Woman DIES From Heart Attack; Met STRANGE BEINGS & Sent Back with URGENT Message! with Virginia Drake

Virginia Drake has worked in the fields of education, social work, counseling, consulting and motivational speaking for over 30 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Education from Georgetown College, a Teaching Certificate from Eastern Kentucky University, and a B.S. Degree in Social Work from Murray Kentucky University.

In 1998, Virginia had a miraculous healing after a major heart attack and near death experience. It was then that she became interested in the mind, body, and spirit connection and the impact these forces can have one’s health and relationship. She has devoted over 25 years to intensive study of meditation, natural healing, and quantum physics and how the electromagnetic field of the human body works in connection with the healing process. In addition to her private consulting business Virginia also teaches workshops on developing strategies to promote a healthy and enriched life.

Please enjoy my conversation with Virginia Drake.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 408

Virginia Drake 0:00
Are they talking about me and the next thing I knew, I looked over it through my body, and I saw myself sitting in the corner of the ER going, that's not possible that can't have you know, that can't be, I can't be in here and over there at the same time. And then it would be, I could fall down from here and go down into my solar plexus. And I could see inside of my solar plexus, watching them do everything real slow, nothing that does it make sense. Even though you're having a spiritual experience, you're still trying to logically put it together in you in these are two different worlds that you're dealing with. You're dealing in a supernatural world that really that can happen. And then this logic world where they're telling you, when you come in your body, you feel like solidified, so you really are confused.

Alex Ferrari 0:54
I'd like to welcome to the show Virginia Drake, how you doing Virginia?

Virginia Drake 1:07
Oh, I'm wonderful. And thank you for inviting me, I get excited to do these podcasts because I've been doing them for 25 years, but people are starting to hear them. That's even more exciting. You know, I've been doing it. Like I said, I think I said to you and I first met you I said, you know, I've been discovered just recently, but I've been in Bob for 25 years, but I'm sure you've been in drama, and you're into Hollywood and films. And I think because I was studying to be an actress myself. So I really am glad I'm not an actress. If you want to know I'm really glad to be who I am. I don't have to do any characterizations, I don't have to pretend to be somebody else. I am just me. And that was a big deal for me to learn how to be me. So

Alex Ferrari 1:56
I think that's a big deal. For every I think that's one of the big lessons for all humans. Oh, and All Souls here is, is to be comfortable in your own skin and the power that comes from being comfortable in your own skin. And I'll tell you, because coming from Hollywood, you meet a lot of people, I would argue most people are trying to be someone they're not. And they're not truly authentic. But then when you meet the authentic people. Behind the scenes or in front of this front of the camera, you see you see the power that comes from being an authentic person I once worked with or I once met Robin Williams, and to see Robin and Robin was Robin. I mean it was not a he was just a perfect medium in the name drop, but using him as an example. He's as authentic as I can think of.

Virginia Drake 2:48
Well, I did meet Robin Williams, many, many, many, many years ago, in Versailles, Kentucky.

Alex Ferrari 2:56
Oh, wow!

Virginia Drake 2:57
His stepmother lived here.

Alex Ferrari 2:59
Oh, wow. How was how was that interaction? Just out of curiosity.

Virginia Drake 3:03
Yeah, it was a quick, you know, we were kids. And we didn't know who this guy was. I mean, it was it was just a real brief thing. But I remember when I, when I saw him, I thought, I think that's that guy that we and he was kind of shy. You know, he was he's very shy, because but if you've been into acting, and I hit study, I'm very introverted. Most of your actresses and actors, actors are introverts. That's why we come out to really to flavor the different characterizations to get involved. We're getting ready to have some weather here. Some different clashes of weather. And when you're doing that, and I don't know how you feel about it, but energy is energy. And there's a lot of manipulation of people understanding how that works. Because I'm, I studied physics. I taught physics.

Alex Ferrari 3:55
And she was saying about Robert Williams.

Virginia Drake 3:58
Yes. Well, I met him. And that but it was brief. It was but he was very, very shy. And we didn't really pay any attention to him until after he got you know, and then somebody I think we were all sitting around and, and we ran a lake, or if a river in Kentucky River and we're all sinners. It wasn't like that to get the kid that came to visit us. You know? So we all kind of laughed, I thought, wow, he's not. He wasn't incredible, though. He was an asset and watched him he was such a, he could do it just like that on top of it, just do anything, but then do it. And that was how I think he got through a lot of his depression.

Alex Ferrari 4:36
So we're here to talk to you about your near death experience. But before we do, what was your life like before your near death experience?

Virginia Drake 4:44
I was very programmed. I was a teacher. I really thought I was living the life. I mean, I had a big house. I had the pool in the backyard. I had horses I had, I had what we would call the American dream. My success. And when I had my first heart attack or my near death experience in 1998, it hit me so hard that I realized that I was really living a dream, I was living a lie. And it was an American dream that I realized everything that I had been programmed to think that's what my success was, while I was successful, but I was empty inside. And being empty was not what I thought was empty men empty was not depression, it was just, I've done this, I've climbed to the zone to where they said it was gonna happen. And it didn't happen. I'm still standing on the mountain. And I'm still waiting to do something, and I'm stuck. But when I got into my near death experience, that's when I learned the leap of faith. I knew how to take that, and really do it energetically, and not do it without fear, my near death experience in 1998, because I've had many, and I've been out of body a lot. But that one was the one that really made me realize the importance of what my life was and what I was going to do with it. And I had a choice.

Alex Ferrari 6:14
Let me ask you, before we get into that near death experience, were you were you raised spiritually or religiously?

Virginia Drake 6:20
I was a Catholic, I taught at a Catholic teacher I worked, I became a convert is a My father died when I was 16. And in 1968, not too many of the ministers would come in and talk to my father, because back in the 60s, they thought you were gonna get cancer, my father had very different kinds of cancer is melanoma. But UK, University of Kentucky came in and asked my father to experiment on him and idea because we had $100,000 bill sitting at another hospital. So what the hospitals did, it's changed. But I saw my father, do they did things to him that I've never seen any human being done. But now that I look at it, from my many lifetimes of understanding in this plane, I had to go through all of that even the darkness part of myself to really understand who I really am today, and why I'm really the way I am. And I'm so grounded in who I am. And I'm proud of who I am that I've come through some of the most horrible things, but they turned to be some of the best things that could have ever taught me to be this. And that's just to be me, to be honest, to be truthful, to be true to myself. And this is what I've been doing for the last 25 years, I teach clients and friends and people that energy work, you know, they're having that near death experience made me learn a lot about my energy field, the electromagnetic field, the, you know, we're who we really are, we are great lights, we have such opportunities to change this world through frequencies of ourselves. And we don't have to do anything hard. It's very simple. Being still being quiet, being with breath, work, being grounded, and just being able to feel what's really going on within. That's what I have learned in experiences.

Alex Ferrari 8:31
That's beautiful. That's beautiful. So tell us what happened on the day that you had your near death experience?

Virginia Drake 8:36
Well, that was the week before my near death experience. And this is truly happening. I was 46 years old. I was at the farm. And this was about two weeks, about a week and a half before summer break. And I taught sixth, seventh and eighth grade and I taught nine subjects a day. So I was really tired. And I was tired because our nuns, everybody was tired during that year. So I was just setting in the week before of the school, you know, it was going to end and June the second. I was watching something on TV and I was in my dad by myself. I wasn't thinking about anything. And this man comes out and he he looks like he's about 90 years old and he's got oxygen in his nose and he's leaning into the TV and he said, Don't get a heart transplant. And I thought, you know, I thought wow. And he was explaining he had a he had a train a heart transplant and it was awful. He was taking 90 pills a day and I remember him thinking that I thought 90 pills a day. Yeah, I just almost wanted to choke right there. But he kept coming into the screen saying don't get a heart transplant and is he talking to me? I mean, I looked around I thought, Okay, now, that doesn't work. Then he said it again. And then I just finally said raise my hand and said I'm not going I get a heart transplant, I'm 46 years old, I walk four miles a day, I am very healthy. And I'm really declaring myself. However, the next week, I'm looking at that. And I went, Oh, and had had a massive heart attack in June 2 1998. It was the first day of summer break How quaint for a teacher to be good. And it was, it was amazing. But it was scary. And I was very scared. What was going on is my son was in that classroom, I was closing down my classroom on June the second, and I kept getting these really hard pains, you know, and I just had three weeks prior to that. I'd had acid reflux, and I was in the classroom, and my son what my youngest son was in that and, and at that I didn't feel like a heart attack at that time. I just felt it just didn't feel right. So I went down to my, you know, down to the secretary, which I'm kind of a joke. So you know, and they'll say, you know, Mary, I'm really, like, I'm having something going on. And she wouldn't look at you know, she was just an asset. No, you think there's something wrong. And when she looked at, she saw that, oh, she's, we need to call the ambulance, well, they call the ambulance, they ended up taking me to the emergency room. And I had acid reflux. And I remember they took this, this medication down. And it was like, Oh, my God, it relieved, everything just cooled me. And I thought, oh, it's done. Well, the next, you know, three weeks later, I'm looking at, I'm having a heart attack. And I thought, now it's acid reflux. Because before that nurse told me said, You're gonna feel like, you're gonna have a heart attack over and over, and you want to come in here a lot. I thought, I will not do that. I never, I will never embrace embarrass myself like this again. Well, it was hurting this time different. It was like an anaconda and an elephant. And I couldn't breathe. And I kept thinking, what I'd done if I, you know, you think for a woman, it came through this part of my chest, but it went through my shoulder. And women tend to have that kind of heart attack. It's in their shoulder. So I wasn't recognizing it. Also, because I was 46 years old. And that was not even in my mind, it's knowing that I was told the week before, don't get a heart transplant. So I'm sitting there, and I remember, I came home and I said, I'm gonna lay down for a little while I lay down and my cats were the ones that made me look down and they kept looking at me, and I thought, there's something wrong. Now. I'm an animal communicator. I've been an animal communicator, because I'm an only child. So I've been doing this all my life. So my cats were trying to tell me something. I thought, what's wrong? But I heard this voice inside a very sweet, very gentle voice, it's going to the mirror, go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. Well, when I walked in, my eyes were already shooting back and I was already ah, no ash, Ash Hill. And, and I heard a voice said, You need to go to emergency room now. And so I went down to the steps down to my husband at the time, and I told him what was going on. And his wife got the doctor. So I need to go to the emergency room now. Now we are in the farm. So we're about 20 minutes out. And he kept him well, I know, it's just acid reflux. I'm going Yeah, and they did snapper felt like that, you know, and I'm gonna just discussing it. And I'm really, you know, putting it together. So when I get in there, he's already parking the car. Now remember, this is how you think. So I walked in, and the girl that was waving at the ER, I said, I'm having really I'm trying to hurt him a little bit. That's it? Oh, it just, I better think it's acid reflux, and Chico's go right back. Well, in our ER, it's a very small little community. You know, you said out there until you're next and then I thought, well, I've done a lot of community things. I'm a teacher, they recognize me. You know, oh, my god,

Alex Ferrari 14:17
Your ego your ego came in.

Virginia Drake 14:20
I mean, it was because they got in the way it was because it kept me directed into thinking that because when I came in, there was a nurse in there that I went to high school with. And the name was punky branding BB, but we call her punky. But she was Janet. She's no longer with us. But she looked at me and she said, What's wrong with you? Remember the thing? Why would she say that to me? I mean, I knew a person. So I laid down and she kept saying to me, stay still. Now I'm always certain going down into my body going, she mean by staying still. I don't think I'm doing anything out here. What's going on in here? So I'm coming in I'm going back out. So I don't even realize that I'm out of my body half the time I'm coming back in because they scared me enough because it doesn't matter. It doesn't, you know, doesn't match. So then the next thing I look up my nun, who is my principal, she stayed in there, not my husband, because they'd already told him, your wife is having a heart attack, you bet it will get the children in this is massive. I mean, you know that I didn't know that until she came in. And then I heard him say, she's having a major heart attack and everything slowed down. It just went, and I remember going, oh, oh, you know, what? Are they talking about me. And the next thing I knew, I looked over it through my body, and I saw myself sitting in the corner of the ER going, that's not possible, that can't have you know, that can't be, I can't be in here and over there at the same time. And then it would be I could fall down from here and go down into my solar plexus. And I could see inside of my solar plexus, watching them do everything real slow. Nothing. That doesn't make sense. Even though you're having a spiritual experience, you're still trying to logically put it together in you. These are two different worlds that you're dealing with. You're dealing in a supernatural world that really that can happen. And then this logic world where they're telling you, when you come in your body, you feel like solidified, so you really are confused. I remember I didn't realize that been there for three or four hours either. I mean, I've been in and out so many times. And finally the ambulance came because they had to get me settled down just to be able to go in. Now, I didn't know anybody going in there. But when they put me in the inland, I remember they kind of juggled me. And now this is when you also. And I had to do a lot of this work, Alex because I had to go down deep enough to figure out what had happened to me. And I spent 16 1718 hours and meditation just in my body, trying to figure out why I did that work that way. Because I remember the ambulance driver, as he was shoved in me. And I heard him say as plain as day, she's not going to make it and it made me make. I thought I'm going to come out of this out of this table. And it shouldn't be talking like that. I'm going to give him the riot message about you don't tell people that you're die. So these are things in your thinking. But also, I remember I was in the Emirates we're going down to I knew exactly where we're going Lexington you know, for sales like second row, I've been there, you drive it 100 times you already know where it is. But the next thing I do, everything in the ambulance just doesn't have any light anymore. I have left the ambulance and I'm riding next to it. And I'm drunk and I'm thinking that cannot be possible. I cannot be riding by this ailment. And there is this movie Ghost remember the gash in his head in the train and pulls back. I remember that. And I thought I can do that I could look through while we're driving right next. Now I could see my body sitting in that ambulance. But I also knew I was over here. And I'm thinking this is not working for I mean, it was really it. It takes you to a different state of mind. But then it felt like I had a ponytail up here and I got jerked and I got jerked really high. And I ended up sitting in a room with a council and they called it the council of 12. Now I do know nothing about the council 12 I am still a teacher in the logic, world of science and this at work. And I'm sitting there and these people are in white robes. But they had golden tassels and a golden belt, you know, like rope. And I knew it was gold. I knew everything in this room, but it looked like I was in a circle. But I could see through the windows and I could see all the planets or wherever thought I was because I think a lot of this is programmed because you don't realize you're just in like you're in a station or a channel area waiting to go into another level. You know, but this is why I got to meet these now. I never heard them speak. But through telepathic ways. I remember sitting in a chair. I was sitting in my chair, but I couldn't I looked down and I had no hands and I had no body and I kept thinking but how come I have a body and I can I can feel the chair and these people are talking about me and they laughing at me and they would they would I would say is going on and they go and they're laughing at me. Now they're laughing at me and see This is where you ego, you're so in everybody is really gelling in here trying to figure it all out. And then then next thing I know, I'm gone from that all together. And all I had to do was just close my eyes that I thought they were asked, and just think something and I was up somewhere else. And I thought this is the coolest thing because it's fast zone. I mean, and then I just started asking questions. And the

Alex Ferrari 20:31
Where did you go?

Virginia Drake 20:33
I never got through, because you still, let me tell you this one I've learned, we're still so programmed in here. When we finally go over, I had to literally turn around and look at myself again, and release that part of myself. Right? It's not real. It's, it's something that I have laughed about, or, you know, I have participated in, but this is who I really am. And I did not have a body. I remember I've gotten several emails, they said, you can't create major body, I said, your body doesn't exist. It's Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. That's how I learned about the Bible. From that time I've been with Jesus in the time I saw the Bible, how it really is, it made sense what this was going on out here. And I was never afraid, though, I was never afraid. I was only afraid when I was in my body. I was never afraid out here because you don't have the same kind of understandings in those two states of mind. And I remember when I came back in, I gone through, I guess that I got through the ambulance came back into my body. And I remember when they pulled me out to put the stretcher down, it brought me back into my body. And I remember thinking, oh, and I could feel then the pain again. It was all there. I thought, wow, how can that you know, you're still trying to grasp? What what happened to me? How can I be here be over here. It, you're still trying to figure it out. It just it's different. So when I'm laying down, though, I remember during and there was I was looking up in the ceiling, I thought this looks just like er on those, you know, the series, I thought exactly what they were talking about. So this is the kind of things you'll come in and out because that's your programming that's bringing you back in. But you're also not aware that this is also going on with your soul. So you're having two total energy fields going on at the same time. And you're really thinking, how does this work? That there's so much going on. So I remember then they will mean to the not the ER but where I was going to meet my cardiologist. But my friends were there they we were like I said, the first day of spring break. I mean, some summer break at school, they all met me up there. That's when I first realized that I was going to go, I remember they were looking down. I was laying down and I couldn't talk it was very painful to talk. It was the pain was excruciating. And I remember they said, well, let's just close our eyes for two will be yes. And one will be young. No, you know, we did a little. And they said, are you okay? And I went no, no, no. And they said, Are you going to be okay? No, you know, but I remember thinking they were trying to tell me that Ron, my ex, well, my husband at the time, had picked up the kids. And they they were coming. And I realized now I'm not going to make it. I'm only going to see these three people's faces. And it just gave me such a sadness that I wasn't going to get to say goodbye to my children are say goodbye to my husband. It was really a whole different. It wasn't like outside. It was a depth of knowing that that was deeper than I ever experienced that before. And then they had to wheel me out. So and that's what I thought was gonna happen to me that it didn't. And so I just went in and I remember my cardiologist Well, the first of all the nurses came in, and they had their gloves going like this. How are you doing? And I'm thinking, I'm having a heart attack and you are acting like it's just no big deal. And then you kind of laugh about it. But then here comes to cardiology ecologist, and he comes in and he's saying, well, it looks like you've had some problems and you know, you've got knees going down through all of this and he's telling me how it's gonna look. And I remember he leaned down now he had not been scrubbed up or anything. He was just going through all the processes. And he leaned over and I saw a pin come out of his pin his pocket, and it felt The floor and I thought, how can that be possible if I'm laying down in this table, how to not know he just dropped that pin down on that floor. And then when I looked, he had Kohan shoes. And I used to work out on shoes, you don't coach Sean Chohan shoes are $350 a pair. So I'm sitting down, he didn't have booties, that's the first thing and he doesn't have any booties. Now, if, as you know, back still on there, he's gonna charge me this is this is the craziest stuff that you get programmed in, you're having a near death experience. But you also are having a programming that's going on about that. So you've got a lot of stuff going on. So remember, as he's our grabbed up, everything's get ready to go. And they were getting ready to do the growing up through my heart because it was a 99 degree blockage in my order. And so they were really they're shuffling around trying to and I looked at him, I said, I want the screen up in that. And the cardiologist, you want to watch it. I said, I'm a scientist. And if I can teach this for my children, I want them to see, same thing. When I had cancer, I let my students see exactly what happens. You know, because I wanted them to be prepared with the experience, but they're not. So yeah. And I went through all of that in my remember when it came up and the vibration hit here. But it opened up that clot now. And I took a breath of life that I had never ever i It went all the way down all the way to the tips of my toes. And I mean, it was like Hush. And I thought I can get up there now and I can just go on home. Well, that's when I got the good news and the bad news, I came in still in confusion and the priest is coming in. And my friends that were there, they're all upset and I couldn't understand why they're upset when they're upset because our prayer parish, you know, parish, a priest was supposed to be given me the rat last rites or the sickness. Now they brought in another priest and my friends that are we they wanted our priest, you know, and if you're a Catholic, you'll understand what I'm saying. That's a big deal. And so Father for a more Was there enough, Father Frank, and now I remember enough father more standing there. Now I've already gone through the I've gotta stay at my heart. I'm just in, I'm in shock. You still can't believe that this has happened because it's only happened in like five or six hours this is going on. So he's trying to do this. But I remember thinking that is so insignificant. And who's gonna be here to tell me? You know, it was just like this part of me and says, Why are they getting all upset about this kind of stuff? That's nothing.

Alex Ferrari 27:47
Virginia, let me let me stop there for a second. So when you were on the other side, it seems like you were almost being kind of like volleyed back and forth.

Virginia Drake 27:57
Yes, you are,

Alex Ferrari 27:58
You were like you would do because, you know, traditional near death experiences. If there is such a thing. You know, you die you have your, your your physical death or or dying, you have an out of body experience. And then you go off and many you have a life review. You have council of elders, which is the council of 12 for you, and meet some maybe meet Jesus, maybe meet your family, maybe with your dog, among other things that happened back there, and then comes back. So for you, you went up, you're right into the council of 12. Which at the Council of Elders, Oh, what did you say between them? Did you remember what you actually said?

Virginia Drake 28:33
I was just so acknowledging that I didn't know why I didn't have a body anymore. And they just thought that was so funny. You know, they were very, very kind. I never saw their faces. I saw them in the white robes leaning down. But I knew that I was a part of them. I knew there was something there. They were there just a grin on me to say it's time you need to go out, because going out was great coming back in with. But I had to learn that Alex, I had to learn why it's important to go in and go out. Because we go out all the time. People after and watch kids when they David dream. If you're daydreaming, you're not in your body anymore. Even if you're at a cocktail party, you're not always in your body. You also talk about the kids that the babysitter. So this is what I learned because I'm a psychiatric social worker before I was a teacher. So I was very intrigued by all of how this works energetically, and electrically. And grounding. I didn't realize the importance of me learning to do all of this was going to prepare me for 25 years of teaching other people how to do it. That's what this is all about is Yes, I had I had total but you gotta understand. I was my mother's seventh miscarriage in 1951 I was only a pound seven ounces of drowned twice. So I've had mess Same amount of Indies and out of bodies. All that was was to get me prepared to what I was going to start teaching.

Alex Ferrari 30:12
So let me ask you, so when you read the council of 12, then you got taken out to another era, you said or did you just come right back down,

Virginia Drake 30:19
I just came right back in back into my body to witness what was coming. I had to learn well, first of all out there, you shouldn't be out there, you should be in here wasn't your time? Well, it doesn't matter if it wasn't my time anyway, that out there is a that's to keep you entertained out here. The entertainment should be in it's not entertainment, it's the truth is in here, we came in here, this is my truth. I came in here to learn how to die and not be afraid, and that you don't die. Because all I had in my life was death and watching my father dying the way I did. And then I've watched a lot of people die. I mean, then I help people cross over. That's what my one of my abilities is that I helped people to learn them how to die, to decide, you know, to be free, to not be afraid. And I've done it many, many times. Because that's more important, what I've learned from my near death experiences that you don't die, and that you do begin somewhere else, you do have opportunities. And this is school, this is so school down here. This is our opportunities to really, really find out who we really are. And to get out of the fake illusion

Alex Ferrari 31:39
The other near death experiences you've had, did you have any experiences that you jumped to the other side? Or were they just kind of like, out of body? What are the the experiences

Virginia Drake 31:48
Was the one that the really the when I was drowning when I was 11 years old, I had two drowning experiences. And when I was 11, I was a lifeguard that's one reason what kept me out because I was very athletic. And I was a swimmer. And so I was taking a life class, you know, lifeguarding class, and I was 11. And they were let me do it. Because I was not supposed to. You're only supposed to do that at 16. But because I was a prodigy of being able to do that. They brought me in, we're almost drowned in this. And I mean, I got caught into a bathing suit, because in the 60s, I had this kind of bathing suit. And she was struggling and I but I was really struggling. And I mean, I remember going down I thought, well, this is really going to be bad for my mother because she's gonna be mad because I'm gonna drown in a lifeguard course. And so they fail me. They realize what was going on. And they lifted me up. Now I had witnesses of friends that were in this with me. And I remember when I get they got me up, and I had already kind of passed out. And I came back up. And I said, I saw the pearly gates. I saw the pearly gates. And everybody went in. Yeah. And I remember how it came in. It was a pearl, you know, Mother a pearl. But the gate shoes lay up in like this, this one open like this. And as I was walking in, it's enough. This is not your time. And I just went right back. And then that's then the second time.

Alex Ferrari 33:23
Well, let me ask you before you go to the second time, do you think that the concept of the idea of the pearly gates being shown to you at that age was used? Because that was a reference point that you've been taught that there is Pearly Gates? And that would make you I guess, understand that?

Virginia Drake 33:38
Yeah, well, I think it was a Baptist. Right? Imagery. Sure. Just like Jesus, just like Mary, just like everybody has their imagery, which is also you're not supposed to take that I don't, because we're not supposed to have any of that. We're supposed to find a pure truth in that. So yes, yeah. And you're exactly right, because I had to do a lot of deep work in that. Now the second time, I went down of the Kentucky River and I had skipped school with my cousin. And which I was really I was a freshman. He was a senior and it was a real, I would never done that. And but I remember when they threw a wool blanket on top of me being funny, and will absorb water and it took me straight down into her and what I was doing and I kept thinking this another thing is that my mother's gonna be really mad at my cousin. Yeah. And I was 16 I went yeah, I was about 16 at that. No, no, no, no, probably 1415 Something like that. It doesn't matter it so I was going down I thought this is it. He's got me mad he's gonna have to face my mother. Now this is but the next thing I know light came down but he came from up on to the river, it came from the bottom. And that will blank it opened up. And I mean, I couldn't I couldn't have done anything and I was a lifeguard then I was very, I was a good swimmer and couldn't get through it. And it pulled it up and pulled it off of me. Now I remember I was on the bottom of the river. And it says kickoff, and these were lights, these were twinkly lights that are all around me. And that kicked off in it as I was seeing it go up, I came up and I said to my cousin. I said, what happened? He said Where you been? And I thought we're about baby? Well, I couldn't be in that only seconds. When you're dealing with that you don't have time. It felt like five or six minutes, but I don't think there's no way I could have been in that water fibers. You know, you've got to get there's some things because it's fast. And I remember when I came back up, and I told him what happened? And they said, Well, you aren't. You aren't in the dawn anywhere, you know. And I thought, yeah, so it was because it doesn't matter if you're in the matter of what their world is. I knew exactly that world was a different world that I was in what was telling me that I'll take care of you. And this is what has happened to me all through my life. There even when I was almost right, that that came in that energy came in, and it's it did what it does it were going on in beingness inside of us that we have never even dealt with. And all I'm here to do is say, if I can do this, anybody can do this. But we've got to understand it lies within us. It's real.

Alex Ferrari 36:42
So Virginia, let me ask you this, because you had a few near death experiences when you were younger than you had a major near death experience. When you were in your late 40s or mid to late 40s. During the when these first two happen to you and you were a kid, how did that change your perspective on religion on spirituality on life? At that point, were you still going down the Catholic religion or the Baptist religion after those experiences?

Virginia Drake 36:42
Well, when I was when all of that was coming in, I had demons in my room when I was okay, I was always a sensitive my mother was exactly like this. That's why I said I was an animal communicator, I could communicate with the S Rs. I can go in but I was never trained not to my mother because I cuz I saw my father after he died. And my mother said when I was 16 years old, don't you tell anybody that you can any of this. So what I did is I closed my third eye. And I ran it all the way cancer from this point to this point, because that's an oscillation point. And I closed it because she scared me so bad. So when this came up, that happened at 42, then my mother died. My son, this is my I know there's something going on with our lineage. My oldest son had Stevens Johnson when he was 16 years old, he should have died. There was only 800 people in the United States have ever had that. And only five or six survived. He's one of them. And there was three people and Alexei Amin in Versailles, Kentucky that had that. So we got involved with the CDC. Then I got involved because the miraculous healing that I had had when I had in 1998. Because my heart came back and they told me that time when I told you all that was happening, that cardiologist said you need to have a heart transplant. And I said no. And I walked out three days later completely healed. So man, this, this has been a whole different ride.

Alex Ferrari 38:49
Alright, so then after so, after 40, after the the healing and the near death experience with the heart attack. How did that change your perspective on things? Because it sounds like you. Yeah, it sounds like you. You were always a sensitive, you always had a gift. It makes perfect sense that your mother said that because her generation you were basically at the stake.

Virginia Drake 39:11
She was in fear. She was constantly in fear. So all I was programmed in was fear. No. My mother loved me, but she was terrified. And I was, you know, there was a lot of abuse in there, there was an alcohol. You know, I look back at all the sensitives and this is one reason why we've been really oppressed. So we can never come to the level and that's why I love your show is the next level. So exactly right. Because there's levels of this. I had to go through um, I do not regret anything that's ever happened to me, even under the domestic violence. When I had to go watch my you know, my ex husband had been molested by a priest and the dead priests. We ended up suing the Catholic Church. I came in exactly what I was supposed to do. But I had the prepared to be able to do all of this, to have the courage to stand up and not be afraid. So I headed off the law, the fear first. And yeah, I live this, this is my life.

Alex Ferrari 40:17
So after 46, then that kind of opened, everything came out, you just, yeah,

Virginia Drake 40:22
I came up. And because I was there for five years before I left my husband, and this is when I found out that he had been molested by priests my sense of molested by a priest. I had been molested. So I was in a molested theme. And when people don't understand your bicycle, how could you live? No, our souls contacted each other. This is bigger this is so work. This is really what you came down here is to clean the generational. See what I don't think there's seeds. It's just the things, the curses, the things that have happened to generations, that is 70 times 70. This is the time to really clear your lineages, people like you. And I've read you and I was You were with Trey downs. And I watched that, because I like Trey, very good interviewer, he was very awake. He's a Catholic. But I'm not going to go with the Catholic because I had to confront Catholics, priests for what had been happening. And but what's the best thing to be is I was a psychiatric social worker for domestic violence and sexual beach, you couldn't ask for anything better than that. Then I'm by scientists, because I have a BS degree, I don't have a BA degree. I'm all about science. So I knew the energy, God planted me exactly what I came in here to do. And when I had to go through all of this, and I'm proud of what I'm done, because to be a woman at the age of 50, to start our own business, and especially in this time, to say you'll never make it, I wasn't worried about making it. I knew God had my back. And when you had that, and I've had how, you know, I had people that tried to tell me, it couldn't happen. Of course, I'd already seen it happen. Because in 2019, I was completely paralyzed from the neck down. You know what saved my life on that out. If 40 years prior, I met the man who put the MRI, he they invented it, and I sat down and I wrote everything about the tesla MRI, and I'm sitting in there and 2019 Completely, they thought I've had a stroke, I'd already had two strokes. I did not go to the hospital with it myself. Then I went into the MRI, and I took in all of the energy, the electricity and the magnetism because I knew that machine, and I walked out with light. So I knew how to transmute it. I learned everything from a higher consciousness. That's when Jesus came in Socrates came in, I had, you know, I've had amazing bill, but what I feel we are that are fragments. We are that and more. And we have been so produced in Prague, you know? To, they were not if we end up this is why I'm speaking up. If we don't start standing into this truth, that we are light, that we are the children of God, it's not about Jesus said, Bring me the children. God was saying, Bring me you are and you know, you have these abilities, natural abilities, not gifts. I just teach people to find out who they are. That's all I'm here to do. I can tell you about all my near death experiences, but what I'm telling you is the truth. This is what I'm here to do, to stand up and God to me know what it says because God came to me and said, g o d, goodness over doubt, stop doubting yourself.

Alex Ferrari 43:58
Fair enough. Now Virginia I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. Oh, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Virginia Drake 44:06
Being learning how to be still being honest, in being truthful with itself always.

Alex Ferrari 44:14
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Virginia, what advice would you give her?

Virginia Drake 44:18
Well, I talked to her all the time, because she's with me all the time. I learned how to really work with my innocent child. And she was she's great. But you gotta remember, you have to learn the teacher to stay tuned in the child restraint. put duct tape on her so she won't get all excited about something that's going to hold you back. Because she's got steel fear. So that's what it would be like for me.

Alex Ferrari 44:42
How do you define God?

Virginia Drake 44:43
Everywhere. In out everywhere. You can take God in from the breath that you take. That's what God is. What is love? That's a big that's that's a word. That's a word. llv This is what a what love is I want everybody just to close their eyes and I want them just to see the word love. Then open your eyes, I want you to close your eyes again, and I want you to feel love. That's what love means to me.

Alex Ferrari 45:17
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Virginia Drake 45:20
To do what I'm doing right now. Be Me. Be proud of what I am. And know that I have a spark that God is everyone else does. And we get an opportunity to change the world and you don't think I'm not going to, That's what I'm here to do.

Alex Ferrari 45:34
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Virginia Drake 45:36
I am in my website is on yours. It's the divine, inherent and I think it's mydivineinheritance.org. But you've got it. And I teach. I have private sessions. I've done webinars. I mean, it will travel with people. I want people to wake up, Alex, that's all I want. But I don't want them to follow me. I don't want them to follow me. I want them to become the instrument of the orchestra that we have been planned to know your tone will be different. Mine's gonna be different. And the frequencies will family ring that consciousness enough to where we can see the real truth here and live it. That's what I don't want.

Alex Ferrari 45:36
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Virginia Drake 46:09
Be honest with self, be true to itself.

Alex Ferrari 46:19
Virginia, thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. And I hope it helps people listening around the world. So I appreciate you and all the work you're doing to awaken the planet. Thank you.

Virginia Drake 46:36
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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