In the boundless journey of the human soul, we often encounter guiding lights who help us navigate the complexities of existence. On today’s episode, we welcome the luminous Suzanne Giesemann back to our podcast. With a heart full of wisdom and a spirit deeply attuned to the divine, Suzanne offers profound insights that resonate with our collective quest for understanding.

Suzanne begins by reminding us that our spirit guides have mapped out our lives before we arrived here, much like a paper map guiding us along a planned highway with various exits. She eloquently compares this spiritual map to the choices we make, which sometimes divert us from our path but ultimately lead us back to our intended journey. This analogy is a gentle reminder that our passions and repeated interests are clues to our true paths. “What’s your passion? What do you find yourself coming back to over and over in your life?” Suzanne asks, inviting us to reflect on our deepest callings.

In our conversation, Suzanne and I delve into the energetic differences we feel when interacting in person versus through virtual means. The energy in the room with Suzanne was palpable, a testament to the presence of her spirit team. This exchange leads us to discuss her latest book, “The Awakened Way,” which aims to help readers shift to a divinely guided life. Suzanne shares that readers have been moved to tears within the first few pages, feeling the book’s energy resonate deeply within them.

Suzanne offers a nuanced perspective on the so-called spiritual battle humanity faces, emphasizing the importance of words. She reframes the concept of negative energy, suggesting instead the term “not positive energy.” This shift in language helps us see societal divisions not as a battle, but as a dynamic flow of differing vibrations. Suzanne encourages us to move beyond the story of conflict and see these energies as opportunities for growth and understanding.

One of the most profound takeaways from our discussion is Suzanne’s practice of shifting beyond the story. She teaches that by stepping into meditation and moments of presence, we can connect with our true selves beyond the roles and stories we play. This connection allows us to observe life’s conflicts with compassion and patience, ultimately guiding us towards a more harmonious existence. Suzanne’s advice to “shift beyond the story” serves as a powerful tool for navigating life’s challenges.

Suzanne also speaks to the importance of engaging with our experiences. She shares her personal journey of connecting with her stepdaughter who had passed away, highlighting how a single-minded focus can deepen our spiritual practices. By listening and engaging with the messages from beyond, Suzanne learned to recognize the voices of spirit guides and angels, transforming her meditation practice into a conduit for divine wisdom.


  1. Engage Beyond the Story: Shift your focus beyond your current narrative through meditation and presence, allowing you to see conflicts with compassion and patience.
  2. Words Carry Energy: Be mindful of the language you use, as words shape your perception and energy. Reframe negative concepts to understand them as part of a dynamic flow.
  3. Follow Your Passion: Repeated interests and passions are clues to your true path. Reflect on what you continuously return to in life to discover your divine purpose.

In this profound conversation with Suzanne Giesemann, we explore the depths of spiritual wisdom and practical guidance for living a divinely guided life. Suzanne’s insights remind us that we are not alone on our journeys, and that by engaging with our experiences, we can uncover the divine guidance available to us at all times.

Please enjoy my conversation with Suzanne Giesemann.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 457

Suzanne Giesemann 0:00
Your spirit guide has your life and you before you came here mapped out. So remember when we had paper maps, you could lay out the map. And here's the highway, you've planned to go down to that point. And there are certain milestones mile markers along the way. But every highway has x's. So we do make those choices that get us off the path, but you will ultimately come back that's your path. And people say, Well, I don't know what my path is. I don't know what it is. What's your passion? What do you find yourself coming back to over and over in your life?

Alex Ferrari 0:31
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Suzanne Giesemann. How you doing Suzanne?

Suzanne Giesemann 0:46
Doing great Alex what a thrill to be here in person with you finally.

Alex Ferrari 0:49
Yes, thank you so much for coming to next level soul studios. You know, you're one of the first early early ones to come down here. And I appreciate you making the trek down to Austin. To be with me in person. It's very different. I've done a few of these now. It's very different than doing the zooms. You got good energy in the zooms, but in person, it's a whole other. You feel it differently.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:12
Like you feel the same to me in a way that you are exactly the same person that you appear to be. Yes, yeah, I know. That's not what you meant. I just want everybody to know, this is not a fake persona you put on.

Alex Ferrari 1:25
Appreciate that very much. No, no, of course no, I mean, more like the energy in the room, the conversation, how you know, especially with channels, I've had channels in now and how the room changes the energy vibe changes a little bit when they when they have when I have somebody like that and just be you being here. The energy is different. I feel. I feel it a little bit more

Suzanne Giesemann 1:47
Like come with my team.

Alex Ferrari 1:48
Yes, the team, the team is here with you. We were just talking about that. You said your team is right around us right now. All watching us.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:55
I don't even know who some of them are. But they're just, they just show up. They they got my back.

Alex Ferrari 2:00
They got your back. Fantastic. Fantastic. So we're here to talk about a bunch of stuff today. But your new book, The Awakened way making the shift to divine a divine kind of life. This is such a beautiful book.

Suzanne Giesemann 2:14
It is!

Alex Ferrari 2:15
It is a beautiful book. I think it's going to I think it's going to help a lot of people.

Suzanne Giesemann 2:20
It already is it's mind blowing to me that people who say they they start crying within the first few pages because they can feel the energy. Yeah, the feedbacks been phenomenal.

Alex Ferrari 2:32
That's . That's great. Well, we'll talk about we'll talk about the awakened way. I think that we're going to be talking about the awakened way anyway, because of the questions and stuff I have for you. So first that I wanted to talk to you about is this battle that it seems like a spiritual battle that's going on for humanity right now. This negative energy and the people who are arising and awakening, and people who are fighting to stay where they were this spiritual tug of war that's going on? What is your take on what's going on in that sense? Because I don't I've never seen it before. Mm hmm. It's always probably been going on. But it's not good or bad. It's just two different vibrations, two different frequencies. One's going up. one's like, no, no, no, I want to stay where everything was, I'm comfortable here. This is scary kind of thing. I'd love to hear your take on it.

Suzanne Giesemann 3:22
Words are so important. And right away, you're using that word battle. So I changed right away, we get defensive. And then you also said negative energy. And I was just shown recently, if we looked at a battery, it has a positive end and the negative end correct. And that's not a bad thing. That's what allows the flow, right? So I have stopped using the term negative energy. Okay. And I'll say there's positive energy and not positive energy. Fair enough. We're just mincing words, but yet every word are carries energy. So what's going on in societies you have those who are not yet remembering are aware, awake, awakened to who we are, and those who can help but remember, Oh, my God, I'm here to love. I'm here to return with better energy than I came here with. And so the, what you're feeling is pushback from the ones who aren't there yet, because the ones who realize it realize it's okay, and we want to help bring them along. But we don't do it by fighting.

Alex Ferrari 4:30
Right. So are there any, are there any tools that you can recommend for people who are trying to deal with the non positive energy?

Suzanne Giesemann 4:40
This is the subtitle of my book that you just mentioned, making the shift to a divinely guided life. The shift is the key. And the shift is from identifying with the story. That's the word we could really focus on through this whole interview as we are in our roles in the story of me and the story of you and our stories are intact. acting now, but we are so much more than the story. So the tool is to just shift beyond the story. And I can't even do the shift without even making a motion in my head because I go to a different focus. And you come to know who you are beyond the story in moments when you shut out the story and meditation contemplation, periods of presence. And when you know what that feels like, you can shift to it instantly, and you get a whole different viewpoint. And from that viewpoint, you see the fighting, you see the clashing with a different perspective, you have more patience, you have more understanding, you have compassion. And that brings you to a different place, when you shift back into the story.

Alex Ferrari 5:47
That's a really interesting way of looking at it, because I come from story from Hollywood. So I come from storytelling and writing and those kinds of that kind of storytelling. But the story that we tell ourselves is extremely powerful. And the stories that not only individuals tell themselves, but communities tell themselves, countries tell themselves, you know, religions tell themselves, these are the stories that people are fighting about right now.

Suzanne Giesemann 6:12
And has a story, and

Alex Ferrari 6:13
Everyone's got a story.

Suzanne Giesemann 6:14
But we have to have a story. So now it's a matter of who's in charge of the story, what level of you is going to be living your life from within the story or beyond it? And then you start looking at those different roles that we play? And saying, Is it time for a new chapter?

Alex Ferrari 6:35
Is there is there a way to kind of break free from these stories that are not serving us anymore? Because these these stories that we're fighting that are not used the word fine now trying to not use these words anymore? up ruining me? I know, the stories that are Oh, yes, go ahead.

Suzanne Giesemann 6:54
Well, I just heard you have to break you have to break it down. They were ruining part. Yeah, before you can build it back up. So that's your answer right there.

Alex Ferrari 7:01
So in other words, these systems, the stories that we're telling each other, from the level of the individual, all the way to governments all the way to institutions all over the countries. And even just giant swaths of society, have to be broken down, torn down for the new to be to be reborn or to be born.

Suzanne Giesemann 7:20
That's what we're experiencing now. But I'm reading a book from the Vietnam War era. And that was what was happening, then there's got to be some kind of breaking down. So something new can come in exactly what you just said. And it's usually painful, because most people fight change, they don't want to.

Alex Ferrari 7:39
That's really interesting. I never thought about that. But it's been going on forever. So like, I mean, from all the wars, I mean, from back in, let's just go start at the zero. You know, the Romans, the Alexander, the great, the Mongols, all of those, there were the systems that were in place, Rome had to fall, for the new to arise. And the Roman church was assuming the offspring of the Roman Empire. But that needed to rise for that time period. And that had a place for a long time. That didn't, and it still does good. But there's a lot of things that it needed to do. But then these others, these systems now that we don't need anymore, whatever those systems are, it could be economic, it could be government, it could all this stuff they need, they're starting to shake, and they're starting to crumble. We're seeing it we've been seeing it for years now. But looking at it from a point of view of like, let's say the Vietnam War, for example. Or at 911, for example, you were you were flying over, over the Twin Towers, you were the last plane in the air for him, if I remember correctly. So you had a unique perspective, very unique perspective on 911. You were in, in in it as close as you could be other than

Suzanne Giesemann 8:48
And then stepping over jet engine pieces on the grounds outside the Pentagon hours later.

Alex Ferrari 8:53
Right! Exactly. Yeah. So that event, well, that changed the world. That event absolutely changed the world. And they there were systems that were broken down over that over that system.

Suzanne Giesemann 9:04
But let's not forget that we came here as souls for the experience, and to create and evolve. So we didn't come here for things to stay the same. Fight! This is the problem, though, that we are programmed for safety and safety to most people means let's keep the status quo. So it's this paradox that we're all living in. I mean, we love pleasure. We don't want pain, we want the pleasure to stay. And so we're just constantly being pulled. But when you can understand that's the dynamic. And you just relax. You might say what I've been saying to myself for the last week, really for the last week. We just got on the road for several weeks and we're packing up the house and I walked around saying to myself, I have no control. I have no control. Just reminding Myself have that, and then I just float. It's amazing what happens when we surrender this need to stop things from changing.

Alex Ferrari 10:09
It's such a beautiful way of looking at it because everything is on its way somewhere, to somewhere everything, everything this table, that shirt you're wearing, we are you No, we're not going to be here. If you look at pictures of ourselves, when we were younger, we definitely didn't hold on as much as we might have wanted. But things are always changing. And I think a lot of our pains in life is because we're trying to hold on to things that don't that are going to, they're going to change, they're going to change when we when we have a loss in the inner family, a pet dies or relative dies, that's change. It was going to happen. We all know, we were all going to this direction. But if you still mourn that, that change.

Suzanne Giesemann 10:52
It happens moment by moment, I my husband makes the best chicken enchiladas in the world. And I'll be halfway through that meal. And I'm already grieving that it's almost over. And that's just a silly example. But but we know that nothing is going to last and even in the midst of pleasure or even in new love, you want to hold on to it. But in the back of our mind is always this fear of death, fear of change, fear of loss. So this is the challenge to how do I deal with that? Well, you deal with that by making the shift and saying, This is what we signed up for this is life, it is all about change. When you can accept that. Then you you notice what to look for you look for the gratitude, you look for the good spots, you honored that not good spots

Alex Ferrari 11:40
Where you find it because my mom, when she comes to visit. The second she lands she's like, Oh, I'm leaving in a week. What's wrong with you just got here. She's already like crying. Not gonna be in a week. Enjoy the moment you have.

Suzanne Giesemann 11:56
That's it.

Alex Ferrari 11:56
You know, it's listen, life would be boring if we won the lottery every week. Let's say we won the lottery every week. And every week, we knew we had $20 million coming in, you know, at a certain point look sounds great. But at a certain point, how much money do you need? And now you're like, Oh, God, there's nothing. It's so boring. It's so predictable.

Suzanne Giesemann 12:17
Do you know about the happiness set point?

Alex Ferrari 12:19
Tell me please.

Suzanne Giesemann 12:20
That you could win the lottery and be thrilled be so happy. Yet, within one year, you would be back to the level of happiness you had correct before you LIS lost the lottery won the lottery, you could have somebody near and dear to you die and go into the depths of depression. And about a year later, you would come back to the same set point. And they've shown that meditation is one of the only ways to raise your happiness set point.

Alex Ferrari 12:53
You know, that's very interesting. That's very interesting. Because when I started to meditate, my setpoint moved. And I never thought of it that way. You goosebumps Yeah, you and your team are amazing. No, it's it's very, very true that, that when I started meditating, you know, I was either angry or, you know, frustrated, or there's no as I meditated, that, that stuff kind of started to fall away. And as I started to rise, or raise my frequency, if you will, it started to change. And I'm no, I'm no guru by any stretch of imagination. I am not perfect as you aren't either. We're still going through a human experience. But there's things that didn't bother me before. And my happiness level is really not relevant to my financial. I mean, look, we all need money, we all need to make sure that everything's up there. But it is not connected to that as much as it was when I was younger. That's it. You know, money is great. And it does good work. And we can do good things with it. But it doesn't make or break me anymore. And that's a really powerful plays. Because when you're chasing the dollar, or chasing love, or chasing the job, or chasing whatever it when you're chasing it, it's not the same when love just shows up. Or, you know, money shows up, or an opportunity shows up. It's and that's and I've only and I don't know about you, but normally, all that stuff shows up when I stopped looking for it. When I stopped chasing it is when it shows up. My wife has a perfect zap. I wasn't even looking for love. And when the second I said I'm done. There you are now you're ready. Now you're ready. Same thing for finances. Same thing for opportunities. It's it's very interesting. But meditation is such a powerful way to set that setpoint up.

Suzanne Giesemann 14:37
Because you experience who you are beyond the story. And that's the part that doesn't change. It's the only thing that's not changing this state without a story with nothing coming after the words I am it's pure peace, pure connection to everything. That's That's love. So you're Happiness point automatically rises because you're spending time not identifying with the story. What's changing, you're getting to know, oh, if I won the lottery, if my loved one dies, either way, this is still here.

Alex Ferrari 15:18
Have you played around with quantum jumping? Are you aware of that?

Suzanne Giesemann 15:22
Just a little bit. I tried to go back and change what happened in your previous life to see how it would change things

Alex Ferrari 15:28
You were playing?

Suzanne Giesemann 15:29
Yeah, just play.

Alex Ferrari 15:30

Suzanne Giesemann 15:30
Just playing but no tangible results yet?

Alex Ferrari 15:34
How about the idea of the parallel a parallel realities? So that must be

Suzanne Giesemann 15:41
My guides, as you said that they're just wrapping a blindfold around my eyes. Right now, there's just like, it's too hard to wrap your heads around these things. But time is much more malleable than we know. Quite well, there is no time beyond the story.

Alex Ferrari 15:55
This is the story. So in other words, the 90 minutes that you're watching the movie, that's the timeframe inside that movie, and you need that time frame inside that movie to make the movie work. Because if the movie didn't have time, you can watch it. But technically, as if, okay, now, Nancy, now I'm getting stuff. This is weird. But technically, as a filmmaker, when you're constructing a movie, the movie is not made in order. It's made in parts out of order. And you put everything together in the edit, to create the illusion of a story. But it wasn't built that way. So very similar to us, we're like it, there is no time, which is hard for us to wrap our heads around, because we need time and space here where on the other side, there is no time or space to understand.

Suzanne Giesemann 16:45
Yeah, and this story is all unfolding perfectly for us for the purpose, we're here to create and evolve. So it's part of the construct of this reality. Across the veil, just my guide, Brenda, who was a friend here, she shows me she visits three friends at once or more. And it's instantaneous. She drops in on them in time, but she's outside of time.

Alex Ferrari 17:10
Interesting. And it's easy for me. It's like, oh, that's exhausting. You're talking three conversations at once. How can you but our little our little processors here our little computers are not built even begin to understand that the only time you're able to understand these ideas at a higher levels when you leave this computer and plug into the internet of spirit essentially,

Suzanne Giesemann 17:35
Well, we we experienced it in our dreams. There's no time in your dream, right things happen instantaneously. You're suddenly in a different country. There's no no sense of time passing.

Alex Ferrari 17:46
And it's very you're absolutely right. It could take a dream could seem long, but not really. Yeah. And can seem short. Oh, yeah. And not really, because you've been sleeping for an hour and that thing could have taken an hour to go. And same thing in your meditations. Oh, yeah. When you go deep in meditations, it's almost like a controlled dreamscape state sometimes. Let me I want to talk to you about that. Because meditation and I haven't talked a lot about my meditations. And what I see and what I go through in my meditations. I've been meditating now, seven years, about seven years, hour, hour, hour and a half a day, is what I try to

Suzanne Giesemann 18:23
Good for you that you haven't lost that with all this busyness.

Alex Ferrari 18:27
It's getting a little harder recently with the launch of the the streaming service and other things like that. But like, okay, just get over the finish line. Okay, now I can go back. But I have been like today, I was able to do it, even though there was no reason I had time to do it. But I made time to do it. But what I noticed, because we were med at you weren't a meditator in the military or anything like that. Never nothing like that. That's Whoo.

Suzanne Giesemann 18:50
It just, it wasn't popular then.

Alex Ferrari 18:53
True. Yeah, it wasn't as popular as it was. Now. It's one of the most researched things ever.

Suzanne Giesemann 18:59
And it was, it would have been, Oh, you do that for stress relief and correct. There's so much more,

Alex Ferrari 19:05
Right, like you do yoga just to get a cool body. Similar idea. So but as I love to hear what happened with you when you started to meditate. I think a lot of people when they meditate, again, put these requirements on a session. They're like, Oh, I had a session. I can't do it. It's not working. My mind is not quieting. I'm not a perfect monk. Now. That was a waste of a session. And that's when you stop, you can't get past that block. It took me years before I started my practice. I've been trying to meditate for a decade. I just was doing that to myself. I would sit down and be like, obviously, I'm not it's obviously not working because I keep hearing my voice. And then the big secret is that the voice doesn't go away. It will go away at a certain point. But it's not it's Okay,

Suzanne Giesemann 20:00
Yeah, it's what is observing that voice. And you get to know there is something beyond the normal day to day. Thoughts that just come up robotically. And so if if I'm able to step beyond that voice and watch it, even if I can't stop it, who's doing the watching? And that's the question, isn't it? But what I have really been teaching in my classes lately that seems to be helping people is for me, I had a totally different intention. When I went into meditation, I was going to connect with my stepdaughter who had passed, right? It wasn't just about peace, or let me meet my spirit guide, I needed to connect with her. And I realized that it was that sole focus. And I haven't figured out which term which form of soul I'm talking about there. It was both. So U L. and S o le, that sole focus that took me deeper and farther faster, because I watched my thoughts listened to the voices that were coming through it. Well, that's not Susan, and I just let them go. I didn't try to quiet them. It was just like, Get out of here. That's not Susan. And I would just go back to watching and listening, watching and listening. Anything that wasn't Susan, until something really interesting might pop up. That wasn't my stuff.

Alex Ferrari 21:20
So stop right there for a second. That's a really interesting part about that. Because a lot of times you're like, Oh, I just my brain just made that up. Well, there's some times when things pop up. I'm like, I don't think that.

Suzanne Giesemann 21:30
Yeah, so that's when you need it. Okay. So Suzanne, I still want to hear from you. But I'm gonna pull this thread.

Alex Ferrari 21:36
Right. Yeah. And that's the that's when you I think that's the first breakthrough is when you are aware enough to see that something has popped into your mind. That is not your thoughts.

Suzanne Giesemann 21:47
That's it. That is the whole key. And so I didn't hear from Susan for three years deliberately on her part, so that I would start noticing other voices and get to know Oh, my God, we really do have spirit guides, and I started listening to them. But I would every day, go back to what Susan, where are you? And then I started learning about angels. But Susan, and then connecting with other people's loved ones and going more and more in depth with that if she had come in right away. Well, great. Let's just chit chat. Now. I'm done. Would I have still be meditating today? I don't know.

Alex Ferrari 22:23
Wow, yeah, it's, yeah, if you would have stopped, because of all the chitchat or this or that, it's that moment that you like, and I still do it to this day, like, I'll be there and something will pop. I'm like, Oh, that's not mine. Well, let's go down this road. This is not mine. And let's go down this road. And that's the breakthrough. And then when you can get there every dime, then you're starting to get into some magic. And then when you can do it at whim that you're really at, you're now really mastering that stuff, because you're able to pull yourself above the story above where you're at, and you can start looking down at things. And then things start to open up to you. I've seen so many different visions. Elements. I've seen future events. I want to hear you I want to hear if you've had this happen. Go ahead

Suzanne Giesemann 23:12
is a key point, though. And it's just surprises me how people miss it. So I didn't want to miss it. I talk in the book about the three E's educate yourself. And this is what we're doing programs like this and with the book, but what we've just talked about is experience for yourself. Oh, something stood out? Oh, that's being but the part a lot of people miss is the 30. And gauge. What shows up? Correct? It's not just oh, that was interesting. Well, okay, who put that in my mind, you ask the question, Who is this? And now you start a conversation. And before you know it, you're no longer questioning? Am I making this up? Because you're learning something? It's helpful. Or you're excited? Because I can go look that up? Did I make that up? I didn't know that. I never heard that before. And now you're saying, oh my god, there really is something beyond this.

Alex Ferrari 24:08
So I want to ask you this. Because this has happened a handful of times, in my meditations, I found these events that would happen. And it's happened a few times. And it's more than just a vision. It's more than just a scene. It's you're in it. in it. Yeah. And you feel it. It's a different thing. So there's there's there's different levels. Yeah, there's different levels. I've had the holy crap what the hell is going on level that's happened once or twice? Of like, it's I've been wiped away. I've been taken somewhere. Almost. Then there's the I'm watching a TV show. Moment Like, Oh, that's interesting. Oh, okay. That's what's going on. Oh, I wonder what that means. So there's that moment. And then there's another moment where you are. It's a beach in between those two, where you're kind of watching a show, but You're also feeling everything. And this is the very important part of it. There is a knowing. And that's the difference than knowing. So no one is speaking, but you understand what's happening. You understand who that is. Someone is telling you telepathically. It's the only way I can think about it. All those people in that scene is this person, this person this even though you can't see their face, but you feel their energy. It's a weirdest thing. You're like, oh, that's grandma. Oh, that's my daughter. Oh, and that's that. And then and then you feel who you are in the scene. In the one specific scene I'm talking about. I was there in a bunch of my relative family members were there. And I felt what I was feeling. And I knew exactly what was happening. Without anyone explaining it to me. It was just an unknowing. Yeah. Unknowing. And it was, and that specific scene was something in the future. Oh, which I can't, I will never reveal. Yeah, but it was very personal. But that feel it was just such a was so amazing. I'm like, that's what it must feel like, in a near death experience. To a certain extent, I can only imagine.

Suzanne Giesemann 26:04
Well, you talked about having that experience where it's so real, and you're totally in it. Imagine an aspect of you right now, that just suddenly says, Oh, I was sitting in the studio doing this interview. And it was so real, that you having this experience now, right, that's the nested dolls aspect,

Alex Ferrari 26:23
It's it was it's in when you're able to tap into those kinds of things. It's pretty remarkable. Some of the seats sometimes the scenes that I see in my meditations or messages, they're always generally messages of something going on. Very rarely do I hear audio, but occasionally I do. I don't know about you. Occasionally, you'll hear someone say something, or you hear a statement. It doesn't happen very often. It's normally just more mental you understand things instantly, but is pretty mind blowing to see. So I understand when when I studied Yogananda very deeply and, and he would just go off for two or three days. And he would just tell his followers, if you need me just whisper in my in my ear, and I'll be back in an instant. But he would just go and meditate for 24 hours or 48 hours and just be gone. Because he is he was literally just elsewhere, elsewhere. What do you what's your experience? Have you had similar things happen to you in your meditations?

Suzanne Giesemann 27:25
I rarely meditate longer than half an hour. Okay, it's a luxury to have more than that. Yeah, if I go 45 minutes, I'll fall asleep. Okay. Yeah. But I don't need to go further. Or I would stay there. I get the messages I get. The longest ones are when I get caught up in these. I call them conversations with joy. I'm talking to the highest source I can imagine, like Conversations with God with Neale Donald Walsch. But I have a notepad where my iPad, and we just have a conversation, and I just get so drawn into it, I'll ask my question by typing it, the answer will come and we just go on and on and on. And 45 minutes will have passed. And I've kept all of these hundreds and hundreds of pages and the wisdom, the humor, the teaching is divine. It's it's a joy to sit like that I haven't shared those publicly, because then they're helpful in my life. And that's when you know, it's, it's real, because this guidance is not just right here for the taking. It's when we expand our consciousness, there it is.

Alex Ferrari 28:35
So you're always connected. So for you, you don't have to meditate as much, right, because you getting visions all the time, you're, you're talking to spirit, you're talking to your guides, you're talking to relatives of other people, you're constantly connected. So I could see that you don't need to sit down for three hours and meditate because you're essentially an almost a level of you have that open channel all the time

Suzanne Giesemann 28:58
Consciously connected and it is definitely possible,

Alex Ferrari 29:01
It is definitely possible for people who are are interested in trying to level up quote unquote, level up their skill set to be able to do this for them to get their frequency up to a place that they can open up to that because to my understanding that that there is a guardrail in place for us as a as a species, where we cannot access higher knowledge. Unless you are higher vibration, generally speaking, and it just you have to continuously go that's how we've been able to grow so fast technologically over the last 100 years, because we have raised our vibration as a collective. Is that a fair statement? Yes, it is. So as we are going up higher and higher. So what can we do to raise or shift to a divine frequency a little higher to be able to connect to the gifts like that you have or to have a clear connection to Source

Suzanne Giesemann 30:00
Be committed to a regular practice that's daily, my slip of the Divine three minutes a day who can't do that three minutes a day. And you ask in those three minutes, or hopefully longer, what do I need to know what's holding me back? You have to be willing to change yourself. And so you because you're sitting in the peace in this loving vibration, every day, when you do something not so positive. It just jumps out at you or Oh, you just immediately say, Oh, that was very human of me now, could I have done that better? And then you start to change. It's a natural progression. And it's beautiful because it has its rewards all along the way.

Alex Ferrari 30:45
You mentioned somewhat last time we spoken every time you speak you like I don't like to say I don't like somebody I don't resonate with that's the word resonate. I don't resonate with that person. Yeah, that is that just a vibrational? thing?

Suzanne Giesemann 30:59

Alex Ferrari 31:00
Like two magnets?

Suzanne Giesemann 31:01
Think of the disco ball analogy that I use. So often one light shining out through 8 billion lenses. That's all of us humans. Now, if my viewpoint is looking out that way, and somebody over here is looking out that way? How are we going to have the same energy, we have completely different viewpoint on the world. But I might be, you know, aligned with the person who has a similar viewpoint here. But even when you think about octaves and harmonics, you might have a viewpoint with somebody who's 180 degrees opposite you. It's it's it's absolutely frequency, and you can feel it immediately. When you're sensitive. When you meet someone, you just say, Oh, not in resonance. So that's okay. You know, now it's not Ooh, I'm putting up barriers. That is just a fact of, we have a different story.

Alex Ferrari 31:51
And we're not connecting on that story on that, that wavelength, if you will. Well, let me ask you this, because from my understanding is when you raise yourself to a certain frequency, you attract those frequencies to you? Oh, yeah. That goes through the top. And that goes for the bottom of it. Oh, yes. So if you're like, life sucks, oh, my god, the world is horrible. Well, guess what, that's all going to probably those kinds of people are going to show up in your life.

Suzanne Giesemann 32:17
I'll do readings for people and guides will say, tell them, they will have love in their life again, but don't look for it right now. Because they're gonna attract to themselves the same kind of person, they just divorced. But then they give them guidance about, you know, look at this, do that, change this, and then just start being open, and somebody will come to you, and it'll be the last person you would have thought of being with, and it'll be perfect.

Alex Ferrari 32:43
So if that's if that's the case, that if our frequency goes up, we attract those kind of people. And I'll be honest with you, as I've been doing the show, and people like yourself have come into my orbit. You will never come into my orbit or people like you wouldn't ever come in my orbit. It's not because you're hanging out with gangster while I was hanging out gangsters, obviously. And Hollywood folk. No, I'm joking. But I would have, I've had these amazing interactions with people, very spiritual people, very enlightened people. Throughout the show, and these people are being attracted to what I'm doing like yourself, energetically,

Suzanne Giesemann 33:24
Because your hearts in the right place, you can tell,

Alex Ferrari 33:26
I appreciate that. I appreciate that. It's an energetic thing. It's not all I'm gonna go get clicks, or Oh, I'm gonna go get that. It's not about that. Because there's a lot of other shows. And even when I've wanted to have wanted somebody like, no, they're not. I wasn't ready for that guest or something along those lines, because for whatever reason. So if that's the case, then can you explain to me why someone wouldn't that someone would show up in your life? Who is so starkly off your frequency? If they How did they show up? Obviously, if you speak in front of large crowds, things like that, I get that. And you do

Suzanne Giesemann 34:04
This is easy, because we tend to see things only from our viewpoint. What if you shift and say they needed the lessons they're going to learn from you.

Alex Ferrari 34:14
And you just have to, and you're just like, I'm here to show I'm here to serve you.

Suzanne Giesemann 34:17
It's what they can learn from you for awhile.

Alex Ferrari 34:19
Interesting, interesting. So those kinds of people will fly into your life, you will recognize it. And hopefully, from their perspective, they're going to learn a lesson on like, why did that person not want to talk to me or something along those lines or maybe something deeper than that? But that's that's what I say I never thought of it that way. I always thought it was only looking at it from my point of view. But you're right, because I always joke that you don't see a lot of Yogi's getting mugged. It's not a thing, their their vibration, the frequency is such a level that they wouldn't attract that kind of lower energy or heavier energy if you want to say, not negative, lower energy to them. Generally speaking, I just got that yet, so they wouldn't be attracting that kind of energy. So I've always been very interested in that. And it's been an experiment in my life, that I've been noticing the people that I have been attracting in my life. I've been so starkly different than it was five years ago.

Suzanne Giesemann 35:19
But the reason you lost me there for a second where I was late getting to pick it up, because my mind went to, well, what if I get mugged? That's where my mind went. And then that's immediately fear with that, and then you'd attract it. So it's just a constant. Being aware of what your thoughts are and then what you're radiating to the world. What do you want to attract into your life? You really need to look at yourself.

Alex Ferrari 35:44
If you're enjoying this conversation, I invite you to go deeper down the rabbit hole with me on next level soul TV. It's packed with exclusive content like live special guests Q and A's daily podcast commercial free access to the entire next level sold catalogue, early access to episodes before they air and special meditations you won't find anywhere else. We will be adding new exclusive content every month. Plus, you can connect with me during my monthly live streams. Just go to nextlevelsoul.com/subscribe and join our soulful community today. I'll see you on the inside.

Suzanne Okay, look, I'm okay.

Suzanne Giesemann 36:23
Where you going?

Alex Ferrari 36:24
Alright look, it's wonderful what we're talking about here, like, you radiate what you want in life, and it comes on paper. That is awesome. It's It sounds awesome. No, no, no, no, no. No, I know, I agree with you. I'm making a point here for people listening. Okay. I agree with you. But on paper that seems really easy to do. But in practice, you just did it. You are you just like, if I get mugged. Oh my god, you just went there instantly.

Suzanne Giesemann 36:53
Yeah, that's the old part of the brain. We're hardwired that way. Exactly.

Alex Ferrari 36:57
We're hardwired. And that's another thing I want people to understand. We are hardwired for safety.

Suzanne Giesemann 37:02

Alex Ferrari 37:02
We have. This is a we have a negative bias built into our systems to protect us from the tiger around the corner.

Suzanne Giesemann 37:09
But you can create new neural pathways so that you don't get stuck in that you can say up. But I know there's another asked.

Alex Ferrari 37:19
So that's a really good point I want to want to hold on to is getting stuck. Because you had that you just had that, that that energy, that thought went through your head. And you went new and I'm out shift and it just and you just moved it out, but it went through. You just let it pass through you where somebody will go, oh my god, I'm gonna get mugged. Oh my God, no, it just it just like one if I get mugged, then I'm going to do this. Am I going to get hurt? Should I go buy a weapon? Oh, this, maybe I'll get a big deal. And he just shot. And all of a sudden, you bring it down. I remember when I was a kid. I was when I was a teenager starting to drive. I was terrified to being pulled over. terrified of being pulled over. So much so that when the thought came into my head, I could not let it go. And even at that young age is so bizarre. I was thinking about this the other day, I saw someone get pulled over and this, this whole story came into my head. And I was like, Ah, I would remember like I'd never no one ever told me this. But I was like, I kept thinking about a good thing. And I'm like, I guess I'm gonna have to keep thinking about it until it happens. And a couple days later, I get pulled over and then I literally get the ticket. I'm like, I think I can get rid of that. And at that young age, there was something that I knew even then I had no woowoo No, no books, no nothing. No meditation. I budget. I just had a feeling about that. That's such the that's the dangerous part about thoughts is because they have a charge. They haven't they have an emotional charge, but it's going to have a frequency charge to them.

Suzanne Giesemann 38:49
Now look what you just did. You said dangerous now we're afraid of our thoughts. No, that's the interesting part about thoughts.

Alex Ferrari 38:56

Suzanne Giesemann 38:57

Alex Ferrari 38:57
Okay, so not dangerous, okay. I say dangerous yet. You see, I love that when you shift everything, I love it. I love the way you shift everything. It's the things to be aware of. If I was around you all the time, my life, I would become much more articulate. The things to be aware of is if you have those dots not to get stuck. And that's where people can fall into traps, or fall into a hole. Because you could have been out of the rest of this interview thinking about getting mugged for the rest of the day, I think gonna have are gonna happen just flew right out of it right out of your head. So that's the key for people thinking about what they want in life is to project those ideas. But when there's fear involved, like I'm not perfect, there's just things in my life. But what happens if this or what happens if that? Letting go of that and just trusting and that's what it comes. It's all kind of coming together.

Suzanne Giesemann 39:49
But we can play with manifesting and literally, just say what if I say I'm putting a protective shoe shield around me and muggers won't even see me. Now you're saying, Well, maybe there are angels that will help me with that I have to share with you, please. One of the most magical stories I ever heard in that regard. Three women were coming to a retreat I was doing, they got to the airport, got their rental car got in the car had to drive 45 minutes to the retreat center. And they said together, angels put a protective shield around the car. Okay, they're going down the highway, a dump trucks in front of them all three solid happens. So this is not an illusion. Big Rock hunk, flies out the back of the dump truck, gets about three feet in front of the car breaks into three pieces and goes down the sides of the car.

Alex Ferrari 40:48

Suzanne Giesemann 40:52
That's ridiculous. But I know it's not. Wow, yeah. So when we get on the road in our bus every day tight. I'm buckling in and he goes, say your angel thing. He won't pull out till I sit. And I said, Okay, fine. And I don't just say this roleplay I go to my heart. And I make sure it's coming from the heart really connecting. I'll say angels. Please protect people, pets and property today. May we get safely all the way to our destination and have fun. And may it be totally uneventful. Thank you so much. Does it every day is our ritual. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 41:32
Well, let's talk about angels, because you've spoken a lot about angels. When I first started the show, I would say I'm like, I'm not gonna talk.

Suzanne Giesemann 41:40
I did too, when I started.

Alex Ferrari 41:44
What am I going to talk about Archangel Michael and Gabriel, for God's sakes. You know, so I actually stayed away from that for early part of the show. I was learning I was growing, you know, and talking about different things that

Suzanne Giesemann 41:56
You are forgiven.

Alex Ferrari 41:57
Yes, as you are as well. Because we all it was, you know, coming from where we both came from a more grounded space. Angel seems so fancy fanciful. I mean, you might as well just say fairies, and trolls and gnomes at that point, which there's conversations about that we could have a whole other conversation, you can say aliens and UFOs. We can talk about all that stuff. But angels specifically,

Suzanne Giesemann 42:21
My guides just said stay in your lane.

Alex Ferrari 42:23
Yes. Okay. Yeah, we're not gonna talk about that. Someone told me to that's not the conversation I was about it. But angels, though, you know, it seems like oh, gosh, she talks to angels. Okay. Can you explain to people, what angels? who they are? How they help us? How you can connect with them? Are they the biblical aspect of them? Or is that just a shoe? Is that just a costume that we put on them? You know, from your experience

Suzanne Giesemann 42:55
I'm not gonna give you specifics, because I have yet to see one. But go back to my metaphor of the disco ball light. And here we are humans, 8 billion of us around the edge with one light projecting and becoming all of those. As you go back towards that one light, the light becomes more powerful. So the angels are going to be the same light, projecting a different story more powerfully, so that it's projecting through more of these lenses on the outside. So it's a hierarchy. It's the same light, the same light and the same intelligence and creativity. So does it have form if you want it to it'll wear a suit? Right? have wings in one, it's you wanted to have a name, ask it, what shall I call you, they'll give you a name. But you can say hey, you I need help here. So that's the proof when you get the help.

Alex Ferrari 43:45
The thing that's beautiful that what you just said is that if source is the source of source God, for lack of a better word, is the beginning stages of the light. And as it projected light out, an angel is kind of like a Wi Fi booster. It takes the signal and boosts it out in a different way through a different lens based on its own. Its own being, if you will, because angels are their own, their own sovereign beings as well. Like we

Suzanne Giesemann 44:16
Yes, everything. Yes, everything is both and sovereign and part of the one.

Alex Ferrari 44:22
So it's so difficult for us to understand that. Yeah, that idea

Suzanne Giesemann 44:25
Once we do and we start playing with it and shape shifting in that way. You see the connection, and then you can use that awareness that I really do have help. I'm really not alone. Oh my god, it's it's life changing.

Alex Ferrari 44:41
So how do you connect with your angels?

Suzanne Giesemann 44:43
I don't even guardian angels see them. I don't feel them as separate but I call on them. I asked for assistance. I asked for guidance. I send them thank you when things happen, but I don't know who actually did it. but I just know that asking from a higher level works.

Alex Ferrari 45:04
And can you give me an example of when an angel did something for you?

Suzanne Giesemann 45:08
Oh, my gosh, Angel example. I may have already shared this with you. But let's share my Eureka story.

Alex Ferrari 45:16
It's okay, we've had four of these conversations over the last three years so

Suzanne Giesemann 45:21
Some beautiful teaching from in meditation that I got. And I remember having a guest on my podcast, Lorna Byrne, who sees just had her on

Alex Ferrari 45:33
the show. Oh, she's beautiful. What a beautiful soul. Beautiful, beautiful. So Oh,

Suzanne Giesemann 45:37
And she cracked me up because she said, there are legions of unemployed angels

Alex Ferrari 45:43
Unemployed angel concepts.

Suzanne Giesemann 45:44
I thought that was so brilliant. And I thought, My gosh, if we really didn't have all these helpers, and we're not calling on them, I'm going to start calling on them. So I started calling on them. And it's been very helpful. But I said, All right, I'm the one that always talks about doing the sign game. So if there really are these unemployed angels, What sign are you going to send me to validate that? And I heard and saw Eureka, the word just flashed up in my head like that. And I thought, That's a good one. Because to be a good sign, it has to be unusual. Not likely, you'd see it in the next couple of days, but not so unusual that it's impossible, right? So two days later, we got a FedEx delivery in a big crate of a sculpture that we had bought on our travels. And the sculptor, when we took the lid off the box had put a magazine that had a feature article about him in it, he marked it with one of his bent brochures. I open up the magazine, the title of the article in Foreign child letters is Eureka. That was it. Now, that's great enough, Alex, this is how it works. The higher level knew that was on its way to make. They could see that moment when I'm going to open it up. And don't you just see him like Oh,

Alex Ferrari 47:03
So that's okay. So that was when you said that that was going to be my question. Okay. So did they create that? Or did they just see what was going to happen? And go? Oh, yeah, this she's gonna see the word you Rica in about two days, this is going to be perfect

Suzanne Giesemann 47:15
One mind, who created it, we did it together, I wanted a magical moment, they may have put it in my mind, or I did it.

Alex Ferrari 47:22
But they see, but they're seeing a higher picture without a doubt. So if they're seeing the higher picture of us, yes?

Suzanne Giesemann 47:30
What they just said, and now you get to share it with millions. See, see, one little moment, that's the web, it goes out and it goes out. Now we're gonna have all kinds of people around the world saying, Alright, unemployed angels, you know, don't ask for a million dollars just helped me with the proverbial parking space. That's trivial. But what where do you really? Where will you grow from having help with something,

Alex Ferrari 47:55
I tell the story, and I am asking these questions, because there's so many times in our lives that we go off on an off ramp. And we can get stuck on that off ramp for a decade.

Suzanne Giesemann 48:05
But you don't have to be afraid of that. Because with the meditation, you get to know you have a team, you get in this flow of testing. And like I said, when you catch yourself doing something very human, and you go, oops, that's not who I really am. The same system is in play in every step of the way. You You have a new idea for new project, and you test it first has this sound How does this feel okay? If I take the next step, every step of the way, you're testing and then you just don't hit those walls, in the first sign of hitting a wall, you back up, go into meditation and say, what's the better way? What's going on? So you're testing the waters every step?

Alex Ferrari 48:46
That's a really good way of looking at things in life. Because if you're like, Oh, I had this idea. And we get all hyped up about our ideas. Oh, I'm sure you have.

Suzanne Giesemann 48:54
And now I recognize that manic feel. And I stopped when my book launched, oh my gosh, my team, they were so excited. And I was happy. But I realized I didn't have that manic field that I've had with past books that come out. And that's a real that's an improvement. Because what goes way up goes just as far down. So I've learned I totally enjoyed it. But it was mostly temper. It was gratitude, gratitude instead of the wow, this is awesome.

Alex Ferrari 49:25
And this and those are being when it starts to go up too fast. It becomes an ego trap as well. Big time. Yeah, you're the greatest Suzanne, you're going to change that and even in the spiritual thing. You started using that spiritual ego. Oh, because ego will grab on to spiritual stuff,

Suzanne Giesemann 49:40
Please, God, did I learn that lesson. A decade ago, really very, very, very, very painfully and it's beautiful now.

Alex Ferrari 49:49
Yeah, not when you're in it, but when you look back it is so so just to be clear. So there there was a moment in your life when you were walking the path in this space, being the spiritual person and you got to

Suzanne Giesemann 49:59
I wasn't the spiritual person, then I was just I mean, I was connecting with other people's loved ones, but I didn't. You weren't here never have written that book? No, of course not. And they helped my god.

Alex Ferrari 50:09
Exactly. But so so I just I say this because I think it's such a learning lesson for people listening, even someone like us, a lot of people put you up on a pedestal,

Suzanne Giesemann 50:18
I think I've always been.

Alex Ferrari 50:20
That's the lesson I always tell people like no Ascended Master ever showed up fully formed, not Jesus, and Buddha, no one, they all come to learn lessons to evolve to the place where they become the Ascended Master or the walking master, the Living Master. But no one is no one, no one comes fully formed. It doesn't work that way. So I'm putting it out. Because people might put you on a pedestal as well, if they read this book, like, Oh, she's just been like this, all her life. Like, we all go through these things, we all make these mistakes. So there was a trap that you you fell into it at the beginning of this journey. And this is and it's so and I'm going to use the word dangerous, I'm going to throw that out there. It's dangerous. Because when you walk in the spiritual paths, and I'm sure you've met many people on this in this field, when you're talking spirituality, you're talking about the other side, you're talking about evolution of the soul, you're talking about all these things. The ego, who was not on board originally, all of a sudden goes, you know, we are, I think we're a little bit better than everybody else. I think we know much more than these people who are here to listen to me. And you start to fall into that little trap. That's so and it's dangerous.

Suzanne Giesemann 51:33
Really come back to bite you.

Alex Ferrari 51:34
Right! So so that's kind of like what you kind of in a different way, obviously, but you fell into that trap. And you said it was a painful experience? Because yeah. Oh, that was a lesson I needed to learn along this path. Yeah, because it's it's it's a it's, these are traps, the little ego traps that you can fall into. You get you get a lot of success. Very, very fast. It's dangerous. Hollywood, I saw it too many times. You did. Oh my god. Everyone's telling you, you're the best. All your wonderful. And then you have a bomb. And they don't pick up the phone. Yeah, it's it's insane.

Suzanne Giesemann 52:12
That's the identifying with the story. And this Yeah, I know, this is what's made, the difference is that it is just a roll. It's just a story. And if you take it too seriously, you're gonna hurt, you're gonna get hurt.

Alex Ferrari 52:24
Now, one thing that you are medium as well, so you do speak to loved ones on the other side. One of the biggest questions I'm always asked, What are they doing? Is there a cafe? Or there movie? want it to see so yeah. Is it like is it like, What Dreams May Come?

Suzanne Giesemann 52:40
It is, oh, it's not in this book. It's another one I have coming out in October. This download I got about what the afterlife is like, please don't it's hierarchical. And it depends on where you are in your spiritual understanding when you cross the veil. So explain to me so if you don't get it at all, you'll cross the veil and you'll see oh, I'm still the Suzanne story. And even on the other side, you'll understand. Okay, I'm I'm no longer in my body, but some might want to really hang around their loved ones here more. You You may just really enjoy playing golf every day. Getting a hole in one every day. On the other side. Yes!

Alex Ferrari 53:24
Because there's you build whatever you want.

Suzanne Giesemann 53:27
Instantly. And if you've never visited the pyramids in Egypt, boom, you're there. And that's pretty cool. But after a while, hold on ones get boring. And now I've been around the world and I've seen it all and then now maybe in my loved ones no I'm here or they're doing okay, so but after a while then it's like well what else is here and then you start to notice this pull this natural pool to continue evolving and that just is to shine your light better. So you go through this progression and come back have another go at it.

Alex Ferrari 54:02
So so is it like would the robin wombs film what dreams may come in that menu and not all aspects of that? Yeah, that's scary. Not the scary stuff but the actual creation very much so building building out the world like you know, it was made of paint at first and all that stuff and like oh, if I want this here I can eat that. Oh, everything's made out of cake. Okay, great. Is it kind of like this? And I think it was Cuba Gooding Jr his guide when he got there who said oh, we have we have enough you everyone can have their own world here. There's nothing but space. Yes. And he built his entire he built an entire world for himself. Yeah, where he was comfortable.

Suzanne Giesemann 54:40
And yet it's still all about relationships. So you're drawn to other souls

Alex Ferrari 54:44
And other souls are connected. Why is that? Why are we connected to other souls like that?

Suzanne Giesemann 54:48
It's because we are off of one light we are that is who we are connection itself. So we exist so that we as the light It can enjoy being the light and you can't know who you are unless you get apart from it.

Alex Ferrari 55:08
So is it Yes, but the I'm talking about, like specific souls like Soul families or soul groups, because he I mean, we're all connected as a soul, I get that part. But there are groups of souls who tend to like to hang around with each other.

Suzanne Giesemann 55:20
Well, that's like in your body, you have groups of cells that serve one organ, and groups differentiated cells that just it's just a way of compartmentalizing different experiences of consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 55:34
Interesting. Is the body and the physics of ourselves basically an analogy for the universe.

Suzanne Giesemann 55:44
Oh, yeah. I mean, as above, so below is so true.

Alex Ferrari 55:47
Because the deeper you go down to ourselves, and you eventually get so deep that there's nothing but space. Yeah. And then you pull back out. It's far enough. It's nothing but space. And yeah, it's funny how an atom and a nucleolus going around that, um, I'm not that great in science. But you know, what I'm talking about, is an example of a solar system, or,

Suzanne Giesemann 56:15
But that diagram is outdated. Now. Now, it's just a sphere of possibilities that Adam could be anywhere, right? Yeah, it's poppin. Surely, yeah, the solar system every. It's so fascinating. When you dive in.

Alex Ferrari 56:27
And you start pulling back farther and farther. We're like, well, our little galaxy, then it goes into our little solar system that goes into a galaxy, and then goes into multiple galaxies. And you know, we're the Milky Way is this big, comparatively to? Yeah, farther back cockles boggles the mind boggles the mind. It really, really does. What I wanted to ask you about the stuff that's going on in the world. And we talked a little bit about at the very beginning of our conversation these, these two energies happening right now, where do you see the energy kind of update of where we're at currently, right now, and where we're going to be in the next year or two of what's happening in this kind of battle going on? Not bad, it's you dead? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I can't say the word battle. You can say. The struggle between these two different pot non positive and positive energies, you're killing me.

Suzanne Giesemann 57:19
Evolution is slow, but steady. And that more and more people are coming to say this is not right, whatever this is. And yet, some things will continue to repeat themselves. I bought a book, I found it at a used bookstore. And I just open to the Preface. And it said, we're, you know, there's wars going on. The people are killing each other people don't understand who we are. It was very timely. And I went, when was this book published? 1946. So we can we can be Pollyanna and say, Oh, no consciousness is rising. But it is it's just not as fast as most people think. But it's much faster than it was in the past.

Alex Ferrari 58:07
It seems that things are moving extremely fast. Now, in both both both energy levels are moving much faster, just from my point of view, from when I was born, to where we are now is astronomically different,

Suzanne Giesemann 58:23
The fact that we can talk about these things, and so many people are interested that it's the most hopeful thing for me,

Alex Ferrari 58:28
Right! So even in the last five years, 510 years, I mean, this conversation doesn't make sense at 10 years ago, it doesn't get the audience that it would get now,

Suzanne Giesemann 58:37
Get more people meditating. Get them to go beyond the story and start making that shift daily be guided by the higher realms. Ask those unemployed angels to be helping us and help more people, then we'll really see the progress.

Alex Ferrari 58:51
So both things are I think that things are kind of speeding up. It seems almost like every year, every month, it seems to be going on both sides on both sides of those and that energy, the non positive and the positive. Oh, yeah. Okay, because they're both going. The positives is really going but also the non positive is really going as well, because there seems to be a lot more. A lot more craziness going on in the world that he's like drawn. Yeah, but you but you've said it very clearly. Well, in the Vietnam time, it seemed like everything was going crazy as well. But it just seems different now.

Suzanne Giesemann 59:30
Focus on your reality right here. That's what the guides want us to know. We can look at the news and project ourselves there. But you are here in your reality for a reason you're having your life experience. So So what choices can you make right here to make your little part of experience more loving, more connected? And that will make a difference for the whole.

Alex Ferrari 59:55
And I think what you just said is so important to really reiterate is that the new Use the media is very fear based. Oh, it's about fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear. And you get stuck in that world. You know, I know, I know, relatives who watch a certain news network, or two different types, but on both sides, and they just go down that road, and they live there. And they want more of it. Because Oh, it's addictive. It's addictive, that energy, the endorphins are being released through it, and all this fear, and our anger, and they just were like, Oh, I just want to go and then go on social media and everything on social media is literally the algorithm is sending them exactly what they want. So they're reinforcing it. So the reality of the world changes, completely changes. So that is an extremely dangerous thing to do. And I love what you said is like, focus on what your reality is. Because yet, look, there's wars going on in the world right now. There has been since the beginning. But we're more aware of them now. You know, when Alexander was running around, we didn't see it on the on the evening news, you know, so it was different. Now we see it. And the problem is that we take it in, and like, instead of being mugged, like, Oh, my God, is the bomb going to drop? Or is this person or this at this country going to do this or this country going to do that? Live in the reality of your own reality? And if other things happen, then you deal with them as they flow to you.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:01:27

Alex Ferrari 1:01:27
Is that fair?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:01:28
Yeah, that's it. Yeah, yeah. You're attracting to yourself the lessons that will help your soul right here right now. So do you look around you deal with what's bubbling up in your awareness right now? And you'll find greater peace.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:43
Is there any? Is there any practices that you can recommend people to do to kind of get them out of this endless loop of fear that they might be in?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:01:55
Of course, we've talked about the meditation, sure, but the practice of self inquiry really analyzing yourself? Why What am I telling myself that's holding me in fear? Why did I just react that way? But notice how we don't just ask it, I'm just wondering, in general, go into the silence and trust there is a guide or loved one of yours, across the veil an angel and say, Why am I experiencing this? Now? What do I need to know from this? Why do I keep beating myself up? Don't just wander, ask directly and be listening and watching for answers. That practice of asking the questions directly of a higher source is hugely helpful.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:42
Well, self analyzation is the first keys to self realization. Hmm, essentially, here's a quote. I mean, when you sort of analyze yourself, you start the beginning processes of realizing who you truly are,

Suzanne Giesemann 1:02:55
But not in a judgmental way. Why do I keep doing this? No, I want to know, Where's this coming from?

Alex Ferrari 1:03:01
The curiosity. It's curiosity of self. You know, why did I do that? Yeah. Now beat yourself up over it. Why did I do that? I do that I catch myself all the time. Why did I react that way? Why does that person get under my skin? Why does this situation still still ring my bell?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:03:19
Well, I have a process in the wake of a book, they call it the no fault process. Seven steps for when something triggers you and you fly off the handle or you cry or you get angry you call your partner name, you didn't mean to call them that, that no fault is an acronym for n is noticed the behavior. Oops. So now we're starting the process. Oh, observe now that requires you to shift outside the story. So now you're in the director role, not the actor. You've just shifted beyond the story and you say, Oh, I was an idiot.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:53
Non judgmental, non judgmental

Suzanne Giesemann 1:03:55
Just an observation.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:58
We do do idiotic things I'll give you that.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:04:01
Myself included. F is now feel what you're feeling. And is it anger to frustration? Feel it don't shove it down a acknowledge. Maybe I have a right to feel that way. Or maybe that was a little over the top acknowledge the feeling you is uncover what's beneath it. Now here's where you might need to ask for guidance. Where'd that come from? I dug up some old stuff with something i My poor husband bore the brunt of a couple months ago. And most of our wounding comes from before age seven. It's childhood stuff that when you don't acknowledge and feel it, and try to uncover it, it's just gonna keep triggering you. So when you say oh my god, it's from when my mother said this to me and ever since then that triggers me. So then the that's the you L is Love yourself any way, like a parent would a parent who can love unconditionally? And how do you do that? You can just say, It's okay. Literally, it's okay. Where were your hand here? She screwed up. But now you know where that came from. And then to talk to yourself lovingly, it could also be tapping. I don't know if you know, but it's, I think is really good for clearing out those charges. But now that you've cleared the charge out and talk to yourself lovingly, you're loving yourself, you've uncovered it, you've acknowledged that you felt it doesn't have to come up anymore. This one major trigger that I've dealt with for 30 years. I know my husband, he triggered it in me every time. But that was his sole job. But I'd never looked at it. And now it hasn't happened since. Because I dealt with it.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:55
So when you understand Yeah, cuz there's this

Suzanne Giesemann 1:05:57
His behavior stop, and I didn't change him. I changed me. I understood it and I let the charge out.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:05
Okay, that's gonna help me because I have some stuff. I got to deal with a certain people.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:06:11
That's your greatest teachers are the ones who push your buttons.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:15
All right, that I have one in my head right now. Okay. teaching me a lot of things

Suzanne Giesemann 1:06:20
And it's called no fault for reason. You're not the point the blame at you or them. It's just like, okay,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:26
So when you start doing this kind of self analyzation, and start to really become curious about yourself, and you start digging, and you start bringing stuff up. A lot of people stop, yeah. Oh, yes. Because I'm like, Oh, I don't want to deal with that. I don't wanna deal with that. What can you tell them? Is there a way for you to go, okay, when that feeling happens, you can do this to kind of keep it going.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:06:52
It's so simple, yet it takes a little courage, but the soul is innately courageous. So everybody has the courage at the level of the Soul. Be willing to just look at it with curiosity, look at it, and you will see, it will flow right through you when you look at it. And it may teach you something on its way out. Somebody blow cigar smoke in your face, oh, you go like this. But eventually it flows best and you Well, I didn't die. That wasn't so bad. I didn't realize that people have that fear, just from even three minutes in my sip of the Divine practice. But I had a conversation with my friend Irene who said, what after her daughter died, she she wanted to connect with her daughter, but she would sit down and get quiet. She was scared to death that the grief would well up too much. And every time the group came, she went like this. Until she finally just said, I give up. I surrender. And she sat to meditate. And here came the group, but she'd given up and she watched it. And it went poof. That's how she described it. And she went, Oh, my God, that wasn't so bad. And ever since that moment, she has been able to meditate she now hears from her daughter, her daughter wakes her up in the middle of the night mom, you didn't do this and that and she was right. You know, that kind of thing. We, if we can find the courage to look at our fears, right? They'll go away. They don't need to trigger us anymore. They served a purpose.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:23
So then on a humanity level. We're doing a lot of digging right now. A lot of stuff is coming up is that what is that's what's happening, that all we're dealing with are humanity's seven year old. Oh, yeah. And that's why these wars are popping up old wars old 1000s of year old wars.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:08:44
Well, it's also that humanity as a species is in adolescence, spiritually, spiritually. We're no longer children and adolescents are tumultuous and rebellious.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:57
I never thought of it.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:08:58

Alex Ferrari 1:08:59
We're, that's where we are right now. Yeah. So we're the 13 year old Yeah, we're the 14 year

Suzanne Giesemann 1:09:04
Frightening, isn't it?

Alex Ferrari 1:09:04
We're 13-14 year olds. Oh, yeah. Dangerous time.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:09:09
We're getting older and so we'll just hang in their till adulthood and take care of each other and will survive.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:16
Suzanne, where can people find out where to get this amazing book?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:09:21
You know, the standard

Alex Ferrari 1:09:23
Anywhere you can get books?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:09:23
Really. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:25
All right. And where can people find out more about you and what you're doing in the world?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:09:28
Suzannegiesemann.com We keep it pretty well updated.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:32
You have a YouTube show. You've got all sorts of good stuff.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:09:35
All kinds of fun stuff cruises.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:37
That's right. Yeah, cruise as well.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:09:38
This is a free stuff. I have cruises. I have stuff in the middle. I have an app with the daily messages. It's it's a busy time, but it's I have to tell you, I was I remember walking towards my bedroom the other day with three deadlines and several major projects and I was just my head was going wow. And I said to my guy It's this is a lot. And they said, and you love it, don't you? And I laughed, and I said, Yeah, I do.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:10
You know what, I'm gonna have to agree with you on that as crazy as everything been doing all this stuff with the show and this and the streaming service and the app and everything. My wife turns to me, she goes, You, you really love this, don't you? I go, Yeah,

Suzanne Giesemann 1:10:25
You're looking at the effect. And we get the feedback all the time that that people are finding more love. That's why the feedback is so beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:37
It's pretty. It's pretty remarkable. Do you guys have any final words for the audience?

Suzanne Giesemann 1:10:44
Well, I don't know why they just said this is not the end.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:48
Okay, oh, we're gonna keep recording.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:10:52
They okay, that that's the first time they've ever said that at the end of an interview. So what they're saying is, it is a story. It is ongoing. And there are chapters within stories, but many stories have series. Life truly is eternal. And you wouldn't want it to remain the same. So enjoy the ups and the downs and no good drama comes without it's not good parts. Wow. And you are always supported throughout it. So don't forget to call on us as needed. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:27
Such a beautiful way to end this. Suzanne. Thank you so much for coming on the show coming here on and it was amazing talking to you. So thank you, my friend.

Suzanne Giesemann 1:11:35
You're welcome.

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