LIVE Channeling: ANCIENT BEINGS From the AKASHIC Records! Future of Mankind REVEALED with Lisa Wetsel

Lisa Wetsel, a dedicated explorer of the mystical realms and a beacon of spiritual guidance. Lisa’s transformative journey into the Akashic Records commenced in 1996, fueled by a compassionate heart and a desire to help others. Initially drawn to the healing art of massage therapy, her path unfolded into a profound exploration of the metaphysical.

As her passion for teaching and learning blossomed, Lisa delved into the profound realms of the Akashic Records, uncovering a unique ability to channel direct insights from the Masters. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth and sharing profound wisdom with others.

Today, Lisa stands as an accomplished Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, holding the prestigious title of a Level IV certified Akashic Records Consultant. With over two decades of experience, she has been a trusted channel for the timeless truths embedded in the Records. Lisa’s unwavering intention throughout her journey has remained constant: to live authentically from the heart, uphold the highest standards of integrity, and embody the eternal pursuit of truth.

In her role as a spiritual guide, Lisa Wetsel continues to illuminate the path for those seeking spiritual enlightenment, offering a profound connection to the Akashic Records and empowering individuals on their own transformative journeys. With a heart-centered approach and a commitment to truth, Lisa remains a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the depths of spiritual awakening.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lisa Wetsel.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 392

Lisa Wetsel 0:00
What we want you to know is that we are a field of energy that is given guidance to all that is, if you recognize that you have heard a whisper in your ear or a tap on your shoulder, you can recognize that we are giving you the guidance down in the direction or the path that you need to go in. What we want you to know today is that we hold all that is every form of information. Every plan, every molecule of evidence of life has been embedded within our field. If you recognize who we are, you'll begin to understand that there is much more to your life than just the simple existence upon this earth. We are the guides for all that is and this is the purpose that we serve as of today.

Alex Ferrari 1:00
Like to welcome to the show, Lisa Wetzel, How you doing Lisa?

Lisa Wetsel 1:02
I'm great. Thank you for having me.

Alex Ferrari 1:05
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm looking forward to our conversation we're going to be touching upon a topic that we've talked about a little bit on the show before hasn't been talked about a lot, which is the Akashic records. And explaining what the Akashic records are, we're gonna have a little session, kind of like a channeling session, quote, unquote, with the Akashic records. But before we get started with all of that, can you explain to people what the Akashic records are? If they've never heard of it?

Lisa Wetsel 1:32
It can, I'm going to go ahead and just ask the records to provide that information, if that's okay?

Alex Ferrari 1:37
Yes, please!

Lisa Wetsel 1:38
Ok so what we want you to know is that we are a field of energy that is given guidance to all that is, if you recognize that you have heard a whisper in your ear, or a tap on your shoulder, you can recognize that we are giving you the guidance down in the direction or the path that you need to go in. What we want you to know today is that we hold all that is every form of information, every plan, every molecule of evidence of life has been embedded within our field. If you recognize who we are, you'll begin to understand that there is much more to your life than just the simple existence upon this earth. We are the guides for all that is and this is the purpose that we serve as of today.

Alex Ferrari 2:30
Very interesting that's a great answer, that's a great answer.

Lisa Wetsel 2:35
That's why I don't ever answer. And sometimes I get different answers. So I just prefer, you know, they always know what to say at the right time. So for whoever's listening, you know this, that's the message that they need to hear.

Alex Ferrari 2:50
So Lisa, let me let's go, let's go back what got you interested in the Akashic records and tapping into it and all of that stuff? Because I assume you weren't born with this information?

Lisa Wetsel 3:01
No, no. And so way back in the day, in the in the late 90s, I was a director for massage therapy school, I am a longtime massage therapist as well. And I was I was the director of the school in Louisiana and Louisiana required a healing touch to be taught within their curriculum. And so I had in the state of Louisiana, there were only two Healing Touch teachers in the whole state. And so I would have one of the healing touch teachers come and stay with me during the time that they would have to teach their classes and so we were just chit chatting. And I asked her what all do you do, Donna? And she mentioned this thing called the Akashic records. I was like, What is she? Have you ever heard of them? Well, no, of course not. And so she told me that she taught classes and so I did it more or less, just like, well, that sounds fun. Why don't I just do that? What the heck. And so here I am, 20 years later, and still doing it.

Alex Ferrari 4:09
So from your perspective, not your records is perspective, your perspective? Can you explain what the Akashic records are, as they were explained to you?

Lisa Wetsel 4:18
Yeah, it's there. It's actually an energy field. And what you I've noticed that you had Ervin Laszlo on your show in the past, and he is my hero. Actually, the head proven that there is such a thing as this field. And so this energy field holds everything. You know, all of the memories, every thought, every event, everything from the beginning of time from the time that this create this universe was created. This field was created to hold everything. So what I I like it, I liked to call it it's almost like the holder of all history. And so everything that's ever been created every thought we've had, you know, everything you know, from the beginning of our souls existence and all of every everything that there is, it holds everything. And so why I feel so special in being able to do this is because I'm privy to everything, you can literally ask me any question, and they're gonna give me an answer. And for me what an honor that is. And that is why I try to stay out of their way so they can share and may not intervene. But really, in a very short version, it's the holder of all everything that is, is held in the in the energy field of the Akashic field.

Alex Ferrari 5:44
So it's the ultimate cloud storage?

Lisa Wetsel 5:46
That's the way to describe it. Yes!

Alex Ferrari 5:48
It's the ultimate cloud storage with endless hard drive space, and storage space that basically captures every single thing from every single creature, and every single universe, every every galaxy, or universe, everything that's going on anywhere, it's being recorded. And then you can tap into that knowledge at whim. Now my question to you is when you ask, when you ask the Akashic Records, a certain question, obviously, everyone's like, well ask the lottery numbers, that doesn't work that way, at least to my understanding, they're not going to go short. It 714 That's generally not the way it works. But when but the this is my understanding of the Akashic records, that if you asked a question, they will give you the answer you need to hear, not necessarily the answer you want to hear. Is that a fair statement?

Lisa Wetsel 6:37
Correct! Yeah, okay. I mean, it's the truth is the truth of all that is, you know, and it comes from that spiritual perspective, not what our mind creates. And so, you know, a lot of times when we expect a certain answer, or we want a certain answer, it's because it's the story that our mind created. And that's what the mind wants to hear. But what the truth is, is what they're going to tell you, you know, they're telling you from that spiritual perspective, you know, what their view is, and what their knowledge is. And so sometimes it can be a little bit hard to hear what they have to say. It might not be what we want to hear.

Alex Ferrari 7:15
So in other words, like, When am I going to meet the love of my life? And they'll, they'll say, Well, you got to work on yourself, first girl, or guy, you gotta you gotta do a little word like, no, no, no, I went as Prince Charming or, or my person is going to walk through the door, and like many times, so you got a lot of work ahead of you.

Lisa Wetsel 7:31
That's exactly what they say.

Alex Ferrari 7:38
Well, no, I've, I've been around the block enough, in the spiritual space at this point in the game, kind of between channels between psychic mediums between the Akashic records, information coming from the other side, general rule, it's not what you want to hear, right? It's generally what you need to hear. And that's generally not a pill that most people want to swallow. Especially if you're asking a question like, When am I going to meet the love of my life, you're probably not ready to meet the love of your life. Exactly. But if you're not worried about meeting the love of your life, that's when they show up

Lisa Wetsel 8:14
Well yeah, and that's when you're in the flow. You know, if you're, if you feel like I say, now you just open the door, sorry. But if you if you are looking for the relationship, because you think the relationship is going to complete you or make you happy, or provide some security, these this is everything that we're not supposed to be that's completely living from your mind. And so if you're asking those types of questions, you do need to work on yourself just a little bit.

Alex Ferrari 8:46
We all have to work on ourselves, period. That's a general statement, always every day we're constant projects in work in our constant project constantly, constantly weren't so as a general default. You always working on yourself until the day you leave.

Lisa Wetsel 9:02
Well, until we become Buddha, you know, until we become the enlightened one that has nothing left

Alex Ferrari 9:10
And decides to stay and decides to stay to teach others Yeah. The Jesus is of the word Jesus, Buddha they these kinds of people, which I don't know about you I'm nowhere near it just yet

Lisa Wetsel 9:22
Well, I think because we're all human. And we all have a goal to reach. Yeah, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 9:30
Well, let me ask you this. When did you I because again, this is this isn't as I wouldn't call it strange. As channeling this channeling is a whole other conversation. I always love asking the question, when did you come out of the spiritual closet? When did you come out of the channeling closet? So when did you come out of the Akashic Records closet when you started to do this as a professional doing, you know sessions and things like that where now your family your friends, colleagues know that Oh, Lisa's talking to an imaginary library.

Lisa Wetsel 10:04
Most of them still don't know, I'm still kind of in the closet

Alex Ferrari 10:07
That might change after this conversation. And it might. So this is it. This is when you came out of the closet right now.

Lisa Wetsel 10:15
Exactly. The thing about it, though, is that you know, the people that are going to be listening to or people that I don't normally work with in the real world. I don't know, maybe my own little secret. But But But to answer your question, I didn't really even know that I was intuitive until I went to massage therapy school as a student in 1996. And luckily, I had a lot of really good teachers that were I call them the hippie massage therapist, you know, they were the ones that were taught to do massage therapy intuitively, not necessarily by routine. And so by doing this, and being trained to learn to feel the body and listen to the body, and what it's saying, opened the ability for me to disconnect from my thoughts. And I used to call it doing massage therapy with my meditation time. And I could clear everything, and then I would start receiving stuff. And that's kind of what really opened up to I'm hearing words, what are these voices hearing, I'm seeing images and the stuff that then when I took the class with Donna, and that was in 2003, that's when I, you know, I started being it made it more consistent, I was able to sit down and I could open the records, and I could turn it on and turn it off. And so that's kind of what opened the door for me 20 years later, I've been doing it long enough now that I have lot more control over it, then, than I used to, because I've been doing it for so long. And you know I can I know when to shut my mind off. And I know when to allow it to come through.

Alex Ferrari 11:57
You know, I've had a lot of near death experiences on the show. And I've had a few near death experiencers who have actually said they visited what they could consider the Akashic records. In their impression of it is when you hear about the Akashic Records, the images, oh, it's a giant library. And it's a giant library with every soul has a book that's constantly being written in. And we have to bring it down to our third dimensional thinking just so we could wrap our heads around it. And that there's, I guess, quote unquote, librarians or beings that kind of oversee that, you keep saying they, who are they? Are they afraid to ask?

Lisa Wetsel 12:39
They are they're the guides. So I Okay, so first of all, I have never seen a library, and I've never seen a book.

Alex Ferrari 12:49
Yeah, I'm sure.

Lisa Wetsel 12:50
And so I have a hard time associating this space as that because I only see energy, I just see the space of, of light, and beauty and love, you know, it's just, it's just an energy field to me. So when I'm when I'm receiving information, I hear, I hear voices, I get word for word for word, or I will get a feeling in my body, or I'll see images, so I get all different types of stimulation. But the way that I've been explained to what the Akashic records are, it's more or less like, it's they like when you're talking about the guides, it's more or less like they like a business or corporation. This is how they explain it to me. So like you have your CFO, and you have your CEO, and you've got you know all of these different jobs and duties. But instead of having that label on them, they are these beings of energy. They're these light beings, and they they are literally the guides that instruct to the other guides. They're calling them the lower level guides to do their jobs, you know, and how to do it. And so the way that I've always been the way that it's been received to me is like they it's like a control room. And when you are it's always you know, I'm an I'm a little bit older than you. Back in the early 60s, you remember when the you know, the rockets would go to the moon and they would show up on TV, they have big room and they have all of the computer monitors and the big screens? Well, what I see is that every person that sitting in front of one of these monitors is a guide. It's a light beam, and they're watching each one of us and like there is the CEO that standing back saying what Mary's not doing right she needs to turn right she's got across this path, get her help her and then so then that guide is guiding the people The other lower level guides to instruct the lower lower level guides to take us by the hand. And so I see it a little bit differently than what other people describe it. Because I actually see this space as, as the place where they have all of the records of everything. So like our soul contracts, everything that we're supposed to do, and they're the ones that guide us to make sure that we follow those plans, because that's where they're being held. Now, I don't know what other people think about that. But that's just the way that I've seen it. And so these these guides are all of these energetic beings that are making sure that we're going in the direction and helping us and taking care of us and doing what our souls plan is.

Alex Ferrari 15:47
So is that would be kind of like our intuitions, that little voice in our head, ideas that pop into our head, our dreams. These all of these avenues are ways of communication from spirit guides. And you know, most people listening to the show understand what a spirit guide is. So there's our, you know, our quote unquote, personal spirit guides who've decided to come along on the ride. And then we're surrounded by teams of relatives, ancestors, angels, other guides, other spirits. So then what you're saying is that the, these guides are kind of like the upper upper management, that sending information to help guide your guide to get like, Hey, Lisa really needs to make a left here, it's really important that she makes a left try to figure out how to make make a left, you still have free choice. They're just kind of guiding you along the path and study guides that fair?

Lisa Wetsel 16:46
You described it exactly.

Alex Ferrari 16:48
Okay. And then and then that is it. I mean, obviously, the Akashic records is not top of the totem pole, because there's things higher than the Akashic records. But that is a layer of where it almost seems like administration. It almost seems like, Oh, this is where the contracts are held, you know, these are where the information is. It's almost like a control center for the universe.

Lisa Wetsel 17:10
Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, one of the things, you know, the description that they'll always give me about my human body, like us, you know, so like, the soul is the pilot. And we're the airplane. And when the, the sole needs direction, they're calling the control tower, which are our guides or whatever, they are up there in the field. And you know, the sole saying, hey, I need direction, tell me what I need to do, because the airplane is not cooperating. That. So tell me, what do you know, what am I supposed to do now? And then the control tower, the Akashic field, the guides up there are talking to our souls and giving us directions. Now, I've never heard it explained that way by anybody else.

Alex Ferrari 17:57
Oh, it's a great I might, I might have to, I might have to take that one, if you don't mind to use it as a great explanation, because it is a really great way of looking at it. And we talked, you mentioned Dr. Ervin, Laszlo before, and Dr. Laszlo has been on the show a couple times. And what I always found interesting about him, and I'm bringing him up because he is one of these. I mean, he's a Nobel two time Nobel Prize nominee for his work in regards to the Akashic fields, so when I had him on last time I go is, is a start talking about the Akashic Records talking about, it just adds so much more legitimacy. This is not woowoo anymore, right? This is not like, let's just let's hang some crystals, Sage out the room and get a massage. There's nothing wrong with that. Yeah, boy, you're talking about serious, serious people, or in this field of quantum physics, saying no, there is this thing, and you can't tap into it. So I wanted to say that, you know, for people listening, so it's not just, you know, a woowoo conversation like this is based. They're starting to figure things out. Things that we've been talking about for 1000s of years. Science and quantum physics are starting to bring to the light, but it's kind of like, oh, they just have a radio waves. Radio, which has been around forever. We just figured out how to, to listen to them. Similar. Would you say that's, that's what it means?

Lisa Wetsel 19:30
Absolutely. Yeah. And, you know, that's why I have so much respect for him. Because, you know, when I have people that don't really understand this, or you know, people that come from different backgrounds, and you're talking about this, they automatically put it into that what you said woowoo category, and you know, to me, no, actually, actually, it's not really as woowoo as what you know what your interpret been asked because I do have scientific evidence that this field does exist. And and here it is. Thank you Dr. Laszlo. You know, and so it's it does put some legitimacy to it, you know, people obviously still have problems with understanding how you get the information, and if the information is legit. But I know that you know, the information that I receive. And I think that we all receive information differently. And depending on what level we are, and what our purposes is the type of the information that we do receive. But I, I feel like the well I know that I don't feel like it, I know that the information that I receive is never coming from me. And I've always learned that if you're saying words that wouldn't come out of your mouth, you probably need to pay attention. If they're not your words, then they're coming from somewhere. And if they're in and coming from a place of love, then you always know that it's a source that you can trust.

Alex Ferrari 21:01
What do you see? Because the little little channeling that you did at the very, very beginning of this conversation. That was a stream of consciousness, which I haven't seen with the Akashic records before, at least the people that I've worked with, or I've interviewed, they usually say that they see images, sometimes video like, yeah, like little sequences or images, sequences of images. But never like, what you did was almost like a channel of like, these, you know, this energy coming through you, can you explain the difference of what I'm explaining what you do?

Lisa Wetsel 21:33
Well, I see everything that you just said to, okay, I do see images, I literally have physical sensations. But I also hear the words and they stream. And so I always start off with those words. And then like, if they're, they're going into a lecture, they go on a little tirade, then I'll start feeling the emotions and the stuff that go along with it. And they a lot of times they do show me images to help for me, help me understand what they're saying. And so again, you know, we're all so different. And we all have so many different gifts, that I think it's really, really important to understand none of us are the same. And, you know, we I have found, I don't listen to a lot of other people, because I don't ever want to be clouded and feel like, Oh, I'm just repeating this, because this is what somebody else said. But whenever I do hear messages from other people, a lot of times it's always the same message, but maybe set a little differently. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you know. And so what, what I know is that, you know, whatever way however, it was, like I said, I've never seen a book before. I've never seen a library ever. But I know where I am, I know where the information is coming from, but I'm just receiving it in a different way. And however they're choosing to use me is their own unique brand. And they're like, Okay, this girl right here, this is how she can receive this information. And she can say these words that we want to say. So we're using her to give our message. And so I just use it the way that I hear it.

Alex Ferrari 23:22
Right, exactly. And it makes sense. Because, you know, if they're looking for you as the antenna, let's say that you're going to receive this message. Well, the components that make up this antenna are very uniquely you. And it's different than the way I would receive the information. Right? So you're the software and the hardware that's running your antenna is your lives, the lives in life experiences that your soul has done many lives. What is opened up for you in this life? Because some people have more of a gift. It's just like any other gift. Basketball, football. Yeah, yes, math. Some people just have more gifts than others. So that's just the way it looks for you. So that makes all the sense of the world to me. Yeah. 100%. So

Lisa Wetsel 24:08
I'm sorry.Yeah, it's hard for people to understand that, especially when they're first getting into stuff like this, because they want to be like somebody else. And you know, and we're not, not any of us are the same. None of us are the same.

Alex Ferrari 24:21
You know, I'm just gonna go on a slight tangent here. Because there's something really important that you just said, that we all want to try to do somebody else, especially when we're younger. we emulate our heroes, we emulate people that are successful. And take it from somebody who tried to do that for a long time in my business and film industry. Only when I started to be myself, only when I started to not care about what other people thought and truly started to feel comfortable in my own skin. That's when success started to come into play. Before then it didn't and I think that's a big lesson that I just wanted to kind of put that out there because it just triggered that that's something that came to me when you said that. It's like I think it's something that's so important. And I think in any aspect, like if you if you want to be a channel, you look at some other channels, you're like, oh, I want to be like, like Abraham Hicks. And you know, and I want to be like, Darryl Anka, or I want to, you know, if our sec, if you're a psychic medium, you want to be James Van Praagh or Matt Fraser, or these big names. And but the thing is that what made them all successful is they just are who they are. So I just wanted to throw that out there.

Lisa Wetsel 25:25
Well, in this crazy thing, you know, like the universe knows what they're doing.

Alex Ferrari 25:30
I've discovered that I've discovered that.

Lisa Wetsel 25:33
And so if we are just our truest selves, then they're gonna use us the way that they've intended us to be used. And so I don't compare myself to anybody else. And I've had people tell me a lot, that you I do this differently than other people that channel the records. I just do me.

Alex Ferrari 25:54
You go, girl, you go

Lisa Wetsel 25:57
I may be a little bit different. But as long as I honor it, and you know, and the messages are well received, then I'll just keep continuing doing me.

Alex Ferrari 26:08
So um, if you don't mind, let's start asking the the field, if you will. Some questions about some general questions about humanity about where we're going about what I just want to hear what they have to say about certain things if you don't mind. Okay. So my first question is, and by the way, you remember everything?

Lisa Wetsel 26:29

Alex Ferrari 26:32
Okay, that was a question. I always ask channels that. So information just comes through you. And you're like, What did I just say?

Lisa Wetsel 26:38
Yeah, yeah, a lot.

Alex Ferrari 26:40
So, where do you what do you go?

Lisa Wetsel 26:42
When I literally say, Did that make sense? I really mean did that makes sense?

Alex Ferrari 26:46
Where do you go though?

Lisa Wetsel 26:48
Well, I it's not necessarily that I go, I shut my mind off. And so when I don't have a stream of thought, it doesn't process through my brain. And so what I'm doing is I'm trying to shut everything off. And I'm listening word for word for word for word. So when I'm repeating one word at a time, it's not a stream of of things to hold on to. So I just kind of let it just keep going. And so it kind of just goes through me and don't hold on to it. Sometimes I remember stuff, but most of the time, I don't want to, and I don't I don't.

Alex Ferrari 27:24
Fair enough. So first question is what will be the most significant shift in human consciousness by 2030

Lisa Wetsel 27:33
Love, recognize the love that is residing in each and every one of you. And you'll begin to recognize how the thoughts of life and congruent see are shifting and changing and in a way that will allow you to love more freely, see more openly and be more clear, as in the intention of your lives in order to move forward and the truth of who we are and what we have created you to be.

Alex Ferrari 28:08
How did human humanity originate on this earth according to the records.

Lisa Wetsel 28:13
Okay, so humanity as in the Okay, let's narrow down the question.

Alex Ferrari 28:19
So humanity as we know it for the last 6 to 10,000 years,

Lisa Wetsel 28:23
Okay, how, okay, so not how people were created, not how humans to create it, but how humanity, okay, so you want to know, okay, so we want to be first. Okay, so we want to know what we want to know what they're classifying as humanity. What is humanity? Right. Okay. Let's start there. Okay. Well, it says, we have to kind of have to narrow it down. Sometimes the broader the question the broader the answer. So when when when we talk about humanity, we talk about the compassion of each individual that exist upon the earthly plane. What we want you to understand is that humanity is what the mind creates in a way that can alleviate pain and sorrow. When when we created humans to exist upon the earth, we created them to love unconditionally, to create the pattern of an existence that would allow the earth to flourish. What you have found is that humanity has been in place since the beginning of time, what humans have done is altered humanity to create an existence that lives more in the mind than in the heart. And this is what has transpired over the last several generations as in as in the number that you gave, which was six to 10,000 years. 10,000 years is is actually when that shift began to occur. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 29:56
It does make sense is Humanity in a cycle like the Yuga cycles of 26,000 years where we are enlightened, and then we kind of lose our way, go down to the Dark Ages, and then find our way back up to where we were

Lisa Wetsel 30:14
You're finding that at this particular time, there'll be no turning back, what we have done is we have created the opportunity for the earth Earth lanes, to shift their consciousness to elevate to a higher level, so that they will not return back to the hatred and anger that that has existed for years and centuries.

Alex Ferrari 30:39
Okay, that makes sense. Are there any major global events that will be shifting humanity in one way, shape, or form in the next year?

Lisa Wetsel 30:50
Same everything. So when you begin to recognize that there are there are events that are transpiring that are causing hardships and sorrows, but you'll also recognize that there is love and compassion. If you understand how all of this is tied together, you'll recognize why this is this is happening, the Earth is being shaken up in order to create a consciousness that will elevate the human mind to a level of love and compassion. When you see the atrocities that have been happening and that have been going on around the earth for for centuries, you'll begin to recognize that there has been a symbolism of of heartache and pain, anger and violence throughout lifetimes. What we want you to know is that this is coming to an end, we want you to see that the human mind is creating a balance that is more coherent, to what we choose to, to have you believe, than what what you have began to believe, due to the egos dominance, when you begin to understand that the eyes, the vision of the eyes are changing, so that they can see more clearly, through the eyes that we have created than what man has created, you'll begin to recognize how this shift is happening. And it's occurring at this very moment

Alex Ferrari 32:20
Going on this theme, does the Akashic records have any information on this legendary place called Atlantis, or ancient civilizations is something like that the were we more advanced at a certain time than we are now in in one way, shape, or form in past civilizations.

Lisa Wetsel 32:38
There they're saying they're saying, what I'm saying is there's actually, I'm seeing a man pray, you know, like what you would see, like a native standing on top of a mountain and looking up at the stars, where the disconnect has happened from the harmony of the balance is that the mind has taken control to alleviate that, that that belief, what we want you to understand is that if you go back to the time of the Atlanteans, you'll begin to recognize that the place that they were more advanced in was the mind and the connectedness to all that is what man has done at this time and during this day is disconnect, from what from what the truth is of who they are, and have become more reliant on the minds thoughts and the creation of stories that have been told. What we want you to understand is that the advancement of other civilizations was truly the connectedness and the passion they had for what was beyond the Earth's content. So basically, meaning that there were more spiritual, they were more open more that that connection and being in tune with their guidance, the balance of the art, how we're all one, how everything you know, that resides within me resides within you, we have to keep the ecosystem balanced in order to maintain and grow. And so that's where they are more advanced. And then what we have done is in you know, in this civilization has detached from that connectedness that's making us more independent, and more destructive. So what we want you to know today is that you are feeling the pains and sorrows of what has been created since the time of the Atlanteans. The Atlanteans knew what and how and who they were, as they were all connected as one and not separate. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 34:51
Makes perfect sense. It does make perfect sense.

Lisa Wetsel 34:53
Yeah. So and again, I think people are looking at as well you know, when they're talking about you know, are they more advanced, you know, what's your definition of more advanced? These guys that are talking to me, they're, they're more interested in that spiritual connection to to them, that advancement is understanding who you truly are. It's not the technology, it's not the you know, it's not that part. It's the part of that wholeness in their eyes. And that's more advanced.

Alex Ferrari 35:24
And that would give them the ability to build even things like the pyramids and other other ancient structures that we still have no.

Lisa Wetsel 35:32
True concept of how they did. Yeah, yeah. And again, it's because you know, that's that part of us, that is intuitive. Okay, you have you have a problem, or you have something that needs to be done, or the universe is saying, hey, we want a pyramid. And this is the reason why. Okay, guys, how are we going to do this, you guys need to give us some direction down here, because our mind can't comprehend how to get this done. And so you know, when when you live that guided life, in that nature, it's amazing what we can do. It's amazing what answers will come to us.

Alex Ferrari 36:07
So how will the concept of manifestation evolve in human understanding in the next couple decades?

Lisa Wetsel 36:15
They're saying there is there is no man if there will be no manifestation because it will all be. It's like where it's to the point to where you'll begin to recognize how you can see all that is, there will not be anything that the mind would create that it wants in order to manifest all will be. So this is, this is an interesting topic. Yes. So this manifesting thing, so if we really think about okay, well, I want to manifest a new house. Okay, you think about where that comes from? Where's that really coming from? It's coming from your head? You know, is it because you've seen something and that you want it, I want to, I want to manifest a different job, or I want to manifest more money or I want? So when we talk about manifesting number one, is it on your life path? Is it is it something that you're really supposed to have? Or is it something that your mind is creating, because there's something in that ego that saying I want more. So when when we elevate and we get to this point, in this place of understanding that we are all, all the love will always be there, everything that you need will always be there. And because we can see it with different eyes will begin to recognize you don't need to manifest everything, anything. It's all there. And so when you really can see and understand how are shifting and changing in the minds, they're saying the mind is content. When the mind becomes more clear, it can see more clearly, and it can see the beauty that evolves around and not in the illusion of someone else's eyes.

Alex Ferrari 37:55
Okay, that makes that makes sense. That makes sense. So what is the future role of artificial intelligence in human evolution?

Lisa Wetsel 38:06
There's a it's, it's an expanding notion, we have to recognize that man, man can create the evil, or it can create the contentment. What we have to do is recognize how the man can can create and do harm to others in a way that can be detrimental. What we want you to understand is that artificial intelligence is a way or a movement that can allow one to be more whole and complete, or else it can be harmful and destructive, what what has been made. But what we want you to understand is that there is always human involvement in everything that is created, we want you to know that there was a vision or an idea that was put in place that created this specific event, we also want you to understand that the mind is shifting and changing in ways that will not be as evil or violent as it has been in the past. What we want you to understand is that there, we have our thumb on it, and seen it though. We have our thumb on it. And we we will help to control the outcome of this event that will make it more harmonious than hurtful. Someone's got our Yeah, our mind is still going. Okay, well, I'm not sure about this. Because we are all the stories you know, so you know, because I think it can be it can either be the good or the bad, you know, either way and anything that happens, but there is there is a universal plan. And again, I know I'm not the only one that saying this, you know we're all leveling up, and we're getting to that place that When we can see that that love, and we are understanding that we're all connected, we're going to be using it differently than what we perceive it as today. Because today we're looking at it from the mindset of where we are. But we're not finished yet, you know, this journey is still continuing on and our mind and our thought patterns are going to start shifting and changing. So there's, there's notice, it's going to be all good, it's all good. Again, but we still are human, and we still have free will. So it does make me still a little bit.

Alex Ferrari 40:35
But there seems to be some sort of guardrails put up to kind of protect Well, I think in general, in general, free will. Free will is very important, but there is a, I mean, we have free will to do almost anything. But from what I've realized that my life is that there are guardrails up, you can, you can choose, it's kind of like you could choose whatever you want out of the closet, but there's still a closet. And the clothes that live in that closet is the parameters of, of if that's a good analogy or not. There is freewill as opposed to just being able to just at any moment, I mean, I guess you can do whatever the hell you want. But generally speaking, you're not energetically inclined to go do something like that. Yeah, I'm not gonna be an astronaut tomorrow, I could probably not gonna work out, I'm gonna be I could try to go for the NBA, probably not gonna work out.

Lisa Wetsel 41:27
Well, and you know, and I always use that scenario, you know, it's given to me a long time ago is driving down the highway, you know, okay, so we're on our path, and we're going down the highway, well, then we decide that we want to stop it, McDonald's, take little, you take a little exit, well, then, you know, we've got these little guides that are like, wait a minute, you're getting off your path here, we're gonna bump you back and bump you back and bump you back until you get back on the on ramp, and you get going in the direction that you need to go again. And, you know, this is our life, you know, this is this is who we are as humans, you know, we always are always making choices and decisions, either, you know, from our head, because it's either fear or, you know, something that's creating the stories that we stay in these scenarios, because of these reasons why, and it doesn't matter, you can get kicked in the gut, you can get your hair pulled by that guide, you know, you can get every inclination of knowing that this is what you should do. But our mind's telling us, You can't do it, because you're afraid, you know, or whatever it may be. And so the universe is always going to try to keep us on our path. Because remember, we have our soul contracts, you know, we have the reasons why we're here. So even if we do something that is going to take us off the path, like you said, we do have that guardrail and guard rail is our guides trying to keep us where we're supposed to be going and what our soul is supposed to be doing. So it does help. But however, we still do have free will, and we can mess things up for a bit.

Alex Ferrari 42:58
Fair enough. Fair enough.

Lisa Wetsel 42:59
They'll get us back on track, again, if we choose to listen.

Alex Ferrari 43:03
So my next question will be is what role will religions have in the coming 50 to 100 years?

Lisa Wetsel 43:12
Less and less, less and less. And you'll begin to recognize that what I'm hearing what I'm saying basically is a wall crumbling, and they're disintegrating. And when you recognize that the control of others over others is disintegrating, you'll begin to recognize why this is failing. Okay, so why these religious systems are failing. Because what they've done is they put all of us in a box, and boxes, you know, they have specific guidelines, you know, every religion has specific guidelines of how we're supposed to act, and what we're supposed to do and who we're supposed to be, and all of these things. And what's happening. And what the universe wants us to do is shed all of that, you know, is get rid getting rid of these belief systems and getting out of the box, I hear all the time, get out of the box, get out of the box, step your foot out of the box, you know, don't be controlled over what others tell you. You know, you're you're your own soul, you're already on your own individual. And you're here to exist in this place on this plane, and the truth of who you are, and not what somebody else has created you to be. And so these it's religions, but it's not even only religions, it's human nature. I mean, our parents tell us what to do. You know, it's the societal belief systems that put us in these boxes as well. And so what's happening and what you can see, that's why more people are searching, you know, and listening to you and listening to people like us, is because they're wanting to figure out how to get out from underneath that control. And to be more independent, and it's it's society so we can put that religious nests in a box, but it's really just society. It's you know, it's just the way The humans are or have been, but that's changing. And we're gonna let go a lot of those belief systems in the future.

Alex Ferrari 45:08
That's good to know. I agree. How will humanity's spirituality evolve over the next 50 years?

Lisa Wetsel 45:18
They're becoming one, becoming one and recognizing that we're all connected. What what the what the human and the universe has in common is one, that one is in the same, it is the same, the universe is within May, and we are all one. And what you'll begin to recognize is that more and more individuals that are traveling this path will begin to see that they are one and they are united. And this is what ties all together. This is what the most spiritual purpose is of you, you, us living on this earth at this time, and this is what we want you to understand. You're going back to the question, I'm going back to Atlanta's again, and recognizing that this is what we want, we want you to understand that in order to create a harmonious environment, meaning you know how we're all together, you got to take care of the environment, you got to take care of the animals, you got to take care of the water, you got to take care of the air, everything has to be taken care of because we are one ecosystem. And what we want you to understand is that this all has to be tied together or else there will be destruction. And this, this is the path of the future. So recognize that as the humans continue to move forward, they will become more aware and of all life and life will become more relevant than what it's been in the past. Does that answer question?

Alex Ferrari 46:49
It did answer the question. Yes. Now, what are the what are the Akashic records is insights on curing major diseases in the near future?

Lisa Wetsel 47:01
They're laughing and saying, This is a simple one. Okay, good, what we want you to recognize is that as the human body begins to elevate in the vibrational frequency of what it is meant to exist within, you'll find that the disease and the disharmony that resides within the body will begin to fail. Okay, so meaning that, you know, the higher the vibration, the less, the less likely that any kind of disease or disharmony is going to be able to exist, because the vibration is higher than that. And, you know, for for us, we kind of understand, but for your viewers, you know, when you have any kind of anger or emotional issues that you're holding on to, it creates a disharmony in the body, and it lowers your vibration. And that old saying of disease. So when a body has disease, it creates the opportunity for cancer to grow, or for the body to become unbalanced, which creates these different diseases. And so when when you begin to recognize that the shift in consciousness elevates that human harmony, you'll begin to recognize that there'll be less and less disease. Okay, so that's just one factor. I mean, the other factors are, and this is just me talking about them. But you know, we look at, you know, the pesticides and the poisons and all of the stuff that we ingest. And so as, as we become more in tune, with being balanced with everything, we'll be using less of those less of those things that are so harmful for our body anyway, so it all kind of goes hand in hand. So the more that we wake up, and the more that we become aware of how we're all tied together, everything is tied together, then we start resolving those issues that are we're working from our heart, we're working from compassion, which raises our vibration. And so this is the whole the whole thing of moving to this fifth dimension, you know, that we've heard so much about. And so it's it all goes hand in hand with that place of opening up your heart and staying in that heart space and raising your vibration then everything else will begin to fall in place and it'll be more harmonious

Alex Ferrari 49:28
My next question is will there continue to be more wars and destruction in the coming years?

Lisa Wetsel 49:36
And they're saying no. Now again, you and made this kind of hard to believe.

Alex Ferrari 49:42
We're like looking around. We're looking around the planet right now. We're like this. But and I've said this publicly as well and has been said many times, I'm not the first to say it is like we are. We have less wars now than we've ever had in any time in the history of humanity. We have less this less it there's still a lot of room for improvement. But in the scope of humanity, we're in a good, quote unquote in a good place. There's still a lot of pain and suffering and things like that. But what are they saying?

Lisa Wetsel 50:09
Yeah, what we want you to they're saying this is the last hurrah. And you'll begin to recognize the shift in consciousness will begin to change the patterns of human nature to cause chaos. So what we want you to understand at this time that the horrific conflict that is happening at this moment is actually meaningful and purposeful, for people to become more awake and see what what is unfolding amongst their eyes, when you begin to see how how these effects can shift and change the consciousness of the mind, you'll begin to recognize that they are also relevant and important in order to shift and create a more harmonious place upon the earth. And so even though that this is hard to see, it's, it's affecting all of us. You know, when we say these atrocities, you know, regardless of what side you're on, when you look at a whole, you know, your hearts going out to these people that are suffering. And when, when you're in the middle of it, so you're looking at these people that are actually being participants, or being part of this atrocity, these aren't atrocities, you'll also begin to recognize how they can shift and change their own consciousness. And again, they picked it, you know, in that sounds that I don't like saying it like that. But you know, the soul has a specific purpose. And they've put us each one of us in specific places in order to accommodate that need that that soul has. And they're saying, and this is what we have done for you. You're all on this place, aren't at this time, in order to create a new consciousness that is elevating for all that is around you.

Alex Ferrari 51:55
What role do dreams have in our human evolution?

Lisa Wetsel 52:00
They're laughing and saying, Well, they play two roles, because there is the psyche. Recognize that dreams can be patterns of the minds thoughts, as well as premonitions of what can happen in the future. What you must determine as an individual that is dreaming, dreaming a specific dream? How do you interpret what that is? Can you recognize the tie in to what the events are that are going on around you? And that your mind is interpreting specific situations? And that is playing out in your nighttime dreams? Or is it a dream that is a premonition to something that could be happening? Or a message from your guides or from who you are to tell you that there's a direction that you should or shouldn't take? So basically, you've got to analyze.

Alex Ferrari 52:53
Basically, basically, you're saying

Lisa Wetsel 52:55
Yeah, gotta figure it out.

Alex Ferrari 52:58
So how will human perception of reality evolve over the next 100 years?

Lisa Wetsel 53:03
You're saying it's going to be more truth related? When you begin to recognize that your mind controls, so many of the visions and the thought patterns? Basically, the interpretations of what is you'll begin to recognize that as humans begin to shift their consciousness and allow themselves to be in in the moment, and a place of consciousness all will be seen differently. Okay, does that Does that answer your question? To a certain extent? Yes. Okay. Do you want to dig a little deeper? And ask it again? The basket no other way.

Alex Ferrari 53:41
I mean, the sense that the perception of reality is like there's been so much talk of, and this these are ideas that have started to really come into the zeitgeist, which is multiverse, parallel realities. That kind of idea, the simulation that we're all on a giant called Cosmic hologram, which has been talked about for 1000s of years. What is their perception of all this? Or their point of view of it?

Lisa Wetsel 54:03
Well, they're laughing and saying that is way too complicated for the human mind to absorb at this time.

Alex Ferrari 54:11
Our hardware, our hardware is limited.

Lisa Wetsel 54:15
There's no question. Yeah, so but what we want you to know is that all is in existence. However, your specific soul chose this specific location, place in time to allow to allow all to evolve in the nature that is needed for the growth that is required for that specific soul. So So I think that if we want to go into all of these different dimensions, go ahead. You can do that. But what the messages that I'm receiving right now is that it's more important to be here and now and to live in this moment in this time, because this is where we were meant to be.

Alex Ferrari 54:59
Got it. That makes sense. That's a good answer. I like that. It makes a lot of sense. Um, what are some key spiritual lessons for humanity in the 21st century?

Lisa Wetsel 55:11
They're laughing and saying finding your heart? That's the answer. The answer is love. When you begin to recognize who you are and what you've created yourself to be, or what you have been created yourself, meaning me, what I've been created to be, is the person that is meant to love and love unconditionally, to recognize the truth that lies around you, and see with unguarded eyes and a mind that's open, so that the truth can be revealed in ways that the human mind cannot always comprehend. What we want you to understand is that the evolution of the human mind is actually going backwards to the human thoughts. And what I'm seeing is like, the human mind is deteriorating, but it's not. What is doing is it's letting go of our beliefs and our training. And getting back into that the truth of who we really are. And what I've been told us the simplicity of the mind, we're going back to just the simplicity, the basics of who we are, that we will see so much more clear, is what they're saying. Did that answer your question? Did they get way off track?

Alex Ferrari 56:25
And, and finally does the do the records have anything, any parting message is for the audience?

Lisa Wetsel 56:33
You're saying, We love you and we guide you, we stand beside each and every one of you. Throughout your days, when we recognize that there is pain and anguish feel, feel our heart connected to your heart, we want you to understand that the existence and the purpose of you being here at this lifetime at this specific time, in this lifetime, is for you to gain an understanding of who you truly are. And this is your life. Life is of the existence to hold the truth of the heart, the knowledge and the wisdom that we have created. We're giving you all the opportunity to see who you truly are without the minds confinements. And this is the message that we want heard at this time.

Alex Ferrari 57:20
Fair enough. Fair enough. I'm going to ask you a few questions. I asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Lisa Wetsel 57:32
My definition is to live mind free. You know, when we when we can let go of the training and the conditioning and the beliefs that holds us back and preventing us to see who we truly are. Or creating an image. That's an illusion. When we can shed all of that and let all of that go. Living a fulfilled life.

Alex Ferrari 57:58
If you got a chance to go back in time and talk to little Lisa, what advice would you give her?

Lisa Wetsel 58:03
Oh, hold on. Hold on tight girl. It's gonna be a rocky ride. Put your seatbelt on girl. But it's all gonna be okay. It's all gonna be okay.

Alex Ferrari 58:14
How do you define God or source energy?

Lisa Wetsel 58:17
Love. God is everything in everything and everyone and it is the purest existence of love that is

Alex Ferrari 58:28
Then my next question is what is love?

Lisa Wetsel 58:33
You know, I mean, I'm hearing their words, too.

Alex Ferrari 58:34
So if they want to chime in on that I would love to hear their thoughts as well

Lisa Wetsel 58:39
In their definition of love is God and in God is everything. You know, God is everything. And that that is the definition of love.

Alex Ferrari 58:49
Okay, and what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Lisa Wetsel 58:53
This is the favorite answer. Living life to its fullest in the purest existence of love.

Alex Ferrari 58:59
That's beautiful answer. A beautiful answer. Where can people? Where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Lisa Wetsel 59:12
You can go to my website, it's And you can find out all the information that you need and all the events that I provide there.

Alex Ferrari 59:22
Do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Lisa Wetsel 59:28
Is you know it's all going back to find the love. You know, just find the love that's within you. You know, we you were on this show specifically because I can tap into the Akashic records and that's that's really when people are listening to this, this show. The whole point of me being able to do this job and being on this show is so that they can express the love that they have for each and every one of us and for all of us to know that we're not alone. We are never alone we are constantly be being guided and held, that the mind creates the story of separateness, and that we feel like we're struggling or we're alone or we're not loved, or there's some faults in us or whatever it may be. And this is all going to change. And it'll be changing for every single one of us to be able to let go of those belief systems. And what what I hope that my message can be to everyone that can hear my voice is that we are all love. We are all love and whatever path and whatever journey you're on, there's love behind it. It is what it is.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:40
Lisa thank you so much for coming on the show. It's been such a wonderful conversation. And I thank you and the records for hopefully, hopefully, helping humanity, shift a little bit longer and a little bit more and rise, the vibration of the whole planet. So I appreciate you my dear.

Lisa Wetsel 1:00:56
Thank you.

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