Channeler Predicts CRITICAL Change for Humanity’s FATE in the COMING DECADE! with Cindy Edison

Cindy Edison serves as the conduit for Josef’s communication and has maintained a connection with them for numerous years. Her awareness of Josef gradually developed as they allowed her to broaden her consciousness to encompass their presence. Through this expansion, she became primed to convey their significant message to the world during this pivotal period of Earth’s vibrational transition.

Cindy’s interaction with The Collective commenced in 2009 while she was drafting a magazine article; their dialogue spontaneously began. After nine pages, it became apparent to her that they intended for her to convey a message, although she remained unaware of their identity and the content of the message. In 2016, The Collective guided Cindy to Esther and Abraham, dominating her daily experience for months—immersed in their literature, attending workshops, and more. By early 2017, they disclosed their identity as Abraham and indicated that the message they would impart resided within Abraham’s expanding consciousness. Consequently, Cindy believed she would be among those entrusted to perpetuate their message following Esther’s retirement.

Please enjoy my conversation with Cindy Edison.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 424

Cindy Edison 0:00
You can look at this eclipse as any universal movement. As wonderful as your science is. It hasn't been touched on what is valuable for your understanding, especially about things like this that happened in your, in your consciousness. But there is so much more. So we say that this is light coming in, this is opportunity for change.

Alex Ferrari 0:34
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion Cindy Edison, How you doing Cindy?

Cindy Edison 0:39
I'm good. How are you Alex?

Alex Ferrari 0:41
I'm good. Thank you so much for coming back on the show. Last time we spoke. You know, the audience really loved having you and Josef.

Cindy Edison 0:49
They get it your audience?

Alex Ferrari 0:51
Yes. Yeah. I mean, last time you were on a couple of couple things happened in your life after the episode aired, right?

Cindy Edison 0:58
Yeah. Yeah, blew up.

Alex Ferrari 1:04
Everything blew up?

Cindy Edison 1:05
It really blew up. And I'll tell you, the most exciting part for me was reading the comments and how your audience, you know, we are teachers of teachers with all this new stuff. The way we teach it, and in the beginning, people weren't getting it, you know, they just weren't getting it, couldn't grasp it. But your audience gets it. They're doing it. You know, I mean, I see these people. I'm so glad that she said that, because that's how I channeled to or that's what I went through to or you know, didn't want to say anything. You know, so yay, bravo.

Alex Ferrari 1:48
My audience is pretty amazing. Yeah, my audience is pretty amazing. And I keep hearing it again, and again, from my, my guests about when they interact my audience and like, it's, it's not like any other audience they've ever interacted with before. So it makes me happy. It really makes me happy that way. So. So I want I wanted to bring you back on the show, because it's been a while since last time you were on the show. So there's a few things have changed in the world. Certainly. Since last time we spoke. So first, I wanted it because there's a lot of there's a lot of fear in the world as a general statement. But there seems to be a ramping up a fear around what's going to happen. Where are we going? What do you see, from your from Josef said, and but hold on before we continue, we have to tell everybody, because you and I both know what you do. Can you explain to people who've never might not have seen the first episode, what you do, and when we speak of Josef, who Josef is?

Cindy Edison 2:47
Yeah, Josef is a collective consciousness of teachers. And they are the evolved conscious vibration of the Seth and Abraham collectives. So, you know, as a consciousness as more focus on the message, in this case of Seth, and then Abraham, you can see how the audiences have just grown exponentially, they're just you know, so the, obviously, that consciousness is expanding within the human collective awareness. And as that happens, you know, are wanting more comes in and so this is part of our evolution as the human aspect. So they are teaching from this consciousness and we focus on the journey to the new earth. And the, you know, we kind of talked about a little bit about our journey through the third dimension and how we're kind of walking out of it, you know, we say we're choosing our way out of it, as we move into the next dimension of experience. So, our whole shtick is that you know, we are all about and we we we example I was by off when I say it's a it, we example, the blending of the vibration of the soul and the physical aspect. So it's not it's it's a channeling in that when I am speaking to you or to clients or anybody they are I am focused solely on the soul vibration of me which makes them dominant them makes the collective me dominant my soul and all its aspects of which I am one. So this is our next step in human evolution where we are actually up to this point, the human ever since we dove into the third dimension, the first time we ever got here in order to expand the universe, you know, span the soul. By focusing on love, we come in, we don't know who we are. We have no idea which is the point so we can discover more of who we are. as we journey through the third dimension, we call it that everybody we got to label everything right. So we dive in and through lifetime after lifetime we leave we come back we leave come back and every time we come back we have expanded this aspect of physical aspect of the soul more so. So here we are now, at 5050 dominant in the contrast, obviously, you can look outside and see, which is why a reason such fear now, you know, the more you look at it, the more it expands in your awareness and you participate, and then you live a life of fear, we are moving out of that, and this must be a conscious choosing. Up to this point, we didn't understand the choosing of experiences by looking at everything from a vibrational perspective, you know, universal law stuff, universal truth, we call it. So now up to this point, we have been dominantly, creating not only our unique individual physical experience, from the contrast, so I relationships don't, you know, it's a family remember, that's how all relationships are we have all these sayings, you know, so all relationships are, they're just hard. This is hard, this is hard. And it's just not that way. But that's what our dominant Creative Forces. So then we come in, and we say, well, in order to move out of the contrast, you must shift your perspective, which means shifting your perspective to the perspective of the next consciousness, realm of consciousness that we're moving into, which has a different experience offers a different experience. And when you become dominant, when you consciously choose to shift your dominant creative force, from the contrast to that of your soul, then you're at 51%. And then you're attracting law of attraction, you're attracting from that vibration, which is love, and peace and joy. And the more you focus on that you gain momentum, and that becomes your dominant creative force. And you're creating from so all that to say that Joseph is the soul of me. And when I am focused on them, I'm in alignment. And so it is the collective that speaking the soul is speaking.

Alex Ferrari 7:23
So and when you say that you're connecting to Josef in this collective you're channeling to so everyone's clear, I want to make sure

Cindy Edison 7:30
Well, that's what Yes, that's what it's yeah, we'll have a new name for that, though, because it's got a lot of stigma, you know, this channeling if it's not, if it doesn't look the same way on everybody, you know, they go, Well, I must not be doing it. And you see people coming out of the woodwork saying, that's how I do it, too. I hear things too. I thought I was weird. You're not. You're ever Yes, everybody's doing it.

Alex Ferrari 7:52
So when you're doing your process of talking to, or communicating with this collective, you're not a trance channel, you are actually just asking the question and just coming in on you 24/7 essentially,

Cindy Edison 8:03
Well, yes, they, four or five months ago, they started saying we want to be more involved in your day to day focus. When you're living in your third dimensional life, this is how we get to the fourth dimension, by the way, which is why they're teaching me we want to be involved, you know, focus on us, when you have to make a decision, you know, get an alignment and make a decision. That way you path you create these pathways to the experiences that we have here. So you create your reality you know, you're creating experiences all the time. And the experiences come from the foundation of vibration, that you're focused on that you're dominant and at the time so when you're dominantly creating from your soul vibration, you can only experience what that vibration offers, which is love and peace and joy and excitement and passion and all that good stuff. It cannot manifest and out of alignment experience. can't create fear from love. Nor can you create love from fear to different vibrations, no agreement

Alex Ferrari 9:16
You know, when you say vibration or another word frequency, if it'd be the same thing. That's why low vibration or low frequency cannot cannot coexist with the high frequency they just don't. It's physics. They literally won't be able to deal with it. I always joke that that's why you will see a lot of Yogi's getting mugged

Cindy Edison 9:45
It's absolutely right, no vibrational agreement, you can experience a vibration that you're not a match to.

Alex Ferrari 9:51
Exactly and that's the goal is to raise your frequency as much as you possibly can to reach the frequency. Have the ascended masters to go to a to a higher place where you're almost beyond at such a high level that some of these Yogi's and some of these masters, when you walked in the room, or if you walked within 100 feet of them, you were completely intoxicated by their vibration or their frequency. Yeah, it's it's pretty, it's a pretty magical thing. But we're all going to and we're all capable of and that's what Jesus did

Cindy Edison 10:24
And that's all the time.

Alex Ferrari 10:26
Yeah. Yeah, we were all capable of reaching the heights of these masters. It's just our choice on how to get there.

Cindy Edison 10:34
Yeah. And those are called master because they mastered they mastered the dimension. Right? Well, Joseph says, when you can be see, we take these steps. So so far, the human make this really quick, so far, the human aspect, the physical aspect has been creating ever since I got here. dominantly from its contrasting side, which is why we have chaos, and war and famine and abuse. And you know, those are out of alignment manifestations from creating from the contrast, when you shift. So when you get to the 5149, now, you're now you're dominantly creating from love. We call it the downhill on the roller coaster, you know, it's all downhill from there. Because once you experience it, you know, on a consistent level, why would you ever choose anything else?

Alex Ferrari 11:30
Right, exactly. Yeah, no, you're absolutely right. You're absolutely right. Now, with everything that's happening in the world today, do you see any signal? Or does Josef see and make significant changes happening for humanity in this year?

Cindy Edison 11:46
There are significant changes happening daily now. And certain, there are pockets of information that are coming through and depending on what you're focused on is the experience you will have. This is the what's happening in the earth plane is the choosing, the experience that the human collective is creating dominantly from the contrast, if you choose to focus there is what is stirring everything up. But the shift in consciousness that is a natural progression, you have shifted consciousness, consciousnesses, many, many, many unlimited times and your experience as an aspect. So you have to keep in mind that the more contrast that is being exposed, there is a, we've heard it, we've said it actually that in your third dimensional world, we would call it a now evolved war, a cyber war, which is this space you have taken yourself to most of it very, very good and some not so good in your language, we see it as the contrast and we see that the human collective is creating more and more however, there is always balance. So as the shift is happening, this is why we say that this next step for humanity is a conscious choosing. It must be a conscious choosing, you're stepping into a realm that offers a different physical experience. Now, when we say that you must understand too, that our our message is based on universal truth. And as you know, and as we've been talking, that it is a vibrational foundation where everything is created and manifested through vibrational agreement. You must keep that in mind when you are talking about and thinking about and participating in and acting upon your goings on in your world.

Alex Ferrari 14:06
When you're talking right now you're talking a lot of we. So Josef is talking through you at the moment. This is not you talking correct?

Cindy Edison 14:13
Yeah. Yeah, it's all of us. Me being the mouthpiece. Right, exactly. It's holding me back, you know, I wanted to be a little a little more, you know, they hold me let me get away with it. But they're funny, they're funny or so. Okay. So what let us just say this to you that we will give you the pathway out of this. This puzzle that you are creating. We some people say what does it look like from your point of view and I? And I say from the eyes of Joseph, it looks like a traffic jam. It just looks like a big traffic jam. That's what I feel. That's what I feel. When I see that can't describe it any other way, it feels like a big traffic jam, the only way out is to choose love, the only way out is to choose a different vibration from which to create. And that starts on an individual level. But as Abraham, you know, has been teaching for many, many years seriously. Wondering alignment is more powerful than a million who aren't because at that one an alignment is creating from the space of love the space of the soul, the God consciousness, the Christ consciousness, there's nothing more powerful than that. So the only way that you move from this space, and you certainly don't have to, you're not going anywhere. You certainly don't have to, it's a choosing. But you must, you must choose to focus on love more than fear. That's how you get into alignment, first of all, but you must choose it in every moment. And soon you will be a collective that lives it.

Alex Ferrari 16:07
Now, as of this recording, the April 8, Eclipse is coming down the street down the time, what is the global impact to spirit to the to the global spiritual energy, the impact of global spiritual energy that that Eclipse is going to do? What what is it? Because people are afraid of it? Of course, because, you know, obviously the aliens are coming, you know, in the comments coming to destroy us, obviously, any day now the dinosaurs will be back, but he's the mess. Yes, exactly. So what what effect is this going to have on the collective as far as our consciousness is concerned, and just spiritual energy on the planet in general?

Cindy Edison 16:48
We're gonna say it again, we're gonna say it again. It's we like in this too, because we've gotten this question, but we liken this to the generality and collective belief and Mercury Retrograde where people say get under the covers and hide and, and so this is, you know, we we kind of chuckle at that, but this eclipse is no different than any other Eclipse some you've experienced, some you have no idea of, but we it is part of the shift that is part of the universal movement and it offers a new experience it offers a choice it offers a choice, there is not darkness being poured into your realm of consciousness there is what you refer to as darkness, but we see as contrast it is a choosing space. And if you see it as such, then you will understand to choose your way out. So you can look at this eclipse as as any universal movement and how as wonderful as your science is it hasn't been touched on what is available for your understanding, especially about things like this that happened in your in your consciousness. But there is so much more so we say that this is light coming in this is opportunity for change. This is opportunity for I don't know about you Alex, but I am just buzzing right now can you feel that? Wow. That's so cool. Sorry. So, we would we would tell you to move into this space, not unlike any advice we would ever get move into the space of light that is available that as is pouring in picture it like a picture of a pitcher is just coming in, you can step in the middle of it, you will experience as you do Anthony universal shift, you will experience this eclipse as either an ending or out of alignment opportunity. And if you choose the in alignment position, you will expand your aspect which is the point of you being here. You will be consciously choosing to expand this physical aspect that is you. Or you can jump in your bed and pull the covers over your head and wait for it to pass and increase. Expand the fear quotient by choosing

Alex Ferrari 19:40
Will the will the Eclipse influence individuals challenges or personal growth as they're going through life?

Cindy Edison 19:47
The same answer. Yeah, it's the same answer. It's always the same answer because it's a vibrational movement. Your universe moves by vibration. You cannot have a manifestation mission without vibrational agreement. So if you go into this believing that you will, something's going to happen, some big exploit whatever it is, some big catastrophe is going to happen somewhere, either in your personal life or globally, country, whatever, you will experience the fear of that, which means that you are choosing, you are choosing and creating a pathway toward an experience when you focus on it, so if somebody says to you, Alex, this, this thing is going to be really bad, it's going to be really bad. You know, there's gonna, they're predicting all these outages, and people are gonna go crazy and all this stuff. Same thing happened. And remember, when I flipped over

Alex Ferrari 20:51
Y2k, 2012, 1984, it's constant.

Cindy Edison 20:59
Fear, right? Only manifestations of fear. So it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what's going on. Were you as an individual, unique, physical aspect of your unique soul doesn't matter what's going on around you, you get to choose your experience of it. And if you have the perspective of your soul, which is the shifting of your dominant creative vibration, right into alignment, if you're focused on that, if you're focused on only alignment, on focusing on being in alignment, and you're still in the third dimension, so you're not going to be in alignment all the time. It's what tethers you to this realm of consciousness, but the more you focus on that, that's your eternal souls pathway. And all your stuff is there, you know, the experiences that you want to have to expand, you know, their event, your eternal path is event driven, all about understanding who you are, and then living it, you know, those aha moments,

Alex Ferrari 22:09
So many of us are going through, you know, adverse times in our own lives because of the things you're talking about, about focusing on the fear about focusing on on the negative, if you will, what lessons can people learn about through these adversities? Because I don't know about you. I've learned the most out of the negative things that have happened in my life, whether I liked it or not, as it was happening to me as irrelevant. Looking back on it you like thank God that happened? So what lessons can people learn from these adverse are dealing with this kind of stuff on a daily basis?

Cindy Edison 22:47
Yeah. And it's getting it seems to be if you look at it from that perspective, it's getting worse every day. You know, it's always something every time you turn around, it's something else. And I get this question a lot. It's a vibrational shift. I don't know how else to say it. And I know it sounds so repetitive. But when you can shift your perspective about what fear is, and how it creates and what it creates, and how to recognize that you are creating from it. For contrast, for the contrast, once you understand it from a vibrational perspective, from the perspective of your soul, it removes the fear, it removes the judgment. So when you have a thought, when you have a thought about something, so pick something politics, I don't wanna talk about politics, I just want to pick it so crazy, right? It's crazy everywhere. It's crazy. And it's very divided. So depending on what side you're on what you've chosen to focus on, if you if that if that focus evokes fear in you, what's going to happen, are we going to be okay? Or you know, oh my god, the price is gonna go through the roof, whatever it is, you are creating a pathway in that contrast to experience that vibration that you're choosing to focus on. So, that is the shift from calling things fear and love to in and out of alignment. The first indication that everyone has that we have vibrational communication again, from the aspects of you is your emotional response. And if your first emotion about a situation, circumstance, whatever news whatever you see, is fear is anger is jealousy. is loneliness of sadness, heartache, all those that go with the contrast. Right? The contrast is the vibrational agreement. For that focus you have, so of course, you're going to create an out of alignment experience from it. War, ultimately, collective grouping, you know, so if you feel an out of alignment, emotion, which is out of alignment with who you really are, that is your first indication that you're dominantly creating, from the contrasting side of you, the physical vibration of you, not the non physical vibration of you, who is your soul. So it's that that point that you say, wait a minute, I don't have to choose this. I don't have to create a fearful experience for myself. I'm going to choose something else. I'm going to choose love. Now, that's kind of difficult. We're talking about politics, but you can I have done it, you can do it. And that's when you begin to change.

Alex Ferrari 26:00
Let me ask you, because a lot I get this question all the time. What is why did bad things happen to good people? We all you know, when we see it in a movie, or we see it in a TV show, it gets us upset. When we see it in our own lives. It really irks us. What What role does karma have, when these challenges fate are faced by good people, because it's, it seems like, Ah, it's not fair, that this happened to that person, she's never heard of a fly in her life kind of thing. I'd love to hear Josef's perspective on that.

Cindy Edison 26:35
Well, you know, our perspective of what karma is, of course, is very different from what is kind of generally believed in the contrast. And that is that, again, you're the physical vibration of you, you have been collecting through every single lifetime that you have experienced in the third dimension. When you kick off, the only thing you take with you is Love is the the loving vibration that you have experienced here. However, many times it doesn't matter, you have expanded through love. And so when you die, you take that love with you. It's the only thing that's in vibrational agreement with your soul, the only thing that can go with you, right, and that physical vibration of you lies dormant on that vibrational timeline until your soul refocuses and we stand up and we say, Okay, we're ready to go again. So then that's when the next level of expansion happens for the physical vibration. But you are evidence I am evidence every human who's on the planet right now is evidence that their physical vibration is still dominant in the contrast. So that means that every experience you've had every understanding that you ever had coming up through the ranks 1000s of years here, evolving, and learning new things, new teachings, new parents, new beliefs, new everything, as they have you been involves those things evolve, right? And you carry that in your physical vibrational makeup. So when that's what we say, karma, that's how we describe what karma is. It's not it's not a punishment, because there is no judgment. From our perspective, there's no punishing, there's never anything wrong, there's only vibrational agreement. That's all there ever is. So, you know, good people, there's no bad person, there's just in and out of alignment experiences. And so the fact that that good guy is here in the third dimension, is evidence that he has an out of alignment, vibration, of course he does, he's here, he's in the contrast, which means part of his vibration is still in alignment with the contrast, or you wouldn't be here. You cannot, you cannot be here and be in the fifth dimension at the same time. There's no contrast there.

Alex Ferrari 29:08
That's why we come down here is to experience contrast to experience

Cindy Edison 29:12
To experience and understand that you can choose it's a choosing place.

Alex Ferrari 29:19
So the way you're presenting karma I understand completely what you're saying is that it's not a punishment, like so many people say but from my understanding of karma, from my research and people I've spoken to on the show is that it's correct you're the you are correct, that there is not a punishment, but you choose when you come back into a life to work out that vibration that is stuck here, like you're saying that is aligned with this, this physical vibration, to overcome it, to overcome it and to finally choose out of that vibration, but you have to kind of go through through the contrast, does that make sense?

Cindy Edison 30:03
Well, you know, some people say, You're cracks me up. Some people say your your soul plans out these bad experiences for you. That's impossible. That is impossible. Your soul cannot create an out of alignment experience nor would it it's pure love, which is why we come equipped with our ego aspect, who is also pure love. The ego is the balance the universal balance to the soul and the third dimension. The soul provides us communication, vibrational communication, that results in those first indications remember, we talked about emotions, when you see something and it evokes in you and immediate love. Joy. Authentic, you know, just beautiful excitement. That's your soul communicating with you. Yes, yes, yes, that's alignment. But when we but we are the choosers when we choose to focus on, you know, an out of alignment situation and get all mad and pissed off and stuff. Our ego steps in and says okay, if you're gonna continue to focus there, Cindy unique human aspect, freewill and free choice. This is the emotion that that focus manifests, and it's not good. So turn around, make a U turn. The ego provides the what is referred to as negative emotion. It's out of alignment emotion, because the soul cannot compute. How would we know when we're out of alignment? We have we come fully equipped with all this stuff. So the ego loves us. So the ego warning signs warning warning, you're out of alignment, go back, go back. And that's that negative emotion that we feel that's communication with the aspects of us.

Alex Ferrari 31:53
Okay, fair enough. You said something a few minutes ago, you said timeline in this timeline. That is something that has been talked about as being talked about more and more every day, parallel realities, the multiverse? How we spin off multiple timelines in a lifetime. To kind of work out like, Should I marry Cindy? Should I not marry Cindy? Should I work with Alec? Should I not work with Alex? And and we kind of play those out to see what actually would happen in those scenarios. I'd love to hear your point of view on parallel realities in the multiverse.

Cindy Edison 32:33
Well, what do you think we're gonna say? It's all about vibration.

Alex Ferrari 32:36
It's all about, it's all about vibration. But can you explain? Can you explain the concept of because it's really hard for our little brains to understand

Cindy Edison 32:48
Current limited or current limited understanding?

Alex Ferrari 32:51
Yeah, correct. The, the idea of parallel realities, multiverse, and even if you want to go even deeper that all our lives are happening at the same time, there is no past there is no future because that is a human construct. I love to hear if you can explain it in a way that our limited minds can understand it.

Cindy Edison 33:12
Think of a ball Yes, we would say that, of course. Everything is happening now. Only because what do you think we're gonna say? Because everything is vibrational and and the energy is moving all the time, all the time. All the time. You're old enough. You remember the pinball machines, right? Remember a pinball machine. So, you know, if you shoot the ball off, and it's all cockeyed, it's bouncing off all these bumpers, but it's going really fast, bouncing off the sides and all these bumpers in the middle. That's what we refer to as a vulnerable vibration. You're you're creating every time you bounce on something, but you don't know where you are, then you shoot it straight and it goes straight down in alignment. So if you think about the universe is always expanding, which and there's unlimited vibrations in the universe, right? And in order to manifest you must have vibrational agreement and vibrational agreement happens now. It happens in every single moment. So there's no way to simply put any of that that anybody would understand to the degree that it would be as simple as it really is.

Alex Ferrari 34:34
It make that makes sense.

Cindy Edison 34:35
If you think again, when it doesn't make sense to you, but if you think about it from a vibrational perspective, there is only intention, right focus, vibrational agreement and experience. That's our process. That's the process of creating.

Alex Ferrari 34:54
So then, what advice so what advice would you give someone who is having a difficult time feeling overwhelmed by the negative things that are happening in the world right now. Because there's a lot of negative things happening in the world and a lot of people who are choosing to connect with those feelings, especially as the news, and the news is not helping. So what would you what advice would you give them?

Cindy Edison 35:19
Three words, turn it off, turn it off, turn it off. You have to in order to, again, the only way to change your experience is to choose a different vibrational component from which to create. It's the only it's the only way to change your experience. And it's not changing it that's already created. Abraham calls it it's old news. Manifestation is old news. Right? It's already done. That's the vibrational agreement, here's the experience have at it. So you have to shift your perspective, you have to when people say to us all the time, it's too hard, I can't do it too hard. And we say you don't have to do it. But this is why you're creating and creating what you're creating over and over and over and over again. And it gets more intense because the more you focus on it, the more momentum you're building, from the out of alignment vibrational pattern you got going. And the path just widens, it just keeps widening. And everything that is in alignment with what you're creating, which is out of alignment will manifest for you experience after experience. Ultimately, in your body. Ultimately, you get ill because you are causing your cells which are reacting to your vibration to be out of alignment as well. There's no good ending to that. There's no good ending, you just have to shift your perspective, you have to change what you're doing now turn off the TV, go to a funny movie, put old sitcoms, whatever it is, you've got to you got to take yourself out of the space. Nobody can do it for you with.

Alex Ferrari 36:11
And I've had this happen to me in my life. And I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. And I think most people have had at one point or another when people around you who seemingly are extremely happy. And they get ill, they get deathly ill sometimes leading to passing cancers and things like that. But they're good people, they've done good things, all this kind of stuff. And it's hard to get it, obviously, obviously, no, but again, that thing that was telling you why did bad things happen to good people. But why would if you're not aligned vibrationally to cancer? How did cancer enter the conversation is my question to you.

Cindy Edison 37:55
So now we're going to say so after everything you've heard us say, you answer that.

Alex Ferrari 38:00
It's about well, it's frequencies vibration, I get that,

Cindy Edison 38:03
But the person is.

Alex Ferrari 38:06
So the person is whether they know it or not in vibration with that.

Cindy Edison 38:12
Again, ever, you're here, we're all here, you're in on this earth, you have contrasting vibrations as your physical, we're still in that we're still journeying through it, you know, but we're still here. We're still here. So of course, when something triggers an old it could be a vibration could have been from an experience you had 5000 years ago, it doesn't matter because no time. It's in your physical vibration. And as something triggers at something, somebody else gets sick or somebody at a friend that was scared to death getting cancer, she was on the internet every day, every day going to doctors three or four times harder, just just unhealthy. You know, play golf all the time, just healthy, healthy. Well guess what happened? You know, she got cancer, of course. And I kept telling her you got to stop, you got to stop. I just I'm going to avoid that. I don't want it. Well, that's an invitation. Her focus is the invitation. This is why you know so back to your question. That's what you know, people say, Well, how come a baby you know, how can a baby Well, the baby has picked up that physical vibration and that's what keeps it tethered. Here. We are. We have a physical vibration that is dominant. Our bodies are a manifestation of our five unique vibration, the health of us. Now that doesn't mean she can't heal. Everybody has the ability to heal itself, itself. Everything, everything. You have the ability, you have to have the belief and you have to shift

Alex Ferrari 39:52
The placebo effects like it's like a placebo effect. You have to believe it.

Cindy Edison 39:57
You have to believe it. And the funny thing is is that the more you start focusing on your souls beliefs, the more you are consciously really shifting your physical vibrational makeup to be 55 60 70 80. And then doors start to open. And then you're you know, you cannot, you cannot be in alignment consistently and be ill. Because the body heals itself, the body, the cells of your body are reacting, responding to what you are focused on focus is so important. You know, it's really the creation of everything.

Alex Ferrari 40:37
So let me ask you this, how are the wars and the conflicts that are happening globally affecting our collective spiritually?

Cindy Edison 40:45
Well, it's an opportunity again, you know, we see it, those of us who watch with compassion as observers, and holding a light. It's an odd for me to say that because I don't, but when you hold the vibration, if you're watching something that's going down on TV, or whatever, and, you know, all these days have been happening all the time for the past several years. And every time you look at you go, I can't believe this. So where are you going to go? Then? Where are you going to go? You're here. So you can either choose to focus on how bad that is? And oh, my God, I got a call. Did you see what happened there? 43. People don't you just start this pathway. And you throw yourself back in the steaming pot again, you know, and mix it up with all those people, there is an opportunity to so now you're looking at what's going on. And now you step into your souls perspective of compassion and love, and peace, and you hold the peace. And now you can observe it as an experience of a manifestation for these people. And you have your own experience of what you're seeing. And you hold the vibration of your soul. still human. We hold it with compassion, not fear. You hold it with love, of your own understanding of manifestation.

Alex Ferrari 42:17
You're speaking a lot about vibration and frequency in this conversation. I think right? It's there a vibrational charge or frequency charged to an eclipse astrologically to the planet itself? Is there a changing of the energy because of it or or the frequency because of it?

Cindy Edison 42:38
Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Because the it's the movement that changes it. It's the movement in the direction of the energy, but also what changes it for the human collective experience in all our unique ways, and collectively to all simultaneously is to focus on it. So we would say to you that if everyone who was planning to watch it, or watch it on TV, or step outside, even if you're not in the place and feel the energies of it, if everyone who was doing that had a was holding a place of love, it would shift the collective image immediately, it would shift the vibration of the collective to alignment. Now how you how long you choose to hold that vibration is up to you. And the whole thing is up to you. But will tell you that if everyone was doing that and focused on alignment, while viewing this beautiful universal shift, it's part of the shift from the position of alignment, every single human who is holding that vibration and focused on the shift of the universe would expand simultaneously.

Alex Ferrari 43:54
Can you explain to people who don't understand that what is happening currently for humanity, this consciousness shift that we've we've been meant me talking Can you explain it to somebody who doesn't really understand what this means for humanity itself as a collective and for the individuals inside of it?

Cindy Edison 44:14
Yeah, yeah. It's exciting. It's really exciting. We describe it like this. Again, when you first dive into a lot of start new place, there are unlimited aspects of your soul. Right we refer to God as the collective soul which is you know everything just everything so you Alex have a unique souls and he has a unique soul everybody has a unique soul and you are unique aspect of your unique soul. So you though brand new to the third dimension, right at have a desire of your soul to expand itself as love says, how else can we do that? Well, let's create a new aspect that can go figure it out. And as that Aspect expands in love. So willowy. So the aspect dives into the third dimension. And it comes in knowing nothing about who it really is, which is the manifesting and expanding of itself through its own dominant creative force, which at that time is 99%. In the contrast 1% love because it has no idea who it is. And as it journeys through this contrasting dimension by choice, leaves comes back 1000s of times 1000s of times, unlimited experiences of this dimension of contrast, and as we are moving through those timelines, all in vibrational alignment with the contrast, but all different and unique, okay. But they're still dominant in the contrast. So they're here, we are moving through them, we are walking through the third dimension out of it, right. So as we leave and come back, leave and come back, we are always expanding through a shift in our consciousness, every single time we come back, we have expanded by way of our souls expansion, the collective us. So every time we come back, we're evolving, evolving, evolving, but we're always evolving within the third dimension as this aspect. Now, ah, there comes a time, when we realize we get to this level of understanding and level of knowing as we've expanded by way of our soul, who more of who we really are. And we say, wait a minute, we're the ones that are creating this, we have the choice, we have the power of our soul, we are an aspect of our soul. Let's figure this out, what the hell are we doing? So now, so all those timelines were experiencing a shift in consciousness shift in consciousness, but we didn't pay much attention, because we're still in the contrast. But now, here, we sit on the precipice of a new experience as the physical human, of the soul. The fourth dimension, the numbers or labels you have assigned will use them, it's a, it's a, it's an opportunity for a different experience, as the physical aspect of you, of course, you keep expanding. So now, you sit on this precipice of the fourth dimension. And when you're, this is a conscious shift. That's why we're conscious of it. Now, it must be done consciously. And when you are dominantly, creating from your soul's perspective, that fourth dimension is the downhill slide. And you go from 5150, contrast soul to 5149, Soul contrast, and then it's all downhill, then you go 6040 7030, this is a big experience of the fourth dimension 8020. And when you hit the 100%, Mark, you're in the New Earth vibration, where there's no contrast anymore. So in essence, it's a walking out of the fog. So walking out of the fog, and the more you evolve, the less dense you become. And that's mastery.

Alex Ferrari 48:20
So essentially, we are on a rudimentary level where God's algorithm does that makes sense?

Cindy Edison 48:35
Your own good. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. That's pretty good.

Alex Ferrari 48:40
I bet as an algorithm Oh, my God, is yours explaining? And I'm like, Well, I said, on a rudimentary level, I said, very basic level. Yeah, the soul is much more complicated than an algorithm. Please don't say anything in the comments.

Cindy Edison 48:56
We will say we're much more simple. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 49:00
But you know what I mean? It is kind of like that, in many ways.

Cindy Edison 49:04
Well, you're creating it. Yeah, you're creating it. Now. We know we're creating it. Right. Jane Roberts, you know, Seth, back in the 60s said, Look what you guys are doing, you're creating this, look how long it took us to get it wet. And so now we get it. You know, we get it. People don't really understand a lot of people still don't understand how you create your reality. Because it's a process. It's an under, it's a process of understanding who you really are. It's an unfolding that never ends or eternal. You know, so I say the sooner you get it, the better off you are, because much more fun to live from the space of being dominant in your soul than it is the other way around.

Alex Ferrari 49:46
So that is probably one of the big mistakes that people took away from a movie like The Secret or the concept of law of attraction, whereas they focus on the physical aspects of things to manifest and create the reality The but the truth is that they need to understand who they are. And when they understand who they truly are, and that fog starts to lift, then the the creation process of your own life is a vibrational thing where you are aligned with whatever vibration you are, are at at the moment and continuously choosing exactly choosing, that's the word. And that's how you begin to create the reality. But if you were sitting in a third dimension, will place and trying to create in a fifth dimensional manifestation, it doesn't work. That's why the law of attraction and the secret didn't work for a lot of people it did for some, but not for and it might might work in some aspects here and there. But to truly control the creation of your of your reality, you need to be aligned at a high level. And then when we talk about the masters, the masters are so highly high frequency, that they are truly physically even sometimes creating the reality around themselves, even even to the level of a Baba Ji, who literally, you know, is building castles out of thin air, because they're such at a level that they can do things like that. Does that all make sense?

Cindy Edison 51:18
Ofcourse, yes. And because they understand vibration, they understand vibration. And you can you know, in meditation, or when somebody does a past life regression, you know, when I did, I did a few of them, and they're kind of wild. But I'll tell you, I understand that that is a, it's a choosing to hop on another timeline, check out what was going on over there, you know, and when you're in alignment with your soul, now, we would say that you are choosing your alignment, because you are always in alignment with something. And if you are in a light, if you're in alignment with the contrast, you're also experiencing the contrast, right? So if you take out the judgment and look at it from the inner out of alignment, choosing and the experiences that manifest from those choices, you begin quickly, to take control of your choosing and your focus, and you understand and then you start to see little things happen, you know, starts with the little things, people expect too much. They don't understand that this is a complete shift of perspective that it's happening. Now. That's what it is. It's a shift in the human perspective of contrast, where there are no we have no there are no sayings like life is really hard, or you have to work really hard to accomplish anything. And if you don't look like this, then you're not, you know, people buy into this unworthiness, kind of muckety muck, you know, and it just spreads all over the place. But you're but that's alignment with contrast and experience of it.

Alex Ferrari 53:02
Do you see any spiritual movements or awakenings happening in this year? Or if not this year, in the next rest of this decade?

Cindy Edison 53:12
Imagine that you are asking if there will be a spiritual event that will wake a lot of people up at the same time. And we say that happens on a daily basis. And it has been happening since you stepped foot in the dimension you're experiencing now.

Alex Ferrari 53:27
Fair enough! Fair enough!

Cindy Edison 53:30
Well, we'll just say we'll just add to that that many there is the what you would refer to as a mass awakening happening. Now you see it in your own success. You see it in your own creation and the ease although we we know we're watching but we know the effort that you're putting in and we know the joy that you are finding also that it brings to you. And so you are feeling you are experiencing the expansion of the collective in your unique way by the expanding of what your purpose is. And your own focus is expanding and as you are expanding it is you are experiencing the unfolding of this amazing manifestation that you are living and creating in every moment. That is your best evidence of a spiritual awakening. If you are anticipating the physical appearance of a Archangel Michael he is there all the time. And if you are, if you will, if you will. Carry a belief that tells you you can see him you will see him you are so supported by the masters the ones you call the man asters they are they are aspects of all of you, they are aspects and they are sharing and emanating the love for your planet at this time, knowing the struggles that you are having and saying, come this way, come this way, come this way. And this way is the the way that Jesus spoke about and the way is love. The way is Joy. Joy is joy. That is what the secret left out. It's not the material things as soon as you attach a monetary, you can't. It's a monetary reward. You're out of alignment with your soul's desire of joy. You see, there's no vibrational agreement, there's once in contrast, and what's not?

Alex Ferrari 55:50
What part does shows like mine and others around the world play in this awakening that we're going through, because we are alternative media shows like mine, our old alternative to the fear mongering in the in the misinformation a lot of times that you hear from the mainstream these, and it's not I mean, I'm one small part of this giant, you know, giant movement in regards to shows like this podcast, all these kinds of things around the world. Can you explain to people what this means for this, this awakening that we're all going through?

Cindy Edison 56:29
Well, it is evidence, again, it is evidence of the focus that is being shifted, it is the evidence because every show whether it resonates with you or your audience, every there is a purpose for everyone who's stepping forward, everyone has a purpose, everyone has someone seeking them. And if you look back over the evolution, just in the last 100 years, the evolution of the awareness of this kind of stuff that we all talk about, and we'd love to talk about, right? We come here so we can hear somebody talk about it, because we can't talk about it out there, while the out there is getting much smaller. And so you will at some point in the not so distant future, you will become a part of the mainstream your because your mainstream is attracting it's main stream, the more people who are focusing on and there are millions, the more people and growing every day, but the more people who are focusing on your show and shows like yours, the more teachers are stepping forward, and you are creating what we refer to as a collective grouping of this love vibration. You are the ones who will move you are the front, front runners, they you're leading the pack, Esther refers to it as on the leading edge. Yes. And Cindy refers to it as the machete cutting the new road ahead, because we don't know where we're going in this particular shift, which we'd like to add to our answer that we left off before is that we have come we have shifted consciousness many, many, many, many times. This time, we don't know how to live without fear, which is why we need a fourth dimension, we need a buffer zone to learn how to do it. And this is when you shift your consciousness you don't live in there's no fear there. So you can't experience it. And the more you know about that, the less you choose it and you walk your self out. Anyway we want to so that all plays into the growth of the quick growth, everything. Trust us when we say everything that is happening now. Regardless of your perspective of it is assisting humanity in moving forward. It is presenting choice, big choice and you are watching people flood to you. People are flooding to the vibration, your whole setup. Your whole intention from a vibrational perspective is is in alignment, you can see that you're experiencing it everybody sees it. Everybody sees it is it is the evidence and the exampling of building an end alignment. I don't like the word business. It's not a business. It's a it's a platform that is offering choice for people. You're offering information. And it's this is what this next segment of the human collective journey is is a choosing a conscious choosing. So in order to choose there must be opportunity to choose. And you guys step up and you say we're over here and people flood you

Alex Ferrari 59:59
Do you I had this thought the other day, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. That one day, in the distant future, maybe not so distant. Our ancestors or are not ancestors would be the predecessor. What's the opposite of ancestor? The Ford? versions of ourselves? Yeah, the the generations behind us, our people in front of us, yeah, all the generations in front of us, you know, four or five generations ahead of us will look back on the show like this, and find a quaint and find it Oh, wow, they needed this. To me, this is all fundamental.

Cindy Edison 1:00:39
Now, will, will stop you there. And we will say that, we will say that they will look, they will look at it with love, and joy. Because there is no judgment. From where we're heading. There is no judgment, there is understanding and there is love and joy and excitement, knowing that these, these, this platform that you are creating, and these, this, it's going to be huge, first of all, but this whole thing around the world, it's like it's like, God, is that even possible? You know, they had those the circle of people around the world, they're all holding hands, and they're in the water, and they're all over there walking on the wall. And they're just, this is what I'm seeing. This is a big, it's a big connection. So it's a worldwide connection. And a derailed I totally derailed

Alex Ferrari 1:01:40
Around around the that, it would be people from other generations will come back.

Cindy Edison 1:01:47
Oh my god. Yeah, so it will. Oh, yeah, no, yeah, worldwide. It will, it will. I'm gonna, it's kind of Bible ish. In that it will last that long. It is a teaching tool. Because if we're, if we're all all the teachers, everybody listening now all cutting edge, right? We're all moving forward, we're paying attention. And we're all expanding? Well, if we're the first set at this level, not the first set, but we're in the group, right? We're the newcomers coming in. And we're all teaching something different. But there's always going to be somebody at this level of understanding. Hmm. So you, you provide that first level and then you'll expand, then you expand, you continue to expand your knowing you continue to expand your own knowing which expands your manifestation, which expands your teaching your whatever you're doing there. Big.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:51
This is the ABCs of, of, in many ways, the ABCs, of spirituality of movement of higher consciousness. And you're saying that they'll always be if you're here in the third dimension, there will always be someone just getting here, just starting this process. Well, and it happens now, every day, things that we've spoken about in this conversation, are you and me are very fundamental. And almost, it's almost like, don't even think about it. Yeah, but there might be 20 things that we said in this conversation that will make someone's head explode, because they have never heard it before. And then they've been waiting for it. So it doesn't resonate. Yes, yeah. And it will resonate with them in a way that it doesn't resonate for us anymore. Because you and I have already gone through this level. You know, it's kind of like, oh, yeah, we understand. Frequency, we understand. Oh, no, don't get me wrong. It's still dope. And I'm not saying that as a better or worse, because I'm just saying, just on a different scale of, we're all learning. There's things that I might know that you don't and things that you don't that you are, you know that I don't need. Everybody, everyone's learning at different levels about everything. So, I like that I never really thought about that. I, I guess I was a little too Pollyanna ik that five or six generations from now. Everyone's evolved. There's no way anything everything's fantastic.

Cindy Edison 1:04:20
Because you'll you're always going to be looking ahead. You'll always be looking ahead, you know, yeah. Which is why we're saying look ahead, look ahead. Don't look, don't look back, there's no looking back, can't unexperienced something and you can't unlearn something. Everything that we've experienced and learned and understood and created from has gotten us here. You know, now we know we can create new stuff, you don't change the old stuff, you create new stuff.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:48
Cindy, do you have any parting messages for the audience that left things that you really want the audience to take home with them after this conversation?

Cindy Edison 1:04:59
Yes. Self Love. And you know, people I'm was one of them. You know Joseph was in the beginning love yourself I just blew it off I didn't I sat I don't even know what that means. I don't even know how can you how can you expect me to experience something I used to yell at them had expect me to experience something when I have no idea what that means. I don't know how that feels. And they said, how do you think it feels? And that started a new journey. But self love is so important. Because we have all these contrasting vibrations in us. You know, the word unworthiness is the probably the biggest one that most people have in some form or another, from this lifetime or another doesn't matter. And, you know, finding out and discovering who you really are, and, you know, that's like alignment is self love. When you're in alignment, you feel the love of your soul, you know, which everybody wins from that, you know, because when you're focused there, you're creating from there, and you're creating love, you're creating space for people to love. You know, to experience love is the most important thing. You know, it's a creative force powerful. So I say focus, focus, focus on that.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:20
Cindy, where can people find out more about you and the amazing work that you and Josef are doing to awaken the planet?

Cindy Edison 1:06:27
Everything's on our website you can get to our YouTube from there, the books are there. Join us on Instagram there we post quotes every day there. Yeah, one stop shopping. No shopping. One. One stop One Stop Info. Yeah, we love it and love it.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:50
Cindy, it's been such a pleasure and honor talking to you again. Thank you and Joseph, for everything that you're doing to awaken the planet. And I truly, truly appreciate you. So thank you again.

Cindy Edison 1:07:00
Ditto man. Thank you. We appreciate you too. Thanks for all your doing.

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