RED EAGLE Predicts MANKIND’S Coming Great SHIFT in 2024! Prepare Yourself NOW! with Riz Mirza

In the vast expanse of our collective human experience, we often find ourselves seeking meaning, answers, and a sense of connection. On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Riz Mirza, a returning guest whose insights transcend the ordinary and tap into the profound. As we delve into the depths of spirituality, consciousness, and the essence of our being, we are reminded of the intricate tapestry that weaves together the fabric of our existence.

Riz Mirza graces our conversation with a blend of wisdom and humor, taking us on a journey through the realms of inner and outer technology. He eloquently draws parallels between the evolution of video games and the expansion of our consciousness. The analogy of the invincibility code in games serves as a powerful metaphor for the unlimited opportunities we have in life. As Riz states, “Your video games are, in a sense, art imitating life now in the sense that video games are reflecting how your consciousness is expanding.”

Our discussion takes a fascinating turn as we explore the concept of inner technology. Riz emphasizes that just as video games have evolved to provide endless lives and open worlds, our understanding of reality and consciousness is expanding. This expansion allows us to navigate through life’s challenges with a renewed perspective. The key lies in recognizing that we are not limited by our past mistakes or traumas. Instead, we have the opportunity to continuously evolve, learn, and grow.

The spiritual journey, as Riz describes it, is akin to a video game where each level presents new challenges and lessons. He beautifully articulates the importance of embracing joy as a pathway to enlightenment. “I would like to learn these lessons, I would like to learn these teachings through joy,” he shares. This shift in perspective allows us to experience life with a sense of curiosity and wonder, rather than fear and resistance.

In our conversation, Riz also touches upon the concept of simulation and the nature of reality. He challenges us to question our perceptions and to embrace the idea that our experiences are part of a larger, interconnected cosmic dance. The notion that we are multi-dimensional beings navigating through various realities is both liberating and empowering. It encourages us to view our lives as a continuous exploration of self and the universe.


  1. Embrace Joy in Learning: Seek to understand life’s lessons through joy rather than pain. This shift in perspective can lead to a more fulfilling and peaceful existence.
  2. Unlimited Opportunities: Just as video games offer unlimited lives, recognize that life presents endless chances for growth and renewal. Past mistakes do not define your future.
  3. Interconnected Reality: Acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things. Your experiences are part of a larger, cosmic journey, and your consciousness plays a vital role in shaping your reality.

As we conclude this enlightening conversation with Riz Mirza, we are left with a profound sense of awe and inspiration. His insights remind us that the journey of life is not about reaching a final destination but about continuously evolving and expanding our understanding of ourselves and the universe. The path to spiritual awakening is paved with moments of joy, curiosity, and an unwavering belief in the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

Please enjoy my conversation with Riz Mirza.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 389

Riz Mirza 0:00
In this circle, you see, this is the path of the planet. And so the path of the planet is to go into this elliptical circle with various forces, various meteorological conditions and temperatures. And on that as you were flying through 1000s of miles an hour your whole blended spaceship Mother Earth, you're also tilting, you're also revolving rotating. You don't feel it. So you say yeah, we are very tiny speck in the universe. They show you a picture of the universe old and so many many particles of light and they say you see this little dot there desert

Alex Ferrari 0:59
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Riz Mirza. How you doing Riz?

Riz Mirza 1:05
I love that. I want to hear WWE music play oftentimes.

Alex Ferrari 1:11
Can you smell what I'm cooki'n?

Riz Mirza 1:15
You got it, brother. Oh yeah!

Alex Ferrari 1:20
Both you and I are of similar vintage. So we could go off on the WWF with a question. But I appreciate you

Riz Mirza 1:27
I'm the WWF. Not the WWE?

Alex Ferrari 1:29
Oh, yeah, exactly, without question. So but I appreciate you coming back on the show. Man, I really had a great time when we first had a conversation, people really loved our first conversation. And at the tail end at the tail end of that Red Eagle you started channeling Red Eagle, I think was like only like a five minute bit of him. And after we got off, yeah, it wasn't a long time if I remember correctly. And then we were like, We got to have Red Eagle come back and just like do a whole session with Red Eagle because he was fascinating. His energy is so boom kind of energy. So and I love I'm looking forward to having our conversation with Red Eagle. But before we get started with red before we jumped on to the show, we were talking about video games. And, and I think this is a great conversation to start the whole world started our conversation, a great piece of starting a conversation where you and I are from a generation where video games really started to come into their own in a very big way in the 80s and the 90s. And one game that I always love using as a analogy for life and reincarnation and rebirth is a game that we used to play called Contra. Now it is it was a just a bunch of soldiers, you know, in a simple game, nothing too crazy. Soldiers killing bad villains and you know, whatever. But it was the first game that we had a cheat code, a very well known cheat code that everybody of our age listening right now will remember Up Up, down, down, left, right, left, right b, a, start it will be on my gravestone. I see I see guys walking around with it. With that just all it says on the t shirt is Up Up Down. And then it says invincibility and only our generation would get that.

Riz Mirza 3:16
That is our secret code.

Alex Ferrari 3:17
Right! Exactly. And I always love that game in the sense of as an analogy for for incarnation. Because when you go through, you only have three guys. So you have three men or three players for the entire game. And if you lose those three players, you got to start over from the very beginning. So you only have three chances to get to the end of the game. With the invincibility code, you're able to have all the weapons all so you could just slice through the entire game so fast. But I remember going back when I was born, and I didn't have any other games because I wasn't rich. And I couldn't just have 1000s of games at my disposal, I would go back and play it again and again. And then I would do different things to challenge myself. So I'm like, Okay, let's just do it only with one man. And if you lose, you start again. And I would do those kinds of things. And then I was like after I beat the game 1000 times with this code. I was like, can I beat it without the code. So then I would challenge myself to go through to get and it was just like such a really great incarnate really great analogy for the soul to go back and play it again and play the game again, with different challenges. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, sir.

Riz Mirza 4:27
You are just you're beaming me up, Scotty. Okay. You are Alex, you are just filling me with this amazing energy by what you said because I love to talk about how, in a sense, art imitating life then life imitates art. Because we strive to be that which we see idealized and portrayed in arts music books, film, television, dance, performance, technology, it information technology, that is what we do. That is what you Your show is about. It's using Internet technology, which is also it for Information Technology, which is about inner technology. Inner technology is understanding the basic structures of how reality is created and how you navigate through these worlds video games are about how you're navigating through these worlds and surviving, going up in levels. And when you and I were coming up in the 80s and 90s, you had three lives. And that was mimicking what we felt at home in school. The guidance counselor's three strikes and you're out Mr. Mirza you know, my parents were like you messed up the third time, and you're grounded, was always for three months also, like the unholy trinity. And so we were we were always being subjected to this. And then video games came out that we're having unlimited lives, but you talked about the invincibility code. I'm going to tell you something right here and right now that should be the title of this episode is the invincibility code. And you are a gamer for every lifetime. We are Ready Player One, watch that movie. So let's slow down a bit. There was a channeling session where Phineas a spirit guide came through. He's one of the guides I channel. And he came through and said that your video games are, in a sense art is imitating life now in the sense that video games are reflecting how your consciousness is expanding. Here we go. Number one, unlimited opportunities, unlimited chances. It doesn't matter how much you screwed up, quote unquote screwed up in your life, meaning traumas, addictions, patterns, behavioral screw ups, you know, abuses of all kinds that you grew up with, you can always get more chances. Video games now became about unlimited lives. Video games also now have open worlds There are endless worlds you you don't even have to fight, you can just come here and explore the world of Harry Potter or some fantastical Lord of the Rings type of scenario. And we have games now where you can have a farm. That's the game.

Alex Ferrari 7:11

Riz Mirza 7:11
You tend you tend to a farm. And this is imitating what we are wanting to experience which is endless worlds and less chances for growth. Also, here's something very interesting that Phineas, the spirit guide commented about video games, I asked the question because I had questions written down in Orion my wife asks the spirit guide. And my question was, in video games, or video games and technology going to become so real that it's going to look like the way Alex and I were you and I are sitting here right now. Instead of pixelated characters, no matter how good that they're, they're designed. We can still tell it's a video game. So will it become this real? I said, that's pretty much the next step. And Vidya said actually no, because human nature, especially when it comes to recreation, recreational games, which is the word recreation is re creation, break it down, what does that mean? Recreating self joy, rebooting your nervous system and being peaceful and happy. So recreational games and video games were to bring you out of the ordinary so it was never going to be like real life. Nobody wants to real life we want something a bit fantastical a step ahead. That inspires us that activates us and energizes us. And I believe that's why spirit guides are so appealing to us throughout history. Whether your spirit guides are your idols that you feel are guiding you whether it's you feel it your ancestors, whether you feel it is the god goddess or deity that you grew up with in your particular cultural background, or the so called New Age, which is the old age actually, the New Age figures like your Phineas is or your your Bashar is or your Abraham's all of these wonderful channelers that are out there. So ready goes part of that team ready to go for those of you guys have not already eagle is he's a very tribal figure. Some people say to me was he also he's your Native American guide. Well, remember something there are no ethnicities on the other side. Spirit guides don't have an ethnicity. We only have ethnicities here which help us to identify each other's sort of give us some kind of reference, hopefully not prejudicial reference, but some sort of connection where we like the differences are what makes the world go round. But on the other side, they take many different forms so ready to go even though he's had a Native American life. He's showing me where he was a young Russian girl who was blind in one lifetime. He showed me where he was like in India looking kinda like me. So he's he likes to come through in that particular I call it the spirit guide. Projection avatar, he likes his ready gold jacket. The consciousness that is all Have these different lifetimes and intelligences comes through in that way, just like you guys just like all of you have lived many lifetimes. And this lifetime is the one you are interacting interfacing with us through.

Alex Ferrari 10:11
Well, it's it was gonna tack on something with the whole, you don't like to see reality aspect. So I come from Hollywood and I come from the visual effects background as well. So there's something in visual effects called the uncanny valley, which is the moment where you're trying to create a human ask character, because dinosaurs are cool. You can make a dinosaur, no one's going to blink an eye like because we don't have a reference to a dinosaur, right? You can even make an another animal. And you can tell by certain movements or just by the energy of the creator, the creature that's been created in the movie screen, that you're like, oh, it looks really real. But I'm going to suspend disbelief, but I know it's not real. Right? But the second you try to do a human being who talks and walks like in the Polar Express, like in Beowulf, like in these kinds of movies that the entire movie was all CG. You get turned off. It's weird. Human beings just go. That's it just

Riz Mirza 11:12
Kids don't get turned off.

Alex Ferrari 11:13
Kids don't get turned off as much as much trust me because animated films like Pixar stuff, it's a cartoon, it's so far removed from a human being. But when you're trying to really create, like in Polar Express, right, I mean, adults watch Polar Express, and I'm sorry, I watch a nerving it's unnerving. It's like, that's not Tom Hanks. Like, it's Tom Hanks talking. And it kind of looks like Tom Hanks. But that's not Tom Hanks. You know, it's it's a weird thing. So I would have to agree with Phineas on that that at a certain point. And you know what, we probably will get to a technological point where we'll get to the holodeck. If we want to like the holodeck of Star Trek or Star Trek, where it's literally going to be exactly the way it looks like us. But I agree with you. I don't think we want that because we already have that. Why would we want to do that again, at the right time.

Riz Mirza 12:07
We want brighter colors. We want more saturation, we want levitation, we want teleportation, we want to be able to walk through things. We want this integration. More than integration, right? So we're fascinated by disintegration in sci fi.

Alex Ferrari 12:22
You know, what's really interesting too, is when you saying that the the lives has shifted when video games first started, I mean, Pong Akman, these old school games, they have three lives. There was never a game, at least that I could remember. Coming up in the 80s. That was not a three life scenario other than Zelda. When Zelda showed up, that was the first role playing kind of game at least. And please forgive me all the geeks listening. Leave it in the comments. I'm sorry. But there wasn't a whole lot. Zelda was the first one you can explore and you needed to keep going. And it would save where you were in the game. But it wasn't where we are now, which is complete, endless, endless, like you could reach the end of Zelda. Like, you can literally go to the edges of the entire simulation that they created. And you just you can run out of Zelda.

Riz Mirza 13:19
Okay, we've got one more thing. Let's keep going guys, this is yes, it's just like this. We don't plan guys. We don't plan anything. Yeah. Alex and I talked like for two seconds before we go. And this is because this is how energy flows. We're in sync. What about this? Now, open world games are being added on to after the game is released. You don't even have a physical cartridge anymore. It is through a connection, a wireless connection. All of these things that I'm talking about our literally what we talk about a new age, metaphysical channeling psychic, anything that has to do with beyond the normal physical video games are actually that so what we're doing is going into an open world. And designers are creating more realities as you go on. Not only that, but you have people at home, who are designing special features and tweaking and re mixing games. Where like, you can now be in Lord of the Rings, but somebody made it so you can be Spider Man. Today that's like the dream state. Think about this. When you dream. You Your mind is so free, you're tapping into multi dimensional reality. So you are now able to draw from different realities and place them together. For example, all of you have done this. You've had a dream where you go, you tell your friend the next day Hey, you were in my dream last night but you weren't you and we were at your mom's house, but it wasn't your mom's house. And I was me, but like I wasn't me. Haven't you had that kind of dream Alex Of course. Okay, so what is that? That when we talk about that particular aspect of dreaming, which is you were there but you weren't you? Let's pause here because we have dreams where were amazing scenarios I was surfing on top of a whale or something. I was on Mars. But what about this aspect, which doesn't quite compute the same way, because we can understand imagining being on another planet imagining being on top of a whale in the ocean. But how do you imagine you were you but not you. That is, certainly for myself as a trans challen, the medium is that you are tapping into understanding that we are beyond this particular identity just that we're here on Earth, that we have lived many, many lifetimes, quote unquote, before our future, whatever a concept of time you believe in certainly, it's more than this face and body now. So video games are having that. And this is the ultimate reflection of art imitating life. or Now we get there, which is people have been talking about, well, this whole thing is a simulation in a video game. But what do we mean by that? When we say simulation, that by definition, simulation means this is a copy or copying something else? That's a simulation, it's similar to that. Meaning this is not the real thing. The other thing is a real thing. Like we're all in some blank room made of light, just creating realities. Okay. Is that the source point? But how does that get there? What if we get there? What if we and we die? We get there and we go through all of these different understandings that all the people have been talking and channeling about, that we create our reality. We're multi dimensional beings, and we are this is all just a simulation? Well, do you value where you are in the here and now, because you're getting fired, and that person breaking up with you and bills piling up, are still a part of this 3d reality. They're still a part of the 3d reality. So what do you think is a simulation or not, is not really going to take away from your, you're navigating through this reality, what it's supposed to do is to expand your consciousness in your mind. So you're no longer like your arms are like this, but your arms are like this open wide, this is a much better place to receive. So as long as you begin to understand that there's a wider, bigger thing going on, you hopefully will have a better sense of humor about all of this. That's why Buddha is always with his belly out naked, slapping his forehead laughing, most popular statue in the world that people buy. Why? Why is he the only one, you got all the other, all the other angels and guides like this, everyone's like this, head down, good up, open, mouth, open belly, to no body shaming going on. Like a big baby. And we are coming into when we say our new self, we say I want to I want to become this new version of me, I need to make some changes. What I have been teaching people as a shaman for all these years and is the new you is actually just the true you. And this means that you're not having to muscle your way through changes, necessarily, you're actually shedding that which no longer serves you and letting it go. Because you came into this world awake, joyful, flexible, can twist bodies, babies around in any like a pretzel, they're totally happy. You're flexible and body, mind and spirit. You're open to love. You saw through dimensions, your eyes were full of light, your heart was full of love. You could understand multiple languages at one time if different members of the family spoke different languages. That's pretty enlightened. You had no classisms prejudices, or sexism

Alex Ferrari 18:58

Riz Mirza 19:00
Right! So we our journey here is we're still here to expand even though you came in enlightened, you're here to come and live and leave more enlightened.

Alex Ferrari 19:08
Right, but that middle part is the interesting part. That'd be it. Yeah. Because you come in completely close to source. Then you're programmed for seven years, quote, unquote, with all the biases and community and you know, programming of the communities that you're in by your parents, by your religion, by your country by everything around you. And then you spend the rest of your life trying to deprogram yourself, hopefully, to get back to get back to where you were when you first walked in, but

Riz Mirza 19:37
Let's talk about those sweet spots, let's talk about those three spots. Okay, so in normal human lifespan, if you were to add up, I'm going to add up. Generally speaking, you guys can Google this time spent doing certain activities. So in an average human lifespan, you sleep 26 years. You sleep 26 years if you add up all the time. You need to sleep. Okay, so do the math 26 There, you eat for like four years. So all your meals if you add them up while you're chewing and swallowing, it's like you're chewing and swallowing for four years. School what basically 13 years. Not just being there, but studying, preparing for exams, all of that. You are. Oh, another one of those facts is you're standing in line for like, two months. Yeah. You stay in line for two months. You are getting dressed. It's actually different from men and women, men, you know, it's like, two weeks getting dressed. And women, they say it was like a month getting dressed, just getting dressed. Socializing was only like two years, meaning, hey, let's meet for coffee. Then there were all the work hours. So now just add those together. From starting from 26. So we probably got another 20 tacked on there. So let's say close to 50 years doing these things. average lifespan, what? 75. Okay, let's say knock all that stuff out by 50. Like, you know, your body's getting older to working out was like a year. Surprisingly, right. So you say, Well, what, what are we doing here? And for me, what it comes down to what I've learned is that that's okay, by me, if I'm with people that I love. I'm okay to sleep for 26 years, and I'm okay to go to school. And I'm okay to do all that stuff that you added up as long as I'm with the people that I love. Because it's not how you're measuring your life anyway. As we're, as we're sitting here, let's not forget that the whole reason we're doing it is not to be sitting on a mountaintop, isolated, the whole reason we're doing everything we're doing is about this unity, this oneness, this consciousness of oneness, or this reality of oneness that we have to surrender to. Which is just like the human body is experienced. And you know what I'm struggling to channeling? I don't know, maybe we should bring ready go through.

Alex Ferrari 22:12
Yeah, you want to bring Red Eagle, I got a bunch of questions.

Riz Mirza 22:16
Well, he wanted to he wanted to say hello, but we can still talk if there's something you want to add to this.

Alex Ferrari 22:21
No, I mean, as far as as far as this video game idea, I think it's very powerful. I've been talking about that for for a long time now. Because it's I've never really heard this video game idea. I've heard it but I always throw it on Super Mario brother, and we're all Lincoln Zelda and all this kind of stuff. But and when you're in that, and when you're in the game, like and now I do want to talk about this. So okay, so if there's the video game, the video game is our life. Right? It says analogy for our existence. Our incarnation, well then, is our soul, the player of the game. Because as you and I are playing a video game, what happens to the character of the Avatar is almost inconsequential to us, we might feel it for a second, you're like, Oh, I got killed by that boss, or all that or got me when I didn't want it to get get money or something like that. But it's very fleeting. It's more just kind of like it wasn't a deep emotional connection. Generally speaking, though, I do remember throwing a remote controller to when I was a kid. If I didn't make it to the level, I have to admit that. But the emotion attached to the to the actual avatar playing is very disconnected. So then that the analogy would be then is the soul or an extension of the soul the player looking down upon this incarnation this way, but for the actual avatar, it it's serious. There's an orc about to kill me.

Riz Mirza 23:56
Yes, that's true, was a member this. And this is a very interesting thing, like what you said about you don't really care. But guess what? They had tried to at different points in the evolution of video gaming. We're trying to create little sensors and things that would give you a shock, right? Yeah, obviously physical pain. But guess what, it never took on? Nobody because nobody wants that. Nobody wants to feel actual pain when they're playing a video game. The whole point that's understood in the larger scope is just like a movie. We can get completely immersed in the movie cry over the characters emotionally. But we're watching a movie. You know, some fear is there the seat will rumble Yeah, but I don't want to get hit with a laser or something that shocks my shoulder just because the character got shot with a laser. So there is this larger understanding that we all have, which is this is a game. This is the movie this is a play though. We can be extremely emotionally involved. We're not physically involved. I mean, we don't have to get so many Well, but my emotions affect my physicality. That's my knewt what we're talking about it but you know you're gonna live. You're not actually in fear of your life. Even though you throw the video game across the room out of anger. You're not there's a South Park episode, which was called World of Warcraft. Yeah. Brilliant. And then Randy, the dad starts playing. And he dies and you hear going, Oh, God, Son, I love you. And then the pan the camera at Randy and BestBuy, and he's on the ground,

Alex Ferrari 25:33
Curled up in a fetal fetal position. Yes. Oh, god, that was such an episode. I remember that episode.

Riz Mirza 25:40
I love that episode, because that is what you know, when we don't go there. That's what made it so funny is we would never do that. So this physical interface is extremely important for that receiving feedback loop of teachings, because there are many of us who don't listen until we twist the ankle. Everyone says slow down. You don't need to go to work. Why don't you take a break? Then you twist the ankle. And they say, see your body's telling you it needed for you to rest. And in this very strange kind of reality that the physical effects the emotional, if you really think about it's kind of weird that we're really such survivalist that physical pain is what gets our attention. At least at this stage. Yes, we are we are. But as we're expanding our consciousness, we are realizing that we don't need to attract painful experiences, to launch us into a deeper understanding. So what I ask people to do is, when you are asking for more knowledge and more evolution from the universe, say say in that meditation, I would like to learn these lessons, I would like to learn these teachings through joy. Because you can learn the teachings through pain, certainly. And we all have Why do we have to keep running that story? Why can't I learn a lesson from watching two squirrels play on the tree and observe them, rather than needing to have some traumatic event in my life happen for me to understand the same thing? Well, here's the thing. If you don't drop down and become sensitive, you're never going to be still enough to observe those two squirrels that are this big under that tree. If you're not very, I want to say vulnerable, then what happens is bigger experiences happen to knock you in the head. And we are here to live more gently we are that's the whole reason why all of us feel the way we do about the world that it's so rough out there. And so crazy out there, right? Because we're actually all really gentle inside. That's the reason why we think the world is crazy. If we didn't think the world was crazy. It was because we are that rough. We are that violent, we are that. That buried under that concrete of fear, rejection, sadness, but we're not actually. And that's the whole reason why we're able to see that. People are being unkind to each other.

Alex Ferrari 28:08
And as you go through playing a video game, you learn lessons that you bring in with you. In other words, once you've beaten a level and you know how to beat a boss, in the old school games, you know how to beat the boss, I still remember how to I still had to remember how to beat Mike Tyson Mike Tyson's Punch Out. I still remember that. And punch Oh, yeah, the Mike Tyson's Punch Out, there was he was the most insane boss ever. And if you didn't understand how to move in the first round, how to move in the second round. And then finally, in the third round, you could get it to the third round, you had a chance, but it still wasn't a done deal. But you remember, I still remember that. So clearly, literally, like if you gave me the game controller now it could probably give me an hour or two. I could probably beat Mike Tyson. I remember it clearly. So it's something that's

Riz Mirza 28:57
The lesson structions you said the word code. So we can watch a lot of challenge videos on the internet. And we'll say the activation code that this code that that code Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. So let's just talk about codes. Codes are a set of instructions. Your entire body has a set of instructions. The brain is giving a set of instructions. Actually the liver is giving instructions to different parts of the body. Yep, something happens one part of the body, the entire body knows for an example everyone out there has had food poisoning. Okay, how big do you think the germ or the bacteria that gave you food poisoning and that sandwich or whatever you ate? How big do you think it is size wise? You think you could actually see it? Okay, so something that you cannot see. So if we were taking a photograph of Mount Everest and place you at the base of it, would that product probably we have the equivalent pretty much of the German you and you and Mount Everest. So what we're seeing is and now that food poisoning takes you off for three days right? So that's like you going up to Mount Everest and punching it in the base, and it coming down. And you're like, Whoa, but I know his true, right. And here's what's interesting, though you are not destroyed. Certainly the entire mountain, let's say did fall, your body is aware of that tiny, tiny thing. This giant body is aware of this microscopic particle. Wow, that's pretty potent. So that's how sensitive we are. That's how powerful because power is directly rated, related to sensitivity in all technology. We start off this discussion talking about it information, enter technology, information, technology, all those it and it it. And we come down to that the more sensitive your technology is, the more powerful it is. If your telescope is more sensitive, it's more powerful. If your chef is more sensitive, the better the food is. If this camera is more sensitive, for high resolution, 32k, whatever. The higher the resolution, resolution, that's an interesting word. Resolve. Is it related to the word resolve? Yes. Re solution we can English language is actually very fascinating. Some people think it's the most simplistic language, but there's a reason why the whole world is speaking. And it's not just colonialization it's that the universe wanted a certain language that was simple, but has a lot of magic to it as well for everyone to at least to be able to communicate for future generations. And was it going to take a lot of wars and battles and sufferings? Yes, it was going to put something had to happen. So English, if you look at a couple of words, silent and listen, have the same letters. Right, sacred and scared, have the same letter. So that which scared you actually contained something sacred in it for you. So the word reaction and the word creation, same letters. So when something happens to you, you react, you have a reaction, but if you stay in the reaction, you're stuck. If you go from the reaction to a creation, you become more peaceful. So this is what it was. And you know, when it comes to channeling, for me, I just wanted to say something and I was talking to my wife Araya about this is that I never wanted to be a channeler. And it wasn't something that like my mom was psychic and my dad was psychic, I did grow up knowing I had a psychic ability, because I would get messages from people's loved ones who crossed over. And I showed that on the internet, I put videos up or I get people readings on the street. Totally uncut. And the channeling was something that I sat in a circle, I got a message from a spirit guide. And that gentleman whose name was Alex Murray was one of the most amazing channels who ever lived and he's passed on now. He had said to me, you know, the thing that you channel isn't necessarily the thing that you love to do. It's what you aren't open, you're kind of designed to do that, you may find that you love it. Because there's a lot of people out there who are just really good at something. And it's like, like, Oh yeah, I'm really good with that. But it doesn't become a career. It's not something they love. But when you want to what I teach people is how to bring the energy of what you channel which is to step out of the way and allow the energy to come through without judging it too much. Because we're still and I think we're gonna be here for a while people go, our spirit guides real is this person really channeling an alien? Is that person really channeling Edgar Allan Poe, I was an Edgar Allan Poe's house. Back in October, his original house in the Bronx. And I felt his spirit I channeled him so I put it up. Now I know people were gonna say, Well, you again, general Edgar Allan Poe, I go. First of all, don't tell me what I can and can't do. My life isn't based on your belief systems. I don't think your life is based on my belief systems. So it goes both ways. There are people who are never going to believe people who are on the fence and people are always going to believe. Stop trying to please everybody, especially when it comes to channeling and I tell people who are my fellow channelers I tell them all the time. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Because ultimately, if people are judging you or judging who you're channeling, that's their own. That's their own game. Then I listen to a message does the message Sturmey activate me because we spend time with people believe in ghosts and the paranormal and then they don't what is that discussion about proving to another person? The most beautiful thing about channeling itself is is this active? eating you? Is this clarifying things for you? Is this confirming things for you? And is this also expanding you making you think in a different way?

Alex Ferrari 35:10
Or is this sound like absolute lunacy and craziness? And there's that as well. Because depending on where you are in the evolution of your soul in this incarnation, this might resonate with you, or it will

Riz Mirza 35:24
Of course not! Well, what does every religion resonate with everybody else?

Alex Ferrari 35:28
Exactly, exact. And that's what I get. Because listen, I'm sure you get hit all the time with this whole like, Oh, this is real, this kind of stuff. I get all that. And I get asked all the time, because unlike you, I talked to hundreds of channels. I've talked to so many of them, that I've had friends from Hollywood of mine, like, dude, is this stuff real? And like, I don't care if it's real? Or if it isn't real? That's irrelevant? What is the message? Does it help you? Does it move you? Does it help it? Does it serve you? If it does, take it, use it, and move on in life? If it doesn't ignore it and move on with life? It's kind of the messenger.

Riz Mirza 36:08
It's irrelevant. And first of all, what do you what do you even define as real? Tribal people have been telling you that the tree and the stone is breathing for 1000s of years? And then you eat a mushroom and say, Man, I was having this incredible hallucination that the tree and the stone were breathing. No, you were not. You're hallucinating when you don't see the tree or the stone breathing? That's the hallucination. Those experiences of shamanic medicine are to open your inner eye. So what makes sense to that is not breathing. What in your heart of hearts? What do you want it to be? So clearly, there has been knowledge about the unknown, the unseen. But if you don't have the technology to see what is the scene for others, your dog hears the dog whistle to a different frequency, in order to dog whistle is right, or slow dog whistle and your dog is going to go like this. You don't hear anything. So is the sound not there? Is your dog not realizing your dog faking that he hears a frequency? Well, there you go. No, no, he's not. Okay. So take that and multiply it. So the channeler is hearing the frequency of the intelligence and consciousness that you and I and everyone else is that leaves the body if you don't believe that there's a conscious intelligence that leaves the body. Good for you, hopefully. But we do those of us who believe that, because it's our reality. See, I don't really believe I already know that there are spirit guides. I don't need a belief. I've been there and back. Now someone says, Well, you didn't really see that. Were they to say anything? Who are they? As we say in the Bronx? Y'all don't know me?

Alex Ferrari 37:55
Well, I mean, and I'll tack on to this. We'll finish off before we jump in with Red Eagle. are radio waves real? Are microwaves real or ultraviolet rays real? We can't perceive them with our technology. We need machines to see to connect to a radio signal. If you would have said this. 300 years ago, you would have been burned at the stake. Oh, there's this

Riz Mirza 38:19
Explain iPhone to Abraham Lincoln explain it. It

Alex Ferrari 38:24
The internet, explain the internet.

Riz Mirza 38:26
Okay, guys, let's just take it before ready to go comes in. I want to say this one thing. Let's take the iPhone that you guys are the laptop that you're watching. So and let's just take the iPhone. Let's travel back not too long ago to Abraham Lincoln's time. Not too long ago. We have pictures of him. Sure, right? We have photographs. Okay. So we just go back that little amount of time. And he was one of the smartest men on the planet at the time. Certainly an expensive thinker. And we say hello, Mr. Lincoln. Check this out. And first he would say, what is this thing made of glass and led or iron? Right? And we're like Mr. Lincoln, would you like to see a baby kangaroo in the pouch forming? Also, would you like to see someone talking to you in Chinese at the Great Wall of China right now? Also, would you like to see mitochondria? He'd say what? His mitochondria. We explained it to him. He said, Yes, I'd like to see that. And then we show it to him on YouTube. Now what is his logical member? He's extremely intelligent. This isn't that long ago. His mind is going to say either this is voodoo. This is a bad dream. Or these guys are aliens. And he says to us there's no kangaroo in this piece of iron glass. We say nope. There's no kangaroo in the Great Wall is not in this little piece of iron and glass. It's called an iPhone. Then how is this happening? Well, Mr. Lincoln, this little box is talking to another box that's flying around the planet right now. up in space. There's a man inside a box flying in space. No, actually it's on flying on its own. We control it from here with these waves that Alex Ferrari just mentioned. So let's say we able to explain that to him. Then he says, But okay, except this. Are you from the future? Yes. Mr. Lincoln, we're from the future. So is this the year 10,000 That you're from? of the Lord? No, actually, we're just, like 200 years,

Less than 200 years less than 200 years.

Were from Chicago also. He'll say what? Yeah, like, Wait, do you have a Chicago we're like, we're just like, up the streets, even if the building is we're gonna be there and just like 200 years, but anyway, we made this and he then he's gonna say, but surely these materials are from another planet, actually, Mr. Lincoln, everything in this iPhone was found in the soil. In fact, some of them right over here in those mountains that you're on. So the source material is always under your feet, you just have to discover it, know how to refine it, and create with it and that is a principle of your life and your evolution is that the source material is always there under your feet under your nose. You don't have to go out there they're there. They're there to get it. What is what that means is simply that where you are, you can always draw from

Alex Ferrari 41:15
So what happened to Abraham Lincoln, I'm I'm invested in the story now.

Riz Mirza 41:18
Abraham Lincoln telling me he's gonna be a mean one day

Alex Ferrari 41:24
And you tell him don't go to the theater.

Riz Mirza 41:28
That's right. And Mr. Lincoln just do not go to

Alex Ferrari 41:32
Read the books or read a book don't go to the theater. Do not go to the theater sir. Man life there's so you know what, that's such a that's such an amazing analogy because you're absolutely right it would have been it would have been heresy it would have been aliens, it would have been witchcraft, it would have been voodoo it would have been a million other things. But to us it just makes absolute sense because we're we're aware of it and our consciousness accepts all of this stuff. And in our lifetime and just you and are you in my lifetime. We were born in a time pre internet. I was I remember the Act didn't have a remote control on my television that had three channels I was a remote control for my grandfather. He was saying get up and change the channel. And now that I was the remote control when I first saw remote control I was like four or five and a wire no I didn't know I did that did with the cable box the cable box did with when it had like 36 channels and you flip the channel like MTV click you know CNN click those. That was when I first saw remote control. I thought I thought it was magic. It was absolutely magic. At that time. I remember if you remember like in the 80s there was this whole thing of cars that talk to you. Because it was the whole kit like Knight Rider thing so like your door is ajar. Like he was like what is happening

Riz Mirza 42:57
What is happening?

Alex Ferrari 42:58
It's crazy right?

Riz Mirza 42:59
So where we are now he said okay, so magic versus technology. Oh channeling is magic actually what if you find out that channeling is the technology so right now we have all these podcasts and all this new age movement is happening all over the world and people are into channelers and Challenge Challenge Challenge era psychic psychic psychics mediums as mediums healers, healers healers Good Good good fine let's have more but what if you find out the channeling is a technology in 300 years member a blink into now is basically that amount of time so now let's go from now to the future what if in 300 years which isn't far from now, this camera should probably be this big can pick up spirits because channelers have been saying for 1000s of years. Spirits are frequency energies like the dog whistle they exist in a frequency some of us can are able to hear it so these channels are able to bring that through them but now 300 years from now you have a technology where the channeler sits down you press record and suddenly you see the Spirit coming into the body maybe you even see their face and then you have these you know all these diodes and are saying that oh my goodness all the structures are changing in the body on an energetic level and these frequencies that we never knew were there before now we can pick up on of course that's what technology is frequency that you never knew were there before and now you can pick up on and utilize so I'm already saying and in 2023 to 24 channeling is actually a science and technology of the being and will be long gone on the other side all of us in this podcast and watching this podcast will be way on the other side already understanding this because it's not that far away.

Alex Ferrari 44:45
And this is the beginning this is the seeds are being planted that will grow into the mighty trees in 300 years and that's what I hope that this show continues to do in your work continues to do through our lifetime my friend

Riz Mirza 44:57
Red Eeagle a tree we should let's go sit under it.

Alex Ferrari 45:00
So let's let's talk to read Eagle have some amazing questions that I'd like to talk to him and get his perspective on. So can you explain to everybody what you're doing and how you're doing it and who's coming through.

Riz Mirza 45:11
So channeling is the ability to go into a deep trance state, which is somewhat akin to sleeping, but it is a waking sleep, meaning that there's another aspect of consciousness itself, which is that which are the spirit guides will come through every culture has referred to spirit guides, whether they're referred to as angels, arc angels, ancestors, the universe, or the watchers, or in my case, I call them the spirit guides. They are master teachers who are not really incarnating, again, on the planet, they come through, they live in a different frequency field and channelers are just simply able to tap into that frequency field and bring through a message to you, those of us who have an affinity for this, who are built for somehow maybe we're just built to do things this way. Like somebody's built to be a linebacker, somebody's built to be a channeler. I have the ability to just really go into that state very quickly, especially after all these years. It can literally happen in just seconds, and I'm going to display that now. And ready will comes in he has a different voice a different manner of being and he just you know, you'll feel it. All right, let's go my friend. All right, everybody. I'll see you later. I would just like everyone, if you're watching and you're inclined to do so I invite you to just join me in this very brief meditation, I'll just say very briefly only take about 30 seconds, close your eyes, everyone at the count of three. First, relax your shoulders, relax your face at the count of three, we're going to take a deep breath in, breathe in through your nose, hold the air in your body as light and blow it out. When I say exhale, one to breathe in. Hold the breath, drop your shoulders and blow it out. Keeping your eyes closed surround yourself with light. Allow that light to become bigger and brighter. Wherever you are bigger than the room you're in bigger than the state and the country. Bigger than the planet see the planet in a ball of light in your mind's eye. Relax your face. And keep this vision of light around the planet. I say this blessing, Great Spirit of love. Thank you for connecting us at this moment at this intersection of all points of time and space into the now we send many, many, many, many waves of gratitude for the blessings of our life, past, present and future, as well as for the blessings in disguise of the past, present and future. Help us to heal and nourish our bodies minds and spirits help us to help others do the same. We send love to our ancestors from this lifetime or any lifetime or descendants born or unborn our spirit guide is perceived or not yet perceived. We thank You. Help us to open our own channel. So that we may share. Thank you. You can relax open your eyes and I'll see you later

Hey Oh, I'm Red Eagle.

Alex Ferrari 48:09
Hello, Red Eagle. Thank you so much for coming onto the show. I appreciate you, my friend.

Riz Mirza 48:15
You're great to do a bit is your key or bridge back to sanity. You'll say this blessing you ended with the gratitude when you are experiencing this sadness that the movement of time feels too slow or too fast for you. When things did not taste or sound or feel the same for you as they once did. As you're feeling that maybe you'll have to change your personal circle maybe ginger proficient maybe you cannot sit in one place too long. Or maybe you'll only sit in one place for extended periods of time not really thinking about things maybe you're you're zoning out, you're checking out you'll say oh maybe I am depressed. It is not depression. You are in the realization that you are ascending actually, you say oh I am ascending up the spiritual ladder. Remember something spiritual ladder do not go this way. It go this way. You are ascending into yourself even though the hand is going down. You said that is descending? What if you began to see things differently? What if you began to redefine things. You say to yourself, so and so died? I am traumatized because this loved one died. And that is true. I cannot change that. You can change the effects of that event when you redefine it. Why don't you say that instead of dying? Why don't you say my mother my father my partner My friend has now surrendered into their ultimate form of love and lathe and I am now in the process of developing a spiritual relationship with them since the physical one is no longer active. It takes a lot more words for you to do that. But if you are wise you will use these words, because they will lead to your freedom because the words create worlds. Even in some of your scriptures, they're written, aren't they? You say the word of God. In the beginning, there was the word. Oh, so even the creator had to talk had to speak it into existence. With you're getting quiet inside, when you're feeling said, The world is not what you wanted it to be. You say, Oh, it was the worst of times. Oh, but you had that writer? What's his name? Charles Dickens. He writes in his book was the best of times the worst of times. You'll go to any era go to the 60s? You say the good old days? All right, go to the 20s 30s 1800s. When is the good old days go to when you were raised? As those people if you could time travel, go back there and see, Hey, is it the best of times in the worst of times? They will say yeah. And then you will say what is it? That is so bad? No people are fighting around the world. Children are the leg their music things they are wearing the way they're talking? disrespectfully, they don't know how to work hard. The leaders are not loosening what is happening to this area, what is happening to that area? Who belongs where. So it was always the best of times, worst of times, everywhere. Now you are the new year you made the trip around the sun. You may call it an elliptical path, still a circle. You're no need to say it is not a perfect circle it is simply the feeling of a circle. And this circle you say this is the path of the planet. And so the path of the planet is to go into this elliptical circle with various forces various meteorological conditions and temperatures. And on that as you are flying through 1000s of miles in our your hope Linnet spaceship Mother Earth. You're also tilting you're also revolving rotating you don't feel it. So you say yeah, we are a very tiny speck in the universe. They show you a picture of the universe old and so many many particles of light and they say you see this little dark dead desert then you look at that picture on internet you so we're tiny we meaningless. What if we told you all of that universe actually can fit on the tip of your finger? What if you're a larger being then looking at all of that? That is what some of the Eastern you know death. The Vedic scriptures tell you. The Brahma is the whole universe coming out of the belly and fountain of water. What if this physical universe is not the universe we are talking about when we say the universe wants you to do something? So when you're saying this the universe channel telling me to go here or there? The universe has given me is saying what university you're talking about Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and all the other star systems. It physical thing is giving you the message What are you meaning the universe you are meaning God consciousness. If you begin to feel insignificant physically, that is because you have a belief that is based on this exploration of the physical universe. What is up what is down out there? What is north and south directions elix You talk about your video game controllers to go up left down these are directions these are north south, north and west. And you have these directions that are embedded coded into the physical maneuvers of your fingers. That you remember this is how I win the game. And it has become programmed into you. The game was programmed the technology the game is played on his programmed now you have programmed yourself to move your fingers in a certain way automatically has become your nature. You are able to make something your nature you say that is second nature to me. Why don't you make it first nature. It is not second nature for you to brush your teeth. It is in your nature to brush your teeth to wash your face. It was not in your nature when you were a child you would wake up and want to go right back to the game that you were playing the night before as you fell asleep and were forced to go to bed for to brush your teeth forced to wash your face. You did not like it. Many children do not like it then they learn to appreciate it for they see the benefits it gives them the feeling of washing my face refreshes my energy because they are learning and you're learning. You will always be learning if you decide so what about you're always healing that everybody talking about you always healing way or are you always broken? Why does it be that you're always healing? There's a time to heal. Is your you have an old song did turn turn turn very good that song very channeled. There is this season you know the song Alex?

Alex Ferrari 55:57
I do know that. Yes.

Riz Mirza 56:00
Listen to it again. That there is everything in your life is a season. Notice that is also when we say the moon is in Scorpio. Some people say that does not mean anything. Yeah, a lot of the people in prehistoric societies also thought that something did not mean anything. Because more people had knowledge about another technology. And the cavemen said I don't want it I'm going to beat this animal with the club. Even though it is creating a mess even though it seems to be kind of messy, you know? And it barbaric. So your technology is to make streamline your intentions into creation. So you have made this pattern around the sun you call it the year. How many people London New Year's Eve they say To hell with this you're going to read this to this year boy it was a terrible year. Have you ever heard anybody say on New Year's Eve? Which this year would never end? Oh Why do we have to go to the New Year guys? Let us just keep this year going it is so beautiful. So wonderful. Elaine learning so much. I want to know even more. You'll have never heard it. You will mostly here it was alright. Some good things but I'm glad the New Year is coming. So what happens is this new year is it the real well you are basing time around seasons. You could have said the new year is in July. But you have created it is January 1 It is 12 months 12 disciples 12 astrological houses, it goes on and on. 12 magic number divide your day into 12. Even your grades go up to 12 grade one to grade 12 There is no grade 13 Is there ellex there is not. Maybe we will talk about 12 Another team. Maybe we'll talk for 12 hours about the number 12. So you have this thing that is no called spiritual debt. Your ascension is marked by a spiritual death. It is not a bad thing because this spiritual death is also the portal to the spiritual birth rebirth. What does this death look like? Actually it is a birth but you'll think it is a death because you don't know what it is. We'll just give you an example. Let us say there's an alien who comes from a planet where they do not give birth. They just appear. It is another planet that is how they are born. They just appear magically when they so they come to earth they make friends with you. They say show us something very beautiful and powerful on this planet. You say I got it for you. You will take the Alien and you go to a hospital to watch him birth. You don't tell the alien Nothing you say I'm going to take you somewhere just come with me and watch. When no one will see us we will watch from we will be invisible no one will see. So you'll go into the birthing room. The alien is watching. They see strong lights. They feel a lot of tension in the air. They look they see worried expressions on the parents faces. Maybe that woman giving birth. They see sharp instruments. They hear the pain They see people rushing around. Everything is kind of hard and cold physically in the room. Then she's in pain. She has to have a C section. So now you're watching them cut her open, the blood comes, they pull open this skin, they take out certain body parts and they put them on the woman's chest. That is what they do in that C section. In order to reach the baby, the baby comes out full of blood and mess look little bit like science fiction movie. Baby they have to even get the baby to cry. Maybe they have to physically give it a little slap or something. Now the baby has a very wild scream. There's blood there is it the intestines everything. And Dalian will turn to you and say this is where you brought me. They are killing this person. What is this creature look like? It come from some dark place. And you would have to say to the alien will no no, no, this is this is the most beautiful thing that happens on earth. What do you think the alien would do? First of all, it would not believe you. It will turn around getting it spaceship and go back to its planet thinking you people are crazy in the understanding that that was violent, but it was not. But all of the signs were that he was violent. Think about all of this stimulation that the alien went through watching a birth in the hospital. So your spiritual debt can look very messy, can scare you can spook you but it is actually a birth. What do you do? How do you allow it to happen? Oh, you're asking a big question. How to allow who wants to allow most people they are resistant to allowing. That is why we own the roller coaster. Yeah, hold on tight. But there are studies have shown that in some car accidents. The kids or somebody who was not wearing in a way that's even the seatbelt they were unaware of the accident was happening so the body was loose. When they brace themselves, the bones broke. They had less damage the ones that were looser.

The year as it starts, you will begin to count down after a while. You're counting up now. January, February, March, April, whoa cannot believe it is made the moment you get to June you will start counting down. You will count up then you count down that is what happens to people as they age too. Especially you get to 50 your accounting up all the way. Then the moment you hit 40 or 50, who used our Golden Dawn the end is coming. You're certainly you will all physically and your incarnation you have a certain number you may say of hours and days. Earlier you in HR is talking about how you spend the years in this lifetime. So where is the deal? If I am with someone I love? It is fine. If I do hold it. Oh, so love is way you do it. What about the people? When you say to them, you always want more? That is true. Think about it. You are designed to want more. Here even when you want less you want more? If you decided you want to get rid of all of your stuff, all of your money walk as a mystic around the world. It is because you want less of this more of debt. What about the people who say Oh, I don't want I don't want to do that either. I don't want anything. I'm fine. I don't want more. Oh, you'll find a way you are you? Would you like to experience that again for the next few minutes? We'll Yeah. So you want more? You cannot avoid it. Life creation is about expansion. Expansion means more. So now you have some questions for us. We're happy to talk to you.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:40
Thank you so much Red Eagle. My first question is that there's there seems to be a lot of violence. There always has been, as far as I can remember. But there seems to be more wars and more conflicts happening overseas in Israel in Ukraine, for example. And there's a lot of suffering happening in the world. Is there any spiritual reason or evolutionary reason, why we are going through the same old conflicts these the same arguments that have been going on for some of them 1000s of years, why is this coming up now?

Riz Mirza 1:05:17
When you understand and when we say understand that means that you, you do not intellectually accept that is different than understanding, realization is different then intellectually accepting something. So, when information is given to somebody, they may intellectually accept it, but it is not the realization, you may tell to a person who has never been in love. What does it mean to be in love? And you describe it because you have been, they may find much of that to be pleasing. What you say to them, you say oh, it is as if you are working on clouds. Oh, that sounds very nice. It is as if you are you are always hungry. But you're always satisfied to, oh, these are two opposite. What do you mean always hungry, always satisfied? Yeah, it is. You're always feeling strong, but always feeling weak too, you'll feel so strong that you have, but you'll feel so weak, you'll feel so vulnerable. You don't know whether to laugh to cry. You want to do everything, and you want to do nothing. All of these things have been when you are in love. Because there is so much of everything. You're beginning to feel your awakening to life, which means your awakening to Self, God realization and self realization, there will always be two sides of the same coin. When you realize God, you will realize yourself, what do we mean by God? We simply mean, first of all, you have to identify what is your God? Your God is debt which rules you from morning to night, which begins to dictate your actions, which is the underlying mood. Not what you put on with your face? What is the underlying mood? That is what compels you? That is what is informing you? So many people say, well, happiness is my God. Well, you would know it. For some people worries their God, though they seem they're not worried they're worrying is going underneath the whole time. So when you switch that, and that will take a lot of powerful work. You're asking a question, When did violence will stop? When will we stop fighting code that is part of the evolution of the planet. When you will stop fighting? What are you fighting over? Everybody have their theory dira powers that control the world? Why do they want to control the world? To feel safe? You're when you feel that? No, it is safe? You're safe. Let us say you believe it is just an elite group of people all around the planet who are scattered, will control all of this. What are they doing it? Because they want to ensure their own safety under police in all of this to say well, we're victims do it. Because the bottom line is hurting of people is wrong. But you see, you also have rules for that. You have rules for hurting people, they hit you, you can hit back. You have decided that amongst yourselves. You have decided that amongst yourselves. You say no, that is a truth. You go to the school they keep hitting you. How many times can you walk away? And say well, that is true. Most people will agree with you. There are a few people maybe on the planet who will not agree they will say does that matter if they kill you? You don't hit back because that is something you don't believe in. So you'll go through the to the school tomorrow. And no matter how many times they hit you, you will let them or you run or don't go to that school anymore. We will take you out put you somewhere else. Some parents do that with bullies, don't they? My kid my kid was getting bullied. So I take him out of school. Put them in another school another parent was there I gave them boxing lessons and nobody wants to bully my kid anymore. So now you're going to run the school with an iron fist. Nobody mess with your kid because now your kid is got the final. The final word. So your kid learns the boxing goes to school beats up the bully and now your kid is the one who is ruling the flow and energy of behavior in the school. You And will they rule justly? Your hope? Do you believe that power corrupts has the capacity to corrupt so now you have to check all the moral character of this new kid who is in the school beat up the other bullies. Now this kid is the new school leader. Still a kid, by the way, has a lot of experience with a knockout punch, but not a lot of experience in other areas. So you say is this planet only about the strong physically strong? Seems to be in the end, who is stronger? Are you talking moral fiber stronger? Or you're talking stronger in the heart? Where are you talking? Now it is always the threat of physical violence. And so that is a big stage of evolution. And that stage of evolution is not a few years, brother. As you can see, you say well did suck. It sucks. We're underplanted at this time, I don't want to be here at this time. Yeah, the earthly version of you does not want to be here at this time. But there is this soul a higher self cosmic version of you the true self that did choose to be here. Now you say I don't know about that. So we'll make of it what you want. We're offering you a way to see it where you will have more room to breathe. You're saying I'm going to stick to this I don't believe I chose to be here. So I'm going to stick it out here we say keep watering those plastic flowers then keep digging where there is no treasure dig all the way through. See if you find it so you're so windy fighting going to stars. We'll just take an example. The countries at war right now, who are at this moment fighting are fighting over a similar thing which groups of people had been fighting for a long time, which is who was here first. Take a group A and group B. They both say oh we're here first. So Group A defeats Group B. Now Group A has ruled and group B has to say will last group A will rule according to their rules and what they believe. So Group A is on the land of their ancestors. They have proof they go back 1000s of yours with the proof All right, it is there's so they live ruling this land. 3000 years goes by one day there is an earthquake. Fuel mountains crumble if you caves open up the ground opens up and out of there come the cavemen wall cavemen are real. Yo, let us imagine the cavemen come from up out of the ground and say, Hey, who are you guys? They said What do you mean? Where are we where 1000s of years here? They say oh, we've been here 1 million years. You'll go back how long? They say well, at least 20,000 years that nothing. We've been here 1 million years under this ground? Hey, get the hell out of our land. You can see we are a caveman can do. The scientists of Group A who have been living there for a few 1000 years. With all the ancestors say well let us do some genetic testing on you. Oh, yeah, you are from there 1 million years ago, they say your data right? We told you. Now. Let us get back to it. Get out. This is our land, clearly as the evidence has shown. So since you took the lead from those people, because you believe in that philosophy of what right? What is right is right. So now you'll go because we're proving to you Oh, we were here first. So if you believe in that philosophy, you will go What are the chances of this group of people who have been living there for 20,000 years of going they would be left in a conundrum a philosophical battle with themselves. First they will have to think oh effect can we kill these guys? The cavemen? Are they pretty powerful? Looks like we cannot. Huh? So now the caveman takeover

Great. 20,000 years go by cavemen very happy one day out of the sky. If your beautiful neon lights come down in land it is the aliens. They land in the cave man's land, they say hello, who are you? They say What do you mean? Who are we have been here 3 million years. They say Oh, that is nothing we've been here 6 trillion we made you. We made this planet. Let us show it to you. Cavemen showed them the hologram. So the aliens showed the hologram of how the whole planet they made it 3 trillion years ago, and how they made the cavemen to they show them in the hologram. They say here's our evidence. And since you got this land with evidence that you're here first, here's ours. So know your goal. Cavemen would know they would be left with the philosophical conundrum. What do you think they will do? Aliens are clearly physically more powerful as you have said they are licks now they would have to live and it goes on in on this way. Need to be people who say indigenous people you say ready to go you're indigenous. I have been many, many lifetimes. I like to come is ready to go in this channeling. I had been many as you have been. But this is true. You are all indigenous to the earth. It is not about your skin color, your black, white, brown Ray and everything in between. indigenous to the earth. There was always somebody here before you and you don't even know who was here 1 million years ago longer than you what will you do? That is why we give you this example. Your only solution is not to indulge in debt. It will stop eventually, you will tire yourselves out even if all the young people decide we're not going to go to war, no more armies. They will develop technology of the robot armies. Of course they will. They will take it all the way. So if all the young people in the world said we're not going to fight, what do you think will happen then? You think they're going to just admit to debt and have peace? No. They will develop technology to fight the worst for them. And then it has to rebirth. You say but the Atlantic will be destroyed. Maybe not. Maybe not. Take a very deep breath everybody. We're talking a lot of things. If you're taking them in, you should feel something in you. Because you're deciding right now for yourself. Or you're going to live from money channeling you're going to watch before you hug your friend your loved ones nice to a stranger. How many times before you call your mother or father tell them you love them? Or if they're on the other side to receive them energetically? How many chitterlings you're going to watch maybe you need to see a lot may you have the information always at your fingertips. What if the guides into Chandler is no longer talked about these things? What if it was no longer about healing? Oh, where the conversations would go then. It is not about saving the planet not about saving your soul not about trying to rebirth yourself What if those were not the topics you think those are the only topics the spirit guides come because that is what you need. If we come here and we talk to you about the magic, you will only be entertained. Some of you will get it most will be entertained or not. If you say what is the secret of life and we say just for you to surrender to love you say anything else? Yeah, enjoy it. Yeah, anything else? What about my parents? You chose them? Use it for you? Whether it was bad or good use it for you. Oh, anything else? Which what is my purpose? Your purpose is to have fun to celebrate and to love anything else? You're taking care of your buddy. Eat natural things. Don't overdo it. Your gold is teaching so you need 10 10,000 ways to tell everybody else in the scope in the time of this podcast that you are watching how many books have been written around the world probably 1000s. They are all going to teach you how to come back to the universal basic teachings in a new way. What do you want to do is

Alex Ferrari 1:20:27
I wanted to ask where you see humanity's future in 2024?

Riz Mirza 1:20:27
We want to talk to you about this AI what you call artificial intelligence. When people are afraid of it, they say we can duplicate this right now we can take AI and make Aleksei anything make Red Eagle say anything makers say anything make rather than say anything quick and recreate the moment you have tools of creation. Remember, they are tools that can be used for creation and use for destruction you have hammer it will build a house break a house. So this idea of weaponizing things you say this person has weaponized their sexuality, you'll see it all the time who say they are weaponizing it they are weaponizing that it is a very popular term being used. So you are going to weaponize it technology to what have you as the AI? Hey, AI, how do we prevent AI from taking over? Maybe they will give you a good answer. You say wow, that was good answer. Now this comes back to the idea of what is real.

You enrich discussing earlier. What about the people who don't believe something is real? You don't have to worry about them. So you're watching a video? Is the artificial ellex artificial or enable real? Do you like it? I don't know. First I have to know if it is real. First I have to know if it is real before I decide if I like it really when you meditate, and your entire nervous system changes you meditate that you're at the beach, and your entire nervous system changes your brainwaves change into a more sympathetic state parasympathetic is all evening out. So you will begin to relax over something fake because you're imagining being at the beach, but it has a real effect on you. They are measuring the body the nervous system is cooling down their brainwaves are balancing out by your thoughts, your reactions actually. Your reality is about your reactions, not just your thoughts, your thoughts can be anything it is your reaction to those thoughts, the thoughts themselves having an emotional frequency based on how you're thinking about something past present or future. So, AI, you say it has no feeling it will mimic feeling you will teach it to it will gather enough information, it will only gather information that you have given enough source material you say but AI is writing stories, it has an imagination, yeah. Now, you have to get into an interesting concept what is imagination, you say but the AI made the whole new story using data and references of other stories. So do you but they have something else they have imagination for you. So, you have a connection to somewhere you don't know exactly where it is you like to call it universe and source and from that you are downloading your inspirations. Downloading means that it is coming from another source that is a repository of information perhaps you see where we are going you can keep going this way that there is always a bigger source always a bigger source always a bigger source. But that will not feed you see because inside the view you have a passion. You have an inclination to real magic and energy this is stirring of feeling inside of you that nobody can take away from you. You sense it? It is like when you hug your person, you smell them. You bring their essence into your lungs. It is very different. And this is not lost on us as humans. Don't worry about that. You're not going to let To the a dictator relief it will challenge you to reaffirm your humaneness, your soulfulness, the AI does not have a soul, it is a set of coding and instructions, that is just naturally advanced. And you will mistake that for intuitive thinking. It is not. And it does not need to be. It is just simply showing you more and more your understanding of how creation works, that that which you will create, recreates you what does that mean parents know it, you may say in a sense that they create the child right? For all intents and purposes, they created the child, well, then the child turns around with ideas and perspectives and affects you makes the parent have to change recreate the parent. What if the child has a an orientation socially, that the parent would never have agreed with before but when their child has that orientation, they begin to change. So your creations recreate you for the reflections. And if you have a surrender to learning, then everything becomes very interesting in every moment. So what is happening in 24, let us talk about a few topics besides the AI, it is going to offer you a very good starting point solutions to some of your medical problems. We do see some you we want to give you specific areas Elyx to your where we see advancement, it is beyond entertainment. Because in the field of entertainment, you will have many wonderful things happen, they will bring an actor's back to life. And if you have the talented writers who care and you have the talented directors who care and designers who care, you will bring some of your most legendary favorite loved actors back to create new movies, how wonderful, it will bring you a feeling of joy and laughter to that is an entertainment. Now let's just talk about medical. In the areas of certain two different afflictions that we see one is of the Alzheimer's, we see a great deal of not only for this year, but into the next two years, you're discovering a way to halt this. And that is going to be halted because of the what we're going to call two things. They are calling it gene therapy that we're going to call it. And we see this advancing very, very strongly in this coming year. Because it is we don't see it as much for the cancer. But in the ears of the Alzheimer's also in the diabetic people. This is going to be more advanced. Now. We're talking to you about secondary a million different afflictions. But these are two areas where you will see in 24 also want to talk about the physical health of the planet. We do see a few species being discovered that you thought were extinct. Coming back we see that happening, it will be interesting to you. Not to the great significance, but it will keep your interest in the planet is evolving. Animals are becoming more conscious on the human level and interaction. You're seeing more and more, maybe you'll go on internet, you will see videos, the animal suddenly seems to be acting more human having expressions on their faces more than they ever did, understanding what is being said to them. The reason for this, you understand what we're saying Alex had do. You can look on your internet and find these very fascinating videos of behavior of animals becoming more conscious of humans, and how to communicate with them. Asking for help to help another animal. So what they are doing is they're realizing that many humans trust them as kind of a safe space to be. I don't trust humans, I trust animals. They are becoming aware of this. Humans are babying their animals more, aren't they more than ever taking care of them, their family members, they're your children, they are your siblings. They are your watchers. They can feel this energy all the time. They feel the consciousness of the people. So what this is doing is giving them permission that allowing them to have some more behaviors that speak more in a human way to you. They're not going to talk English Don't worry. Some people will like that. What is happening is that these ideas that you're going to be able to communicate beyond The normal what you call the normal the use two things is going to expand very powerfully where it will be very important is in when you think about human beings you have a gestation period in the body. When you think about anything being created unborn there is a gestation period. So when we giving you this messages we are seeing this gestation period you're getting to the birth soon we're opening the oven and said the cake almost ready with these conditions they're going to be soon the thing of the past it has been a long time coming for you have only learned how to manage illnesses, you have not really cured any nor reversed a lot. It has mostly been managing them if you have breakthroughs, but mostly leaving with something not to be free of it completely. But you're getting there. The AI is connected to this

Alex Ferrari 1:30:56
Red Eagle I appreciate your time. And thank you for the wise words. And this session. I hope it really does help people listening so I appreciate you my friend. Thank you.

Riz Mirza 1:31:06
Bless you!

Alex Ferrari 1:31:09
How are you my friend?

Riz Mirza 1:31:10
I'm never gets old doing.

Alex Ferrari 1:31:16
For people for people watching. Do you? Do you remember or don't remember what

Riz Mirza 1:31:21
At the very end I start is almost like, I went to the store to get something and I'm I'm out at the door. Now towards the end of the conversation. I can kind of hear things. I heard a couple of things. Like I heard a couple of the medical things at the end. But the first three quarters I don't remember. I literally oops, sorry about that. I literally watch it. Can you see me? Yeah. Okay. I literally watch it when you guys watch it. So

Alex Ferrari 1:31:47
It's been a treat for you.

Riz Mirza 1:31:49
It'll be a treat for me. So I'm refreshed. I feel good. I'm so happy, happy New Year, Alex and everybody watching. Love all the work that you do. And seeing all the amazing souls come through on this channel.

Alex Ferrari 1:31:59
I appreciate you my friend. No, that was a pretty intense conversation, to say the least. I think it's going to open up some eyes for people listening. Before we go, I want to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Riz Mirza 1:32:18
I want to really say a personal answer for me. And hopefully that will mean something for you. a fulfilled life for me is the feeling day to day where I'm not always preparing for the next thing that I'm doing and thinking about it. And I'm not constantly in the middle of changing channels. And thinking about it. And constantly preparing for the next thing, even if it's the most fun thing. It's these moments of fulfilled life is where I'm really having those moments where I don't feel compelled to do anything. And I'm not sad. And I'm not disappointed. I'm really just feeling I'm here. And I'm just generally pleased. It's those moments where I go. What if I didn't get everything that I had on my list? Is happiness mine or not? And just me asking that question. Automatically. There's something inside of me that goes yeah, I can be I am actually I actually am it goes from I can be took no I am. I'm good. I'm good. This is fine. It takes it's those moments because in the end when all of your list is done, you're still gonna say I'm good. And I go right because even when all you get all those things on your list how long does that happiness and peace last? Before you start thinking how long can I hold on to all this stuff that I just checked off my list? I got everything. How long can I keep it now? It's like this little window in between. I got it all everything got checked. off the list. Okay, breathe. Ah, okay, slowly now. Okay, now you got to start to worry about how to maintain it, how to keep it. Make sure nobody takes it from you. Don't do that, guys. Don't do that guys.

Alex Ferrari 1:34:09
Now, if you had a chance to go back in time and speak to little Riz. What advice would you give them?

Riz Mirza 1:34:15
I would say don't try so hard. That's the that's the thing. Because you're trying to balance between the part of me like just for myself. I don't know if my astrological sign or what or how I grew up, but it was certainly I felt like I always had a lot of firepower in me. And that was there. But then there's that little extra that you sometimes do to be accepted. And so whether it was different things I grew up in a in a most dangerous part of New York and I grew up with racism and all this sort of stuff that I grew up with. You kind of sometimes overcompensate you and you then you have to figure out where's the that fool me? Versus that was a little too extra.

Alex Ferrari 1:35:01
Fair enough. Fair enough. How do you define God or source?

Riz Mirza 1:35:07
I would say, I am saying it's laughter to me actually, it's when I feel God the most. Because that's really when I feel it the most. It's, I think that the highest vibration is not peace on earth. I think the highest vibration on Earth is celebration. And laughter is part of that. So if Would I rather have 7 billion people meditating or salad 7 billion people celebrating together? Absolutely. I choose 7 billion people celebrating together.

Alex Ferrari 1:35:45
What is love?

Riz Mirza 1:35:47
When you surrender in every area, that's when you feel it. And at the same time, it's the thing that makes you surrender to it. And so I think that love is actually the only emotion that exists. Because you are love coming in to this reality. And anytime anything happens, that interrupts that flow of love, we call that an emotion, sadness, fear, anger. Those aren't emotions. Those are simply levels of you pinching off what you are, which is love. You pinch yourself off this much it stagnation or confusion, you pinch yourself off even more. And it starts to become sadness and anger, eventually, some sort of frustration that ruins you and depression. So I don't believe that those things are our emotions. I believe there's only one emotion I believe, that's love.

Alex Ferrari 1:36:34
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Riz Mirza 1:36:37
Celebration! All right, so that one of the third question.

Alex Ferrari 1:36:42
Very, very good. And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Riz Mirza 1:36:47 Follow me on instagram psychic Riz the Wiz and my wife and I have a psychic Sunday's live broadcasts we do on YouTube, We give live readings. And so you come and say hello to us there.

Alex Ferrari 1:36:59
And do you have a party message for the audience?

Riz Mirza 1:37:03
I do. And that is all older people listen to younger people. And younger people listen to older people. You all have something of value to say

Alex Ferrari 1:37:15
Riz it's a pleasure and an honor talking to you my friend. It was such a joy. Thank you again for everything you do in the world. And I appreciate this conversation, man. Thank you.

Riz Mirza 1:37:26
Same here, be well.

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