Saint Germain CHANNELED: Warning for the REST of 2024 & Why It’s Happening! with Tara Arnold

In the grand dance of the cosmos, we often find ourselves pondering the intricate threads of existence that weave through our lives. On today’s episode, we welcome back the illuminating presence of Tara Arnold, a gifted channeler who brings forth a message of profound spiritual alchemy. Tara Arnold connects us to the Ascended Masters, offering insights and guidance that resonate deeply with our journey toward enlightenment.

As we navigate the tumultuous waves of current global events, Tara Arnold sheds light on the pivotal role these challenges play in our spiritual awakening. She eloquently explains, “There are many wars on the planet Earth and many natural disasters at this time. This is imperative for the spiritual awakening. You are moving into a fifth dimension perception.” The essence of her message is clear: the new earth is not a destination but a state of consciousness we are evolving into.

Tara Arnold delves into the concept of lightworkers and the waves of awakening. She describes how the first wave of lightworkers has transmuted dense, dark energies, paving the way for the second wave, who began their awakening with the onset of COVID-19. This process of transmutation is crucial, as it allows for the collective consciousness to rise, making way for the new frequencies of the Aquarian Age.


  1. Embrace Your Inner Child: A significant part of Tara’s message is the importance of reconnecting with our inner child. By nurturing and loving this aspect of ourselves, we heal the deep wounds of loneliness and abandonment that many of us carry. Tara emphasizes, “The inner child is an aspect of your spirit that experiences joy and wonder. Connect with that inner child within you and stop pleasing the egos around you. You will begin to find the joy and love within yourself.”
  2. Transmute Fear with Love: Spiritual alchemy, as Tara explains, involves transmuting dark frequencies back to light. This process is not just about healing physical ailments but also about shifting our perception of fear and negativity. By holding the intention of love and invoking the violet flame of transmutation, we can transform our reality. Tara advises, “Write the words of the disease or illness on a piece of paper and hold it in your hands. Command the violet flame to evoke within you. This will change your perception of the frequency.”
  3. Find Empathy, Not Sympathy: In addressing global conflicts and natural disasters, Tara reminds us to view these events through the lens of empathy rather than sympathy. Sympathy can reinforce the victim mentality, while empathy empowers and heals. She explains, “Stand in empathetic shoes and see them as having an experience instead of suffering or struggling. This will offer them divine love and can transmute the negative frequencies.”

Throughout the conversation, Tara Arnold also highlights the importance of stepping into the Now moment. The fifth dimension is not a physical place but a perception of consciousness where we are fully present and free from the constraints of past and future anxieties. This shift in perception is vital for our evolution and the healing of our planet.

The conversation with Tara Arnold is not just enlightening but also deeply comforting. She reassures us that despite the apparent chaos, everything is in divine alignment. Natural disasters and wars are catalysts for our collective awakening, bringing buried emotions to the surface for transmutation.

In conclusion, Tara’s insights remind us that we are all on a unique spiritual journey. By embracing our inner child, transmuting fear with love, and finding empathy for others, we can navigate the complexities of our existence with grace and understanding. The path to the fifth dimension is paved with the light of our own consciousness, guiding us toward a reality filled with peace and love.

Please enjoy my conversation with Tara Arnold.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 448

Tara Arnold 0:00
There are many wars on the planet Earth and there are many natural disasters at this time. This is imperative for the spiritual awakening, you are moving into a fifth dimension perception. You are not going anywhere. Some of you are asking where is fifth dimension? What is this new world? What is this new earth and it is not a place you're going it is.

Alex Ferrari 0:22
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Tara Arnold. How you doin Tara?

Tara Arnold 0:36
Hi, Alex. Thanks for having me back. It's nice to see you!

Alex Ferrari 0:39
A pleasure to see you as well. We did. Thank you so much for coming back you. Last time you were on the show. Last couple of times you want to show the audience really liked you. The tribe really gravitated to your to St. Germain, the Saint Germain that comes through you and and that you work. So I wanted to have you back because the world is a little topsy turvy right now. And wanted to hear what just a slight bit, kind of wanted to hear what St. Germain had to say. But before we jump in with St. Germain, what is your personal vibe or what have your spirit guides been telling you about? What's going on in the world as far as the as far as the wars are concerned, and the visions and just the upside down nature that is happening right now in the world?

Tara Arnold 1:24
Well, there's a couple of waves of lightworkers that are awakening. And so the first wave of lightworkers, that we're getting a lot of otters and a lot of like Brahma going through a lot of trauma, they're kind of moving out of that to be more in the Now moment. And the second wave with the COVID started to awaken. And so all the shatters that they're getting the difference is is like, if the first wave, it's like, they take the planet, and they divided it up into three groups is what they show me. And the first wave is like, and childhood, you would go through a lot of trauma to transmute the dark back to light from all the past lifetimes from the last like 2000 years. And then you have those frequencies to offer to everyone around you. So people can start downloading those frequencies. So first waves moving out, like as of January, this year, was moving out into the new frequency. And then second wave was starting to move into it. So for example, if first wave transmuted poverty from childhood, they were very poor, and they were doing all this shatters of like, you know, maybe they were homeless, or they didn't have enough food to eat, they transmit via those frequencies, and then second wave might have had money growing up, and now they're there. So they experienced, like, comfort when they're growing up. And now they're in like, some people are having financial difficulty. So now they're experiencing what it's like not to have money. This is just an example with the money but it's like with everything. So first wave transmuted a lot of frequencies in one way. And second way is transmuting it in another so it's like, oh, that how the emotions come up with those two different scenarios. One is not having money as a child, and then second wave is like, Oh, I was comfortable, and now it's being taken. So it's like, still around poverty, but it's different frequencies of poverty. So it's like first wave was transmuting a lot of the really lower dense energies of like you're saying wars and imprisonment and it's like all of us create create some kind of prison in our reality and then it's can you be free while imprisoned? Like can you get back to the light and can you transmute all those emotions and so, as you're going through your shatters, it's like surrendering and allowing and as you allow it to come to the surface, it gets transmuted. So what they're showing me now, because of the shift, it's like the Age of Aquarius sort of energy, it's coming in like the Piscean age and then the Aquarian Age, it's that wave Lightworkers group it's going to be less shatters and more light and then second wave is going through their shatter so there's a lot of people that are getting very triggered and very, like, almost like they just their whole URL changes, like you saw what happened with COVID. And the wars. And it's just like everything that they thought was safe is now not safe. Because safety is just what the ego likes, the ego tries to make us feel like we need to be safe, but the spirits, all energy and the spirit is source energy. So what does it need to feel safe from nothing. So it's like this illusion of us needing to feel safe. So all our safety gets taken until we surrender and, and realize that we didn't need to feel safe, that we are everything, we are all energy. So second wave is having a really hard time. And that would be like, and when I tap into your audience's frequency, there's a lot of people that are coming to your channel that are in second wave. So with COVID, they had started to have their awakening their spiritual awakening and started to ask questions outside themselves, like, why is this happening and starting to go in, and all the shatters motivate us to go in. So if we didn't have all the triggers, and the shatters, and the wars and all the financial struggles, and then we wouldn't be motivated to look elsewhere, we would just continue to look outside ourselves. So it's, it motivates you to go in and start your spiritual awakening. And so even though it's very difficult, it is there is a gift in it. And the spirit guides show me that everything on planet Earth, they're saying that it's all in alignment, that they're very excited for this awakening, and how things are moving rapidly on the planet, the time has very sped up in our perception. And yeah, so second wave is going through some struggles, and third wave isn't going to awaken. So those are the people on the planet that trigger second wave and first wave. So those would be like, sociopaths and narcissists. I don't like to put labels, but it's kind of the energy. I see. It's like,

Alex Ferrari 6:58
Shadowy energy, darker energy.

Tara Arnold 7:00
Yeah, like that dark energy,

Alex Ferrari 7:02
Low vibration.

Tara Arnold 7:03
Right, right. But second, and first wave when awaken without them triggering. So that group is here for just as big of a reason as the first and second wave. So it's like, we're all doing our part. And there's a gift and everything. So

Alex Ferrari 7:21
That's the one thing that people don't understand. And I'd love to dig into that just a little bit deeper is that without the dark, without the shadows, there is no light. So you need the one in order to experience the other if all of us were happy go lucky. A you know, doesn't really aren't being pushed or tugged, or, or forced to go in or look inward or do anything like that. It's very much like, I'll go back to my roots in the movie business with story. If a story is everyone is cool and happy. And we're just living our lives as a boring ass movie. But when Darth Vader shows up, everyone's like, Oh, are Voldemort shows up? Ooh, now there is a counterbalance. And when that that negative energy comes in, the positive energy has to rise to balance it. Is that a fair statement?

Tara Arnold 8:21
Yeah, you need both you need the dark and the light in order to propel forward. Like you need both comments on your YouTube the, the negative and the positive in order for the energy to flow because the universe doesn't judge negative or positive, it just sees it as energy. It's just our egos judge it as something bad. So if if you get a shot or trigger, then it's get excited about that gift like surrender if you're having anxiety, just surrender into it and enjoy that feeling. And the feeling will transmute quickly. But if you're resisting it, you just bury it back in your body, it causes dis ease in the body. And it's coming to the surface whether we want it or not because the whole planet is awakening and all these past lifetimes are happening now. So because it's like now stacked moments, like it's not linear time like how we see it with the past and the future, and everybody watching this knows that from your other videos, but it's like now stacked moments. And so the other lifetimes, we didn't realize that we had the power to transmute these frequencies back to love. We thought God was outside of us. We thought the you know source energy was something outside of us. And so we always felt powerless. We didn't know we had the power to transmute that. So this lifetime we're awakening to remembering we have the power to transmute that. So whether or not you want this all to come to the surface like everybody on the planet having so much anxiety. It's all the emotions from past lifetimes that you didn't transmute because you didn't know you had the power to are coming to the surface. And all of us on planet Earth have expanded, like the first and second wave have expanded to the point where it's transmuting rapidly and rapidly. So the best thing to do from what St. Germain saying is just relax into it surrender. It can't the dark can't be there if you're having joy with it. So as soon as you have like a panic or anxiety, it's like relaxing into it do laughter yoga, like, I'm about to be, like, can't that panic and fear of the trauma? Like I just get assaulted, and then just laugh about, like, anything that's there. It gets transmitted instantly if you go into joy, because the ego says, Well, I can't if she's happy with this, I can't stay because it she's going into her heart and in the head, right? So it's like, switching it really fast. By doing laughter, yoga, I don't know if you ever heard of laughter yoga is just where okay, you have, okay, so it's just where you, you laugh at your situation, that's not in your perception. That's not so good. And then it takes it right out of right out of the dark.

Alex Ferrari 11:24
That's very true, though. I mean, if you if a lot of times I've this. It's not easy. By the way, it's not easy. It's not what you're saying what you're saying. It's not like, oh, yeah, just like, you know, when you're getting beat up laugh like, no, no, and when I say that, but when some dark thing happens to you, or something, you know, you get into a fender bender, or you, you drop a glass of milk on the floor. And, you know, a lot of times, you know, used to just get I mean, just get so upset and angry guy, why is this happened to me and this, this stuff. And then after a while now, when things like that happen, I don't do it all the time. But most of the times, I'll just laugh, I'm like, Well, I guess that needed to happen. And I just move along, it doesn't have any it doesn't hold on, the power doesn't stick with it, you gave it no power. So it doesn't matter if you don't allow yourself to be brought down by it. And by the way, everything we're talking about is all being done within ourselves. That when you're angry at somebody else, that other person doesn't feel it. You know, like if you have resentment towards somebody else, you're just killing yourself, you're not killing the other person. You know it with that resentment inside of you. So it's best to let go of that hatred or that anger within yourself. So you can be free because you're just tore that prison yours out, we'll put ourselves in these little prisons. That's one of those prisons would you agree?

Tara Arnold 12:49
Yes, for sure. For sure. So, when you spill the milk, it's getting excited about that, too. Like, if that's the way if there's a way to break the glass, you did it perfectly. Like I think, Matt Kahn, you've had him on your show, he said that. It's the way to get out of it is just to love everything that's happening.

Alex Ferrari 13:11
And it's happening for it's happening for you not to you, not to you. Yeah. Which is a big, big learning lessons. So every time something happens that I'm not real happy with. I'm like, Okay, why is this happening? What is this trying to teach me with and if you look at life like that, it does make life a little bit more palatable. Walking through it sometimes because it can, it can be tough, it can be tough. So So before we jump in with with St. Germain, let me ask, can you tell the audience who you are, who you are, who are your channeling how you channel and what your process is, so people kind of understand what's going on?

Tara Arnold 13:51
Sure. So I channel Ascended Master Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters. And the way I do it is that they bring in light language into my brain and it trans, like translated into English. And as they're bringing it in, they're bringing through Divine Light code frequencies through my shockers to the audience. So if you'd like some healing of any kind, just put the intention out there. And they time and distance doesn't matter so they can bring through healing through the video, and everything that they're bringing through, like we connect with the audience's energy. So St. Germain will tap in and read the frequencies as we answer the questions and then he'll show me like what they're transmuting and so I might be channeling messages from him and then Jesus might hop in with some divine light for the heart chakra and then he leaves and then Mother Mary comes in with something for the sacral chakra and then she leaves but they just hop in and out really quickly and I can feel the energies coming through my chakras, and they blend into my auric field. They don't take over my body. It's like a dance of the Spirit. So now, it like people who trance channel. It's been a conscious trance channel. So you're you're fully conscious while you're deep in trance so that your spirit can be part of the blending of energies, and they just bring in messages through light language. Or they might if I can't find the words in the brain to grab, they'll bring in smells, tastes, feelings, emotions, and then translate that. So it's like building the puzzle pieces really fast. And this is what I teach people to do. Like, it's, it's really easy. Everyone can do it, because we all have all the intuitive abilities, all the psychic abilities. It's just we're remembering that we do so just turning them back on. So yeah, everyone can channel and it's fun. It's more, it's more comfortable to speak, channeling because the spirits like really comfortable there. It's more difficult to speak, like how I'm sitting here talking to you now because I'm, you know, I'm using my mind. And so when I get out of the way, then they can bring through messages. And then my spirit just kind of dances with them. And it's like, there's two aspects of me one's translating, then there's another aspect of me that's like talking to them having a conversation may be sure. I mean, maybe take that really deep. I'll forget that I'm channeling I can still hear it. I'm just not paying attention to it. And so sometimes I come out of a trance. I'm surprised because I'd forget that I'm channeling but yeah, so it's just a blending of energies. It's fun. Everyone can do it. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 16:54
Fair enough. Now what so I've only had you had St. Germain on the show. What are the other Ascended Masters that you've I've had been,

Tara Arnold 17:01
I usually just translate through St. Germain. And I have done a few YouTube videos. It's the one I'm most comfortable with, because of my upbringing was very strict Catholic, and I had a lot of like, punishment from and fears from the church and from my parents around. I'm not, you know, not, you know, not I wouldn't be worthy of channeling them. Right. Right. So that's why St. Germain came in, and I was like, Oh, he's not associated with the church. This is how it first started. Jesus first came I was give me messages when I was an actual therapist. And I would give the messages to the clients. And then when I started trance channeling, I didn't feel comfortable because I thought it was gonna get in trouble by air, you know, blasphemy or something. So I just didn't have the confidence. So then Saint Germain came in. But when he came in, he said, that Jesus and Buddha were to Two Spirit Guides, spiritual leaders for like, the Piscean age and he's like, I'm coming to you, because we're moving into the Aquarian Age. So when he comes in Jesus and Buddha always come in with him. And they just kind of stand like I can see them standing on each side of, of him. And he's saying that he's coming to so many people, if you see violet in your third eye, when you're meditating, or when you're relaxed, or when you go to bed at night and you shut your eyes, that means Saint Germain is already working with you on some level. So he's coming to a lot of people on the planet, it's not just gonna be like one or two people that are channeling him or working with him, because he brings in this violet flame of transmutation for the Aquarian Age, and we're all moving into the Aquarian Age. So if you'd like to work with him, just call him in and you'll start to see the violet flame. That means he's evoked the violet flame within you. And this violet flame you can use to transmute emotions, pain feelings. Yeah, just, it's like to visualize it and put the intention and that violet flame will start working. Yeah, so it's like, he's a lot of fun. He's very serious. And he sits like, I can feel like when he blends his energy, I can feel this personality sits very good posture. And he's very serious. But then all of a sudden, he just cracked a joke. So it's like, every few minutes He'll crack a joke. In service, and now when like, even if my husband I tried to have an argument, they won't let us they just bring in divine love and make us laugh and laugh. Like, there's no seriousness like he keeps saying, Stop being so serious. So his personality is kind of fun. It's like he's he likes to teach. He's a he's a Yeah, he loves teaching.

Alex Ferrari 19:59
That's beautiful. So as a recovering Catholic myself, I from one recovering Catholic to another, I'm looking forward to this session.

Tara Arnold 20:09
Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 20:13
All right, so my first question and by the way, he taught people how you channel like you come in and out like a lot of people go into trance and stay in trance, you kind of come in and out, which is a little out of all the channels I've had on the show. Yours is very unique to you. I haven't had people who I need to do it the way you do it. So can you explain so people aren't taken aback by it?

Tara Arnold 20:33
The way I channels like I come in and out of trance really quickly. I since I started channeling St. Germain I don't watch other Chandler's because I don't want it to influence what, you know, I don't want it to influence my ego. So I actually wasn't even aware of how other people channel. Like now like because it's been probably 10 years since I've watched Chandler's but yeah, so I can go in and out of trance really quickly. Like as soon as he comes in, and gives me the message, and then he's done. He hops out and then I just come out of it. And then I'll go back in with the next question.

Alex Ferrari 21:11
And you can do it without any issue. I mean, physical issues like

Tara Arnold 21:15
It's fast, like it's less than a second, like as soon as I shut my eyes at any time, at any time, I'm in trance like it's, I can it's a trance state so how you know you're in trance is like you'll see all this bright white light and the eyes will twitch and the deeper I go into trance, the brighter the light gets. And my eyes Twitch faster. They're they're like looking around for the words. But it's it's almost like instant. So as soon as I say Saint Germain now like he just slams in like it's just comes in so fast. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 21:48
I remember the first our first episode, I was always I was so worried because you kept coming in and out. I'm like, I feel like I'm beating you up. Are you okay? And you're like, No, no, I'm fine.

Tara Arnold 21:56
It looks uncomfortable. It looks uncomfortable, but it's not it's a lot of fun the sphere and they bring in so so much divine love that you just are like bubbling with joy. Like right now. They're already bringing stuff and I just can't stop smiling. Like they're just like, bringing so much deliciousness. It's divine love that you haven't felt on the planet, right? Like you don't feel that here. So they bring it up through my heart. And they just they just make me laugh and

Alex Ferrari 22:24
Okay, well let's let's get going. So my first question to St Germain is why would a soul choose to have a disease the body or mind for its journey on this planet?

Tara Arnold 22:35
Oh, yes. Welcome. I am St Germain. We welcome you all what a beautiful day with you in it. This is exciting. And we are excited to connect with you. Okay, I'm just gonna go a little deeper just one second. Why is illness created on planet earth it is to experience the frequencies the polarity of that what you are each illness brings in new awarenesses new challenges is another form of a prison. Tara spoke earlier that there was we all create prisons, all of you on planet Earth will create new reality, some sort of prison in order to find your way out can you be free? Well, imprisoned illness is another way to do this. Many of you have the power to transmute your illnesses. We are showing our channel the new way the new way of healing oneself and we have been teaching her how to transmute into the gene codes and the DNA. We will explain a bit about this the spiritual alchemy you all have within you and you are able to transmit frequencies from dark back to light. Every illness has a root emotion. When we show the genes there are some people who have created an illness, a defect in their chromosomes, an extra chromosome that would like to continue having that experience. So for example, if someone has Down syndrome, they have chosen a life. To have that experience of having Down Syndrome they will not transmute it back to love and not be having Down syndrome. They will continue to have that throughout their life. But others that have autoimmune disease or genetic defects are able to easily transmute these defects. It is part of the challenge on planet Earth to come out of the prison. We are showing our channel that there are many genetic defects that people have within the family. This goes through the DNA and one would inherit it to the next how would I do spiritual alchemy we would say to right The words of the disease or the illness on a piece of paper and hold it in your call in Saint Germain. Command, the violet flame to evoke within you within your consciousness. And with St. Germain, call us in the vibrational frequency of the words and the letters that you're holding in your hand on the piece of paper. They each have like code frequencies within them, and it is transmuting these frequencies back to love within the disease or the illness, one would research their illness in order to get the medical terminology. Whether it's Chinese medicine, or western or eastern medicine, write them on a piece of paper and hold them in your hands and call in Saint Germain. to transmute these all of you can do this, this is not just a channeler many of you meditate many of you come to them. Now moment, this is all that is required. At the beginning, it won't work because you do not have the belief. And so continue doing this go on your intuition to how often hold the pieces of paper in your hand, the vibrational frequency of them, your subconscious recognizes your physical bodies, consciousness recognizes the frequency, your auric fields, your mental body, emotional bodies, they all recognize the frequencies of the words that you're holding on your in your hand, and you are putting the intention that you are transmuting these frequencies of the illness, back to love at the root of all illnesses. There is an emotion if you know of the emotion that is blocking the meridians or blocking the chakras, then write it on a piece of paper as well. And command that that be transmuted back to love this will increase the rapidness of healing and we would not call it healing because in our perception, you are all already healed. You are all already perfection. It's you have forgotten that you're a perfection. This is a remembering, I remember that I imperfection. I remember that I imperfection. And as you go into your meditation and you hold the pieces of paper and you call us in to transmute command that you connect to the aspect of God, the aspect of source whatever terminology you use for the universal energy command that you connect to the aspect of it, that is perfect health, and then you will begin to channel in a stream of God consciousness that is perfect health. This stream of God consciousness knows how to transmute fears back to love. This is not only with genetic defects, and we are mutations. This is with any illness. The reason we brought up the genes is because there are many that we would not use the terminology very there are many that are extremely frustrated at this time with the genetic mutations that are created in the reality they're feeling lost, they are going to doctors and no one can help them. They are going to doctors and they cannot get in to an appointment or they cannot afford the appointment. We would not say to stop your medications, or your medical treatment, we would say to add this as an extra treatment. Continue to go to your doctors but add it some power in your healing. In your transmuting add it to yourself by doing spiritual alchemy with us. The genetic codes we would say if you have an inherited that is the correct terminology. If you have an inherited disease, then write the DNA and RNA on the pieces of paper as well with the chromosomes that are affected and defected, and also the gene mutation. If you can research it and find the gene mutation that matches the disease or illness that you have, write that on a piece of paper as well. Hold it in your hand and we would say roughly 15 minutes and you will put the intention that this transmutes back to love by evoking the violet flame of transmute tation calling us in. As we said, at first, you won't have the belief, but continue to do so on your intuition, you might want to take a day off or two as the physical body adjust to transmuting these frequencies back to love. When you are healing yourself, we would not use the terminology healing, we would say when you are transmuting, dark back to light within yourself or fears back to love within yourself to transmit mute disease or illness back to love so that it lets go out of the physical body. When you are doing so, there are many layers, many, many layers for many of these genetic defects. This would take time. And as you transmute, the physical body is doing the work. And so it is opposite of what you would get in the medical field, the medicine, the doctor would give you medicine and you may get the side effect from the medicine. But when you were transmuting it within yourself what has happened is that you are physical book consciousness changes your perception of the frequency that you're holding of the words that you're holding in your hand. So if the illness is lupus, and you're holding it in your hand, the physical body sees lupus as dangerous and so it blocks meridians to give you a symptom so that you will realize that you have lupus and when you do the spiritual alchemy, by holding it in your hand and commanding it transmutes back to love, your perception begins to change of the frequency it is all energy you are seeing the energy as dangerous and so it is blocking a meridian to show you that it is dangerous. But by doing the spiritual alchemy, your subconscious says oh I do not have to see that frequency as dangerous. And it begins to look at it in a different viewpoint, it begins to see it as love and it stops blocking the meridians. And therefore, you stop getting the symptoms. It is not healing it in the way of a cure. It is changing your perception of it so that you no longer feel the symptom of it. If you have an emotional stress after this, then it may trigger the cellular memory. And the symptoms might return we would say to simply put the emotion that triggered the stress in your hand and do another spiritual alchemy with us. to transmute it back to love you did not bring the illness back it is that the cellular memory every cell in your body has a memory and it stores the emotions and so if you have a stress or a trigger that reminds you of that emotion that was already transmuted to heal your illness then it will appear to be back but it is only temporary do the spiritual alchemy again and it will transmute the emotions back to love.

Alex Ferrari 33:26
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Tara Arnold 34:02
All of you can do this. This is going on your intuition to how often the physical body has to adjust. And the physical body has to adjust to the transmuting. And so at times when the physical body is transmuting within itself an illness. It will feel uncomfortable for a day or two because you're bringing that emotion to the surface. And so the symptoms might flare up for the first 24 hours but then we'll settle as your body transmutes it, it is pushing the energy through each Meridian and so it the symptoms might feel more loud as you are transmuting excellent. We have to execute emotions within your body and transmute illnesses back to love. This is an added tool to your toolkit. Ah blessings. Oh that was a long

Alex Ferrari 35:00
That was a long answer to a short question. I was yeah, very powerful, but very, very powerful.

Tara Arnold 35:05
People how to heal themselves.

Alex Ferrari 35:08
That's a beaut as beautiful, beautiful. Next question is, what are humanity's key spiritual lessons that they need to learn that we need to learn in the future?

Tara Arnold 35:18
Oh, yes, welcome, we would say to be in the Now moment, be in the present moment, you are all aware of this, this is nothing new for any of you. We are tapping into the audience's frequencies. One moment, please. Read this nothing, allow everything. Oh, there are many that are giving their power away one moment, please. Oh, there are many that are on their spiritual path. And they are awakening and we would say the most important thing is to love you instead of please another is ego. What we mean by this is that when you are awakening, when you were a child, you are taught, you must serve everyone around you, as a child, you were born and your spirit is happy, it is full of joy and you are free, you feel free, many of you feel free. Some of you do not feel free from birth, if you are in an abusive home, but many of you do feel free for the first few years of life. And then as you turn age five, you must start to please others around you, you must clean your room and go to school, and please the teacher and please your parents, and then you leave school and you get your first job and you must please your boss. And then you go to college or university you must please your teachers and then you get married and you must please your spouse and your you have children and you must please your children, you have veered so far away from your heart. So busy to please everyone around you. You have lost who you are. And there is no joy left because the inner child is an aspect of your spirit that experiences are and joy and wonder and innocence and she has or he has or they have your key to happiness. So our recommendation for your tool awakening is going to slide as you connect with that inner child within you, and stop pleasing the egos around you, you will begin to find the joy and love within yourself. This is a divine joy. It is not an ego joy, there is a difference. The ego would make you always chase and chase joy and chase love and chase happiness. But it is never outside of you it is in the Now moment within your heart is connecting to that inner child. Every time you answer somebody or talk to somebody or respond to somebody, ask Did I just answer them to love me or to feed their ego going in and loving the God within yourself is the missing piece. All of you have many of you have mastered how to give love outside of yourselves. But your spirit is just as important as everyone around you. And yet, you were always giving, giving, giving, but never to yourself, we would say the most important thing is you there is a missing piece in the universe and the universe is striving to be whole again the universe is wanting to be whole again. But if you have removed yourself from the pie, it cannot be a full energy. It can't be at one energy. Again, if you're giving that love to everyone except for yourself. You are not making a whole pie you are not making you're adding a separation to the universe. We would say when you begin to love the God within you, you put the piece of yourself back in to the pie and the universe becomes whole again. This is imperative to master that on your spiritual journey. In order for the universe to become whole again, it is always striving for a balance of the yin and yang. And if you're separating yourself from it, it can never be whole blessings.

Alex Ferrari 39:41
So how can this how can spiritual insights explain the global conflicts and upheavals that are happening around the world?

Tara Arnold 39:51
Oh yes. Welcome. I'm St. Germain. We would say that there are many wars on the planet Earth and there are many natural disasters at this time. aim this is imperative for the spiritual awakening, you are moving into a fifth dimension perception, you are not going anywhere some of you are asking where is fifth dimension, what is this new world What is this new earth and it is not a place you are going it is a state of consciousness it is a perception. If I'm in the Now moment, and I am perceiving everything in this Now moment everything is in perfection, I am not in the past or the future. If I am in the past or the future, I am in the ego consciousness and to move to the new earth, one must be in the Now moment and your perception and everything around you will begin to change to the fifth dimension perception. And it is with the wars and the natural disasters on planet earth that are bringing these dense, dark frequencies to the surface from the past lifetimes which are all happening now. The past lifetimes are happening now. And you are all transmuting as a collective consciousness, you have created your wars, from judgment and from fears and from not being able to transmute them in past lifetimes as the wars are happening on planet earth. All of you on the planet are transmuting this within your consciousness, the judgment on it, and the perception, perception of it from the ego consciousness. I hate this, I don't want this I resist this, I do not like this all of these judgments are being transmuted and we would say to stay in the Now moment and let go of the judgment and the wars can cease. But it is that many are judging it has something wrong or bad and we are showing our channel that in our perception. There is nothing good or bad or right or wrong. It simply is it is standing in the Now moment and looking at through observation rather than judgment. This transmutes the frequencies rapidly and the wars can end. But if everyone is judging, then they will continue. How can I help everyone on the planet I am wanting to be a light worker and heal the wars and heal the natural disasters and we would say to stand in empathy, not sympathy. We have mentioned this before many of you are already it is that is when you were looking at something with sympathy. You were feeling sorry for it. You are seeing them as a victim and when you see them as a victim, then all you have to offer them is the frequency of victim. This cannot heal them. This cannot transmute it this cannot stop the wars this will only give it more fuel from the ego consciousness to propel forward with their wars because you're offering them a frequency of victim of suffering of struggling. If you stood in empathetic shoes and saw them as having an experience instead of suffering or struggling or victim, then you are offering them divine love and it can be transmuted and the wars can cease. We would say that natural disasters or Mother Earth is transmuting through her chakra system just as you are as in your awakening Mother Earth is awakening and she is awakening to a fifth dimension. And therefore she is cleansing out her chakra systems each of the natural disasters are a reflection of that it is not happening to you it is happening for you as Alex mentioned earlier, this is all a spiritual awakening on Planet Earth. You all know the finish line some of you are saying at this time. Well how can I get to the end? How can I do this quickly and the spirit does not need to race to the finish line because it already knows what it is. You are consciousness that is your essence. And so there is no race to the finish line the spirit enjoys the journey because it already knows what's at the finish line it already knows that it is going back to divine love. You came to the planet to experience the polarity of that which you are and you as you experienced the frequencies enjoy the feeling of the frequencies Oh How does anxiety feel? How does hate feel? What am I relaxing into here? Allow me to feel the frequencies of hate and give it love what does it need? Do not resist these emotions as you are judging the wars as being bad instead, relax into it and observe it as them having a human experience there are experiencing frequencies everyone who is on the planet that has participated in the wars, or has gotten injured and wars, their spirit signed up for that because they were excited to experience the frequencies. And so it is an honor for the spirit to participate in the wars in order to transmute for humanity as they go through their shatters on planet Earth and their triggers.

And all the pain treated rapidly. And this brings the planet back to more love. We are all excited for your journey on planet Earth because it is a great spiritual awakening. And at this time, we're not seeing anything in disharmony, we are seeing an imperfection. And we would say that the progress on planet Earth is rapidly changing and we are excited for where it is heading.

Alex Ferrari 46:07
Thank you. It's still like every time you come in and out. I feel like are you okay?

Tara Arnold 46:14
Funny. He just hops out so fast. It's like, you know,

Alex Ferrari 46:20
Yeah, it's it's a very interesting process you have for sure. My next question, what future do you see for our world economic systems?

Tara Arnold 46:32
Oh, yes. Welcome. I am St. Germain. We are showing our channel. We are tapping into the Collective's energy One moment, please. There is still more to experience with loss on planet Earth financially. And one moment, please. I just have to go deeper, just one second. Oh, yes. Welcome. I am St. Germain. There are many on the planet that are experiencing financial crisis and economic upheaval and we would say this will continue over the next few years do not see it as detrimental there is an end to all this chaos it is that you're going through a spiritual awakening and it is for your highest good whether your perception is of that or not. Where are you struggling? Where are you suffering change your perception of this, this is that on planet earth at this time, the political systems are getting shattered and you will see more lies, deep lies of their egoic consciousness coming to the surface and people are we would not use terminology people we would say humans on planet Earth are becoming frustrated with this, the trust has been lost for the government systems. And this is excellent in our perception because it is forcing everyone to go in and find the truth within themselves. What you are seeing in the political systems is the lies of what you have not transmuted within yourself from past lifetimes it is showing up in your reality is a reflection of where you're vibrating at Ah, if there are many political leaders that are tricking me and that are lying to me, then how is this a reflection of myself? How am I lying to myself? How many times a day does my ego lie to me and begin to change that within yourself it is showing you a reflection of where you're vibrating at this is the same with all the poverty on the planet at this time. It is a reflection of the belief systems you're changing belief systems at this time in order to awaken the planet and it would be that the monetary systems are changing rapidly we're showing our channel that most of your money on the planet is not tangible in like you cannot hold it in your hands it is all digital and does it even real is this real? If I cannot hold it, then what is it? Is it air Is it is it nothing? Why am is it so an economic crisis? Why is there no money if it is all digital and it is all there are many lies in the bank systems as well. We are showing our channel there are many lies that you will begin to see the lies over the next few years is they're creating money out of thin air and it is it causing the imbalance on the planet because of all the lies and the greed and as you go through your systems then everything is shifting because of the The tricks and the lies this is huh this is PA it causing an imbalance on planet Earth but we would say that it will straighten itself out as the yin and yang become balanced again. Ask ask ask when you hear a politician speak ask Is this my truth? When you hear a bank system speak ask Is this my truth? When you hear your religious institution speak ask Is this my truth? When you hear your educational system speak ask Is this my truth? Because there are many lies and they're all in boxes, there are boxes on planet earth that are built as prisons and you are all making your way out of these boxes they are, I cannot see outside the box, I cannot see a third way A fourth way. Fifth way. Ask ask ask ask us ask the universe. What is the third way? What is a fourth way? What is this? Fifth way? If you are in a financial crisis, ask what is another way there are millions of ways that could fix your problem at this time that your perception we would not say you have any problems, but in your perception that you are having a problem in your reality? There are many more ways than you were seeing you were seeing and only two ways it's black or white. It's yes or no it is this or that. But we would say there are many possibilities. Ask us when you have a crisis in your reality, or what you perceive to be a crisis ask us to show you a third way, a fourth way, a fifth way. What other possibilities could switch this crisis into more love. And we will begin to create magic in your reality. All the systems on the planet that you are seeing that keep you in your prisons, all the structures, everything that is structured, religions, educational systems, political systems, financial systems, they're all in a box. But outside the box, there's a third way, a fourth way and a fifth way. Once you begin asking, show me another way. Then things shift in your reality for more abundance, more love and more joy and happiness. It is letting go of the old way and letting go of believing the lies from all the systems outside of you and going in and finding a new way and creating your own reality we will give an example is creating Archie. They had a snow storm and the storm was so heavy that it buried cars all around them. All the neighbor's cars are buried, but Tara stepped into fifth dimension. And the storm did not bury her car. There was no snow on her car. There was no snow on her roof. There was no snow around her heat pump. There was no snow. Around the barbecue. There was no snow on the deck. There was only snow that built a wall around the house and protected her from the storm and all the neighbors spent days unburying their car. And she created a fifth dimension perception of the storm. This is what we are saying you can be in the center of the chaos and not be part of it. Step into the Now moment and ask what a third way is what a fourth way is and what a fifth way is and watch the magic show up in your reality. Blessings!

Alex Ferrari 53:52
Drink some water. Like a word mama and it's right now I'm like Guys, please drink water. My next question is What does St. Germain see for us in this next coming year, and in the following decade the rest of this decade?

Tara Arnold 54:12
Oh yes welcome. I'm St Germain. We would say that tapping into the frequencies on planet earth that time is changing rapidly and space is folded. When you go to a psychic or medium reader 20 years ago time was slower it was that time has sped up it is folded space. It is not the past, present and future. It is now stacked moments and because Mother Earth time has sped up on the planet. Then everything is happening now and is unfolding in this Now moment. So as you tap in or as we tap in to the future. We are seeing the frequencies up to three months, but they can change based stone where the collective consciousness is vibrating at if everyone on the planet stopped judging the wars they would cease but at this time, there are more than 50% of the planet judging the wars and so, they continue we would say that in our perception at this time over the next few months there will be more peace coming to plan in the sense of a comment, a calmness as the universe is bringing new through new light code frequencies with each full moon. We are showing our channel the solar eclipse coming up that people are so worried about we would say to let go of your worries there will not be trauma and chaos in with what the oh this is April 8, we are showing our channel that there are many people we are showing her the TIC tock or the YouTube and ditches full of fear around April 8 We would say let go of your fears there is no chaos it is all in alignment ah everything as well on planet Earth. Okay, we will go ahead past April 8 And we are showing our channel that there's a new blanket of frequencies coming onto the planet of peacefulness for many areas. As you change your perception as to receive these light code frequencies ah yes you can all receive them if you are deepen third dimension and deepen ego consciousness you will not receive them because you are not in the Now moment you're not open to receiving your your vibration is saying I'd like to stay on in third dimension and not receive new light code frequencies, but all of you can receive them at the full moon they come in with the full moon onto the planet simply state you are open to receiving them and be present in the Now moment on the days leading up to the full moon and you will begin to download you will hear it as a ringing in your ears and this will bring more peace to your reality. We are showing our channel that all of you can receive this if your vibe in the right vibration meaning be present be present in the Now moment you are all aware of this Hmm, yes, let go of the being caught up in third dimension and be present and this will change your reality to more peace. Over the next few months. We're showing our channel the more alien sightings and more ha alien connection in order to hmm, we would say to create more belief systems that there is something other than what you're seeing in the ego. This is happening to many, many are not saying that it is happening to not to them for them. But there there are many that are having more alien sightings and conversations that are not yet telling anyone because they are embarrassment or disbelief or shock or they are not believing people will believe them but you will find over the next few months there will be more and more we're showing our channel that there will be implementation over the next decade with the sun and the solar radiations we're showing our channel there's okay, I don't know what it is they're showing me it's like their little squares. They're almost look like little rectangles, little tiny ones and they're all up in the sky. And there's no they're not stars. They're like little rectangle things. It's like they're floating in the atmosphere. And it's like put there to something with the radiation and the heat. to block the like the sun's radiation. I see that like, close like it's kind of further away. So probably like, like the decade because you said like 10 years. So it's like the burning up of our planet the global warming the global warming. So what I'm seeing there's going to be some implementations from like scientists for global warming and I see these little rectangle thing Was there only about like, this big it looks like and they're all floating up in that atmosphere? Um, to, I don't know if it's to stop the ice melting or if it's just blocked the sun's radiation. And then I'm seeing Oh, yes, welcome. I'm St. Germain. Um, yeah, a lot of systems changing like that they were talking about earlier, the I'm just gonna come out of trance here for a second. So it's like, there's a lot of systems shifting, shifting, shifting, like really fast, like the educational system financials, like everything's just like, really, really going to start changing more rapidly over the next decade, like people creating their own things, there's a lot of people gonna start creating stuff from their own soul, like all of us have these talents and gifts that we brought to planet earth. And there's a lot of us not tapping into them. So he's showing me that there's a lot of people that will be tapping into their talents and their gifts and start to tap into their passions, because there's a lot of people hiding, they're so scared to show their truth. And so once they get over and transmute those fears of being seen, and standing out, and I feel like today, they're only there through lights to your audience, and a lot of them that I was seeing were coming through to help people empower people to step into their truth and to to not be afraid to be seen and show their talents and gifts. So we saying that if you're creating something, it's time to get it out there. The the moors are going to like set up like the looking over and like Ukraine and like that area over the next decade. I just it's just like, feeling like it's just fading out. But the thing is that really the intense frequencies that they can tap into Earth for the next three months, and depending on what the collective does it unfold something new, so a lot of things can change. But if we stopped judging things will change rapidly. You know,

Alex Ferrari 1:02:16
Fair enough. And my final question is, do they have any parting messages for the audience?

Tara Arnold 1:02:22
Okay, that's a good one. I'm gonna tap in really deep to everyone's frequencies. And you have a lot more viewers now. So it just might take me a minute longer,

Alex Ferrari 1:02:30
Sure, not a problem.

Tara Arnold 1:02:34
So they tap in in real time, so they tap into when the person's watching it. And then we just kind of give a general or specific sometimes reading of where everybody's at. Oh, okay, so Mother Mary just came in. So Jesus and Buddha and Mother Mary. So they're showing me that they're going to be bringing through frequencies with this message from all four of them. St Germain, Jesus, Buddha and Mother Mary so just if you're open to receiving just say you're open to receiving you might feel something in your chakras or in your body or chills or and then you might feel more joy after or something it's different for everybody. It's kind of like when you get an energy healing like a Reiki or something same similar Oh, yes. Welcome. I am St Germain. One moment please. Okay, I'm just tapping into everyone's energy so there's a lot of people Oh, yes, welcome. We are showing our channel deep loneliness. There are so many people on the planet they're so lonely. Oh, for those of you who believe you are alone, you are not alone. There are many that are hiding in their houses and they are feeling deep, deep loneliness. They are wanting home and we are with you. You're not alone. There are so many times that you believe that we were not there. We would recommend to not dote, we are bringing in messages and you question this you say was that me? Or was that my spirit guide and then that brings in doubt and it pushes our energy away. You must know and believe that we are with you. Do not doubt this when you feel us giving you a message. Then say I know that it was a message and we can bring in more messages and you will not feel so alone. The loneliness is that you're not connecting to the inner child into is the inner child that has that key, if you connect it to your heart, it is your essence. If you connect it to that aspect of yourself, you would not need anything outside of yourself you are attaching to people around you and seeking love from them. And then getting disappointed when they let you down or when they reject you. Every time someone rejects you turn in, hold your inner child, do this in a visualization if you do not visualize, write it down or draw a picture, or buy a doll and talk to the doll as if it is your inner child. Every time someone rejects you hold your inner child in your arms and tell them that they are enough and that you do not need anything outside of yourself. Because the belief system is that we do we were taught that we need others to love us. And the deep loneliness is because no one can no one can give us that love. Because they are all in the ego consciousness it is the only game that anybody is playing is the ego consciousness. So they must reject you, they must hurt you because they're in the ego, there is no other game for them. So you will never find it outside of yourself, you will continue chasing that love. But you will never find it outside yourself. Go in and give yourself a new story move your inner child up to the year 2024. So they do not have to keep reliving the pain from the past. Tell them that they are more than enough. If someone rejects you go in and correct it right away. If someone hurts, you're free. Because you're not giving that love to yourself. Give it to yourself and tell your inner child that's all we need. We do not need them to love us. Because you're more than enough and now that I know you're here in my heart, then I do not need them to love you or to love us because we You are more than enough. And then this switches it and so the next time someone rejects you, it no longer hurts because you are not seeking it outside of yourself. It is all attachments, we are showing our channel that if you let go of your attachments, you can never have disappointment, the disappointment comes from the attachment to the outcome of how things are supposed to be or how I think things should be. But we would say that it is all an attachment from the ego, let go of the attachments and you will be set free. Give that love to yourself. It is time It is time we are all with you. You are not alone, you are home, in your heart, you are home with us and call us and we are here. Blessings. So he's showing me that it's just you can just keep recreating the loop. It's like if I don't master that frequency of loneliness, and I'm just gonna find it everywhere. So if I can go in and do that now and transmute it now then it's going to stop showing up in my reality. Because once you change the vibration within yourself and give yourself that love, then everybody around you starts to pour love. Like everywhere you go. People are kind and they're nice if you're getting rejected when you're out in public, like at a restaurant by the waitress or at a cashier in a store. It's because you haven't given it to yourself. So once you give it to yourself, then it starts to reflect back to you. It's like you creating your own reality to reflect back to you. So I know that this probably a lot of like similar messages on your channel, like but he's showing me that it's that that deep loneliness that that's the the frequency that needs to be changed right now.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:59
Tara it's always such a pleasure talking to you. He in Saint Germain, and the others that come through you are so beautiful and profound. So thank you so much for coming on the show. Where can people find out more about you, and the work that you're doing in the world?

Tara Arnold 1:09:15
My website is, and my YouTube channels at Tara Arnold and we do live events, and also video courses on how to channel So yeah, if you want to join us on YouTube, I'd love to meet you. And thank you Alex, it's always a pleasure to see you and you have such beautiful energy my inner child loves hanging out. So thank you so much.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:42
I appreciate you and everything you are doing to awaken the planet. So thank you.

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