IT HAS BEGUN! The Spiritual BATTLE Between DARK & LIGHT Forces for MANKIND’S SOUL! with Paul Selig

In the kaleidoscope of life, each soul embarks on a unique journey, weaving through the ebbs and flows of existence. On today’s episode, we welcome the enigmatic Paul Selig, a man who has traversed the realms of the unseen, channeling profound insights that speak to the very core of our being. This conversation delves deep into the spiritual struggle for humanity, touching on themes that resonate with our collective journey toward higher consciousness.

Paul’s path began with a moment of profound surrender. “I actually got on my knees because I thought that’s how you were supposed to do it,” he recalls. This simple act of devotion led to an extraordinary encounter, as a voice responded to his plea for guidance. This marked the beginning of his journey into the mystical realms, where he discovered that our thoughts and perceptions significantly shape our reality. Paul’s insights challenge us to move beyond the victim mentality and embrace accountability for our perceptions, whether they concern the government, the bank, or any other societal construct.

In this profound conversation, we explore the nature of divine realization and how it can transform our lives. Paul shares that praying for someone is not merely about wishing them well but realizing the divine presence within and around them. This realization can elevate situations and individuals to higher states of being, fostering change from within. It’s a journey of seeing beyond the surface, lifting the veil to perceive the divine octave that resonates through all existence.

As we navigate the challenges of modern life, Paul’s teachings remind us of the power of perception. “How you think about something contributes to the thing itself, and informs the thing itself,” he emphasizes. This perspective invites us to reconsider how we interact with the world, encouraging a shift from reinforcing darkness to recognizing and nurturing the inherent divinity in every aspect of our lives.


1. Embrace Accountability: Understand that our perceptions shape our reality. Moving beyond the victim mentality allows us to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, fostering positive change.

2. Realize the Divine: Recognize the divine presence within and around you. This realization can elevate your consciousness and transform your interactions with the world, fostering a higher state of being.

3. Shift Your Perspective: How you think about situations and individuals significantly impacts their reality. By shifting from reinforcing darkness to recognizing the divine, you contribute to a more positive and transformative experience.

Throughout our discussion, Paul highlights the importance of not becoming attached to the structures and meanings imposed by society. He encourages us to see things as they are, without the biases and judgments shaped by history and culture. This detachment allows for a more profound understanding and connection to the divine essence that permeates all existence.

Paul’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of spiritual awakening. From a life shrouded in fear and uncertainty, he has emerged as a beacon of light, guiding others toward their own divine realizations. His teachings challenge us to look beyond the superficial and embrace the deeper truths that lie within.

As we conclude this enlightening conversation, we are reminded of the importance of inner work and the continuous journey toward higher consciousness. Paul’s insights serve as a guide, illuminating the path for those who seek to understand the deeper mysteries of life.

Please enjoy my conversation with Paul Selig.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 460

Paul Selig 0:00
I actually got on my knees because I thought that's how you were supposed to do it. And I said it. And I meant it. And then three days later, I heard a voice. When I asked what do I, what can I do for myself today that's positive. And I heard a voice and told me what to do. How you think about something contributes to the thing itself, and informs the thing itself. We prefer to think of ourselves as victims to what we encounter. But in fact, that's not the case. So to move to a level of accountability to those things, how we perceive the government, or the bank, or all those things, that's what can allow change and other kinds of ways. When you reinforce the darkness and data will rise indeed, it will rise now when you pray for someone. Now, when you pray for someone, I wish them well, I wish them well, that's all fine. That's all fine, but the realization divine, but the realization of the Divine or known principle or knowing the presence of the Divine or the other seems to be where the other seems to be what the situation is, or the situation is actually alters the thing actually alters the thing, or lifts the being or lifts the being to a higher tone, to a higher tone where change can occur, where change can occur to know God to know God, nobody, nobody throws a no means realize where God has been abandoned, where God has been abandoned. His restoration is restoration to lift the thing to lift the thing to see the thing to see the thing and a higher octave. And a higher octave is for it to be made new is for it to be made new.

Alex Ferrari 1:23
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Paul Selig, how you doin, Paul?

Paul Selig 1:38
I'm good. Thanks for having me.

Alex Ferrari 1:39
Thank you so much for coming all the way down here to next level soul studios. And joining me live we've done I think this is episode five that we've done?

Paul Selig 1:50
It could well be

Alex Ferrari 1:51
I think this is a fifth one we've done together and you're in, you're in a rare club of the five time or club on this show. That's how much I love having you and our conversations. And I really appreciate you coming down to to do this live for the first time. So I appreciate it.

Paul Selig 2:05
I'm really glad to be asked. Thanks.

Alex Ferrari 2:06
Thank you so much. And we're gonna have an interesting conversation. But we're also going to be talking about your new film, a new film, listen to me, I'm back in the olden days, your new book, A world made new by the guides. And we were just talking that you have no idea what this is anymore. You forgot what you wrote?

Paul Selig 2:22
Mostly, I forget what I wrote. I haven't done the audiobook yet. And it was when I sit down and I do the audiobook and I have to read the transcripts. That's one of the first time that I really read the material. Because when the books are being dictated I remember maybe a third of what comes through. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 2:38
It's it's, I mean, I wish I had that kind of ability to just spit out books because you spit them out once a year at least right?

Paul Selig 2:46
It's how it's been. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 2:47
And how many years have you been?

Paul Selig 2:48
I mean, this is the 12th book?

Alex Ferrari 2:51
And do they have a exploration of how many more they want to do? Or is it just going to keep going?

Paul Selig 2:55
Well, they've said that this book is the end of the teaching that began with the first book, which was called I Am the word. So this sort of is the completion of the first teaching, and they're starting another one. So So I know that there's two more I know that much. I don't know what they are yet, but they said we have two more that we want to dictate. So they'll come

Alex Ferrari 3:15
My God, it's kind of like Harry Potter, like after the first seven books, or whatever, the six books wherever they were. Yeah. And now you're like people like so. Are there more? Yeah. Oh, yeah, there's a whole other series.

Paul Selig 3:25
I don't know how long it's gonna be I you know, I, I don't know how long I can sit in the chair and do this. I mean, I'm grateful for it. I don't understand it. But every time with these books, because I don't even know what they're called until they deliver it. I don't know the title. I don't know anything. I sit in a chair. And I hear. We know we have a book to write. And then they said, This is chapter one, and bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. And that's how it comes. It's all spoken. There's no writing. So I don't even when I first had to transcribe the books from the recordings. I knew more because I was having to listen so carefully. And now somebody else gets to do that, which is fine by me.

Alex Ferrari 4:02
Paul, I mean, when we first when our first conversation happened, we I was fascinated with your kind of reluctant channel energy that you had just kind of like, this is what I do. This is my life. Now. I kind of asked for it in that kind of way. And it's been it's been years now. How long have you been channeling the guides.

Paul Selig 4:21
They began dictating books through me in 2009. But I've been working with them since I was in my I would say early 30s. So it's a long time. It's 30 years of doing this kind of work. But it really developed how I work now is completely different than how it started. When I started I was hearing fragments of information for other people, or I was hearing instructions for working with energy and I was really developed, I think by them through my continued willingness to keep showing up for this stuff. Because nobody knew that I was doing it. I had a small group but that was it. I mean, I wasn't looking to be known.

Alex Ferrari 5:03
That's the thing. You're, you're, you're very similar to me in that manner. Because I truly if I can be anonymous, I would. Yeah, I'm sure if you could be anonymous, you would. Because it's just not. I don't search for the spotlight. Yeah, I don't think you search for the spotlight, but we do it as part of our work. And we've agreed to do so. And I think that's probably best. Because if you get too caught up in the spotlight, or looking for it, it becomes dangerous.

Paul Selig 5:26
I agree. Um, you know, the very first group that I when I, when I first knew I was going to do a group, and the guides said, you know, yes, do it, I miss it, and don't advertise. And I went, Okay. And then people started showing up that I had known on the street, and suddenly, I had a full apartment full of people. And this was, you know, when I was maybe 32 years old. And it was really about letting the work itself be primary, not Paul being known for the work. I mean, I think of myself as a radio, you know, when I hold a broadcast, and, and that's really it. So you know, my name goes on the cover of these things, but I didn't write them. And I don't feel I don't feel that kind of pride around these things.

Alex Ferrari 6:11
How do you how do you still, you know, I mean, you've been doing this for 30 years now. Do you see yourself doing this moving forward for the rest of your life? This kind of work? Or is there going to be a point where you go, I think I'm good. I've done what I needed to do.

Paul Selig 6:27
I don't know, I really don't know, I, I enjoy the work. I don't understand the work. It doesn't feel resolved for me. In what sense? Like, well, I don't know where it's going, I don't feel but I'm an enlightened being, you know, I, I'm growing enormously through this process. I'm a very different man than I used to be in many, many ways. And I'm, I'm grateful for that. But I'm still curious to know what's next. And the interesting thing about how they teach is they're always building on their teaching. So when they said, you know, there's two more books coming, at least that I know of, they actually said three, two would be channeled, and one they want me to work on, which is basically a book about all the books, so sort of deconstructing the teaching over a series of chapters. So you can read the book and say, This is what they're talking about in these texts. And they want you to write that, I hope they're gonna help because I haven't read them. I haven't read. I mean, I've read some of them, you know, but I don't go back and study the books like some people do. And I have a good retention of the overall themes, because the themes are consistent, and how they're broken down on the text really is a progression. You know, they they take their students through a way of becoming aware to them of themselves and energy in a way that I think doesn't, you know, blow them out into the stratosphere.

Alex Ferrari 7:58
What I find fascinating, and I always tell people that if people always ask me about channeling, is it real? Is it not, and you're one of the greatest doubters, or we're this kind of stuff, you're very grounded human being. And you still, even to me, you're like this is I mean, it's ridiculous that I'm doing this, but it is what it is. I find it fascinating that you, you still are rolling with this in the way that you are. But I also find fascinating, you just said that you're not an enlightened being so many people throughout history, anytime that there's a prophet, or someone like that, that comes down the road that's giving you knowledge, they become idols, people idolize them, I know that you have done everything to stamp that out as much as possible. And believe it or not, even in my world, people have tried to start to like, talk about that with me. I'm like, no, no, no, no, guys, please. Wait, as you're going through this process, are you? I mean, you obviously said, you've changed person, have you evolved spiritually at all through this process? And were you? I mean, I mean, literally vibrationally frequency wise.

Paul Selig 9:08
I'm sure I have I mean, that I don't question. You know, my abilities have changed. And I don't think of the abilities necessarily as proof of enlightenment. You know, I think some people are built a little differently. And I have an energy system that's been developed through a long period of agreement to this. But I don't you know, I don't fear the way that I used to. I used to be terribly, terribly fearful. I worry still, you know, I'm a worrier. I taught myself to worry when I was seven, because I wanted lines in my forehead like my father had 20 That was when I was seven. I wanted lines on my forehead, and I was worrying ever since. But I I have I have a life right now that I didn't know I could have and I would not have known to ask for it. I wouldn't have known it was even on the menu of what I could allow. You know, I was a college teacher for 25 years. And I was doing this work quietly. And it wasn't until the first book was published. And I realized my name was going to go on the cover that I had to kind of come out and sort of say, well, this is what I'm doing. So the process of being in this work itself has been an education. And that's, you know, the the energy field that I work with, you know, is able to serve as a conductor to other people. So the groups that I do, and the workshops that I do are actually, I think less about the information that the guides are dictating than the energy that accompanies them, which is really palpable, and usually kind of enormous. And that's exciting for me to be part of that.

Alex Ferrari 10:43
Do you think that your role in this life as a soul plan was not only to do this work, it's an obvious thing to do this work, but is to help you evolve in a way spiritually as a soul? That not that not everyone is doing, obviously. But I'm just wondering how the structure is on your evolution, because you are such a reluctant channel or reluctant to this work when you first started. And your whole I love your practical outlook on how you do your work. And like the workers the work, the work, the work, and this what I do, and sorry, if you don't like it move on, kind of thing is, do you think this, what do you think that is as far as your evolution because having this kind of energy flowing through you and a lifetime, for years, has an effect, not only in the body, but on the soul. This frequency has to be you can't be at a low frequency and do the work that you're doing.

Paul Selig 11:39
I think the guides that I work with can override me. And they often do, okay. I mean, I've had rotten days, and I've had to show up and channel and the channeling is great. They're fine, you know, and the moment the channeling is over, I feel better than I felt before I went in. But it's not about for me maintaining an ideal of who I'm supposed to be I have to show up for this regardless, you know, I channeled like, you know, I think like the day my mother passed, I channeled, you know, after you know, at least Yeah. And they're fine they come through. So I don't know what the question was really.

Alex Ferrari 12:15
So I mean, I think that just someone who goes through life doing the work that you're doing, it's going to eventually

Paul Selig 12:21
It affects everything.

Alex Ferrari 12:22
I think it will affect everything. But the thing is, when I say that you can't do it as a low frequency. I think at this point, they can override you. But generally, if you try to override the nervous system of someone who's not ready in a blow circuit,

Paul Selig 12:36
Yeah, yeah. I don't know how it works at that level. I you know, I was highly sensitive as a kid, you know, I did everything that I could do to suppress that sensitivity, whether it was I was a four pack a day smoker, I was a boozer, I did everything that one can do, you know, a couple of years ago, I was 300, and something pounds to really sort of keep myself protected, in some ways from the sensitivity. And it's been a process for me to allow that. And to become friends with that. And to see it as an ally, the work that I do, both as a channel and a psychic really does involve my stepping into people and feeling what they're feeling. And then hearing them, you know, not only the guides, I'm a radio station for the guides, you know, they're what I play, but when I work with other people, I'm tuning into them and other levels as well. And so the sensitivity is useful. And my energy field, I suspect has been developed in order to do this. Did I come for this work? Probably, you know, I had, you know, because I've been writing about my life lately, and trying to understand some of it and really trying to understand some of this passage. Because I was not, you know, I was raised pretty much an atheist and but I had a visitation when I was about five years old, I had an out of body experience that I never forgot, with a being that was hovering over my bed that I pretty much at this point think, was the primary guy that I work with. And I think I was and it was funny, because I was watching I was watching this being next to me. And at the same time I was going up on the ceiling, watching my body in the bed, having the conversation. And, you know, in my childhood wasn't fun. It wasn't easy. And in some ways, I think I was given a little maybe push saying, you know, stick with this, whatever it is, but the idea of God or whatever that might be. I suspect it was a longing that I had when I in my life but I was somebody who grew up in a household where you weren't sort of posed to have that we didn't believe in those things. And then once it was there, it was there and once it showed up, it kind of didn't go away although my relationship to it has changed.

Alex Ferrari 14:53
Now one thing I wanted to talk to you about today and maybe we can bring the guys in if they if they still feel like coming in today. Mmm Is this kind of spiritual battle that's going on right now for Humanity's frequency for lack of a better word. But for more dramatic, their sole humanity soul, there seems to be dark energies that are trying to hold on to what was what was and what they're comfortable. And there's another lighter energy that's trying to push us to the next shift. What do you what do the guides have to say about this kind of spiritual battle for humanity.

Paul Selig 15:27
They don't, they don't talk about it. They don't talk about a battle. Okay. And I think you know, because when we do that, we move back into this idea of separation and division, which is not what they talk about, at all. I do think that there's a massive change occurring, and how, and the resistance to the change is what you're really speaking to correct. And that's real. But the personality structure, the guides, say, who we think we are, and this is individually and collectively knows itself entirely through a lens of separation, which is how we've experienced everything, the guides I work with, say, you know, your idea of history, and your idea of who you are, is based on a false concept, that you're separate from source, right. And so that's how we've operated. And the personality self knows itself entirely through historical data, what was what's been, so they say, we've been at war for so long that we cannot imagine a world without one. And I think that the danger, perhaps, is overlaying that on spirit as well. And looking for the fight. I don't know that it's a fight. I think as much as anything else is a choice, what I hear is, everything is changing. And everything was had its bases in fear, which is separation, you can call it whatever you want, that's going to have to be addressed. So the paradigm of war, they just lectured on war for a full day yesterday, okay, you know, in this class that I was in, and about our reliance on separation, and our need to be right and our need to justify. But to go back to what you were saying when the very first book was dictated, which was I am the word, the very first book signing I did, which was in the old Bodhi Tree bookstore in LA. And they were like five people there. Nobody knew who I was. And I'd never done a book signing. And I read a little from the book, and they're swimming in the, in the first row, one of the fives raised her hand said, Oh, this sounds like what the Galactic Federation of so and so we're saying, and what are your guides say about those evil aliens? And what was funny because they hadn't been I wasn't channeling. And they but the guys jumped right in. And they said, Isn't it bad enough that you can't get along here you have to vilify the rest of the universe. So we have to stop projecting a paradigm, I think, because then we end up back in this black and white right and wrong thing, and then nobody wins. I don't think anybody wins. So if you can get to the place where you can realize the inherent divine, the inherent divine, that much must always be there and already be there. That's when things change. So the guides say, what your dam dams, your back, what you put in darkness, or who you put in darkness calls you to the darkness. And I think that can be true with any kind of tribalism, even with the good people and the bad people and what we want to think in those terms. So I don't think that things change that way, they guys have said, we have been at war, since somebody picked up the first rock and threw it, you know, we've been doing this and we've been doing it for so long, that we assume it's always going to be there. And in this lecture yesterday, they use this new metaphor, I'd never heard it before. They said, Imagine you're in a room with a big painting hung on the wall. And it's extraordinary violence. And no matter what you're doing in the room, your experience in that room is informed by that picture. Even if you're trying to ignore it, it is there. And they say pretty much that is the world that you've been living in. Until we we collectively move to a level of consciousness, where war is not an option, we're going to have it because war finally is an idea that's been enacted. And because we've always had it, we think it's supposed to be there. And that goes back to the thing the guides said about the personality self knows itself through history, we can imagine a world without war really, because we think of War with a peace as not fighting for the wild. So fighting is still part of the equation, that picture is still hanging on the wall. So they're talking about how we are all lifting to a level of consciousness where this has changed. It's altered. When war is no longer an option. We're not going to seek to justify it or find ways to create with that or get what we want from it. They've got a lot of opinions on this stuff. So When it goes to a battle between light and dark, that's not how they talk about it. They don't talk about things in absolutes that way they talk about things, as in gradation. They do talk about evil, which they talked about as being the intent to do harm, which is a very simple definition. But for the most part, our biggest problem they say, is our denial of the inherent divine. And I'm stressing the word inherent. Because they say you can't make anything holy. It already is. But you can deny the divine in anything. And we do and we have. So they've kind of said, and you can shut me up if I'm going Oh, please. They say it's kind of like we're all born into a swimming pool that somebody peed in before we got here. You know, and love the guides. But no, but it's like, that's how we know our world. We don't know anything other than what we've had.

Alex Ferrari 20:56
So is there is it kind of like you you just said a little bit ago that you couldn't conceive of the life you live. I couldn't conceive the life that I'm living right now. Is it the case that humanity cannot conceive of a life that is, without or not, we're quiet for a while. But without war, we're we're peaceful, we would cooperate we we all connect to the Divine and understand that's inherent, that's inherent in life. That's the rudimentary,

Paul Selig 21:24
They talk, they say yes, that's what will be happening. I don't think that this is some you know, rainbows and unicorns kind of scenario, I really don't. I mean, I'll give you an odd example. Because I was doing a five day thing out in on Maui. Recently, where I live, it was a big retreat. And the guides started talking about how our idea of God is wrong minded. And any idea of God finally is wrong mind is the best that we can do, given where we come from, you know, but we're still informing the idea of God as a loving God punishing God, a God that's gonna smite those people send these ones to how all of those things. And so the idea was of moving to what exists beyond that idea that we've created our idea of source or God to what is actually already there. And they say it is it just it is, it is it is, it is, it is it is. And they talked about how we inform everything with meaning. And everything that we see, has the meaning that was primarily given to it by those who came before us, this is a good thing, this is a bad thing. This is a fine watch. That's a crappy watch. They both tell time, but aren't we we invest in the meaning. And I had an experience after that lecture, where I was walking around, and everything just was, and the meaning wasn't attached to it. This is a beautiful day, it was a day it was beautiful. But it everything was what it was, it just was and here was the really trippy part for me, I got it, that it was all source. It was all God, you know, in different levels of expression, you know, that guides have said there is one note song in the entire universe that isn't manifestation is all things. And all of these things are operating at different levels of tone or vibration, and in a scale. So when they when we talk about evil, or you know, the dark forces, or whatever that is, we're talking low vibration, and then you can go to the higher now we're the ones who decide what is good and what is bad. For the most part, what's good to you. And I may be bad to somebody watching the show who doesn't believe in any of this stuff, you know, and that's perfectly fine. It's, it's subjective, I suppose. But when you think of reality, as an octave of tone, and that's how they describe it, high notes and low notes, and they're all being played, and they're chords and things and they're things that we see, it's only one octave. They say that when you move up in vibration to what they call the next octave, they call it the upper room. That's how they describe it. Fear is not operative there at that level of tone. And so you're not spiritually bypassing and pretending something bad didn't happen or hard didn't happen. But you're beginning to have an experience of yourself without the mandate of fear to be what confirms or informs one's choices. And we're doing that all the time without even knowing it, I suspect, and then the world I think has changed. And so that's how they teach this the battle stuff. You know, the challenge with the even the term spiritual warrior that people like to Bandy about is You got to be looking for the problem.

Alex Ferrari 25:01
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You can't have a warrior without a war.

Paul Selig 25:39
That's pretty much it. And so you're going to find one. So I think that there are ways of addressing the things that are hard and challenging. And you can call them war and poverty and you know, and systems of control whatever they may be. And I think that's all happening now. And it's been happening. And I think it continues to happen when the guides dictated a book called The Book of Truth, which I think it was right before the Trump Clinton election time. And they said right before that in that book, and they said, Okay, what's about to happen now is that everything that's been buried is going to be Ruby is going to be revealed. It's gonna be process of excavation. I mean, this is dated. So it's right before a lot of things happened, including a lot of movements and a lot of awakening to past, you know, promise. Yeah. And they said, but if you if you imagine that this is happening at the individual level, and at the level of the collective as well said, if you imagine your backyard is suddenly an archeological dig, and things are being exhumed from five years ago, and 5000 years ago, or 50, it's going to look like a mess. And they say the purpose of this ex, this explanation is not to blame, and not to rage, it's to see because nothing is healed, or brought to the light until it is first seen. And the idea of seeing something without informing it with the edicts of a particular culture or religion or doctrine is seeing in truth. Now, the guides say we think of truth as my personal truth that her personal truth and truth has been subjective. But they say what is true is always true. And that's what brings you back to the idea of source or the one note song where you can see the inherent divine than what was created in distortion or fear or anger, you can actually shift the thing to begin to operate at a higher tone.

Alex Ferrari 27:42
And you know, you were saying that you weren't you were looking at a day you were in a day, and it was a beautiful day to your point of view. But you know, for me, you know, sometimes a sunny day is nice, but it can be hot. Like sometimes, like overcast days, yeah, where the weather's nice. But it all depends on the point of view, purpose, people's preferences, and also their programming that they grew up with.

Paul Selig 28:05
But this was different. You see, this wasn't about that. That's what was so different about it, it just was, it was just a day. No, it just it explain how I can say this, you Okay, so I'm sitting here with Alex, who I like, and I have history with, and I'm sitting in the studio, and, you know, I'm thinking about what we're doing. And that's one level of my being engaged on another level. And I'm not going to say this, while they might have to come in and explain what I'm trying to say, we're just being here, we're in the moment where we are, but we're being here without the meanings that I would attach to things like I like your sweater, or, you know, I want you know, all that stuff, it just was. And for me, the only experience that was so different was I got it in some level, what they were talking about, about sort of how things have been, they say we're operating in a museum, everything that we encounter was named by those who came before us, and has the meaning that the culture has given it. And so we end up without intending to, to replicate the old stuff, always including how we fight and how we solve things. So you go to this other level, you see the divine self, what they call the the monad of the God within the monad does not know itself through historical data is not bound by time and space. So the claim that the guides work with and their teachings Behold, I make all things new is the realization of what actually is outside of how it's been decided upon by those who came before us or what we think it's supposed to be. It's a very different way of being in an experience.

Alex Ferrari 29:47
It's very interesting the way you look at that with the, with the wars that are going on right now and this old way of looking at things. I love the idea that you're saying that we Eat everything that we've touched. This is called the book. Yeah. Because someone called it a book. Yeah. And our culture, and our culture and other cultures is called other things. But in this is, there's no great example. But a lot of the things that like, what's going on in some of these wars? Those are 1000s. Some of them are 1000s of years old. Yeah, these arguments, fighting over a patch of land that said, I did this, or I did that. And that's mine. No, that's mine. No, what really happened was here, it's our land, that's your land, all that kind of stuff. And generationally, they wake up, and their kids are told, that guy's bad, we're good. They did this, this and this, but they never experienced any of it. And then it just kind of, it's a self fulfilling prophecy. Because eventually, you have so much hate for that person on the other side, one day, they're going to do something high. That's what they were talking about. And it's just kind of this this vicious circle, we're trying to pull out of it. But it seems like it's going to take a minute.

Paul Selig 29:50
I think it's going to take a minute. And the guides have said, you know, we can learn if we want to the futility of war. By fighting until there is nobody left standing, we can do that if we want to, they say it's not going to happen. And this is what they say that gives me hope. They say humanity has decided at a higher level at a collective level, that we're going to move beyond this. And that we have to do this in some ways for our survival as a species. And the species they say is shifting, we're going into this whole other level of, of experience. And it sounds far out. But when I and this isn't to make myself special, because I don't experience that. But things that are very ordinary to me now in terms of how I hear and feel and utilize my senses are things that I were told were impossible when I was growing up. And I'm not that special. You know, and because we all have capacity for this. And I think part of what allows for this is our willingness to trust. And ideally, I suppose trust in something greater, something higher, something beyond the personality that wants to get its way no matter what. One of the first things that I heard and channeling. And I always have to say I'm 99% sure that I heard it and channellocks I wrote it down on a piece of paper because I didn't understand it. And I was having a hard time when I heard it. And I heard freedom will come or freedom comes when the throne relinquishes its king. And I thought what the hell does that mean? And now I totally get who's running the show? What aspect of self? Is it the self that knows? Truly knows, and they say knows means realizes that everybody is of source? Or is it the one that says Off with their heads? Or I have to get my way at the cost of it that there's not enough and I better grab it. You know, borders are ideas. That's what they're just they're just ideas that have been concretized inform,

Alex Ferrari 33:02
When you look at a space from outer space you look at they're not there, there's no there's no big lines?

Paul Selig 33:07
Nope, nope, nope. And a country is an idea, you know, and you know, all of their everything that guides say everything was first idea. And when you go back to the first idea and you go to source or what allows for that idea to be enacted or made into form, then you go back to the source of all things, then that's when things change. That's really the alchemy that occurs, not by trying to fix or stamp out or eradicate or justify, or fight or blame. It's actually coming from a different level of consciousness, which is how the guides say they say that's how a world is made new. That's their teaching.

Alex Ferrari 33:46
You know, one thing I find fascinating about I mean, I have the opportunity to speak to people like you, and probably more so than most people have have access to people who are on on their spiritual path or have abilities like psychics or channels and things like that. This concept of the spiritual ego is really interesting, especially in the work that that you do and even in the work that I'm doing, where you know, someone like yourself, who has a channel, who channels you know, profound wisdom through these guides could very easily become egotistical. About it's me, it's me, it's me, that's one level. That's the really, out front level, easy, low hanging fruit level. Now the deeper more dangerous level is when someone is going through awakenings or are starting to get certain abilities start to see things a little differently, maybe through meditation, maybe through gifts that have been something like that. They'll start throwing spiritual terms on things that shouldn't have spiritual terms. Kind of like oh, that oh, that leaf fell at the sign. Yeah, and you start to build your own your own storyline and The ego because the ego is very tricky that way, that ego will come in and go, oh, so we're spirit. Okay, well, we're gonna be the most spiritual thing. If we're just gonna go down this road. Yeah, it's not the mask we're wearing. Okay, we gotta take it up. And I'm sure you've run into a few.

Paul Selig 35:13
A lot of it. I mean, and I run into it all the time I live on Maui, where everybody's a shaman. Obviously, it's just it's part of the culture. It's funny when you were saying this, I remembered, you know, I'm an old 12 stepper. I got sober when I was 25. So it's 37 years now. But I remember at the beginning, the magical thinking, because for me, you know, oh, my God, there is a God and Oh, my God, what does that mean? And I remember hearing people say, I was driving here, and every light turn green. And that means I was supposed to be here. And I thought, Well, maybe you just hit the lights at the right time. But I understood the need to sort of just justify and verify that experience. And I actually think it's a stage of development. I think it's something that people pass through. And the good news is, at least they're onto something. I mean, if you think that your spirituality is your crystal collection, you know, eventually you'll hopefully realize that that's not the case that those are tools that people can use. But that's just that's what they are. People I think can easily get caught up in the fashion, or the jargon of spirituality, where the mask or the culture mask and the costume. That's it, that's big stuff. And I, I'm a bit of a curmudgeon around this, I'm afraid and I you know, because I Well, it's true, though, but not. And some of its comes from a place of compassion and having lived through it. You know, when I was waking up to this, everything was exotic and sexy, and oh, my God, and I'm the paranoid God, I was I wanted it all. And I wanted all badly, and I wanted it all, sincerely. Now, I came into this stuff in at a period of crisis. You know, I had been raised an atheist. And I was in this hotel room in St. Paul, and I didn't know where to get drugs in St. Paul. And there was a giant gopher on a spit outside my window in the gopher campus motor Lodge. It was awful, awful, awful. It's very surreal. It was crazy. And the Gideons leave these books in a drawer, and I took it out. It's a prayer for people in crisis. I actually got on my knees, because I thought that's how you were supposed to do it. And I said it. And I meant it. And then three days later, I heard a voice. When I asked, What do I What can I do for myself today? That's positive. And I heard a voice and it told me what to do. And I went,

Alex Ferrari 37:37
I'm sure I'm sure you do. Like, this is completely normal. I'm completely fine with this.

Paul Selig 37:41
No, but no, it wasn't a voice in the room. None of I knew that it was a voice. The thing about the voice, which is still true when I channel and I don't know if these were the same guides, or some aspect of me that knew. But there was no way to doubt the truth of what I heard. And the guides say, you know, the difference between thinking and knowing is that there is never a question and knowing and divine knowing our true knowing, which is really clear cognizance. There is never a question. And when you have those moments of true knowing pretty much you're you're being asked to act upon that. That thought so, how did I go there? I mean, that was how I started. I know because for me, at that time, it wasn't fashionable. I mean, it was it was the new way. The old New Age. Shirley MacLaine, New Age 1987. You know, she was on the cover of Time Magazine.

Alex Ferrari 38:38
You know what, no one's talking, channeling back in 87. Not really,

Paul Selig 38:42
There was there was Set books, I had read half a set book when I was a graduate student, I was at Yale, I used to get drunk and read half a set book. And that was it, you know, but, um, and I thought it was fascinating. But I and I think it really did affect me. But I didn't spend a lot of time dwelling on it. And I wasn't hunting things out. For me and for many, many people. When this becomes inevitable, is when you go or when you answer a call. And the good news is, I think the people being born now are being born now with more innate awareness. And you know more Hynek gives me great hope. And I because I've taught college for so so many years. I watched, generate generationally how the kids showed up. And right before I stopped teaching at NYU, which was maybe nine years ago or something. You know, some kid on the stage in a class that I was teaching dropped his folder of papers. 100 pages fell all over the stage, and all the kids in the front row without saying a word got up and pick the papers up and handed him back. And I was like what?

Alex Ferrari 39:52
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, that's in an 80s movie. They would have just been like, nerd. All that.

Paul Selig 39:59
Pretty much but It was a whole different consciousness. And nobody talked to each other, they just showed up and did the right thing. And I was very moved. And it gave me great hope. And I actually still have it. So, you know, I don't think it has to be that hard. But I think all the, the mask stuff fades away in time if you stick with it. Or if you just want to stay in the costume, the costume is going to kill you in time.

Alex Ferrari 40:25
There's no doubt about it. Even when I was going through my journey throughout, in spirituality way, years before I even started this conversation. You know, there would be those moments where you're like, Oh, I know this information. So I must be better than you that kind of those kinds of things. You know, is like I've read this book, so Oh, you haven't? Oh, you poor soul. These kinds of things. It's just such a trap. But you're right, it will crush you eventually. Well, are you are you moved through it? Or you're moved? If you don't move through it, it will crush you.

Paul Selig 40:55
You know, I don't you know, I didn't know Ram Dass I, his community on Maui are my friends. Sure I spend time with them. And I had one kid who used to plug in a Ram Dass lecture every time I got into the car with him because he wanted me to know the teachings. But there was this one lecture that I did here that I loved all of it. Actually, I thought it was all I thought, Oh God, this is like what the guides are saying it's just funny, or it's easier to understand funny, he was funny, but it was this teaching about how, you know, when everybody first would get spiritual, I guess he probably delivered this in the 70s or something. And he's wearing white and Namaste this. Namaste that. And then he said, you run into that person two years later in a bar, and they're saying what that was all that crap about what was I thinking? And what Ram Dass said was, that person's still on the path. Just looks different. Like once you're on it, you're not off it. And I gotta say, that's been true for me and I think true for many people, but it doesn't have to look a certain way. That's just that's the ego too.

Alex Ferrari 41:50
Well, when I when I think channeler this outfit, obviously is high spiritual channelers This is the outfit I think, no, you you walk around looking normal. Completely.

Paul Selig 42:02
Well, I you know, I'm not saying that I'm normal. But I'm as normal as one can get, I suppose doing what I do.

Alex Ferrari 42:09
Right, but you're not wearing white and I don't I don't chanting and things like that.

Paul Selig 42:14
You know, I go to kirtan and chant with my friends, but mostly because they're my friends.

Alex Ferrari 42:18
Right! But not day to day.

Paul Selig 42:19
No, I couldn't, I could care less. But it doesn't get me anything and all of these. If it gets anything, it probably gets your trouble. You know, I can't imagine. I don't know. I mean, I'm not one of those people who has a photographer falling around for for Instagram. I just feel

Alex Ferrari 42:38
I would love to see your Instagram.

Paul Selig 42:41
I have one.

Alex Ferrari 42:42
Like, no, I would like to see you like, so this is what I'm eating today. Look at this.

Paul Selig 42:47
This is me holding up a crystal to the light.

Alex Ferrari 42:49
The light should yeah. Do you see the beams? But yes, the guides, like,

Paul Selig 42:54
You know, maybe that's a place people have to go to. And I think that there's a lot of stuff that passes for channeling but I don't think is channeling, you know, that like people would like to call channeling which I think is mostly ego, you know, and somebody is very well intentioned. And some of it is just somebody trying to, to do a cool thing. But, you know, but even that I it's not for me to judge about this stuff. It's their path. Yeah, it's your path.

Alex Ferrari 43:22
It's their path. And speaking of people's paths, and I ran into someone the other day, that was pretty, pretty remarkable. I, I ran into somebody who was so locked into the story that they were telling themselves, We all tell ourselves stories, we all have our our journey that we're walking in, but her story was so concrete. And anything I said that was even remotely contrary to what she said, or thought or believed. She blocked out 110% It was it was pretty like I hadn't I hadn't run into someone like that in a long time. And this kind of like this wall of like, I absolutely disagree with you. I think you're gonna go to hell for this kind of stuff in a very pleasant way. Yeah. You know, it wasn't like a aggressive thing. It was just, I was just like, wow, because I'm saying, you know, there are many paths to, to God, and there's many journeys to go there. And, and you know, if you know, just because you're born into one, quote unquote, philosophy or religion or thoughts, but you can't dismiss, you know, four or 5 billion other people that don't believe that Yeah. And that's where like, no, it's that older idea of like, Nope, this is the way nothing else is gonna happen. And it's not just one sack Yeah, all of them do it. Yeah, I agree from the from the most peace loving Buddhist, to everybody else. They all have it in one way shape or form anyways, but I found it really fascinating to meet someone like that. I haven't talked with someone like that, when you run into them into people like this. Not in an aggressive manner, not people who are yelling and because obviously you were devil and the demons are coming through you. But when you get past that, how do you deal with that? Or is there anything that you can say, or the guides have to say, to help that person, ease that person, or even just deal with that person in your day to day? Because you're not going to change them? So what would you say?

Paul Selig 45:20
What would I say? I mean, mostly I don't have those encounters often anymore. I used to have, when I was new to doing this work publicly, and people would see me, I had many people who would come and you know, sit there with their arms folded and go again, right. And it usually wasn't until the energy would come in, and they could feel it. And then they would get startled because they could feel it something was happening, or the psychic stuff where I was able to, because I when I step into other people, I often start to look like them. And you know, I take them in their mannerisms and stuff. And that was shocking, because, you know, how would I know how their mother drinks their coffee or things like that? And they would come around some, but people who decided this can't be good or can't be true, have decided, and that's their experience, and it's not my place to try to change them. I don't really care anymore. used to. I cared. I you know, I was you know, I was a chubby bullied kid, you know, I cared about what people thought. And there was somebody another psychic said to me once, which was interesting, she said, You know, Paul, you've had enough public humiliation in your life that's actually allowing you to do this work now. Because kind of like, what else is there to do? And I don't want to invite that because there's always something else. But you know, I don't care the way that I did. Because I don't have I don't care if people believe in this or not, or think this is real or not, it's not my problem. You know, I just show up for what's in front of me and do the best I can. I asked, Do I go to the guys, whoever they just said not wise. So you're not gonna?

Alex Ferrari 45:34
I just heard you, you I'm not sure if it's the guides or if it's you that discuss humanity's reckoning?

Paul Selig 47:11
Oh, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 47:11
Can you explain what that term means? And what they mean?

Paul Selig 47:16
Yeah, it's this was in the very first book, and they still talk about it, you know, with frequency. And I'm the word they said. And this was again 2009. It was dictated published in 210. They said humanity is at a time of reckoning. And a reckoning is a facing of oneself, and all of one's creations. And they said everything that's been created in fear is going to need to be recreated in a higher way, which is really what they're teaching now, how that's done, how a world is altered through consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 47:50
So the the world the systems that we see crashing out around us, ever since that Trump Clinton, I mean, I would agree with you I think there was signs a bit earlier, but that's when you know all hell broke loose and all these things started to bubble up that I was I kind of never even thought about anymore. Oh, that's in the past and it started to come up we've started to see the crumbling of institutions around the world from religious to political to monetary to medical, all of its starting to crumble, is that what is happening to these older systems that they have to kind of either crumble what in the way they used to be and get either or change or completely just move off out of the way crumbled to the ground and so something new can come up with this new idea of like, perfect example those kids who are picking up those neighbors.

Paul Selig 48:42
I mean, I suspect both are true if the foundation of a building is good, like there's nothing wrong with the idea of a bank the guide said the first bank happened when some Hunter gave his purse to somebody to hold while he went off into the woods to hunt them that was the bank you know, nothing wrong with the idea of it it's what's happened with it since you know nothing wrong with I guess the idea of leadership or government or whatever you want nothing wrong with it in its inherent truth. That's what we've done with it. So I think if the foundation is okay, it probably something can be worked with, but if the foundation is corrupt, probably it doesn't stick around, you know, and that's they've been talking about this for a long, long time. And there's been what's interesting about their teachings aren't there's no fearmongering in their teachings, but they're pretty blunt at times, which is you know, what they say no, these are your creations. People in New Age or spiritual culture tend to think of manifestation is getting what they want, how do I get what I want, how can I use this to get what I want and and I understand that but the guides say, you know, everything we see and are in an in any kind of an encounter with them. We're in vibrational accord to, which means we're contributing to it, how you think about something contributes to the thing itself, and informs the thing itself. We prefer to think of ourselves as victims to what we encounter. But in fact, that's not the case. So to move to a level of accountability to those things, how we perceive the government or the bank, or all those things, that's what kind of allow change and other kinds of ways

Alex Ferrari 50:28
Do you or the guides can if you can explain this to me, and this is my belief, and I'd love to hear what you think, is that humanity's evolution spiritually, consciously, frequency, if you will, has been our frequencies. Today's humanity is very different than it was 20 years ago, 100 years ago, 1000 years ago. And with that level of frequency, that knowledge is opened up ideas that we're ready for, open up on these frequencies get to a certain place, why getting this content has a nuclear bomb? If not, we will destroy ourselves comfortably at that stage in our evolution is that well, first of all, do you agree with that idea?

Paul Selig 51:10
I haven't thought about it accurate. They're saying accurate. Okay. So not quite the way you said it, but it's accurate, but it is accurate things exist to develop certain things exist at different levels of tone ideas are often accessed ideas are often accessed from a higher field from the higher field by those who can attend to them. by those who can attend to them, they're often brought forth, they're often brought forth, often ignored, often ignored, often disputed, or refuted, often disputed, or refuted, humanity catches up to it until humanity catches up to it, you have the ability to so many things, you have the ability to do anything to do many things before you have the ability before you have the ability to make them. So to make them so you could always do things, you could always do things that rely on science for now that you rely on science for now. And you've created science, and you've created a science that supports your imagination that supports your imagination we've never done, what you've never done is look at the physical bodies, look at the physical body and the energetic bodies and the energetic bodies who were actually able to see what you're actually capable of. And that is what are coming now. And that is the work that is coming. Now these achievements. These achievements, which will inform medicine, which will inform medicine and commerce and commerce are already present, are already present in the higher field in the higher field once somebody begin to access them, when some of you begin to access them and make themselves available or they make themselves available to all they see the common field, they see the common field now the common fields revenue. The common field is the reality you know, the upper which we teach. The upper room which which we teach is where you align to is where you align to where such things are available, where such things are available and Paramount and paramount to new creations to new creation. We're not speaking the old one, when you are not sipping from the old wine, you will discover you will discover the old wine isn't bitter, that the old wine tasted better when you go to the higher when you go to the higher what seemed obvious and the small self, what seemed obvious in the small self no longer seems obvious, no longer seems obvious, something always appears and something new that appears then appears period, period, period missing period.

Alex Ferrari 52:59
So then a lot of these avatars now come down, or you say down for lack of a better word, but that that incarnate on Earth that came with these teachings, Buddha, Jesus, many powerful Yogi's over the years, who come up with these teachings, there's a seems to be a pattern, that the teachings are not accepted right away other than a view. And then it takes years and years and years before some of these radical ideas. I mean, when Jesus was walking this stuff that he was talking about, were extremely radical, so much so that apparently Yeah, he got killed and crucified for it. But is that kind of what happens with all new ideas and the big big monster ideas,

Paul Selig 53:44
Just in general, they come to several people at once or several ideas, or several ideas are seated around the world are seated around the world, we are concerned and are understood through different language through different language or different systems are built up around or different systems are built up around them. That's why many religions, that's why you have many religions, the truth of each religion, the truth of each religion is actually implicit is actually implicit in within the structure. And with is within the structure that was built around. It was built around to be focused on structure. But you focus on the structure, not the original idea, not the original idea, there's really not one human being there is usually not one human being to carry the message to carry the message, it's actually seated on a plane, it's actually seated on the plate and those who can claim it, and those who can claim it and nurture it and nurture, it will it will sing it will sing it it will come to a song, it will become their song and as their song is sung by others. And as their song is sung by others the world has changed the world has changed with the presence of a song Who the presence of the song less or the individual, less so the individual, the Prophet, Messiah, the prophet or Messiah, the song that was sung through them, but the song that was sung through them, period period.

Alex Ferrari 54:46
And it's so true that there's, you know, if you start looking at the world religions, great, the great prophets, that many of them are just saying the same thing in different different flavors. You know, Jesus and Buddha were talking about a lot of similar ideas, but it needed to come into the East, then, you know, then there's Hinduism. And then there's the Europe and then the way, they all have to come in a certain in different packaging, if you will, you know, and these entities decided to come back to help us essentially,

Paul Selig 55:19
They're saying yes and no not so to help not so to help but to offer but to offer what is already yours, what is already yours, you have to say yes to what is already yours. You have to say yes to what is already yours. I mean, you're not being bequeath to give you're being shown over there, you're being shown what was already there that you chose to ignore, were fearful that you chose to ignore or were fearful of period period.

Alex Ferrari 55:40
So in other words, that they they are here to show us as an example of what it's capable of being done with us in many ways.

Paul Selig 55:48
We're here to teach you who you are, and indeed have always been, indeed have always been period.

Alex Ferrari 55:54
And that's the thing that I, I always try to talk about, because people again, see what you're doing. And they go, Oh, that's do you have to be born special. But we are all capable of, of this kind of work, if this is abusing you as an example. But we're all Jesus said it was everything I could do, you could do

Paul Selig 56:10
Exactly what he said. Yeah. And, and I think that's a truth in the teaching that gets buried or muddled a lot. So we all have capacity, the God within me, whatever you want to call that the guides I work with call it the monad. Sometimes they'll call it the, you know, the, the Christ within are the divine self, or the true self, there's lots of different names, they don't care which one we use, is actually the same as it is within you. And within everybody. You know, the idea of soul as being particular and having a fingerprint, I understand. But the inherent Divine is of source. And the guides say the God within you and me and everybody else is always there. But we've denied it. And it also knows itself as of the other. So the God within me knows itself is not separate from the God within you, and the God within all things. And that's how that's where it gets really kind of trippy and mind blowing, if you think about it.

Alex Ferrari 57:14
So it's interesting. So essentially, that we all can you and I can walk, walk, yeah, at a rudimentary level, we can walk, we can talk, we do things. But when we're born, we don't know that we can walk until we see other peoples do it. And then we start to try to figure out how to actually write or figure it out ourselves. This is a very base, materialistic grounded view of what we're trying to explain. So in similar when you see someone like an avatar, like a Jesus or Buddha, talking about this, like, No, you can connect directly to source, you all the answers are within you. It's essentially trying to convince people that like, no, no, this, this is great. This is a guide, not this book, but more all knowledge, all teachings, but the true answers are within you if you're able to go inward to connect to the divine. Does that make sense?

Paul Selig 58:05
It does make sense. But it's it's so frustrating. Because people will how and I try and I don't get it. I don't know how and I've been there. Okay, no, I totally, totally get that. And when you hear Well, Jesus said, Do this, or Buddha said do this. I mean, you see them as instructions, but you and you can people who really get it, I expect see them as examples. But Jesus was teaching socialism, really, I mean, feed the poor, you know, I'm welcome, welcome. You're welcome your neighbor. And I mean, it's just all that stuff is real, grounded truth. There's nothing there's nothing woowoo about it. It's really simple. So what was I going to say? What did you just say?

Alex Ferrari 58:49
Because they were talking about the example of everything we can do and trying to you were trying to convince people that, that the truth is with you.

Paul Selig 58:57
Yeah. Well, I don't try to convince people of anything but this is what happened for me. Yeah, this was this was use this may be useful. So when I was waking up into this stuff, I ended up studying energy healing with this woman, Ethel Lombardi, who was one of the first 13 Reiki Masters in the US. This was back in the day when people had to put down a dowry to study. This is not popular at that. Yeah, this was a big deal. She was a student of a woman named Takata, who was the protege of Wu Tsai who brought through what we know of is Reiki. So if it was a big deal, but she'd already broken from that, and she was teaching her own stuff, and she was this you know, I thought she was old. She was probably my age, but you know, with bright red hair and blue eyes, and she was like a, you know, an old Irish later Scottish, I think she was, but I watched this ordinary lady stand in a room and she said, Okay, everybody asked for one thing, you're gonna get it. And I felt the energy come into the room and I was like, petrified by it, and I, my jaw dropped. And I went whatever, when what she did in that moment was astonishing, was she gave me permission, she showed me something was possible, that defied everything I had known. And here's the funny thing, when the guides work through me, they do that in their way, now they bring through the energy, they fill the room, and people can have their own experience. Now, until we know that something is possible, we're not going to claim it. That's the first step in any kind of manifestation. And I think the fact that I come from, in some ways, a little bit of a traditional background, you know, I was an academic, I did all that stuff. I'm not wearing a turban, you know, with a with a sapphire on the front, you know, I'm not doing that. If this can happen through me, it can happen. Now, if I was six foot five, I might be playing professional basketball, because I'd be built for that. And while I was built for this, I understand that I had to be developed and I think anybody can be developed. Yes, you have to say I'm willing and then you have to be willing to go through a process that can feel at times I at least for me, like going through a meat grinder, because it's not all easy and polite, like any adventure, you know, there's, there's, there's cliffs that you have to hang from and walk and I you know, that's how it goes.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:27
And I think that when you're when you're going through an awakening, are you trying to connect to source so everything that we're talking about, like like yours, like, like, you get frustrated? Because you you know, you'd say it, but it's hard to explain it? Yeah. It's something that really is personal in the sense of how it happens for you. Yeah, not everyone's gonna go, Okay, step one, you do this step two, you do this step three, you do this, your chakra is open, the heart chakra opens, and now you're enlightened. And it doesn't happen for everybody that way. There are guides, there are areas you can point to, you can start testing things out. But it really is unique to you as as unique as a fingerprint.

Paul Selig 1:02:08
I agree with that completely. I don't think it's one size fits all. I think everybody has their own journey, and their own experience. And I think we come with our own lessons to learn around these things. You know, I don't know if everybody wakes up in a lifetime and I don't think they need to learn different things at different times. So I think that's really important for people to know you know, my journey. When I when I did a little meditation group, I went to somebody else's channeling you know, before I was doing a back when I was opening up, and this woman did this lovely meditation, and she said, Oh, just a map. Everybody see your paths before you your spiritual paths and and then we had go around the room and share and some people saying, well, the roses are blooming as I walked by, and the sparrows are out. And I came to me, and this is what I said what I saw, I said I was climbing up the mountain like the witch's castle, and the Wizard of Oz was like peaked and dark and stormy climbing, but I'm bloody feet, bloody fingers, you know, but I had an investment in it being hard. Well, I knew I had an investment in being because I academic, maybe no, it wasn't academic. Well, honestly, it was hard. It was hard when I was coming into my stuff. It was the height of the AIDS epidemic in New York. Everybody I knew was dying all around me. I was basically homeless. Yeah, you know, I had nothing. I was out of graduate school, I was nearly so bright only worked in bars. I was a writer that couldn't write. It was a try. And I was so well taken care of through those years. But it was hard. I remember going to somebody's meditation in the ritzy building at that time. And you had to take your shoes off, and I had holes in my socks, and I was covering my feet. And people were talking about service that was the subject of the meeting. And somebody said, I smiled at the checkout person today. And I took the cleaning lady more. And at the time, I'm like, What are they talking about? You know, I was like, do I have enough money to get home from this thing at that time.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:23
That's such an important that's an important thing, because a lot of people, you know, we were talking about deep thoughts and in self, you know, looking inward, I'm like, if you can't pay the rent, or put food on the table, it's really difficult for you to focus on the spiritual path.

Paul Selig 1:04:39
Absolutely. Right. Absolutely. Right. I learned. I learned about prosperity consciousness at the time that I had to because I didn't have anything. You know, I learned a lot of this stuff. I don't want to live through that again, if I can help it. It was very hard. And in retrospect, I look back at that I'm in my life. And I really was a step away from being on the street. I mean, I remember somebody had needing to move once, because I was sharing a place with somebody who was still drinking and I had stopped. And they said, Well, how much money do you have for the move? And I said, 4500 $4,545. That's what I had to my name. Wow. And that's pretty close to the edge. That's, yeah, it's homelessness pretty much. But I was living with somebody else. I had a roof over I was I always had food, and a roof over my head. But I learned lessons through this. And it taught me a great deal of compassion. And now, you know, I understand there's nothing wrong with prosperity. I think it's terrific. I think we have to understand though, what source is, but people sometimes book readings with me. And they say, Well, I can't pay my rent this month. And I know God is going to provide and I'm saying, Well, I'm not cheap, and you should probably use this money towards their rent. And I would prefer that you do that. Be practical with your life? You know, it's not all magical. You know, it's not what I say I was taken care of, I actually had nothing else to do but to trust source that everything was going to be okay.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:12
Because you were in a corner, you got basically put in a corner.

Paul Selig 1:06:15
I really wasn't a corner. And but when I look back at that time, I see how much grace there was. I had people who loved me, I was really damaged, and I was really frightened, and I didn't think things were gonna get better. I had an old shrink I call her hurricane Harriet was but y'all call it a hurricane Harriet Warfield she was a trip, she was like an ex Corrine, she looked like an ex Corrine, the leggy blonde, you know, with like, the 120 cigarette and she just smoke like that, you know? And she said to me, get spiritual, get spiritual. She said the people that make it get spiritual. And she also said, and don't listen to those people walking around saying they got the higher power. The ones that got the higher power probably ain't talking about it. Absolutely. And I thought, yeah, I think I do think she was right. She was a gift.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:04
I mean, I'll tell you what, I mean, people, people who talk about how wealthy they are, they probably aren't that wealthy. You know, it's always like they say, don't look at the guy who's yelling and screaming and trying to be boisterous in the bar. It's the quiet one in the corner you got to worry about it's really true. It's, I mean, throughout our lives, like Yeah, it's not that not the loudmouth the loudmouth probably can't fight. But that quiet guy smoking a cigarette in the corner drinking a beer, stay away from? And I would agree with that in the spiritual sense as well. I mean, do to any, you know, and I've had the pleasure of meeting so many beautifully spiritual human beings who are on their path. And there's no question that there is a they are at a different frequency than I am, or that I've been around. And I'm blessed by just being able with you just being in the room with someone like yourself, it feeds, it feeds the frequency. But generally speaking, they don't come in walking, like, I know that I am the way I am the Spirit. None of them do that. They just come in and like, this is what I figured out. Maybe this could be helpful in your path, pretty much, maybe if it doesn't, it's okay. You know, we're all just walking the path. Yeah. One thing I wanted to ask you about, and I think we talked about this at another time, but the power of our, on our spiritual path, the power of forgiveness, and what that what forgive what that lack of forgiveness does to us that anchor that it holds us back and we talk about are the guides talk a little bit about that?

Paul Selig 1:08:40
I'll talk about it first. And if they want to add to it, because this is this is stuff that that I do understand, because they've taught it. In the book of mastery, there's a little section where they say, so you're walking up this mountain, you know, that mountain that I saw, I guess, but you know, walking up the mountain, and there's a cave and you go into the cave, and the one person you never want to see again, as long as you live is in that cave. And your job is to escort them out of the cave. And they said, Well, you're the one that put them in darkness. And you know, they've called you there, you know, you put them there and they've called you there and your job is now to let them out. Now it doesn't mean that you have to have dinner with them that you have to you know, make it all okay, but it does mean that I have been put in darkness by who I have placed there. That's vibrational accord. It's a very simple teaching. And forgiveness, I think is the release of that and there will be forgiveness is done for you for me, not for the other person. They're they're bound to I suspect energetically, but it works. It's huge. It's a huge, huge thing. And I understand and that there are people who say I could never forgive this. And there are people who've done things in my life that I have a very hard time forgiving with, the best I can do sometimes is say, well, they have a right to be in the world as they are, you know, and unattach. But I think the idea of forgiveness is extraordinarily practical. And it's not, as some people would like to say about becoming docile and letting yourself get stepped on. I don't think that's it at all. It's about not binding you to the event to the person to the situation that you end up reinforcing through the block. Because it does block the heart. It does block love, no question.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:41
How do you balance that in the real world in material like you were saying, because if someone wrongs me, and I go, it's all good. That's not good. Yeah, please explain it. So I want I want clarity if you can?

Paul Selig 1:10:56
Let me see if they can do it. The idea the idea of forgiveness. The idea of forgiveness is misunderstood by forgiving releasing yourself. by forgiving you're releasing yourself from bond your place burned from a bondage you have placed or tied yourself in or tied yourself to to realize yourself to realize the Self is free from another as free from another as to indeed will have them do is indeed to allow them to be now your question is very simple. Now, your question is very simple. How is this done? How is this done and what is the effect and what is the effect it takes to have a war, it takes two people to have a war it takes one person to walk away metal, it takes one person to walk away from a battle it takes one person to forgive wrong, it takes one person to forgive a wrong no accountability, no accountability is still required is still required. You understand the idea of karma? Do you understand the idea of karma as punishment as punishment is not punishment, it is not punishment is an opponent, it is an opportunity to learn the lessons will come again and again to learn them. The lessons will come again and again until you learn them to realize and others I've got to realize another is of God regards where they're going, regardless of what they have done is asked of yourself is also to forgive yourself for not being who you are just waiting for not being who you were supposed to be the idea of Christ, the idea of Christ or the inner light or the inner light as Redeemer as Redeemer is actually accurate is actually accurate the realization of the inherent divine the realization of the inherent divine, in other words, and another way it has been done, where it has been denied will not redeem them will not only redeem them, or at least the cord between No it will release the cord between you that was fortune Angriff here that was forged in anger or fear, you may have any kind of boundary wish you may have any kind of boundary you wish you shouldn't allow somebody to and that you should not allow someone to hit you in the head, which experiment you should take the stick from their hand and say no, and say no, this is not about being a victim. This is not about being a victim. But as we say, but as we say you cannot be a victim, you cannot be a victim and a master at the same time and a master at the same time period.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:49
Much, much more clear.

Paul Selig 1:12:50
Okay, good.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:51
That's very clear. Um, one thing that that I love to ask you about is how can we determine between thoughts and guidance?

Paul Selig 1:13:04
Well, I mean, you know, the guides teach knowing, you know, true knowing. And there's nothing wrong with thinking we're thinking, you know, all the time, I had to think about, you know, what, I wasn't aware today, and you know, what time to get up? When when one has true knowing or knowing there is never a question now.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:24
Look, I don't mean to interrupt you. But the concept of knowing Yeah, I understand and agree with what you're saying. But for someone who has told themselves a story, and their ego egoic mind is this is the knowing I know this is true. How can you tell the difference?

Paul Selig 1:13:44
Well, how can they know the difference?

Alex Ferrari 1:13:46
Yeah, or how can you know the difference within your own life? Because there might be beliefs? Oh, yeah, there are beliefs. And it's knowing of those beliefs. Like you and I both have our beliefs on how the universe works.

Paul Selig 1:13:56
Yep. Yep. But I don't say I know, and it's a fact

Alex Ferrari 1:14:00
No, I say I have a belief Exactly. Right, literally, that I have a belief. And I'm trying to in that in that picture is changing with every conversation I have. And that's the beauty of what I do. But I'm always trying to figure it out. But it's I have a belief of this was going and it will adjust accordingly. But I think there's some core elements that you know, reincarnation is souls, you know, there's all these kind of core ideas, I believe that are unknowing, but how do I know it's me knowing them, or me, knowing them in the head?

Paul Selig 1:14:32
I don't know that I fully understand when to try. Okay, so when the guides say what is true is always true. They're not talking about subjective reality. Okay. So subjective reality is what I believe in what I think. So I can say, I am a man of a certain age, I look a certain way I live in a certain place and those things would all be true today. Tomorrow, maybe living someplace else. I may not look like I do today, tomorrow. All of those things may be true. So what is true is always true goes back to what is always present, which is the source of all things. And then it's irrefutable. So your question is really about how do we know the difference between what is true and what we believe to be true? I think Correct. Let me see if they can go here, we'd like to try, we would like to try it's a good question. In some ways, it's a good question. In some ways, he's ignored it. And so he's seeking to understand himself and how he thinks, and how he thinks 80% of what you think 80% of what you think is somebody else's idea is somebody else's idea that you have inherited, that you have inherited, believed to be so and believed to be so notice where you're taking the chair. Now it is true, you're sitting in a chair, but we're sitting in but what you are sitting in was once somebody else's idea if there was one, somebody else's idea of a chair, and that became the common field. And that became the common field, you'll know what chairs are and what they do. You all know what chairs are and what they do to realize yourself, to realize yourself in a new way, in a new way is to move to a new mind is to move to a new mind or a mind that is in alignment, or a mind that isn't aligned with your incessant with your essence with your essence, our true nature, or our true nature has not been precondition that has not been preconditioned by the artifacts of history, by the artifacts of history, the ideology of the past, the ideology of the past, and the mores of religion, and the mores of religion or ethics or ethics that you understand yourself to that you understand yourself through this, I'm not going to splice those things. This is not to displace those things. At one time, the difference is to understand the difference I'm putting this way, I am feeling this way, because this is what people thought because this is what people are supposed to feel is have a common field operates is how the common field operates. When you begin to understand yourself, when you begin to understand yourself in a higher way, in a higher way, the idea of self, the idea of self becomes other becomes other I'm not who I thought it was, I am not who I thought I was, and there is confusion, then there is confusion, but then who am i But then who am I as you understand yourself, as you understand yourself or comprehend the higher or comprehend the higher becomes far easier, it becomes far easier not relying on the old version, you are not relying upon the old information decide was to decide what is so when you begin to trust thought. And you begin to trust thought as essence as essence. In other words, a true thought. In other words, a true thought will have its own resonance will have its own resonance you understand very differently, and you will understand it very differently from what you thought it was. But then from what you thought you were supposed to think or believe yourself to be, or what you believe yourself to be. He was once five years old, he was once five years old. That's always true. That is always true. He was once five years old, he was once five years old. He was once never born, he was once never born. That is always true. That is always true. His idea of who we should be his idea of who he should be was informed by others was informed by others. That is always true. That is always true. That is not who we ever was. That is not who he ever was. That is always true as well. That is always true as well. Discernment plays discernment plays out at this level at this level, you want to know if it's you understand the difference between all pretext between an old pre tax inoculation idea and Oh, conditioned idea and what is always true for you and what is always true for you, and indeed, for all and indeed for all period. That makes sense? Beautifully.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:03
Okay, beautifully. Have you and you mentioned you had a an experience, kind of a spiritual experience out of out of body experience or something like that? Have you ever had an experience? And I'm asking because I have, and I'd love to hear your thoughts are the gods where something is you're in a scene? You see what's going on? And yet, no one's speaking. And yet, you know, instinctually who they are. And then you feel you have a feeling that communicates a billion words to you in a way that language couldn't have you had something like that.

Paul Selig 1:18:46
At times, mostly in meeting someone who I knew that I knew, and I was already overloaded with information. Oh, just waiting. Flooding wasn't even a flooding. It wasn't it was an innate knowing. And it came with how can I say a kind of solemnity almost like oh my god, here they are. Where have you been? No, what? No. I mean, they're though mostly occurred in relationships that were difficult. And I think very karmic. You know, the first time I met an ex of mine, I was like, whoa. But I also knew, you know, and one of my first mentors, I knew one of my closest friends now I knew too, and that's always been lovely. You know, I just, it just happened. And but it was annoying. It was annoying. Yeah. And there was no evidence really, but then you know, you still have to do things like have experience and build trust. So that first Rush was carried with it. Another flavor of this is important, but I haven't had the experience of walking into a room and sort of knowing what everybody's up to or at where they're at when I read people, I have to intend to do that, you know, I would have to make and I never read from my friends. You know, I mean, I know I don't tune in, like if I'm getting stood up in a restaurant, I might go, Okay, where's John and tune into John and see if he stuck in the car or blew me off or whatever. But I don't do that when I walk into a room. It's just too much I can't do it.

Alex Ferrari 1:20:26
Right, I guess it'd be it'd be overload. Yeah. And that's

Paul Selig 1:20:30
Also never tried, truthfully.

Alex Ferrari 1:20:32
But that's also kind of a failsafe it would be almost like Superman when he hears the entire world. Yeah, I mean, you at the same time, he actually had to learn to quiet it down to be able to be able to function. Yep. On a day to day basis. So something similar with you. How can how can and I love to hear that guys thoughts on this? How can we balance all this lovely stuff, we're talking about spirituality, and living in the real world, the material world.

Paul Selig 1:21:00
They're saying, this is the real world, everything with other if you think of it as other whenever the world it will never be the real world. It will always be a fantasy, how you walk around the block, how you walk around the block, how you treat your neighbor, how you treat your neighbor, how you made the dog, how you pay the dog, that is all your spirit practice, that is all your spiritual practice God is wherever you are, God is wherever you are in whatever you're doing in whatever you're doing, you can make it special. To make it special. Everyone just serves as a religious service is not useful. And soy is not useful in this way, how you live your life, how you live your life, who you know, you are, who you know, you are as a source as of source, what you are what you are as an expression, as an expression of source and how you serve, and how you serve, which is how you are, which is how you are as expressed as expressed in your emotions and your actions. And your field in your field is how you live is how you live your house for you are as your as of source no matter where you are, no matter where you are. This is the real world. This is the real world, everything else is the illusion. Everything else is the illusion. We're not saying that we are not saying that to diminish your experience in America to diminish your experience of the manifest world. But when you come, but when you come as your spiritual self, as your spiritual self, your presence informs the physical world, your presence informs the physical world and indeed alters it and indeed alters it that is our teaching. That is our teaching.

Alex Ferrari 1:22:17
Do they do the guides ever get frustrated with what they're seeing in our evolution?

Paul Selig 1:22:22
I don't know. You know, they sound like it. Sometimes, but I don't know, I really have wondered about this. You know, whether or not that's for dramatic effect in oration. I mean, they're good teachers, but they gave a long lecture yesterday, to you know, whoever was there 100 people or so about? The need to justify past acts the need for I can't remember the whole thing, but it was basically a teaching about the futility of war. And it is, you know, and they were not yelling, but it was an impassioned oratory, it was an impassioned speech. But I've done it before, but mostly they do it around things that seem to have to do with how we treat one another. That's what gets them. I don't know, let me ask not pressure, it is not frustrating. Saying it's not frustration, it's an attempt to convince you of your folly when you refuse to see that with your ex when you refuse to see the truth of your x period period.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:30
Very much like a parent with a child.

Paul Selig 1:23:33
Correct. Correct.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:34
Yeah, that yeah, that makes that makes sense. Because, you know, when you see your kid trying to is about to put their hand in the fire, and you've told them, it's gonna burn you, it's gonna burn you. And they have to learn the lesson of putting their hand in the fire before they figure out fires hot, even though you tried to avoid for them to deal with that, I guess, on a grand scale, they're looking at humanity in that way, is

Paul Selig 1:23:55

Alex Ferrari 1:23:56
Paul, tell me. Do you remember anything about this book? And what and what teachings are going to be in it for people?

Paul Selig 1:24:03
Well, I mean, this book, I think, is about the application of the teaching, as it relates to physical reality,

Alex Ferrari 1:24:13
Which is the question I just asked.

Paul Selig 1:24:14
Yeah, that's really what this is about. It's not about I think you they begin, they've begun this last series of books. Most of the lectures begin, I think with like in a Realized state or in an awakened state. They're teaching to the aspect of us that is realized and already knows, and then teaching us how we apply everything that they've taught, as it relates to how a world is made new. Now they say a world is made new, less from the work of our hands than through the collective consciousness that we hold and the meaning that we give things. So when we all decide, for example, that We can no longer continue as we have, perhaps we change but perhaps we don't have to experience a train wreck of a reality in order to get there. So I think they're teaching. Let me see what they want to say about this. We won't say one thing we will only say one thing the book itself is an Oracle. The book itself is an Oracle, when a treatise and being an A Treatise in being in the high octave in the high octave for the benefit or when it comes for the benefit of all one encounter is when you begin to vibrate telephone, when you begin to vibrate at a level of tone or what you encounter is called you are what you encounter is called to you to be reclaimed and renowned to be reclaimed, or reknowned. In high order paper in the high order of the upper room, we were doing the work of you were doing the work of love of love, and you're in the work, the source of offerings, and you are doing the work of this source of all things come as you come as you indeed God's his God. Indeed, God sees God and all of its creations in all of its creations, when you operate as a true self. When you operate as the true self, you are not discriminating, you are not discriminating, deciding who is allowed and deciding who is allowed and who is worthy of love, who is worthy of love and who should buy your purchase from and who you should hide your purse from you're realizing yourself, you are realizing yourself at a level of tone at a level of tone where the manifestation the world, or the manifestation of the world is altered by your encounter with it is altered by your encounter with it. That is what we teach. That is what we teach. Well, I believe you all have the ability to do this, you must say yes, you must say yes. And say I'm willing and say I am willing to serve to serve, period, they are saying period.

Alex Ferrari 1:26:26
Beautiful, beautiful. And finally, upon do do the guides have any last crucial message they would like to give this audience in the world in many ways.

Paul Selig 1:26:38
We would say one thing, there's no need to pray, there is no need to fight up when it was over what will never be solved through fighting through fighting. There is no need to war over what never just fight over what will never be justified through war through war, there is every need, there is every need to love your neighbor, to love your neighbor, to lift the one beside you to lift the one beside you to know that she is worthy to know that she is worthy that he is worthy, that he is worthy. Regardless of his, regardless of who you think she is or what he has done, or what he has done, when he will stand together. When you all stand together and face the light and face the light, the light will shine and alter you the light will shine and alter you you will not do this. You will not do this when you are seeking to submerge when you are seeking to subvert or hide or hide from the light from the light because you are frightened of it. Because you're frightened of it. allow God to be God, allow God to be God, whatever that God is, do whatever that God is to you. It's a good first step, it's a good first step and put down your swords, and put down your swords period, period period.

Alex Ferrari 1:27:38
And on that note, Paul, thank you so so much for coming on the show. Where can people find out more about you this new new book and the work that you're doing in the world?

Paul Selig 1:27:47
My Websites my name, it's just Paul Selig, And the books available in September on all major booksellers and online you can get it anywhere. And I do a lot of events. So I'm channeling online every week. And I do have an online intensive once a month, a five day, five day series, all of that's on the website, and I'm touring. So I'll be in different places around the world, you know, for the next several months and for the unforeseeable future.

Alex Ferrari 1:28:18
And how are you handling all that?

Paul Selig 1:28:22
You know, I enjoy it. I'm grateful I live in I live in the rain forest now and I don't know how to drive. It's really ridiculous. You know, and I can barely cook and I live in the jungle and I love it. But it's good to get out of the house. So this gets me out of the house. And if I can finish this memoir that I started and I'm supposed to be done in a few months, I'll be much much happier. Because right now I've got all these trips and I'm supposed to be home diligently writing away and I'm actually relieved not to be so I'm very happy to be out of the house. And you're writing you are writing I'm writing this book the next week I'm trying to write myself yeah, the guides are already are threatening to start their own book any minute now. So I may be doing two at once and giving me the heads up but they're ready to go.

Alex Ferrari 1:29:05
I want to thank you and the guides for coming in. It's been such a pleasure having you here at the studio. So thank you, my friend for everything you're doing to awaken the planet.

Paul Selig 1:29:11
Thank you so much.

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