The Universe ISN’T REAL! Quantum Physics Reveals CRACKS in Our “Game” Reality with Christian Thagard

For more than three decades, Christian Thagard has been immersed in the study of applied metaphysics (including its underpinnings in the strange workings of quantum physics). Christian’s first book, Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness, was written because he felt it was inside him and needed to come out. About the book: Your reality is not … Read more

The Science of Ascended Masters, Reincarnation & Quantum Physics with Anthony Peake

Anthony Peake was a curious child. While his friends were reading Batman and Superman comics, Anthony immersed himself in learning of the most arcane nature (whilst still keeping an eye on the X-Men and Dr. Strange). It was in 1966, at the age of twelve, that he, quite by accident, came across a copy of … Read more