NASA Rocket Scientist REVEALS TRUTH About UAP/UFO & Their Ancient Connection to US! with Shehnaz Soni

In the vast tapestry of human existence, we sometimes encounter moments that expand our consciousness and challenge our perceptions. Today’s episode is one such journey, where we welcome back the enlightened and insightful Shehnaz Soni. Her profound understanding of both the scientific and the metaphysical realms offers us a unique perspective on the mysteries that … Read more

NASA Rocket Scientist EXPOSES TRUTH About UFO/UAP & Our SPIRITUAL PLACE in the COSMOS with Shehnaz Soni

In the intricate dance of science and spirituality, Shehnaz Soni emerges as a beacon of wisdom and curiosity. An accomplished NASA rocket scientist, she bridges the logical precision of engineering with the boundless realm of metaphysics. On today’s episode, we embark on a journey with Shehnaz, exploring her unique path from the streets of Karachi, … Read more

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