CHANNEL Prediction in 2024: STARLING Future of the WORLD’S Economy & MONEY Itself! with Rubia Lacerda

In the complex landscape of our shared existence, each moment we live adds to the intricate design of humanity’s evolution. On today’s episode, we delve into the profound journey of Rubia Lacerda, a gifted medium and channeler whose life has been marked by remarkable spiritual awakenings and transformative experiences. Her story is a testament to … Read more

LIFE-ALTERING LIVE Channeling That Will REDEFINE Your Life! A Must-See Event! with Rubia Lacerda

In the vast symphony of existence, there are souls who hear the cosmic melodies more keenly than others. On today’s episode, we welcome Rubia Lacerda, a spiritual guide whose journey has been one of embracing and sharing her extraordinary gifts of channeling and mediumship. Born with an innate connection to the mystical realms, Rubia’s life … Read more

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