What REALLY Caused ATLANTIS to DISAPPEAR From the EARTH! Can It SAVE Our Future? with Matias De Stefano

Matias De Stefano is an Argentine author, lecturer, and spiritual teacher known for his work in the fields of consciousness, spirituality, and ancient knowledge. He gained popularity through his appearances on various media platforms, including television shows and online videos. One of the central themes of Matias De Stefano’s teachings is the exploration of ancient … Read more

Historian DISCOVERS New Hidden EVIDENCE of ATLANTIS’ Lost Civilization! MIND-BLOWN with Michael Le Flem

Michael Le Flem, M.A. is a researcher, adjunct professor of history and philosophy, columnist for New Dawn Magazine and KennedysandKing.com, a scuba diver and guitarist. He grew up in South Florida, and attended the Harriet. L. Wilkes Honors College and Florida State University, where he studied Western intellectual history and U.S. foreign policy. ‘Visions of … Read more

Atlantis’ TRUE Origins UNEARTHED in EXPLOSIVE Akashic Records Channeling LIVE with Laura Coe

Laura Coe is an author, life coach, and speaker who specializes in personal development and spirituality. She has written and spoken extensively on the topic of the Akashic Records. In this episode we discuss about Atlantis and lost civilizations of humanity and the spiritual implications of what happened to those societies. Atlantis is a legendary … Read more