Scholar REVEALS Ancient Texts PROVE We LIVE in a COSMIC SIMULATION! with Peter Canova

In the quiet moments of our lives, there lies an opportunity to explore the profound mysteries of existence. On today’s episode, we welcome Peter Canova, an insightful explorer of the realms of consciousness and spirituality. Peter Canova is a celebrated author and intuitive, whose works bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern quantum physics.

As we dive into our conversation, Peter explains how the ancient spiritual traditions, especially Gnosticism, align closely with the concepts of quantum physics and parallel universes. “In the Gnostic texts,” he says, “they describe a process whereby different levels of consciousness are projected outward, forming separate dimensions of existence, each vibrating at different frequencies.” This understanding invites us to perceive our reality not as a singular experience but as a multi-layered existence intertwined with various dimensions.

Peter’s journey began with extraordinary experiences that revealed his intuitive abilities, leading him to the discovery of his talents as a medical intuitive and clairvoyant. His insights into the nature of consciousness provide a fascinating perspective on the potential that lies within each of us. “We are energy that has convinced itself it is solid,” he explains, emphasizing the illusion of material reality and the potential for spiritual growth.

In our dialogue, Peter sheds light on the idea that all realities exist simultaneously, resonating with the concept of a cosmic hologram. He likens this to the ancient Hindu concept of Maya, the great illusion, illustrating how various traditions have long recognized the non-material nature of our existence. He notes, “What we perceive as solid matter is merely coagulated energy, slowed down to form what we experience as physical reality.”

Peter’s exploration into the Gnostic texts uncovers striking parallels with modern scientific discoveries, such as the Higgs boson, often referred to as the “God particle.” He describes how ancient texts prefigured these findings, offering a spiritual dimension to the scientific quest for understanding. This convergence of science and spirituality suggests that our journey towards enlightenment involves transcending the limitations of our perceived reality.


  1. Interconnected Dimensions: Our reality is a complex web of interconnected dimensions, each vibrating at different frequencies. By understanding this, we can begin to explore the deeper layers of our existence.
  2. Illusion of Materiality: The physical world is an illusion, a manifestation of slowed-down energy. Recognizing this can help us transcend material limitations and access higher states of consciousness.
  3. Inner Wisdom: Ancient spiritual traditions hold timeless wisdom that aligns with modern scientific discoveries. By tapping into these teachings, we can enhance our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

In the end, Peter emphasizes the importance of integrating spiritual insights into our everyday lives. “Human beings are the fingers of God touching the face of this world,” he says. Our purpose is to spiritualize the material, to bridge the gap between the physical and the divine.

Please enjoy my conversation with Peter Canova.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 376

Peter Canova 0:00
However, the good news is that everybody can ascend. Everybody has that ability to trace their consciousness back towards the Source consciousness. And, you know, achieve potentialities that, you know, we would say are remarkable for turning around, you know, people's people's lives, and the factors that are involved there, you know, besides let's say, level of soul awareness or soul growth that you reincarnate with, you know, the factors that evolved there have a lot to do with things like your desire, your motivation, your ability to be open minded to use visualization, to you know, there's a I in the book, Quantum spirituality, I write about, you know, the factors of meditation and that helped people to propel them to have you know, these kinds of extraordinary experiences. And there are different factors you know, that can be played with it can accelerate people's growth.

Alex Ferrari 1:07
I like to welcome to the show Peter Canova, how you doing Peter?

Peter Canova 1:10
Good, good to see Alex.

Alex Ferrari 1:12
Good to see you too my friend, thank you so much for coming on the show. We're gonna we're gonna have an exciting talk today about one of my favorite subjects, which is multiverse theory, ancient civilizations, ancient history, spirituality, all of it kind of connecting together. So my first question to you is, how does the multiverse theory align with the ancient spiritual views of reality?

Peter Canova 1:34
I aligns really well. In fact, I go so far as to say that ancient spiritual traditions, particularly the Gnostic spiritual traditions that I concentrate in, really read like a textbook for quantum physics and the creation of parallel universes. If you read the Gnostic texts, it describes a process whereby different levels of consciousness are projected outward. And these levels of consciousness are essentially our dimensions. They're they're separate dimensions of existence, vibrating at different frequencies. So this was described pretty thoroughly in the Gnostic texts. And it, it really, really fits very well.

Alex Ferrari 2:17
So can you kind of dig in a little deeper into this into what the Gnostic texts are talking about reality? Because I'm not. I know that about the Gnostic texts, but I'm not very well versed. And so can you explain to the audience a little bit?

Peter Canova 2:29
Sure, well, first of all, maybe I should just explain who the Gnostics were just to put everybody in the same picture. The Gnostics were a both a pagan and a Judeo Christian, mystical group, they predated Christianity. But when Jesus started his mission in, in Palestine, they became amongst the first Christians because they saw that he was teaching essentially a Gnostic message. And the Gnostic creation story really is about the fall of consciousness or spirit energy, from a state of oneness into a state of multiplicity. And that multiplicity is really equal to the multiverse that we're talking about, because essentially, what they said was the one consciousness projected itself out into other points of consciousness, which you can call spiritual beings, you know, somewhat analogous to the Christian idea of angels, or archangels, or whatever, you know, separate separate centers of intelligence in effect, and that the each of these vibrated at a particular level and formed a different sphere or dimension of existence. So essentially, what they were describing in non technical terms, was the whole idea of a multiverse of a layer of parallel universes that lead really right on down to the physical dimension in which we believe to be our reality.

Alex Ferrari 3:56
So when you're saying parallel realities, are these things this, we're gonna go down some rabbit hole here Peter. So from what I understand that I've spoken to some spiritual masters that say that every thought or every major decision, let's say, not every thought that like, you know, a cup of coffee, or a cup of coffee, any major decision splits you off into another, there's another version of you going off to see how that finishes off? Like, did I take that job in New York? Or did I not take that job in New York? Did I date Suzy? Did I date, Suzy, that kind of things? And those kinds of parallel realities are going off? Is this what they're talking about? Or is it more, there are just a set level of like the 10, for lack of a better number, there's 10 parallel realities to our current reality is that which one is it? Do you think?

Peter Canova 4:42
Yeah, well, the first thing that you mentioned is really called the many worlds theory and that is a theory in quantum physics as well. And the Gnostics describe more of the latter one, you know, a, not necessarily I don't know if I describe But it's fixed. I would say that it it, it is more like that. But there's many, many of these parallel dimensions of, you know of existence as a multiplicity of them out there. They invented some Gnostic texts. Yes, you mentioned the number 10 or 11, they did mention that, which coincidentally, is what quantum string theory says that there are 10 or 11 major dimensions of existence. So, um, you know, neither quantum physics nor any of the ancient spiritual texts I can find are very precise in terms of what the net what the numbers are, what I think I think what they really concentrate on is the fact that what they're trying to say is, look, the reality that we perceive is not the only reality. In fact, it may be the bottom rung of the ladder, that there are many unseen dimensions of consciousness and intelligent energy that exists prior to us. And I think that's the major point that they're trying to convey, rather than, you know, try and say, well, there's 5000 of these or there's 2000 of these, you know, and so forth.

Alex Ferrari 6:06
So then would the concept of the Ascended Masters, which are like the Jesus the Buddha's, the Yogananda 's of the world that walked once on Earth, and ascended to a higher state of consciousness while on this, this this in this reality, from spiritual texts, like the Vedic texts and things like that, it said that they are they rise beyond multiple layers, and they're still learning at other layer. So in other words, they might be godlike here. But they are still going to like on level six, they're just starting, or a level of reality dimension seven, they're just starting, is that something that you've had any interaction with in your research?

Peter Canova 6:44
Well, yeah, I mean, yeah, I've run across that. That's not really what the Gnostic texts eight, but I am familiar with, with that, you have to remember also, just as there are, you know, various views in quantum physics, there's quite a variation in terms of spiritual traditions, okay. Generally speaking, they all point toward the same thing, but how you get from A to Z is quite different in each of the spiritual traditions. So yes, I am familiar with what you would what you just described. I think that there is no question that what it all boils down to is this, we started from one source consciousness there that Source consciousness fell in a series of limitations. And what do I mean by limitations? What I mean is delusions of consciousness. So for instance, you have to have limitation or dilution of consciousness in order to experience individual existence. Why? Well, simply because if you weren't differentiated from the Source consciousness, you'd be the Source consciousness, you'd be reabsorbed into the Source consciousness, you'd be part of everything, so that somehow the everything has to fool itself into thinking it's something and the way it does that is by projecting limited portions of its consciousness out to create these different spiritual centers to create these different parallel dimensions. So what it really is all about is limitation. Now taking that into consideration, by the time you get down to where we are, which I think is pretty low on the totem pole, by the time you get down to where we are talking about a lot of limitation of consciousness. So you know clearly what these what these masters are doing or what anybody who's seeking enlightenment is doing is increasing their rate of frequency, increasing their rate of consciousness, in order to work their way back up the ladder, you know, essentially acquire more awareness acquire more consciousness and therefore raise themselves are you describe to begin that process of reassembling

Alex Ferrari 8:46
So would the the stories of the yogi's, let's say the ancient Yogi's that were able to do let's say quote unquote, magical things like levitation or bio location or things like that. Even within the last 100 200 years there Yogi's have walked the earth, even currently, we're working with earth who are quote, unquote, enlightened beings, is that what they were doing in a sense of like raising their vibration to the point where, for lack of a better word, they're there Neo and they're starting to see the code of the matrix, and learning how to manipulate it in ways that we just can't comprehend. So it looks magical to us.

Peter Canova 9:21
Yeah, I think that's a pretty accurate description. I mean, when you have these, these type of phenomena, non ordinary phenomenon. I mean, to the extent that they're being expressed by these individuals, it means that they're they've penetrated beyond the illusion of the fact that we're material because we're not material what we are what we are is a mixture of we are energy that has convinced itself that it is solid three D matter okay? And that's not that's not just a spiritual statement. That's that's a quantum fact. I mean, we all know I think all all your listeners probably know enough to understand that what we view as solid 3d objects, including our bodies are actually not solid at all. They're composed of subatomic particles with vast quantities of space between them, and that are composed of light energy. And and quantum physicists know at the very basis of reality, there is no such thing as matter. All there is is a wave of quantum potential a wave of energy. So energy is primary and matter descends from energy matter, essentially, is coagulated energy. It's energy that has slowed in vibration. So consequently, you look at something as simple as Einstein's equals E equals MC squared, the famous equation, what that equation is telling you that that matter comes from energy, energy and matter are interchangeable. And that's the basis of the atomic bomb, the atomic bomb is releasing that captive energy and matter and unleashing that tremendous amount of energy back into an atomic phenomenon. So, yeah, I mean, what the Guru's or Yogi's or whatever you talked about that experience these that are able to manifest these phenomena. Yeah, they would have achieved a level of awareness that essentially has transcended them above the illusion of the fact that we are physical beings, and they're able to manipulate energies at a higher level

Alex Ferrari 11:23
I love that I've never heard you never had brought to that level because the concept of we're all energy, and you know, they're at a sub atomic level, where there's massive amounts of space. But I love when you said that it's you energy that has slowed down and coagulated to believe that it's solid. That actually makes a tremendous amount of sense to me, because the higher the vibration, I guess, the less coagulated, it is in many ways, which then it goes along with what these ancient stories of Yogi's are even Jesus's miracles in the Bible and what he was doing, he was doing very yogic things back then, these miracles, because he was probably, again, he was the Neo and was seeing behind behind the the code, if it will,

Peter Canova 12:12
Well, one of the most astonishing things that I chronic, or I talked about in my new book, Quantum spirituality, is that, you know, I demonstrate very graphically how the Gnostic texts predicted almost every major theory of quantum physics, and one of the most striking things that they predict is what's called the God particle. Now, you may have heard of the God particle it was in, I think, one of Dan Brown's movies, and in 2012, they finally found the little bugger that they've been looking for for 50 years called the Higgs boson that's called the God particle. And essentially, what the Higgs boson does is that when matter enters into our universe, and incidentally, scientists don't know what what I mean, I should I should say, when energy enters into our universe, scientists do not know what energy is, okay? They have no if you ask a scientist, what is energy, they're either lying to you, or they'll just be honest, and say we have no idea. They can manipulate it. They know how to manipulate it for certain purposes under limited circumstances, but they don't know where it comes from. And they really don't know what it is. Energy comes into our universe at a high rate of frequency. And what happens is that our universe is surrounded by a blanket in effect called the Higgs field. And the Higgs field contains these bosons, they're kind of almost like virtual particles, Higgs bosons, and the Higgs bosons attach themselves to these high streams of energy and they begin to slow them down. So think of like for instance, you take a gun and you start shooting it into a swimming pool. Okay, the the the water from the in the swimming pool slows the velocity of the bullet, as opposed to the bullet traveling through just plain air. So the Higgs boson essentially acts in the same way it slows down these high energy streams to the point where they start to take on mass they start to take on the characteristics of mass or matter this this is now pretty much scientific fact. So the Gnostics describe this exact process as one of their one of these high Gnostic beings. Basically, an aspect of God or an aspect of the source falls into a dimension called Chaos, which is really, chaos is part of quantum physics to its chaos is basically an unformed potential. Its potential, you know, it's in potentiality. It hasn't actually coalesced into an object yet, okay, but it's an object in potential. So this figure falls into chaos, and it's a high energy figure and it's surrounded by what the text called proto matter, which is astonishing because that's like another word for virtual particles. So these virtual particles and potential swarmed around this high energy being at lower frequency she starts crying out to have an unbecoming mass I'm becoming matter. I'm becoming as lead save me and Essentially, the whole story from then on, is about how this interaction with that high energy stream slowed down by these virtual particles leads to the formation of matter. It's like, astonishing. It's an exact description of the God particle.

Alex Ferrari 15:14
So, so if we're all in agreement that we're all energy. And really, we shouldn't be able to just walk through walls or walk through anything, because there's really no matter, quote, unquote, on a subatomic level, what is the organizing factor that makes Peter Peter and Alex Alex, what is the intelligence that is holding all of these protons and neutrons and electrons together to form this this these beings that are Peter and Alex?

Peter Canova 15:43
Okay, well, there's there's a short answer. And there's a long answer to that. The short answer is that we are part of this stream of consciousness that descended from this one source. So if you take a look at the typical Judeo Christian version of creation, essentially, it pictures human beings as these separate creations that were made out of the dust of the earth. And, you know, we're kind of like these little windup dolls that were placed down here and oh, by the way, we sinned against God and pissed him off and that we're forever trying to get back in his good graces. You know, kind of like in here so here's the difference. Pinocchio was a creation of Geppetto Geppetto was the maker of Pinocchio was the thing that was made. That's the Judeo Christian version, but the in the Gnostic and the mystical version and this is goes back to the Hindus also. That's not the way it was the we are actually emanations that word emanation means a projection of an essence, it is of the same essence projected outward, okay. So we are part of this conscious energy stream that was projected from the source itself. Now we get back into why the you perceive yourself as you are me and why we perceive the world around us. It's because of this limitation I spoke about we are we are, even though we are part of that Source consciousness, we are vastly limited parts of that Source consciousness. So we don't perceive ourselves, we've forgotten ourselves as part of that source in effect, and we think of ourselves as the separate creations. And another analogy, you know, this always gets into very dense stuff. So I always try and give people an analogy to help them understand. Think of a pure stream up in the mountains, a pure lake up in the mountains, you know, it's absolutely pristine, but it flows down the side of the mountain, like a waterfall, okay? Now, as it flows down the mountain, it starts to pick up dirt and contaminants and it gets down the bottom and it gets really muddy, but it's all part of the same stream. Okay, so the source itself is unlimited, but the stream itself picks up all kinds of pollutants and bad ideas and limitations. And manifest is something that looks something different down at the bottom of the mountain. That's that's what we are, we're the stuff at the bottom.

Alex Ferrari 17:57
Doesn't sound very appetizing, so we talked a little bit about the many worlds theory, can you describe? Or does the many worlds theory reflect ancient ideas of alternate realities?

Peter Canova 18:13
You know, the many, many worlds that we again, you know, the you did accurately describe it in the sense that, you know, for everything we do, wherever we every decision, we make an alternate reality is created. Really, I have not run into any ancient spiritual traditions that describe that at all. You know, that that's more that's really more of a one of several competing theories in quantum, you know, in quantum physics, along with string theory and other other kinds of theories of, you know, multiverse and parallel universes. But I mean, strictly speaking, no, I mean, in terms of ancient spiritual texts, I've really not run into anything that is described like that.

Alex Ferrari 18:53
So so in the world that we live in, in this dimension that we live in, currently, we have to deal with time and space, where quantum physics is starting to throw that a little bit with quantum entanglement, time and space is starting to not be real anymore. So my question to you is, after speaking to so many people who've had, I've had a lot of near death experiences on I've had quantum physicists on talking about the concept of reincarnation as a soul. And we're going a little bit more spiritual here. But it kind of go I'll go back to the it'll get back to quantum physics in a second. The idea that there is no past life and there is no future life, that all lives are happening at the exact same time because there is no time or space on the other side. Is there anything in quantum physics that kind of can make sense of all of that at the exact same time? Or have you heard of anything in your research?

Peter Canova 19:46
Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I think you're right. I mean, at the most fundamental level reality there is no such thing as space or time there was only there only is is is there's only consciousness, undifferentiated consciousness. The conscious into space and time is again a function of the limitation. This is why I keep mentioning the word limitation. Because it's apparent what we what we view as reality is an apparent reality. It's what it seems like reality to us. Okay. Now, you mentioned the matrix and you mentioned do so is strong indications are that essentially, we're living in a holographic projection, okay. And the hologram, the thing about a hologram is you can slice and dice a hologram up into any kind of parts you want. But each little piece of that hologram contains the image of the whole. So going back to quantum entanglement, how do you explain quantum entanglement what that is, is like, particles that essentially like hundreds of 1000s, or millions of light years apart can instantly communicate with one another. So you know, like, if there's an Alex on Mars and one here on Earth, and I pinch the one on Earth, and one on Mars goes out at the exact same moment. How does that happen? I mean, you guys aren't connected by strings, or a fiber optics or anything. Communicate. So what's happening at an energetic level, right? So so essentially, what they started developing this holographic University your best. And you know what, maybe the way to explain this is that everything really is part one whole, and it's all happening at the same time. The only thing is, we're only perceiving one part of one half a one little piece of the equation, we're not seeing the whole picture. So if we saw the whole picture, we would probably be transcending time and space. And yet we're stuck in our little perceptive corner. Not seeing the entire hologram, but just see seeing our little portion of a hologram. I mean, you've said, You've cited the Hindu traditional a couple of times now you probably know the story of the elephant, right. And in the block in the blind.

Alex Ferrari 21:46
Yes, of course. Yeah, of course. They're all seeing the part of the hole right there.

Peter Canova 21:49
Yeah, exactly. So each of them feels a part of the elephant. That's the that's their reality that they're describing, you know, what they think is the reality. They're not seeing the whole elephant. So I think there's your answer right there. I always thought that that was a beautiful analogy to explain it

Alex Ferrari 22:03
Without question. So this cosmic, this cosmic hologram that we're talking about here? I mean, that is Maya, in basically what the Hindus were talking about 7000 years ago. Is that fair?

Peter Canova 22:15

Alex Ferrari 22:16
So then, in ancient and other ancient wisdom, that you've been able to see are ancient civilizations, what other civilizations had these ideas of the great illusion? I mean, the two that come to mind are always the Hindus, with Maya and the aborigine with the great dream. Do you have any other examples of that the kind of really bring it home to people that this concept of a holographic non real world that we live in is not just from 1999, when the matrix came out? It's been around for quite some time. Yeah,

Peter Canova 22:49
I mean, almost almost all almost all the major religions, I mean, Gnosticism, is a confluence of the Kabbalah of, of Persians or Austrian ism, of Hellenistic philosophy. It's really a combination of all those streams and all those all those traditions describe some kind of process of oneness, breaking itself up or limiting, limiting itself descending down the ladder into multiplicity. And the multiplicity is in duality or multiplicity is where the illusion arises. Because it all stems from one. I mean, you know, look, a lot of people think that Hinduism is a polytheistic religion at its heart, it's not it's monotheistic at its heart because what is it, there's, there's one, God, there's one entity, but it expresses itself in multiple forms. Okay, so I mean, even you have said that in Christianity where, you know, it's the Trinitarian Christianity. Now Judaism, on the surface has been more staunchly monotheistic. But that's an illusion, too, because if you look at the Kabbalah, which is the mystical tradition of Judaism, stemming back 1000s 1000s of years, it's almost the same, it's almost exactly the same as the Gnostics. It's, they describe that, you know, reality is a contraction of the one mind, you know, producing these, these various of, you know, limitations and appearances of multiplicity, but it all boils down to one, it's all a matter of appearance, and that's where the Maya, or the illusion comes in.

Alex Ferrari 24:27
Is there any way that quantum physics and ancient wisdom kind of intersect when trying to understand consciousness?

Peter Canova 24:37
There is. Well, first of all, I have to say that for a long, long time now, science has done their best to avoid the idea of consciousness. In fact, today, if you talk about consciousness in scientific circles, it's called the hard problem. That's how that's that's this common jargon to describe consciousness. It's called the hard problem and it's called that for a reason. isn't because they can't explain it. And actually, it really runs counter to scientific materialism. So we have to make a distinction in science because there's been a traditional science just like there was traditional religion, okay? There has been a traditional orthodox version of science, the religion that scientists so criticize it, I get a kick out of this because there's a scientific orthodoxy that is every bit as dogmatic as the Catholic Church. Okay. And that, that that's that scientific orthodoxy essentially, tries to say that consciousness is the result of a physical process, that somehow inorganic, matter became organic, and they never describe how that happens. And then you have these single celled organisms that were crashing into one another, eventually combining into more complex forms and evolving, you know, and, you know, leading to higher animal, higher forms of animal life and eventually, wildlife consciousness happens. It's a ridiculous explanation. I mean, it's it's just, it's so patently unscientific, and that's the way they tried to, you know, brush off the whole idea. Now, there is a growing minority, but it's, it's a current that is really happening in science. Now, to understand that, rather than a bottom up process that happened in material basis, it's consciousness that came first. And that material, material, materiality is a result of consciousness, starting from the top and working way down, working its way down to the bottom. So that that really makes a lot more sense from so many different points of view to view consciousness as primary over matter rather than matter, creating consciousness. And there are a number of different theories, but all kinds of pointing towards the same thing that are really being picked up and have been kind of stirring for decades now in science. Some of them are called pan psychism, which is the idea that consciousness is present in every single thing, it's only a matter of degree. So there's, you know, the difference between us and a rock is a matter of degree of consciousness. There is a growing, I think, understanding that you get rid of so many paradoxes and unexplained phenomena that happened in on a quantum and scientific basis when you start off with consciousness as your premise and then work your way down. So there is a interesting clash going on between traditional science and a burgeoning new view of consciousness. And it's going to be playing itself out, you know, certainly from this point on.

Alex Ferrari 27:42
Why do you think that at this point in human history, to our knowledge, at least, this this awareness is starting to creep in and in not just in science and quantum physics, but these kinds of conversations are happening more and more in today's world than it would have 100 years ago? Mind you, we understand the Internet, and there's a lot more easy, it's easier to get information. But why do you believe that there's this kind of awakening to a lot of these concepts and ideas?

Peter Canova 28:12
Well, in my mind, it's very simple reason. It's because prior to 1900, we had no understanding of quantum physics. I mean, you know, you go back to some of the classical thinkers and classical philosophers. I mean, it's incredible to me that the Greeks had a concept of atoms 1000s of years ago, the Greeks were brilliant. But by and large, is science up until 1900, when Max Planck, first started the German physicist, first start exploring the quantum world, there really wasn't a great understanding of the fact that were composed of light energy. So all these discoveries in quantum physics now, remember this, by and large, people have been living with different religious traditions less so than spiritual traditions. The difference between religion and spirituality is that religion, basically is think of it as a box, and they say, we have all the answers in this box, right? And those boxes that usually fold dogmas and things, spirituality on their hand is an open ended process where people can go in and they can, you know, have the spiritual understandings, but then they understand, you know, well, I want to move on to the next level. So So spirituality is more of a growth process. Religion is more of a stagnant process, but they still have had their concepts of things like the afterlife on the soul, a very, you know, and so forth and so on. But honestly, you, you, you've had people, the vast majority of people have had to take both religion and spiritual wisdom on faith. Now, faith is something that you get secondhand from somebody else so you can believe it or not believe it right. And faith can also be very much manipulated because there's people with agendas out there, and they use faith, you know, to

Alex Ferrari 29:56
No stop it. Stop it. Stop it. I I can't believe you.

Peter Canova 30:00
Sorry to surprise you. Sorry to pop that one on you. But, you know, faith, faith, faith and you know, faith has its place, but it also has its drawbacks. Okay, what does what supersedes faith, the thing that supersedes faith is experiential knowledge. Now what I mean by experiential knowledge is not stuff that you read in a book, that's factual erode knowledge, and that has its place too. But experiential knowledge is like, okay, so I tell you that fire burns, okay, now you can take that on faith, but you don't know for sure until you stick your hand in the fire. Once you stick your hand on the fire, you own that experience, and then you know it to be a reality. So I think that most people have had to take things on faith. It's like, Yeah, I think so. But I don't know. That's what they tell me. And I, in all honesty, when you read spiritual texts, or you read the Bible, or any other religious scripture, you know, you really have to take these things on faith, whether or not there's really something there. But I think what happened was, with the rise of quantum physics from 1900, on the rational part of people's minds, the left brains of people's minds was being assaulted with new information. And that new information, as we've discussed today, started to support some of the things that these ancient traditions have said that, hey, there ain't no such thing as a solid world and all reality, it's just the perception of one, you know, what we view as the solid world is really kind of like a disturbance or blip in the in the, in the quantum energy field from which everything or everything arises, yes, it's our limitations that prevent us from experiencing that. But people have experience, I've experienced it, okay. I mean, the reason why I'm an international businessman, the reason why I got into this, and the reason why I'm on your show, is because I had a series of vivid experiences, that change changed, changed the course of my life. Now, in my case, they were spontaneous. Sometimes, if you're lucky people that happens to certain people, most of the times people have to arrive at these understandings through a more, you know, a course of study, experimentation, meditation, and you know, and everything else, and then they start to have those experiences with extraordinary consciousness, that lead them to understand, hey, there's more to life than what I think there is, there really is something else out there. There's other there's other forces out there that are at play here that affected that affect this world, you can take that as an intellectual proposition. But again, once you get to the point where you've actually experienced these things, and then you own it, you know it to be real. I know this stuff to be real in my gut, because I can cite you multiple instances of why I think that's real because of what I've been through. But everybody has to get to that place through a different door. And I do think that the development of quantum physics now gives us a scientific or kind of left brain approach to understandings of what we've had to take on faith for 1000s of years. So I think it's that moment in 1900, that started to shift things.

Alex Ferrari 32:58
What were if you don't mind me asking, Would you like to share some of those spiritual experiences that you had?

Peter Canova 33:04
Well, yeah, I don't mind. I mean, it's, it all started off when I was in my 20s. And I found out that I was a medical intuitive, and I was, I went to a group that, at that time taught something called ESP, which has kind of fallen out of the lexicon, nowadays, extrasensory perception, but that's what it was called back then. And, you know, I, I was sitting opposite somebody in a chair, and just talking like I'm talking to you, and they were able to this group had a collection of index cards, were the people who had been through this course. And there were quite a few back then had to bring in the name of an individual with either a medical psychological problem or whatever. And they would have the information on this card. So one person would have the card and the other person would essentially try and give the reading of what was going on. So it was pretty controlled, because you they the person who had the car was not allowed to lead you on in any way. And any response that you gave, if it was incorrect, they didn't want to discourage you by saying, oh, hell, no, you really missed that one. They would just simply say, I don't have that information here. But if you hit on something, they were able to say, Yes, I have that information, like what else can you tell me? So the very, the very first case that I got was a gentleman who actually happened to be live in Miami Beach where I am now. And he was 74 years old. And they just gave me his name, age and address. And the very first thing that I was attracted to was the area of his heart. And it looked to me like his heart was tilted at a funny angle causing the aorta to be pinched. And I said, I told them that they said, Well, what does that mean to you? And I said, it means to me as a blockage and aorta, and they said, that's correct. They said, What else can you tell us? And I said, Well, I I feel something like metallic in the bottom quadrant of his heart. I think he had a pacemaker installed. And they said, that's correct. Can you tell us what year the pacemaker was installed? So I see in my mind, I see the hands of a clock spinning wildly, but then they stopped dead at 10 o'clock, which indicated to me 10 years prior. And so I stated, you know, 10 years prior, and that was that was correct. So once I, once I got over the rational kickback of what I was doing, and I was just able to let it go and experience it, it opened up just a whole slew of phenomena that I would experience remote viewing clairvoyance, clear audience premonitions, you know, I actually use this to save my wife in Africa. One time, I was actually working in Nigeria in the 1970s. And it was, it could be a pretty dangerous place over there. And there wasn't very good transportation. And we had to go from one city, down south, up the up north, it was about an eight hour nine hour trip through the jungles because the airplanes weren't working that day, which was pretty frequent. And we were just about to get into one of these transports that you know, carried, you know, probably another half a dozen people. And the guy I was with I, I felt something very strong. And I said, I don't want to get in here. And he said, Well, you know, we got to be up here we have an appointment, I said, I don't care, there's something wrong. And he thought I was crazy. But I was crazy enough to prevail upon him. And I you know, and you know, he didn't he didn't get him. Well, we found out the next day that that same transport was attacked, attacked by brigands in the jungle, and a couple of passengers were killed. So I but I had I had things like this, you know, I mean, I don't, I don't want to sit here and give a recital of this, but these are the kinds of things that I was happening. So what was happening, I mean, I was obviously communicating, you know, with some higher form of energy.

Alex Ferrari 36:51
So then, when you started to understand this, about yourself, how did you deal with it on a psychological standpoint, I mean, this is not normal. This was gonna say, This is not normal talk back then. Even it's not normal talk now, but it's a little bit more understood and more mainstream now than it was back when you had when it was happening to you.

Peter Canova 37:12
I had a very, very difficult time for a while because I became like a psychic sponge, I literally would know conversations, almost word for word, 10 minutes before they were gonna happen. I you know, I was on an airplane. And I had a stack of probably 100 200 pages of documents. And I got off the airplane. And I had a flash in my mind that pages 10 and 11. Were missing, somehow. And I went back on the plane, and sure enough, 10 and 11 and fall underneath the sea. So you know, it wasn't a good thing, because I didn't want to be in people's heads. I didn't want to invade their thoughts. But if somebody shook my hand, I know all kinds of things about them things that I didn't necessarily want to know. And it was really difficult. And I had physical issues over it. And I actually went to London to the British spiritualist Association in Belgravia square, to try and get some advice and some help at that time. So for a while, I just kind of fled I you know, and then then later on, I kind of came back, I didn't really want to be in that level of, of knowing it was too much. It was like having a spigot turned on and the water just gushing out. And I didn't want it to be like that. But I will say so, you know, I decided to write books to describe these experiences in order to help other people have an understanding of these things. And I wrote a trilogy, which became a 25 time award winning trilogy. And the first book of that trilogy is about an African nun who becomes the first female Pope at a time when America and Iran are going into a nuclear war. Well, at times, I felt that that book, I didn't even write that book, I felt it was written for me. And oftentimes magazine ended up doing an article on all the geopolitical predictions that came true in the book. And they were, you know, doesn't that you know, pre, you know, predicted on Iran going nuclear or the second Gulf War, the fact that there will be a third world Pope that wasn't Italian that will come from the Third World, and Francis was the first one. And that he would take that that Pope would take a name that wasn't a typical papal name. And that was the first time that all these things were predicted and Pope Annalisa. So, you know, I still use it. And I still use it in my writings and I get information, but that's good. That I'm kind of I feel a little bit more in control of that. I no longer want to be at the point where I shake your hand and I know your whole history.

Alex Ferrari 39:45
So it sounds like if I'm gonna use the analogy of water that you did before with consciousness, it seems like when we're incarnated, we're thrown from consciousness pure consciousness into material space. And depending on where we are in, where we have evolved to depends on the level of how deep we go. Some people all the way, go all the way down to the bottom of the floor with a pressure. And it's really hard to move the vibrations extremely low, let's say down there. And then as you start to evolve spiritually, and start understanding more and more of how the game is played, what the rules are, you start evolving, hence, the yogi's or Jesus, or these Ascended Masters start to going up to the point where you finally can break through the water again, in an incarnation and understand I see everything, is that a fair analogy of what our soul is kind of going through?

Peter Canova 40:40
Well, you know, I believe it's probably true that souls come in at different levels of consciousness come into the Earth at different levels of consciousness. So maybe that's why some people, you know, have spontaneous experiences like I had, and for other people, you know, it's more of a more of a difficult process. I mean, that would make logical sense just to account for, you know, account for things. However, however, the good news is that everybody can ascend, everybody has that ability to trace their consciousness back towards the Source consciousness, and, you know, achieve potentialities that, you know, we would say, are remarkable for turning around, you know, people's people's lives. And the factors that are involved there, you know, besides, let's say, level of soul awareness, or soul growth that you reincarnate with, you know, the factors that evolve, there have a lot to do with things like your desire, your motivation, your ability to be open minded, to use visualization, to, you know, there's a I in the book, Quantum spirituality, I write about, you know, the factors of meditation, and that helped people to propel them to have, you know, these kinds of extraordinary experiences. And there are different factors, you know, that can be played with that can accelerate people's growth.

Alex Ferrari 42:03
Now, so when you were explaining what happened to you, it sounds like almost a you were, when you came in, in an incarnation, you were at a higher level, but were unaware that you were at a higher level, unlike someone who like was training and going up and evolving and understanding slowly these abilities coming to them. These were thrust upon you, and you weren't prepared for them, which probably was part of your evolution as a soul to deal with it in this lifetime. Is that a fair statement?

Peter Canova 42:33
I think it could be a fair statement. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 42:35
Yeah. So that's because I've talked to so many different people who've had these extra sensory perceptions, whether it's a psychic medium, or a channel, or even near death experiences, some of them, it's a smooth transition. Other ones are like, I feel like I'm going crazy, because I hear voices. So it's just different levels of ability, but some are just aware of those abilities, and can control them so much easier. And other ones, it's just kind of thrust upon, it'd be the equivalent of me, all of a sudden being being able to be Michael Jordan. And, well, even better yet, if I was given a billion dollars tomorrow. I don't know how I would deal with that. Because I'm not prepared intellectually, maybe emotionally, maybe spiritually, on what that kind of responsibility and energy coming towards me in a life I would be able to deal with. Were you give that to Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos. That's just a Saturday morning for them.

Peter Canova 43:31
Yeah, I mean, there was a time when I was younger, where I felt I had one foot more in another world than this one, I, I was starting to lose my perception of myself as being part of this world. And I was like, floating off into the, wherever, again, to be on Yeah, and I felt very detached from from, you know, from this world, if I, I'm often wondered if I had died at that time, I might not have even noticed it. And I tried, it got to a point where it was too very difficult to operate. And I think that the whole trick to this thing is you have to operate within the material world. I mean, you I never subscribe to that aesthetic, a scenic, aesthetic, not aesthetic, but as cticc You know, the monastic kind of existence where you just go off in a cave, and you know, you meditate so they mean to me, the whole idea is you take that consciousness, but you use it within this world use it for something, you use it within this world. So I never really understood that kind of, you know, monastic thing, at least not for any great period of time. Because to me, you know, I feel that human beings are the fingers of God touching the face of this world and that our task is to spiritualize the material and bring the experience of the material back to spirit. It's like a two way communication. You know what higher consciousness gets the experience that it couldn't have of being in physical form through us. But by the same token, when we when we become more enlightened, we can handle this world in a more spiritual way and raise the vibration of this world. So human beings are actually a very important bridge between consciousness and matter. And that's a much more exalted position than what Judeo Christianity has left us with as a human beings as these kind of lowly, you know, separate Pinocchio's running around here trying to get back and God's good grace.

Alex Ferrari 45:34
I mean, it was just what Jesus said, I mean, everything I could do, you could do and more the kingdom of heaven is within you. But these have been all bastardized by by the powers that be for control purposes to control the public. Because if I tell you that, like, Oh, you have all the power to talk to God, well, why do you need me?

Peter Canova 45:54
You see what you what you just described, what you just described, was Gnosticism. And the fall of Gnosticism, the original mystical Christian message was just as you described it, and it was bastardized. There were there were two streams of Christianity, okay, there was the inner mystical church. And then there was the outer Church, the Church of the platitudes, the Beatitudes, that the mass the mass consumption church, and we know that for a fact, that's not speculation, because in the Bible, it says that unto the disciples, he gave the keys to the kingdom of heaven, but unto those without he spoke in parables. And we have further evidence of that in the writings of the early church fathers. So Clement of Alexandria, and Origen, who were both early Christian bishops of Alexandria, which was a major Christian Center at that time, Alexander, the Greek city of Alexandria in Egypt, affirmed that Jesus had an inner mystical teaching that was not taught to the masses, because they would not be most of them wouldn't be able to understand it. So there was a mystical church right from the very beginning. And if you read the Gnostic Gospels, what you're seeing is what the original Jesus was teaching. What what happened. What happened, unfortunately, was that, just as you said, the outer church which had a lesser understanding, started dog monetizing, and codifying, and, you know, messing around with the mystical teachings. And they twisted it in such a way as to create a hierarchy of power of bishops, of priests, of bishops, and everything else. Of course, the Gnostics said, Well, you need that, you know, you get the church is not an intercessor. between us and God, we have a direct line of communication, if we, you know, we're about aware of it, we can have a direct line of communication, we don't need all that all the, you know, this whole circumstance. Yeah. And you know, you interposing yourself between us and God, of course, that was a major threat to the developing Orthodox Church, and eventually, they had to eradicate the mystics. So we lost. We could have been as advanced in our spiritual understanding as some Hindu thinking in the West. But we lost that, with the eradication of the Gnostics. And we lost that with the eradication of our Judeo Christian mystical tradition.

Alex Ferrari 48:05
That's something I've always wondered because in the Hindu tradition, the mystics and the mystical aspects of it has been around 1000s of years and pretty in it there. It wasn't really adjusted touch too much. But there is I've heard rumors and rumors but I've heard rumblings of the mystic, the mystics in Judaism, the and also in Christianity, Christianity, but not as much in Christianity, as it wasn't the mystics in Judaism, but it is something that is really just kind of tampered down and put into the back room and not allowed to come up but it is there without question.

Peter Canova 48:46
Okay, so so yeah, you really hit on something here. So take the three Abrahamic religions, right Judaism, Christianity, Islam, okay. Judaism, had the Kabbalah, Christianity had the Gnostics and Islam had the Sufis. And so those three, those three, the Sufis, the Gnostics and the Kabbalists. Were the mystical traditions, the inner core or mystical traditions of each of their outward religions. And in fact, they have more in common with one another than they have with their own outward traditions. Okay, the Sufis, the Gnostics and the Kabbalists. Were pretty much saying the same thing that I've described to you here what I described as Gnosticism you know, could easily be interchangeable with Islamic Sufism or Judy Judy, Judaic cannibalism. So the Christian tradition though, was much more suppressed and that's why you don't hear as much from them. You know, somehow the Kabbalah was able to, you know, survive and the the Sufis were able to survive into the modern age, but the Catholic Church did an incredible job with rolling and efficiency of eradicate ating the mystical tradition, and that's why you don't hear as much about it. But but the Gnostic Gospels, there was a big find in 1945, the same year that the atomic bomb came into existence. And I do not think this is a coincidence that they found a major case of the Gnostic Gospels and for the first time, we were able to hear the voices of the Gnostic masters. Whereas prior to that, primarily, we had to understand the Gnostics through the writings of their enemies, the Church Fathers describing them, so so, you know, Gnosticism Gnosticism is making its way back into the mainstream. You know, I'm not the only one who's right writes about Gnosticism. There's there's a lot of scholars out there, Elaine Pagels McGill's and Stephen Haller, you know, there's a lot of people out there that write about Gnosticism. In fact, if you Google or you go to Amazon books, I'm sure you'll find scores of books on Gnosticism. But the Gnostic wisdom has is coming back into the mainstream to our benefit. And

Alex Ferrari 51:02
I mean, it was the Roman in the Roman Catholic Church. And by the way, please forgive me when I went to Italy and I went to Vatican City. I at that one moment, I realized, all my life, I was raised Roman Catholic, I was like, Oh, my God, I never connected Rome. I just never connected to me that Oh, my God, it was Constantine was a Roman Emperor, who set all this up and started in the Council of Nicaea. And all this kind of stuff and getting rid of the not a lot of gnostic texts and getting rid of all the mystical stuff. And God forbid reincarnation is in there. And all that kind of stuff was pulled out. It is something that is that information is slowly starting to seep its way back into the mainstream because of shows like this because of the freedom of information that we have now with the internet. And I don't see I don't believe that that's an accident that it's happening at this point.

Peter Canova 51:54
Yeah. Yeah. That's pretty accurate. What you what you described. So essentially, Constantine saw a way to unify the Roman Empire, which was fragmenting socially and politically, and he saw the religion as a tool to do that, in what way to snap people in line better than, you know, to religiously. I mean, you make fanatics out of them. So, yeah, that had a lot to do with it. And the consul's that happened afterwards, you know, the Charles Adan and Nicaea and everything else started to describe what it meant to be an Orthodox Christian Orthodox meaning right thinking in Greek. Okay, so you have the Orthodox Catholic church back in those days. I mean, they eventually they separated into the Eastern Roman Empire became orthodox in the Western Roman Empire was Catholic, but originally they were orthodox Catholic. And, yeah, they they, the very word itself, Orthodox means right thinking heretic means someone who ain't thinking right.

Alex Ferrari 52:57
You and I, sir, you and I, sir, are heretics obviously.

Peter Canova 53:00
The heretics actually, were the ones who kind of had their you know, we're kind of really clued in unfortunately.

Alex Ferrari 53:05
It's, it is it is fascinating how this is all coming. Do you believe that? That the that there is a conscious awakening in consciousness of humanity, even though there is all this insanity happening in the world, that there is this kind of shift and opening and awakening?

Peter Canova 53:22
Yeah, and I think a lot of it has to do with a recognition of the sacred feminine. I mean, look, years ago, couple decades ago, when I go to consciousness, gatherings, like, whole life Expo, or you know, any of these, yeah, it would be like to, you know, there'd be 200 people in the room, 199 women and me, and thou, now you go to these, and it's pretty much equal. And I think what's happening is that things kind of cycle around. And the feminine principle of life has a lot to do with relying on intuition and feeling as opposed to rational, analytical and logical. So we've been in that rational, analytical and logical mind state for many, you know, centuries now. And I think that people are starting to understand that subjective consciousness is probably even more important gateway to understanding reality than sciences. But let me just say they're equal, okay, at the very least, they're equal, you can approach reality from a scientific standpoint, which takes a look at nature and then kind of works its way up. Or you can approach it from a subjective standpoint, which is getting insights and intuition that come from the top and then working your way down. And eventually they meet in the middle somewhere. So metaphysics to me is just as important as physics itself is quantum physics. And, you know, you have a rough left brain and a right Right. Okay, so the right brain is your more intuitive and feeling nature where it resides in the left brain. It's more analytical, logical, I think what's happening now is people are becoming more balanced. So instead of being one or the other, I think we're becoming both. And in fact, the psychologist Carl Jung said exactly that when you, you know, you merge that left brain and right brain, that's when you become an actualized being well, that's the same thing that Jesus said in the Gnostic Gospels, he said, When, when the male becomes the female, and the female becomes the male and the to become one, then you will move, then you will realize the kingdom of heaven, then you will move mountains. Now,

Alex Ferrari 55:35
I'm gonna ask you a few questions, I ask all my guests, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Peter Canova 55:40
Well, I think something that makes you feel good, I think doing something that that makes you feel worthwhile, helpful in service to others performing something that a task that is transcends yourself, and that has a lot to do with, you know, being of service to others. I mean, you know, I, honestly, the what I'm doing now being on your show, and everything it takes away from my business life, okay. But I'm happy to do that. Because I feel you know, I'm what I'm trying to do is help other people get to the point where they have this, these experiences with higher or extraordinary consciousness, because then I believe they become better human beings, I believe it helps their their lives out. And so that's why, you know, that's why I do this. So for me, you know, that's, that's fulfilling. If I were simply going about business and earning money all the time, well, that would be great. There's nothing wrong with money, let me tell you, but that would not be for me, not be fulfilled life.

Alex Ferrari 56:44
If you go back in time, and talk to little Peter, what advice would you give him?

Peter Canova 56:49
You know, I, I think I would probably have said, be a little bit more at ease with the world. I always felt when I was young, a sense of alienation, that that something was wrong here that our I didn't I didn't really fit in that had to be way more than what, you know, I was I was, I was feeling and it really, in some ways, in some ways that was good, because maybe, maybe that's what was my spark, you know, that led me on to this. I mean, or maybe that was the early indication of where my later life would head was this feeling of alienation or something else is going on here. Emotionally, I probably would have said, ease up a little bit, you know, don't let it worry you so much, you know, don't be so don't don't be so concerned about it. Just go with the flow. And we'll let it let it unfold itself, I probably would have said, Yeah, that's what I probably would have told myself.

Alex Ferrari 57:47
How do you define God or Source energy?

Peter Canova 57:50
Consciousness, consciousness that expresses itself through the vehicle of light. And light, light is a conveys intelligence. You know, intelligence means intention. So really, there is information that is encoded in light energy, just the same way that DNA encodes the information that shapes our body. I believe that light energy encodes the information that shapes our world that shapes our universe that shapes creation. So that God essentially, is that consciousness that conveys itself through those mediums?

Alex Ferrari 58:31
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Peter Canova 58:34
Like, I think I said it before, I think the ultimate purpose of life is to as human beings is to spiritualize the material and bring the experience of the material back to spirit.

Alex Ferrari 58:44
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Peter Canova 58:47
Yeah, I think the best place to go is my website, That's It tells about my works, the trilogy that I mentioned in my new book, Quantum Spirituality, which incidentally, the first my publisher just answered the first of a number of book contests, the American Book fest, they entered it in four categories and one in all four categories. So it's, it's a, it's a real, it's a real dot connector. I mean, it encompasses quantum physics, the ancient spirituality, we've been talking about union psychology, it takes several different disciplines, and it correlates them and shows how they're saying the same thing and giving the same indicators. So really what it is it's like our score roadmap for people who are on a spiritual journey, and it kind of has signed points that indicate things to look at things to consider directions to go and to enhance your spiritual growth. I cannot tell anybody how to conduct their own spiritual life, but what I can do is set up an arena of knowledge and infer nation for them to work in and then launch themselves off on their own path.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:05
Peter it has been a pleasure and honor talking to you, my friend. It was a very fascinating conversation and hopefully, it's going to help a few souls out there. So I appreciate you my friend.

Peter Canova 1:00:13
Thank you for having me.

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