CHANNEL Prediction in 2024: STARLING Future of the WORLD’S Economy & MONEY Itself! with Rubia Lacerda

Rubia Lacerda is an Ascension Mentor, Quantum Healer and Channeler of the Arcturians. For a number of years, she has been supporting hundreds of other Light Leaders, Coaches, Healers, Channelers, and New Earth guides across the globe to release limiting beliefs and embody their Higher-Self so they can follow their soul’s true purpose and mission. … Read more

LIFE-ALTERING LIVE Channeling That Will REDEFINE Your Life! A Must-See Event! with Rubia Lacerda

In the vast symphony of existence, there are souls who hear the cosmic melodies more keenly than others. On today’s episode, we welcome Rubia Lacerda, a spiritual guide whose journey has been one of embracing and sharing her extraordinary gifts of channeling and mediumship. Born with an innate connection to the mystical realms, Rubia’s life … Read more

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