EARTH WILL SHIFT! Live CHANNELING: Theo REVEALS Mankind’s SPIRITUAL FUTURE in 2024 with Sheila Gillette

Following a life-altering experience in 1969 when Sheila Gillette nearly succumbed to a pulmonary embolism during the birth of her third child, she embarked on a remarkable journey. Miraculously recovering, she found herself immersed in various psychic phenomena, ultimately becoming the direct voice channel for a group of twelve archangels collectively known as THEO. Validated … Read more

THEO Speaks! Channeled Message for 2023 We All Need to Hear! with Sheila Gillette

In the dance of the cosmos, we often find ourselves yearning for a deeper connection, a whisper from the divine that guides us through the labyrinth of life. On today’s episode, we welcome the extraordinary Sheila Gillette, a channeler who brings forth the wisdom of THEO, a group of twelve archangels. Sheila’s journey into channeling … Read more

Theo Channeled! His Message to Us Will Shock You!!! with Sheila Gillette

In the journey of life, where the spiritual and the physical intersect, we find the incredible insights of Sheila Gillette, a channel for the 12 Archangels collectively known as THEO. Her story is a profound testament to the transformative power of spiritual awakening and the enduring connection between humanity and higher realms. Before her spiritual … Read more

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