Dr. Peebles Predicts MANKIND’S Great CHANGE in 2024! Prepare Yourself NOW! with Summer Bacon

In the boundless journey of human consciousness, there are moments when the veil between the seen and unseen becomes remarkably thin. Today, we have the profound honor of welcoming Summer Bacon, a trance medium who channels the spirit of Dr. Peebles. Through her extraordinary gift, Summer offers us a glimpse into the ethereal wisdom that lies beyond our immediate perception.

Summer Bacon begins our conversation by recounting her life before discovering her gift for channeling. From a young age, she was aware of her spiritual purpose, feeling an undeniable connection to the spiritual realm. She describes her early life as filled with supernatural experiences, seeing and hearing spirits, which set her on a quest to understand the true nature of existence. “When I was 11 months old, I realized I was here to do spiritual work,” she reveals. This early awareness led her to a lifelong journey of seeking truth and understanding.

Our dialogue shifts to her relationship with Dr. Peebles, a spirit she channels in a deep trance. Summer’s journey with Dr. Peebles began in earnest after the medium she initially connected with him through, Thomas Jacobson, retired. Determined to maintain this connection, Summer dedicated herself to rigorous practice, spending hours in meditation and inviting Dr. Peebles to communicate. Her perseverance paid off when she began to receive messages in the form of visions and auditory cues, eventually leading to full-body trance channeling.

Dr. Peebles, through Summer, shares profound insights on the human condition and the evolution of consciousness. He emphasizes the importance of unity and collective growth, noting that contentious behaviors and divisions will eventually become obsolete. “The fighting and the contentious serve behaviors will become very boring and old news,” he states. This shift towards unity is driven by an increasing awareness of our interconnectedness and the realization that everyone has something valuable to contribute.

In this profound conversation, Dr. Peebles offers wisdom on overcoming personal and societal challenges. He advises that true change begins within ourselves. “You have to stop it inside of yourself,” he explains, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and personal responsibility in addressing larger issues like greed and division. By transforming our own behaviors and perspectives, we contribute to a larger wave of positive change in the world.


  1. Inner Transformation Leads to Outer Change: Dr. Peebles stresses that personal transformation is the key to addressing societal issues. By working on our own behaviors and attitudes, we can inspire and influence broader change.
  2. Embrace Diversity and Unity: Recognizing and valuing the diverse contributions of others can lead to a more harmonious and powerful collective existence. Unity in diversity is a cornerstone of our evolution.
  3. Live Authentically: Summer Bacon’s journey underscores the importance of authenticity. By embracing and expressing our true selves, we align with our spiritual purpose and foster deeper connections with others.

As we conclude this enlightening episode with Summer Bacon, we are reminded of the profound wisdom that lies just beyond our immediate perception. Her experiences and the messages from Dr. Peebles offer us valuable guidance on our journey towards greater understanding and unity.

Please enjoy my conversation with Summer Bacon.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 394

Summer Bacon 0:00
The fighting and the contentious serve behaviors and such will become very boring to very boring and old news and a waste of time. And people will start coming together collectively and realizing how very powerful you can be when you come together and find unity in your diversity. Rather than seeing it as Oh, I've got to change everybody to comply and be like me, you can just dance together, you can enjoy the dance the journey to the heart together, and find that everybody has something to contribute. And there will be a lot more if you will, eventually, it's not going to happen right away. But it will, you will start to see inklings of it in this in this year. And in the next three, four years of human beings who are going to start saying you know, something, we really do need to listen to each other. We need each other.

Alex Ferrari 0:41
I'd like to welcome to the show Summer Bacon. How you doin Summer?

Summer Bacon 0:54
I'm doing great. Thank you, Alex. Thanks for having me here. I'm excited.

Alex Ferrari 0:59
Oh, thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm very excited to talk to you. And the entity that you channeled Dr. Pebbles who I've, I've heard many good things about. So I would love to I'm looking forward to that. But before we get down, get into our channeling session with Dr. Pebbles, I'd like to ask you my first question is, what was your life like, before this insanity that is channeling came into your world?

Summer Bacon 1:24
Yeah, it wasn't it was more insanity. It was, it was it channeling made sense of my life. Basically, when I was I was 11 months old, when I realized I was here to do spiritual work. And when I realized that I was here to find out what this truth thing is about once and for all. And, and then as I was growing up, I saw spirits heard spirits, felt spirits, I mean, everything. It was just it was just non stop. It was constant. And, and I'd heard about, you know, God is love, and God is this and God is that but I really wanted to know, you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is life after death. And that there is that God is real, and that his love is constant. And that if God really loves me, then he's got my back. And that sent me off on my journey with as a trance medium, eventually. I didn't do it until the trance medium that I met Dr. Peebles through was Thomas Jacobson. And when he quit channeling, I was I thought, oh my gosh, I need to I need to keep that connection with Dr. Peebles. And so I started seeking him with my heart and, and then I eventually, you know, became a transmitter and there's a whole lot more to that story, but, but from from what you're what you're asking me my life before, before channeling, you know, I mean, it was pretty, it was pretty awesome. I had great parents. We performed a lot of music. I was I went to college, I went to UCLA, I worked at Goodson Todman productions on game shows on Super Password and family feud and things like that, you know, a lot of real kind of fun, normal stuff in a way and but this other part of me was just constantly haunting me. This other part of me was just, why am I seeing spirits? Why am I hearing them? Why am I so psychic? And I didn't know why. And it kind of drove me nuts.

Alex Ferrari 3:14
Were you were you like success? were you seeing dead people?

Summer Bacon 3:17
I was seeing dead people. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And one of the very first ones that I saw was my grandfather. I was I never did drugs. I wasn't, you know, so I couldn't attribute it to that. I was 17 years old. And I woke up in the middle of the night. And I looked up and there was this man standing there at the side of my bed. All in case, I'm enclosed, I would say in bright white light. And I knew it was my grandfather immediately. And he said to me telepathically, he said, I said, Do you have a question? And I said, Yes. I said, Does it hurt to die? And his answer was so much love that poured out of him. And that was No, it doesn't hurt to die. But it was a feeling of No, you're completely and utterly safe. All my fears of death disappeared at that moment. It was absolutely extraordinary. And the love that I felt was so incredible. That helped me tremendously in my in my journey, because at least I wasn't afraid of death anymore. Never have been since then. And, and so I also, you know, had had a lot of experiences, such as out of body experiences when I was 17. Again, thank God I had the parents I had because they didn't tell me I was crazy. And they in fact, almost encouraged me to explore it. My dad especially and yeah, so that was pretty incredible. But my first out of body experience terrified me. I just came home from school and laid down on my bed I was exhausted and I suddenly found myself hovering over my body. And I looked down and I was like, What the heck, you know, and I made a beeline back for my body at that moment. And but they didn't stop those things did not stop. And so it's been, you know, a lot a lot. And it was a lot for me growing up.

Alex Ferrari 5:08
Yeah. How did you psychologically deal with this stuff? Because I mean, luckily, you had a family that was supportive about this. Very supportive. Yeah. So that's a blessing that you had, because a lot of channels go through the same thing you did and did not have a supportive family. So at least you had a supportive family. But psychologically, this must have been, you know, you have to deal with I mean, look, when you're, you're a lot fresher when you're 11 months old, and you're starting to figure things out. That's interesting enough, but as a child, you don't even have the the hardware the programming yet to deal with much of the of life at that point. Yeah, you're still developing. But then this being thrown on using dead people that it just throws your entire reality out of whack. So how did you deal with it?

Summer Bacon 5:54
You know what, it's interesting, because I, it didn't throw my reality out of whack. That was my reality. Right? So that was, it was hard to feel like I fit the fit into the world. Because nobody understood me. But that was my reality. So it wasn't like it threw my reality out of whack. I just needed to know why I was seeing these things and hearing these things and feeling these things. And other people didn't like one night I was with my best friend and think I was 12 years old. And she was 13 We had a sleepover and and I said something like I said, I said Isn't it so cool? How you can see air? Because see air? And I'm like, Yeah, and I thought everybody saw air, I see air. But that's what now I know is energy. I mean, air doesn't is has it has substance to me, I can see it, I can move it, I can I can touch it, you know, and that's also where that's the space in which spirit will manifest in that in that space. What we think is empty is not quite full and quite active. So those were kind of the awkward moments in my life when I would say things to people, and they'd look at me like I was wacky, you know, but I don't know, I never, I never apologize for it. I never tried to hide away from it, except I will tell you this. I was working at our family's recording studio. And I was out of my first marriage, which was extremely violent. And I was just I was suicidal. I'll be quite frank, I was ready to just die. I just didn't want to do this anymore. And there was we had no business at the studio is pretty dead. And I thought, I'm gonna kill myself. And then I thought, but I'm gonna go get the mail first. And go figure, right? So I go out to go get the mail, and I'm walking across the parking lot. And it's a cool spring day. And I step into this pocket of warmth. I mean, unbelievable warmth. And these hands come down over me the giant hands came down over me. And I'll tell you this, this is not part of my this was not part of my upbringing. I didn't go to church. You know, we weren't like, you know, Christian family or anything like that. I didn't have that upbringing. But it was definitely Jesus. I mean, I knew it. And I heard the words, I love you summer. And I stepped, the next step was out of that warmth. And I was like, what? And I stepped back into it. And it was there again. And then I was like, wow, that was awesome. And I went to the mail, got the mail, and I wasn't going to commit suicide anymore. Well, then my one again, Christian friends started telling me oh, you're born again. You've met Jesus and all this stuff. So I thought, Okay, well, maybe this is how I get rid of these experiences of seeing and hearing feeling spirit because they were trying to convince me that it was all about demons. And, you know, you're seeing demons and dadadada da. Well, so I went to I started going to church. And these experiences that I had just intensified got even worse, I mean, and but not bad experiences, all very loving, you know, very beautiful like with my grandfather. So one day I went to church, and I, it was a big, evangelical church. And the minute and I and the minister said, You monitored us to break into groups of like, 10 people, you know, and in a circle. And I had noticed before the service started that this very old gentleman came in the last person to come in to the church all hunched over, could barely stand up to walk, it had to be like 90 something, you know, and he was all hunched over and he sat in the back pew, and I thought, Oh, the poor man, you know, I just My heart went out to him. And I just thought what a beautiful thing. You know, there he is in church and he made it. So we're in the circles of 10 and the Minister is encouraging us to call on the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit might move you might move Have you, you know, and you just let the Holy Spirit move you and words might come out of your mouth that you don't understand. So you just go ahead and do that, you know, just allow for it. Okay, so I mean, I was super naive I go, okay. And apparently, this went on with me for 20 minutes, when I finally opened my eyes and was aware, you know, came back from what happened. I had been apparently speaking in tongues for like, 20 minutes. And, and I opened my eyes, and I looked around this church, and I'm telling you, there were like, 300 people in this church, it was you could hear a pin drop. And they backed away from me. They literally took steps back away from me, like a movie. It was unbelievable. And then this, this old man in the back pew, he stands up unfolds, like a completely unfold, puts his arms up his head back. And this angelic voice came out of him. That was unbelievable. It was so beautiful. And I'm thinking, wow, we're here. In the midst of a miracle, I'm watching this happen. I'm like, wow. And the minister just kind of looks around nervously, looks through his Bible, you know, takes out his hymn book and goes, oh, let's go to him, blah, blah, blah. And, and that was it. And I'm thinking, Wait, excuse me, you didn't see that you didn't acknowledge that. This is the stuff you're talking about as the miracles you know, that can happen in life. And then that old man just kind of curled up again and sat back down all hunched over. Well, I was on my way home that day, and I said, God, I can't do this. I said, I can't go back to church. And I said, if I'm gonna burn an owl, then I'll burn in hell, you know, and I hear summer, if you go to hell. He said, I hear this voice say summer, if you go to hell, I'm there to with you. He said, there's always a there's always a chance for your redemption or something like that. And I thought, wow, that makes a lot of sense. God is on omniscient, God is omnipresent. God is everywhere. God is everything. And this is what set me off on a whole different path with my understanding of spirit. And so and I can tell you that my parents and my friends were so happy I got out of the church, because I was seeing Satan in my lunchmeat. It was like, they talked more about Satan and the devil. And they talked about Jesus or love or God or anything.

Alex Ferrari 12:20
So fear, but it was all fear based. It was all fear based.

Summer Bacon 12:23
Oh, just incredible. Yeah, yeah. And and God bless these people. They're great. You know, they're, they're doing their best to understand but, you know, I mean, I heard you on one of your podcasts, say something like you're a recovering Catholic or something.

Alex Ferrari 12:34
Yes, I am a recovering Catholic. Yes. Yes. Recovering Catholic.

Summer Bacon 12:38
Yeah, well, but you know, the beauty of that, Alex is that I've had, I've had a lot of clients who, you know, with what I do, it might surprise you, but a lot of them are Catholics. Believe it or not Mormon, and things like that. But the thing is, when somebody is raised in the Catholic Church, they pretty much have half the battle one because they're, they're taught to believe in angels and spirits. So they're already like, halfway there to understanding the bigger, broader picture of the universe, and how energy works, and light and love and all of that. So it really is a, in some ways, a really great foundation for people to really, to really grow because some people are born with no awareness, no belief system of anything beyond, you know, their house and car.

Alex Ferrari 13:28
Though you're very you're very right on on that with because when I was, you know, going through Catholic school, and I just realized early on, like, this doesn't make any sense. I mean, I would remember in elementary school, I'm like, a chest dome, it doesn't make sense for me. So I never, I never really bought into it. I just never I was there, I had to kind of go through the motions. But the thing that did stick was the concept of love the concept of a higher power. You know, I was told about how when I was in first grade, you imagined terrifying a child about hell, you know, this concept is ridiculous concept. That's hell, and Satan and the devils and all this kind of stuff. It just didn't make any sense. So I kind of rejected all the fear based stuff, but I kind of embraced the other stuff unconsciously. By the way, nobody was guiding me at this. Nobody was guiding me in this. So you know? I mean, well, here nobody was. Nobody on Earth was guiding me in this in this dimension, at least. But no, there was no but I always knew that but you are absolutely right. People who have a Catholic or Mormon or a little bit more militant aspect of the Christian faith is going to be open to a lot of things as opposed to some of the sex that are much more fear based like you were talking about, like, completely 100% Fear base. Don't get me wrong. I still feel guilty about my Catholic upbringing. Guilt, is a huge thing. No, I'm joking. I'm joking about the guilt that don't feel guilty. But generally speaking, there's like, oh my god, if you don't do this, this will happen. So there's a, there's this pressure on you all the time. But you're absolutely right. You're absolutely right.

Summer Bacon 15:16
Great philosopher Alan Watts said that the Catholic church made made guilt a virtue.

Alex Ferrari 15:23
Absolutely, absolutely without question. So let me ask you, when you first started to, to channel, well, let's go into Dr. Peebles. So when you started the channel, Dr. Peebles, can you explain what your process is and what kind of channel you are, because there are multiple kinds of channels out there.

Summer Bacon 15:42
I'm a trance medium, I go into a very deep trance, and Dr. Peebles comes through and uses actually my vocal cords my body to speak. He, this was a I'm self taught, not because I ever wanted to become a trance medium. I want to make that clear. I did. I wanted to know that God, God was real. God's love was real and constant. And so I did, I sat down for I don't know how long how many years I did this, but I would come home from work, I would sit in a dark room in the house. And I would look at the center of the room and I went on the the the understanding that okay, if spirit is real, and God is real, then they know I exist. So that's not that I don't have to worry about that part. They know I'm here. And if so it's up to me to reach out to find them. And so I, I asked Dr. Peebles to come into the center of the room. And I was staring into the darkness at the center of the room. Not kidding you, I would do this sometimes for up to four hours to look for him. And I would try to open my heart and really look for him in the in the ethers kind of just tried to see him. And this went on for I don't know how long years. And one night I was sitting there, I thought, I can't do this anymore. I'm not really I'm kind of seeing something but not really. And all of a sudden, this big magenta orb just popped into the center of the room. And I'm looking at it. And I was like, wow, that is so cool. So I started talking to the orb. And I would get yes answers to questions and or would get big and then no answers, the door would get small. And eventually, that orb came over next to me, flew over next to me. And I remember I reached up and tried to touch it in my hand disappeared. And then eventually I invited Dr. Peebles to come in, and to use my body and I trusted in God, I just said to God, I said, I need to know that your love is real and constant. And if you've got my back, then you've got my back. If this is my destiny, or this is what I'm supposed to be doing. I know I'm safe in it, you know, and I just haven't released any fear of anything. Else, there's a lot of fear around it, I can tell you a lot of people have fear around it. And, and, and so you know, it was it was, it was years of that kind of constant constant work to make that connection, even though I was already so connected, you know, as a little girl and everything else. It took years. And oh, I can tell you one of the little little story of my first understanding about Dr. Peebles working with me. I was, um, I was in in, I went to bed one night. And when I woke up, my body was sitting up, but I, I hadn't done it and my eyes were open, but I hadn't done it. I could feel that I was out of body. And I was like, and I could hear somebody talking saying, God bless you, God bless you, God through my body. But I wasn't doing it. And I was like, Wait, if I'm not in my body, who is and I thought am I in my body? And I the weird, the weird response I had to that was I flew over to the bathroom mirror. I saw my ethereal body in the mirror and I was like, Whoa, oh, no, you know, went back to my body and came back in. And as I came in this others, I merged with this incredibly benevolent being who then left my body and I was sitting there sitting up in my bed going, What the heck just happened? And I heard two voices, angelic voices, like nothing that is human at the side of my bed. And one of them said, well, it was a male voice. He said, Well, what do you think? And the female voice said, Well, it looks like destiny to me. And I was like, Destiny, what destiny you know? And that's that's what that's what started me off on my adventure to see if I could connect with spirit and and eventually I did. It's a longer story than that. But that's basically it in a nutshell.

Alex Ferrari 19:35
So we use decided to start channeling professionally, let's say and you came out of the quote unquote, channeling closet, how the people around you friends, families, colleagues, deal with it, and how did you deal with them dealing with it?

Summer Bacon 19:54
Well, you know, I didn't I didn't do it professionally for the first six years. I think it was In four to six years, I channeled for anybody and everybody at the drop of a hat if they needed help, I would channel I started out by channeling dearly departed loved ones, it was full body channeling, where spirits would come through with, you know, attributes that they had in life. If they, there was one lady, she would constantly fiddle with her necklace, cuz she used to do that all the time. You know, when she was alive, and I don't, I don't wear jewelry. So it was it was very interesting, but the people around me, um, you know, I was in Sedona, Arizona when I started channeling so that was very helpful, very open minded place. It's kind of a kind of in a bubble, you know, and especially back then 29 years ago, people were actually quite encouraging of me doing the work. And they weren't afraid of it. But one thing was kind of funny. My mom and dad were a little like she, you know, she Okay, is this you know, sometimes people think it's schizophrenia, you know that because you're in full body trance. It's a whole different personality, all different being coming through. So my mom actually had my godmother call me and say, hey, I want a session with you. And my godmother was a psychiatrist, psychologist. And so she was kind of testing the waters and I didn't know they had they were in cahoots on this. So I had a session, I did a session for my godmother, and she asked for her uncle to come through, she wanted to speak to her uncle, who I had never met knew nothing about. Now, my godmother is this beautiful, wonderful woman who is very, rather rather upper class and very, you know, just very a Jewish mama proper, a proper Yeah, and Jewish mama and she's just, she's just a wonderful woman. And, and she asks for her uncle, while her uncle is comes through with this, like Tennessee accent, really rough around the edges. And he's talking to her and I'm thinking, you know, I'm in trance, and I'm kind of like a puppet in those those days with the dearly departed loved ones coming through. And, and I can hear what's going on. I'm thinking, This doesn't make sense to me at all. Well, she had a fabulous conversation with her uncle. It was her uncle, and he lived in Tennessee, and he had a tendency to Wang and he was rough around the edges. And that was her test, you know, of me to see if that uncle would actually come through, or would it be some, something I conjured up knowing who she is, and what what I would imagine, to be like, you know, so it was, that was the only one that I really remembered. I had a couple of friends fall away, you know, and they thought it was weird, but they, you know, we've kind of lost touch anyway. And, and I, you know, frankly, I just never really I just, I've never really cared so much about what people think it's a strange thing. I don't like being attacked. You know, nobody does. But, you know, for what I do, but, um, but I never really gave it that much, you know, thought about, well, if they don't like it, then they don't, you know, I can't, I can't change their mind for them. And I can only do what I know is real. It's so it's so um, you know, I know the truth of what I do. I don't do this to prove anything to anybody. I do a demonstration of what is possible for anybody to do in terms of developing a deep lasting relationship with God and spirit, you got to do the work. It's just like, you know, if we're gonna be friends, we've got to call each other and have lunch, you know, and if you're not, it's not like spirit comes in pounces on you. Suddenly, just one day, I'm sitting here, and all of a sudden, Dr. Peale just pounced on me, that would be really rude, frankly, then it would really it would really rob me of the opportunity, or my personal growth, you know, learn how to reach out into the ethers and raise my vibration.

Alex Ferrari 23:51
Well, let me ask you this question. What do you think this life is doing for your evolution as a soul? Because this is a very unique path to walk, and you're very connected with the other side, you're very connected with spirit, you're very connected with the love energy of God. Why do you think you've chosen to go through this life doing this work? Because it's not an easy path. Right now. It's easier now than it was 50 years ago. But it's still not an easy path.

Summer Bacon 24:21
You know, well, I know that I've I know that I've been going through working through a lot of karma in this lifetime. I know that I've been persecuted in past lives and you know, in trying to get over that sort of fear. And really, it's to me about owning the God God light within and really just trusting and believing in that and not it you know, it's taught me so much about love about loving all all people, no matter who they are, what kind of attitude they have about life or anything. I just have learned that we're all necessary all of us. We need the contrast. We need the light, we need the dark. We need it all in order to grow so For me, I think it's just been a finally a stripping down of a lot of fears, frankly, because in order to do the work, you really have to face a lot of fears because a lot of things come in blocks and barriers inside of yourself. So I'm one time I channeled a friend of mine who he asked for his friend Tino to come through and Tino had, unbeknownst to me, Ben, he was executed on death row, he was on death row. And he had been a very, I guess, famous dancer, who, in a rage one night, he was normally a very sweet, gentle soul, but enraged one night, stabbed somebody in the back and killed them. So if I had known I was 34 years old, and that was his way back in when I first started channeling and I, I would not have let him through because I would have been judgmental, I would have thought, There's no way I'm getting the giving this guy a voice, you know, he killed somebody, and I would have just been so judgmental about it. But when I let him through, and I felt that the truth of His Spirit, and the beauty of who he truly was, because he was not he was not that one incident, you know, and that's what we end up doing. A lot of times we, we pin something on somebody, and that's it for life and without looking at who they really are, and their inner soul. And what I got to know from that experience was, what a beautiful spirit he was, I felt his remorse. I felt his self awareness that he would he learned from that experience and from from dying on death row. And he and my friend had had a beautiful conversation, when I came out of that I was a completely different person, I was a completely changed person, I suddenly realized how judgmental I had been about people not giving them you know, even even a minute to to explain who they really are, or to really try to find out who they really are. And by channeling so many different dearly departed loved ones, it was a real eye opener to me, and it helped me to accept people as they are. We're all just growing, we're all doing our best. And, you know, we're doing it in different wide variety of ways. And so I really tried, you know, I've really tried all my life now to, to really just listen to people and not argue with people. And again, not to try to even prove myself to them, I don't care. You don't believe in what I do. I always tell my audiences you know, if you don't, you know, if you leave here more skeptical than when you arrived, then you know more about who you are. And as far as I'm concerned, that's fine. There's nothing wrong living life as a skeptic, you even sometimes need to do that in order to learn that there's even more, because the learning never ends.

Alex Ferrari 27:44
When you channel where do you go? Do you remember where everything that's happening? Are you just kind of like sitting in a chair next to it? Do you go somewhere else and not remember it.

Summer Bacon 27:53
Yeah, it depends. It depends sometimes even on the you know who I'm channeling for, and how receptive they are. If they're really receptive, I really go, I can go off and not even remember anything about the session, as I've had sessions with people who are, you know, skeptical, and there's a tug and pull. And Dr. Peoples would be like, you know, if he would probably be like, hey, that's fine. You don't want to talk. It's great. I go, and I'm like, no, no, you have to finish the session. But now where do I go? I kind of feel like I go up and back up and I can do a swirly hand but it's because I feel like I kind of turned around and a lot of times when I come back out of trance i I'm like why am I looking this way? Because I you know in trance, I feel like I'm looking another direction. And it's it's a very intense process. Because I say he comes through and he takes over my vocal cords. He has a very different voice than I do. You know, I can feel him here even when I'm talking I can feel the tugging of the the muscles and stuff like because they are here then, you know he works with a band of angels. He's a spokesperson for a band of angels and quite a quite a remarkable fighter. Remarkable being here. Dr. Peebles walked the earth and he died in 1922. At the age of 99.9 years old, he was just short of his birthday. And he was a writer. He was a he was a homeopath. He was a medical doctor and natural path. He traveled the world five times he he was a US consulate to Turkey. hobnob with the who's who of you know, the day? Yeah, I mean, my gosh, you know with and it's interesting because he actually, he he knew Brigham Young from you know, the Mormon church. Yeah, I mean, they they knew each other. I can't remember there's so many others. I mean, that he knew in the world and he you know, he traveled to India, he traveled to China. He lived extensively in Ireland. He was born in Vermont, but quite a remarkable man he had He had quite a life. Well,

Alex Ferrari 30:01
I mean, I'm sure he's already knocking on your door to come through. So can we can we can we can we start our session and see what Dr. Peebles's has to say?

Summer Bacon 30:12
Yeah, absolutely. And I just have a great time. God bless you, Dr. Peebles here. It is a joy and a blessing when man and spirit joined together in search of the greater truth, send awareness or God bless you. Indeed, my dear friends as you strive to understand your right to receive and to give abundance. In this your chosen lifetime, we would like to offer to you the following principles to be used as tools in tandem, number one loving allowance for all things to be in their own time and place, starting for yourselves. God bless you indeed. Number two, increase communication with all of life and with respect. God bless you. Indeed, number three, self responsibility for your life is a creative adventure for through your choices and perceptions, you do indeed create your own reality. God bless you indeed, my dear friends who have come to the school called Planet Earth to discover and dissolve the illusions of separation within self and between life, suddenly, it is your labor of love to diminish these very same illusions, wherein you will discover that never in your eternal soul, have you been the victim, but always the Creator. And God bless you. Indeed, my dear friend, Alex, you got a beautiful spirit, a student of the Divine, we love you so very much. My goodness gracious, you really need to talk more Hello, my dear friend, because you've got so much to share from your heart. And we love you so very much. Your perspectives are fantastic. Don't ever hold yourself back. God bless you, indeed, you, my dear friend, you have come to the school called Planet Earth with tremendous courage. And it was very hard for you to come back this time you said I don't know if I want to do it again. But if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it right. And I'm going to have the courage to speak to the world to share with the world from my heart. And I'm going to be seen and heard and felt by the world because you too, my dear friend had been persecuted in the past in previous lifetimes. When you spoke so loudly from your Oh, shall we say soapbox, that people really looked at you and said, Well, you have no right to be telling us these things? And you said, Yes, I do. Because I'm a human being. And I have thoughts and I have feelings. And I have experiences, and awarenesses. So what you're doing in this lifetime, is you're resurrecting some of this inside of yourself coming back to the mystic that you are. And that is part of your journey, my dear friend, you will discover the mystic that you are on a much deeper level than you ever have before. It's going to happen here in the year of 2024. And it's going to be moving on from there. God bless you indeed, as you open yourself up to receiving the light, love, inspiration and truth. God bless you indeed that is there for one and all. And suddenly, my dear friend, we love you so very much. And would you understand? And do would you have questions or comments? So God bless you, indeed.

Alex Ferrari 32:42
Thank you so much for that. I appreciate it. My first question is, what do souls do between lives on the other side?

Summer Bacon 32:51
So many things you would do? Sometimes they just like to rest. Sometimes they come over here and they say I want to go back that was so much fun. And then we say, well, since you want to go back so quickly, and you thought it was so much fun, you're finished. You don't have to reincarnate ever again. God bless you, indeed. And certainly, my dear friend, there are so many different, it would depend upon the realm in which you are talking about some human beings, when they leave their bodies here, they go into a place called the astral plane, because they don't believe in anything. They don't believe that that is life after death, and yet the otter out of body, and they wander around and they think well, goodness gracious, why isn't anybody talking to me and they find themselves rather confused by that experience. And this would be if you will, in somebody's got haunted houses. And such the spirits who live in these homes think that they are the ones who live there, they don't realize that they are the ones who are out of body they think the others around them other spirits, the ghosts and such. So they get very scared sometimes. And in other in other situations, shall we say, spirits might leave and come over here, for example, to become educated in certain things. Let's say for example, someone wants to become a concert pianist and that next lifetime, but they don't want to go through all the process of having to learn everything, when they're in the human form. So they come over here and they practice piano, believe it or not, they can and they do, and they learn it very, very well. And then they incarnate. And that will be honest, shall we say child prodigies and such? God bless you indeed. So there, it depends on the individual, of course, what is this some, some love to come over here and go travel to other planets? And some say I'm never going back to that wretched place that planet Earth. And we will always encourage you to return. But they say no, I'm gonna go travel to other planets. And they do and eventually come back and say, Well, you know something, I'm going to have to go back to that school called Planet F, so that I can graduate into the greater deeper understanding of myself as the god light that I am. God bless you, indeed. And that my dear friend is the tip of the iceberg. But would you understand and does that help? God bless you indeed. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 34:46
Yes, it does. Yes, it does. My next question is how do people overcome addiction in this life?

Summer Bacon 34:51
Oh, goodness gracious. Well, sometimes the best way to overcome addiction is to surrender into it and then you finally really realize that you couldn't release it. It's the constant struggling against addictions, whether it is to food, drugs, alcohol, whatever it might be that you feel you are addicted to, it would be good to be addicted to too many kitty cats or something like that God bless you indeed, but But you overcome it by surrendering into it so that you really can deeply understand it. Some people are to, for example, are addicted to such things as as misery, some are addicted to such things as anger, and the more they would surrender into it, they would realize how they, it's time for them to release it, they would understand why they have it, and then be able to release it entirely. And also forgiveness is very important. Forgiveness of self not saying that you're a bad person, if you have an addiction to anything, because it's just part of your journey. It's a part of your learning about yourself and understanding ourselves. It's society that puts the, shall we say, the labels upon individuals who are addicted to anything, and men feel that they must be fixed and corrected and such. Well, my dear friends, you do much better if somebody smoking cigarettes to buy them boxes and boxes of cigarettes, so they can see how many they're smoking in a year. And suddenly they look at it and say, My goodness, I have to smoke all of those, I don't want to smoke those cigarettes anymore. And they would walk away from it. God bless you indeed. So it's really a matter of truly loving self and learning to love. So through through these situations, it is an unfortunate state of affairs, of course, when you are seeing people who are in deep, deep pain, and such but, but at the very same time, love is always going to be the greatest healer, and it has to come within yourself so that some of these individuals just cannot earn if you will find that self love until they are long lasting return to the earth and maybe several times with the same addiction over and over again. And finally realize, well that's getting boring, and then they move on from there. So the everybody's always gonna grow. Everybody's eventually gonna live happily ever after God bless you indeed. And does that help my dear friend yeah?

Alex Ferrari 36:49
It does, it does. My next question is that that seems that the other side is full of infinite knowledge. So why do we have to come here to learn simple truths?

Summer Bacon 37:00
Well, human beings are very different in this respect to your you're living on one of the toughest schools in the universe. It really is, and where you're learning about the illusions of separation within yourself and between life now, how did you get here in the first place, you fell away, you had a moment that where you thought, well, you know, something I don't know about this love, and what that's all about and such, and maybe it's unnecessary, et cetera, and suddenly sank into, if you will, a lot of doubt, a doubt about God about the universe and such. And it was encouraged that you would come to the school called Planet Earth where you can, at long last really see hear, taste, touch, feel and smell everything that is you because that's the greater truth, that everything that you see how taste, touch, feel, and smell is you you are part of all of it, you are not separate from anything. And eventually you will come to learn this, God bless you indeed. So and it's and it's truly up to you as an individual to, to have come to this awareness to do the learning do the education. We can't, for example, move you around like chess pieces on a board, we can't, we can't make you think I believe anything and such, you just sort of fell away. It's just another learning and, and it's a it's an education that is quite extraordinary. In the universe. There's not not any place quite like this planet Earth. Here. It is, as we say, the toughest school in universal give yourself at least a pat on the back foot have come in yet in the first place. And but if you really start to study, that you are everything that you see her taste, touch, feel and smell, there is no separation, you will come to understand the energetics of the universe and and beyond. And you will find freedom and flight of soul beyond your wildest dreams and imagination. So it's a but that's a very, that's a synopsis to the greater answer to the question because of time limitations. Yeah, but certainly, it's a wonderful question. Thank you so very much, Alex, you're a beautiful spirit yeah.

Alex Ferrari 38:49
Thank you so much for that. What we understand the purpose, at least I understand the purpose of a soul being born into a poor or difficult scenario for learning purposes. But why would someone or why would have soul be born into a wealthy or easier, quote unquote, easier life?

Summer Bacon 39:10
That's a very good question. It really is. Yeah. Well, there's a wide variety of reasons why individuals incarnate into various scenarios, but and so we would really have to take it case by case basis here in terms of somebody who's born into wealth and such, sometimes it's really just so that they can kick the habit, they don't want it anymore. They see it's a waste of time and energy and, and they start to realize what really matters it shows them the greater truth that the love that they carry within the family, the nurturing them, the time spent with family and friends and animals and nature and such that these are the things that are much more important than worrying about big houses and the struggles of having to maintain money, you start to have possessions for example, David might learn that, that they're held the possessions that they have start to possess them. And then they drag all that stuff around with them every time they move to wherever, from one mansion to the next or something like that we'll see. And sometimes individuals are born into those, those experiences so that they can give all the money away to somebody else or what have you. They want to amass money so that they can give it all away. There are plenty of people that are not spoken of upon the earth who really do this on a regular basis. They, they make a lot of money, they started away, perhaps leave it to someone when they die. Live like a popper. You don't even see it. So there's again, as we say, there's lots and lots of scenarios there that you could, we could we could share, but those are a couple of them that we would share right off the bat here. God bless you indeed for your understanding. Does that help my dear friend yeah?

Alex Ferrari 40:40
It does help. Thank you for that. What can we what can we do to stop greed that could end our civilization?

Summer Bacon 40:48
Yeah, well, you got to stop it inside of yourself. That's really all you can do. You see, it's it's got to happen within each and every person. And that, of course, would be rather ideal, wouldn't it? Yeah. Because but you can't make anybody stop being greedy and such. But uh, but it would take really true in truth, my dear friend, Vaughn, each individual who doesn't want to have greed in the world, to not not be greedy themselves. And so you might even look deep inside of yourself, is there any area of your life in which you are a bit greedy, and perhaps resolve it there first, you see, that makes a difference in terms of the energetics of the planet Earth, you can educate people by removing will rewarding people who are not greedy with lots of love. And for perhaps even with a lot of the stuff they think they want, such as money and such, you'll see, it's quite, it's quite remarkable. Just as a little aside, here in terms of your planet Earth, a lot of your heads of EDs of countries in Sokcho. And lots of, if you will, the politicians and others who might be very, very greedy, wanting to amass power and wanting to amass money and wanting to control everybody and such, they don't really understand that what would make them the most powerful in on the planet Earth would be to give so much to others, and to, to help and to assist and to uplift the people in their country and such. And, and really take care of them and joyfully and speak honestly, and truthfully, and such, oh my goodness, you know what would happen in that case, everybody would be applauding them, loving them, hugging them, kissing them throwing money at them, they'd have more money, more wealth more a lot of everything that they say they want, if they would just turn it around a little bit and do it in a different way and approach it in a different way. And such. Yeah, God bless you, indeed. And does that help my dear friend?

Alex Ferrari 42:35
It does. It does. I've heard of this concept that there is no past lives, there is no future lives, that all lives are happening at the same time in the life that we are currently quote unquote, currently living in affects our past lives, quote, unquote, and our future lives, quote, unquote. So it's all happening at the same time. Can you explain that to me in a way that our small little brains can understand?

Summer Bacon 42:59
Yeah, I'm more than likely not, but will attempt to. Yeah, in truth, my dear friend, everything is happening at once. You can't think of anything without first and foremost, without an existing somewhere. And that's why you sometimes see that someone might have an idea for an invention or something like that. And they bring it forth, they first think of it, they marinate about it inside of themselves, and then they bring it in, manifested into the world. So it's already created somewhere, it's already there. And that's why you might be seeing something on television saying, wait a minute, that's my idea. They stole it, I was thinking of the very same thing, because it exists and it was ready to be birthed. And somebody ran with it, you'll see and birthed it and such. So so in that respect, my dear friend, you were the past present, and the future is happening right here. And now. Everything exists right here. And now on and and so well, let's see, right here, oh, there it goes. Now, its future, past, present, and future, you can't help it. It's all happening at once. And so there are, if you will, it's not easy for the human mind to comprehend. But if you really understand it, you'll you'll start to come to the awareness that everything that you have ever done in your lifetime, every thought you've ever had everything you've ever done, every kiss you've ever given, and every word you've ever spoken in such, it all adds up to this right here. And now. For example for you, Alex, everything you've done in your life adds up to this moment in here, right here. And now talking to an old spoke. You see, God bless you indeed. It's all happening at once. And so, of course, this moment here that you're experiencing with yours truly here talking. Is this affecting your past? In some ways? Yes. It really is. Is it evolving from your past? Yes, it is. Of course it is. Because that's your you're here because of that because of the things you've done in the past. And you think about well, some of the things Dr. Peebles is telling me I wish I'd known that when I was seven years old. Perhaps I could have applied that mod and you think about ways in which you could have, and suddenly you've changed that part of yourself. So those are the that's perhaps the best way we can explain it to you. Also, remember the future is there, but it's it's what you decide. It's what you imagine, for example, the imagination is a tremendously powerful thing. That is often poo pooed for example, when you're a child, Oh, Mommy, I don't know what to do. Oh, use your imagination. Oh, Mommy, I saw my dad uncle in the in the hallway. Oh, goodness, gracious, that's just your imagination. So you're always given these, if you will, opposites yet. And so you think, well, the imagination is pointless, except for certain things except for let's pretend or daydreaming or what have you. But the imagination is a playground for Spirit is the imagination is a powerful, powerful thing that you have. If you visualize your future, and really feel it within your body, it's all energetics. And you see it, you visualize it, you hold that thought, and you live it inside of yourself, and you feel it, what will be the experience of it, I was so happy. So lovely, so beautiful. I feel so wonderful, I feel so abundant, etc. And then you get up and you step into that picture. And you can manifest very, very things very rapidly once you get the hang of it really, ultimately, so you can, but you can also be thinking about the future and in a very sad, desperate way. Nothing's ever going to manifest the way I like it. It's just going to be horrible. No, that's wonderful, because you just created that reality. And you go ahead and step into it. And you have your learnings there. So it's yes, it's all happening at once lots of timelines, lots of ways in which you can can move about. You are born upon this planet Earth, is that a predestination in some respects? Yes, the destination for everybody is love returning into the understanding of the god light that you are, and returning to the understanding that love that you are seeking and expressing and everything else is what you are made of. And that's where you step into your enlightenment, but you weren't, you come to the school called Planet Earth, and you say, Well, I'm going to make a decision, I'm going to, shall we say, end up living in Greece or something like that. But you can take a wide variety of paths to living in Greece, you can go via lots of you can fly there directly, or you can go there via all the states in the United States before you get that and lots of ways in which you can get your final destination, which is love. And then when you understand this, what you're going to do next you see once you're enlightened what you're going to do next year, God bless you indeed, the learning never ends. And does that help my dear friend?

Alex Ferrari 47:26
It does it does. You mentioned about manifestation and manifesting your life. If we do have control of the lives that we create for ourselves. How can we explain aging? And why do we not create a life that is endless for ourselves?

Summer Bacon 47:43
Why would you want to really, truly my dear friend, you'll see. Because if you were if you were to live on on this school called Planet Earth forever, eventually you would have learned everything that there is to learn about the planet at about people in many respects, not, not always, of course, because there's always going to be new interactions and such. But immortality would be really almost like a death sentence in itself, because it would be very quite limiting really. So the reason you age Yeah, then you can you can run away from aging all you want. But the reason you age is because you as you're starting to get ready to leave the Earth, you're dropping the coat of this human form, you're not your body, you see. And, and of course, a lot of the things that you manifest in your physical body in terms of diseases, illnesses, aches and pains, and such as this, that comes about not because the body is trying to attack you. It doesn't want to do that your wants to be loved by him once, and he wants to do its very best job for you. But in truth, it is your spirit that is, if you will, if you will controlling the body and in some respects it's your spirit that is saying Goodness gracious, you know something, those people over there they call me all the time I don't like those people don't go me and all of a sudden you develop issues with your gallbladder because everything's going you in such or you don't feel supported and suddenly your back is aching. You don't feel supported by the well. Nobody helps me. I have to do it all by myself. And then you start to manifest these things in your body physically. And so you are in charge of your body, your body's not not trying to attack you either. So God bless you indeed that was a little bit more than what you were asking but we enjoy chatting Of course you can tell we enjoy our conversations. Yeah, God bless.

Alex Ferrari 49:26
Now, what do you see as the future of humanity in this great shift in consciousness in this next year, and beyond?

Summer Bacon 49:33
Well, you know, something, it's, it's really a fascinating time for you to be on the earth. It is the tilling of the soil so to speak. It's the it's the tilling of the soil that reveals all the creepy crawlers of the earth. And, and because of your internet and the connectedness in so many ways in your world through your devices and such. No one can get away with anything anymore. They're yet next you're being exposed here for who you really are in many respects and in some ways, not so much because of course there's a lot of manipulation of these devices and lots of manipulation of audio and video and other things and such but, but you're starting to be revealed to the world people are starting to speak up, speak out, unabashedly and exposing themselves. So it's a, it's an interesting time to be on the earth. And what's going to happen is a lot of contentious energy. Of course, people aren't arguing and fighting, and there will be small civil wars around the world and such that will come up that have already happened. Lots of, again, more Earth changes and things that will be occurring, just simply because of the energy of the planet Earth of human beings, you're creating this reality for yourselves, but But eventually, you're going to find that the fighting and the contentious serve behaviors and such will become very boring to very boring and old news and a waste of time. And people will start coming together collectively, and realizing how very powerful you can be when you come together and find unity in your diversity. Rather than seeing it as Oh, I've got to change everybody to comply and be like me, you can just dance together, you can enjoy the dance the journey to the heart together, and find that everybody has something to contribute. And there will be a lot more if you will, eventually, it's not going to happen right away. But it will, you'll start to see inklings of it in this in this year. And in the next three, four years of human beings who are going to start saying you know, something, we really do need to listen to each other, we need each other. And we need the differences. And we need to share and you're going to start to realize that the thing that you do share that is in common is at the core of every single solitary human being upon the school called Planet Earth, even the worst person that you can think of, at their very core, the real truth of who they are is love. And that is it. They just don't remember they haven't found it yet. They don't understand it yet. But eventually, you're also going to find that human beings are going to realize the energetic construction of the universe, quantum physics that that human beings discussed, will you begin to understand how, if you will, massive that is in terms of deepening your understanding of your own personal power, you wouldn't be instinct, they are so limited, but you are not you are not in all in any way, shape, or form are you limited, it is only the limitations you placed upon yourselves, believing that you can't do certain things, can't walk on water, can't walk through walls, you see, but you can yada yada, you're composed of energy. And eventually human beings are going to come back to that awareness. There will be more if you will, interactions with spirits coming to Planet Earth and being revealed in a more tangible way, shall we say, as your vibration of the Earth is raised and elevated into a place where you will be more capable of seeing spirits and such. And there will be more interactions in terms of UFOs and extraterrestrials because of again, the matching of the frequencies of the energy of the planet earth as it is elevated and raised up, believe it or not, as difficult as it is on your earth right now. You are coming into the fifth dimension of the greater understanding of love. It is an expansion of love. Love does not ever, ever end, my dear friend, it's ever expansive, and it is extraordinarily powerful. It is the core of everything in the universe. And even where I exist, for example, we will we are still exploring love does even deeper, deeper love to explore, believe it or not, it is without end. It's quite extraordinary really is God bless you, indeed. And again, the tip of the iceberg. But does that help my dear friend?

Alex Ferrari 53:21
It does it does. Next question is since we live forever, where is our beginning as souls. How are new souls created?

Summer Bacon 53:31
Generated as energy from stars, sort of, if you if you were to visualize if you've ever seen, for example, any photograph of the nervous system and the firing of the nerve synapses and such, you would look like that when you're born you want your spark that comes forth and, and begins to grow. And so you're never really had been separate from any of it. But you are best from it. It's quite extraordinary. Your birth from the energy of the universe of which you've been a part but now you're the birthing part of it is is coming to life. It's in a new experience of yourself. And and suddenly, perhaps flying around the universe saying My goodness, I feel amazing. This is incredible. And you get a sense of yourself, you get a sense of your being human beings tend to think that in the afterlife, a lot of people think, for example, that they'll just be floating out that as a spirit and just do in a black wasteland or something like that US or in heaven. We're playing harps and things like that variety of things. But the reality is you are at your energy. But spirits do have a strong sense of themselves. We all do. Just as every cell in your body has a strong sense of itself as a being as it has its own perspective of life itself. God bless you indeed. So it's it's quite, quite extraordinary though. Yeah, it's a it's a wonderful question. And we will say to you, Alex that the learning never ends even for us and so there is more to it. thought about the questions and the answers. Where does the universe begin and end? From what we have learned here where I where I exist, it doesn't, it didn't. And that's just incredibly difficult for the human consciousness to to understand, there is no end to it. It's It's remarkable, isn't it if human beings would just realize, and contemplate just that one point for five minutes, that all their whole life would change, really, because they would start to see how great they are, how great Thou art, you are beautiful spirits, and you would come to the awareness that life is eternal, and that you can love each other forever. And that's, that's the greatest dance of all, and do all sorts of things while still lovinge each other. Yeah. God bless you. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 55:41
You mentioned before that we put limitations on ourselves of like, not being able to walk through walls or do things like that, that that triggered an idea inside of me, which is odd, the the Ascended Masters, the the masters who found enlightenment on Earth, the Buddha, is that Jesus, the Yogananda's the Babajis and so on. Is is this a good example of of beings who have now transcended the human experience to the point where they can almost play with the code of the computer simulation that we're all in, if you will?

Summer Bacon 56:15
Yeah, well, you know, something, first and foremost, they found it within themselves, they didn't find it on the earth, they found it inside of themselves. You see, that's where the power begins. That's, that's where it is, you can't meet a friend, you cannot pick up a pencil. Without a first happening inside of you, you think of it, I need to pick up that pencil. And then you manifest it in the external world. But it's all happening inside of you. Everything is contained within you everything Jesus Christ, Buddha, every every soul that has ever walked, the Earth is contained within you, it's all within you, not separate from. And so these individuals that you call the Ascended Masters are just simply, if you will, aware, aware of them, themselves, who they really are, and, and they came to the earth, to express themselves to help to assist to uplift and all the rest. Jesus Christ came to the earth, to say, let me show you here you are not your body, and didn't run away from Destiny, but ran straight into it, and with the cross and everything else, and the body was stripped away. And what was left was a beautiful spirit that he wants and is forevermore. And he wanted everybody to understand this, the love that you are How Great Thou Art, and to let go of all of these other things that you think are so important in terms of the battles and such that you were you rage against one another and such anything that is less than love. But yeah, God bless you did that answer your question, my dear friend?

Alex Ferrari 57:43
It did it did. And finally, do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Summer Bacon 57:47
Parting messages for the audience, you are beautiful spirit students of the Divine. We love you so very much. Take heart of my dear friends. It's a beautiful life. It really is. It's happening all inside of you. And as you go forth in your days, please understand that it's not for you to fix everybody in the world. You can feel compassion, you can feel care, you can feel concern about things that are happening in the world. That's all right. But at the very same time, ask yourself the question, Is there something I can do about it here and now and if not, then go your way in peace, love and harmony and do something fun with your day. It's alright for you to be happy. When others are sad. It's okay for you to enjoy your life when others are not. It is really my dear friends, this very part of yourself that you project into the world which is necessary for the Planet Earth. You think joy and loving one another and playing and dancing and singing is not necessary? Well, my dear friends, it really is because it keeps the light shining brightly. Become like the lighthouse and guide others safely to the shore of love. By being if you will, the most beautiful loving spirit that you can be starting with yourself. Remember to love you take charge of that. Remember that you are a beautiful spirit you are perfectly fond. God bless you indeed you want nothing wrong with you whatsoever. Look inside of yourself and let yourself be seen and heard and felt by the world. Don't despair, know that my difference that is a point and a purpose to all of this. You may not know it in this lifetime, but eventually you will come over to where we are. Take a look back and say Ah now I get it now I realized what it was all about. God bless you indeed it was a journey to the heart a journey of expansion of understanding the god light that I am and God bless you indeed you are a beautiful spirit students of the Divine. We love you so very much and go your way in peace, love and harmony for life is indeed a joy. And all you have to do is you enjoy the journey to your own heart and suddenly to your own enlightenment is simply lighten up just a little bit more. God bless you indeed.

Alex Ferrari 59:50
And she's back how are you doing?

Summer Bacon 59:59
I'm okay. Ah,

Alex Ferrari 1:00:01
Did you remember any of it?

Summer Bacon 1:00:04
Just remember the intensity of it. It's very physically. It's hard work physically. It's tugging, pulling. Um, did I remember anything? That I, you know, it's like little. It's like waking up. You know, where were you thinking? Or dream when you wake up? And it's like, Yeah, kinda. Oh, I remember I remember the the nervous system or something like that something. Yeah. The reason I remember that is because it was so pretty. They were showing it. It was like, so beautiful. It's like, wow.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:39
Like, so you energize? Are you energized right now? Are you tired?

Summer Bacon 1:00:42
Oh, I'm wiped out. No.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:45
So you get wiped out by it?

Summer Bacon 1:00:47
Oh, yeah, I know, there are channels who say that they you know, it's just guys. I'm like, yeah, no, no, it's a it's a physical process. You know? It because like I say, they're, they're connecting with my body. My body's like a low voltage wire. And that's high voltage, high voltage coming through it, you know. And actually, some years ago, I think, I don't know, probably about 2005. I had a near death experience, and I died. And because I was, so I was working so much, I was depleted. And I was actually talking to a man who was a cardiologist from a retired cardiologist from Flagstaff. And he wanted to do some tests on me at NAU, and to find out how the channeling was affecting my body because it was so intense. And then I had this near death experience. And I talked to him about it. The next day. I said, I don't know what happened. He said, more than likely, you used up all your magnesium and your heart stopped. And I said, Oh, and he said, Yeah, he said, even though even a bad psychic uses up more magnesium than the average person, which is really interesting. Yeah. Yeah, apparently, that was some study at one of the universities or something like that. And he was in that and then the weird thing was right, before we were going to do the testing, he died of a heart attack

Alex Ferrari 1:02:12
Oh my god.

Summer Bacon 1:02:13
Yeah, it was. He was such a nice man. He was so sweet. And I was I was looking forward to working with him. He was very, very honorable. You know?

Alex Ferrari 1:02:22
That's, that's very interesting. I've heard from so many different channels that that you got to kind of brought your nervous system has to be prepped and kind of set up to be able to handle this energy. Like a doctor people's doesn't just show up to anybody, because you'll blow the circuit and build up to it if you will.

Summer Bacon 1:02:43
Yeah, when he when he first started coming through, and when I was much younger, and it was so intense, I mean, in this is intense, but it was even more so. And I finally got mad and I said, you know, you have got got to slow down. I mean, it felt like my heart was just gonna burst and it just it's it's just intense. It's extremely intense. And I said you've got you've got you got to slow down and so he next time came in very meek very slow. And he comes in really slowly and he goes I'm sorry

Alex Ferrari 1:03:24
I'm gonna ask you Summer a few questions ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Summer Bacon 1:03:30
Just being authentic. Being authentic, be yourself, share who you are, don't be afraid of it. And so many people hide themselves away and mask themselves and try to be something you know out in the world and try to fit the world and you already fit and if you can realize that see, I I live my life as summer bacon I'm a trance medium I see spirits hear spirits. I have had extraterrestrial contact. I've had a near death experience. I've had a lot of things. And and but what happens if people fall away from you because you share of who you really are. Then hallelujah, you know, go ahead and you'll you'll find the people of like mind and like heart and that's that's a fulfilling life. You know, I have friends from all walks of life. They're not all believer to trance mediums. There's no they're not reason God, but it's but it's really really fun.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:24
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to a little Summer what advice would you give her?

Summer Bacon 1:04:28
It's going to be okay, honey, don't give up.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:32
Fair enough. How do you define God?

Summer Bacon 1:04:35
Oh, it's how can I even define God? It's a feeling. It's like a big hug. I if I had to define God, it's just this hug. It's just warmth. Just incredible. Vast, it's without end. It's so it's so so much so much more than so much more than what what they're talking about in church and It's believable. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:02
What is love?

Summer Bacon 1:05:05
Oh, you know undefinable I would think it takes so many different shapes. It's, you know, it's acceptance, I would say that the that acceptance and acknowledgement feels like love. When you speak of something from your heart and you're talking about something that people around you may not believe, or whatever, if they acknowledge that and they say, oh, you know, thank you, Alex. That's, that's interesting. It feels like love. It's like, Ah, it's just it's acceptance and acknowledgement, and all of all of all beings. That's, that's what it is to me.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:49
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Summer Bacon 1:05:52
Love, love. That's it. I mean, that's, uh, you know, when I was little months old, and I said to spirit, okay, I'll find out what this true thing about is about once and for all. And I would say, you know, it's love it's it's all perspectives though. It really is. What we try to put it in a box. And I think you know, the expression if everything is green, then nothing is green. We need the contrast. We need the light, we need the dark, or we couldn't even see each other right now without both.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:20
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Summer Bacon 1:06:24
Summerbacon.com Summer like the season bacon like the food. And so it's www.summerbacon.com. And, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:32
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Summer Bacon 1:06:35
You know, I would say the same thing to the audiences I would have said to my little self little summary is don't give up. Really don't give up and be be brave enough to be you. Because that's enough, really is. Summer.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:48
It has been such a pleasure talking to you and Dr. Peebles today. I appreciate you and I hope this conversation helps people around the world. So I appreciate you.

Summer Bacon 1:06:57
Thank you so much, Alex, thank you for having me.

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