Woman DIES From Heart Attack; Met STRANGE BEINGS & Sent Back with URGENT Message! with Virginia Drake

Virginia Drake has worked in the fields of education, social work, counseling, consulting and motivational speaking for over 30 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Education from Georgetown College, a Teaching Certificate from Eastern Kentucky University, and a B.S. Degree in Social Work from Murray Kentucky University. In 1998, Virginia had a miraculous healing … Read more

Scholar REVEALS Ancient Texts PROVE We LIVE in a COSMIC SIMULATION! with Peter Canova

Peter Canova, a successful businessman, award-winning author, and national speaker, has a diverse background in luxury hotel development, shipping, and import/exporting. His international experiences provided him with insights into politics, finance, and various cultures around the world. Driven by personal encounters with phenomena like telepathy and psychic healing, Peter has dedicated much of his life … Read more

The Universe ISN’T REAL! Quantum Physics Reveals CRACKS in Our “Game” Reality with Christian Thagard

In the grand theater of existence, where we often ponder the mysteries of reality, Christian Thagard invites us to consider the intriguing possibility that our world is a finely crafted simulation. Christian’s journey began over three decades ago, diving deep into the realms of consciousness and the nature of reality, culminating in his profound insights … Read more

MIND-BLOWN! What Happens IMMEDIATELY After You DIE! It’s NOT What You THINK! (NDE) with Anthony Peake

On today’s episode, we welcome the enigmatic Anthony Peake, a prolific author and researcher known for his explorations into the mysteries of consciousness, reality, and life after death. Anthony’s unique blend of science and esoteric philosophy offers a profound understanding of the human experience, blending cutting-edge quantum physics with ancient mystical traditions. Anthony begins our … Read more

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