CHANNEL Prediction in 2024: STARLING Future of the WORLD’S Economy & MONEY Itself! with Rubia Lacerda

In the complex landscape of our shared existence, each moment we live adds to the intricate design of humanity’s evolution. On today’s episode, we delve into the profound journey of Rubia Lacerda, a gifted medium and channeler whose life has been marked by remarkable spiritual awakenings and transformative experiences. Her story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless potential that lies within each of us to evolve and ascend.

Rubia Lacerda has been a beacon of spiritual insight, channeling wisdom from higher realms and guiding others on their paths. Her latest journey, however, was nothing short of a cosmic upheaval. Imagine being deeply attuned to the spiritual realms and then experiencing an awakening that expands your consciousness beyond known limits. This is what Rubia encountered—a spiritual awakening so intense that it reshaped her understanding of existence and her place within it.

Rubia describes her journey as a rite of passage, one that brought her face to face with the profound truths of the universe and the depths of her own being. Born in Brazil, a country where spiritual abilities are more accepted, Rubia grew up with access to information about her gifts. Despite this, she realized that her spiritual journey had only just begun. A profound experience with plant medicine acted as a catalyst, triggering a Kundalini awakening that left her feeling simultaneously empowered and disoriented. She found herself grappling with the weight of universal knowledge and the fragility of human experience.

In her own words, Rubia felt like a creator, a fractal of God experiencing itself through a human form. This revelation brought clarity but also a profound sense of responsibility. She saw the interconnectedness of all things and understood the purpose behind human suffering and joy. Yet, this understanding was accompanied by an overwhelming sense of loneliness and a questioning of her life’s direction.

Rubia’s journey illustrates the delicate balance between spiritual enlightenment and human vulnerability. She navigated through feelings of depression and anxiety, brought on by unresolved childhood traumas and the sheer intensity of her spiritual experiences. Her path to healing involved not only spiritual practices but also seeking help from a psychologist and reconnecting with her roots in Brazil.


  1. Embrace the Full Spectrum of Emotions: Rubia’s story highlights the importance of accepting all aspects of our emotional experiences. True healing comes from acknowledging both joy and sorrow, allowing us to live more authentically.
  2. Connect to Your Heart: The Arcturians emphasize the necessity of heart consciousness. As humanity faces global shifts, staying connected to our hearts and each other is crucial for our collective evolution.
  3. Regulate Your Nervous System: A regulated nervous system is foundational for managing spiritual awakenings and the intense energies that accompany them. Rubia’s experience underscores the importance of physical and emotional balance in spiritual practices.

In her channeling session, the Arcturians conveyed messages of hope and guidance. They spoke of potential global events that could shape humanity’s future, stressing the importance of our collective choices and heart connections. They offered insights into the nature of dimensional shifts, the signs of spiritual awakening, and the role of artificial intelligence in our evolution. Their core message was simple yet profound: love yourself fully and extend that love to others, for this is the foundation of a harmonious world.

Rubia’s journey and the wisdom of the Arcturians remind us that we are all part of a grand cosmic dance. Our individual awakenings contribute to the collective shift in consciousness, paving the way for a more connected and enlightened humanity.

Please enjoy my conversation with Rubia Lacerda.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 423

Rubia Lacerda 0:00
There is a very important portal that has been opened this year. That is going to change the entire course of Humanity path. There are many global events that will depend on how humanity chooses to connect to, or how humans choose to connect to each other. And to themselves on a individual level. It is so important that you are connecting to your heart, in that you are understanding that everything there is happening. It is happening for the evolution and ascension of your planet.

Alex Ferrari 0:46
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Rubia Lacerda. How you doing Rubia?

Rubia Lacerda 1:02
Very good. Thank you for having me again, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 1:04
Thank you so much for coming back on the show. Our last conversation did very well. I think we're almost at a quarter million views. And I wanted to have you back because there's been a lot of stuff that's been going on in your life recently. So we're going to talk a bit a little bit about the things that happened since the conversation, our last conversation. And then we'll have a little channeling session with your peeps, as we like to call. So what happened after our last conversation that few things have happened. So can you explain it to the audience, please?

Rubia Lacerda 1:34
I have a spiritual awakening. And it was not pretty.

Alex Ferrari 1:39
But wait a minute you were a channel and a medium, you already had a spiritual awakening to get to where you are. So how is that even possible?

Rubia Lacerda 1:46
Well, so the way that I explain is that there's some things that have happened in my journey as a as a medium as a channeler as a psychic, that kind of be backwards. Because I was born quite gifted in a country where it's accepted and where we have information to learn more about it. I was born in Brazil, and from a young age, I had access to know more about my abilities. And I didn't really think oh, this is crazy, you know that it was it was there was some judgment, especially from religious people, but it was well accepted. And there was a lot of information about it. So it was a normal thing coming out as a channeler, there was a little bit of fear of judgment, all of that. And then what happened is, I used to go quite deep in spirituality. But I believe that I could have gone deeper and I never did, because I was just living a good life as human. And what happened last year, a lot of the things that I had been teaching that I have been talking about, that I may have experienced with plant medicine, I was able to fully experience them because of the spiritual awakening. So the spiritual awakening actually allowed me to have a taste or to really have an embodied experience of what a lot of spiritual teachers are talking about, which I hadn't had before. So the gift was there, but I hadn't had many of these the experiences that I had.

Alex Ferrari 3:12
So what exactly how did you exactly have this? Did you just wake up one morning? Did you go and do some sort of spirit, some spurs spiritual medicine or what happened?

Rubia Lacerda 3:21
I had an experience with a plant medicine, which is something that I had done throughout the years with a lot of care with professional professional with, with shamans that knew what they were doing. And it's something that I was really keeping myself like a distance from because I'm very open. And I'm very, I wasn't very, very open. I said I don't need these things. And you just came into my field. And my soul said yes. And there wasn't really any specific reason why I will do it. And then a week later, I remember one day, I was just having a normal day, but I was feeling very tired. And in that feeling very tired. I just all of a sudden felt exhausted. And for two days, I remember feeling very, very exhausted. I started, you know, I was very confident and I knew everything of what was going on. And I just started feeling not confident in what am I doing here? What is the purpose of all of this? And I just started having all these questions. And I spoke to the shaman. He said, we'll be you sounds like you just had a kundalini awakening. So there I go. And I started researching about Kundalini awakening and spiritual awakening and out there were many of the things that I was experiencing. So one of the things that I had is that I was blown open. So imagine for a medium, a channeler that's already have a connection with the other world and intuitive abilities and knowing things, feeling things, seeing things to be blown open. It was a lot. There was no filter. And I remember one day walking on the beach Each and I say this with so much. It's not arrogant. This is really how I felt. I remember, I was like, Well, I am the creator, I am a fractal of God experience itself in this human form. Wow. And I remember looking at my body and say, I can create anything. I can wake up tomorrow and be a multi billionaire if I want to. There was all the doubts about life, none of it, I had no doubts. And I had no it was almost like I knew so much. I felt like it was too much. And then life started, it wasn't so much fun anymore. Because like, so this is it. Okay, and then all these understandings of, okay, now I get it, I get why we suffer. I get why we go through difficult things I get why? Because if we don't well, what's the point of coming here and being human? It almost like takes the fun out of things. And, and I understood also why so many people that want an awakening or they want, they want to channel they want a connection with the outer world, I understood why it's not available to a lot of people, because it can actually be quite dangerous. Because being that state, I was understanding, I said, I understand what's going on here. And I know what I'm going through. And simultaneously, it was very scary for my ego and for my mind. And in that process. I feel like he also triggered a little bit of a midlife crisis, I may have spoken to you in our last conversation where I said, I don't want to follow anything that society says I don't want to get married, I don't have kids. And I was like, Oh my God, but then I'm not gonna get married, and you're gonna have kids, oh, my God, I still have time. Maybe that's what I should do. Maybe I just should go out there and live a normal life and stuff, all this stuff about spiritual awakening, and channeling. I don't want any of this. And, you know, I have some incredible, amazing friends that I have participated in ascension schools and magic school Mystery Schools with before in the past, and they really supported me and they said, Rubia, what's going what's happening with you to know, and I've seen it happen to a friend said, I've seen it happen to people where they do that they go back to a very third dimensional lives, and they fully closed their channel. And that's what they want to do. Or you can you can merge, you can continue living life as a human Do you want to do you want to get married, want to have kids go do it. But you can continue doing this ascension work and supporting others, especially after what you're going through now. And one thing that was really important that I heard is that, because I got quite depressed, I was very anxious and depressed. I was so sad because everything then nothing. I was like, what is so this is it. All right, okay, no, it's not fun anymore. And you brought up some childhood trauma, nothing major, but it brought up things that I never really dealt with. So I had a lot of sadness, I was going through a lot of sadness and grief that I've never processed throughout my life. And, and I remember this friend, and I remember asking my friend, do you think I'm ever gonna be happy and excited about life again, because I was always very happy and excited about life, and that one's gone. And she said, Yes, and you need to embrace how you're feeling right now. And this is something I teach a lot now, embracing the full spectrum of emotions, of or accepting the duality of the good and the bad, the happiness and the sadness. And that was a huge lesson for me, until I learned to accept that I was not feeling well, that I was feeling depressed, and that I was going through what I was going through, it was almost like he got worse. And when I started accepting, I started to feel better. And and I knew that if I didn't accept it, that's when you would turn into a dark night of the soul, a very extended one. And I knew I could see the timeline, I saw timelines where I was going to be walking through a dark night of the soul for years. And I saw a timeline where I wasn't in order to choose the one where I wasn't I had to fully accept everything that was happening. And of course, everything else happening and all the feelings and emotions that I was feeling. And of course, I had to look for helping always I had to see what was happening physiologically I have to do blood tests, I did all of the things I looked you know, I actually started seeing a psychologist because I realized that I needed help with like kind of normal things I needed to see for lack of a better word and normal therapists to help me with the you know, like more third dimensional So, and one this like I said to us that you are allowed, I probably would right A book about this because it was huge. And one of the things that it made me consider is I'm currently in Brazil visiting my family was to come back to Brazil after 18 years in Australia, and they never ever thought ever, that I would leave Australia or that I would come to Brazil. So it's been like, it's been a little bit of a shock. And I'm doing really good really well now. But there was an there's a book that I might write and the title may be coming back home, the journey of a channeler. And one thing, one story that I would love to share that it did happen is and I understand that indigenous see this as a spiritual awakening. If you go to to the Amazon, and you speak to the indigenous, they won't tell you any terms that modern medicine would mainstream medicine would share any terms. And they would say you are going through a rite of passage. And that's what I saw, I saw my indigenous ancestors, one day in my living room, and I was this is four weeks after doing plant medicine, I'm just I'm fine in my room. But I was exhausted, I couldn't do anything but lie down. And as I'm lying down, and I close my eyes, I saw myself with them with my indigenous ancestors walking on a desert, where it was so windy, and it's like, I'm going through this rite of passage. And then I looked through the loop to the ground, and I see a little diamond and I pick it up, I picked this diamond up, and I put it on my heart. And it was fun. And I just heard the words hard cautiousness activated. And they said, You don't need to understand this. Now. We want to stand later. And then we kept walking. And I had this for three days in a row, I had a rite of passage that happened in the desert with them. And that's the story behind the stories only for my book. And I remember getting to the end of this rite of passage, I was Wow. And that was about five months last year that I went through just a hard time going purging emotions going through things kundalini awakening, spiritual awakening, midlife crisis, dark night, it was so it was all of it. And I came home. And that's where the deeper healing started happen. It was when I arrived in the country, well, where I was born. And now I started to communicate the Arcturians more because I completely closed my channel, I said, I don't even want to talk to you guys. And they were very respectful. They said, We are here if you if you you're the boss, you're the boss. And they explained that the heart consciousness activation is the cause of these borders that have been opening, that as humanity continues to move forward with our ascension journey. If we are not in the heart, we are going to be in a lot of troubles. So it was almost like I was being initiated in that and I had to see it.

Alex Ferrari 13:09
Well, I've heard of guests who come on the show being affected. But this is the first time that episode of next level. So let's pause the spiritual awakening in the guest and a Kundalini awakening. That's remarkable. And when you were you told me when we were off air, that there was a moment of a little bit of, you know, you really were lost a bit during this process. And then you had a vision of this conversation. Can you can you share that with people.

Rubia Lacerda 13:41
Um, so I spent basically weeks and it was up and down some days, I would be fine. And I would open my calendar and talk to people have sessions work and then not good at all. And in these days that I was not good at all. I was basically just sit on my couch and receive content about spiritual awakening kundalini awakening, because the more information I received, the better I understood, the more my mind and my ego felt better. Because my soul knew my highest self new and I was telling myself, I had friends telling me that I needed cooperation almost constantly. And I remember one day sitting and meditating a little bit, I couldn't really meditate because I was too open. It's like meditating. It was like going on a plant medicine journey. So about like, I was seeing all these things, receiving things and knowing things. And I didn't want any of that at the time. And I remember one day I was praying and I personally use the word God, having grown up Catholic, I'm not alone. I wouldn't call myself Catholic, but I do use the word God. And I remember praying and saying, God, please help me and show me that one day. I'm going to be happy and excited about life again, I just want to enjoy this You will experience I'm here, I may as well. And I had a vision around it was February March of 2024. So this was, I don't know, August last 2023 that I was I saw myself telling the story of what happened to you, Alex, in the next level shirts next level. So, podcast so said, okay, so what I what I was so so God was showing me a vision into the future saying Ruby, you're going to be so good that you will be back in the show. Because at the time, while madness was happening in my life, the show feature like I featured on the show, we went live. And it was just it was just added a bit more craziness into what was happening.

Alex Ferrari 15:44
Yeah, there was that wave, the next level, so a wave of energy that came towards you.

Rubia Lacerda 15:48
And I remember thinking, I'm never doing that ever again. Over going on any podcast, I've never channeling I'm never doing any of that. So when I saw myself doing it, I said, fantastic. Well, I must be doing really well by then.

Alex Ferrari 16:02
So it was it was it was the light at the end of the tunnel, as they say to kind of like, okay, if I'm there, I'm gonna make it through this. So it was kind of like a marker in the in the highway, if you will, many, many miles down the road, but you'd like at least I'll know I'll get there. So if I'll get there, I'll be okay.

Rubia Lacerda 16:20

Alex Ferrari 16:21
That's, that's beautiful. Again, I'm glad I could I could take full credit for your Kundalini awakening. No I'm joking. But that's such a beautiful story. And you know, it's interesting because it's, it's something you don't hear often you don't hear people who are mediums, psychics and channels, having an awakening experience, after they've come out, after they've been doing it for so long. And you you had, so is it and again, from my experience talking to so many channels and psychics over the years is that everyone's journey is so different. And some people are born within an acceptance of it, some people are born with it and are completely shunned and, and, you know, it's beaten out of them until they get to a later time of life, and so on and so forth. But you were open already. But then you kind of settled into this place that was you had more to go. But you thought you were good. You know, you're like I'm channeling you're ready. I'm as I have disabilities, I'm helping people. You know, I'm making a good living life is good, I don't need to go anywhere else. But the universe had another idea.

Rubia Lacerda 17:31
I was doing really good in let's say, my mission. And I did my mission is a business as well. So I was being provided for so it was incredible. Although in my personal life, I could feel for a couple of years, my soul, my higher self had been knocking on my door and say, We need to change something here. And I remember thinking, I don't have time for this stuff. Like I've got a mission here. So I was ignoring my personal life, which were my personal relationships. So I had kind of isolated myself. You know, I moved to the other side of the world, and I, I my friendships only went so deep. I had been single for a while. And I love relationships, I'm a people's person. And you know, I start ended up developing relationships more with the people that would come and work with me, or the people that I network with other channelers and, and I could feel this this this loneliness and sadness, knocking on my door. And I remember thinking, I'm not changing my life, I'm very comfortable, where I leave me and my cat. And when all of this happened, I realized that the trauma that came up to the surface, which this is so important for my work now in how I help others, the trauma that came up to the surface, is because I developed that isolation as a defense mechanism, because I had suffered in the past. And I didn't want to suffer again, and people were not safe. So I had developed that. So I now so I had to look at the traumas. And now liver system regulation is something that I started to study a lot, because even my ability, when he was so stressful dealing with that spiritual awakening, it's because my nervous system was also not regulated enough to deal with that experience. So now when I come and work with me, because a lot of people come work with me, they want to learn how to channel more how to connect, I teach them in a different way than I used to before the spiritual awakening. Because now I see the importance of a regulated nervous system and dealing with their trauma before they opening up channels up here. And it no and going through something like I went through and not how to manage it.

Alex Ferrari 19:46
Right and it's something that we talked about in our last conversation is that when you begin to channel your nervous system has to be primed for the energy to come through the electricity or whatever you want to call it the vibration because if not I reckon it could blow circuit. And that's what essentially happened to you that your your circuits in you were a channel on top of it. So your nervous system was more primed than normal than a normal person who doesn't have those experiences. And even then the amount of energy that came through, really, through your entire system out of whack, and it can be dangerous, it can be dangerous, if you wouldn't have been a channel, and this would have happened to you. It could have really hurt you. Would you agree?

Rubia Lacerda 20:30
Well, I think yes, but you could have been easily if I wasn't a channel, because I was so old. Way too much. I was like, Whoa, I remember one day talking to a friend like you and I are talking. And I remember so this was the experience. I'm talking like, Oh, my God, Alex is me. And he's experiencing himself as Alex in his human body.

Alex Ferrari 21:01
It's like, you're, it's like you're in the matrix. And all of a sudden, you start seeing code flying behind you.

Rubia Lacerda 21:07
I was walking the beach, I will see codes. And I remember saying, can we turn this down, please turn it down. And I remember my guides saying, you know, my conversations with God, it was like Ruby, you just gonna have to ride his way. There's no turning down. There's no,

Alex Ferrari 21:24
You did mention something that was interesting. I just love to hear you dive into it a little bit more, you said that you saw two long timelines. One is a dark night of the soul timeline. And what is the timeline you're on currently? Can you explain to people what these timelines are? Because I've tried to explain it on the show I've had many people talking about on the show. But it's something that's really interesting, because it turns it when we go into the world of quantum physics and, and multi dimensional and parallel realities, and that kind of thing. But from my experience with near death experiences, they when they have a life review, they see every day now we see everyone everything that happened in their life, but they also see how it affects other people's lives. But then if they have a question, too, like, what what did it what would have happened if I didn't marry Sally? Oh, well, this is the way it would have happened. If you didn't marry Sally, oh, if I wouldn't have taken that job in New York and stayed in Brazil, what would have happened to me, and you actually see, those timelines play off. So I'd love to hear if you can explain it a little bit about what you were seeing and what the reality of these timelines are.

Rubia Lacerda 22:30
Yes, and I am not the best at explaining it from a quantum physics level. Of course, it is. And he's not the best, he doesn't really believe in the things I believe. But he explains it so beautifully. And he explained, like he explained perfectly about multiple timelines happening simultaneously. So I remember when I was having this conversation with a friend and said, would be futile, fully embrace who you are. And this makes so much sense. And I feel this is such an important message to the audience as well. Because I noticed that as humans, we are so addicted, and we glorify so much the positive of everything, especially with social media, where people are only showing the highlights, and not seeing the backstage and we we've got this this thing with feeling good, being good, and not the full spectrum of being human. And she said, they will be suffering unless you are accepting the full spectrum of who you are, and your sadness and your grief and your loneliness, because at the time, I was feeling a lot of those three, and accepting the one day you will feel better. And he said, If you don't, there's a high chance that what you're going through now it's going to turn into a very low dark night of the soul. And when she said that, I remember seeing through my third eye vision, I could see myself, you know, coming back to Brazil, leaving with my family not working, not functioning, feeling sorry for myself hating on the shaman hating on everyone, it was everybody's fault. So I really like fully embodied the victim in me, because all of those those thoughts did go through my mind. And in then I saw the other timeline, where I could see myself embracing who I was being and accepting it. And I could see all that, Wow, it's so colorful and pretty. And the interesting thing is from this timeline, where it didn't turn into a dark night of the soul, there were multiple timelines coming out of it. So that I had the opportunities and the ability to create an incredible life was endless. In that one timeline that I saw with the dark night of the soul. It was like it was very dark and it was like that one timeline. And the way that I saw it, I see it when I I see timelines I see through my third eye vision. So one of the my gifts and it's the ability to see through through, it's through. It's like I'm seeing a movie inside of my mind. That's how I saw the timelines.

Alex Ferrari 25:13
Let me ask you this with timelines. So you chose this timeline, what we're on currently. But there are other unfortunate Rubio's out there who have gone down darker, or different timelines than you throughout your life, all of those other timelines. And I always tell people that it's not every decision you make. But every major decision you make can spawn off. It's not like, should I eat toast or not eat toast? That's not going to spawn off a timeline. But if like, should I move from Australia back to Brazil? Or should I stay in Australia, those are, there's going to be two Rubia's in that world. Do all of those experiences in this in this lifetime, go back to the source of your higher self, which is kind of like in your past lives, let's say in all in all the past lives that you've had. And all the past and all the future lives you're going to have, all of them are going to have spot off endless amounts of timelines, there's all those all those experiences, get put into the bank, and get sent back up to the higher the higher self to learn because it's the dark night of the soul Rubia that's going on right now where everything you just said is happening to a Rubia. Somewhere in the timeline is that experience get downloaded into, if you will, into the higher self and get registered in your story as a general statement?

Rubia Lacerda 26:39
I believe that it does, because even though we can perceive it, we perceive it as a negative timeline, it's important that I am carrying the lessons from that timeline, so that that version of me can share the lessons with me now. And I can share that lesson with others that may be potentially going through something similar. So I understand why Ruby is going through a dark night of the soul right now and another timeline. So 100% Guess it's all downloaded. It's all it's all happening. All these timelines happening simultaneously and download it into a like the way that you put it into the highest self bank,

Alex Ferrari 27:20
The computer the computer, if you will, on the mainframe that is Rubia up up up somewhere, if you will. Now do you do you mind doing a session with with your guides or your your, your peeps to ask a couple questions that I'd love to ask.

Rubia Lacerda 27:36
They'd be very excited to speak with you again.

Alex Ferrari 27:40
Okay, and before we get in, can you explain to people what you're doing and how you channel and what kind of channel you are.

Rubia Lacerda 27:47
I am a conscious channel, and I am a trance channel. So a lot of the information that I shared with you some of the information I shared with you today, because there was a lot of storytelling is conscious channels. So it's coming from somewhere and I am consciously having this conversation with you. So when I go on stage and I'm public speaking, usually is when I conscious channel is I can prepare things on a piece of paper. I never look at the piece of paper because it just flows through me. And I am also a trance channel. So trance means I go into a trance state, the way that there are multiple ways that trance chatter works. The way that I work is I close my eyes, I go into a meditative state. Because I've been doing this for a while it takes it only takes a couple of minutes. It's like my consciousness takes the backseat. And then the Arcturians come through, and they speak through me. So they they are the consciousness that will be speaking through me. I personally remember, I can hear what they're saying. But I don't have control in what they're saying. And I personally remember what most of what they say by the end of the conversation, but probably won't remember in a couple of days. I won't really remember much. It's very dreamlike that way. Yeah. Yeah. And even when I'm trans channeling, it's like, a lot of the time there has been situations where it because they're very straight and direct to the point. And there have been instances where I'm in the backseat or my consciousness is going, oh my god, don't talk to people like that. And I learned a lot with that. I learned how to set boundaries, how to set say, no, they taught me a lot, how to be a little bit more firm.

Alex Ferrari 29:35
Great. So I just wanted everybody to have a kind of base baseline of what you're doing and how you're doing it. So we appreciate you you're doing it and let's get into it.

Rubia Lacerda 29:44
As to me, so you just take me just a few seconds, and then they'll come through and they'll start speaking in as soon as they say hi, you can just start your questions. Greetings, we are the tutorials and It is an honor for us to be here once again.

Alex Ferrari 30:03
Thank you so much for coming in this time I appreciate it. My first question to you is, what global events do you see coming for humanity in the coming years that will shift our consciousness?

Rubia Lacerda 30:16
The global events that are coming? Well, dear ones, there is a very important portal that has been opened this year. That is going to change the entire course of Humanity path. There are many global events that will depend on how humanity chooses to connect to or how humans choose to connect to each other, and to themselves on a individual level, it is so important that you are connecting to your heart in that you are understanding that everything there is happening, it is happening for the evolution and ascension of your planet, there is the possibility of contact with beings of light from other galaxies. And there is also the possibility of the end of wars once and for all on your planet. We want you to know that the reason why we say possibility, it is because it is going to depend on each and every single one of you that inhabit this planet, there is also going to be a change in the way that your money system works. And we would like to invite you all to make sure that you are educating yourself on all the ways the possible ways that this may happen. And we want to bring this information from a place of love, information and light education. Please do not fear Do not feed information of fear, because fear will disconnect you from your heart and there is great importance like never before for you all to be connected to your heart. And remember your wants that you are so guided, so supported,

Alex Ferrari 32:35
Could explain the process of a dimensional shift in the terms of human understanding?

Rubia Lacerda 32:40
The dimensional shift happens first and foremost, within each individual, as you shift your understanding and your view, your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, who you are being your vibration, your frequency, you change you shift dimensions within and because your external reality is a projection of who you are being therefore, you will also shift the external dimensional state. This is one answer that we can give you. So in order to see the dimensional shift, how is it that you are shifting that within.

Alex Ferrari 33:44
How might our spiritual awakening affect our day to day lives and relationships?

Rubia Lacerda 33:51
Well as shared by Rubia, earlier spiritual awakening can indeed be a very traumatizing experience, if you could say and it can change the person's life in many ways, which means it can affect relationships, because you may not none of what exists in your life may make sense anymore. You may want to change countries, you may want to change relationships. You may want to reconnect with others that you may not have connected in a long time and spiritual awakening is actually happening to a lot more humans on your planet at this time. Hence very important to educate yourself and know that you are not going crazy that you are just shifting a lot very fast. So we say be careful what you wish for because a lot of the things that you are wishing for Are we require you to go through a spiritual awakening?

Alex Ferrari 35:03
Are there any specific signs or symptoms of a shift in consciousness that should we should be aware of?

Rubia Lacerda 35:10
Yes, there are many signs. And some of them are not giving so much importance to things that in the past you may have given, especially those that are material. You may feel that in the past, you may have been obsessed with material things with money. And as you are going through a spiritual awakening, you will see the importance of you to your survival, but not no more as a priority priority. You will also notice how important connection with other humans are, because there are many spiritual beings, spiritual humans of your planet that say, I don't want to be here. Why was I born into this planet? I am a star seed I am not from here. Why did I choose to come? Come here? Dear ones, we want you to know that your soul did choose to come here indeed. And we invite you to heal anything that may be on the way of you connecting with yourself deeper and connecting with loved ones, we invite you to go out there, create communities, because your spiritual awakening will call you to do that you will call you to connect with others, to meet others where they are at. These are the two main things that you may feel. In spiritual awakening, what may happen also is you may have health problems that you've never had before. And that is because it's going to put you on a different path. You may need to ask for help more?

Alex Ferrari 37:02
How can we help others who are struggling with their own spiritual awakening process?

Rubia Lacerda 37:07
It is important to ask them questions and ask what is it that you want? And how is it that I can help and make sure that you are showing them the light, because for a lot of people when they are riding the depths of the spiritual awakening, they cannot see the light, they cannot see happiness anymore. They can only see to the awkwardness, the sadness, and many of them want to give up. So we have to show them the light to give them hope to be there for them. And say everything will be okay. We promise you and to continue supporting them, and very important, do not feed on their victim stories. Because their victim stories may take them down a dark night of the soul. And that is not the path of a spiritual awakening. That is not the purpose of it.

Alex Ferrari 38:11
Is everyone capable of experiencing the shift in consciousness? Or is it exclusive to certain individuals?

Rubia Lacerda 38:18
Everyone is capable of experiencing it. Although not all choose it.

Alex Ferrari 38:25
What are the potential challenges humanity might face during the shift in consciousness?

Rubia Lacerda 38:31
You are already seeing many of the challenges as you've been shaped in conflict, cautiousness for many, many years. And many of the challenges are disagreement, division, wars. And that is problems on your individual and personal life. Problems with others, financial problems, health problems. It is nothing different than what you have not seen. Although it just may be aggravated as it may happen on a larger scales.

Alex Ferrari 39:16
Are there any specific practices or behaviors that can facilitate or accelerate our spiritual awakening?

Rubia Lacerda 39:23
We invite you to start as Ruby likes to teach now. Start from your bottom chakras. We invite you to let go a little bit of the idea of activating your crown opening up your third eye and before you continue to do so or you do so starts to heal your connection to yourself to others to Gaia through your base chakra. Healing Your childhood and ancestral experiences, Healing Trauma you He's so important in regulating your nervous system. Because then no matter what is thrown into your life, you will be able to manage it with more ease and grace, rather than having chaos and traumatizing experiences, because your human being your ego, your mind, your body is not ready for it.

Alex Ferrari 40:25
Can you talk about our fear of artificial intelligence, and what effect will it have on our, our evolution as humanity and also our evolution in our spiritual, spiritual growth.

Rubia Lacerda 40:38
Like everything, that will be a perception. As humans, you have duality. And you choose to have the perception of things as good and as bad. If, if you choose to look at artificial intelligence, as good and use it for your highest good, and the highest good of all, as you can see, it's already doing so much goodness to your planet, as many of you are able to apply it to your work, to things that you do on your day to day life, how you serve humanity. And of course, if there are humans that choose to use it with wrong intent, then there will be detrimental to some, and that is where fear comes, we want you to know that fear comes from the perception that you choose to have of certain things. And perception, a lot of the times you will not choose it, it's because you have it based on your programming on your highest self on your soul blueprint on your ancestry. So know that your perception of something is creating more of it. And we understand that this may be a topic, a hot topic in your planet right now, as many people have very strong opinions, negative opinions about it. So, we like to remind you that if it comes to fear, if you are afraid of it, what is the root cause of that fear? How else is that affecting your life? In please know that we are seeing these as beings from another dimension, where the duality the perception that you have does not exist, therefore the way that we perceive it and see it is different.

Alex Ferrari 42:45
What are the potential challenges humanity might face during this huge shift in consciousness?

Rubia Lacerda 42:53
The challenge is one be much, much different from the ones you are already seen. In may just be more aggravated, or it may be less aggravated depending on how humanity will choose to keep moving forward with this. It's a session and evolution journey. And that is why we go back to talk talking about once again, your heart cautiousness, in the connection to your heart. And we understand that at times it may be challenging. To hear us talk about this, even Aruba has been challenged about this. We invite you to trust in to ask more questions, and allow the questions to come through so that you create better challenges for when they do come. One of the challenges that we can point out at this time is regarding contact with beings from other dimensions. The hope of many of humans is that that contact happens sooner rather than later. And we want you to know that it can be challenging, if you are ready and if it does happen. Hence why it is so important that you are healing and that you are growing and connecting to your heart.

Alex Ferrari 44:22
How can we heal physical and emotional pain and suffering in a lifetime?

Rubia Lacerda 44:27
A very hot topic right now that we may have already mentioned is regulation of your nervous system. And there aren't many techniques and many healers on your planet that are experts on the subject. When you are regulating a nervous your nervous system, you are able to heal your body to heal your emotions. Also making sure that you are doing the work that is reprogramming your unconscious Is your subconscious mind your DNA, your ancestral lineage, because you are born into this limited vessel where you carry many things from your ancestors from your childhood, when you are doing this work on this level, and you are obviously doing the obvious things, feeding the body, healthy foods and healthy liquids, regulating the nervous system, and healing, ancestral and childhood trauma, that is a very good way to start.

Alex Ferrari 45:34
What do you believe is the most important message or lesson that humanity needs to learn at this stage in our collective journey?

Rubia Lacerda 45:41
There are two lessons that are connected. Please know they are very, very simple yet because humans tend to complicate things may look outside of this. But the lesson is, love yourself fully. Accept all your flaws. Accept all of who you are, exactly how you are. And then love your neighbor, love others regardless of who they are, how they are, how they behave. And we understand that this is not something that you are going to wake up tomorrow and start doing. So we invite you to work on becoming that version of you then does love yourself in does love others and accept them. Love them unconditionally. And no, there is not going to be a perfect journey, a perfect lesson that you are going to get to the end of love of your life or have mastered it. But at least you are aware of it and you are trying entrust your wants your life and life on this planet will change so much. If you make these two things a priority in your life.

Alex Ferrari 47:02
How can individuals better connect with their own spirit guides and receive guidance in their daily daily lives?

Rubia Lacerda 47:05
The best way to connect is first and foremost, to nourish your intuitive abilities exactly as they are right now. For example, if you are not a channeler instead, and wish you were instead of wishing you were a channeler we ask how does your intuition work right now? Most people feel and they know they have a knowing in their body. So if you are one of those people that have a knowing in your body, we asked you to connect with your spirit guides and say, Can you please help me no more? How can I know about this? How can I feel and know that most people are receiving information from the spirit guides all the time through their chosen channels, which is most of the time knowing and feeling. But a lot of people are doubting what they're receiving. So number one, nourish your intuition how it works. Number two, trust what you receive. And if you are not trusting what you are receiving work on the root cause or what has you to doubt yourself and what you are receiving in the first place.

Alex Ferrari 48:24
What is the core message that you want to communicate to humanity at this time?

Rubia Lacerda 48:29
The core message that we would like to communicate today is to not leave for tomorrow. What you have been longing for so long. Your mission, your drills that are many people out there waiting for you to put your gifts and abilities into practice to support the evolution and ascension of humanity. No matter what that gift is. It may be channeling, it may be your meeting sheep, your psychic abilities. And it also may be you're singing, you're dancing, you're painting. Whatever it is, that you have that you are so gifted at that you may be taken for granted. We want to invite you to go out there and share with others because you are creating and you are living your purpose. We do not want you to get to the end of your life and regrets that you didn't follow your heart's guidance.

Alex Ferrari 49:41
What can we do to create a more peaceful and harmonious world?

Rubia Lacerda 49:45
More love and acceptance and by the end to do so. You need to love and accept yourself more. Because your external reality is in some way a projection of your internal state So the more peace, the more acceptance the more love you have within, the more you are projecting that from the inside out.

Alex Ferrari 50:09
Do you have any final words for our audience?

Rubia Lacerda 50:12
Dear ones, we want you to know that you are always guarded, always protected, always supported. Any if you have anything that has you believe that you are not, we want you to know that you are. We invite you today as you receive this transmission, to pray to communicate with your spirit guides with creator with God, whatever are the words that you choose to use? And trust. That answers will come, the healing will come that knowing you will come and we would like to send you so much love and feel the love. traveled through your whole being

Alex Ferrari 51:05
And she is back. How do you feel?

Rubia Lacerda 51:14
I feel great.

Alex Ferrari 51:15
Yes. Good. And are you feeling energized?

Rubia Lacerda 51:19
I do that was great. It's been a while since I I channeled. So that was fantastic.

Alex Ferrari 51:25
Oh, what has it been? How long it's been? It's been a while since you've done it.

Rubia Lacerda 51:29
Um, so last year, I didn't channel them for five months. And then I tell them about four times. And that was in November, December and Okay, so that was about two months ago.

Alex Ferrari 51:43
Oh, wow, Okay. Wow. But you could you get information as a conscious channel as well. So for you to actually go into trance is another thing.

Rubia Lacerda 51:53
Yes, I speak to them. When I want to speak to them. I just say hey guys, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I say something and I they answer straightaway. Gotcha.

Alex Ferrari 52:02
So you don't need to go into trance to have a communication with them. Gotcha. Well, I thank you so much for this for this conversation. It has been so beautiful talking to you again, thank you for sharing your personal journey. After our last conversation. I'm afraid of what's going to happen after this one. I don't know where you're gonna go from here.

Rubia Lacerda 52:26
Hopefully not another's future. Wait, I don't need another one of those in this lifetime.

Alex Ferrari 52:31
Okay, you're good. Do you have any? Well, first of all, where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Rubia Lacerda 52:39
Everything's on my website, I'm also on YouTube and social media, Instagram.

Alex Ferrari 52:47
And do you have any final words or parting messages for the audience?

Rubia Lacerda 52:52
The intuitive said everything I will try. I just have so so much love. I just have so much love and gratitude. And I want what I would love to share with the audience is that one day I dreamed all there was was dreams and I just kept going for them. And he allowed me to be here and even having this conversation with you was a dream. So my parting words for the audience is to go for your dreams because if you go any chase them enough now if chasing is the correct word, they will they will do come true. And stay in your empowerment. Create yourself and give your victim whatever it is that he needs. Give it love but don't let it be in the seat in the main seat to be the creator.

Alex Ferrari 53:49
Rubia, thank you so much for being on this being on the show again and for the work that you're doing in the world. So I appreciate you mature. Thank you.

Rubia Lacerda 53:57
Thank you so much.

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