HIDDEN POWER of SEX MAGICK: Advanced SEXUAL Alchemy to CREATE Your DREAM Reality! with Emily Fletcher

In the timeless dance of existence, where spirituality meets the every day, we find ourselves in today’s episode welcoming the radiant Emily Fletcher. Emily’s journey from Broadway performer to meditation teacher is nothing short of transformative. Her transition, born out of necessity and curiosity, has led her to discover profound truths about the human condition … Read more


Life often steers us toward profound realizations and encounters, and today’s conversation is no exception. On this episode, we welcome Dr. Anna Yusim, a remarkable psychiatrist who bridges the gap between science and spirituality. Dr. Anna Yusim’s journey from a traditional medical background to integrating spirituality into her practice is a testament to the transformative … Read more

UNIMAGINABLE & SHOCKING Benefits of Astral Projection: Out of Body Experience (OBE) with Jannecke Øinæs

On today’s episode, we welcome Jannecke Øinæs, a remarkable spiritual seeker and channeler, whose journey of self-discovery and enlightenment offers profound insights into the nature of existence. Jannecke’s story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s spiritual path, even when it leads through unexpected and challenging terrains. Jannecke’s spiritual journey began in … Read more

The SECRET That Saves YEARS of Your Life: Discover NOW! with Donna Bond

In the gentle rhythms of life, we find moments that invite us to awaken to our true essence. On today’s episode, we welcome Donna Bond, a spiritual psychologist and transformational coach who guides individuals to align with their higher selves and uncover their authentic paths. Her journey from a corporate executive to a spiritual guide … Read more

Introduction to Next Level Soul Podcast: What to Expect

I would like to welcome you to the Next Level Soul Podcast. My name is Alex Ferrari. Here a bit about me. I’m a best-selling author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, award-winning filmmaker and podcaster. His industry leading podcasts, the Webby award-winning Indie Film Hustle, Bulletproof Screenwriting, and Filmmaking Motivation have been downloaded 10+ million times. I have had … Read more

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