UC Berkeley Astrophysicist PROVES We LIVE in a CONSCIOUS SIMULATION – NEW EVIDENCE! with Bernard Haisch & Marsha Sims

Bernard Haisch is an astrophysicist and the author of over 130 scientific publications. After earning his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Haisch did postdoctoral research at the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. His professional positions include staff scientist at … Read more

TOP Psychic Medium REVEALS Mankind’s Coming FUTURE! BRACE Yourself! with Jill M. Jackson

Jill M. Jackson is an internationally celebrated Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, and published Author. She is the recipient of the prestigious Psychic of the Year award two years in a row from Best American Psychics, as well as its 2014 Social Activism Award for her volunteer work with animals. As a Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual … Read more

Dr. Peebles Predicts MANKIND’S Great CHANGE in 2024! Prepare Yourself NOW! with Summer Bacon

Summer Bacon is a spiritual teacher, and has been a Trance Medium for the beautiful spirit, Dr. James Martin Peebles since 1994. She first met Dr. Peebles in 1989, through Trance Medium, Thomas Jacobson [To Dance with Angels, by Don & Linda Pendleton]. When Thomas quit channeling, she decided that she did not want to … Read more


Embark on an enthralling odyssey into the unfolding tapestry of humanity’s future, guided by the profound insights of five exceptional guests: James Van Praagh, Nicky Alan, Darryl Anka, Wendy Kennedy, and Mary Ann Kennedy. In this captivating video, we delve deep into the revelations and predictions generously shared by these extraordinary minds, offering a glimpse … Read more

LIVE Channeling: ANCIENT BEINGS From the AKASHIC Records! Future of Mankind REVEALED with Lisa Wetsel

Lisa Wetsel, a dedicated explorer of the mystical realms and a beacon of spiritual guidance. Lisa’s transformative journey into the Akashic Records commenced in 1996, fueled by a compassionate heart and a desire to help others. Initially drawn to the healing art of massage therapy, her path unfolded into a profound exploration of the metaphysical. … Read more

NEW EVIDENCE Revealed! LOST Ancient Technologies & Their HIDDEN POWER! with RJ Spina

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RED EAGLE Predicts MANKIND’S Coming Great SHIFT in 2024! Prepare Yourself NOW! with Riz Mirza

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The Council’s Prediction for THIS YEAR: Mankind’s NEXT Stage of EVOLUTION is HAPPENING with Sara Landon

Sara Landon is a globally celebrated transformational leader, spiritual teacher, and channel of The Council. She has been called a leader of leaders for the next generation of teachers, wayshowers, channels, coaches, and guides who are contributing to raising the consciousness and vibration on the planet at this time. Passionate about living her highest potential, Sara shines a light on … Read more

ATHEIST Dies; Meets Jesus & the Told the TRUTH Why We’re Here! (NDE) with Stephanie Kraft

Stephanie Kraft has been an Intuitive Energy Healer for over 20 years and a Hypnotherapist for over 19 years. She has a unique healing gift that has been calibrated higher than unconditional love on the David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness Calibrations. She is able to communicate with anyone’s higher self during healing sessions. She offers … Read more

BRACE YOURSELF for 2024! The Z’s REVEAL HUMANITY’S Next Stage of EVOLUTION! with Lee Harris

Lee Harris, a luminary in the realm of spiritual exploration and energy consciousness, renowned as the author of “Conversations with the Z’s, Book One” and “Energy Speaks.” Serving as a gifted energy intuitive and channeler, Harris leads a thriving online community that captivates hundreds of thousands each month. His impactful online events, the members’ community … Read more

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NEW EVIDENCE: Power of Ancient SOUND FREQUENCIES That Heal & Raise Consciousness with Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan S. Goldman, M.A. is an international authority and founding pioneer in the field of sound healing. He is the author of numerous books, including THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING, and the best-selling THE HUMMING EFFECT (co-authored with his wife, Andi Goldman), which won the 2018 Gold Visionary Award for “Health Books.” His classic … Read more