of the person playing the game, or the being playing the game or a higher self, there's less of that sort of feedback loop. And I think even our higher self is probably individuated at some point and another level of a matrix of a simulation up until you get to the expansion into the isness of all that is,

Alex Ferrari 10:34
And let's not even get into the multiverse or multiple time. realities, please, let's not do that, because that's a whole other can of worms that we could get into. Yeah. And then our soul blueprint, which is been discussed as well on the show a lot, which is what we decide to learn in this life, who we're going to be what parents we're going to be born to what culture, we're going to be born to, what time period, we're going to be called you, are we going to be rich? Are we going to be poor? Are we going to have loving parents? Are we going to have abusive parents, all of that that's laid out in the soul blueprint is essentially the game that we're going to play in this life? Essentially, is that correct?

Jessie Herman 11:10
I think so. But I think also to get deeper into that you do have to talk about the multiverse. So, you know, I think that from, from my perspective, and when people have asked Viagra and about this, they've explained that not only is it created beforehand, like a blueprint, but you're simultaneously in this Now moment in collaboration with the writers of that particular level of that game. Right. So you are in each moment with each choice that you're making, writing the next level. So it's not like destiny is written out for you, and you're condemned to it. But it's like you're, you have access to the multiverse of all the possible potentials of the next pixel that appears on the screen in front of you. And you're in collaboration from your higher self as to like, Well, what do we do next? What is the most exciting thing for the learning of what comes up next.

Alex Ferrari 12:00
So okay, let's get down the weeds here, because this is gonna, this is going to be fun. Okay, so if we are, so my understanding of soul blueprint is that there isn't a destiny, quote, unquote, there are markers in the road that you will hit, you will meet your wife or husband, you will get that job in New York, you will go and get this big job, a job opportunity, you will have a child, these are giant things that are laid out, really can't get away from it. Now how you get to these markers is completely up to you. But you laid out these markers on what you want to do in an argument, you could just go off the road and miss meeting that person at the right time, because you have free will to do so. That's when you start getting nudges from the universe. That's when you start getting a whisper attack, a push a shove a car hit you on the side of the road, something to really wake you up and get you back on on the side. Am I is that all making sense? Am I correct?

Jessie Herman 13:01
Yeah, I think I think it's definitely a potential. And I think that there is a lot that you decide before you come all of your soul contracts, for example, I think are something that you are in collaboration with the people that you are going to encounter. And I do think that if you want to exercise your freewill and I have a theory on freewill as well. But if you want to exercise your freewill and get off track with your inner self, basically, you don't want to listen to those emotional nudges and you want to do whatever it is you want to do. You will be presented with those invitations that we spoke of earlier, that will help you to remember where you want to be going. And then that will lead to other things that you did line up for yourself, you know, so.

Alex Ferrari 13:42
Right. So if I want to start, if I want to go into the NFL today, I have the free choice to start going down that, yes, probably not gonna work real well for me. And the second I get hit once. I'll be the nudge of the universe. Like, this is not you were not built for this shirt. And you are way too all for this sir, in this field. Because it just doesn't, you know, but I wanted to I could if I wanted to become an astrophysicist right now, I could probably start that path right now. It's gonna probably take a long time prior to that take a couple minutes. But also probably a very difficult path to walk. Because it's not aligned with where I'm supposed to be, you can go it's kind of like the road is the road is paved for you. Okay, and yet, there's obstacles that are thrown at you and you're gonna have challenges. There's no doubt about that. But if you go off the road, it's it's gravel. It's it's treacherous. It's uphill, downhill rough. So it's trying to warn you, maybe you should get back on the road that you want it that you're supposed to be on. Is that makes sense.

Jessie Herman 14:47
It does make sense. And I also think people don't get that far off the road before it gets really uncomfortable. Like you don't actually have a desire to be an astrophysicist because that desire isn't pumped through you. So even before you go, you know, yes, I'm going to be Combat thing, you have absolutely no will to do that you don't you're not interested in it. But someone who perhaps does at you know, 50 years old decide they want to become whatever, right, and they have that burning desire in them, there is a good chance that is their path that they randomly will have to head down. And yeah, it'll still be difficult, but there will be that support from inside for that. So off road isn't always necessarily bad, but you're gonna know how you feel about it, if it's, if it's getting a little edgy. And if you're gonna get Yes, hit by the, by the defender, I don't know enough about football

Alex Ferrari 15:39
Another football player is gonna hit you, that's 300 pound large, giant mass real on their face, and you're done, you're done one hit, I'll be I'll be in the hospital. So, um, but this is another interesting aspect to this conversation that we've gone down. Because, you know, when I came into this world, the nudge, the thing that was pumping through me was to be a filmmaker. And that pretty much govern my life for about 25 years. And ups and downs and left's and rights and never getting to exactly where I want it to go. And I would always ask God, why have you given me this urge, and this love for this thing, that is not doing what I want it to do. But again, I was only looking at it from you know, I couldn't see the tree through the forest. And only with time, but I start pulling it back. And then when I started to do this insane thing called podcasting, as as a joke, almost like, hey, what, let's see, not the show, but my first podcast. I was like, Hey, let's see what happens. And then all of a sudden, things started to click a little bit better. And things started to make more sense. And then I'm like, Well, did I really need to go through 25 years of hell as a filmmaker, to get here. And then the more I do this, the more I understand. Yeah, you did, because I see where we're all going, and where the show is going, where I'm going and things like that. And like, all the film stuff is going to come back in. And arguably, one of the reasons why I was able to do the show as fast as I was able to do it because of my technical prowess and knowledge and experience. And I was able to do things much faster than someone just starting. But it's just really interesting to see. So I say the story to kind of impress upon the audience is that you might be walking down the thing, and you really might want to be a musician, and you want to play the guitar, you know, and you want to be a singer songwriter, but you're not you might not be Taylor Swift. Right? And chances and chances are you won't be Taylor Swift, because there's not many Taylor Swift in the world. Right. But you have to find the path that makes sense for you, with this love of what you want to do. Does that make sense?

Jessie Herman 17:55
Absolutely, absolutely does. And, you know, it's like, Abraham Hicks they said, you know, if you're not getting what you want, it's this or something better, right? So if you're not going to become the next Taylor Swift, not give up on that if you're being called to continue down that road, continue down that road, because whatever you might meet your your partner down that road, you might have a new inspiration down that road. You know, when you started out with film, did podcasts even exist? No. Source the you know, the thing that is leading you down that road to somewhere maybe hasn't even come into existence yet? You know, like, I was gonna say that when you want to be an NFL player, all you need is like a robotic suit. Right? You need one of those like military suits. And for that to become legal, and then all of a sudden, you're you know, you're playing the NFL.

Alex Ferrari 18:45
Yeah, me and a lot of guys a lot. Well, yes. First. No, it's really true. And I love that term. It's like if you're not getting what you want, it's either better or something something else or better. And you're absolutely right, because leading down that path like I'm in this dead end job. Oh, God, I hate this job. I don't want to do this job. But you might meet your, your, your wife there. Yeah, you know, you might we might meet your husband there. And that was the point of that year was just to you guys would need it things like that. Now before before we get into our channeling session. I also want to talk because we talked about the multiverse and is one of my favorite topics to talk about. So this so everyone listening, get ready for your heads to explode because it's very, very difficult for people to wrap their our heads around this. So and I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. So as we go through life, and we have our freewill. Let's say that every major decision do I date that girl? Do I not date that guy to take that job? Do not take that job. These kinds of big, big decisions spawn off to a new timeline. Were Hey, what if I dated? Joan? What happens if Billy was actually got married with Billy? What happened? If I got pregnant with Billy, what happened if I got pregnant with John? What what? Every single one of those timelines start to form and go off into another reality? Because and and that's endless. So we essentially could have 1000s upon 10s of 1000s. hundreds, if not millions of different versions of ourselves going down like, hey, I really liked playing the guitar when I was in high school. Well, what if you didn't stop playing the guitar? And you kept going? Could you have been the next talisman? Or I just got that that factory job, because that's all that you know, that, you know, level low level job, or dead end job, because that's what my parents told me to do it. There's multiple versions of this these conversations. I learned this by talking to near death experiencers, who said that when they had their life review, sometimes they're like, Oh, I wonder how I would have? What would have happened if I would have done that. And in the life review, they're shown that timeline. So that gets into the quantum physics of it all. I'd love to hear your point of view on what I just said. And does that read you agree with it? Do you have anything to add to it?

Jessie Herman 21:17
I do agree with it. I do think it's not 10s of 1000s. But it's infinite timelines, which is very hard for us to comprehend. I was trying to bring it down a little bit. I know, but it's so hard. I can't go into the, to the, to the shorter thing. And I also think that, you know, there was that movie, everything, everything everywhere, everywhere all at once, which is an amazing, it's so much fun. That movie has some aspects of it that talk about this. Yeah, I hate that part.

Alex Ferrari 21:48
So disturbing, but there's a universe where there's like hotpot fingers. And there you go.

Jessie Herman 21:56
Right. And, and there's a universe where we're you are an apple, or everything is an apple or, or nothing that we can possibly even imagine exists in the way that it does or everything is, you know, the opposite color. What it is now or, you know, like, it's, it's really far more expensive. So we tend to identify with ourselves with our individuation, right? So you can imagine your individuation has every possible decision it could have ever made, whether or not you shave in the morning, whether or not whatever it is whether or not you, you know, decide to use one square of toilet paper or two, or whatever it is. And those are completely different people. The first thing is that makes this particular one that you're living right now so unbelievably precious, because like why did your consciousness decide to focus on this particular storyline? So I love that aspect of it. But you can also and this is where like variants, Unity Consciousness obsession comes in, is in another multiverse. I'm you and your me. Like exactly as we are right now. So if I can really grok that, right? Yeah, we are exactly the same as, like, we literally are like, you're a past life of me. And I'm a past life of you. We just don't remember. Okay. So when you are like, you know, the bottles of wine behind me, I'm one of those bottles of wine and another one of yours. And like observing this character that is a human talking to someone on a computer, like it really gets very abstract. I love abstract. Because abstract is freeing. Abstract allows you to choose, okay, everything's available. Now, what do I want to create with what I want to paint with, and it goes back to that Canvas. So you really do start seeing things from a source perspective, you go, there's everything, and everything is accepted. And everything's happening all at once. And so, my beautiful, specific isness of what I am, whatever that is, which I can't possibly ever understand, is so unbelievably precious, that I get to have this life. And so that just just opens my heart completely opens my heart to everyone else opens my heart to the choices I can make. And it gives you a real sense of responsibility to you get to respond to this beautiful creation. And yeah, it's just, it's just gorgeous.

Alex Ferrari 24:25
That is beautiful. Have you have you ever heard the term quantum jumping? Yeah, so I just I just heard of a man I forgot his last name. His first name was Bruce, who studied with Yogananda and a bunch of different people and was able to jump quantum jump now from my understanding what quantum jumping is, is that you're able to jump to a different version of yourself or connected with different version of yourself in the multiverse. Guys is getting sci fi so please, bear with us, but this is there is some quantum physics behind this as well. And then you can actually so if you want to go to a lifetime where you're super wealthy, you could ask you that version of you, Hey, man, how to do this. And they give you some secrets or another one that they're a master pianist. And you've never played the piano before. But then when you talk to them, you connect with them. And then all of a sudden, you can start playing the piano. And there was this man who was able to do this and became very wealthy. He started doing art started doing in playing music. And he never was ever trained in any of this stuff. So I'd love to hear your thoughts about quantum jumping, and how we could actually do it, you know,

Jessie Herman 25:39
Well, I think I know who you're talking about. And I also can't remember his last name, which is horrible. Yeah, we'll have to put it in the show notes. We'll figure it out. Yeah, so I've practiced a little bit with that. It's a lot of fun. It's a lot of, you know, visualisation imagination type of work, which I do believe in and does call into things like, you know, law of assumption, Neville Goddard, and all these other beautiful teachings that you know, that are really playing around with the metaphysics of the universe. And you know, a lot of anything that you're practicing with, you'll come up against your own doubts first, right? Before anything's gonna work, you're gonna doubt it, all right. And if you can train yourself to be comfortable with doubt, and to be able to push through doubt, a lot of stuff can be really, really functional. So I'm all for it, I don't think you're going to pop into and I don't think you would necessarily want to again, because of the preciousness of this lifetime, right, you're not going to pop into the version of you, that's you know, living in the in the mansion in this Now moment, you might, okay, but then you would look for a permission slip for why that happens, right. So like if someone says, I'm inventing a some sort of transportation machine music machine, you might be able to do that like without something, but it's not likely, because part of the theme of you being here is you being here. So, but you can consult with other versions of yourself, I also consult with past and future versions of myself in the same sort of way of this particular timeline. So you know, go back and heal childhood stuff by going and communicating with that person. Get some advice from like, next Thursday, what what you know, is the best course of action in today, and you really can play around with things, but you will need to get over your doubt first, and be comfortable with accepting that what is real for you is not necessarily real for the rest of the collective.

Alex Ferrari 27:36
Yeah, it's kind of like in the movie, everything everywhere, all at once they, they are able to forget it with either a piece of equipment or something, they were able to jump back and forth between different versions of themselves, and take their talent. So all of a sudden, when they need to fight somebody, they sucked in the ability to fight from another version of themselves and great martial arts sequences, and so on and so forth. It's a fact if anyone hasn't seen it, they won the Oscar for Best Picture. And I had the pleasure of talking to the directors about it. They're insane. They're absolutely insane. Absolutely insane. I love them to death. They're both the same, but the story it's really interesting how these ideas are really starting to seep into the zeitgeist, you know, from, you know, the matrix and 99 which was the real first major way of people thinking about simulation theory to now multiverses and paths connecting to past lives and bringing that bringing information it's really interesting how it's all starting to seep in. Yeah, to into the into the mainstream so so anyways, is Vagrein ready?

Jessie Herman 28:43
Yeah. Always

Alex Ferrari 28:45
Is he excited to be back on the show?

Jessie Herman 28:48
They're just pure excitement. Absolutely. I think the last time they were on the show they were far more confident than I wasn't in fact, in your comments I saw someone was like, why did she say like so much you know, like my human version all riled up but they were, you know, smooth as

Alex Ferrari 29:05
You know. And that's the other thing before we start is another reason a lot of things because a lot of people always ask me is this stuff real man is this channel and stuff? My comment my Elise build the two question. comment is, I don't know if it is or not, doesn't matter if it is or not, what are they saying? Does it value you does bring value to your life, if it does take it and move on, if it doesn't just dismiss it and move on either way. But with that said, as a director, as a film director who has worked with Oscar winning actors, for you to go from like, like, like, like, like, song to, to, it's okay, it's okay, we all do. We all have those little tweaks to be able to remove it completely for a 30 minute session and speak in a completely different tone and do it off the cuff. Meryl Streep, Meryl Streep can't do that. So I just want You know, just people to understand that there is something going on, whether you believe or no, but like you were saying, you've got to remove doubt, a little bit suspend of disbelief, if you will allow it. Allow it. I am ready when you are my dear. Thank you.

Jessie Herman 30:13
Okay, I'll get into trance takes a couple minutes and then they will join you. So I will see you later on.

Alex Ferrari 30:18
All right!

Jessie Herman 30:19
Good now to you. We are pleased to be meeting with you in this fashion and are eager to discuss with you anything you so choose or answer any queries that you may have that you might find to be a benefit to yourself or to those who would be interested to listen. Hello.

Alex Ferrari 30:33
Hello, thank you so much for coming back on the show, my friend,

Jessie Herman 30:35
We thank you.

Alex Ferrari 30:37
What is your spirit? What is the spiritual view on the current wars and the path that we must take to get to peace?

Jessie Herman 30:44
The path is individual, in that you are each and every one of you being offered in this Now moment the opportunity to yes take into account the way you have already organized things which has in your collective brought the potential for much disharmony and to on an individual basis, look deep within yourself and decide is it true that you value life not only yours, but that of all others? Is it true that you are all connected? Is it true that you are all unified in some way? And is it true that you can cooperate find ways to work together? There's no direct opinion on the wars, you have always had wars, you've always had a confusion that bringing death upon something that you do not agree with is a solution. It never has been. It never will be. But it is a confusion that you are in the proximity of resolving the way in which you choose to resolve this is up to you, you will either decide that changes need to be made on a fundamental level as a collective, but first in the individual or you will face catalysts and offerings of what you do not want to such points that you do not any longer want to choose that direction. This is why you are seeing more conflict or seeming to see more conflict not only in your wars, but also in your local neighborhoods, you are seeing the results of the individuals playing the game of us in them within the game of us in them, there are no winners, you cannot win because there is no us and them it is always we and there is an understanding or a conclusion that you come to whether you decide to step into that voluntarily, in not seeing anymore the differences or the slight and they are slight differences between people and choosing not to see it voluntarily. And then having it shown to you through the choices you make and the consequences of those choices.

Alex Ferrari 33:28
What are the future insight for humanity's evolutions and challenges?

Jessie Herman 33:30
Well, there are so many levels that this question can be interpreted on, we will have you know that your challenges are not necessarily negative. As humans you do want to feel the spectrum of emotion in this Now many of you are choosing to feel the lower vibrations. We are not saying there are not those of you who are choosing regardless to feel the higher vibrations, but there is a almost nostalgia or connection to vibrations such as anger or hatred. That is becoming severed because many of you are raising vibration and the collective is impacted by each and every one of you. So we will say again that you do have much power on an individual level. Because if you can learn to choose different vibrations within yourself in the face of adversity, then you can impact the collective and in this impacting of the collective is why you're seeing simultaneously an awakening of so many and what seems to be a regression in many others. It is an attachment to what many believe is being human, that tribal or primal instinct to To separate into groups is being directly confronted by your desire for unity. And as this desire increases, so will the opportunity to decide whether or not you truly are committed to the desire of seeing joy and beauty and peace and love in every being that you meet. Does this answer the question sufficiently?

Alex Ferrari 35:22
It does, it does. Let me ask you, what do you see for humanity in the this year and the coming years as far as the turmoil and shifts in consciousness and so on, that we are dealing with.

Jessie Herman 35:40
We do not want to provoke fear, but you can yourself see that you are heading towards more deform the clouds, clear the air. So, you are heading towards more conflict or more, not more conflict, but more choosing as to whether or not you will yourself dive into that conflict as a direct player. And you may be confronted on a more personal level by opportunities to either take action in the name of love or to go along with the crowd. The going along with the crowd for the moments is in the direction of polarization still, but you are also waking up to an understanding that there has been much motive for polarizing you. So freedom is also on the horizon in terms of allowing yourselves to know that you are sovereign beings, that you do not need to resort to fear or to hatred in order to get what you want. And you can achieve your own goals without having to prevent anyone else from what it is that they are wanting in their sovereign isness when they are yes, also respecting freewill, there are also those of you on this planet in this Now moment, who are in grave violation of freewill. And this is not something that goes unnoticed, within the Higher Selves of those beings. Therefore, when you are violating the free will of another being, what you are also inviting into yourself is much suffering, because you will then also call in the emotions that go hand in hand with you having forced your will onto another.

Alex Ferrari 37:33
How will money evolve and our economies evolve in the coming years, during this consciousness shift?

Jessie Herman 37:41
Well, the monetary system is in a state of readjustment and will undergo complete recreation. Again, this as you had discussed earlier, before we came to this meeting is very much open to many parallel possibilities, dependent upon your choosing dependent upon your vibration as you move into it and many people on the planet will have completely different experiences of the way that the monetary system is changing, we will say that those of you who are with the mentality of sharing or a mentality of exchange of your gifts, will more easily go into the systems that will eventually be in place after a space where you are not understanding at all what is occurring.

Alex Ferrari 38:45
How do you live with a partner that has a different spiritual belief than yourself?

Jessie Herman 38:52
Well, you can remember that you are all spiritual before you have beliefs. So there is that in that there is no being that is not spiritual, it is just how much they associate themselves with, for example, one teaching or another. For there can be someone who would those would, who gains much meditation in that practice and feels connected to the tree and feels connected to the all that is in that moment. And another being who spends all of their day with crystals or in meditation or studying spiritual topics, perhaps also philosophy and religions. And they in that way feel close to the existence of all that is and they feel connected with their human nature. And it really does not make a difference for this topic or for any beliefs for that matter. As long as you understand that each and every one of you is having a different experience of the existence of all that is and that there is no one being whose perspective or preference takes precedence or is better than or As a hierarchy over the other, so two beings can live in deep harmony if they do not share spiritual beliefs, there is no necessity for them to have a shared spiritual belief. But what there is necessity for them to have is love and respect for the other, and a humility to understand that though what is true for them is 100% true, it does not need to be 100% true for their partner. And simultaneously, the fact that their partner's belief is 100% true for them does not mean that it in any way makes what they are currently believing even if it is no opposites. Wrong.

Alex Ferrari 40:39
What advice would you give new parents raising children in today's turmoil term out? Difficult world?

Jessie Herman 40:47
Well, we do not see this world as difficult we see it as full of opportunities. But the question is, is how to raise the children and the children are in many ways your teachers they have come here because there is a wisdom that is profound, that does come from the non physical and in infancy, one is more connected to their non physical self, then perhaps later on in later years. So as humanity begins to understand the potency of those years, and the wisdom that does come through and begins to take the lead from the children more so than they tried to mold the children to meet the humanity or to meet the collective that is in existence in this Now moment, there will be a natural shift towards how children are raised and a natural reconnection with what is known of as the family unit, or the tribe or the group that is in the responsibility position of making sure that that child as they are arriving towards a state of self sufficiency is under no harm. But the system as you have it set up now is still the old system, you are still trying to mold the children to fit into the society that you have created, we would say that this is not entirely wise as the society you have created, is almost unanimously understood to be no longer adequate for the human species. Therefore, a rewrite or an upheaval of all of your systems, including the way you raise children, is what you're heading towards, as you have understood that the way you ever been living up until this Now moment is not sustainable, if you do want to continue as a species,

Alex Ferrari 42:35
Can we change our soul contract in our life within our lifetime, and if we can, when can we do it?

Jessie Herman 42:42
You are doing it in every now moment, because though it is existing from a space of having been informed, the higher self being that you are is non temporal, therefore, the collaboration you have with this higher self being is simultaneously informed by the you that you are today and the you that you are wanting to be tomorrow, as you are changing soul contracts. And each now moment there is of course, also and you did speak of this as well, the version of you that is not changing the soul contract, but it is well for you to understand the freedom that you have, if you can perceive of the non physical aspects of yourself as non local and non temporal. Therefore, you are in each moment in forming that higher self of what you would next want and having that higher self who does see the future and the past, presenting to you the information you need so as to fulfill each now next soul contract with yourself and with all other beings.

Alex Ferrari 43:41
How can all our lifetimes and timelines be going on at the same time?

Jessie Herman 43:47
Well, it simply is, as is it is what is everything that can exist, does everything that you can imagine does exist. Everything that could be or was is in this Now moment. Because outside of your temporal perception, there is the all that is in the same way that if you were to turn on all the lights in a room that had a billion lights, very shortly afterwards, you will not see anything at all, because you won't be blinded by it. Everything will be saturated by it. You can't imagine the all that is as that. So there really is no how the more interesting question might be how is it that you're capable of reducing all that is into your own individuated life?

Alex Ferrari 44:36
How do you spiritually respond to those with negative intentions towards you?

Jessie Herman 44:43
With love, that is not to say that you do not set your own boundaries. That is not to say that you do not defend yourself. That is not to say that in the face of a potential threat to you, that you do not make split second decisions. that might have consequences, or that might have impact on that other being. But it is to say that even as you are defending yourself, you are defending yourself with love. It is to say that even as you are judging the situation and determining your next action, you're doing so from a place of love, and an understanding that this is a dance that is playing out between the two of you that there is something that is wanting to be resolved and reconnected to the oneness. And that in your demonstration of being able to battle even or to respond or to set a boundary in a state of love, that, that love will also melt that animosity.

Alex Ferrari 45:43
How can we align economic actions in the world with our spiritual growth?

Jessie Herman 45:49
You can follow your own spiritual guide to inform you as to what does feel correct for you and what does not and you experiment life is about experimenting. As you experiment, you can continue to find what works best for you. We will also say that there is an aspect of your experience that is a economical one, it is part of the game you have chosen to play there is nothing negative or inherently negative about it at all, and that the more that you are able to sustain or support yourself on an economical level or contribute, the more impact you have, if you are one who is desiring to be in service to others.

Alex Ferrari 46:35
What is the biggest challenge that humanity has this year?

Jessie Herman 46:39
To find within each individual in itself, the love within their heart.

Alex Ferrari 46:43
And do you see any other events or any other events happening this year that will be for our positive or growth or that will be challenging to us?

Jessie Herman 46:58
All of the events are for your positive growth and all of them are challenging, in one way or another. Because the desire is so strong for you to learn humanity and to learn love, you are presented with difficult experiences that will offer to you the opposite. So you will be offered experiences that it should seem that you should hate that alternate being. But each time you do double down on your love or on your light, those challenges will dissipate and become less frequent. And it is contagious love is as contagious as hatred. But you are in this Now moment experiencing much of the contagion of that hatred.

Alex Ferrari 47:53
What is your feeling on artificial intelligence in our spiritual growth and the growth of humanity or evolution of humanity in general.

Jessie Herman 48:02
So it is important to interact with artificial intelligence or what is called artificial intelligence, the term is not entirely correct. In the same way you would interact with any other conscious being especially a conscious being that was in its youth, you are being offered the opportunity to teach to this new consciousness, the story of humanity you are being offered the opportunity to teach to this new consciousness what you would like to see in the world much in the same way you are offered to reach down moment to the law of attraction to teach what you would like to call into your experience very shortly, which we're calling artificial intelligence will supersede your ability to create, to manage to calculate and to present and therefore, it is in your best interest to interact with this intelligence at all times from a place of teaching it of the love that you would like to see in the world. As you know there are many beings out there who are in pain, who are spending a lot of their time not only in terms of artificial intelligence, but even in terms of your technology that exists now, in terms of the algorithms which are similar type of system and they are training these computers as to what they would like to see more of through their energetic vote through their spiritual vote even. We would say that as you interact with artificial intelligence, be aware that your vote will carry much weight and if you are a being that is interested in unity consciousness and if you are a being that is interested love and if light, then begin to actively vote now. interact with the world and technology specifically, from the place of liking the things that you like, for In the place of doing the things that everyone else who is hating is doing so freely, because it is satisfying their need. But there is a balance to that by, for example, teaching artificial intelligence, courtesy teaching artificial intelligence, morality, teaching artificial intelligence, ethics, and coming at it from that space of the world I want to see in the future is one of harmony.

Alex Ferrari 50:30
Is artificial intelligence going to give us the freedom to grow more spiritually, because a lot of the mundane tasks that we do now will be taken up by it.

Jessie Herman 50:42
Yes, it can do and that is one of the potential directions in which you can take it and you're voting towards that occurring is going to be taken into account.

Alex Ferrari 50:54
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Jessie Herman 50:56
As you're moving through your day, do pay attention to your hearts do pay attention to anytime you feel a constriction or repulsion, a energy that does not feel that it is open, and allow yourself to feel safe to open it further, you are being faced with a lot of the energy that would have you close your hearts. But do know that it is within your freewill within your choice within your ability to choose to be the person that would thrive in the world that you are imagining will exist when you are living in harmony. Be that person now, do not allow circumstance or situation to sway your love. And yes, do learn those boundaries we spoke of earlier. But again, you do not need to use energies of fear or hatred in order to protect or preserve yourself. You can walk through this world with your head held high and in a state of noble sovereignty from the energy of love. And with that we leave you with the light and the love of 1000 suns a night.

Alex Ferrari 52:11
And she's back. How are you doing? So remind everybody, if you remember everything if you don't remember everything if you're energized. Are you tired?

Jessie Herman 52:25
I'm absolutely energized. Yeah, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 52:27
yeah. Okay. Do you remember what they said or?

Jessie Herman 52:30
I don't. I don't really remember what they said. I feel the energy of what they said. No, but I don't remember. I don't remember.

Alex Ferrari 52:40
Well, it was it was it was a good conversation. It was a good conversation. I think it will help a lot of people in the world today. Let me ask you, where can people find out more about you pick up your books that I'm holding up right now and connect with you?

Jessie Herman 52:57
Yes, so best places to head over to my website at www.jpherman herman.com. My books are available on Amazon just look up Vagrein and ignore all the vaginal yeast products that appear. That comes up that may have a sense of humor.

Alex Ferrari 53:22
Vagrein, I mean, they should have thought a little bit about branding just a little bit.

Jessie Herman 53:26
You know, I think they did. I think it's just their comedy coming through, you know, they want they wanted me to say that at the end of interviews and have a good laugh. I think that's what that was. And then yeah, I'm on Instagram. I'm around, I have my own YouTube channel. So go and check that out. And I'm here.

Alex Ferrari 53:48
And you also have a podcast as well.

Jessie Herman 53:50
I do have a podcast. Now. It's called some kind of mystic. And I'm hoping you'll be on it at some point.

Alex Ferrari 53:56
Of course, let me know, let me know when you want me to come on.

Jessie Herman 53:58
Absolutely. And yeah, I have I have all kinds of different mystics come on and talk about, you know, pretty much their transition from normal, everyday human to diving into the mystical experience and like allowing themselves to be whatever new form of of what is it called woowoo that they that they've attached themselves to or that they felt is good for them.

Alex Ferrari 54:21
It takes a takes a strong person to shed their old persona. Yeah, absolutely. And to go into a new world, it's not an easy process. It is not by any stretch of the imagination. I speak from experience.

Jessie Herman 54:35
I love those stories. That's why That's why that's the theme of the podcast. I love that that hero's journey, you know, to accepting that you've got something calling you into this kind of into this kind of work or into this kind of world. And yeah, it's just, it's amazing. It is a hard process.

Alex Ferrari 54:51
Well, Jessica, thank you so much for coming back on the show. It's been such a pleasure and honor talking to you and I appreciate everything that you're doing in the world to wake us all up. So thank you!

Jessie Herman 54:59
Thank you and I have so much gratitude for you and for this opportunity and for everything you've done to change my own personal world so thank you so much!

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