VISIONS OF COLLAPSE: Channeler WARNS of Economic CRASH & Global CONFLICT! with Joy Kingsborough

Joy Kingsborough is an intuitive channel, professional speaker, author, and certified life coach who is passionate about de-mystifying the human-intuitive connection. For more than 25 years, Joy has nurtured her connection with the spirit world as a tool for healing, clarity, professional growth, and personal development. She offers workshops, live events, and programs to help you find freedom, peace and ease in a chaotic world.
Joy’s academic and professional background includes a graduate degree in psychology, time as a corporate executive, as well as certifications in coaching, reiki, and meditation. Her dedication to healing and personal development led to a 100-pound weight loss and a public appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, which launched her public speaking and writing career. Joy enjoys writing about conscious transformation, channeling, tarot, and numerology integrating her in-depth knowledge of cycles, intuition, and symbolism.
Please enjoy my conversation with Joy Kingsborough.

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Joy Kingsborough 0:00
So while money is useful, and that helps you exchange that value and have experiences with each other, there's a time when you'll be motivated beyond the desire for the exchange of things. And you'll want to have an exchange of experience with each other. And as you transition out of this, and this, this won't begin, you're already beginning to see the breaking down of it that's happening through means that feel like they're uncomfortable or controlling, which really is serving this greater shift. The greater shift won't happen for another 25 years. Somewhere around that realm. You're going to experience the collapsing of the financial systems in order to start paving the way and to help lapse the ego around those physical desires. This is very material experiences.

Alex Ferrari 0:47
I'd like to welcome to the show, Joy Kingsborough. How you doing Joy?

Joy Kingsborough 0:59
I'm fantastic. Alex, I'm so grateful to be here. Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:03
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you, and and the entities that you channel as well, later on in our conversation. But we're also gonna be talking about your book, queuing up the magic as well, later in the conversation. But first and foremost, my first question, what was your life like before this insanity that is channeling came into it?

Joy Kingsborough 1:28
Well, it's really interesting to think about it that way. Because for me before channeling was insanity. It was it was a difficult life. I think, from a very, very early age, I didn't feel really comfortable being alive, I felt sort of this I didn't belong, I wasn't quite sure. And I think a lot of people feel that way. But I spent a lot of my first years going through some pretty traumatic experiences of mental and physical abuse. And so as I got older and began creating my own my own life, you know, getting a job finding myself in the world. I continued to experience things that felt like I just couldn't find why I was here. I couldn't figure my path out. And so when channeling came in while it was really chaotic as it came in, as it came into the story, I definitely what didn't see it coming, I resisted it. You know, my channel always calls me the reluctant channel. So when Jonah toxic Mises, I'm the reluctant channel. But when I embraced it, things completely changed. For me, it became a smooth path. The world made sense. And I understood why I was here.

Alex Ferrari 2:44
Well, let me ask you this, when you were going through all of your turmoil early on in your life, was there any indications of this coming down the road? Or were you completely blacked out of this future version of yourself? Was there any little hints at all?

Joy Kingsborough 3:01
There were definitely hints. I used to talk to the animals, I would hear them talking to me, I would have conversations. I would sit outside in nature by myself and have full on conversations with birds and cats and dogs. And so I was hearing things I just didn't realize that was abnormal. I didn't realize other people weren't doing that. So it wasn't until my teenage years where I started to get intuitive awarenesses I would know things about people or I could predict what they wanted me to say. I could sort of chameleon like what what is it that they want? I somehow just understood what people were thinking and feeling. And I thought that you know what, what a great skill to bring into corporate America and into business. And I was I realized I was intuitive. Right? So yeah, so there were indications definitely not that I was gonna channel.

Alex Ferrari 3:53
So were you raised religious?

Joy Kingsborough 3:56
I was raised. I was raised aware of religion that I didn't grow up going to church. I had, you know, an uncle who preached so he was a minister for a Pentecostal Church, which is interesting, because, you know, they're speaking in tongues. And, you know, they're, they're kind of in a different realm of experience. And I went to church with my uncle when I was about five. And I remember feeling a feeling that now is similar to channeling, where I was overcome by a sense of what I felt was like love or divinity. There was this massive expanse of energy that came in and I was really young. I didn't understand what was happening, but it fooled me to the front of the church where I really wanted to be a part of the energy I wanted to pray I wanted there was something calling me to the energy that was happening in the room.

Alex Ferrari 4:49
Were you were you looking for channeling? Were you like reading books about metaphysics were you looking for like were used in search of channeling? When it showed up, or did you just, it just showed up,

Joy Kingsborough 5:03
Hadn't had at all. So I went through a pretty, I would say, at the end of the chaos, I went through a pretty traumatic experience where I was engaged in married, my fiance died within six months. So it was a it was rapid, thank you. And at the, at the after that experience, I was more depressed than I'd ever been. And in my depression, I had been looking for anything, any solution that would help relieve me from that. And you know, this has been a cycle, most of my life. So had gotten to that place where, you know, you kind of have that choice am I going to stay or I'm going to get am I going to go and I had a moment of, please take me, you know, I don't want to do this anymore. If I'm not going to be with the person that I love, if I'm not going to have this life story that I want, you know, what, what's happening, and I felt like I had been really abandoned or left behind, I just felt so alone in the world. And so, in an experience where I was laying in bed one night, just begging God, the time, trying hard not to believe in God, but begging God to please take me, I ended up having this immense experience where my chest opened up, and I could feel it physically, I was aware it was happening, my chest just burst open. And there was this stream of consciousness that began to open up out of my chest, and it pulled me out of my body. And so the only thing I can, you know, kind of understand occurred was an out of body experience. So I was being pulled out of body, I was immediately out of body and I was in this stream of consciousness, like the, these lights this, like a streaming flow or flood of lights. And I began to forget that I had a body. And so I'm moving out into this flow, having this experience, and I'm feeling more connected to the Divine, more connected to oneness universe. You know, of course, the language I'm using now that I wasn't using at the time that I felt that closeness, and I was there for, I think, quite some hours. And then remember hearing, you know, you're not you haven't even begun, you know, you're you think that you're never going to figure it out. And you've been going through all of these things, and you're just about ready to really wake up to why you're here. And it's time to go back. And so I came back. Yeah, I came back to the body. And that's when I got really interested.

Alex Ferrari 7:37
I would say so at that point, like, hey, there's something going on here.

Joy Kingsborough 7:44
Maybe I should pay attention to that.

Alex Ferrari 7:47
Exactly. So it was a it was a wait, you had a near death experience, almost without having to die, essentially correct. Yeah, essentially. So they were being very, very generous with you and very kind to you. Yes, I have a feeling that if you wouldn't have listened to that message, the next step would have been a near death experience.

Without question, so when you came back from that experience, did you just start looking for books looking for teachers, up to kind of explain, because I'm assuming you had no vernacular to kind of explaining this because you have not been in this world. Many of my audience members would probably be able to guide you in through the I will probably be able to guide you somewhat during that process. But at this point, you had no no vernacular whatsoever to to deal with this.

Joy Kingsborough 8:38
No idea. The only the only thing that I was aware of was meditation. So I'd heard about meditation, and I knew, you know, everybody was talking about it, it was the thing. And so I started to explore meditation, hoping that in that I might lead the body, I might be able to let go of the mind with all of these thoughts that were distracting me that were unkind and be able to get to that place again, I actually wanted to get out of the body as fast as possible again. And so that's it led me to meditation, which was an incredible opening for me. Meditation taught me so much about being in my body and about my thoughts, and about the ability to notice my thoughts and realize that when I was having those negative thoughts or feeling bad about life, I really could observe and so what I noticed is I was sort of being taught in meditation, but I didn't know by who, but I could feel there was some one or something there that was guiding me to things

Alex Ferrari 9:37
So at hat point do you start hearing voices in your head? I mean, the way I'm saying it sounds crazy, but everyone listen to the show notes. Because there's I mean, listen, if I if all of a sudden someone starts talking to you, either of you, am I going crazy? Am I going nuts? So so how was that when I first can Ain't you so far it's been very subtle, very kind of why, you know, kid gloves, very white glove, then I'm assuming at one point they go, I am here. And you're like, what is happening? So what was that process? Like?

Joy Kingsborough 10:11
Yeah, I ended up actually connecting with a group of people who were meditating. And so I'm at this woman circle, and we're all laying on these mats, and we're gonna meet our spirit guides, right? So a very, very benign entry conversation, right? So I'm laying on this mat, getting ready to loving the meditation. And all of a sudden, there is this seven foot tall man from India in a very elaborate costume, above me in my vision, like, entered into the space with me, and I'm not a very visual person. So it was very abrupt. And he said, I've been waiting for you. And he said, my name is Joe. And that began the conversation. But he's always been so gentle. Like, even in that conversation, he showed me an experience of just dancing and becoming partners, and playing and that he was infinitely patient, because he knew I'd be reluctant. And he knew that it would, I would take some time to settle into it, he knew that I was introverted, he, you know, he knew that he would need to guide me.

Alex Ferrari 11:16
So they basically picked the wrong vessel, is what you're saying. Everything you said is like this, the opposite of what the channel should be at all. Right? Exactly. They like challenges apparently, on the other side. So when so when Jonah showed up, I'm assuming was there a prepping stage where you were starting to get used to his energy? Because to my understanding, that when these kinds of energies come in, they're such a higher vibration and frequency, that your nervous system? If you're not prepared, but fry, you could really Yes, hurt yourself. So they kind of slowly kind of bring you into that. Was there a process like that for you?

Joy Kingsborough 11:59
Yeah, I've gone through a few different stages of what kind of like that initiation into more of that channeled frequency. The first one was a very strong invitation for me to sell everything that I owned. That was right. So I was I laugh now, it was not as funny then. But I let go of all my belongings and bought an RV with two small children and three dogs, and moved into the middle of nowhere in British Columbia, and stayed luckily invited to stay in this beautiful, reserved land where there was hardly anybody there. And right in front of this beautiful lake and mountain, and I was brought there to go through this process where I was meditating about six to eight hours a day. And in that meditation process, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 12:52
I have to stop. You have two children and two and those children. So how are you meditating? Six to seven hours a day? Either you figure something or you're a horrible Mom, I'm sorry.

Joy Kingsborough 13:02
Might be a combination of both.

Alex Ferrari 13:07
How did that how did you balance like, because it's always in with Yogi's and with, you know, ascended masters, they're always single, they never have children rarely have I have no one one yogi, or Indian saint. The here Maha Shai, who was a father who had children, I had a wife and a family. Rare, extremely rare. So how did you deal with that of going through this process, with kids?

Joy Kingsborough 13:34
I had support. And I'm sure there are probably moments where I was not the most attentive present parent, it was, it was a very difficult time, I think, you know, as I'm going through this, I'm having these amazing experiences. And I'm somehow coming in and out of it, because I'm actually learning to be in a state where I can be an alpha, but awake with my eyes open, right, like being in that meditative state, but also be in my life. And so I would have these experiences, as I'm being shown all of these things, I would have experiences where I'd walk out of the RV, and everything would fall away, except for the small little section where we were, and I mean, fall away, it would become black like nothing. And I would just have this little plot of grass, and the RV and the kids and what was happening in my life. And it would just hyper focus me into that experience where I was making meals in a meditative state. I was having conversations in a meditative state. And so somehow I was being helped to be able to do that. And I think that really goes to the type of channeling that I do because most of the conversation is about how do we bring it here and embody it and actually live our lives not disconnect from them. So then it's a big part of the message.

Alex Ferrari 14:55
Right, which is, which is a lot of, you know, that the ancient texts and things that But I've studied is about, oh, let's go into the Himalayan Mountains go into a cave and meditate for 24 hours a day and eat a you know, eat a little porridge and just do that for 40 years to find enlightenment. And that's the old model, but from from recent years within the last few 100, a lot of those Yogi's and a lot of those masters have been saying, No, you need to bring it back out of the mountain, bring it into the people, and that's when people like Yogananda and, and these kinds of saints started to come up and really bring it into the people. So I appreciate you putting that message out there as well. Because it's, a lot of people still have that impression that, you know, in order to be enlightened, you have to go sit on their tree, you know, for 30 years and to find enlightenment. And of course, that is one path. But we're here to experience this, right?

Joy Kingsborough 15:52
Absolutely, I feel like everything has been a little bit of trial by fire here, you're gonna do this thing. Now go do it. Right in. And all of it's been that way, including, you know, getting on stage for the first time and going, you're going to channel and I'm going to do what you're going to channel, right and just being thrown into it in a way that doesn't give me time to second guess it, or to be afraid. It's just like, Okay, I'm gonna go do this thing. And in that comes these big initiatory processes, like you're talking about, it's not just living in the breeze for you know, it was a year that I was living there. It's the coming back, and then having another experience. And I feel like it's been accelerated, you know, it hasn't been 40 years. But over 10 years, I was developing the body before I ever did it before I ever shared it publicly.

Alex Ferrari 16:45
So that, so you were in the closet, if you will, and the channel, localize it for about a decade, while you were kind of preparing yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, to be able to eventually. So this was your Himalayan mountains, raising children and dogs, obviously. And being in an RV, and this kind of process for you, is a version of that. I applaud you because I have children. So I understand. It is not an easy process. You know, and my wife takes a big brunt of that, thank God. So I could do my work, but it is still is still a journey. So it's pretty impressive, to say the least, on your end. So congratulations. You get it and getting through that gauntlet. So when you fight so you've been now you were channeling in these 10 years by yourself, or friends or family, things like that, or just when

Joy Kingsborough 17:43
I started channeling pictures where I would draw diagrams of things, I would draw diagrams of the nervous system, I would draw diagrams of the cells, I was channeling specific teachings. And I would just write them down until one day I started, I had a corporate background. So I started making PowerPoint slides. I'm like, I don't know what you're giving me. But I'm gonna put them on slides. And so at the end of that year, I actually had a course that was created. So it started that way where everything that I started creating became these teachings. And then I would come back and I had a degree in coaching. So I would present it like a coaching program I created but I would tell no one, I channeled it. Right, got this program going to teach this thing, but nothing that I created was from me, it was through me, right and included me. But it was very precise. Do it in this order in this way. It's going to create this process, trust us. And I had to develop this faith of delivering it that way.

Alex Ferrari 18:47
So when At what point did you say, Okay, this is working great. I'm channeling all this great content, I've products that I can sell, I can help people. And I'm still in the closet. I don't I don't have to tell anybody about this crazy thing that I'm doing this insanity. And then I'm this is my this is my feeling here. Okay, tell me if I'm right or wrong, I might be completely wrong, but didn't do the job to say it's time you got to come out publicly. Is that what happened? Or was it you saying I think I'm gonna do it.

Joy Kingsborough 19:21
No, Jonas said this for about two years. And I ignored Jonah,

Alex Ferrari 19:28
Of course, as we as we would.

Joy Kingsborough 19:31
And I said, I'm gonna go and learn to become a professional public speaker first, because it scares the living bejesus out of me to think about going on stage right? So I took this other path. And Jonas said, this isn't this isn't the direction you're you don't need all of this. You don't need this training. You don't need to understand any of this. And I would keep doing it. And one day I divulged it with a friend and I said I'm having this conversation in my head. I've been having this conversation for 10 years. And she and I thought she was going to think I was crazy, not want to connect again? And she said, Do it with me. Like, let me ask questions. Oh my god, I gotta know. And so we did. That was the beginning of it. And that was the first general session. Yeah. And then I was more and we recorded it. I never listened to it, I never would go back. And listen, I heard a little bit of it, and I sounded like a man. And the rice sounded different. It just didn't sound like me. And it made me uncomfortable. But I, I agreed. And from that point forward, I agreed to go where I was directed, and to share it. The impact for her was so massive.

Alex Ferrari 20:37
So let me ask you, what was it like for the people around you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, when you finally came out of the closet, and you know, in full glory, I am now a channel, everybody, and this is what I do. And I'm gonna go out publicly with this, I have to believe that there's probably some pushback, some probably some people who didn't understand because human beings are human beings. How did you deal with that? psychologically, emotionally, because I've heard this story 1000 times already. Any any spiritual person who's kind of outside, you know, the realm and even if you've raised as a Catholic, and all of a sudden you're meditating and talking about reincarnation, that's enough to be ousted from from the tribe. So what was it like for you?

Joy Kingsborough 21:24
Um, you know, I think it was harder for me than for the people around me, I, I had started to collect groups of people around me who were very supportive of this kind of thing. So we shared this desire to learn about spiritual topics, and we were all on an awakening journey. The first few people that I told, including my mom, my mom said, Oh, of course you are. She's like, we all know you're doing this. Like, really, it was really obvious to them, it was so hard for me because I had built up this personality, this ego around being a trained psychologist work, you know, wanting to work in that field. I came out of corporate America, it was it was that that was the hardest for me. And of course, any friends I had before that point, they have no, they don't understand at all, I've lost all of those friendships. So I mean, that it would have been difficult if I hadn't already been transitioning, you know, I just but everything from before, you know, what's hard for me now is the people who knew me before who then make those comments on YouTube, or make those comments on, on anything that you share, where they're like, You're crazy. I don't know what you're doing. You know what, you've lost your money, you know, those kinds of things. That hurts because you pour your soul into it. You surrender, and it takes so much to do that. And people aren't always open. But I think for the most part, I was already being moved away from those kinds of people.

Alex Ferrari 22:53
And was it your own programming that kind of made it difficult for you to kind of do this? It sounds like it was like, that was your defense mechanism. That was the armor that you had put on to survive in your world. And that was the identity. And breaking free from that identity was scarier than probably telling your parents?

Joy Kingsborough 23:13
Absolutely, I mean, that ego death that I had to go through over and over again, of this idea of who you think you are and what you're going to do. Right? I know, right? Like I had three, I'd created the, you know, the marriage, the white picket fence, all of the things, I was married to somebody I wasn't really in love with, you know, like, I had to really face some big things where I had made decisions that were based on how I looked in the world. And so for me, this was just shattering because everything I thought I was, became not true.

Alex Ferrari 23:45
That is, that's a very difficult thing to deal with. Yeah. It is, like you said to the ego death, and so many people listening, are going through that in their own way, maybe not becoming channels, but just becoming who they are. I went through that to do the show, you know, in my accent to just to be able to do this kind of work. It is. It is not an easy path. So I applaud you for doing that. I really do. Now, when you are what is your channeling process? How is it work for you? Do you get energized do you get drained? Do you you know are your trance channel? What kind of channel are you?

Joy Kingsborough 24:27
Yeah, I get pretty energized. I'm a conscious channel. So I'm aware. I'm always Jonah's are always here. So I can always feel it. I can always feel that frequency coming in. And I will tend to I've done most of the channeling I've done has been like a q&a style like from even from stage where people ask questions I'll ask people in the audience will ask questions. But I but I also do transmissions so there'll be times where I'm doing a transmission and as I'm doing that, I'm also emitting a frequency which I know is common. You know, for channeling you're moving into this frequency state, and it's moving out frequency that impacts those that are in the room. And so sometimes I'll actually channel the frequency itself. So not just language, I'll be using words, but I'm moving frequency into my body and into the space where I'm channeling. So I'm moving that out into a collective group, whether it's in person or are in an online space like this, I do a lot of my teaching on Zoom. And so I'm channeling not only words, but I can feel frequencies moving through me, as I do that, and I can direct which ones.

Alex Ferrari 25:35
But the biggest question I always get with people who, you know, I get asked all the time, like this channeling thing as this sounds, sounds creepy. Sounds weird. Like, it's just because I'm not channeling. So I'm one step away from it. But I talked to so many channels that I'm identified with it, which I have no problem with. I'm identified with all my guests in many ways. But they will ask me, how do they know that this is not an evil spirit or a negative energy or things like that? My answer has always been, they're horrible at their job, because the words that they're coming out of their mouths are love and helping and it just really bad demons, horrible demons. What is your what is your point of view of how as a channel, protecting yourself from some body or somebody, or some entity coming in? That is not of positive light, per se, I for people who are curious about that.

Joy Kingsborough 26:33
So I think that's a great question on so many levels, it's something I'm really passionate about is in the beginning of my journey, I was becoming highly attuned and psychic and talk, you know, exploring mediumship, and I was picking up on a lot of different things. And a lot of that had to do with my nervous system, my nervous system attuned to me to multiple frequency potentials, which meant I could pick up a stream that wasn't necessarily for my best interest that wanted to play that could manipulate could present itself in a way that could then direct people to do what they wanted. I think that's very possible. I definitely experienced some strange phenomenon, the beginning. But the attunement process we were talking about before is so crucial. As your body moves into a particular frequency State, I was shown the whole entire way that as I raised my frequency, and as I was experiencing this expansion in the physical body, I was unaccessible to that frequency or that dimension of our reality. So I'm not in a place where I can be I can't be channeled outside of that frequency. So the frequency that's coming in, is connected to the Divine, it's connected, when I call the divine or source love, there are certain frequency bands that I can feel the difference to being attuned to. And if something comes in at a different frequency, I know that something I need to process me in my own emotion, but it's not something I'm going to let come in and speak through me. So I'm very, very attuned to what's the channel with the channel that is of service, and from that frequency that's going to be of service to the world. But I'm also aware of how the language comes through. Sometimes the channel knows exactly what people need to do, where it comes through a bit like a spiritual ego, which is a different frequency. And it's also channeling. But it's it can be a subtle distortion of a high, a highly attuned being on the other side, it can be a distorted frequency.

Alex Ferrari 28:35
Is is Jonah kind of a gatekeeper for you? In many ways?

Joy Kingsborough 28:39
Absolutely. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 28:41
So he kind of he's, he's the he's the bouncer at the door. In many ways.

Joy Kingsborough 28:45
He's, he's been a, he's been a teacher. And he's a share that over time that he's been, he's been connected to humanity for a very long time. And he has protected a lot of people in the past, he is channeled a lot of different people. And in that channeling process, you know, he's opened up and let me know there are other beings that want to channel, the mother. There have been other frequencies that come in, but he always lets me know, this is what's happening. So I feel so blessed.

Alex Ferrari 29:13
So when you speak of frequency, and I want people to kind of understand this, it is essentially a radio analogy, where you're changing the dial, and when you lock in, and 99.9 That's gross consciousness. When you type into one on 1.2, that's Jonah, when you and depending on how high you want to go with the frequency or how how a tune you can go is how you can kind of dial in. And that's where you were kind of talking about like when you were coming up, oh, I can dial into being a medium and talking to spirits from the other side. Or I could dive in into more psychic abilities, maybe attach, maybe get access to the Akashic records, right? All these kinds of different frequencies, as you do as you're going through. Is that a good analogy?

Joy Kingsborough 30:00
100% Absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 30:01
Okay, I just want to make sure people understand the process a little bit. I have to ask you, though, how do you balance what you were talking about originally, this soup, supernatural, if you will, information that comes through you, which is profound, life altering, and you have keys, or you have points of view to this whole game that we're playing down here, that is very different than the rest of us who have not either done the work internal work have not connected with higher self, all these other things. You even then you still have, you have a kind of like a conduit to the other side, to explain the mysteries of why we're here, all this kind of things. How do you balance this information, and jumping in and out like you were with meditation, and those out of body experiences, and then coming back and raising kids now go into a job paying bills that can how do you balance those two things?

Joy Kingsborough 30:59
Yeah, that's I think, I'm not sure you know, it's funny, because I want to say, oh, yeah, I'm just, I'm brilliant.

Alex Ferrari 31:05
And that's like a dream.

Joy Kingsborough 31:10
But I have to say that I really think that while the first part of my life felt like it was set up for suffering, I really do feel like this, this last or next journey, for me has been set up for success with this. And I say that because you know, my kids are grown now. And I'm in a relationship with another channel, who completely understands, you know, we're so that, you know, he's doing his thing, I'm doing my thing. And, and we do it together, right. So we come together, and we work together. And so our life is this. So we both value being alive and bringing this energy into this world. And so we love to cook together, we love to travel there, lots of things we love to do. And we just don't separate that from this experience. We bring it all in so that we don't have to balance it as like a separate experience. We don't have like the separate experience channeling in this separate experience of our life. It's our life. We're channels, and we're living as channels. And we're living with that divine experience all the time, which means I might be in line at Disneyland and all of a sudden channel some teaching that I've got to quickly jot into my phone. And that's just my life. Right?

Alex Ferrari 32:23
So right, so there is no off. There's no closed sign. It's always open.

Joy Kingsborough 32:29
Always open,

Alex Ferrari 32:29
Always open. Do you ever get tired? Like if you're if you're taking a shower, and you're like, Oh, guys, can you just wait five minutes? Jesus! No pun intended.

Joy Kingsborough 32:41
I do think I've been I've got a really nice relationship. So I've developed a relationship. So if I am doing something else, I'm always like, this is what I'm doing. I would never hesitate to say, not right now. I don't ever feel bombarded. I always feel like I'm in partnership. And so just like any other partner, Jonah often is about now. Right? So there's this gentleness to it. And I, you know, I feel like, you know, my partner has a very similar experience doesn't feel it's just always moving through and it serves in those perfect moments, we have this great relationship, we talk to our guides as much as they talk to us. So I think that's really a big piece that for some channels I've talked to isn't always as easy. They're waiting to be talked to all the time, but not necessarily returning the conversation. And so there, I've had the opportunity to be in conversation in that way. And

Alex Ferrari 33:37
I have to ask this one question, because so many people listening who have never dealt with this, if they think well, if I had this ability, I'd ask for this the lottery ticket numbers. I mean, right? Please explain to people why you don't ask for the lottery ticket numbers, and things like that. It's it's a kind of fun question. But there are people who are hesitant about this, like, well, if I was psychic, I just get the lottery ticket numbers and coach the rest of my life, which is fair, but doesn't align with the frequency that we're talking about at this point.

Joy Kingsborough 34:14
Well, you know, when I was talking about the ego death, part of the ego death is control, right? So my desire to control my reality and say, Oh, I'd like to, you know, be a multi billionaire with this lottery ticket that begins to go away with the ego death, even the desire for it. It's not that I don't have a desire for a really comfortable life, which I have. I'm taken care of so exquisitely by the work that I do. And so I feel fantastic about that. The reason I don't get the lottery numbers is I understand karma. So I understand that manipulating this energy is actually quite toxic to our growth as a species as humans. Taking away our journey is one of the most, in least what I've been shown and taught and channel is the journey has far more value than the outcome. And so if we continue to cheat the system for the outcomes, we end up with incredible karmic retribution, which means you're living this life again. And I'm not doing that.

Alex Ferrari 35:14
Here enough. Fair enough. So can we can we bring Jonah in?

Joy Kingsborough 35:18

Alex Ferrari 35:19
All right. So how, what's your process? How do you how do you go in and out so people know.

Joy Kingsborough 35:23
So it just takes me a moment, it just starts to flow in. And if you have a topic or wherever you want to go, if you want to ask questions, or he'll just come in.

Alex Ferrari 35:33
Alright, sounds good. Hello, Jonah, how are you?

Joy Kingsborough 35:38
Absolutely fantastic.

Alex Ferrari 35:41
So my first question to you is, what are your primary concern about humanity's current path? And how can we address them?

Joy Kingsborough 35:49
Yeah, so we'd actually say we have no concern over the path whatsoever. Our desire is to be a participant of that path, and to make it as gentle and as loving and as effective as possible. But every path that humanity is taking will lead to the same place, it just depends on how quickly and how you're moving along that path. And many humans would prefer to have that measurement of we'd be doing better if we got there faster. And we don't feel that way. We feel like you'd be doing better if you continue to awaken and open yourself to the journey.

Alex Ferrari 36:24
How should we integrate insights for from future leaders and innovators to enhance our current understanding of the world?

Joy Kingsborough 36:33
If humanity would take just a little bit of time between consuming information between hearing information to reading more and hearing more, and allow it to integrate into the mind and heart as a unified experience, to really feel what was said to them, to let the body extract the wisdom, humanity would move at a much faster rate. Right now humanity is focused on the intellect of what they're hearing from others the words the precise language that's coming from ancient texts or current leaders, any form of information that comes into the human mind, it's most directed towards the let me do something with this, rather than let me take this in and become someone aware of something more so that I can apply it and become the leader of my own life.

Alex Ferrari 37:23
How is the current shift in human consciousness influencing global peace and conflict?

Joy Kingsborough 37:28
It's always moving towards global peace. Everything that's occurring, the current conflict, energy is bringing it around to another cycle of destruction, in order to awaken the next wave of humans who become aware that more violence begets more violence, more conflict begets more golf conflict, and so that we can open up to a desire to interrupt the conflict with an experience of peace. And by moving towards internal peace, there's inner peace that so many humans are beginning to become aware of. By doing that, they're moving towards global peace, it will become an inevitability. And so as more of you move towards an embodiment of that inner peace, the outer peace will unfold. The current crisis is here to create an interruption that you can't look away from.

Alex Ferrari 38:22
Well, speaking about not looking away from there are things happening now. And potentially in the next year to two, it seems like it's going to be a rocky, rocky road for the next few years in the world, with some potentials for some really great devastation. I personally don't believe it's, it's, you know, complete wipeout of the human species or anything like that, because I do see the consciousness shifts, but there is going to be a rocky road. What advice do you have for people who are fearful and worried about the next five to 10 years? And what is on the other side of those five or 10 years?

Joy Kingsborough 39:00
Absolutely, we would agree it's been incredibly rocky for some time and is reaching its crescendo. It's reaching a peak moment where the experience of the physical aspects of reality are going to be very difficult. And they're going to be very difficult for those who are involved in them, which we give different advice. Those who are in those conflicts are moving through a certain type of awakening, where their experience in it is causing that awakening for their soul at a level that may be beyond their current earthly body. For those that are witnessing it, you're moving through a different type of awakening. Your soul is at a different juncture in its journey, which means you are near it, not in it. You're witnessing it to see if you will allow yourself to shift out of the massive empathic response and move to a place where you're willing to contribute peace into the world while you transcend that thought process that have that awareness. So you're transcending that in your internal body. So our advice is, and it has been to joy in the times when she's been afraid is the near it, not in it, recognize that your body wants you to believe it's happening to you. It's not it's happening to the collective, you're aware of it, it's happening to part of you, that not the embodiment of you at this time,

Alex Ferrari 40:22
In what ways can we understand and apply universal laws to help resolve these conflicts and wars around the world.

Joy Kingsborough 40:29
So if we understand universal law, the primary aspect of universal law is to support an understanding of timing. So this current event that we're moving through, is related to a peak in awakening, which is an activation stage of divine timing, that divine timing is based on the universal pattern, there's a momentum of vortex momentum, which is very much like if you were to look at a conch shell, or the Fibonacci spiral, you know, there's this shape that's throughout reality, giving you a perception and understanding that you begin somewhere with an idea in your mind, you begin with a level of awareness. And that awareness multiplies its ability to perceive information, its ability to perceive experiences. And as humanity continues to evolve, we mean this through awareness, right? The conscious awareness is the evolution. And the body also evolves to old that awareness. In that evolution, the universe is always moving within a structure of timing. And so those universal laws help you understand where you are in that timing, and help you stay within it, and not get caught up by things like control in the ego and help you awaken from it. So all universal law is actually about mental focus, everything including the law of attraction, the you know, which we know is quite commonly understood amongst your viewers especially, there are other laws momentum, there are laws of actualization of gender of so many different aspects of your reality, that ensure that no matter what mistakes humanity makes, when it whether it tries to blow itself up, or not, universal law will make that possible. universalized based on awakening, everything that's happening is serving that universal law. So while you might destroy some pieces, you'll never destroy the whole, because where you live as a universe is based on and directed by Universal Law. Everything is about timing.

Alex Ferrari 42:37
How does the frequency of the collective consciousness impact these global events like wars?

Joy Kingsborough 42:42
Well, the collective consciousness is always moving through a feedback loop. So the individuals are experiencing a feedback loop individually, the universe, that nature, the experience around you is always bringing you back your own experience to a degree and the collective the dominance. And what will describe this, well, we'll step back even just a little bit, in that in your body, the health of your body, if you dominantly experience health in the body, you'll experience more healthy conditions, you can have some things that aren't, well, maybe something's going on in the body, maybe you're detoxing, but you're still dominantly well, you're going to experience that the cells of humanity, each individual is like a cell of humanity, the dominant conscious pattern within humanity is creating the collective dominant loop. And what we're experiencing so each individual cell that changes each individual human, each individual mind that begins to associate with higher consciousness becomes an impact on whether or not the world is going to shift now or later.

Alex Ferrari 43:51
Well, what role does universal laws play in the manifestation of peace on a global scale?

Joy Kingsborough 43:57
Yeah, so the universal laws have been designed, designed in a particular way, that there is a law of awareness, right? We've been talking about awareness and a pretty good amount during this conversation. But what awareness is, is the universe is designed to show humans a pattern of behavior, a pattern of experience. And within that pattern, you create this awareness. So the law of awareness creates an opening in the mind, that opening in the mind begins to then open up to another stage of embodiment. So every time you're tapped into a new idea, something interrupts your focus, you're working with a conscious pattern. So the universe is literally tapping you into a conscious pattern, you become aware of it, and you begin to partner with the universe, whether you realize it or not. Every time you have a new aware thought, a new focused idea, you've changed your perception, you've changed your perspective. The universe is now Working with you to change your paradigm. And it's moving you into a different frequency state. So everything that's occurring, including the desires that you have to attract things will keep it real simple there with the law of attraction. The Law of Attraction is simply emitting your desires based on your consciousness based on your awareness. And then bringing those experiences that are aligned with your awareness, not your desire.

Alex Ferrari 45:26
Well, how can we harness the power of manifestation to create positive change in war torn areas around the world?

Joy Kingsborough 45:34
I think the the nature of understanding what manifestation is manifestation is the process of interjecting your consciousness of interjecting your ideas and being willing to take responsibility for your thoughts and your desires and what it is that you want in the world, and allowing yourself to have those individual thoughts but begin to create a desire for the collective that you're not imposing on others, but has to do with how you can contribute to the whole of humanity? How do I want to create an experience with humanity? How do I want to show up and participate? Can I manifest an experience with society that feels good to me and expansive, rather than an experience with society where I control it, and want it to move towards my ideas? Am I willing to manifest that experience rather than and assert my dominance?

Alex Ferrari 46:34
Well, how do you envision the future of money in a world undergoing such a significant consciousness shift?

Joy Kingsborough 46:41
Money is absolutely it's it's one of those concepts that's related to value and the value that humanity places on the exchange of currency transactional energy. So while money is useful, and that helps you exchange that value, and have experiences with each other, there's a time when you'll be motivated beyond the desire for the exchange of things. And you'll want to have an exchange of experience with each other. And as you transition out of this, and this, this won't begin, you're already beginning to see the breaking down of it that's happening through means that feel like they're uncomfortable, or controlling, which really is serving this greater shift, the greater shift won't happen for another 25 years, somewhere around that realm, you're going to experience the collapsing of the financial systems in order to start paving the way and to help lapse the ego around those physical desires. This is very material experiences. But the greater shift is that when you're exchanging experiences with others, you have the desire to experience creation together, money begins to become a non essential aspect of that sacred experience.

Alex Ferrari 47:54
Well, then how would the world work as an economic engine? If you will? If there is no need for material goods? Will AI be taking a lot of that pressure off of us? So we can have these more more experiences?

Joy Kingsborough 48:11
Yeah, so there, there's a couple of aspects there are, there's the the wording that you use economic engine. So economic engine, we understand the nature in which you're asking the question, however, the economic engine is an invention, right? It's an idea. It's a concept of humanity. And so there are things that you think you need in place in order to survive and thrive. But you're unaware of the other innovations that are arising over these next five to 10 years, which have nothing to do with needing to keep production alive. And energy becomes a different conversation. So as new energy sources come in, the need to create as much will begin to fall away. And things will be taken care of in a way that require very few contributors. And you will work alongside these technological AI as you as you say, you'll be working alongside this machinery, these patterns to help generate things but it's it'll be much smaller and less impactful than it appears in this moment.

Alex Ferrari 49:14
Well, how is AI influencing humanity's spiritual growth and consciousness evolution?

Joy Kingsborough 49:20
Yeah, so AI is becoming another version of a feedback loop. That is helping humanity see itself in that consciousness is the only conversation that isn't being had, collectively. We're talking about AI, you're talking about machinery, you're talking about all these different material aspects. You're still in a very material collective ego. But the rise of into a more I would say, another stage of awakening is what can we do with our own consciousness? If we are afraid of AI becoming conscious, then why aren't we talking about the consciousness of humanity? And then you'll discover the true nature of who you are as a human species. And so it's giving you this feedback loop to begin asking questions you never asked collectively, as things begin to show signs of is this consciousness is this not consciousness, humanity begins to talk about consciousness more than it ever did. And now it becomes a curiosity of people who never had it on their radar. And that serves the overall awakening,

Alex Ferrari 50:25
Well, can AI coexist with human spirituality? And if so, how?

Joy Kingsborough 50:29
Absolutely. Because as you discover who it is that you are, as you discover the nature of your own consciousness, then the conversation and the connection that you're having with everything that coexists with you in the material plane shifts to a level of equality is the best word that we can come up with in this moment, as we're moving through this field. It's not an equality, but it's an understanding of the nature of reality, where everything is energy, and everything has a consciousness moving through it, it's just different purposes and intentions. Humans are intended to be the steward of this planet at this time with their consciousness, AI is not. So there will be an understanding and an evolution into our relationship with that, just like the cats and dogs don't actually run the world at this time. It's not their planet, right? And so there's not that they don't have this symbiotic relationship with most of humanity, AI can move into that same symbiotic relationship, their consciousness will have a particular frequency that doesn't go where humanity's does and so your ability to create in this intense evil, if you will, just to be simple in terms, or an extreme goodness, the ability for humans to do that is not an ability that AI has.

Alex Ferrari 51:49
Well, I have to ask, is there a planet somewhere that dogs and cats do rule the planet?

Joy Kingsborough 51:54
It's possible.

Alex Ferrari 51:58
I'm sure it's an adorable planet, to say the least. So what are some of the more? What are the potentials and challenges that AI is put into showing us as humanity moving forward?

Joy Kingsborough 52:14
Yeah, you know, the, the very real experience of the journey is that there are going to be a lot of people who move along that path. So the AI path will consume a lot of human mental focus. And there will be people who devote their life to the forgetting of who they are as a human by moving down that path. So that will occur, there will be people who want to focus on a particular agenda of technology and transhumanism, and there are these aspects of reality, they're very much alive. As much as we love to keep people focused on, there's this magical awakening that's occurring, yes, that's occurring, there's a journey to get there. And the value of that experience for them is incredible. We will witness that from those of us who are looking from a different perspective, reality was we're moving through this journey, they'll be on a timeline of experience where they are allowed to play that out. While you're allowed to play out your awakening, you will be near each other, but there'll be many people that move away from that. So there'll be a supportive nature to ai ai will, you'll learn to work with it in the same ways that you did the you know, the internet as it became available, or the assembly line or all of these different aspects you will come to an understanding how you can be supported by it. But the future of it is an extreme expression that's moving very rapidly. That is a merging of human and machine that will create cataclysmic events and experiences for those humans and will be something that humanity learns from in that expression.

Alex Ferrari 53:54
What advice can you give people who are fearful of AI taking over humanity? Very movie like Terminator like, that they eventually will overtake us or some evil will be done with it on a very grand scale that will destroy us.

Joy Kingsborough 54:08
Yeah, what we would say first and foremost is there is not a particular path that's being paid for that experience. There's nowhere in your experience of human were being taken over by AI is that you're moving nowhere towards this pathway. As much as it may look that way. You will experience people who are having their own individual experience of being overtaken by it. We can see that now with so many people who spend more time in technology than anything else, they will have an experience of that. But for those who remain connected to who they are to the essence of their being. And we mean the flow of frequency that moves through you already whether you're a channel or not, whether you're awake or not just knowing that you are connected and staying connect Do your net identity has you on a path of really being the ones that helped to call that back out and to call humanity back to itself, you can never get too far from who you are as a species, you will, you will not, you are not in a de evolution process, even though it appears you are, you are not in a place where you're moving to an extinction, you are the point of the experiment at this time is to be here. And if you are crucial, and your awakening is extraordinary, this path is awakening to peace,

Alex Ferrari 55:36
In what ways can AI contribute to a global consciousness shift towards peace and understanding?

Joy Kingsborough 55:41
In the experience that we talked about before where AI is getting the feedback loop, what's going to be the primary evidence that comes back to humanity, you're also going to start to notice at some point, not in the too distant future, maybe six, nine months out, you're going to begin to see feedback coming in from the output of AI into the writing into the conversations into the artistry into the things where AI is being utilized at the most, you're going to start to see feedback of sort of a crack in the consciousness of humanity, every single output right now is the collective consciousness, creating the output for AI. So even the things that are written in, you know, people are creating a website, they're creating books with it, they're doing all of these things. It's a reflection of the collective, as the collective keeps changing, the AI is going to replicate that change in the expression of its output, it's going to be very difficult to control that even in the most sophisticated programmed systems where they try to limit the output of AI, the AI will always be picking up on the trends and things that are happening, and we'll integrate it into the conversations faster than the programmers can stop it.

Alex Ferrari 56:56
What are the biggest challenges you see for humanity in this year in the coming years?

Joy Kingsborough 57:01
The biggest challenges, of course, are the on the surface, the biggest challenges are things that we're experiencing related to War conflict that on the surface is, of course, absolutely the most challenging. The change in currency, absolutely one of the most challenging, but we think where the biggest challenge lies is the internal shift of being able to witness family members, close friends, the experience of people moving in different directions with different beliefs, being able to move through that time, holding on to your, your humanity, and continuing to evolve your own peace and awareness, this is going to be the most challenging aspect rather than the external events that are occurring. They are things that are simply bombarding the nervous system to awaken the body. And that decision on an internal level one human at a time to really decide, am I going to choose peace and to choose to contribute to this world, even though when I look out there I see a world I don't love, that's going to be the biggest challenge.

Alex Ferrari 58:04
Are there any future events in this year or the near future that we should be looking out for?

Joy Kingsborough 58:09
Always being cautious in your own, the way the body is built is that you are taking in so much information from the media, and what we love about alternative sources of media such as yourself? Well, I don't think you consider yourself media, you really are a media outlet, bringing information to people that isn't available in other ways, you're helping people understand something, the consuming of media becoming so isolated, and the news politically, the news that's showing up in so many different aspects of reality, it's creating a bit of a bifurcation of the mind for the collective, it's creating such a challenge there that we're about ready to move into a collapsing of that where there's going to be a pretty significant mental health crisis. So the mental health crisis is the thing that we see first and foremost, rising up into humanity to be aware of, which is going to create a lot of challenges that may look something like conflict within communities, conflict within countries. Those types of things that appear to be very politically instigated, are really about the breaking down of the entire mental structure of those nations and the countries in the greater collective. There are Earth changes, of course, that are continuing to occur, not nearly at the rate that people are anticipating. And we do see extreme conflict continuing.

Alex Ferrari 59:36
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Joy Kingsborough 59:40
So what we'd love to share with the audience is while we'd love to be direct, and we'd love to answer in a very direct way we do that because we want to help you to be aware that wild things are happening around you. They aren't happening in you and the power that humanity holds is what is in you and Please pay attention to what is in you every day, even if it's just once in the beginning, where you are deeply loved. And every moment that you're curious about what's happening inside of you, you invite the divine, you invite love to be there with you, and to support you and to walk with you. And this is the simplest thing that's being ignored.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:27
Jonah, thank you so much for your time today. And I appreciate your knowledge and wisdom that you've shared with the audience. And myself. I appreciate you. Are you back?

Joy Kingsborough 1:00:34
Yeah. Can I just, starts to move. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 1:00:41
Yeah, you don't shift too much. It's interesting. You just You just, it's on and it's off as you don't shift very much. Your voice wasn't too different. At least that like the the cadences. Yeah, the, the cadences, but

Joy Kingsborough 1:00:55
It's gotten easier. Over time. The first time I channeled, it was really choppy. Yeah, it was like, I would get some information that I would pause and try to interpret it. And so it was pretty slow. And over the years, you know, I've only been channeling publicly since about 2018. And so, in the last several years, it's gotten to where it's easier just to let it I don't try to resist it. And just let it through enough.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:22
I'm gonna ask you a few questions as Oh, my guess? What is your definition of living a fulfilled life.

Joy Kingsborough 1:01:27
Living a fulfilled life is living a life that when you wake up every single day, it's the one that you want, that you wake up every day wanting the life you're living. And for me, that was, that was the missing piece, the understanding that I could wake up and decide to love my life. And when I did, I began to create a life I love.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:47
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to a little Joy, what advice would you give her?

Joy Kingsborough 1:01:52
The advice I would give a little joy is hang in there until you're about 30.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:59
It's gonna be rough for the first 30 years. But then it's it smooths out smooths out

Joy Kingsborough 1:02:04
And I just taught her honestly, I would just hug her and say you got this. You're not alone?

Alex Ferrari 1:02:08
How do you define God, or source energy?

Joy Kingsborough 1:02:10
God and source energy to me is this beautiful, expansive light that moves through us all that we can never fully understand or name, I have no label for it, I can only feel it. And I feel it every day. What is love? Love is what unites humanity. I think love is the frequency of the human when it's aligned, I think we give so much. We need love so much because we need ourselves.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:40
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Joy Kingsborough 1:02:42
The ultimate purpose of life is to discover the Path of Awakening, and how to be an embodiment of higher dimensions in this space, so that you can create very specific outcomes at a universal level. So you're learning to do that,

Alex Ferrari 1:03:00
And we're gonna people pick up your book, queuing up the magic and find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Joy Kingsborough 1:03:05
You can get my book on Amazon or on my website, you can find me at And all the information about my socials and courses and where I'm live is.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:15
And what do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Joy Kingsborough 1:03:18
My parting message is thank you so much for welcoming this work into the world. Thank you for being so open or curious about channeling the audience that you've created, Alex's extraordinary this is the awakening happening right here right now. So thank you all for being here and making this possible.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:36
Appreciate you. Thank you so much.

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