UNBELIEVABLE Changes Ahead: MANKIND’S Great Shift Explained – PREPARE for 2024 RESET! with Sara Landon

In the ever-spinning tapestry of our lives, today’s episode presents an enlightening return of Sara Landon, a revered spiritual teacher and channeler. With an essence that bridges the realms of the mundane and the mystical, Sara brings a unique perspective that resonates deeply with those seeking higher understanding. Her journey, marked by profound insights and transformative experiences, serves as a beacon for those navigating the intricacies of their spiritual paths.

In our conversation, Sara Landon delves into the essence of channeling, an ability she believes lies dormant within all of us. “We all have a gift,” she asserts, likening the process to the natural flow state experienced by artists and athletes. For Sara, channeling is not an esoteric skill reserved for the few but a natural expression of our higher selves. It’s a harmonious alignment with source energy, a state she describes as being “in the zone,” whether one is engaged in a creative pursuit or a heartfelt conversation.

Channeling, as Sara explains, comes in many forms. Some may find their expression through automatic writing, while others might connect through art or music. There’s even a rising recognition of light language, a unique form of communication she touched upon in our last discussion. This diversity in channeling methods underscores a universal truth: each of us is uniquely equipped to tap into and express this divine connection.

One might wonder how to differentiate between the mind’s chatter and true guidance from a higher source. Sara offers a simple yet profound insight: “The voice in our head is usually judgmental or critical, condemning at times. When you really start tuning into your Higher Self, it’s this unwavering love, this reverence for you, this compassion for you.” This loving guidance, she emphasizes, stands in stark contrast to the self-critical voices we often mistake for our own thoughts.

As we navigate our conversation, the topic of discernment naturally arises. How do we trust that the guidance we receive is not just a fabrication of our own mind? Sara encourages a practice of tuning in and trusting the messages that come from a place of love and alignment. This, she believes, is a lifestyle—a continuous relationship with our higher wisdom that guides us through both the mundane and the mystical aspects of life.

The discussion then flows into the practicalities of living as a channel in today’s world. Sara candidly shares her journey, from the initial skepticism to embracing her role as a verbal channel. Her path, though not free of challenges, is a testament to the transformative power of trusting and following one’s higher guidance. It’s a journey that has led her to not only profound personal growth but also to helping others awaken to their own gifts and potential.


  1. Trust the Unwavering Love: The guidance from your higher self is always rooted in love, compassion, and reverence for you. When in doubt, tune into the loving nature of the messages you receive.
  2. Channeling is a Universal Gift: Whether through art, writing, or conversation, everyone has the ability to channel. It’s about finding your unique expression and cultivating a relationship with your higher wisdom.
  3. Integration Over Judgment: Embrace all parts of your journey without judgment. True integration of your experiences, both past and present, leads to wholeness and a higher state of consciousness.

As we draw our conversation to a close, Sara leaves us with a powerful reminder: “When we really take total responsibility, that we are creating our life, at least from the perspective of creating how we react to things, how we view things, our perspective on things… Now, I would expand that to say we do create our reality.” This realization, she explains, is where true freedom lies. It’s an invitation to step fully into our power, to create not from a place of lack or fear, but from a space of love and limitless potential.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sara Landon.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 462

Sara Landon 0:00
A beautiful, harmonious loving world, you do create your experience of Heaven on Earth, and contribute to the collective the possibility for all of humankind, to choose it from there to choose it for themselves. So if you want to experience a peaceful, loving harmonious world around you, you must first create it within you because you are individually contributing to the collective. This is now an experience of humanity. And you can do so from a grander perspective with a higher viewpoint, really seeing the potential and the possibility for all of humankind to awaken.

Alex Ferrari 0:53
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Sara Landon.

Sara Landon 0:57
Thank you, Alex. I think you're the champion, though. Truly, I hear you say that, but I think you're the champion. And congratulations, I am just so excited. So happy for you this amazing journey you've been on with next level soul, and I'm just grateful to be some small part of it. But this is kinda important here. And then new studio together. This is kind of a dream come true for me too. So congratulations.

Alex Ferrari 1:24
Thank you so much. I really, really appreciate that. And for people who haven't didn't know this, you were when the channel and the show really first took off. It was your episode that happened to land. And that was the first one that kind of was the domino that started at all. And I remember when we was that our first episode?

Sara Landon 1:41
I think it's our first episode.

Alex Ferrari 1:43
First episode

Sara Landon 1:44
We were like, what is going on?

Alex Ferrari 1:47
That might have been our first episode because yeah, we were at that time we're doing maybe two or 3000 views. An episode. And now I think that episode, well, that's 3-400,000 hours, something like that. But it took off so quickly. We're like, what? You were like what's happening? Yeah, I don't know what's happening. What are you doing? I don't know. And it kind of exploded from that point. And it's, it's been a whirlwind ever since. So this is this is dream come true. Having you it's kind of a almost a full circle.

Sara Landon 2:13
It's such a full circle moment. It's such a full circle moment. I agree.

Alex Ferrari 2:18
Well, we're here to talk about your new book. You are a channel: Receiving guidance from higher realms, Ascended masters, Star families, and More. So we'll talk a little bit about this. Well, first, let's just jump into this. How do you determine it's not your own head making things up? And like, if you just let's say you sit down and start having a conversation with yourself, you started asking hellos Hello, hello, higher self. So hello, spirit guide, Bob, Bob. Why, you know, Bob sent me I need some help with this thing. Or why are you here? Like you start asking questions, and answers start coming in. But then you're like, Well, I that's kind of what I would say. Yeah, you know it like, is it my is it? Am I going crazy? Am I talking to myself in my head? Or is there there's there's something really coming through? How do you how do you know the difference?

Sara Landon 3:13
This is one of my favorite questions. And it's when you realize that, okay, if you tune in for a message from what does my soul want me to know. And you take some deep breaths, and then you just start writing like an automatic writing or journaling process. You just go with it, don't judge it just right. And then you read it back to yourself and it sounds something like this. You are always guided in every moment. You're exactly where you're meant to be. You are loved. You are here as a spiritual being having a human experience. There's so much more to you. You are powerful. Now, what is the voice in your head usually say?

Alex Ferrari 3:58
Exactly. Like you are a superstar yet yeah, look in the mirror, I go look at you.

Sara Landon 4:08
We have those moments. But you know, the voice in my head is you need to do that you should have done that. You should have got that done. You need to pick up man. So the voice in our head is usually judgmental. Okay, critical, okay. Condemning at times. When you really start tuning into your Higher Self, your soul, it's this unwavering love, this reverence for you this compassion for you. And so it's learning to trust that and even if it is coming from your head, follow the energy follow the light. What I mean by that is you can feel when something is aligned or not aligned. And most of the time when we're asking a question, like I said, it's when something's not right. So you're having an issue, you're having some sort of problem. You want to fix the problem. Your logical mind wants to fix it now and figure it out. And yet most of the time when we're in that If we're not in the vibration, or the consciousness level of where the highest answer is, and so if you can just ask the question and then let it go, go out and do something that brings you joy, go for a walk in nature, go do something fun. And most of the time, the answer will pop in, in that moment, or the knowing will come. And for those who want to go deeper, and actually learn how to channel, so many people that, okay, I want to tune into myself or my loved one on the other side or animal communication, but I definitely don't want to be a verbal channel. And then they are

Alex Ferrari 5:34
The verbal channel and a trans channel. That's the ultimate.

Sara Landon 5:39
Yeah, yeah, I don't see many trans channels anymore. I've taken about 5000 people, students from around the world through this particular series of learning how to channel which is covered in the book. And most people are conscious channels. And that's kind of what trips them up because they can still hear the voice in their head, even though they might be verbally channeling this incredibly profound message. Most people think of it as Edgar Casey or channels from 70's or 80's. Yeah Seth Speaks, Course in Miracles, and they think, Oh, I go in a trance and don't remember anything at all. And that's what channeling really is. And I believe because of the vibration and the frequency of where we are now collectively, and individually in our consciousness, it's no longer necessary for you to be in a trance to channel. The same is also true with years and years ago, when I was a kid, I was introduced to channels like Mahfu o Rompta. And my aunt was very spiritual and on the path very early. And those beings completely came into the body, and the consciousness of the person channeling completely left the body. I don't experience that personally. And I don't know a lot of people that do now. And I think it's not necessarily the case now, given the consciousness level that most people are in not that those people were not very conscious beings. But I think it has a big part to do with the collective and individual raising of consciousness that people have experienced over the past years, and specifically the last couple of years. A huge testament to your show, and the incredible speakers that you've had on and everything that you're doing, you know, you're really helping people to raise the vibration and raise the consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 7:26
So when you are when you're channeling, though, I don't consider you a trance, channeling Darryl or Bashar? That's a full blown. He's all Yeah, you're not that, but you're not your conscious channel, but from at least from my experience, and please correct me if I'm wrong, you're somewhere in the middle. You're not like just talking like you and me are talking right now there is a different voice, there's a different energy, you might still be there and remember everything. Yeah. Is that the difference?

Sara Landon 7:54
Well, I think I'm still conscious, I'm aware, I know where I'm at. I know, I know who I'm talking to. If we heard a noise, I would be able to hear the noise and process the noise, I can hear my own thoughts. But it's, it's I go to this place, the moment I feel the energy of the council. And I'm in a much higher perspective. And state of awareness, I can certainly channel with my eyes open. But they bring through so much information so fast with such an intensity and an intense love, really, that it's just easier for me to focus and close my eyes and allow it to come through that way. The cadence of my voice does change. It used to be really different. Very different. And I, at first, when I started channeling, I was blown away. That's the most incredible information I've ever heard in my life. And no one is ever going to hear me or see me channel ever. that different from my normal personality, I guess you could say, but I think people are really coming online right now and wanting to discover their gifts are feeling this greater calling, feeling like they have some purpose. I have wonderful clients that have been through this series that are incredible verbal channels. And for example, they might be a business coach. And so they've gotten to this place where they can say, you know, is it okay? If I tune in and see if there's any other messages for you at the end of their business coaching session, right? And they take a couple deep breaths and close their eyes and they bring through messages and people are becoming very open to that to that and they want that. And for many people the way they come to their awakening experience is for example, I can think of someone very dear in my life that was raised very traditional religion like you and I were and they're none of this stuff was approachable at all until their beloved dog passed away. And they wanted to connect so much with their dog that they went to an animal communicator. And then they became open and aware that hey maybe consciousness and doesn't really go anywhere, even when someone transitions from the body. And so then they were able to open up to their own divine nature in a way that they probably wouldn't have if animal communication wouldn't have been that starting point for them.

Alex Ferrari 10:18
It's interesting that so many people I've known in my life who were like, Nah, there's nothing after nuns and then someone they love dies. Yeah. And then all of a sudden, they start changing their tune, because they're like, Well, if I believe that, then Aunt Jane is gone. Yeah. Or Uncle Bob is gone. And I'm never gonna see them again. And then all of a sudden, that's when the curiosity and the shift starts going, and they start looking for like, what's his near death experience? Where's this? Exactly? And they start looking and searching for other answers, because they just can't stomach the idea that this is the end. Yeah, it's very, very difficult. I wanted to ask you something in regards to channeling that you say that we're all channels and use a lot of great examples. Like when you're an athlete, you're in the zone or in the creative arts, no question. I've I've experienced it. Most. I, every Oscar winner I've spoken to I've asked that question, too. And they go, yeah, sometimes I'll look down and I'll go who wrote that? That's fantastic. Exactly. But there's a lot of people who fight back against that idea, because they're like, Well, wait a minute. Am I not having any ideas? Or do all ideas come from the other side? I'm just a filter. Like, how how, how would you answer that question? Because I've had people fight me on that going, you know, what? Why am I have these ideas? And that's an ego place, I get it. But if I'm here, am I just a vessel for someone else to come through? Or is it an inspiration to be filtered? Through me, which is the way I kind of look at things because knowledge coming through you and coming through me? If there's the same message will be filtered differently because of because of our experiences in life? And our personalities, our karma, our experiences and past lives? All? That's kind of the package of how it gets filtered in? Yeah. Does that make sense?

Sara Landon 12:04
Yeah, it absolutely makes sense. So I tend to think of it as a consciousness field, and we're accessing a consciousness field, but you you are, you're the conduit, you are the expression of it, and your personality. Receiving the exact same message might deliver it differently than I do, even if it's the exact same message from source. It also is based on your interests and your life and your experiences. There's a lot of times that I get guided to look up a word, or guided to a particular word that is not something that I use in my vocabulary. And then I find that when I'm in channel, they use that word to describe something where I wouldn't have been able to interpret the stream of consciousness if I didn't look up or feel guided to that word. What really helps me and when I was a kid, I had this concept of God on a cloud,

Alex Ferrari 12:57
Of course, hit old man, old man, Michelangelo's God.

Sara Landon 13:02
And how does he know 8 billion people's thoughts and dreams and where they are? And how is he deciding what's good for them? And what's not good for them? Like, that doesn't make any sense to me. I couldn't wrap my head around that you

Alex Ferrari 13:15
And you didn't even throw the idea of like, by the way, we're not the only planet in the world, right?

Sara Landon 13:20
Oh, oh, my I mean, I love flying. But I sit there on the airplane. And I'm like, But what created the universe? And then what created the I go way out?

Alex Ferrari 13:29
There was a big bang.

Sara Landon 13:30
Yeah, yeah. Oh, on, don't even go there for our interview. But what really helped me is understanding that it's my soul, or my higher self, that we are all sourced the consciousness and energy of everything. But your soul is a unique aspect. And your soul is on its own unique journey, while also still connected to all that is in the highest levels. And so, for me, I feel like it's inspiration from my soul, or my higher self, whatever you want to call it. I feel like those ideas come from my soul or my higher self, the dreams I have, the visions I have, the desires I have, I truly believe that they come from our soul.

Alex Ferrari 14:17
Gotcha, that makes that makes a lot of sense. Because of course, if you're going to, if you on your soul blueprint or your soul plan to come down and go, Hey, I'm going to be a great movie filmmaker, or I'm going to be an author, you're going to put here like, oh, when I'm at this, when I'm 37. That's when things are going to take off because I'm going to be able to get the idea because the world is ready for the idea. It's going to come through me, and you're going to have the ability to write it because you're gonna have 37 years of experience to do what you need to do at that point. You're not gonna give that idea at 18 because you wouldn't know what to do with it. Yeah, yeah, essentially. I always love that story. And I say that I've said it on the show. I'll say it again. A story of I think it was Prince who called up his a Um, his backup singers at three o'clock in the morning and said, Hey, I need you to come to studio, we're gonna record a song. And he's like, Prince, that's great. Can we just wait to six? He goes, No, no, we gotta record it now, because if I don't record it, Michael Jackson's gonna get it. Because he understood that the idea just came in. He's like, it's already here. If I don't grab it, it's gonna it's gonna it's gonna go to someone else. Yeah. And Spielberg said the same thing. Spielberg said, I remember having ideas. I said, No, I'm not gonna do anything. And three or four months later, you hear, Oh, James Cameron's doing it?

Sara Landon 15:31
Well, the most common example I have this a lot in my life. Someone will say, Oh, I had that idea years ago. Right for some sort of invention. Oh, is the invention. Yeah, they go, Oh, I had that idea years ago. Well, they never acted on it. And that's okay, maybe that wasn't their highest excitement or their passion or their joy. But it's still in the field.

Alex Ferrari 15:50
It's in the field. So we've never talked about this. And I want to kind of go down the rabbit hole with you a little bit about the universe. Reality. And I don't think many people talk to you about this kind of stuff. And I love it's one of my favorite conversations. This concept of simulation theory, the concept of the field concept of the universe, when the universe started, what what's the purpose of it? How are we all connected? All these kinds of things? What is your take from the council's point of view, because I'm sure you've done enough research on your own just out of morbid curiosity. But from the council's point of view, in this idea of the simulation, this idea that this is, and I hate to use the word game, because that kind of negates a lot of the pain that we go through here. But this play this movie, as Yogananda used to say this life is just a movie for me. We're all characters in it. What is what is the council's idea of that? And if can they explain it to people? And then maybe we'll go a little farther down the universal rabbit hole.

Sara Landon 16:50
I literally two days ago had an entire session about this.

Alex Ferrari 16:54
No! This is not planned.

Sara Landon 16:57
With our Council of Ministers group and our masters class. This was the question that was submitted. Really? What is the nature of our holographic reality? And so let's just use this studio as an example. It's absolutely gorgeous. And people can't see the whole picture. But you can see it from my perspective, it's incredible. Where did it start? First, as a vision as an idea. And so you saw in a, an envision in your own mind, the studio, and then you filled in the details. So everything that was ever created in physical form was first created in what you would call a holographic reality. In your imagination, you first saw it, I mean, your imagination, imagination is real. And this is something that people don't understand the council talks about different levels of consciousness. So the third dimension is the dimension of separation, where you experience lack limitation, fear Separation from Source God, the answer that you need, the idea that you need. The fourth dimension is the dimension of transformation. So you can change your circumstances, you can change your conditions, you can change your body, you can change your mind, you can change your relationships. And that's a wonderful thing. But most people get really stuck there. Because they automatically go to what am I doing wrong, or they judge themselves. So to go from the fourth dimension of consciousness into the fifth dimension of pure love is to go beyond judgment of yourself, of others of circumstances and conditions into a state of pure love, which might be what we refer to as heaven on earth or a new earth, that particular state and I want to talk about awakening and realization especially you mentioned Yogananda, that's where we are now which is unique on this journey. So we'll come back to that. The sixth dimension is the realm of pure potential and possibility, which is what most of us will refer to as imagination. And it is a reality. But it is that holographic reality where we play with form and formless as creators of our reality. And then through our light, we move those things from our imagination into form, your energy, and your light created this put all this together. But you first saw it in your imagination, which is, if you think of that holographic reality, you're seeing it in an image and you think it's in your mind and it we're experiencing it in the mind. But it really is a state of consciousness, which is a reality. And so then people say, Well, gosh, I'm I imagined these terrible things. Well, luckily, God, luckily, very dense, slow moving particles of infinite creation of a lot of resistance behind it. So it takes a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot and most of the time those things don't happen. But when we're in those higher levels of consciousness, and we're in those states of pure love and we're playing in our imagination, we're excited, we're passionate, we're alive. And then we follow the energy, let the light guide the way get in motion to that which brings you joy that excites you that you love. And allow the particles of infinite creation to respond to you in a way that is in the highest form. And the easiest, most effortless way for that to come into your reality. And it might be exactly as you envisioned it, it might be so much better than you envisioned it. But there are particles of Infinite Creation within that holographic field that are always responding to us. And so feeling excited and passionate about your life, for a lot of people, and it was surprising, we did the series on self love. And one of the most important things was allowing yourself to dream again, allowing yourself to wonder to be curious to dream. And the counsel says, and this, again, is a shift, everything is just this elevating of our perspective and our awareness and what's possible. And they've really gone from the concept of manifestation to true creation. And so instead of saying, oh, I want to manifest that, it's, Oh, how fun would that experience be? So we're truly here for expression to express all that we are to expand our consciousness to expand all that we are, and to have the experiences that we want to have. And so when you say, Oh, how fun would that be? Right? If someone has been single for a long time, instead of oh, I want to manifest my soulmate? Oh, how fun would it be to be in a relationship? To do things that would be fun to play to go deeper to have adventures together? There's a different energy than I want to manifest this and to play in that realm of exploring in your imagination. Oh, how fun would that be? And so comes up a lot in our community wanting to someone might say, oh, I want my own home. I really want to manifest the money to buy a house, right? Versus how fun would it be to have my own home and decorate it and really create it in a way that's an expression of who I am. It's, it's a different place, and you use the word wandering, it's perfect, but there's a lot of power in that state. Wander, passion, excitement, our imagination is really important. And so I believe, and the council has been saying for quite a while now. We're here as part of the Great Awakening. And we've had this huge awakening experience, where I believe millions of people have an AR awakening, but that's just one part of the journey. And my I've shared this with you before, but I was in San Diego, California. I drove by the Paramahansa Yogananda self-realization fellows fellowship. And I'm like, Self Realization. What is that? I was that gonna? This is pre counsel. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And but the word realization really stuck with me. And I thought, oh, that's just kind of that unattainable. Enlightened monk on the mountaintop state. Right. And I didn't see it as something that was part of my experience. But as we go through awakening, we really move into realization, which the council says, that's why we are here. You can write the greatest movie script. That's awesome. That's an experience you wanted to have here. You can create the best studio ever. That's awesome. That's an experience you wanted to have here. But we're really here to come fully into our own realization, which is the integration of every part of you into your wholeness, your oneness, your completion. And once we do, life is completely different. And I know life pre realization and, and after beginning to be aware of that, and allowing those experiences and ultimately, there are not big problems and issues. When you get to that place. The ultimate I think fear for most people is death, or,

Alex Ferrari 24:19
Or public speaking

Sara Landon 24:22
Can't relate to that one, but but death or how you're going to die. But when you come to this place, when you realize that you're leaving the density of the body, and you're continuing your journey, in higher levels of consciousness, there's no longer a fear of death. And when your loved one makes their transition, you can honor your human emotions. And that of course not having them here in physical form is is emotional and you can honor that without forgetting that it truly is a continuation of their journey and I have to I'm give credit to some incredible people in my community that, for example, a woman whose son transitioned at 19 years old in a what we would call a terrible accident. And when I first met her when she first came to the council, I had never experienced someone in such grief and my way of coming to my awakening and to channeling the council was through my brother's death, and a car accident. And then my beloved cousin's death in a airplane crash. And so I could relate but I, the loss that a parent feels of a child, especially this mother, I didn't know if she would ever, I didn't know she could get there. So we just loved her. And she continued to be part of the classes and the Master's class and the courses. And in a very short period of time, she, you could just see that she was starting to find peace. And then she took my channeling course to learn how to channel and she started connecting to her son on the other side and receiving messages from him. And now she has this incredible relationship. They're writing a book together, her sons on the other side, she's helping other bereaved moms to find peace and communicate with their children on the other side. And so I go back to this, we all are a channel, she may not verbally channel like I do. But she has found her own conduit to pure love source energy and her beloved son on the other side, she's in communication with him, they are having experiences and divinely orchestrated things that you just couldn't make up if you tried. And she's found peace. And so when we really come into realization, the things that used to be problems, and issues just aren't because you're in a perspective, you have a viewpoint, where you see a much greater reason for things, a much greater understanding for things, a much grander perspective of what's really going on here. And in realization, you allow yourself to be joyful, to be in harmony, to be abundant, to experience well being be in a state of love. And in that you're far more creative, you live a more inspired life, it doesn't mean that you have to do more, and then it certainly doesn't mean you're here to save everyone else. Everyone's on their journey. But you do inspire others and empower others and uplift others just like you do, as you're doing what you love, and doing what brings you joy. You're inspiring millions of people and changing the world. Not because you're every day you get up I have to change the world, I have to save the world. I have to I have to do it. Right. It's, it's this is what I love. And so it's a it's a very different way, when you come into realization. And that's our opportunity all of us right now.

Alex Ferrari 27:56
How do you balance the day to day of living in this holographic simulation, the material world with the spiritual because, you know, for us, mere mortals who have not yet gotten to that idea of channeling or have connected to a higher spiritual place within our, our journey. It's, I feel it's almost easier for us to deal with the world because this is all we're dealing with. We don't know what's behind the curtain. You on the other hand, have been shown bots behind the curtain. You live behind the curtain a lot of time of your life. And you get to come back and forth. This is what happens with Yogi's and ascended masters and so on and so forth, that they have the information that they're trying to bring in for the rest of us. How do you specifically balance understanding the the greater idea of the cosmos and a lot of these truths with like, I gotta pay my taxes. I got this guy just cut me off. You know, my flights delayed. That kind of minutia of the day to day balancing that with this greater understanding of self realization of the greater everything that we're talking about.

Sara Landon 29:11
I live a very seemingly normal life. And that was something that was important to me on this path is I want to be part of the world. I want to live in the modern world. I love my life. I love my family, friends, I love what I do. I'm an entrepreneur, I've always been passionate about business and creating and I live a seemingly normal life, but it is about really finding that integration, which is why it is the integration of every part of you. And so in all of those things that you mentioned, for example, Alex, that was my flight was delayed yesterday and the guy at the front desk, the port airline, you know guys just just ticked off, he's angry. Everybody's angry at him. They're all responding to his anger and this reflection, you could just sit there and watch that he was so crappy that he's really made everybody out. surrounded him crabby. And he thought, Oh, these people are not nice. But it's, it was a reflection. I wasn't upset it life becomes this adventure this, I wonder, I wonder how this is going to unfold. I bet there's something magical here or something amazing here you live either in a miraculous, amazing, magical world, or you live in a horrible, awful, terrible world. And so I was in peace, I'll get there when I get there. And if I don't get there, then it must not be the right time. And one of the things that the council says, which I've heard before, which is everything's happening for you, not to you, everything's happening for you. But there's a very important next piece to that. It's bringing you into a new level of your power. It's showing you your own expansion, it's helping you get clear on what you really want. It's helping you get clear on the reality you do want to create. And so while I was experiencing that yesterday, I wasn't upset. I knew my flight was late, I knew I'd missed my other flight, then the second flight was delayed. I, you take a breath, and you find peace because nothing is worth my heaven on earth. Right? Nothing is worth my heaven on earth. And that's a teaching from the council. But I said that to myself yesterday. Nothing's worth my heaven on earth. Somebody cuts you off in traffic. You can take a moment and go, Oh, is there something I need to see here is something I'm missing. Maybe I'm going too slow. Maybe you know, maybe you're checking your phone, maybe you whatever it is. I've had moments I had, I was driving down the road. And I I was rushing a little and I was following a little close. And I got a ding in my windshield of my new car. Like, oh, okay, deep breath, deep breath happening. For me. Nothing's worth my heaven on earth. Okay. Yeah, but I went, and then I heard slow down. And not too long after I was driving down, roads very close to that not too long after a couple of days later. And right in front of me, this car stopped and the car behind me did not stop. And because I was paying attention and had slowed down from the incident a couple days earlier, I was able to completely move out of the way of the truck that had stopped in the truck that wasn't stopping behind me. But if I hadn't, maybe I would have been involved in a serious car crash. So I went, Oh my gosh, that door ding happened. Obviously, for me. Now that flip side of it was when the guy came to fix my windshield. We had the most incredible conversation. He was telling me the story that clearly he was going through his own awakening experience. And here was the first person he had come come across that he could actually talk to about it. And I gave him a tip after he news. Oh, thank you, you know, that's so funny, because I really need this money to buy my son this thing that he's really wanted. And I just went you know, I can see that as that happened to me. But I also felt like it was a way that the divine used me as a miracle for another in that moment. And sometimes if you say, Oh, this is can be inconvenient, this shouldn't be happening. You're saying, Oh, this is inconvenient, this shouldn't be happening. You miss the gift, you miss the gift, and things happen in my life. And you know, it's not going into that judgment. Again, we talked about going from that state of pure love, which you might call heaven on earth, the second you start judging something. This is wrong. This shouldn't be happening. Now you're entangled in how do I fix it? Yes. And so you're actually stepping down the ladders of consciousness and the more you do, the denser it gets. And so, one thing I really want to say is, the easiest way is to notice when you're denying love for yourself, denying your own happiness, trading whatever your judgment is for your own experience of heaven on earth or peace and harmony in that moment. Is it worth it?

Alex Ferrari 34:10
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Sara Landon 34:47
And I have someone in my life that's going through something very stressful for them when I love them dearly. And there's times I notice I take a deep breath and my monkey mind wants to know All the details of what's going on in this really dramatic, you know, chaotic Days of Our Lives soap opera, right, and then I go, now, I want to stay in a consciousness of peace and love. And if that person wants to share they will. But I have to catch those moments. And it's a practice. It really is. I heard you say something, and I can't remember it was a while ago. But it was about not being awakened. And that it's easier. And you kind of alluded to something that earlier

Alex Ferrari 35:31
Oh, yeah, like you're in the matrix. And I don't want to know that. Yeah, outside the matrix. I'm happy eating the steak. I know the steak is fake. But yeah, I'm cool with that. I don't want to know the truth

Sara Landon 35:40
All of like, all of my little goosebumps to have fun with Alex. No, it's so much. Because you know how much energy we wasted on being upset and judgmental and in shame and and guilt and why is it happening and victims and the energy that it takes to actually hold yourself in lack limitation fears, the energy it takes, and then you wonder why you're not creating the reality you want to experience? When you in the council said recently, were impressed that you guys were able to create anything at all in the level of density and resistance. Most of you have lived in most of your life. Well, when I sit so true. I'm just joking.

Alex Ferrari 36:18
No, no, no. When I when I said that the point, the point I was taking and you're absolutely right, by the way, but the ignorance is bliss defense. Yeah, is that not knowing about it? On a low on a certain level is easier. But all this heavy, it's like the iceberg the tip is all it seems so much easier. There's a lot of baggage, you're bringing along with you when you don't. But as someone who's beginning to awaken beginning to understand the other side, things become lighter. Things become a lot lighter than a I'll tell you a quick story. The other day, I went to a doctor, I had a doctor's appointment. And I don't particularly like when a doctor's appointments. And I went to this doctor's appointment. And it was for something silly, simple, nothing too crazy. And I was there and got there on time. sat in the waiting room for like 20 minutes. The hell's going on? All right, God inside another hour and 20 minutes inside the waiting inside the room. Then the nurse comes in and says the other doctors not coming in. He has to go somewhere else. And I'm like, Are you out? And I? I had not been and I didn't blow up on her. I'm like, I know. It's not your fault. I was that conscious. I was not gonna like I know it's not your fault. But what he's done is so unprofessional. Isn't that like, this is ridiculous. I got in the car. I was I have not been so angry in so long. I mean, I was livid. livid. I mean, and then of course, as I'm driving home, I'm like out there. And then I'll How dare he, and all this stuff. My time is worth, you know, it's worth more than this. And all this kind of crap I'm thinking about right. And then as I'm driving home, it's starting to dissipate, I would hope in the end. And back in the day, oh, I would have written reviews, I would have made phone call, I would have dedicated days of my life to this situation. By the time I got home, it was mostly dissipated. By the end of the day, it was gone. Then, out of curiosity, I was like, let me look this guy up for a second. I had looked them up afterwards. And I saw he had horrible reviews, ruin people's lives with surgeries. I didn't have to get surgery, but he was a specialist. And I'm like, oh, Mike, I dodged a bullet that this guy didn't. I was like, holy cow. I mean, and at that point, I was like, All right. Now, right? Yeah, I get it. It's not easy when it's happening. You know, but all right, I get it. But that was a lesson that was a big lesson that I made that day.

Sara Landon 38:48
Yeah. And when we're willing to see a higher perspective, when we're willing to go to a grander viewpoint, almost instantly, the awareness of why it's happening for you comes. And I have this experience with a friend whose husband was going through surgery, and she was really, really, really upset. And this is terrible. It's ruined our lives. This has been awful. Is it been such a long journey? And I I often in my day to day life here, the council over my right shoulder, and it was the question asker in some ways this happening for you. Is there anything good? Is it? Are you willing to? Oh, yeah, that's a real tough, so I said, I have, I have a crazy question to ask you. And she kind of paused and I said, Is it possible that there's some gift in this? And she paused and she said, Yeah, that's a crazy question. And then she paused again, and she was quiet for quite a few breaths. And she said, Yeah, you know, really, there has been you know, we realized that we needed to sell our house and downgrade. That was a decision that we knew we needed to make, but we weren't doing it. Had this not happen all of our or kids would have been home for the holidays. And that was really, you know, when she just went on, then she just went on and on. And so are you willing to see that? It's possible that there's a gift in this? The second, you're willing to see a grander perspective? Or see it from a different viewpoint almost instantly? That reason that viewpoint shows up? Or are you willing to see that there might be a gift in this somewhere, in the moment you go, I'm willing, or I'm allowing that, almost instantly, it shows up. And then things continue to expand. And you see more and more reasons. And one of those things that made me very difficult is death, you know, when a loved one dies, or some sort of

Alex Ferrari 40:46
Silver lining in losing Nana.

Sara Landon 40:48
Exactly. In that moment, it may not feel like there is one,

Alex Ferrari 40:52
Of course,

Sara Landon 40:52
But what I've learned from my students in my own journey, those were pivotal, significant, most important turning points in my life. And it can be a gift. But it can only be a gift when you're in that higher perspective. And not in that victim, state. And we've all been there in our lives, it's part of the human experience, the spectrum of emotions, it's part of exploring all the different things that are part of being human. So there's no judgment on that. But for me, the ultimate thing, you know, the council says, when we really take total responsibility, that we are creating our life, at least from the perspective of creating how we react to things, how we view things, our perspective on things. Now, I would expand that to say we do create our reality. And I, that's just something no one could convince me otherwise, at this point, I've just experienced it too many times, seeing too many people create their reality, the way they want it to be, that I know it's possible for everybody if it is your choosing, but ultimately, to not take responsibility for your life to not be aware of what's going on here to not awaken. You will never have freedom.

Alex Ferrari 42:19

Sara Landon 42:19
And to me, freedom is everything. And so once we come into a state of realization, we're free. And we're responsible. And I say this with credible compassion, because we're all on this journey. And I respect where anybody is in their journey. But to be responsible, and to be free, as much as that's, we all want that freedom. And I think one of the underlying themes of humanity is wanting freedom. But most people don't want that freedom, because then they're completely and totally responsible. And so yeah, I have tremendous compassion. It's, you know, for most of us, the awakening journey isn't easy. I've had some incredible students that have had the most beautiful awakening experiences, and I hope with all the work that you're doing, and I'm doing, that we can make the awakening experience a beautiful, loving, supportive, harmonious journey for anyone who chooses it. Realization is also a very courageous experience within the Pluto. Yeah. And and, and yet, I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's been the best, best experience of my life. And it just gets better.

Alex Ferrari 43:47
Yeah, it's, it's, it's not easy. It's like it's which is what the comment I was saying before, it's like, you know, it's a lot easier not to know sometimes, even though it's not easy. Yeah. But the journey of truth is not an easy path. That's why many of the yogi's and ascended masters, I mean, those lives are not easy. Yeah, none of them. None of them, they all struggled. They all had to go through, you know, dark nights of the soul and looking at each other, and it's a lot easier to give your power away to somebody else. Yeah. Which is an epidemic in this in this reality. Yeah. to governments, to companies, to other people, to spouses, to families, to communities to religion, you give your power to somebody else, but that's just tell me what to do. I'm just the hire. Yeah, exactly. And there's always someone who'll go, I'll do that for you. Always somebody.

Sara Landon 44:35
You hit, you hit the nail on the head. If I'm exhausted, and I have not maintained that grander, perspective and level of consciousness and awareness and practiced all of these things I know and I'm overwhelmed and I've had a long day and I haven't taken really good care of myself or my body. Things can trigger me that would never normally trigger me Of course, and you just Take a breath. You go, Okay, I, I'm exhausted here. I'm not in the best state. Take a breath and, and love yourself and be kind yourself and be compassionate to yourself just like you would your child who had been in Disneyland all day, and now they're tired and they're cranky.

Alex Ferrari 45:20
When they got there, they were fine. Yeah. But the heat beats them up.

Sara Landon 45:23
Yeah. And so what would you do with your daughters? You love them? You'd hold them? It's okay. Like, are you hungry? Do you need me to hold you? Do you need a nap? And we're no different. We're no different. Yes. And so then you have something to eat, you take a little nap, you wake up, that thing isn't a trigger anymore. And so it this can all be fun if we allow it to be and we don't take it. So serious. Sure. But yeah, the one of the things the council has said is in response to a question of how do we get rid of all these people that are controlling people and taking their power? And the council said, You'll never, you'll never do that. As long as people still want to give their power away and have someone tell them what to do. You got to wake them up.

Alex Ferrari 46:11
If you wake more people that will just won't be as many people Yeah, to control. That's, yeah, you know, that's generally what it is.

Sara Landon 46:18
And I truly believe, you know, things that occur, that we would say are awful. They occur because that person is as far from the truth of who they really are, as they can be in that moment. You know, when you have your basic needs met, and you're loved, and you know, you're worthy, and you're valuable, you don't do things like commit crimes or abuse or harm people. And so we're not going to rid the world of those things. We have to elevate our consciousness to a place where those things don't exist. And the thing that's up big time right now in my teachings is worthiness. But it really is the last piece fully into realization and living in your experience of heaven on earth and a new earth and going deeper into joy and peace and love and abundance and harmony, you got to know your worth all of that. And I found that in writing my book and teaching my classes in my courses about learning how to channel one of the things people feel most unworthy of, is their relationship to source God, the divine, their own energy, their own light their own power, of course. Right. And, and so

Alex Ferrari 47:34
Brainwashed . I mean, throughout society, throughout, through religion, through community, through government, through others, other other institutions. You don't have the power. You need to come to us. Yeah. And it's since we were born school. Yeah. I mean, for God's sakes, school. Yeah. You know, my daughter came into me the other day, and it's still fascinates me that she, she saw that she was like that, I want to show you something. Here's a picture of a classroom and at 97. Here's a picture of a classroom today. Yeah, nothing is new, you're gonna say that nothing has changed. Nothing is happening. And I'm like, I, I want to tell you, let's just

Sara Landon 48:17
Agree to agree on this.

Alex Ferrari 48:18
Let's just, let's just pile through it. There's nothing I mean, it's so true. But these old systems are breaking down and breaking down and breaking down. But it's pretty remarkable.

Sara Landon 48:31
So one of the things that is a bit different from the council's perspective to other people out there is most people will say that we're supposed to forget, we're meant to forget part of this experience is to forget. And they say, No, actually, you knew that you would. But that wasn't so much at the point is, you came here as a Divine Being You came here knowing who you are. But you came into this body where your brain wasn't fully functioning, and you're actually in a brainwave state until you're about seven years old, where you're just mimicking everything and repeating everything. But that's how you learn to walk and eat and talk is that it's intentional, that the brain works that way so that we do learn to walk and memorize things. But it's not that you came in here forgetting you knew the moment you came into this incarnation, who you were in the pure love that you were in the source energy that you were but over those years, you were picking up information from everyone around you. And for most of us, we weren't raised by conscious Hmong somewhere else. And so we take on those beliefs and you know, I had the most loving wonderful family and teachers and people but you still take on limitation and I can even see the irony in it when I go back and spend time with my family and And I'll notice I say something exactly the way my dad does. But I learned that when I was seven, okay, and programming, and even if I don't see him for a couple of years, I still do that same thing, right? So imagine, here's my point, and all of that. Imagine, as all of these people who turn into next level soul, and they are awakening, and then they are living in this awakened state, knowing their truth in a state of love for themselves, knowing their worth, so they can acknowledge the love and the worthiness of others. Now imagine a child comes into that environment. And they are never taking on beliefs that are different from their truth. We wouldn't have a generation of kids or in one generation of awakened parents and teachers, kids wouldn't forget. And so years ago, I met this woman who came to one of my channeling events that she was studying in Africa with this tribe, that when the mother was pregnant, and about to give birth, everyone in the tribe got together. And they played music, and they sang are chanted, and getting into a vibration, right, and to the point where the mother would connect to the spirit of the child. And then the community or the tribe would ask the through the mother, ask the child, why it was coming, what its reason for coming, and what its gifts were and how it could best support them. And the mother would literally channel the baby, or the being coming in. And then the tribe would honor that and support that being on his journey. And so these are the things that are possible. We could really live in a fully awakened world in one generation. Oh, yeah. If we don't teach our children lack limitation, fear and separation. Now, that being said, it has served all of us if you get to a particular point where it's no longer necessary in your journey, wonderful. And that's what's possible for us.

Alex Ferrari 52:09
It's it's interesting, as I've gotten been going through my own personal awakening, over these years, especially during the time I've been doing next level soul. I've noticed that things that used to be part of my life are now not things I used to love, and no longer and I say things that people are not. I'll go back to that. And I'll go and I'll watch something with this show or something. Yeah. Yeah, that's not I'm not connecting with that anymore. And I'm like, Wow, I can't believe I don't like the memory of it is very fond. But to watch it again, or to go down that road music or books or anything like that. It doesn't hit me the same way that I was when I was young, like, you know, when I always I always joke when I was working at the video store. I'm like, oh, yeah, Steven Seagal on junk level. And that was the greatest actors of all time. When I was 17, you know, and that that was the peak of their powers. You know, you look back at that you'll really watch any of those books. Now. That's ridiculous. Well, maybe Bloodsport. But other than that, yeah, even then I can't even watch the whole thing. But those kinds of things are I just noticed that in myself, I'm like, oh, that doesn't work for me anymore. Yeah. So there is a there is something happening there. Yeah. Leveling up, if you will, or just a different, higher vibration of things that just wouldn't. Early on in my life would would, would have worked. That worked wonderfully for me. Yeah. But as we continue down the path it doesn't. And that's scary for people. That's terrifying. Because if you've established your identity to that old energy, and now you're looking at it, like literally, I'm not, I'm not that person anymore. Who am I? What's going on? Oh, my God. Oh, and then that's where you could spiral. Yeah, quickly. Is that fair?

Sara Landon 53:57
Well, yeah, that's fair. But think about as a child, what you ate or what you wanted to eat. For example,

Alex Ferrari 54:02
Our palette was a little. No sushi.

Sara Landon 54:04
I know. Mac and cheese was a little hot dogs caught up in it were like, my favorite food right now. I couldn't eat. I tried.

Alex Ferrari 54:15
And I have children. So every once in a while, I'll see what they're eating. I'm like, What's that? Yeah, no flavor. We love it. I'm like, yeah,

Sara Landon 54:23
And now I eat the things but as a kid, I thought were just the most disgusting thing. So, yeah, so there's a good example of as you expand, how you express yourself, what you enjoy the experience, you want to have those things evolve and expand as well. That's a natural thing. And so it goes back to again, this word integration, and you can go to the part of you that 17 and go oh, I just I you can judge yourself from where for where you were, what was going on then and, and that's really what keeps most people from experiencing realization. And the first thing is they think it is reserved for the monks on the mountaintops. And it's this elusive? No, I'm not good enough, right? And so most people think, Oh, well, I couldn't even do that if I tried or who am I to come into that place. And the second thing is that people judge these parts of themselves. And so the second you judge some part of you, the 17 year old you that used to listen to different music, now you're creating separation. So you're lowering your consciousness, you're taking on more density, you're creating resistance. And then you wonder why you're not in a state of peace and joy and harmony and tuned into inspiration and inspired action and, and feeling passionate? Well, you're, you're holding yourself in separation and judging a part of you. So integration is to really love every part of you to celebrate every part of you, it's all part of who you are in this experience. And nothing that has ever happened in this human experience can threaten your infinite worthiness, and nothing you ever do here can make you more worthy.

Alex Ferrari 56:08
But isn't this the basis of all of our problems, I think, in the world today is the lie or delusion that we are not all connected, that we are not all source that we're all part of God, part of source,

Sara Landon 56:22
Someone can take a person living or or from history and go, How could that person be? Source God, one with all of us that are loving and kind

Alex Ferrari 56:28
Genghis Khan killed 20 million people, right.

Sara Landon 56:37
But when you understand the journey of consciousness, and when you understand different experiences, those things from that perspective, without judgment, I can think of it and people want to say look at all these terrible things that people have done to others. And I'll just be transparent myself. The worst things I've done are to myself. i The things throughout my life, when I was not in a good place, the ways I the things I said to myself the shame I felt the guilt, I felt the unworthiness I felt, I would never inflict those things on anyone. It's pretty brutal. And so most people, you really go, whoa. Now, then let's talk about our bodies. Right? Well, let's not do what we have done to our bodies because of our feelings of unworthiness, or not being good enough. And one of these drop the mic moments I had, I was in channel, channeling the council and someone had asked about the dark night of the soul. And I had a period of time in my life where I would call it the dark night of my soul. I had left the corporate world, I had left a relationship, I had moved to a different state. I thought I was pursuing acquiring a personal development company, everything fell apart. And I'm in a yoga class one day, and this woman next to me, starts talking to me and she says, Oh, I I do que HHT sessions, and I help people get in touch with their higher self. Oh, I need to talk to you. Right. And that's what I started channeling the council. But I was in so much judgment about myself. I've screwed up my life. I've I used to be successful. Now my family and friends don't understand what I'm doing. Everybody's asking what are you doing? What was your job? But I all the things that they were saying and questioning what I was saying to myself was way worse. You know, what are you doing? Oh, yeah, you have screwed up. You're having just brutal Oh, and so the counselor says, The Dark Night of the Soul will last as long as you continue to deny love for yourself. And so what happens for most people in the awakening experience is you're going about life. I was when I was married, I had a good job. I thought it was doing everything right, you know. And then all of a sudden, through a series of experiences, my brother died in a car accident. I was diagnosed with a very serious life threatening kind of cancer. By I left my job I left my career I left my marriage. And so most people arrive at that awakening experience with this question that is who am I? Because my marriage just ended and I don't know who I am. Who am I? Because my kids are now graduated from high school and I don't know who I am. If I'm not so and so's mom, who am I? Because I just lost my job and I'm going bankrupt. Who am I? Because I have this near death experience or someone you love dies and you don't know who you are or what's going on here. And so most people arrive at their awakening experience through something like a death or a loss or a disease and though, what tends to happen is we then judge ourselves, what did I do wrong, you feel guilty, you feel ashamed, you judge yourself. And so we're going through this awakening experience. But this dark night of the soul period, is this time where we deny love for ourselves, because we think we should be somewhere other than where we are. And then when you start loving yourself going, you know, I'm, I'm doing the best I can in every moment. And for me, I was reading channeled information, I was walking in nature, I was spending time with my animals, I was really doing the things I was guided to do. I was, you know, then I started channeling the council, and I would channel them and I would read their messages and listen to their messages and live their messages. And it was really, it was about take care of your vessel, you're going through a major, major purification process. It's about taking care of your body right now. And every time I went to go back to the corporate world, or do what I thought was expected of me, it was a no, my body was no, my there was no energy in it. And I thought I was just screwing up my whole life. And so I kept on the path. And it was part of the journey of I think we go through this a bit of a purification process, not because there's something wrong with you, but because really, we're going into a deep purification of our being is the best way I can say it to get ready to hold greater levels of light and come into higher levels of of consciousness. And you said something earlier about, when you get to this certain level of consciousness, things don't resonate with you that used to resonate with you. And so I want to explain this for people because people think, Oh, we have to fix this broken world, we have to change everyone's mind, we have to go out and protest, we have to be activist we have to do we have to do all this stuff and change all these things. But what really changes things is consciousness. And so if you want to change anything, or anyone or anything in the world, it is about bringing more consciousness, to your own life to yourself, to the environment. And so naturally, it's a natural evolution, just like our own realization is a natural evolution, as we continue to raise the consciousness through shows like this, and conversations like this, and the all the incredible things people are doing out there. You can't harm people, when you're in a conscious state, when you're in a state of pure love. When you're in the fifth dimension of pure love and your own experience of having art, you can't harm people. But you also don't harm yourself. Which in turn, contributes a more loving, peaceful, joyful way of being to the collective. And so in prophecies, you have these different things like, you know, there's this light, or there's this divine moment, but what's really happening is in the elevation of consciousness, things are changing. And people are changing and circumstances are changing. And there's more consciousness on this planet than ever before, more awakened conscious beings than ever before more people moving fully into realization and experiencing realization than ever before. It was this unattainable monk on a mountaintop thing, and now we're doing it in our everyday modern lives. And there will come a moment and like you said, we're, we're, what we would say is the unwanted things or the negative things having power. It just won't be powerful anymore.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:40
And you're seeing that now?

Sara Landon 1:03:42
Yeah absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:43
There was a moment where the Roman Catholic Church was quite powerful. Yeah. And now it's a shell of itself. And it seems to be losing power. And it's not only to pick on the, as a recovering Catholic, not only to pick on on the church, but all major religions are losing whatever grip or hold out on, on people in the new generations not even putting up with it. They're just like, what?

Sara Landon 1:04:05
Well, and that's the incredible thing is, you see it in the next generation, they are awake, and they do know what they want. And it's pretty amazing consciousness is the answer to everything. In fact, the council says the greatest wealth on our planet is consciousness. So you, my friend are one of the wealthiest people.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:27
I don't know about that. But I appreciate it. I appreciate it. Well, since you brought the council Yeah, I think it's time to bring the Council in. I have all sorts of hard hitting journalists, very difficult for the Council today. And so can you explain to everybody what your process is when you channel if they have not seen you how many times you've been on the show for three, because this is number four, four or five, four or five, four or five,

Sara Landon 1:04:56
We can have so much fun

Alex Ferrari 1:05:01
So if you can't if no one's seen the other episodes, what is your process of generally the council,

Sara Landon 1:05:06
I just close my eyes and take a couple of breaths, and I'm really feeling for them. One or two breaths, I can just feel that they're right there. And then they start coming through and I'm receiving a stream of consciousness that is very intense. The love, I feel is something I can't even properly put into words that love. Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. And so the cadence of my voice does change a little bit. As I said, my eyes are closed, that just allows me to go deeper and keep up with what they're bringing through. I encourage people, if they feel comfortable closing their eyes and feeling for the vibration, that's great, too. And, you know, I hear this question, we've, we've talked a lot about channeling and all these different things. Like I said, I live a really normal life. And most people think I'm a motivational speaker and an author. And you know, a lot of people do know what I do and are very open about it. But you know, if you're one of those people wondering what channeling is, and you don't know, if you believe in it or not just hear the words, feel for the vibration, take what fits for you don't worry so much about where it comes. Because, in my opinion, everything is coming, you know, from from this source energy. And as we talked about earlier, your expression and my expression are going to be unique and different. And I want to say that I know I summon the counsel to me, because I as for as long as I can remember, for as long as I can remember, I had this question, what is our highest potential? And I studied religions, I asked every person I could find that could answer me. And none of the answers satisfied me. And I knew there was something more and I couldn't find the answers anywhere, anywhere. And while I can say now I can go back to books that I read in the past and go, well, it was right there. But I couldn't receive it in the way that that person said it. Well, yes, different, different styles different. For me, once I started channeling the council, I was like, Oh, I get it. And I always felt like there's so much more to what they're calling manifestation or the law of attraction because I had the vision board, and I manifested, quote, unquote, everything on the vision board. And then I want to do unmanifest everything on the vision board. And then I didn't want to manifest anything ever again. Because I went, wait, I am missing something here. But what I was really missing is coming into that place of wholeness and oneness within myself that it wasn't out there. And then you receive these inspirations or this this guidance and and then it's Oh, how fun would that experience be? And now you're really creating your reality through a place of wholeness and oneness instead of this. Always something out there. If I had that, then I'll be happy thing. And so the council's wisdom has just absolutely changed my life in the most amazing ways. And it's my great privilege to share them with you all today.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:06
And once you start talking, like this don't be scared, it's normal voice drops very deep. The lights might shimmer, it's okay. The table might mean I shouldn't set the table up on some sort of thing.

Sara Landon 1:08:20
Oh, that would be we gotta cut it out of this. So people aren't like expecting it. Yeah, gotta gotta cut that part

Alex Ferrari 1:08:28
And visual effects. We'll just move this. Did you see that? Yeah. It'd be great. I do this as a joke, because a lot of people's ideas are very still Hollywood, I say on the Gypsy and the border.

Sara Landon 1:08:44
And, again, a lot of people don't think they're really channeling because that doesn't happen for most of us.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:50

Sara Landon 1:08:51
So they think, Oh, well, I can still hear my thoughts but I am getting the stream of consciousness. It's just that really channeling.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:58
Or am I just losing my mind?

Sara Landon 1:09:01
A there's nothing wrong with losing your mind.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:03
All right, whenever you are reading the councils ready.

Sara Landon 1:09:07
We are so pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you on this fine and glorious day. Indeed. While our words to you are important. This is a vibrational experience of remembering the truth of who you really are, why you are here and all that you intended when you chose this magnificent life experience. You truly are here during the most incredible time of the Great Awakening of your beloved human family into truth into love into experiencing individually and collectively. The pure love that you are so that you can live fully love fully and to be all that you Our there has never been a more exciting time to be incarnated on Earth. And while we have talked in the past about this being a grand experiment, and well, it was, you have now proven that you can awaken to pure love, and stay in physical form on the planet. This is now an experience of humanity. And you can do so from a grander perspective with a higher viewpoint, really seeing the potential and the possibility for all of humankind, to awaken to the truth of who they are to. So where would you like to begin our friend?

Alex Ferrari 1:10:54
Thank you so much for being here. It's always a joy having you on the show. My first question is that I just discovered that this year, is a very pivotal year in regards to elections around the world, over 50% of all countries are having a presidential election. So there seems to be a giant shift in leadership going to happen, or turmoil if you will, in these shifts. Because anytime there's an election, there's a group that's happiness group that's not happy. What is your take on this year's elections? How are they going to affect this planet and the shift that we're going through?

Sara Landon 1:11:36
Well, when you're saying something, collectively, we want you to take it back to your own unique experience, what's really going on is you are all voting, you are all coming to a very pivotal moment of choosing, and you're not choosing between right and wrong and good and bad, you're choosing to awaken to the truth of who you really are, you're choosing to create your life the way you want it to be, you're choosing freedom for yourself to create the life you want to experience. Or you're choosing to still be powerless. And to give your power away, you talked about it before we came forth, you are either choosing to be in your power or to give your power away. And so this is being reflected in the collective that's obvious. But it really is about your own unique choice for yourself, of whether you're going to come into your power to fully awaken and to create your life the way you want it to be. None of these things outside of you can take your power from you. And so you individually and collectively are choosing. And it is the Great Awakening that is occurring that is bringing this choice to a head sort of say, creating this moment of election or voting for. But it really is your own personal unique choice of how you will move forward. Does that make sense to you?

Alex Ferrari 1:13:22
It does, it does. Now with the world being a lot of darkness seems to be coming out with the wars that are happening and with just so many different things, our environment, political, religious, all these kinds of things. There seems to be a lot of darkness in the world at the moment, at least perceived from people. What lessons are we supposed to be learning from all of this?

Sara Landon 1:13:46
Well, again, you're experiencing, and we don't refer to it as darkness, but you're experiencing the negativity within yourself. And it's not even so much negativity, it's the way you deny love for yourself. It's the way you deem yourself unworthy. So if you want to experience a peaceful, loving harmonious world around you, you must first create it within you because you are individually contributing to the collective. And so you can't go out into the collective and read the collective of all the things that you call negative or dark you must do it within yourself. And as you do you allow more and more of your own light and your own energy. And when we say one Have you truly aligned to your own power and allowing the energy in the light that you are is more powerful than millions or not we truly mean it. We'd almost say more powerful than billions. When you see something, what you consider dark or wrong in the world. First off, in what way are you giving your power to that and denying your own power or your own freedom or your own love for yourself in that moment? See, it's very easy. The to get distracted and all these things that you call dark going on in the world and not be aware of the feelings of unworthiness or powerlessness within yourself. Does that make sense to you?

Alex Ferrari 1:15:14
It does, it does.

Sara Landon 1:15:16
And so as each one of you, and we're speaking to every single one of you who are listening to this, who will ever listen to this, you drew this to you, we do not see anything inside of you as dark or bad. But you have taken on beliefs and judgments most often about yourself. And one of the predominant ones is, I'm not good enough. I'm not enough. And so you're constantly pushing and forcing and efforting and struggling, and creating chaos for yourself to try to prove that you are enough to be enough. And so now you're exhausted, overwhelmed, reactive, easily triggered, you get mad at the person who cuts you off. And now you say, Oh, look, there's an example of more negativity and darkness. But we love you so much. You truly are ultimately responsible for your experience. As you create peace and harmony within yourself, and you come into knowing the love that you are and how worthy you are and the power that you have. Now, all of a sudden, you see the power that you have, as an extension in your everyday life. And then you begin to look at the world around you and say, I'm noticing more harmony in my life than ever before, I've noticed that people are kinder, and happier and more uplifted, I have positive interactions with people, but that came from you, within you not the rest of the world around you changing or reading the rest of the world of the darkness out there. Does that make sense to you?

Alex Ferrari 1:16:58
It does, it does. Now that we've talked a lot on the show about the great shift, consciousness and all the all of that, can you explain to people who are not familiar with this great shift what it is? And for God's sakes, how long will it take?

Sara Landon 1:17:14
Well, we would actually say collectively, you're all moving now much more into realization and integration of all that you are many, many, many of you are awakened. And we said years ago, you're going to start to notice people who you never thought would awaken in your families, friends, co workers community, you're going to start seeing people awakening all around you and many of them will be people you never expected would awaken because they were so deeply entrenched in religion or belief systems that you didn't think they would ever be able to elevate themselves beyond. And now you can see it happening all around you. But if you're looking at where people around, you are still in lack and limitation and separation, you'll see more of that, as you start to notice people awakening all around you, you'll start to notice more of that. And so it truly is an incredible shift going on. But it is a shift in your own perspective, what you focus on and the meaning you give it as creating your reality. So as you start to look for the awakening in the world around you in your interactions all day long, you start to notice more and more and more of this great shift or Great Awakening that's occurring all around you. And when you have a moment, we encourage you to what we refer to as witness. Take a breath, don't go into your head, don't go into judgment. Don't make someone wrong. Take a breath and witness from a conscious place. And breathe and feel yourself filling with energy and light feel the love within you. You're not trying to change that person to make them nice or happy. You're creating a vibrational frequency inside of yourself to align your own being and every cell in your own body and every particle of Infinite Creation in your own field of consciousness to that higher state of being. And so if you are noticing someone in your family or a co worker, and you have a disagreement with them, or they're always triggering you is something you might say, or I have a very hard time keeping a high vibration around that person. It is your judgment and we love you so much. It is your judgment of that person and the law. level of consciousness there in that is entangling you in resistance, which is creating yourself having an experience creating yourself and an experience of lowering your own vibration and frequency. It's not that they did it to you. But a lot of times that person that can trigger you most, you have the biggest story around, and they have a special label. Well, they're my wife, or my parent, or my child, or my boss or my employee. And you have this story around how long it's been going on that they have this lower vibration and frequency, and you just don't want to be around them. You're deeming yourself powerless to maintain your own vibrational frequency and level of consciousness. And you think that you're pointing out where they are wrong for being in the consciousness they're in. But what you're really doing is denying love for yourself in that moment.

Alex Ferrari 1:20:59
What role do children play in this great shift?

Sara Landon 1:21:05
They remind you, of the innocent child within you, your divine, innocent, joyful, playful nature. But they are coming in in an expanded level of consciousness. And you came forth as an expanded level of consciousness from the generations before you. So many of you look at your parents and go, Oh, if I just would have been raised by someone more conscious and more awake, I wouldn't be like this, but they weren't for most of you, the generation that was going to awaken, they were the ones that would bring forth the awakened ones. And be a portal by which you divine beings could come forth into the human experience and awaken so that you could live as awakened beings, for the next generation of beings coming to the planet. So you probably notice they they see things differently, they have a different perspective on things. You had a very different perspective on things from your parents. And so when you look at the children, you can see that the Great Awakening has occurred. Can you not? Yes,

Alex Ferrari 1:22:28
I can. Yeah. So I'm gonna, there's there's a lot of fear around artificial intelligence now. And its impact on humanity. What is your take on the spiritual implications of AI's impact on humanity?

Sara Landon 1:22:46
Well, just like anything, what you infuse in it, the vibration you you bring to it is what creates the experience. So we'll take money, for example. Some people say money is a terrible thing. Some people love money. Some people love making money and spending money and having money and other people hate money, and it's a terrible thing. You're infusing the energy, money is energy. AI is a form where you can infuse potential possibility, innovation, advancement into what's possible. Or, again, just like anything else, if your habit is to give your power away to something and fear it, AI will just be another thing that you give your power away to and fear. So many of you in the past, not you particularly but but when the internet came about, many people feared that many people gave their power away to the fear of of the dark things that would happen. And so, we have said that the internet was a huge part of the Great Awakening and was put into place for the Great Awakening. And we think that AI is part of the expansion of consciousness and potential and possibility that exists here and it is part of the innovation and advancement then you have all called forth as a collective humanity

Alex Ferrari 1:24:30
Would will AI ever develop consciousness?

Sara Landon 1:24:34
Well, everything has consciousness, but you're infusing the consciousness in it. You're essentially programming the consciousness in it. And so we understand the concern we do and we bring everything back to your own personal power. What you focus on the meaning you give it as what create your reality. Today, in tandem to artificial intelligence is a huge shift towards realization. And so it's not a judgment or a comparison or a hierarchy. But as more and more and more of you awaken to your truth, to the love that you are to the peace and the happiness and the joy, and you begin to focus on creating your reality, and doing the things that you're passionate about and excited about, what you've really called forth is technology to be able to support you in your own expansion. So many of you can say, the advancement or the cell phone with the applications and the Internet has caused you to be able to have more potentials and possibilities and be more productive and explore more things and experience expansion. The same is true with aviation and flight and automobiles. And so artificial intelligence is one of those things, another one of those things, which will allow you to expand and experience innovation, which will positively contribute to more potentials, more possibilities and more opportunities. But as each of you who really care about this, see and hold a vision where AI supports you, now that you are in a state of realization, to do the things that bring you joy to do the things that you love to create the things you want to do. So we can give you an example of a wonderful person in the community that is creating beautiful images, from channeled messages, and creating a vision for something beyond what exists in the human experience at this time, that allows the human or the or you to focus on a potential and a possibility, that is an expansion upon where you are, but AI is making that possible. So see it as something that you all have called forth from an awakened place to support you in doing the things that bring you joy to being more creative to being more inspired to expanding your potentials and possibilities. And don't give your attention to the fear. Does that make sense to you?

Alex Ferrari 1:27:30
It does. Now, what advice do you give people who are so fearful of all the things that are happening in the world of AI of the elections of the environment in the storms and the raising of the of the temperature of the planet and the you know, the money system and religion, all of it? There's so much fear going around? What advice do you have for people who, who are being paralyzed by this fear?

Sara Landon 1:27:57
To the question, Who am I? Who am I? Why am I here? What's my purpose? What's my highest potential? Because as you awaken to who you really are, you transcend the fear, the lack the limitation, the separation, you come into a grander perspective and a higher viewpoint and a level of consciousness, where these things no longer have power over you. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is my highest potential? And then start asking yourself the questions. What brings me joy? What do I love? What am I passionate about? What am I excited about? Because here's what's really going on when you're in fear of everything, and you're in resistance. You are literally trying to grasp on to all of this energy and light that is you. And it is that resistance that is overwhelming is exhausting. When you start to think about the things that bring you joy, the Think, think about the things that you love, think about the things that you're excited about and passionate about. All of a sudden you open up and you start to allow and all of a sudden that energy starts to move through you. And that light begins to shine from you and all of a sudden you get excited about life and you begin to come into this place of I know who I am. And that's a very powerful statement. Nothing needs to come beyond that statement. I know who I am. I know who I am. And yes, you're on this journey. We say you are everything you wish to be you already are. And you're on the journey of witnessing your own becoming, you are everything you wish to be, and you're on this incredible journey of witnessing your own becoming. Does that make sense to you? Does.

Alex Ferrari 1:30:20
Now, in this great shift that's happening? A lot of the older systems are going to start to crumble, start to crack, what is? What is your vision, or what is your perspective on traditional religion and how it will evolve during this time?

Sara Landon 1:30:37
Well, played its role, and it still plays a role for those who are having an experience of giving their power away, or putting something between themselves and their relationship to source, there are some people that are on that part of the journey. And that's where they are, love them and allow them to be where they are. As we have said, these things that you might say, take people's power away, or try to control people. They will exist so long as people want something, to control them, and want something to choose for them and want something to tell them what to do and how to think. But just like all of you, you came to a moment where you didn't want to have someone tell them tell you what to do. You didn't want someone to tell you what to do anymore, you didn't want someone to choose for you anymore. And so this is the path that some people are on and where they're at at this moment. You didn't have to get rid of religion on the planet for you to awaken to your own truth. You didn't have to get rid of politics or governments. You didn't have to get rid of cultures and traditions that you don't agree with. You didn't have to get rid of people you don't agree with you ascended beyond them, you came in to a different vibrational frequency and those things no longer have power over you. And so you are all on your own journey, you will always cause your own suffering, when you think you know what another souls journey should be. So if you think you need to get rid of all religion, because religion is the problem, you're trying to choose for another and that's where they are on their part of their awakening journey. And there are and we will say many religions that are empowering people that are helping people come into relationship with their own source energy that are of love. So we would say there's, there's consciousness, and there's a lack of consciousness, there's separation, and there's connection and oneness. And so you don't need to get rid of all these things that you think are taking power away from people. You keep living in your power, and shining your light, and doing the incredible things that you love and enjoy, like empowering and inspiring and uplifting people through these sorts of conversations, and more and more and more will awaken. And we know of many that continue to choose either because of family or other reasons. To be part of things like religion, for example, or politics, for example, or corporate organizations, for example, even though they are completely realized masters. They no longer get triggered by those things. They see the love. They bring their own light to these things. They bring consciousness to these things, and they are serving in ways that they could never even imagine. Does that make sense to you? It does.

Alex Ferrari 1:33:59
Now, one of the things that really struck a lot of people struggle with is finding their purpose on this earth and finding the reason why they're here. What advice do you have for them?

Sara Landon 1:34:10
Well, ultimately every single one of you are here for your own realization in this life. You would not be hearing this you would not have drawn this to you you would not even be asking these questions or listening to something like this. If this life experience was not about realization for you, coming into realization of all that you are the integration have every part of you to fully ascend into a state of pure love and live as the realized masters that you are here on Earth. That is why you are here. It is a natural evolution. It is not something that you force it will happen naturally. When you feel exhausted and overwhelmed and you're pushing and forcing and efforting you are trying way too hard. Stop take a breath, relax. Ask yourself what brings me joy? And at the beginning, people say to us, I don't even know. And as we continue to ask the question, they say, Well, my children, my family, the people that I love, nature, animals, music, dancing, traveling, a beautiful sunrise, sitting under the moon, looking up at the stars. Most often, these things that bring you joy, are part of your everyday life. You're just not consciously aware that you are creating an experience that is aligned with your own joy. You're focused on what you need to do what you're supposed to do what you've got to get done, what you need to do next, what can you do to be good enough, because you deem yourself unworthy of doing the things that bring you joy, or enjoying the things that bring you joy. And so your purpose is to do what you love, do what brings you joy, to be you to live fully, to love fully to be all that you are. And those sound like terms that you've heard, but really take it in, live fully. If you're asking what is my purpose, I don't know what my purpose is, I don't feel like I'm living my purpose. What does living fully mean to you, because it doesn't mean the same for all of you. For some people really living fully is traveling. For other people. It's something they want to create, or an experience they want to have. Living, fully loving, fully, loving yourself fully, loving, fully, loving your life fully. Loving the things that you love. And to be all that you are, live fully love fully and be all that you are. But most of you have such a habit of denying yourself to express who you really are. Because you're afraid you won't be accepted, you won't be understood. You will be isolated, you'll be judged, but the person that's ultimately judging you as you when you stop judging you, the reflection of judgment from others will not be prevalent in your experience. When you say I know who I am, and I love myself and accept myself and yes, I'm on a journey. And yes, I am always expanding and becoming more and yes, I am more fully expressing all that I am with each day. You can be gentle, you can be kind you can be compassionate to yourself. Every single one of you are in this experience on this awakening journey coming into realization. And we have tremendous reverence for you. We know this isn't always easy. We know the courage it takes to remember who you really are. We know the courage it takes to love yourself. We know the courage it takes to come to a place of knowing that you are enough. And to know that you're worthy. We know the courage it takes to witness your states of unconsciousness and then not judge them. We know the courage it takes to see another in a lower level of consciousness and to love them just as they are. You are us and we are you. And we came forth because we promised we would so that you would never forget. And because we know the courage it takes to be in physical form on the planet at this time, during the Great Awakening to first come through your own realization and then to come into realization. We know and we love you and we have such tremendous reverence for you and the courage that has taken and we know it's difficult until it's not we know it hard until it's not. But what's difficult and What's hard is to hold yourself in limitation to hold yourself and lack to hold yourself in resistance. What's really really really hard is to deny love for yourself when love is what you are To deny your worthiness when your infinite worthiness is the ultimate truth of you. That's what's hard. And that's what's difficult. And when you stop doing that, and you take a breath, and you allow yourself to remember who you are, and you say, I know who I am. There will be an ease, you will feel it in your body. And in that moment, your body will start realigning to your infinite well being. When you stop pushing and forcing and efforting. And take a breath in that moment that you experience a bit of peace. You're realigning to your infinite abundance. And you allow the flow. And you allow what you want and what you need to show up before you need it. There's no lack. There's no separation, there's no struggle. Life becomes truly magical, miraculous, extraordinary. And you allow yourself to be the brilliant, radiant, magnificent being that you are and have always been. And then you know, you're worthy of doing what brings you joy, you know, you're worthy of doing what you love. And as you step fully into the truth of all that you are, you do inspire you do empower you do uplift, you do create a beautiful, harmonious, loving world, you do create your experience of Heaven on Earth, and contribute to the collective the possibility for all of humankind, to choose it from there to choose it for themselves to do you understand,

Alex Ferrari 1:41:46
I do, I do. Know, someone right now is watching this conversation was lost somebody or has or people who are watching who have lost somebody in the past, and they're curious on what happens to their loved ones. When they cross over, can you give us some details?

Sara Landon 1:42:07
In a breath, they released the density of the body, and reemerge back into pure love, Infinite Intelligence, pure bliss, all knowingness, Peace, Love harmony. You have shared many accounts and experiences of those who transition to the other side and have an awareness and then come back. As each of you move into realization, you will barely notice when you have taken that last breath and release the density of the body, because you will be aware that your consciousness is still here, as here as it ever was. None of those who had what you call near death experiences, were making their transitions. They may have released the density of the body to remember, and then come back, but they all chose to come back. And so when someone that you love makes their transition, they are continuing their journey in higher dimensions of consciousness beyond physical form, but it is a continuation of their journey. As a soul. There is nothing like this earth experience. It is the best thing going on here to come to Earth at this time and to come to realization through the earth experience. It is a great privilege to be here in physical form at this time. And there are so many interested and watching your awakening and your Realization. And many of your loved ones have already awakened and come into realization and came forth to be part of your experience of realization in this lifetime. And their transitions were part of your awakening and part of your Realization. And we get this question often. Someone that transitions and their loved one believes that it wasn't their time or it happened too soon, or it shouldn't have happened at all. And we can understand why. From the perspective of grief and loss and the belief But that person is gone, why you would feel that way. And we have tremendous love and compassion, we truly understand. But you're holding yourself in a vibration of grief, which is so far from where your loved one is that if you will take some deep breath and remember the love, you will almost immediately feel their presence because their consciousness didn't go anywhere. It is right here available to you at all times. And they are now an experience beyond the limitation of time and space that you experience when you're in physical form. So we assure you, they're more here than they ever were, they're more available to you than they ever were. This is a continuation of your relationship with them now that they are no longer in physical form. Your journey, your love, your relationship continues on, and may even be deeper, richer and more beautiful, and more loving now that they are in non physical, if you will allow it to be and honor those moments when your human feels a sense of sadness for the loss of your loved one in physical form. There was never any judgment for that. But as you take some deep breaths and feel for a state of peace, and start to feel their presence. You allow them to be with you where they are now. And you allow yourself to be with them. Where they are now, which is here. Just beyond the density of physical form, they can also focus themselves and their consciousness into anything. So when you're feeling your loved one, and you ask for a message from them, and then you look up in the sky, and there's a beautiful bird or hawk or eagle flying above you in the sky, the vacant focus their consciousness into anything because they are limitless. They're not focused primarily in a specific physical body anymore. So they can be with you in consciousness and energy through anything and everything. If you are willing to be aware and perceive the presence of them in other forms,

Alex Ferrari 1:47:29
And what advice do you have for those who are feeling lost and isolated in life.

Sara Landon 1:47:37
First off, you are so guided, supported, and loved every moment of your journey, especially when you feel lost and alone. But the reason you feel lost and alone is because you have slowed your vibration and your frequency and lowered your consciousness to a place where you are in separation. And the more you perceive yourself as separate, the farther away that love and support and guidance appears to be. And so when you start to accept what is and feel a little more peaceful, it feels a little lighter, and you're naturally to the natural evolution, command to a little bit higher vibration, a little bit elevated frequency, a little bit higher level of consciousness and you feel a little more peaceful. And then you begin to allow. And then you begin to open up to inspiration and guidance and higher wisdom that is always available to you. And we don't say higher because it's better. It's not a hierarchy. It's just a higher state of consciousness aligned to the pure love and the truth of who you are. And so as you elevate your consciousness into a higher perspective, you are more aligned to the higher wisdom that is always available to you in every moment. The other thing that we want to say is when you feel lost, sometimes you have you have come to this place because of shame, guilt, feelings of unworthiness, judgment. And all of us, your guide your angels, your higher self. We simply cannot go with you into a belief of unworthiness about yourself, we cannot go into judgment about you. We cannot agree with your guilt or shame and so you feel very alone in that because we know it's not the truth of you and we love you and we are always with you in your soul and your higher self is always guiding you. But we can't go with you into those feelings of unworthiness. And so as you do some things that bring you joy, or go to something that's fine or go to something that you like to do, you start to feel a little bit better. And then you notice you don't feel so alone. Because we're there in the truth of you of knowing that you're worthy of doing the things that bring you joy, and that you're worthy of doing the things that you love. And we're there in those vibrations of joy and love with you always. You are the light that is guiding you. And that light that is guiding you is more than the human you and more than your limited human senses and more than the logical mind, that light that is guiding you if you want to call it your soul or your higher self, or the god part of you, or the part of you that is one was sourced and the divine, that part of you is always available to you. But when you deem yourself unworthy or ashamed, you're not allowing the light that issue. So you feel exhausted, you feel unmotivated, you feel depressed, because you're not allowing the light that is you. So we often share the practice of taking some deep breaths, going from your head into your heart. And feel a sense of peace and a sense of love. You may even say to yourself, I'm okay. I'm okay. I know I'm not alone. I know I'm not alone. You may even ask, show me my light. Show me that your hair. Show me the next perfect step. And then don't start to perceive that the next step isn't showing up, go do the things that bring you joy. And the next step will present itself to you in those moments, while you're not holding yourself in a place focused on being lost and alone. Does that make sense to you?

Alex Ferrari 1:52:00
It does, it does. And finally, do you have any parting messages for the audience.

Sara Landon 1:52:08
We couldn't be more excited for you. This is the most incredible time you are coming in to levels of realization and pure love, like nothing you've ever experienced in form before. You are truly the powerful creator of your reality. Your realization is a natural evolution into the integration of every part of you to fully know your power, the light that you are, and how loved you are. We leave you with the affirmation once again. But it's so beyond an affirmation. Write it down, say it to yourself. Remember it. We have talked a lot about being in your power, being aware of when you're giving your power away or feeling powerless or things having power over you. If each one of you would come to this place, and into alignment with these words, you would see an experience a very different perspective of all that's going on here. And those words are I know who I am. I know who I am. I know who I am. And the more you allow yourself into the awareness of that the first part is the awareness. And then you can perceive it. And once you perceive it, you start to experience it once you experience it, it becomes truth. When you first become aware of something like that, or hear us say that you might say I don't know who I am. Or you might say well yeah, I know my name and and where I live and whose child I am and the story about my life but I don't know who I am. It's okay. Just take a breath. It's okay. It's natural. It's, it's it's normal for those thoughts to come. But keep affirming. I know who I am. I know who I am. I know who I am. The awareness comes first. Then from the awareness, the allowing, you begin to perceive and perceive something new. And a shift does occur in your perspective of something new and beyond an expansion of you. Then you begin to experience it and then it becomes your truth. And there will come a moment where you say to yourself, I know who I am. And you feel the power of those words in every cell of your body. And you feel the alignment in every cell of your body to those words and then you Feel the particles of infinite creation that are responding to you respond to those words. I know who I am. And you will realize yourself as the powerful creator that you are. So we have enjoyed this conversation with you so very much as always. We are always available to you. We are always with you. You are us. We are you. You are the council here on are. You are the counsel, Your Honor. We love you. We love you. We love you. And with that we are complete.

Alex Ferrari 1:55:57
How are you?

Sara Landon 1:56:01

Alex Ferrari 1:56:03
That was a session.

Sara Landon 1:56:05
You're You're very illuminated. And it's not just the lighting.

Alex Ferrari 1:56:14
So that was intense. That was I think that's a record. That was pretty amazing. There was a record channeling no question about how do you feel? By the way?

Sara Landon 1:56:23
I feel great. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:56:24
Yeah. feel energized.

Sara Landon 1:56:25
Yeah, yeah. And I, when I first come back for a moment, it's, it is a bit surreal. I mean, I I like I said, I'm President, I know what we talked about, I experience it from a much higher state of awareness, but I'm very moved by what they say when they're saying it. And when I come back, it's, I have this experience. Now, when I do open my eyes, when I'm in channel that the love is so intense, it's it's the love for you. And the love that source and our guides and our higher self. We can't put any words to this, I have never found a word in the human language to describe the intensity of love that I feel when I'm channeling from the council, for you, for everyone who I can feel the people that are listening to this, I can literally feel them, and the love that the council has for them. And I think that's partly why my eyes are closed, because I think I would just burst into tears and cry the whole time. And there are tears of love. And that I think that's how we're really supposed to feel I'm not supposed to. I think that's how we're really meant to feel. I think that is who we really are and how we really feel. And that's why grief is so painful. That's why suffering is so painful. That's why feeling lost and alone is so painful.

Alex Ferrari 1:58:07
Very true. Very true. Well, if we can please tell everybody where they can find out more about you, the council where they can pick up this new book, you are a chat, you are a channel, you are a channel, you are a channel.

Sara Landon 1:58:21
I'm so in love with this book. I am just so in love with this book, it it's it's a great privilege to channel the council and their wisdom has changed my life. But when I get messages from people that's telling me stories are my community that tell stories of how their life has changed. It's if you just change one person's life, it's the most incredible feeling. But to know that you're making a difference really is incredible. I never could have imagined that I was going to write a book on teaching people how to channel and learning how to channel or more importantly, remembering their channels connection. But it just is such a incredible experience. And I truly hope my own legacy over time is helping all who are ready to connect into their own channel. And I always feel like channeling the counsel brings in a perspective beyond. And so I practice all of the things in the book and apply the tools and the techniques in the book to connect to my loved ones on the other side to receive messages from my body or my animals. And I do a lot of automatic writing. As part of you know what I teach in this book and many other things. But I always still love channeling the council so I through the experience of writing this book things like having a friend that was an animal communicator, I would just go to her and have her communicate with my animals and so I never really had to develop that part for myself. So when I was writing this book occurred when I was teaching the course on learning how to channel and doing the classes I, I have this awareness of Oh, am I just not allowing this part of my own connection and my own ability. So I started to develop that and I can still celebrate and enjoy the gifts of everyone. In fact, you do even more. So enjoy it and celebrate and share your gifts. Once you have your own abilities, and those around you have them too. So it's really amazing.

Alex Ferrari 2:00:29
Well, as you didn't mention, where can I find you?

Sara Landon 2:00:33
Saralandon.com I also have a YouTube channel many videos I do a free monthly video podcast or a YouTube channel. My books and You Are A Channel is available on where all of your normal retailers would be Amazon audio book is available on July 2 2024. So we're excited about that. That's the official release date of the book and saralandon.com. There's lots of free resources, we have several free resources that we add every month that are channeled messages, incredible courses, meditations, visualizations, our Master's class program, like I said, other books. And I tell people just follow the energy. You know, it really is. Our website is designed to be this journey from awakening to realization and people are in different stages. So start wherever it lights up for you read some of the free resources and go through some of the free resources and then allow the energy and light to guide you. But I hope you will all consider getting a copy of your channel because I truly believe the next phase of everything that we're going through is people waking up to their gifts and their abilities. And on some level, everybody's gifts and abilities are channeled, meaning you're accessing the source energy that really fuels your gifts and your abilities and this book will support you in doing so.

Alex Ferrari 2:01:55
Sara It has been a pleasure and honor having you and it was so much fun. So thank you for everything you do.

Sara Landon 2:02:00
Thank you Alex.

Alex Ferrari 2:02:01
To help awaken the planet.

Sara Landon 2:02:02
Thank you. Oh, same to you. Thank you so much.

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