UNBELIEVABLE! Humanity’s FUTURE REVEALED Through RARE Channeling to the Yr 2300! with Pamela Aaralyn

Meet Pamela Aaralyn, a fascinating individual immersed in the realms of multidimensional semi-trance and trance channeling. From the tender age of 5, Pamela embarked on a journey working closely with Christ Conscious beings and her galactic team, known as The Council of 9. With over four decades of dedicated training alongside these spirit guides, Pamela’s unique focus lies in her encounters with what she refers to as “Humans from the Future.”

Intrigued by clairvoyant visions that revealed accurate yet sometimes unsettling world predictions, Pamela delved into bi-location, a form of astral travel. Her quest was to connect with individuals in the future who could shed light on the visions she experienced. Across various points in time, she met a diverse array of personalities – physicists, farmers, scientists, historians, economists, future presidents, musicians, and even yoga teachers. Each offered insights into their versions of the future Earth, reflecting on both the successes and failures that shaped various destinies.

Pamela’s journey reached an unexpectedly personal level when she accidentally encountered her own granddaughter during one of her bi-locations. Despite her granddaughter’s unawareness of their familial connection, they forged a friendship, and Pamela gained profound insights into her own future. Commitment, grounding, and ethical considerations have been pivotal in sustaining this remarkable work, fostering not only a wealth of knowledge but also profound humility.

With years of collaboration with her galactic team, Pamela gains a unique perspective on their concerns for humanity, facilitating her growth as both a channeler and a compassionate human being. Grateful for the opportunity to influence timelines positively, Pamela dedicates her time to teaching about the ethics of channeling, sharing visions, and contributing to the awakening process. Whether she’s channeling on YouTube, offering teachings on her Patreon channel, or indulging in her favorite sport of ice skating, Pamela remains committed to helping humanity shape a brighter potential for both ourselves and the planet we call home.

Please enjoy my conversation with Pamela Aaralyn.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 401

Pamela Aaralyn 0:00
Your leaders and innovators are children. Those are the masterminds of your world right now. Your baby star seats, and you are shutting them down by raising them in a system that is crumbling. And attempting to give them culture and discipline from a system that is only hanging on by a thread. So let's start there. Let's begin with our children. They are the future innovators. So let's listen to them. Let's help them feel seen and heard. Let's give them the safety and the resources, the love, the compassion, the understanding. And then let's make sure that they're ready to change this world.

Alex Ferrari 0:55
Like to welcome to the show, Pamela Aaralyn. How you doing Pamela?

Pamela Aaralyn 0:58
I am great. Thank you so much for having me. Such an honor.

Alex Ferrari 1:02
Oh, thank you so much for that. I appreciate it. I am I'm looking forward to talking to you today. Because you are a trans channel, semi trans channel. But we're going to be exploring a new form of channeling today. But we'll just give that a little bit as a teaser for the audience that we're going to be doing some things we haven't done on the show before. So my first question to you is what was your life like before this insanity that is channeling came into your life?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:27
I knew you're going to ask that because I'm an avid fan, I was talking to you before we hit the record button about, I get up in the morning. And I'm like, I gotta have the Alex time. You know, I love what you're doing in the world. And I just wanted to give you a really sincere, authentic thanks from my heart. For all the hard work. I know that it's hard work, particularly being a parent. I'm a parent too. And my goodness, the dedication, the journey, the devotion that it takes to be in this world in these wild times. So thank you. Appreciate that. Yeah. So my life, I grew up in a very poor, white family in the middle of rural South Carolina. But I had unusual parents who understood what I am and what I do. And when all this started to happen at age five, I was a little scared. And I remember coming to my mom's saying there is a big tall being with a golden robe. And she said, What does it look like? And I said, it's just white, it doesn't have features that I can I don't understand what it looks like. It doesn't have features, like, you know, when you see an extraterrestrial being as a child, I don't think I had any reference point. And of course, you know, we're from the Southern Baptist background, and she said, Did you pray about it? And um, did you come to a did it tell you to come to it? What did you do? I said, it told me to come to it. And I prayed about it like I'm supposed to good little Baptist girl, you know? And I heard a clear yes, in my heart. And she said, That's it. Jesus didn't come and tell you Yes. as well. Not a first wait. The second time I met him. Then I saw Jesus. And she said, You saw Jesus, Are you sure. And we went through that. And it was a very unusual life. And my parents were full of one of them was full of fear. And the other one was full of curiosity. And eventually, the one that was full of curiosity got used to me being the ultra weird little kid that I am. Because I was walking around saying to people things like, Uncle so and so is acting blue today. And she said, do you mean he sat on like, no, he looks blue. His whole face is blue. And she's like, No, no, it's not. So we did all the testing with her all the, you know, talking to administrators at school, you know, because I can't pay attention. There's like dragons and beings behind them. And I can't pay attention to the teacher. And that was pretty much the story of my life. And it got better as I grew older, obviously.

Alex Ferrari 4:01
So as you got older through this, I mean, because I can imagine, man, I could only imagine going through that at such a young age, you're still trying to process being a human. And having a being a soul in the human body, you have to process that which is a fairly decent amount to process in a lifetime. But dealing with all of this other stuff, as you continue to grow up having two sides of that coin, where one is fear and one is curiosity. I imagine you were getting kind of pulled from both sides for a little while, correct?

Pamela Aaralyn 4:34
Um, no, not really, because this happened at such a young age. And when you have experiences with the crisis of consciousness and that loving energy, you know, immediately what's true. What was confusing was people around me were saying, but it might be an imposter. It might be a demon. It might be an entity, it might be bla bla bla bla bla, and it didn't feel that way to me ever, ever and I went to this strict training with these guides. And they began to tell me the difference between themselves in entities and I then was taught discernment, I was taught that there are, indeed, you know, negative dark entities in the world and how to be aware of them. So it's still very interesting as an adult channel, you know, on my YouTube channel, when people come in, they're like, Oh, you're sure that it's Jesus that you're talking to? And I'm like, Yeah, I feel that so strongly, it would be like saying, Is your dad because he passed away at age? Age 30, for me, and it would be like saying, Well, the thing that I know is my dad, if someone came and tried to come and Pastor Mike, like, I would know, you know, that it's not my dad, you would feel that, right.

Alex Ferrari 5:46
So as you got older, and I've heard this from other channels that they, they just want to fit in. At a certain point. As you get older, especially as a teenager, and your early 20s, you just want to fit in. So you kind of put it aside. And just like, you know, what I'm just not going to deal with the people that keep seeing are the entities that you see, because I just want to be a teenager, I just want to be a kid, I just want to be in my 20s and just go down that road. Did that happen to you? Or did you embrace it the entire time?

Pamela Aaralyn 6:16
I really didn't have a choice but to embrace it, the beings weren't going away, it was something that could not be put aside. And it just wasn't going to stop. And I remember even later in my life getting married, and my husband at the time, you know, he has passed this role now. But at the time, he said, you know, maybe just for the sake of everyone else in our family, we should send you to a psychiatrist and have you do all the drill. Now I remember going Oh, my goodness. So I did all that. And the psychiatrist said, well, so this is normal for you since age five. He said, and I believe you, I don't see any signs or traits of dishonesty or any mental disorders at all, this is your normal, and you are functional and happy and productive. And there's nothing wrong with you. And it was such like this, this weight falling off of my shoulders, because you know, I have kids and I want to raise them humbly and honestly and authentically. And simultaneously, I've got all this going on. And no one around us believes what we're going through, including people we love dearly in our biological families, like my children, three out of four of them are awake and very gifted.

Alex Ferrari 7:29
That must be I've actually always wondered about that. Because as a parent, going through this having these kinds of abilities. I don't have these kinds of abilities. But if I if I did, trying to just function in everyday society, a lot of people like wow, these people are all schizophrenics. They all have different voices coming out of them in this. But you just said that you went through an actual psychological breakdown, like psycho psychological analysis. And I love the way you said, it's your normal, it's not normal for others, but you're normal. And the thing that was really interesting is that you're functioning, you're happy, you know, you are more than capable of doing everything else in your life. This is just part of who you are. Right. That's, that's, that's very interesting. Very fascinating. Hopefully, that helps some people listening who might be might be,

Pamela Aaralyn 8:27
I'm sorry, if you struggle with that. What I would advise is to let people just get to know you and let them see your authenticity, let them see your functionality. Let them see your happiness and the light that you are in the world because that's going to shine through. That's going to shine through before you tell anyone anything. If you're just awakening and coming into out of the spiritual closet, let them get to know you as human first, and then let them make those decisions for themselves. And that's how I still function as an adult to this very day. I let people get to know me just as Pamela, you know, not the galactic weirdo who's channeling humans from another realm and in a different timeframe. I don't even talk about that. Because it's too much for the world to handle. They're like, are you insane? Or if you are nit if you've got me fooled, right. So it's kind of throws people by the time I finally tell them that like if I hadn't really gotten to know you, I would say that's crazy.

Alex Ferrari 9:24
Right! Like I always say it clears a room is a room if you're not ready definitely clears room. As you as you were growing up, did you I'm assuming you didn't like you said you didn't lead with this. You weren't public about it. When did you become public or come out of the complete like closet doing this kind of work? So 24 is when you finally said hey, this is who I am. So what happened to your friends and family and

Pamela Aaralyn 9:53
They started praying for me attempting to reach out to me texting me. We're praying for you. We're praying for you and I Um, I don't see anything wrong with it. So I'm kind of like, Oh, thank you for praying for me. I love prayer. I'm talking to Jesus right now. And they're like, Oh, heavens, there's heaven sake, we're praying more, you know? I'm like, no, he's right in front of me. I'll pray with you. We can pray together. And they're like, they just don't really know what to do. When the person says they see Jesus right in front of them.

Alex Ferrari 10:19
Well, I mean, generally speaking, look is a culture of you like, Hey, I, I'm talking Jesus, just generally not that that's generally a sign of okay, this person's not Well, would you agree, generally speaking,

Pamela Aaralyn 10:31
Yeah. Yeah, generally speaking. But at the same time, the what I would also say is that if a person really understands that that is a consciousness, it's not just Jesus, the man that was upon this earth, that's not even how we pronounce his name Jay doesn't exist in his language. And he's not white. He's never showed up is this white skinned person for me.

Alex Ferrari 10:52
Who's shredded. And he's done all the cardio. He's like a pro. I mean, he's jacked.

Pamela Aaralyn 11:00
Yeah, he just he does not look like that. Granted, I feel like people have different energetic vibrations for how they perceive and the ascended masters will show up. However, we feel comfortable writing multiple people feel comfortable seeing a white men, okay, maybe he'll show up as a white man. But he has always shown up as a dark skin, you know, Middle Eastern looking man. And he talks about Gnosticism and the Council of Nicaea. And he's a bit of a rebel.

Alex Ferrari 11:30
Yeah, this is one of the few things that maintained from his story that he was a rebel. You know, he's a troublemakers They said he was a trouble.

Pamela Aaralyn 11:38
And also so much love and so much slapstick humor and so much down to earth, just talking to him, like I'm talking to you now that he would just talk to you and he doesn't come and say, Oh, my child, you know, please, come and my dear one, and he never said that, to me. He's always like, Hey, you want to pray? You look like you could use prayer.

Alex Ferrari 11:58
What I always what I always say about channels, because I get asked this all the time, like, do you think this is real? This is not real. You know, this is demons is this? Are they just insane? And I know a lot of channels personally, like, like human beings. And I'm like, Man, first of all, if it's an act, man, there's a easier hustle out there. Much easier to hustle. Your friends and family. Right? There's a lot easier hassles first of all. Secondly, regardless if you believe or you don't believe what is coming out of their mouth? Yeah. Is it helping you? Is it is it moving you forward in life Is it is it being of any sort of value to you, if it is use it, and use it in your life, if not discard it and move on with life. And that's what that's my litmus test for all channels, and all the information that comes in. And some of the stuff that I've heard from the mouth of channels is some of the most profound wisdom out there. All the way down back from Edward Casey and Seth. Oh, yes. To Yeah, to now with with Darryl and Bashar and, and there's, you know, there's so many I won't even start listing them all, but it's just so profound. So that's why I like to humanize channels, psychic mediums, because I always as a as a curious person, I always like, Man, this is, this takes a heck of a, um, set of cojones, to go out into the world and just go, this is who I am, this is what I'm going to do. Because like I said, this is there's such easier hustles out there. Such easier hustles if you want to try to screw people over for money. My God, there's so many easier hustles. So I always try to humanize them to people, because I don't think people I think before this show, there were some other shows, but that really never got deep into the human behind the channel about this show. I try. Because I'm just honestly curious, like, how would I react if I was given these powers? And grew up like you did? Or start seeing people at five? You know, how do you deal with that psychologically? How do you deal with losing your fan? Friends and family? How do you deal with mocking How do you deal with all this kind of stuff, and yet still have the the audacity to keep moving forward in life and trying to help other people with your gift. So that's what I tried to shine a light on with these conversations. So I appreciate your bravery. I mean, it takes a heck of a of a brave person to do what you're doing in the world. So I appreciate you for that. Thank you. So good. What's your channeling process? Do you hear? Is it clear audience clairvoyant. I hear you see, you see, so how's it work for you?

Pamela Aaralyn 14:46
Clairvoyant, and I do have the capacity how this all started. In terms of the being that we're going to talk to you today is that I see clairvoyant visions, particularly world prophecy, and I have been sharing those shins monthly, sometimes a yearly on YouTube for quite a few years. And I wanted to kind of get a grasp on understanding where some of these visions were going because I would notice a vision would come true. And then it would be particularly the visions that people don't believe are the ones that come true, like the COVID stuff, or I predicted the World Trade Center stuff. And unfortunately, and some of these visions are not easy to grasp or accept or understand or share. And then I didn't really understand why I was getting the visions, because I felt like by the time I would get a vision and put it out there, it would happen. Like a day later, a week later, a month later, I didn't understand because people couldn't even prepare, particularly the natural disaster types of visions. But I wanted to understand it more. So as I begin to explore astral travel, I learned that I have a unique way of astral traveling. It's a little unusual, let's put it that way. And it requires by location. So it's a combination of channeling remote viewing and by location. So I use the channeling ability, obviously, to become like a wire between a person say you in this instance, and a person in the past or the future. So I explored meeting people in the past like ancient Mayans, I explored meeting people in the future, who could help me understand some of the predictions that I had happened upon that came true in our time. And a lot of the things I didn't understand about political systems falling, and many of the predictions that have come through, were explained more deeply. And then I noticed that I could kind of circumvent timelines and get various versions of the same prediction based upon how we all handle things as a collective, so Aika super interesting then. And I met people I met farmers, scientists, researchers, doctors, adjudicators, you know, attorneys, you know, yoga teachers, soccer moms, all types, people, farmers, that one of my favorite humans from the feature that I met, her name is Andy. And she lives right outside of Austin. And she, I found out is alive today. And it's just trying to do a 2030 channeling with a being who's alive now and doesn't even know that she's going in that direction if you were to meet her now, and people found out and they reached out to her, and that was really, really interesting. So there was a lot of interesting things happening in us. And I started getting into the ethics of it wondering what was okay to do and what wasn't accidentally met my own granddaughter in the future, from my child now, who is 11. And I could notice that if something wasn't at the call, the person couldn't give me the answer. It felt like a higher consciousness coming down with this shield. I'm saying no, no, no, no. And then, like, their words would be jumbled.

Alex Ferrari 15:11
So not so not a lottery ticket numbers is what you're saying?

Pamela Aaralyn 18:14
No. So there were certain things that I wasn't given access to.

Alex Ferrari 18:19
Well, and because but I imagine if you get too much information, I mean, if we've, if we've watched anything from movies, if you get too much information about the future, it adjusts the future. If you're told something's going to happen, and you change it, or just your own perception of it changes, it could change the future. So perfect example, you mean in your your granddaughter, knowing that information that could change, if you know who she eventually marries. When Bob shows up, you're like, oh, it's Bob. That's her husband.

Pamela Aaralyn 18:54
Kind of I don't like him. I can change that. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 18:57
It could it could adjust things it could adjust it is that is that fair to say?

Pamela Aaralyn 19:01
And I never met, I wasn't given any information about the husband. And I didn't ask, but she didn't bring it up. Right. But But she told me a bunch of things like okay, I, you know, and we had one kid, and here she is, and that she couldn't tell me much about anything else. Like in terms of her mother, she didn't talk a lot about her mother, you know, which was interesting as well.

Alex Ferrari 19:28
Which would make sense because that's your daughter, and too much information. Yeah, yeah, it's too much information. I found that and I found that, you know, speaking to so many different channels, psychic mediums, even near death experiences, that there is so much information that they'll give you and there's certain things that they just won't come out because it's not, you might not be ready for it. We as a society as a consciousness now might be ready for it. So the concept of COVID when that would have been insane. If you would have told that Anybody here, the world's going to shut down for about six weeks, completely shut down. Dolphins are going to be roaming Venice, in Italy, in the canals because there'll be no boats moving, you would have said, no, no, this is insane. You couldn't even comprehend something like that. And yet, here we are.

Pamela Aaralyn 20:21
Yeah. And I wanted to understand that I wanted to understand the reason behind COVID. I wanted to understand, would we have anything like that in the future? And why what leads us in that direction as a society.

Alex Ferrari 20:35
So as you've been doing this work, I'm assuming you do personal one on one sessions with people.

Pamela Aaralyn 20:41
Sometimes, sometimes I have a reading that I created recently from this called Meet your future self. And we'll sit and we'll see if I can, because how I work is I follow an energy trail into the future, bypass that timeline, go into a portal, us by location, my body's still here, my soul is elsewhere, trying to find where you are and what's going on in your life. And that has helped a lot of people.

Alex Ferrari 21:05
How do you focus on? Okay, so let's say you meet someone in the future, I'm assuming is someone in the future in this timeline, let's say let's just keep it just keep it simple for a second because it could get crazy pretty quick. So if you meet somebody in the future in this timeline, that future is based on the current trajectory that we are moving towards. So it is an estimated future time because we all have free will, and the ship can move is that true?

Pamela Aaralyn 21:39
It's so fun, we can and that's what's so interesting to me and exciting about the individual readings that I've been sharing with people is that if their future self tells them something, you know, like, some people come to me who are very sick, and they'll say, did I get better? What did I do to get better? You know, which is interesting. And if it's within that ethical boundary that their soul finds it, okay to accept the information they will and make it better. And that's been very empowering for me to watch people heal in that unique way.

Alex Ferrari 22:12
That's beautiful. That's actually pretty profound. What is the most what is the most profound session you've had, like the biggest transformation with someone?

Pamela Aaralyn 22:21
There's so many, but I'd say that's mostly on the group level, like my channeling with Clary on from year 2100. She really helped me personally, because I began to understand a lot about where we are going. And that calmed me as a mom, as a wife. As a spiritual teacher. I felt calmer about being able to say, Okay, we're going to be okay, and all the different directions that we're going in lead to somewhere fascinating and beautiful. And the evolutionary experience is going to be beautiful. And I didn't see nuclear disaster I didn't see in the future in as far as I could go all the way to 2100. I didn't see these horrific things. I only saw things that promoted freewill and sovereignty. And it was amazing. And it just made me feel better as a channel in this world to be able to say, Okay, I feel like I know where we're going at our current trajectory, and, and that we're all going to be okay. But individually speaking, I'd say the lady that there was a lady who came to me who had a unique autoimmune disorder that was on the genetic scale, or the doctors didn't know what to do with her and her future self gave her interesting ideas about her belief systems, ideas about breath practice and Chi Gong ideas about plant medicines. She religiously followed her future self advice. And when they do her, you know, blood tests to the day they cannot find the disorder anymore. And that just warms my heart that and also scares me because sometimes people come to me for crypto and financial advice. And I'm like, because I do crypto predictions and I have made some interesting, research oriented, you know, areas in my own life from that, but I'm only allowed to delve into that so much personally. So there are ethics involved into it. Like I can give you crypto advice, but I can't personally do crypto

Alex Ferrari 24:26
Or or even stock advice or or

Pamela Aaralyn 24:28
Right right like I can't I'm not allowed from the channeling perspective to to to go purchase a crypto and I'm not allowed like if I make someone money from a future sell prediction and crypto and they decide to like say okay, here's your cut of it. I'm not allowed to ethically accepted. So there are some rules to having the unique gift.

Alex Ferrari 24:48
Right! Because if not, it's all back to the future. And then you you're like here like this, and these you've taken over for the town and you got See No. And, you know, whatever you gambling constantly

Pamela Aaralyn 25:03
All the psychics are gambling now and all bonbons, you know?

Alex Ferrari 25:09
All go to Vegas and I'm like, All right, let's do this. I'd imagine there is some sort of failsafe when it comes to this definitely. So you've been talking a little bit about future predictions. Is this something that I should be asking you? Or should you should we go into a channeling session and ask the the beings that we are channeling

Pamela Aaralyn 25:28
Is completely up to you. Being that I had future self reading with Andy in your area, who's a local farmer. My most recent reading with her I read into your 2030. That's how I met her and her beautiful dog. And she's fun. She has a beautiful Texas accent. You can talk to her if you're curious about someone in your local area. But I also have a new person now that will be challenged for me because I have never publicly challenged her before. Her name is Clara. And she's interesting. She is a mom of six children. And she is an astrophysicist. Very cool title. So we have her as well. And she is from year 2300. And that would be the furthest that I've gone into the future. So if anyone has a lot of questions about our current trajectory, deeply into the future, we could channel her as well.

Alex Ferrari 26:22
So you do the Council of Nine as well?

Pamela Aaralyn 26:24
And then there's the Council of Nine as well. The Council of Nine are a group of beings that I've known since age five. And they as I was saying earlier, introduced themselves to me along with two Archangels. And Jesus, who is my dominant spirit guide. And I work with them on these world predictions and they come through and they'll answer any question you have about our current trajectory. And they give a lot of predictions based upon that as well.

Alex Ferrari 26:46
So can we do what we do the Council of Nine first and then and then I'd love to talk to the 2300. Okay, later as well. Yeah, Claire, that would be an interesting conversation to have. So what's your process so people understand what your process is, when you're channeling?

Pamela Aaralyn 27:02
For the nine, I've had them in my life for so long that I just invite them into the room all around me. And then they start talking. And I you ask them a question, and I repeat their answer to you just like standard clear conduit channeling. So I'll be awake and ask them and if they answer,

Alex Ferrari 27:19
And would and would you would you do remember everything?

Pamela Aaralyn 27:23

Alex Ferrari 27:24
You remember nothing. So where do you go? When that happens? Are you just

Pamela Aaralyn 27:27
I'm right here. I'm awake. I'm a clear channel. In this case, since I've known them for so long. I can clearly channel them and I don't have to trans.

Alex Ferrari 27:35
Okay, got you. But you don't remember what they're saying.

Pamela Aaralyn 27:38
Not later. I remember in the moment, but if you asked me later, hey, do you remember that conversation? It's gone? Like like a lot of times I find that with channels, we're not allowed to remember? Because then we would become biased.

Alex Ferrari 27:49
Got it? Yeah. Because then yeah, I see what you're saying. That makes sense. So it's almost dreamlike. Like, if you wake up, you could probably remember a few elements of a dream that you had last night. But if you ask in an hour two, it just starts to fade away. Yes. Got it. Alright, so let's get the ball rolling.

Pamela Aaralyn 28:06
Okay, what's your first question for them?

Alex Ferrari 28:09
My first question is how do you perceive the evolution of humanity's collective spiritual journey?

Pamela Aaralyn 28:17
We perceive it through a lens of unity. However, the paradox is, humanity perceives everything through separation. And there are multiple ways to color that. So in your eyes, it would be like looking through a stained glass window, and you would see the evolution as painful. Some of you would see it as beautiful. Some of you would see it as exciting. Some of you would see it and choose it even in your pre birth intentions. As a degree of freewill and divine Well, or a combination of both. Each unique person, each unique soul has a different perception slightly, but we see it as that stained glass window that's all a part of the bigger window. That's all a part of the bigger building, the bigger consciousness, we see that all souls are working together, and that all progression is positive, helpful, loving, expansive, and useful. We see currently that you are going on a very powerful trajectory, combining your freewill, individual choices and intermingling that what you call destiny with fate. And you are in a grand experiment, to attempt to intermingle and combine destiny with fate takes a courage. We find that you are courageous souls beautiful, and your potential is vast.

Alex Ferrari 29:47
With all the violence wars disorder that is happening in the world. There's so many people listening right now that are afraid of where the future holds the In the near future in the next 3,4,5 years, 10 years, what do you see for humanity in regards to why we're going through all of this right now and where this is all leading us in the near future, the next 10 years, 20 years.

Pamela Aaralyn 30:16
In the next 20 years, there'll be multiple wars, we won't be dishonest with you ever, there will be multiple rumors of wars that then cause a ceasefire, there will be multiple peacemaking agreements, and the moment you find a peace, you started all over again. But don't fret, it all leads to a beautiful place. At some point in time, you will transcend war, even by 2028 29, and 2030. Those will be your most expensive portions of war and the most difficult times. Until then, it's just prayer, fairly rumors, smaller wars. And we could say that from our perspective, but from your perspective, smaller wars are 1000s to millions of people. And that is painful. We want you to understand that we do not wish to minimalize anyone suffering, and simultaneously, we wish for you to understand that there will be many peace treaties made between now and 2028. And then you will go into a bigger war in 2029. But the war will be amongst each other. The war will be not from different councils or beings in the sky. But just in your lands, amongst each other. The civil decree of fighting for sovereignty, it must come to that so that older systems are no longer in control. There are systems that were never meant to be in place that must come down, and they will come down. And those will be your largest for just fighting for sovereignty and 2028 29 and 30. And there will be multiple periods of time where you will be afraid. And you must learn to rely upon your soul. It is a beautiful collective technology that helps you practically transcend the fear that you have. If a war didn't exist, nothing could change, the systems would still be in place. Children would still be trafficked. People would still be shamed and blamed that could not and should not be shamed and blamed. Awakening could not happen if war did not cause the systems to fall. But these are the bigger wars are uprisings. We would prefer to call them uprisings than war. Because war is something that you feel is out of your control. But if you're the one lighting the match amongst each other, to burn down a building that is dilapidated and crumbling around your feet, would you not join together? Do you see the difference?

Alex Ferrari 32:59
I do. I do. Where do you see the future of our money, our financial systems going towards in the next 10 years?

Pamela Aaralyn 33:09
You will be happy to know that most of you keep a legitimate currency. And if those currencies were to fall or fully devaluate, then you would feel out of power in you don't want that. We don't want that for you. But we are not the ones in control. We are your support system. We are here to make sure that humans don't nuke the planet which would have David's devastating effects on anyone, not just yourselves. So we are here for that. But we cannot protect you in this way from devaluations except that you understand that you in your sovereign, free will. Your Christed consciousness is what we call that you have the right to continue to use whatever systems you want. Many of you will say no to digital currency rollouts. Many of you will say no to certain automated systems within those digital currency rollouts. Many of you will continue to say yes to cryptocurrency systems systems. And many faulty cryptocurrency systems will fall and many will rise. But you will still have general basic currencies for all of your lands.

Alex Ferrari 34:28
Why was humanity given the information to create a power that could destroy themselves like the nuclear weapons? Why were they given? Because it was centuries that they weren't didn't have this information. And only within the last 80 years 100 years that they've we've been given this information and this knowledge to do so why were we given this information?

Pamela Aaralyn 34:53
You are meant to use nuclear power to heal the planet and to create an expand Question of your soul technology. You're meant to utilize it to bridge consciousness between spirit and science, and to heal your lands, the plants and animals and humans upon them to heal and help other star systems, you want it to understand us. And you wanted to keep up, of course from that standpoint. And we knew that there would be a small possibility, just as with any other race experiencing dualism, that you could utilize this technology and properly,

Alex Ferrari 35:37
Where do you see our food system and nutritional systems moving forward?

Pamela Aaralyn 35:43
That is one of the biggest shifts that you will have. Many of you and 10 years will be experiencing the creation of your own food systems right from Earth itself, going directly back to the systems of your ancient ancestors, regenerating your soil, understanding how to heal your bodies, and understanding a new type of agriculture that combines old ways and new ways. You will become the first bridge of consciousness between say systems such as the Mayans, and modern day regenerative agriculture, that restores the biome of the soul today.

Alex Ferrari 36:24
Where do you see our medical systems, especially in the West?

Pamela Aaralyn 36:29
Complete collapse.

Alex Ferrari 36:32

Pamela Aaralyn 36:34
No one can afford it anymore, particularly in the US, and in the systems in Europe, and other countries, they are set upon something that cannot possibly be feasible financially, you can't keep that up either. You're on waiting list when you desperately need help, people begin to take the power in their own hands. And they don't go to doctors because they don't require it, there will still be medical systems available for broken bones emergencies, when you desperately need something. However, many of the technologies in the future are so unaffordable today. And the system isn't keeping up, it needs to crumble it needs to go. It isn't working for where you're headed in your mind, or in your bodies.

Alex Ferrari 37:33
Is that why we're all these old systems are still fighting back, and are trying to hold on to power for a little bit longer. And that's why there is so much strife and war and the old systems are just trying to hold on to power as long as they can.

Pamela Aaralyn 37:50
Of course they will, because they don't know anything different. And then when new technologies are given, sometimes those technologies are utilized for good and given to the general public. And then sometimes those technologies are used for a commercialized health system, which would make a small percentage of the population rich and noteworthy and their medical journals. What then? This is why these systems hold on and when they do get new technology they attend to they tend to tend to appropriate it.

Alex Ferrari 38:26
What is your primary concern about humanity's current path? And how can we address it?

Pamela Aaralyn 38:31
My primary concern and our concern as a collective overall, not just this council, but many councils are deeply concerned that you are given valuable technology that you can individually pioneer. And these technologies require very little resources. And you don't utilize them because you believe that they need to become practical or functional when the technologies are vibrational, that technologies are of an essence, not a form. And you're struggling to use, say a vibrational technology that's given to you in application for practical use in a body or a mind. And then you have a system that punishes you for such use, particularly medical systems. We have many concerns. But our biggest concern is that you continue to look externally. Spirit guides, what do you believe that they are? What do you believe that we are? Do you believe that we hold more power than you? Do believe that?

Alex Ferrari 39:43
I don't I think you're just at a different place in time than we are.

Pamela Aaralyn 39:49
We are mastered versions of you operating in a parallel realm. And we're giving you technologies at a certain designated time when you need them the most. But many people are still looking to the cosmos for answers. And while there is nothing wrong with that, at a certain stage of your evolution and separation, it is the norm. But at some point, when will you accept the technologies to utilize for yourself? And when will you understand that everything you've been speaking to? Is you, including us,

Alex Ferrari 40:25
In your view, what is the interplay between humanity's spiritual growth and its technological advances?

Pamela Aaralyn 40:32
It's coming closer, there is a bridge that's forming. But you have if the bridge were like this, this is the image they're showing me. There's a gap here, but it's getting closer. You have one foot here in earth, on a banana pill. And then you have a powerful strong foot of a stronghold on the other side of the bridge, and you're straddling, and that stronghold into spirituality is becoming stronger than this slippy slidey banana pillar over here on Earth. So what are we going to do? Are you going to trust spirit and science? Or we're going to blend them both? Are we going to take the foot off the banana pill? And move that bridge closer? Are we going to continue to say that science needs to evidence spirituality 100%. And science, it hasn't even caught up to being able to evidence, what we bring?

Alex Ferrari 41:33
How should we integrate insights from future leaders and innovators to enhance our current understanding?

Pamela Aaralyn 41:40
Your leaders and innovators, our children. Those are the masterminds of your world right now. Your baby's star seats. And you are shutting them down by raising them in a system that is crumbling. And attempting to give them culture and discipline from a system that is only hanging on by a thread. So let's start there. Let's begin with our children. They are the future innovators. So let's listen to them. Let's help them feel seen and heard. Let's give them the safety and the resources, the love, the compassion, the understanding. And then let's make sure that they're ready to change this world, because currently, they're more ready than the majority of adults on the planet.

Alex Ferrari 42:29
Very true. Very true. What role do you see for art and creativity in the future of humanity?

Pamela Aaralyn 42:36
Art and create creativity become a booming field where artists are supported, and they are financially as productive as say, doctors, lawyers, they become the leaders of this planet, they become the ancient keepers, that are pioneers for modern vibrational medicine, which will heal this entire species.

Alex Ferrari 43:03
And we go in the past for a second, how many times have we have gone through this cycle of ignorance to enlightenment, back to ignorance to enlightenment, how many times have we gone through this cycle?

Pamela Aaralyn 43:18
You must first understand that when you go backwards, and you do evolve, in order to remember. And then you experience the remembrance. You do that multiple times in order to experience the remembrance more deeply, more profoundly more effectively, in a way that transforms everything. And you have more versions of Earth, and more realms of consciousness, then we can even provide in a number. More planes of existence are experiencing this throughout the realm of time. And yet, you're beyond it. So you do this, you go back further, you evolve further and further in order to evolve more expensively more powerfully. And you've become rather addicted to the cycle, if we shall say it so bluntly. So we will give you that tidbit of knowledge, do not become addicted to the cycle. Understand that it is an important cycle while you're here, but you don't have to continue it. We feel like you're on the precipice of choosing something different this time around, that many of you will say, Huh, I remember times when I did not do this. I did not cycle this consciousness around and around and around.

Alex Ferrari 44:43
Were we more advanced in the past in certain ways than we are now?

Pamela Aaralyn 44:48
That's a judgment that we know not how to

Alex Ferrari 44:52

Pamela Aaralyn 44:54
Thank you. Technologically yes and no understand In this consciousness in your world is a grand paradox. And you have been very technologically advanced in vibrational medicine that could heal things instantaneously. But belief got in the way. You went through various stages of cultural revolutions, industrial revolutions, technological revolutions, some of which have been helpful, some of which have caused you to perpetuate addictions in the mind and body, and have kept you alone and isolated and misunderstood, particularly by the other galactic races and various star systems. So I can't just say that you've been less or more evolved in the past.

Alex Ferrari 45:42
Can you talk a little bit about the concept of parallel realities, and the impact in our understanding and how it impacts our understanding of our own future?

Pamela Aaralyn 45:51
In parallel realities, you must become non attached and remove your addiction to time. When you can do that, when you can open the mind, guided by the breath, this isn't a woowoo lesson from us. But just an observation that the breath is the tool that opens the mind. And you must undo the belief systems that create your current attachment to time. When you can do that. You will remember in a moment, not over the course of multiple years and study an effort and more meditation, but in a moment, you will feel the truth that you are beyond time, and that you have done this many times over and you call it a past lifetime. But it's all happening right now. That concept is nothing new. There's nothing new under the face of the sun. But to experience it versus just logically say it to you is a very personal initiation.

Alex Ferrari 46:52
How should we balance the revelations from the future that you're giving us and the importance of living in the present moment.

Pamela Aaralyn 47:02
The present is your only truth. If you remember that, no matter what you do, or don't do, no matter how you approach enlightenment, or if you do, at some point, you will remember the truth. At some point, in your experience, you will remember that this was all worth it. You will remember why you came here, you will remember that you've done it many times over. And then you will begin to perceive the truth of parallel experiences. Practically speaking, you can apply this by reminding yourself to stay in the now by reminding yourself that you have a choice always. And by reminding yourself to practically functionally apply your choices. All day, multiple times a day, set your intention and apply your choices be in sacred action. And don't just sit around meditating like a bump on a log. We have to get some work done.

Alex Ferrari 48:00
Do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Pamela Aaralyn 48:02
You are well, and everything that you're experiencing has already divinely completed what you call 5D earth is already here. You don't remember it right now. But you will very soon.

Alex Ferrari 48:24
Thank you. And are you back Pamela?

Pamela Aaralyn 48:26
Yeah. Sorry. They just took over their part of it.

Alex Ferrari 48:33
How are you feeling? Do you feel good? Energy Energy? Good Energy. Are you drained?

Pamela Aaralyn 48:39
No, I don't get drained very often. I joke with my students that I run off spirit fumes a lot. Do this all day and then I go ice skate for multiple hours at night. It's ridiculous.

Alex Ferrari 48:51
And you don't do remember you don't remember much.

Pamela Aaralyn 48:54
A little bit. A little bit I remember some of their parting messages right now but probably because that's just the last thing they said it'll it'll leave soon.

Alex Ferrari 49:02
Fair enough. Now, do you want to do the other channeling really quickly? The the Cynthia?

Pamela Aaralyn 49:09
Umm Clara

Alex Ferrari 49:11
Clara, clara yes. In the future that 23 2300 I would have a few questions for her.

Pamela Aaralyn 49:18
So we're gonna do some remote viewing and how that works is I am going to go into a transfer that so you'll have to wake me up when you're done talking to her and how you do that is just say, awaken channel. That's it. All right. Sounds good. That's my cue for you want me to come back but I'm pretty awake. It's just that at some point, typically, the Bing takes over and starts talking through my voice and that's just the nature of channeling. Then we start out by following energy trails. And eventually we meet the person talk to them and you can ask them questions. They talk in their own voice at some point. And then I'll come back. All right, sounds great locations a lot of fun, but she can see me just like you're seeing me like I'm there in her house and every thing to do she invites me analysts she's going to be busy. I told her not to be

We're following energy trial now that's 180 degrees north east and it looks like flying because you're definitely out of your body. So right now what I'm visualizing as I head to her would appear that way I can see the cities and the towns that I'm going over.

We're in Pennsylvania right now, but we're still moving. weighing a Clara Lipson, Ithaca County and upstate New York. We're just arriving there now. I'm going up. Right there, into the area in front of her house is a circular driveway. In these round hedges that I always joke with her about they look like little flying saucers. Who would like sculpt their hedges and flying saucers always ask her that it's just silly question. I have ringing doorbell

She said it took a long time. I wanted to talk to you an hour ago. She says it's nice to meet you and thank you for your work.

Or going into her front interests there are always remember the marble floors when I come to visit her. She said Ask your friend Alex, if you want some tea. She drinks tea all day long. Non Stop? Okay, we're just seeing down here in her study. What questions do you have for her?

Alex Ferrari 52:16
What is the what is the United States look like in your time?

Pamela Aaralyn 52:22
She said, Pamela did not believe me when I told her this before. Had she not spoken to my friend Claryon who is a political advocate. But we have various groups of people. Three different groups of people. We have something called the Republican renegade order the RR O. Those are a group of Midwesterners Texans, Southern people as well. The United States ended up going into what would be called effectively a sixth secession. And many people opted out and created their own nations. So the RRO is one nation primarily located in the areas I've mentioned, Missouri, Kentucky included Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. Now we have another group of beings in the US in particular that are called the New Earth order or the N E O. And they represent a unique system that has embraced AI technology and spiritual technology of the soul itself, guided by many galactic races, but also just deeply guided by themselves. They are a group of beings who believe that the greatest order that we can have is individuality and freewill. They primarily live in the western area of the United States. So you have California, Nevada, Arizona, and some other portions of the West and Midwest. Then you have the United order or the EU. Oh, so the United order is a group from Northeastern US, Central North US, Canada, Asia, and Korea. Now, I'm a human I'm not like Pamela. I'm a physicist. I'm a scientist primarily who has a bias towards artificial intelligence. Now this group has an aim that is primarily devoted to the expansion of such artificial intelligences to save lives, to extend lives and to experiment with humanity. Some people right now in your time frame, in your time and space distortions would be highly concerned about some of their practices that they consider legitimate. And you may say that that's playing God, I for one, would agree with you. I am a part of what is called the Republican renegade order. I am one of the few who still lives in the Northeast. However, I do not like the way that artificial intelligence was implanted into the biology of the human species, because he became experiments and the United order felt that that would be a functionality that they preferred. And many of you choose that, I find that to be lazy. The ARO believes that we can understand the technologies that we create, from our own bodies, from our own sovereignty from our minds, and from the lands, we grow our own foods. We are in deep compassion towards the youto, the United order, that we also are have a deep conviction that playing God is essentially going to destroy the human race, they are of an opposite conviction. We are in deep alliance with the New Earth order. And some of them live here with us. Most of us now lives in compounds at this stage, no matter what order that you belong to. And at this point, I should probably stop talking because you likely have a lot of questions.

Alex Ferrari 57:02
What is the world geopolitical, vision or version of the world in your time like?

Pamela Aaralyn 57:11
Are you asking if we're at peace with our lands and politically?

Alex Ferrari 57:17
Yes, in our lands. Is there a superpower? Are there superpowers in the world? Are there bullies so on?

Pamela Aaralyn 57:24
At this point, all orders live in peace, and there are no pulleys while we deeply disagree with the United order These are the three orders that are not just in the United States, but in Europe and Japan and Korea, in Asia. And people have a choice. No one is fighting. We our current geopolitical climate is one piece, and we work together for the most part.

Alex Ferrari 57:53
What does our financial system look like in that time?

Pamela Aaralyn 57:56
Well, that depends upon where you live in the order to which you belong. The RRO believes in both cryptocurrencies which primarily has a stronghold and a foot in many directions, but we'd say the the most grounded reliable coin are the various cryptocurrencies that began in your timeframe and are still in function today. So for those of us, who are in the are we exchange currencies via cryptocurrencies and various currencies that are, you would know the dollar is still in existence for the RRO many of the currencies that you still know the Yen is still existence for the RRO. Some interesting factors like some of the Zimbabwe currencies that are currently not in circulation are back in circulation and doing well. But all currencies are of equal value to us. That's what you may find interesting. The United order uses a digital currency that they choose to be regulated through a banking system called the One World Order, which is a world banking system. We disagree with such systems, but those systems are working for that sector, people in the United order, and they seem to be happy with it.

Alex Ferrari 59:22
So the United States as we know it is no longer the same country.

Pamela Aaralyn 59:29
It is completely different. There have been must shifting of tectonic plates involved as well many natural disasters and recovery from such and the recovery created new lands. And in a certain sense, this has allowed us to become more grateful for the lands that we share together. Homeownership is completely different land ownership is completely different. currencies depending upon the order is somewhat the same and somewhat different. But everything life is, you know, it has changed in year 2300.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:14
Do people still have jobs do people still have careers?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:00:18
Oh, absolutely. But people, depending upon the order that you have the United order prefer very corporate endeavors. So many of them are involved in certainly to systems that the New Earth order and the RR o disagree with. And they hold jobs that are similar to what you have today. And that is their free will to do so as Pamela would say, she loves that word free will. But, but we primarily work from home, like, for instance, in the north order, and the Republican renegade order. We have traveling doctors, traveling nurses, traveling nurse practitioners, traveling, if you have surgery, you can have it in the comfort of your own home now. And there will be an anesthesiologist assigned to you that will come to your home, and it also will not break your pocketbook.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:20
How is the economies of of that time?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:01:25
The economies in the United order are flourishing, that highly controlled, we want nothing to do with it. The economies in the RR o are very wealthy, but evenly distributed and shared with the New Earth order and vice versa. All economies in these two orders are doing very well. All around the world, not strictly for the US. But these three divisions happened in every country.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:51
How is how is language? Are we able to communicate freely now, instead of the Tower of Babel that we have currently?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:02:03
You will not be surprised. But Spanish is the primary language in the majority of the United States. English and Mandarin are the primary languages in Asia. Some of the older languages say in Scotland, Wales and Ireland have continued and are now the main language for those countries, people have other originated to their full formal cultural languages, and come together to utilize such English has become a bit of a secondary language at this point. And most people in the world know Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin. And to some degree Irish.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:47
Who does AI help with basically communication and instant translations.

Pamela Aaralyn 1:02:54
It's fun that you should ask. Now she holds out her watch to demonstrate this and she's holding out her hand like this, and she has something on her wrist here that looks sort of like, you know, oh my gosh, I don't own these anymore. But the watches that the iPhone watches, you know, Apple Watch, right? The Apple Watch, except it is tiny. And she taps on it like this. And she's kind of given us a little demonstration. It's really fun. And she's speaking. And she says, you know, English isn't my language, Spanish is my dominant language. So it is interpreting everything for me. And I have a chip that goes up underneath it on the outside of my skin. Don't worry, we don't believe in implantations in the audio, but it attaches like a little patch that comes between my skin and the watch. And in this unique way, it automatically sends a signal up my arm through the nervous system into my brain, and then the language in that center of language where my brain, then I can speak your language. And that is how I'm talking to you today.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:02
So language is not a barrier anymore.

Pamela Aaralyn 1:04:04
Not at all. But we learn languages for the fun of it. People are very interested in ancient languages in this time.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:13
What does the educational system look like?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:04:15
That's different in the the US the unified order the you owe? The education systems are very similar to what you have now accepted as all virtual. No one goes to buildings anymore. People are very, very busy and the UFO in those lands and people don't have time. They're busy educating themselves further, and many people work very hard. Yet the taxation system is so extreme. I don't understand why they would work so hard, but everyone can afford an Ivy League education in that system. In the systems for the R R O education is primarily outdoors and people believe in getting out into nature. Do you remember a long time Go on our ancestors say another lands had hedged schools. It's similar to that. And we had some major wars in your time in 2030, before the lens begin to split, and before such divisions, as we have mentioned today, and people would fight to be educated how they wish to be educated, people would fight over the choice of education. And governments were saying you cannot educate your child in a certain way. And people wanted that sovereignty, which is why the R R O was originally founded, it was designated to provide the choice for unique individual educational systems. So now we have systems where teachers are trained, the training is free, that you can get your entire bachelor's degree and master's degree and Doctorate degree for free, with a qualified teacher, right from your home. And then you go out into the hedge schools or you go into other people's homes in these smaller tight knit homeschooling communities. People trust each other neighbors work together, it's a very peaceful way of life, where your children can be educated in your own home or out on the lands. Now the New Earth order has what we call educational temples. And there are various belief systems involved in that that honor people's religious and cultural beliefs. And they also have hedged skulls similar to ours.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:36
What is religion look like in your space and time?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:06:40
Umm, people honor cultures instead. And for the RRO, most people honor universal cosmic consciousness as their primary degree of connection. So we believe in connection more than a religion, because religion is founded based upon the need for human connection. So we don't really have them anymore. Now we honor people's need if they come in and they say, Hey, this is a part of my culture, that most people choose to honor the cultural stories and songs and languages without the religious part. And many people meet for connection ceremonies instead of religious ceremonies, which is a beautiful thing, because you'll have a temple say in the New Earth order, where people can be non segregated, they could do a Jewish ceremony. They could have a Sufi Sufism and Sufi masters, they could be there with Catholics, who would be there with a Taoist, formulating and remembering all of their languages, all of their sacred songs, all of their sacred rituals and ceremonies are honored. And each and every person gets to share their ancient rituals. But no one considers that a religion.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:56
So all of the religious entities, churches, all have essentially gone away. But the cultural aspects of them have remained.

Pamela Aaralyn 1:08:07
There are temples that there are very unified temples versus temples for each unique religion or belief system.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:16
All of this, this this transformation to the three orders that you're talking about. When does that happen for us? Is that 50 years from now is that 100 years from now?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:08:27
It begins in 2030. In your lifetime, sooner than you think.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:33
Will it be a peaceful situation? Or is it going to be pretty hectic?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:08:38
Again, as often says, The truth is best. There will be many wars that lead in this direction. But Worry not. Worry not these orders need to fall, these religions need to fall, these political systems seem to fall. And many of your children and great grandchildren that come will be here and will survive these wars. These aren't wars that wipe you off the planet. They aren't button pushing wars. They aren't those kinds of wars anymore. They weren't very, very different. We we called one of the major wars, the war in your own backyard to give you a little hint. Because people didn't trust each other. And they had to because of great drought and natural disaster. Because of great floods, because of tsunamis and various earthquakes. People had to work together to create things but initially they didn't want to some still want to deal system. And those governments wanted to fight for those systems. And you would arise. You did that. All of you came together and your your neighbors, your friends, your local systems. You came together and said no more and that was the biggest war.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:57
Do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:10:00
We want you to understand that this is, but one of many timelines it happens to be your current trajectory. Ultimately speaking, you can shift your trajectory at any moment. Ultimately speaking, you are people that we are proud of. And when we look back at history, you this year, this time, you are my absolute favorite, you are our heroes, you made it possible for us to be as happy evolved and awake as functional in these new lands. And I want to thank you,

Alex Ferrari 1:10:42
Channeler return, please. Thank you. And she's back. That was intense. Do you remember those as well are those are gone too.

Pamela Aaralyn 1:10:52
I remember those a lot. Because now it'll fade in time, like every channeling does. But I remember some of the things she said and I channeled another being before called Claryon from 2100, who said some similar things

Alex Ferrari 1:11:08
It's a fascinating perspective on the future of humanity. But it seems like we make it, which is a good side, we do.

Pamela Aaralyn 1:11:19
And every human from the future that I've talked to ensures us that we will make it one.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:26
Now I'm gonna ask you a few questions asked by my guest. If you've watched the show, you know, these questions are coming up. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:11:37
Being grateful, and each and every moment, and understanding that grace is a gift.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:42
If you had a chance to go back in time it talks a little Pamela, what advice would you give her?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:11:46
I would say don't take yourself so seriously, smile more. And don't be afraid to be silly. Even when others are looking,

Alex Ferrari 1:11:54
How do you define God or source?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:11:56
God is the ultimate consciousness and is beyond birth beyond death. God is love.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:03
What is love?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:12:03
Love is truth.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:05
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:12:07
The ultimate purpose of life is to be here now love to connect, and to trust.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:12
And one last question. I didn't ask either of the two, the two channeling sessions I had and I don't know if you have the answer to this. How long do we live in the future?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:12:24
Both Claryon from year 2100. And the one you just met now, Claire, they both have said that many people are living up in upwards of 150 years.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:36
Okay, so we moved a bit

Pamela Aaralyn 1:12:37
So interesting, like the differences in their technologies and their belief systems and their medical sciences, they are all living like at least 200 to 150 years.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:46
That's our minimum kind of scenario. Yeah. Got it. All right. And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:12:56
You can find me at pamelaaaralyn.com. Or at my YouTube channel. I also have a patreon if you search it up.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:01
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Pamela Aaralyn 1:13:05
My parting message is for you. I love what you do. And I've never met anyone like you. I've listened to a lot of people. And you know, my friends will be like, well, Pamela never listens to anyone. But you are like my mainstay and you inspire me. And I just love the work that you're putting out into the world. And it gives all of us permission to stay in the now which is my motto anyway, to be in the now to not take ourselves so seriously to be open to question everything, and you're always questioning everything. So for that reason, you deeply inspire me. Thank you for inspiring the world.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:46
Oh, thank you so much for those kind words. I appreciate you and thank you so much for the work you're doing in the world and for being on the show. I appreciate you.

Pamela Aaralyn 1:13:53
Thank you.

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