ATHEIST Dies; Meets Jesus & the Told the TRUTH Why We’re Here! (NDE) with Stephanie Kraft

Stephanie Kraft has been an Intuitive Energy Healer for over 20 years and a Hypnotherapist for over 19 years. She has a unique healing gift that has been calibrated higher than unconditional love on the David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness Calibrations. She is able to communicate with anyone’s higher self during healing sessions. She offers … Read more

PRE-BIRTH EXPERIENCE, Life Between Lives, Why We REINCARNATE & Is Free Will REAL? with Melissa Denyce

Melissa Denyce was born with pre-birth memories of divine light and spent her early years searching for answers. At 19, she had a spiritually transformative experience in which she awakened into a direct encounter with the love, light, and bliss that she remembered from before. Now Melissa has made it her life’s mission to share … Read more