THE GREAT 2024 PROPHECY: Channeler PREDICTS Future of MONEY & Mankind’s CONSCIOUSNESS with Anjie Hipple

Anjie Hipple of the Judah Channel is a passionate seeker, spiritual teacher and channeler of angels and other interstellar wisdom keepers. Some years ago, in a desperate attempt to ease her inner suffering, Anjie embarked on an accelerated journey to heal her mind, body and emotions and elevate her personal level of consciousness. Voraciously consuming the teachings of enlightened masters, she began deconstructing her deep religious programming and dreaming about the possibilities of enlightenment.
During this season of meditation, ego stripping, and deep surrender, Anjie was suddenly and unexpectedly ambushed by a loving and powerful collective of angels called Judah, who spoke through her in a dramatic direct-voice channeling encounter. Judah’s high vibrational energies resulted in an immediate physical restoration of her two-year chronic illness and an opening of psychic gifts.
Anjie also began experiencing ecstatic states of bliss and swimming in high- consciousness fields as a result. She and her partner Chuck were profoundly impacted by their nightly visits with Judah, who soon brought more cosmic friends to the parties. They lovingly refer to Judah as the “Oprah of the Cosmos!”
Now Judah and Anjie tag-team to deliver ancient divine wisdom from beyond with practical, real-world application. Together they facilitate tangible experiences of higher dimensional energies for those who are in an awakening and enlightenment process. Her process is “I did it. Let’s do it together. Now, you do it!”
Anjie works with Judah in high-consciousness fields to assist others in:
  • Recognizing and releasing mind structures, disease roots, past-life karma, and egoic patterns that are shrouding the soul’s enlightened state.
  • Connecting with angels and higher dimensional beings through telepathic and channeled communication.
  • Determining one’s personal level of consciousness, and safely, easily and sustainably elevating it to a new and higher set point.
  • Realizing and consistently experiencing the love, joy, peace and freedom of the Soul.

Please enjoy my conversation with Anjie Hipple.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 429

Anjie Hipple 0:00
So anytime you are having difficulties with money, it is pointing to your sense of probably a conditioned response of unworthiness. Yes. And so when you overcome this sense of unworthiness through your meditation and interior work, you will find money stacking up at your door, you will find that you have more money that then we want or need more money than you can spend. And you are able to happily share it with anyone who you want to bless and anyone that you want to see their mission grow in the earth. So all financial adversity comes from this sense of lack and limitation in the lower chakras.

Alex Ferrari 0:48
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Anjie Hipple. How you doing Anjie?

Anjie Hipple 1:02
I'm great, Alex, it's so good to be back.

Alex Ferrari 1:05
Thank you so much for coming back on the show is such a we had such a good time when you came on last time. And people absolutely love Judah, love the message of Judah and what you were doing in our last channeling session. So I wanted to bring you back. I thought it was time because I wanted to hear Judas take on the world where we're going what's happening, you know, a lot of questions I get from the audience. So I appreciate you coming back.

Anjie Hipple 1:33
I said you're gonna throw all the hard stuff at me. That's great. What's the

Alex Ferrari 1:36
I mean, this is what we do here. I mean, I don't throw softballs. So how was it? So since our last conversation, our last, our last interview did pretty well. Slight wave towards you. In that first conversation, we had to say the least.

Anjie Hipple 1:54
We were just we were just wrapping everybody in with big, big hugs and lots of love and welcoming so many people over from next level, so to do to family, and we're having a ball with them.

Alex Ferrari 2:07
That's awesome. That's awesome. So before we get to do that, I wanted to ask you there is a lot of stuff going on in the world, you know, the world is, seems to be a little bit upside down in many people's eyes. What is your take on why we're going through this kind of rough patch, which from what I understand might get a little rougher before it gets better. I'd love to hear your thoughts before we get to Judah.

Anjie Hipple 2:30
Well, you know, we are just from my perspective, we are experienced in in our external world and everything going on in the world, what we're experiencing a lot in our internal world. So the external is all a reflection of what's going on on the inside of us. And, you know, we can slog along with negative pain motions fear or doubt, anger, frustration, hurt victimization, we can slog forward with that stuff first, only so long, and then eventually we kind of hit a wall. Some people call it a midlife crisis, some people call it a mental breakdown, nervous breakdown, and that kind of thing. And then we have to face it, we have to face what's in there, and we have to feel it, we have to process it and and overcome it. So you know, our external world I think is kind of just reflecting back to us a lot of our internal state that we've been ignoring, suppressing repressing disassociating from, and we're just at that point where there are some things that just can't be ignored anymore. And so our external world is really reflecting what's in what's in us, right, and our internal family of, of all of our controlling and hurting and anxious and, and fearful parts is just a mirror of, you know, the condition of our human family.

Alex Ferrari 3:56
You know, I was thinking the other day about programming, you know, the programming that we all have, we all go through from the moment we're born we're pretty much born a blank slate though I do believe there's some programming at the factory as I like to call to say the least. But you know, a lot of the hatred, a lot of the anger a lot of the just like, you know, I was listening to a show on the radio the other day and they were doing like this, like, you know, catch a cheater, you know, like, Is my is my wife cheating or not cheating or that or my husband cheated on it and that kind of stuff. And I was hearing the voices of both cat both people in the their perception on the opposite sex. I was like, wow, they really just that's their point of view of programming, because they've been hurt or they've been hurt before. So now they believe all people of the opposite sex are going to hurt them and then it's like this thing. And I go, it's amazing how much we bring into our daily lives with this programming. And it really is our job to do deprogram ourselves. The first seven years as they say, as Bruce Lipton says, is there to program you and then we spent the rest of our lives trying to deprogram ourselves. Isn't that isn't that isn't that the truth, and now all these wars that are still going on, like, unless it's experiential, meaning that like I saw you killed my parents. So now I'm going to hate this group. A lot of it's hearsay, sometimes you're like, Oh, we, you, you those people on the other side of the fence, they're horrible people. But they've never done anything to me. I didn't know. But you'll understand there's 1000s of years of history here, you must hate them. Because you are one of us. So you're the blue people, the red people are horrible, and so on. Do you think that we're starting to shed a little bit of this idea ideology in our programming, because it's not getting us anywhere? It hasn't gotten us anywhere for the last 6000 to 10,000 years? Really? What do you think?

Anjie Hipple 5:59
I think some of it, the purpose of all this is to really help us to get to a point where we're sick of it, we're just absolutely sick of it. We've had enough. You know, I know, even in my own personal life with my ego staff, there came a point where I was just really tired, sick and tired of what I was doing to myself and the people I loved. And until I had really totally had enough, I couldn't let it go. You know, and, and I believe there are some souls on the earth right now that have very sacrificially predetermined and plan to be here and to go through certain scenarios in order to help us really reach that, that breaking point where we've had enough like some of those beautiful little babies that we saw that, you know, were buried under the rubble in the in the war, I asked you to about that. And I believe that those precious little souls literally came knowing that that would be their end and planning for it in order to help some people really get broken wide open, to have compassion, and and to be sick of war. You know, and the, the war again, is just a reflection of the war on our insides and things that places where we haven't made peace, where we have unfinished communication and, and broken relationships with people that that we're avoiding, and not willing to repair. But, you know, to your point, yes, I mean, opinions are, you know, as they say, everybody's got them. And opinions are really just miniature belief systems. And the more strongly attached we are to our opinions, the more likely we are in to be suffering or being an error. And, you know, that's why God has taught us over and over to say, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, is our freedom mantra, right? When we're willing to go, when I'm willing to listen to somebody on either side of the aisle in the political scene, and just hold this open, neutral space, focus on them, and not judge anything that they say, and not be attached to any of my opinions or responses, and really to even let go of needing to have a response and simply say, you know, I don't know. I don't know, because that's when we can begin to get this higher wisdom, right. And this revelation, that's impeccable, that's loving to all people at all times, you know, and, and Don Miguel Ruiz taught us this right, not to make assumptions about it. You know, but try to be fresh in the moment with no context or no backstory about, you know, what's going on, because, you know, what we're learning from science is like 90 to 95% of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, in any given moment, are driven by our subconscious mind. So we think that we are operating as freewill conscious beings, but that's actually not really true. The truth is, we're being pushed by stuff buried in our subconscious. So we're literally choosing our thoughts, feelings and actions in this moment, based on our history of that 95% stuff that's in our subconscious. So we're basing our life on memory. And so every, every moment that we experience is we are learning something. And that learning you know, from the moment we're in the womb to now, every single moment was a learning and every single moment was a memory. And science is proving to us that those memories are actually energy. Right. So when we're in the moment, and we're trying to think about our thought, or live a better way from a higher state of emotion, we're having to disassociate from all of that energy, of all those moments and memories of learning that we've had. And it takes some real diligence right to, to be willing to get to the bottom of this stuff.

Alex Ferrari 10:08
Would you agree that there are you were mentioning that there are souls who come down to teach us lessons or to sacrifice themselves? In one way, shape or form to teach others lessons? Would you agree that there there are souls that come down to play different parts? In humanities, movie, or even a family's movie, or a communities movie? So in other words, coming from the film industry as I do, without an antagonist, the protagonist has nothing to do.

Anjie Hipple 10:41

Alex Ferrari 10:42
And the protagonist is only as good as its antagonist. The villain, you know, Luke Skywalker is nothing without Darth Vader. Right? You know, the Joker is, you know, Batman is nothing without the Joker, there has to be a counterbalance a counter force, to be able to see what you don't want there to be in the world. And that is in that could go from, you know, politicians, to parents, to bosses, to, you know, relationships to all of this stuff. I don't know about you. But when I was dating, there was a lot of frogs that I needed to kiss along the path that really showed me when the right ones showed up, go, Oh, yes, that's what I want. I saw what I didn't want. That's what I want. And those people played their part in my journey, as I'm sure I played for other people in their journey, because I might not be the cup of tea for somebody else's path, and so on. Would you agree?

Anjie Hipple 11:46
Yeah, well, let's talk about the antagonist thing for a little bit. Right. So, you know, narcissism is a big word out there in the culture right now. And I believe we're all narcissistic, on one end of the scale the other from mild to malignant, you know, and that's what the show is, it's, it's our narcissism, right? But just using that, for an example of an antagonist, you know, in our culture, we learned that we should run from people like that. And I'm not saying there's not a time to separate yourself from a person with a really negative or toxic energy. Obviously, there's a need to do that sometimes. But there is sometimes the higher way, I experienced I had a very narcissistic person in my life. And as most people, when you encounter someone like this, you realize it a little too late.

Alex Ferrari 12:34
You know, always, almost always,

Anjie Hipple 12:37
You know what that person actually was a catalyst to bring me into a full on awakening. Yeah, and they were also a catalyst to really break open my heart, chakra and really, to begin to change me and elevate my consciousness. And so, you know, when we encounter something, something or someone liked these, these antagonists, what we can do is look into their eyes and see them as a mirror of some part of ourselves that we are not owning. They're showing us some things about ourselves. And if even if they're just being full on heinous, right? But we take responsibility in the sense that, that we say, you know, what, I don't know why this person is in my life, or how I created it or why, but I'm going to take responsibility and believe the truth that I'm the creator of my own reality. And I've attracted this antagonist into my life for a reason. And I'm not going to run from it. I'm going to face what's in me that's attracting this situation. And I'm going to get to the bottom right here. And now so I can clear all my karma. Because you know, what God has taught us is, you know, a lot of times there's, there's a lot of tools and resources and folks out there that can take us through experiencing our past lives and getting information. And all of that can be okay and helpful at times, it can be of a comfort, but the truth is how we heal all of our past lives. And current life trauma is in the Now moment. And so when there's some antagonist in front of me, whether it's an organization, a person, a dogma, a political party, that that antagonist is there to help me see myself more clearly and gives me the opportunity to break free and to take responsibility for what I'm creating, and to actually elevate my consciousness. And you know, psychologists would call this a trauma high right? But you see it all the time when you interview your nd ears right? There is something that can happen to you when you face a trauma head on and you just the wind is knocked out of you, your your knees are kicked out from under you and all you can do is surrender to what's happening. And all of a sudden, boom, the heavens open up for you You and you're experiencing consciousness and God and angels and freedom, right? So people and political parties and warring part countries, all these antagonists can do that for us, they can give us that the catalyst of that trauma high, right to really break into the unseen realm and discover new information.

Alex Ferrari 15:25
Well, yeah, I mean, I mean, I don't know if you know, my origin story, the origin story, Next Level Soul but and people might not, he might have not heard it already. I've said it a couple of times on the show, where I was almost me that $20 million movie for the mafia, and and there was this mobster who tortured me for basically a year essentially psychologically threatening my life on a daily basis, while at the exact same time being as close to my filmmaking dream as I'd ever been to talking to billion dollar producers and biggest movie stars in the world. And all that's, can you imagine that same at that same time. So you said a very interesting word attract. That is, that's a that's a word, that when people hear that they get very upset. Because if you would have told my 26 year old self, you attracted Jimmy, the gangster to you, to teach you lessons that will set you up for your entire life. And I'm like, wait, I would have lost my mind. Because first of all, I was definitely not where I am today. But I would have said, that doesn't make any sense. When you're in it, it's very difficult to see it. And you're so angry about what's happening while you're in it. But when you have distance, and that's one of the one of the few gifts of age, just a few, just a few of age, wisdom, experience. Yes, love it, not, not your knees, but but when you get distance, you look back at your life a bit, and you go, thank God, I dated that person, thank God that person was in my life. And it might take 10 or 15 years, 20 years, sometimes a lifetime to understand that. That abusive relationship I was in was the catalyst of my work now, or made me who I am today, and so on and so forth. But how do you talk to somebody? And this is my question to you. How do you talk to someone that is in the moment? And has someone like that in their life? And you have to tell them, you kind of brought this to you? And it's kind of blaming them for the abuse that they're getting, which makes no sense whatsoever? But it can't, you can look at it that way. It has to be like a different way. It's it. This is very tightwad type rope walking conversation. So I would love to hear your thoughts.

Anjie Hipple 17:52
Yeah. And I, you know, I've been there like I've had some really heinous abuse that I wouldn't ever repeat. Right? Right, because not have any help to repeat it to people. So, you know, is the perpetrator off the hook for that? No, of course not was a true victim? Yes, of course. But now, I'm not a victim. And so if I really want to, if I want to be free, if I don't want to continue to be victimized my whole entire life for that, I have to accept the truth that I'm an adult now. I'm an adult, and I have the responsibility to heal myself. And nobody else can do that for me and Judo was we've channeling the other day, and you just said you're your own best medicine, right? Nobody else knows how to heal your own soul like you do. So Is it painful to hear that, you know, when I first got into this world of spiritual teaching, and and shows like yours and reading Enlightened Masters and learning, I wanted to sucker punch these people that told me that I had created my own reality. I mean, really, I was furious. And I had a spiritual mentor in my life that would lovingly say, sweetie, you created this, sweetie, you created this. And I hated them for it. And I wanted to run. I wanted to pack my bags and get off of this train called awakening and enlightenment because it really, really sucked was miserable. Oh, yeah. Yeah. But you know, I did, I came to a point where I realized, you know, but I am an adult now. And if I don't take responsibility and extract something good from this, my whole life's going to be ruined. I'm going to be a victim forever. And so it is hard. And I don't ever say to people, well, you created that, you know, that's nasty stuff. But I do try to act as if I created it. And so I'm gentle, really super gentle with myself and with others. And I say, you know, I don't know why this is happening. I have no idea why I would attract such a ridiculous awful thing to happen to myself. But I'm going to, I'm going to extract something good from it, I'm gonna get free from it. And I'm going to act as if this was a part of my plan from before my birth to make me into a lion, a conqueror and Victor, an overcomer. Right. And I'll tell a story here that really applies because I tell this in my book. And this is a true story, I had a very dear friend that I used to do speaking engagements with and she was an African American woman who grew up in poverty. She had a twin sister and an identical twin, and her father rate both of them for many, many years, their whole growing up years. And this woman grew up and became a lawyer, and she decided to fight for justice for young women and children just like herself. And she served in the inner city and through glorious Christmas parties every year for underprivileged kids, she moved back into the inner city, even though she had the money to live anywhere she wanted to to be a mother to these beautiful people in her community. Now, her sister, on the other hand, who was also rate repeatedly by the same father was depressed on drugs, suicidal, couldn't hold down a job couldn't sustain a relationship. What was the difference between the two? What was the difference? You say? So see, the the other young woman, my friend, she lived as if there must be some divine plan or purpose for what happened to her. She found that and she overcame the victimization. And the other young woman unfortunately wasn't able to find a way clear to do that.

Alex Ferrari 21:51
It's very interesting that coming from the story world that I do, and understanding story at a deep level, there are things that the protagonist, these were all protagonists in our lives. So we're all we're all a protagonist. As you know, we are all just what, what it takes what does Shakespeare say, We're all merely players on a stage or something along those lines. So as being a protagonist, there needs to be events, people or moments that are catalysts for the next stage in your journey in the in the hero's journey, or the heroines journey, as as you're going through it. So I'll go I'll call back to Star Wars, because everyone knows I love Star Wars. If Luke when he was started his entire family that he only knew the only family he ever knew, were murdered, destroyed, burned by the Empire. Without that moment, he would have never gone on the journey. And I'm geeking out here with Obi Wan Kenobi to go and, and save his friends, and so on and go on this adventure. Without that horrible experience. If the if the family was fine, he would have said, you know, I don't want to leave my aunt and uncle behind, you know, they need help with the farm. So those are those kinds of horrible moments that we need to push us out of the comfort zone that we're in, to get us to learn the lessons. If you always say, what is this is happening for me, not to me, is a very powerful mantra, I found in the worst in the worst, and which I've heard stories of what is it from people in the Holocaust, who walked out very happy, because they changed their perception of what they were doing inside while they were being tortured and beaten and horrible things. You know, and I'm using that as just an example. But it should never have happened, we will look at it from the outside, go, Oh, my God, we should have never had this happen or not, should have never happened. But when you started looking at it at a deeper level you like, well, if this wouldn't have happened, if this war wouldn't have happened, we wouldn't have learned as a society, this lesson, and so on and so forth.

Anjie Hipple 24:03
And you know, that was my story. At the time that I'm at Judah. I've been through six years of this really intense traumas, you know, 27 year divorce, my father dropped dead, he left me with the car business, I didn't know how to run and the guy who he was his best friend was embezzling funds under my nose before my dad was in the ground. And you know, we all have the story right of the stuff. And it was it was very traumatic. And, and I went through hell. I mean, I remember actually today on two different occasions, just laying in bed at night and literally dropping into I can't explain it any other way than to say it was hell. It was a psychic, hell in my own mind, and and I thought as I was going through it, if this lasts more than 20 minutes, I'm going to be dead. You know, and so people now they can watch you know, the judo channels and stuff in judo obviously is like super positive and super Pollyanna and expecting the best for everybody in the universe, and that's kind of their vibe, right and people, I got a comment the other day, privileged Chandler. But you know what, I want everybody to know that all that was the stuff that came before and because I endured and just kept my nose to the grindstone and focused on my own inner work to, to came through and gave me a miracle. I mean, the moment that I first channeled you to ever for the first time, before the first word came out of my mouth, my face broke out into this huge smile. It was as if someone was smiling me I couldn't not smile. And then I was instantly healed from a two year chronic illness. So all the hell that anybody's going through right now what I would say to you is, is it's, it's taking you right to the door of your heaven and your bliss. And, and as much hell as you've endured, that is how much bliss that you can experience.

Alex Ferrari 25:54
I would agree with you 100%. So let's, let's, we've been talking about Judah for a little bit. Let's bring Judah in. I'm sure it's excited to be back on the show?

Anjie Hipple 26:01
Of course.

Alex Ferrari 26:05
So, so can you explain to everybody what your process is, when you channel How, how you come in? How do you come out? Does it take energy out? Does it not take energy? Yeah, how's it work for you?

Anjie Hipple 26:17
Well, it's just it feels like going from third gear shifting up into fifth gear, you know, and, and just going full throttle, and, you know, Judas, my higher self, their collective of 350,000. Angels. And the longer that I've been working with them, they've explained to me that these angelic souls are all the different incarnations of my higher self Past, Present parallel future reality. So when I'm bringing them through, I'm bringing in through all the wisdom and experience of every lifetime I've ever lived. And, and so as they come through, you know, it just the power just feels amazing. But it also feels very comfortable and feels like home. So I slip right in and out of channeling. It's like a really effortless process. For me, I don't really go anywhere, I'm still a conscious listener. And it does feel like just kind of like shifting the gear.

Alex Ferrari 27:09
And when you say 325,000 souls, that that's the state that it's not only past lives, but every timeline, within that past life within your head starts to really hurt, because, and for anybody who's never heard the concept of parallel realities, parallel timelines in the current life, like, hey, what happens if I don't marry that person and marry that person, or so on so forth, those all spin off to different timelines. And that's all of these lives are coming into one.

Anjie Hipple 27:41
It should be sustained. My understanding is that I my soul has incarnated has is and will incarnate 350,000 times over the course of I guess, eternity perhaps. And so when I channel I'm bringing in all of those streams of consciousness and incarnations into one now moment experience. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 28:06
Beautiful. Well, let's get into it. I appreciate you. Thanks.

Anjie Hipple 28:10
Alright, fire away, to get us ready.

Alex Ferrari 28:14
All right. So my first question is, in the context of a souls journey, why might a soul choose to experience a life in a body or mind considered a typical or diseased?

Anjie Hipple 28:30
Yes, yes, yes. Well, one answer to this question is that they are here to teach their family, their communities and as many are able to receive through them and through their life experience, compassion, patience, diligence. Kindness, yes. And also, some are here in order to motivate and spur others in the field of science, healing and medicine to uncover new possibilities of healing for certain diseases. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 29:14
Can you give advice? Any advice to the caregivers on how to better serve the souls in such difficult situations and scenarios?

Anjie Hipple 29:24
Yes, of course. Yes. And so always opening your heart chakra and allowing love energy to flow out from your heart to the other Yes, in the disease, and also allowing them to be your teacher. Yes, washing their feet. Everything that you do in service to this precious one you have been given care for is your high service, your high service to the divine. And so seeing this precious one in their diseased by Honey as God God in the body, yes. And serving that one with all love and respect and also we would say, please take very, very, very good care of yourself. Yes, caretakers need to give themselves time love attention, time away, time to journey into their own heart and be restored and refreshed.

Alex Ferrari 30:25
How do you perceive the future of humanity evolving in the next decade?

Anjie Hipple 30:29
Well, there are so many wonderful amazing things to come, yes, enlightenment will become more and more common, yes. And less and less obscure of a concept, there will be many who will step into full on enlightenment many Jesus's many Buddha's many Ramana Maharshi is many Byron Katie's and these who become make it all the way true through to their full ascension will be quickly replicating, in a sense, more enlightened people for the hunger is growing. And the accessibility to the understanding and the energies that allow people to come all the way through to enlightenment is so much more accessible. So not in the next decade. But we would say in the next two generations, determine Lightman or ascension will be almost like a word referring to a past phenomenon because so many people will be enlightened, that it will be more than norm rather than a rarity. There are many other things coming there is a disclosure coming in a full on frontal eyes wide open seeing in the 3d reality sense. And so much of what we are doing in channeling not just ourselves but other channelers is preparing people to be receptive to these beautiful beings who are going to be revealing themselves more fully, and in physicality in many instances, yes. Another important move in the next decade is that myriads of people will begin channeling their own Higher Self and also their guides and angels. And this will become very commonplace and very mainstream. And children are the children of today. And their children will find all the Claire gifts to be very normal and commonplace. Yes, those who do not operate in these Claire gifts will be the outliers. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 33:01
In what ways do you foresee the current money money system transforming to better serve humanity.

Anjie Hipple 33:09
All that is required for the money system to transition properly is for each conscious person to consciously spend, invest and receive the energy which is money, that is all that is required. There need not be some complete overturning or overhaul of how things operate. All that is needed is for each one within the sound of our voice to spend their money, invest, give their money to conscious persons, for high conscious endeavors and services that are aligned and in integrity and also to get rid of limiting beliefs. And we would say religious judgmental believes that conscious people should not make money or spiritual people should not make money. We encourage you be thoughtful with every dollar that you have an invested in the people, places and things that you want to flourish in the earth and retract it from those who are damaging the earth or bringing lower vibrational values to our societies

Alex Ferrari 34:29
From a spiritual perspective, what purpose does economic adversity serve in our evolution?

Anjie Hipple 34:35
Well, economic adversity will either rat whether on a grand collective scale a global scale or an individual scale points to belief systems about unworthiness and lack and limitation. Yes. And so anytime you are having difficulties with money, it is pointing to your sense of Probably a conditioned response of unworthiness. Yes. And so when you overcome this sense of unworthiness through your meditation and interior work, you will find money stacking up at your door, you will find that you have more money that then we want or need more money than you can spend. And you are able to happily share it with anyone who you want to bless and and anyone that you want to see their mission grow in the earth. So all financial adversity comes from this sense of lack and limitation in the lower chakras, this red and orange Ray, we will call it and a sense of, of not being safe, not having enough insufficiency. These are deeply ingrained, deeply ingrained, subconscious beliefs that must be addressed. Yes,

Alex Ferrari 36:02
How can our economic structures evolve to reflect a higher collective consciousness?

Anjie Hipple 36:09
Well, we would say that what is needed is to have proper leadership. When we say proper we are, we are speaking of leadership that is, is not giving lip service to serving the people. But those who are truly serving the people. Yes, allowing people to be autonomous sovereign, responsible for themselves and in support of people's dreams, their skills and talents and their expressions of freedom. Leadership is all that is needed. And spiritual leadership is rare, but it's needed in every segment of society, not just in spiritual circles. What is needed in political circles, religious circles, educational institutes and businesses is spiritual leaders. And we would recommend absorbing the teachers, teachings of the master Lao Tzu for understanding what a true spiritual leader is.

Alex Ferrari 37:23
What deeper lessons can humanity learn from the current state of our global economy.

Anjie Hipple 37:28
What we desire to be learned at this stage is that to live in your god state is to live in unity with all of your brothers and sisters on Earth. And that means seeing yourself as equal with everyone you interact with, whether it be the president of a great country, or the person who mops the floors in your office at night, everyone you meet is your brother and your sister, your equal your partner in humanity and in consciousness. And so, the financial disparity is simply showing the degree reflecting the degree to which you are all trapped together in an us and them story us in them haves and have nots better than less than over and underling and so on. And this is what we want to rectify more than anything, yes. And so, when this is rectified, when you treat everyone you meet as your equal, treat them with all love and respect, treat them as you would a Master. Yes, when this has happened in a relational format, in all of your relationships, then the financial system will very intuitively write itself.

Alex Ferrari 39:04
How do current global conflicts reflect the collective consciousness that we have in humanity today?

Anjie Hipple 39:11
Yes, our global conflicts are a emblem and symbol of our interior conflicts for we have many aspects of the personality within some of them our ego constructs conditioned parts or aspects of the personality that have developed in order to function in a dense and hurting world. Others of them are fragile, childlike parts. Yes, some of them others of them are protective, controlling parts that have developed in the personality in order to in defense of the more young and fragile parts. But all of these parts are you see in conflict at war with one another. In most human hearts, we would say, and most human hearts have around 200 of these aspects or personality parts, within. And, and in also in. In many this could be seen as the this vessel has a memory of a story she taught as a school teacher of the old woman who lived in this shoe and she had so many children, she didn't know what to do. And there were these feral children running all about without any structure or restraint. And so, most of you, many of you are like this old woman who lives in the shoe, your soul is the old woman. And all these parts are aspects of you of the personality and the ego or like feral children running around, unhinged. And this is why when you sit to meditate, your mind seems to go amok. And you call it at times you call it this monkey mind. Well, it's not just random thoughts, the thoughts are representative of or emanating from these parts of yours, these these feral children running around that have lack your attention, you say, and so there's conflict, just as if you left many siblings together with no parents, there are two to oversee their activities, you would likely find them eventually, in a fight of some sort, yes, and some conflict going on and a parent needing to step in. So what we are saying here, to get more to the point is, what is needed and what you are achieving by listening to a show such as this, as you are learning how to have your soul, your eternal part, your higher dimensional part, become a parent, a good parent, and attentive, listening, loving parent to all these parts, so that the parts can settle down and the ego can get quiet, and relax. And these parts can begin to fall in line under the leadership of a loving intent, attentive parent, which is the soul, which is the soul. And so as each of you does this beautiful work, then the wars and conflicts begin to die, and begin to disseminate and diminish and eventually fade until war on your planet is only a distant memory, something written in the annals of history. And this is absolutely a possibility, absolutely a possibility. And so if you are not living in war in conflict, if you are not in one of those zones, if you are not one of those who is living in a survival state in those zones, we encourage you do your interior work, to resolve the war in the conflict within your own inner being. And as you do that you are you are literally buying freedom for those who are in war zones, for the levels of consciousness that you can achieve and sustain and maintain, are a gift not just for you, but for 1000s 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s Depending on where you're at in your spiritual journey. And so you're literally shifting the atmosphere of the planet by resolving your internal conflict.

Alex Ferrari 43:24
What spiritual practices should guide humanity's approach to resolving these conflicts and wars?

Anjie Hipple 43:30
Yes, well, we have said many times through this vessel, we will say it again here. We like to keep things very simple. If everyone right now, on the planet, simply focused on the one person in front of them, open their heart, loved that one, unconditionally, with no judgment whatsoever, received them with all love, the planet would be instantly transformed. Yes. And leadership. The lakhs that we see in leadership everywhere around the globe, are from this lack of love. And so we would say to all those who are parenting, give all of your loving attention, and your wisdom to your children. And in that way, you can truly shift the trajectory of the planet. For indeed, imagine again, if everyone on the planet right now in this moment of time, had been raised by loving, forgiving, wise, high consciousness, attentive parents who lived in abundance in all realms of their life. Wouldn't the planet be radically different than it is right now?

Alex Ferrari 44:55
Will space exploration play a role in humanity's future and evolution?

Anjie Hipple 45:00
We like this question. This is a deciding point. Now, there are many entrepreneurs who have vision for this space exploration. And we like this because it is autonomous and sovereign. Yes, and it is out from under or as you would say, the red tape. And we believe that there is the possibility for many more independent and private businesses to make great strides in space exploration, and travel. And we are in support of this. And in fact, there is lots of this type of work going on behind the scenes which will come to light within the next five years. And there is a great potential at this point for persons such as yourselves, in the coming decades to be able to get on a spaceship and to explore in outer space as a passenger as a vacation. Or you might say,

Alex Ferrari 46:10
How will artificial intelligence affect our spiritual evolution?

Anjie Hipple 46:15
Well, first, it will cause you to look inward, and to think deeply about who it is that makes you who and what you are, that makes you sentient and conscious, and divine in nature. And it will cause a redefining of all of that. And it will push to the limits. Aha, some of you will be pushed to the limits, to explore your fears, yes. And fear of losing control of the trajectory of humanity, for humanity thinks of itself as the king of the planet, the kings and queens of the planet, or the dominant species of the planet. And if you talk to many beings, such as ourselves, you will find that they don't really see it that way. Yes, but AI has the potential to alleviate a lot of human suffering. And for that, you can be very grateful. And it will also be a gift to many, to bring them out of a survival mode and state of being so that they can be in a state of more growth and repair and and have the time and attention and energy to focus on spiritual growth.

Alex Ferrari 47:39
What would you say to the people who will lose jobs because of artificial intelligence and affect their personal journeys along the way, there's a lot of fear involved with artificial intelligence. So I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you could say to these people.

Anjie Hipple 47:57
Yes, we love this question very much. anyone within the sound of our voice who finds themselves in that category, we would like Please begin to dream. Begin to dream if time and money were no object were no obstacle for me. What would I do with my time? What would I do with myself and begin to plan plan for adjusting for moving towards a new and different dream, a bigger and brighter dream for yourself? We assure you that anyone who wishes to be of service to their family and to the earth, and to the new consciousness that is coming, has an opportunity, endless possibilities for opportunity. We understand the fear involved in being detached from impossibly unwillingly from something that you love or something that has provided for you. But we assure you that the resources of heaven are yours. And if you will allow yourself to be childlike enough to dream again, to go back to square one, and consider what great gifts you might have to give. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 49:13
How will religion evolve in our future?

Anjie Hipple 49:16
Well, we will tell you, that we have a lot to say about this. Yes, this vessel as you may or may not know was steeped in religion from her upbringing into her 40s And, and has had a major overhaul of religious conditioning. We would say as you would say the phrase she was religiously conditioned to the nth degree, it was so deeply ingrained that it was very frightening for her to let go of many of these belief systems so as to the future of religion. There will be many, many, many houses of worship who will close their doors they will empty out as a natural course of events as people awaken and remove themselves from ideas that are keeping them in bondage. And many of these facilities will be reinvented for, for educational centers for Centers for the homeless, for ascension houses in which people will be guided into an ascension process. And from a spiritual perspective, yes. And this vessel we have promised her that she can be and will be a statue of liberty for particularly for women who are getting out of religious paradigms, and she can show them the way. And so make way for these ones, bring them into your heart, bring them into your into your awareness, love them, love them completely give them safe spaces to process to sift and sort through what needs to go in the trash for them and what parts are true and real for them that they need to keep. But we want to assure you that the masters that are found at the center of every great religion, Christianity, the Muslim faith, Buddhism, and many others, the masters of those traditions never intended for religious ideologies, or houses of worship to be built up around their person. Instead, what they intended was only to be a an example of what each of you can be, as the enlightened souls, which you are,

Alex Ferrari 51:42
How will social media evolve in the coming years? And will it be a force of unity or division?

Anjie Hipple 51:49
All of these will be completely determined by the consciousness of those participating in social media. Yes, and so each one can make their contribution, either for the good or the bad, as you say, and we make no judgment about either one. And social media will, of course, continue to be the primary voice in media because it is the voice of the people. And the people's voices will be heard, they will be continue to be heard. And this outlet of media is allowing for their expression of creativity, and sovereignty. And we are in support of that. And so the possibilities are endless. And this form of media will continue to be the king, we will say of media outlets. And we encourage all conscious persons to be very mindful, very mindful of how you utilize social media. One of the things this vessel encounters quite frequently is it seems that when one is in a social media platform, there is no need for the integrity or or values or loving kindness that one would use in a face to face interaction. We would say this is absolutely untrue. All words are powerful words are spells, whether they are words that are spoken, or words that are typed. And words can be very powerful portals into unseen realms. So be aware conscious persons, that the words that you type or print or share and images, videos on social media are portals to unseen realms. They can allow in dark entities, or angelic entities, they can allow in love or hatred, and we encourage each one to take responsibility for your responses and influences in social media.

Alex Ferrari 53:58
What is the biggest challenge that humanity has for its future?

Anjie Hipple 54:01
We would say the biggest challenge is to forgive the self, yes, to forgive the self. Because when one has forgiven the self, then one is able to love the self and one when one can love the self, one can love everyone. And love changes everything. Love is the linchpin upon which all things hang. So forgive yourself. Treat yourself with the utmost kindness and gentleness at all times. For what we want you to know is literally everyone on the planet is literally doing the very best they can at this moment in time with the light, the resources, the environment and the consciousness that they have. And so there's never any reason to ever condemn yourself, love yourself and simply make a different choice, my dear. The choice first to forgive yourself and others,

Alex Ferrari 55:03
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Anjie Hipple 55:05
We love you dearly. You're always welcome in our hearts. Angels are available to you 24/7 Every day, we do not go away without leave, we don't sleep, we don't need vacation. There is nothing that you can say to us that will turn us off or cause us to reject you. We are on board with you always and at all times. Understand that your beautiful guardian angels have been with you from the moment that you separate it out from source as an individual life soul, and they love you and care for you. They know you better than you know yourself. So connect with them. Connect with us. If you do not have a current relationship with your angels or other guides. You can allow Judah to be your foster parent or your surrogate or your midwife. We are there call on us. We will assist you know that you're loved all the time, all the time. Nothing can separate you from the love of source. Only your thoughts.

Alex Ferrari 56:17
Thank you so much. My dear. What do you think of that? What do you think of their answers? Do you remember everything by the way?

Anjie Hipple 56:23
I don't remember all of it. But I have a sense of a lot of it. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 56:27
What do you think of their answers to these questions?

Anjie Hipple 56:29
Well, I just love that last one about nothing can separate you from the love of God. But your thoughts? I want to remember that one, right? We want to remember that.

Alex Ferrari 56:39
So you get you get you're being taught basically at the same time you you're teaching others.

Anjie Hipple 56:44
Oh, absolutely, absolutely. I that would be like that's top of mind bucket list is just to learn everything that's ever come out of their mouth to actually embody it. That would be that would be great.

Alex Ferrari 56:57
Thank you so much. Where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing with Judah?

Anjie Hipple 57:01
Well, we're at And we have lots of free offerings there. When people click the Start now and we're also the judah channel on YouTube. And we have a beautiful growing family there. We've got so much fun stuff to offer a lot of free stuff and some some really powerful life changing courses that can take you from wherever you are right now all the way to the door of enlightenment. We love to serve you in any way we can.

Alex Ferrari 57:01
I appreciate you so much Anjie for coming back on the show and sharing Judah's message with all of us. So I appreciate you and thank you for all the work you're doing in the world.

Anjie Hipple 57:38
Thank you Alex.

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