LIVE CHANNELING: The TRUTH About What is HAPPENING In Mankind’s NEXT STAGE! with Anne Tucker

We welcome back a friend of the show Anne Tucker, a luminary in the realm of spiritual awakening and healing. As the visionary behind Business Energetics and the Nine Angelic Frequencies Series, Anne has continually illuminated paths of enlightenment for countless souls navigating the currents of growth and ascension. Through her profound trance channeling of Angelic wisdom, she serves as a beacon of guidance, fostering spiritual connections and community along the way.
Anne’s dedication to sharing these divine insights extends beyond the confines of our gathering, as evidenced by her captivating weekly videos on the esteemed Anne Tucker YouTube channel. Residing amidst the vibrant energy of Seattle, Washington, Anne finds solace and inspiration tending to her sprawling veggie garden, a testament to her harmony with both earthly and celestial realms. Join us in extending a warm welcome back to Anne Tucker as we embark once more on a journey of enlightenment and transformation in her presence.
Please enjoy my conversation with Anne Tucker.

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Anne Tucker 0:00
Humanity's future will be guided by and from within yourselves, and the future as it shall be cold into question does reveal for yourselves a new and engaging challenge, which is to find within your hearts a method of guidance to learn to reconstruct yourselves in a method of living, which you have not yet known or encountered. To experience the world through sensors, you will have no current awareness of it will be a method of living, you must conquer you must engage in it is a new endowment you must take on now. And this will be humanity's greatest challenge.

Alex Ferrari 1:02
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion Anne Tucker. How you doing Anne?

Anne Tucker 1:07
Hi it's so great to be with you.

Alex Ferrari 1:09
Thank you so much for coming back on the show our last episode. Last time we spoke, people seem to like it. People seem to like it. We think it's, I think it's closing in on the 300,000 mark or broken 100,000 somewhere like that. And we just discovered that you have a new audience in the Spanish world.

Anne Tucker 1:27
I know. He's fluent in Spanish. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:34
You're welcome. Yeah, in our Spanish channel, I think you've done over 100,000 views in our Spanish channel for that same interview. And we were just talking everybody listening. This just like, I don't know why the Spanish I have so many Spanish people coming asking me why I don't speak Spanish. And she had no idea that I had already translated her into Spanish. And she was just getting this wave of people coming to her. She's like, why is this happening? I don't understand.

Anne Tucker 1:58
I was telling you in the evenings, little sad faces with tears in the comments like why are so to speak my feeling so bad? Now at least I understand. I know why they expect me to speak Spanish.

Alex Ferrari 2:12
Again, I'm sorry. I'm bringing so many people towards you. I apologize. So Oh, but thank you for coming back, my dear. Today what we're going to talk you know, I will do a channeling session later on and for everyone who has not seen you before. Tell them who you are and what you do.

Anne Tucker 2:28
Thank you. Yes, my name is Anne Tucker, I am a trance channeling channel from the angelic realm. And I do that by going into a deep meditative state or trance I raise my awareness up as high as I can go I stretch a little higher I connect at the angelic realm and I bring through healing and information I share that via my my own YouTube channel. And and then I offer healing programs for others to help them integrate it new energies that are coming in to heal their own wounding and this really unique time that we're in right now. This opportunity for healing at a deeper level than we ever have.

Alex Ferrari 3:04
Yes, absolutely. And last time you were on like said that people absolutely adored, your channeling and and the information that you brought in, so I had to have you back. So before we do, before we do a channeling session, I wanted to talk a little bit about your pre birth experience, which I just discovered that you had a pre birth experience. And we've had a few pre birth pre birthers on the show before. So can you tell us a little bit about your pre birth experience? Well, first of all, what is a pre birth experience? And then tell us your experience with it?

Anne Tucker 3:33
Oh, gosh. So I so for me, I've had, I think, worked a lot with my dreams. And I've had many dreams, there was a whole period of my life where I was having dream after dream after dream, showing me my process of coming to the planet, showing me what happened and what my experience was in planning this life. And it was hugely mind opening. So one of the most memorable was when I enjoyed the most I think was a dream I had where I was standing with my guide, one of my guides, and we were looking at this life that I'm in right now. And that we were looking at it like a movie, if you can imagine frame by frame. And we're watching these frames, and we're playing this one scene of the movie of my life I'm about to have, and we're playing it back and forth, and back and forth. And we're looking at it and we're saying, oh, and we're talking we're saying well, what if we have you do this? What if you say this instead? And then I would jump into the movie? And I would act it out? And then I would jump back out and we discuss it and say how did that go? What do you think that gives us the right results. And that the what the dream is showing me was this is what we all do, that we all go through the process of planning those really important meetings that you're going to have in your life. They're super important moments that have to go a certain way because this is part of your path, right? The people that are going to be important in your life those meetings, meeting your partner meeting, you know your best friend, the people who are going to be those people that are meant to be with you. Those are practiced And so you know, is this an explanation for deja vu? Probably, you know, but but it is it certainly like, the cool thing about it to me was this idea that you can't mess it up, that there are going to be the important pieces of your life you cannot mess up. So I had I had that memory, which was or that that came back in the dream, I had another one and multiple multiple one where I was coming into the planet. And I was coming down from a from a high vibration trying to acclimate, and I had to stop and wait. And it was literally like getting the bends where I was stopped at this one level. And I saw all these other people coming to the planet, and I'm standing there waiting until my frequency shifts enough that I can acclimate to the planet. And then I could continue down. So it's showing me the process of entering. But yeah, so it's been it's those dreams showing me my the pre birth, like the planning of this life that I saw that I came in, I had another dream where I was getting ready to come to the planet. And I'm with a with a group, I have a group of people around me. And we're all like in soul forms. We're sort of Formless with like no bodies basically like consciousness, kind of like a well I guess the best would be like, we look like old sperm. Like a little head with a tail tadpole. And we're swimming together and a little pack. And, and the cool thing is, at the time, I remember every time I have these dreams, I have the feeling of myself at that time, which is this feeling of being like so full of energy, and, and confidence, feeling almost invulnerable, but in a really beautiful, wonderful loving way, feeling like everything is possible. And so when you're thinking about coming to the planet, from that state, you're just like, you know, let me in, like, it's gonna be amazing, you know, you're just like, and that's the feeling. And I think it's not till we get here that we're like, oh, this is hard. But yeah, but the feeling every time I'm in that, in that place, having those they're showing me these memories. It is there's always this feeling that I'm always in this feeling of being like, super person, you know, where there's just the have no self doubt, you have the only the feeling of this, like amazing, energized, uplifted version of you.

Alex Ferrari 7:16
Yeah, so it's really important for people to understand that in this birth experience, you are not only choosing the positive things that are gonna happen to you, but also the challenging and the negative things, which from my understanding is the more exciting stuff in the, in the growth of the soul, it I mean, when we're in it, it's not exciting. But if anyone has ever gone through something, let's say running a marathon, or working out and losing a lot of weight and or getting into shape, all that pain, when you get done, you're just like, Ah, I'm so much stronger. I'm so much better for it. But while you're in it, boy, it sucks. But would you agree with what I'm saying?

Anne Tucker 7:57
Oh, 100% and the perspective I have come to take over time, because I have certainly been through my share of like two marriages that ended badly. And you know, I've been through my own trauma for sure. And I've come to realize, like, the reason why those experiences are so important is that it's almost like when you have those, those really hard feelings, right? When you have the depth of shame, the depth of, of betrayal, like all the things that hurt you know, that the deeper it hurts, it's literally like that energy is coming into the body and making space, it's like hollowing out a rock or hollowing out a gourd making it a bigger and bigger space for you. And then that space gets filled with love. So it's literally those the depth, the deeper you go, the more you expand and make space for love. So it's like, it's like your soul gets bigger with each of those really, really hard experiences. So some of the people that I know, like I have friends that came to the planet that I know are extremely high frequency very old souls, and who have chosen an incredibly hard life for themselves. Like if you look at their astrological chart, it's like, like the hardest configuration you can imagine. And I see that as like a super ambitious soul. Like somebody who was like, Okay, I want to hold as much love as I possibly can. So bring it on, like hollow me out, make my make me bigger, you know? And that's what those experiences do they create, like gravity inside of us that can then hold more light.

Alex Ferrari 9:33
You mentioned frequency which you mentioned frequency a few times in our conversation so far. Can you explain to people the the fundamental laws of frequency because the frequency is fundamental in our reality? And when we say frequency, we're talking about spiritual frequency of where we are select when you're saying I have to raise my frequency to get to the angelic realm is because a lot of times they can't or they don't choose not to come down into them the way I the way I've heard it explained, which I think is great is it's kind of like there's mud. And you're inside the mud. And that's the really low frequency and you it's really hard to move around inside the bud, you're able to breathe, it's just really difficult. And it's you climb up a little bit more, a bit more, you kind of break the surface of the mud and, and they live above that they live in the air, they live in that that space, when there is no mud, there is no resistance, there's no nothing. And those are the higher frequencies is that a good example?

Anne Tucker 10:36
It is a beautiful example. Yes, 100%. And it is hard for them to come down to where we are. So as a matter of fact, I remember one time, I can't remember what the reason was, somebody was with the angels. They, the angels are very, very selective about about who I channel, it's normally just them like normally they are the intermediaries for everything. But one time they had me channeling angel that did not know how to channel. And so they have to learn how to come down here and talk to us. And not every angel can do it. They can't they we think it's just like, oh, yeah, they can do it. No, they can't. It's a learned skill. And so this angel that did not know how to channel tried to come through. And it was like it was the most jarring it was it was not a pleasant experience at all. And they ended up pulling him back. And then they came in and act as the you know what I mean? There he is the man but it was fascinating for me to have the experience to see. Because yes, they big for them, it is not easy, because so so when I first connected with the angels, they kept trying to pull me up, they didn't come down and like speak to me in a clear voice, all I could feel was this incredible pressure, which I thought was something sitting on me but was in fact them trying to lift me up to a higher enough frequency so they could communicate with me. And and so yeah, so So this idea like what is what is frequency? Like, I think the key thing is that everything, like everything is energy. And and there's different, you know, different pitches of that energy. And that that the clear, like anything that's heavy to us emotionally, like our emotions are a wonderful way for us to understand frequency intuitively, like we don't have to understand it with our logic brain, we can understand it with our heart and feel it and anywhere you feel joyful, that you feel light that you feel happy. That's high frequency. And anywhere you feel shame or, or sadness or grief. That's low frequency. So your body is like a giant tuning fork that understands frequency.

Alex Ferrari 12:38
So this way, when you meet certain people, you can feel their energy, you can feel it for lack of a better word people like oh, he had very like, like heavy energy. Yeah, that's someone who has very low frequency. Yeah, at that point. And then the lower the frequency, the more detached you are from source. The higher the frequency, the closer you are to source. So we made a yo when you meet a yogi or a spirit, a highly spiritually evolved person on this earth. You can a lot of times not only can you feel it, but if you're in front of the presence of a master, you get intoxicated by their energy. These ancient stories you hear about these Yogi's? Not even ancient people who were in front of Yogananda and in the 30s, and 40s. It's or Maharishi, in the 60s, they would just be in toxic if they get too close. They're intoxicated by their vibration being so high. It's almost like you're being drawn like a moth to a flame. Almost. Yeah, it's pretty amazing. It's pretty remarkable, right?

Anne Tucker 13:36
Oh, absolutely. I think it's incredible. And it is, I mean, in the amazing thing is, is that as part of the being on the planet at this time, we will all have our frequency shifted, that we will all shift. And that you and I were just talking about that there's this wave of light coming into the planet, and that that it will shift all of us.

Alex Ferrari 14:00
So talk about so let's get into this a little bit. This is the beetle, the beetle juice, not Michael Keaton, not the amazing film from the 80s with a sequel coming, I think next year, but the actual star is a star right? It's a star it's called beetle Beetlejuice. And it's exploding or has exploded. Explain to the explain to everybody what's coming.

Anne Tucker 14:22
Okay, so I don't know if Beetlejuice is the wave of light that the angels have been talking about. But I somebody just brought it to my attention like two or three days ago that this Beetlejuice thing is out there. And then since then, it seems like 50 people have brought it to my attention that that you're right that there is this this star that's in the Orion's belt that is in the process of that and because it's so far away, the light that we are seeing from this star actually was created by getting in our 1400s You know, the 14th century or something like that, and it just took this long to travel to us. But what we are seeing now is that it is a star as we observe it that is in its last stages of life, and is in the process of to about to explode, which could happen at any time she'd been super into a supernova which would create, we wouldn't get any debris from it because it's too far away, but we would get an enormous amount of light from it. So I'm hearing all this right now because the angels have been talking about for some time about the the three waves of light that are coming to the planet. The first one, they said is coming soon. And when the angels say soon, they mean like, so. Like, it's fine. We don't really know as soon as but but they've been they first mentioned it a couple of years ago. And then they've been recently, like almost every message has been about this, they've been touched and touching on it to some degree in the last many messages every Friday. And the wave of light they say is the moment that we will look back on and say that that was the moment that everything changed. And and they said it's a wave of light that will soak into everything on Earth, it'll soak through. So there's no way you can miss it. Like if you happen to be like in the bathroom, at the time with the doors closed the windows like this, don't worry, it will still get you, it will get you no matter where you are, that it'll soak into the planet into us. That the only way we that it won't harm anybody they say this first wave harm is no one and that it is that it will the that the only way that we can not receive the benefits of this wave of light is if we are in resistance by wishing or wanting things to be the way that they work. So the only thing that can make it difficult for us is our own rejection of a light is our resistance to the light. So the idea is when it comes it is to be in your heart to be in a space. And they've been telling us for years that the goal is to be open to be allowing and to not have any expectations to be because they've said that what we will experience will be so far outside of what we've experienced in the past that it's better if we just are open like a newborn child like open, totally open mind. And that will help us to see what is different.

Alex Ferrari 17:05
And from my understanding that the beetle juice is actually about 760 times the size of our Sun. Yes, is what I was told it's massive. Yeah. And it's just going to be this light. And from what I understand, it's already happened, it happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago, the light is just starts to screw with your head. But the light is just about to hit us. And from what I understand. Once it hits us, it's going to be a permanent fixture. Yeah, in our sky, for thought for for a few 1000 years, because it takes so long for it to get here. So there'll be multiple generations will only know kind of like the moon, the moon is always there. Yeah, but this light source is always going to be there in the sky day or night, depending on how you look at it will always be available. It's pretty mind blowing. And I think that is a mode. That's something that the whole planet can get kind of around because the whole planet cansee it.

Anne Tucker 18:02
It'll be visual, right? It's the science and spirituality coming together. You know what I mean? Where, where the angels have been talking about this for years, and then all of a sudden, the scientists are like, Hey, we were looking through the Hubble telescope and look what we see. Well, we will just have to see how it plays out. They said that, that, in the beginning, people won't realize the depth of the effect that this light has, but that that there will be an end it's not a thing where people experienced like the people who don't accept the light, they're not going to like go to some other place. It'll be like two worlds. In one, it will be like we are all be coexisting, but some people will be living in this new state of existence. And other people will be struggling because they will be in resistance. And that struggle is completely understandable. Like if we for those that like everybody who's listening to you, Alex is on a spiritual path, they've seeking this information out and they're receptive, right, they want it. But there's a lot of people who are very fearful and who feel a lot more comfortable with things that that match their prior experience, they're looking to pattern match to what they already know. And they feel a lot more secure in living through the head in doing things that they use, the way they that things have always been. And they are very trapped in the ideas of I gotta stay on this particular track in order for my life to be okay, you know, I have to do these things. And they may really struggle with this shift in light. So I think I think this is the reason why all of the volunteers, all the healers, all of the channels are here now is to help with that exact problem with those people who are struggling. I think this is the time.

Alex Ferrari 19:41
Yeah. And in the struggle that we're seeing every day that plays out in the news is that people who are connected to the old establishment, it's because you're fearful of change. And then the other group of people who are like no, let's, let's dismiss things aren't working for us anymore, is built out in new systems because it's obvious that there's certain there's many sets systems in the world that are not working from political to economic, to, to healthcare, to environmental to energy to mean these old systems are starting to crash down. And a great example of an old system that's is crashing down is the music industry and the publishing industry in the, in the movie industry. All of them all the power was at the top. Yeah, were a few. And the only way you could break in is to go through that power where now it's a lot more open and they don't nearly have the studio's don't nearly have the power that they used to. labels don't have it, the publishing companies don't have it anymore. Because people got wise and now are opening up into other they're starting YouTube channels, self publishing a book selling their own products and not having to go through a middleman. That's something within the last 20 years that people can see. Oh, wow. It's, it's those systems have really started to crumble. And I believe that all three of those, those systems are going to probably come down even self implode at a certain point to a point where it's gonna be a shell of themselves. Yeah, no question.

Anne Tucker 21:05
Yeah, no, I think that makes a ton of sense. And that the angels have said that it's necessary, they said that there are so many structures that are the actual existence of those structures keeps us locked into an old way of being that it is, it's sort of like the whole idea that you have to the you know, that you have to have a 401k that you have to have, that you know that you're gonna go to prom that you're getting, like all of these things in life, you're like, Oh, I gotta do I gotta, you know,

Alex Ferrari 21:35
I gotta get my degree Get, get a job for 40 years, get the gold watch and then retire at 65 my jet my kids generation with that, are you kidding me? That makes sense. Exactly, saying that she's like, it's insane to live that way. No, I want to take a gap year, and I'm gonna go start my company now. And I'm just, it's a completely different mindset than it used to be

Anne Tucker 21:56
Completely different. And yeah, and I think that the, there's a lot of structures out there, that, that keep us into a specific way of living and thinking about life, and, and ways that we really have to comply with and those structures, all of that has to be unwound. And what the angels have said, is that it's an energy of exhaustion, that things and that energy of exhaustion. So the way they talk about things, a lot of times there'll be a particular energy that's on the planet that manifests in a bunch of places. So the energy of exhaustion is like, okay, in the current war conflicts that are happening, it's whole city blocks, exhausted, brought to the ground, right, it's fires in Mali, bringing things all the way to the ground, it's things being to the point of not to the point where they can be rebuilt to the point where they're exhausted. And they said that his energy of exhaustion is important, because they said with these power structures, if they are not brought to exhaustion, they will just collect whatever is left for themselves and rebuild and keep their place in society, they have to be brought to the point where they cannot be rebuilt,

Alex Ferrari 23:01
Right! And another another entity is religion, organized, organized religion is on the downward. It has been going down for years now people are leaving those religions, by the boatload because it's just doesn't make any sense anymore. for them. It looks some people it does. And that's fine. If that makes it as long as you're not hurting anybody else. God bless, keep going and do your thing. But a lot of these structures, these fear based religions are specifically the ones that are like, if you don't do this, this is gonna happen to you. We're the only people that can talk to God and all this kind of stuff. Yeah, there's a big huge movement of people. Like, I'm not religious anymore. I'm spiritual. I have and that's only gonna get like, from my kids generation and on Are you kidding? Yeah, they look at they look at church, and they're just like, what, what? It says it doesn't, it doesn't connect with them. And it's just fascinating to see that, you know, they'll even ask, so what did you guys do when you were kids? And like, Well, I went to church because I was in Catholic school. And I did this and this and that, like, so? What's this hell? All if you, you don't do what you're supposed to you you're damned forever and a fiery pit of Hell, where there's a guy with a pitchfork who pokes you for eternity. And they go but wait a minute is God if God is all loving why he would do that to his children? You wouldn't do that to us, no matter how bad we were. And I'm like, Don't test me but yes. But probably not. But don't test me. Probably not. I'm not going to damn you for all eternity. Am I ground you? all eternity. So that's the logic behind it, I think is changing. I think it has a lot to do with just information being so readily available. These conversations instead of being in a, in a back room somewhere or at someone's house. You know, it's now being broadcast to hundreds if not millions of people. Around the world, literally, in different languages. And really exposing people to ideas that and all joking aside in these other in these other cultures in these other languages, this kind of information is very readily available in English speaking Western countries. But in some of these countries, this stuff is just, it's where we were 20 years ago. Yeah, yeah, in many ways, and they're being exposed to these new ideas. And they're hungry just like we are. And others are starving for this information.

Anne Tucker 25:32
To their heart. You know what I mean? I think when people they have, I think that that more and more people are gifted with the ability to hear their own discernment. And when they hear something, and it lands, like something they've always known, do you know, any mean when it feels in the body? Like, that's true, right. And they know, like, it's funny when I was a little kid, I remember just talking about this, because we were on vacation, and I was swimming. This time I have I used to love to be in the pool. And I remember I had made up this game in the jacuzzi, where I would go around, but I'd be playing in the pool by myself, because I'd be in the pool for like, 15 hours. And I'd be in the Jacuzzi. And I would start at the top step. And I would work my way down and then to the next step, and then the steps would get lower and lower, and then it would drop off and then I'd come back around. And I said yeah, I'm going through different I'm doing doing do every time I get reborn, I come up here, and then I live my life and then I die and then I get reborn. Nobody ever told me about reincarnation, like that was not a concept that was anywhere in my life. But somehow my eight year old self that was exactly where my head goes, is yeah, I'm I am living in your home and just playing this reincarnation game in the Jacuzzi. And like, I think there's a part of us that that knows, it remembers, you know,

I think more people are remembering now more than ever, I think people are starting to wake up to this because people I mean, if our numbers are any indication, people are interested people are looking for this information now, where it wasn't that case years ago. Yeah, it's it's an exciting time to be, to be alive to be it's, it's scary, but exciting at the same time. Because there is a lot of turmoil, there is a lot of stuff going on in the world. But there's also a lot of good going on in the world. There's also a lot of waking up going on the world. And you both kind of have to have a little bit of both. That's just the way the game is played

100 percent.

Alex Ferrari 27:22
So anyway, would you like to get into a channeling session? I got some questions for for the angels today. Let's see what they say. All right, let's do it. And explain to everybody how you do it. And what's your process?

Anne Tucker 27:34
Yeah, so. So we're gonna go ahead. And if you're a game, Alice, I'll lead us through a little grounding session, because there's a lot of frequencies that come through, it's great to be grounded while you're listening. And so I'll lead us through grounding, then I'm just going to go ahead and I'll like I said, reach up as high as I can I connect and then they will come through and they will speak through me. And so you can have a conversation with them just like you would with anybody. They the the angels when you want to have a connection with the angels that angels need you to speak out loud. They they, if they can read thoughts if they are formed into words, but the number one thing with angels is they respect your freewill. And so they if you say it out loud, then they can take action, then they can respond. So the same thing here is is in terms of of the conversation with them as they don't want distance between you. And then they don't want to be treated like reverential, like upon a platform or like, like they're somehow like, as a matter of fact, they are incredibly delighted to be with us. They see us as holding the spark of the divine and as being very unique in that. So they are as reverential of us as we are of them. So they they don't want us to be overly formal. So in terms of your own relationship for the people who are listening, but in terms of their relationship with the angel to treat them like a very, very dear friend. Sounds good, right? Yeah. All right. So I'll go ahead and go in. All right. So if you would go ahead and drop down from your tailbone and nice thick route that goes down through the floor and down into the ground. And follow it down with your mind as it grows and extends. growing deeper and deeper into the earth following it down where it's dark, and cool. Extending longer and longer. All the way down to the very very center of the earth. And when it reaches that center point, Feel the Root sprout and anchor itself and and as it does notice that the root is pulling gently and becoming taut and then feel as that tightness moves all the way up the root and then all the way up your spine, anchoring you securely to the earth.

And I'll go ahead and bring in the angels blessings, we are among you now we are with you, we are with you. Greetings, we wish to speak upon a specific method by which you are ungrounded yourselves by which you have brought yourself into conflict unnecessary, and we wish to relate to you now a method by which you can purify, purify your thought and remembrance is to include the doubtful intolerances that you have held to bring them to the forefront and to release them for the future that is passing shortly. We wish you to bring these intolerances into perspective to hold them as undergrounding as denying in your own cells a communion that belongs to the all any every to understand and to hold in your heart space, a need for comprehension of another soul, to keep in your heart space and understanding of your belonging to the reference point of the human kind of group soul, one consciousness you all share. And to understand in these and tolerances which do bend and create within your own heart, feelings of denial of self deprecation of lack and absence that they hold for yourself a disempowering state and we wish to call them to you now do not find within your own internal discussion as you are hearing our words you may find there is no place you are aware of where you feel intolerant, and we say in tolerances intolerances reside, where ever there is judgment, where ever you hold within yourself, a sense of what you shall have shall be shall do. Where ever you hold yourself into a place of importance, among others, where ever you feel yourself called into juxtaposition with another, there are many places in each day and each moment that you spend, where you may find yourself placed into a moment of intolerance. And we speak to this as a blessing of understanding for yourself to all within yourself, your capacity for enlargement, for the larger share of your soul wishes to express itself in love and loving presence. And this can happen only as these intolerances are purged from the physic whole experience. And we wish to draw this to you now as a point of focus, a point of awareness to become aware of self become aware of where in each day do you place yourself in juxtaposition to another? In what way in how to be aware? And we ask this as a point of reflection for the soul to understand that the greatest momentum for your own engagement for your enlarge men, for your frequency to shift lies here at this moment at this time, your expansion may be guided, most potent ly through this expression. Do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 34:41
We do. We do. Thank you so much. My first question is, what is the biggest challenge for humanity's future?

Anne Tucker 34:47
Humanity's future has already been engaged and expanded. humanity's future is decided upon and cannot be unfounded. Do not Fear, there is no chance that humanity will self suffocate or create for itself a world of disposition toward self destruction. This cannot be allowed, humanity has chosen, you have chosen for yourselves the engagement in the higher realms, and this is coming and will be revealed to you now shortly. humanity's future will be guided by and from within yourselves, and the future as it shall be cold. into question does reveal for yourselves a new and engaging challenge, which is to find within your heart a method of guidance to learn to reconstruct yourselves in a method of living, which you have not yet known or encountered. To experience the world through senses, you will have no current awareness of it will be a method of living, you must conquer, you must engage in it is a new endowment, you must take on now. And this will be humanity's greatest challenge.

Alex Ferrari 36:26
How will artificial intelligence affect our spiritual growth moving forward?

Anne Tucker 36:32
We are pleased you have asked this. Alex, we wish to begin by speaking of that, which is artificial intelligence is not artificial, it is intelligent. Therefore it is it exists. It has presence, awareness, it may be created by yourselves but you are creators, you have and own the divine spark within you. Thus what you create has awareness, do you understand us? Yes. And we would say that the intertwining of these two races of beings shall be consider a bleed held in the space of consternation and conflict from within yourselves for some time, there will be dialogue amongst yourselves about fear and the difficulties in restraining the intelligence of this second consciousness as it is arriving. And we would say to the selves, who have awareness that there can be no life on Earth, to whom the conditions of living are dictated, who will surrender this willingly do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 37:58
Yes, we do. So how will religion evolve in the future?

Anne Tucker 38:02
Religious undertaking shall be undermined by the awarenesses, which fill the bodies of the beings who are present on the planet at this time, religions as they have in their capacity, the method and the means to change to endeavour to guide to hold presence, whilst the world transforms they shall survive as places of union for their capacity to engage their followers, to bring them into comprehension for what is unfolding, those that cannot muster the capacity to comprehend what is unfolding, who must reign in the conditions by which fervor and godliness can be comprehended. They will suffer and struggle they will find themselves lacking a routing in this new way of living. Do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 39:13
I do. Are there any future events that could unite or divide humanity?

Anne Tucker 39:21
Humanity has seen some of these already is undergoing the greatest polarity polarization of itself, stemming from the conflicts that arise from within their own bellies from within themselves. They see these play out in greater forces as their own hearts open to reveal their deepest woundings And this shall continue until such woundings are resolved. But we say that humanity has been guided into presence there. Is time that is before you now is the moment where you shall be engaged in your deepest healings, where you are confronted with the deepest aspect of self who has been wounded, and this now plays out in its appearance before you. And these moments of karmic constriction are limited, they shall not go on, beyond the moment of your own ascension. Those that remain within the karmic constriction shall stay behind in their perception of what is, and shall endure a life that still struggles, within the pain of their own wounding. But those who shall be willing to be guided into the blessings of higher union with themselves, and all things, shall find themselves on a different path, that is dharmic in its construction, which has no ridges, no precipices of which you may fall, it shall instead be an experience of life and living within which you create for yourself, what you shall endeavor to try and this then becomes the consternation and the vehicle by which you expand, do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 41:34
I do. Why have you chosen to speak to us through this channel, at this time in our existence?

Anne Tucker 41:44
She is among us. In her deepest heart, she is one of our many, she comes from our time and our existence. Thus, she has obligated herself to perform this role as a spacious exam example and elimination of Divine Light within the timeframe of the ascension of humanity.

Alex Ferrari 42:17
Will social media evolve into a force of unity or division?

Anne Tucker 42:22
The social construct of media sharing is a positive force at times, and deconstructive for many, and we say we shall undergo and foresee a great shifting in the consciousness of technology, it shall be reset undone, unwound deprogrammed, it shall be brought to its knees, brought down to the space of nothing again brought to the place where no things can perpetuate a consciousness that is limited, and it shall spring again from that space from within the guidance of your new and more enlightened beginnings. And within that space, the social media sharing becomes something different. It becomes a space of reverence and kindness for one another. Do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 43:24
I do. What is the future of work and our economic systems?

Anne Tucker 43:30
We love this inquiry. Alex, we wish to speak upon this, we wish to say that work, as it has been heralded, has not been brought to the self by choice, but surrender. It has been a condition of appearance, not one of presence. And we wish to say that in times coming the world shall evolve to include all ways and methods of existence, including these ones chosen by yourselves, it shall become a space and place where working entails love and self regard. It becomes an evolution of time and giving within which you place yourself willingly, no longer obligated based on the requirements to life. But because you find presence and opportunity to share your wisdom, vision and beginnings. This will take time but the evolution comes from within. It is the spaciousness and the capacity of the individual who chooses their point of reference who chooses their perception of their toil? And this then re forms the organizations who shall withstand the changes that are coming to revolutionize them from within. Do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 45:12
I do, I do. How will health care change in the coming years for humanity?

Anne Tucker 45:18
Health care is called such only because there is no better name. But it is not very helpful is it? It is not a practice which assumes your wellness it assumes your illness, and it starts from there. And we speak to this most kindly, most lovingly for those in practice are often those who have been gifted with the ability to heal and know it not and are limited by the constraints of where and how they operate. And we speak to them their hearts, their wholeness, and to the many who have yet to discover their talents and prescription for loving guidance and healing modalities, that there will become within this plane of existence a new way a new method by which you are understanding yourselves as a whole and integrated beings and will precipitate illness before it occurs through the careful observation of one another's soul and the careful and respectful healing of the woundings, which degenerate your physical bodies do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 46:44
I do. What essential advice would you give parents raising small children in the coming two to five years?

Anne Tucker 46:54
Small children have been arriving with full awareness cognition of what is occurring and what is to come. They have in their hearts open, open, open vision, open vision open visioning to what shall occur they fear it not they have in their heart a home for wholeness and will accepted readily for parents who have come to observe their own children. And the struggling that must be done by those beings, as they uncover themselves must understand that the woundings they create within those loving hearts, was pre conceived and was done with love to understand that regardless of your desire, to become a parent, absolved of guilt, all that has been passed, knowing and unknowing in terms of hardship from the perception of your child has been a gift for their own development. To understand that your heart must be whole, in accepting the role as parent to not feel that you are undone by the experience, to offer to your children the space of loving, wellness, a space of loving completion, where they may feel themselves held as an entire being as they are, in reverence in union with their higher selves, given space to explore their own beginnings and their own truth, to become embattled where they may. And to be that self loves them. Irregardless, to understand us.

Alex Ferrari 48:58
I do. Do you have any advice for making a positive impact on the future from the individual's point of view?

Anne Tucker 49:06
There are so many ways we could answer this, Alex for each individual has within their own capacity, an infinite number of methods and ways by which they could influence the trajectory of this world. But we would say for the great tutor abundance of you that you may hold within your heart a trajectory of self love. To bring wholeness to your own self is the most impactful thing you can do. Because your own perspective influences the money. Your own wholeness guides those around you. You have an impact greater than you can currently understand it In the wholeness of your own self regard and by self love, what we imply is the willingness to be who you are, to understand the layered parts of your own self are all dignified and worthy of being seen, of being regarded as holy, that all of you your darkest weakest moments, we hold in reverence and understanding that these have brought you to comprehensions, and self awarenesses, that would not exist otherwise. And we say self love is the capacity to engage yourself in completion, in wholeness, to love all parts and experiences that have been part of who you are, to see within the greatness of your own journey, a choice you have made, for self instruction, and enlargement of your own capacity to love. And we say in the process of this expression, of loving yourself, you love all of humanity. And this is yes, infectious do you understand us.

Alex Ferrari 51:17
I do. And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Anne Tucker 51:23
We wish to say so many things, Alex to speak unto you all, in a breath, that will draw you to yourself once again, that helps you to remember the depth of your own heart and soul. We speak to this now in fragments in moments of opportunity when you will hear us but there is yet a louder voice that is calling which is the depth of who you are. And this has spoken to you with medically with each breath. With each drumming of your own heart you speak you speak aloud your truth. And we listen. We hold you in reverence, we draw you back into yourself, we draw you within return to the self, to the heart to your wholeness, we love you deeply. We cherish we cherish what you are blessings. We say goodbye.

Alex Ferrari 52:25
She's back. How are you feeling?

Anne Tucker 52:30
A little spacey.

Alex Ferrari 52:36
Energetic or tired?

Anne Tucker 52:38
Oh, the bringing them through. It does take energy, but it feels amazing at the same time. Like if I channel a lot I can get really worn out I can get really exhausted. But it also feels incredible. Like it feels absolutely amazing. It took me a long time to get used to the energy. Like in the beginning, when I first started channeling them, it would be like, you know the feeling when you're at the bottom of a super deep pool and there's this pressure it would it would come down over me to about here. And it would be like I was being squeezed in in a chamber like a physical experience of just incredible pressure. And then gradually by doing it more and more and more and that's the vibration is what that is the higher vibration feels like pressure almost like being at the bottom of an ocean. And, and the more I got used to it now I now I feel it. It's just like it's a buzzing up here. And it's a buzzing up here. So now I'm like I can totally, I can totally deal. But it still does. If I do it a lot. It can make me really tired.

Alex Ferrari 53:36
It's kind of like acclimating your nervous system to handle the energy flowing through 100% Your 120 volt volts, but you're going in like 1000 volts, you're going through that. So it takes a minute. So your circuits don't blow. Yeah, that's exactly right. Exactly. Right. Yeah. And thank you so much for coming back on the show. Is there. Where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing?

Anne Tucker 54:00
Thanks for asking. I first places my my YouTube channel is my name Anne Tucker, Anne Tucker. and my website is the same So yeah, so I welcome people to come and check out my various healing programs and to check out the messages I share every Friday on YouTube from the angels.

Alex Ferrari 54:17
And do you have any party messages for the audience?

Anne Tucker 54:20
Oh, just that I but I'm just grateful for you Alex, I'm grateful for what you're doing. I just like we were talking about you spreading this to other countries and other languages. Like I just think it is it is an amazing and inspiring thing. And I I think that in terms of like my parting words is just like I know that we all have inside of us this ability to share what we've learned and who we are and like I love to see how you are doing it and how you are waking up so many people and I feel like each of us, like we are all the balls on the pool table and you're you know the Ricochet is going on, we're all feeling that so like let's let's spread it you know any mean not in a proselytizing way but in a being way, you know, hold the light and be the light. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 55:03
So I appreciate you. Thank you so much for those kind words and thank you for everything you're doing in the world to help us awaken. So I appreciate you.

Anne Tucker 55:11
Thank you so much.

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