Theo Channeled! His Message to Us Will Shock You!!! with Sheila Gillette

Sheila Gillette is a direct voice medium for THEO, a best-selling author, speaker, and spiritual teacher. A near-death experience in 1969 marked the beginning of Sheila’s psychic experiences, the culmination of which saw her become the channel for 12 archangelic beings collectively known as THEO.

While channeling was anything but mainstream at the time, Sheila’s unwavering devotion to spreading the transformational wisdom of THEO has remained steadfast to this day. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have received life-changing guidance from THEO via Sheila’s in-person events, online programs, intensive retreats, and books.

Through Sheila’s channeling, THEO’s transformational wisdom has been considered a prominent catalyst for the collective awakening and dimensional shift currently occurring. As a channeling pioneer, Sheila both paved the way for and personally taught other emerging direct voice mediums to awaken their innate abilities, most notably Esther Hicks, the channel for Abraham. During this period of grand transformation, Sheila and THEO’s impact and influence on the world’s collective consciousness is undeniable.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sheila Gillette.

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Sheila Gillette 0:00
Life is happening for you, not to you and through you. Most thing in a victimized circumstance or belief system that if there is a challenge, something's been done to them, but that's untrue the soul draws to itself perfectly opportunities of growth to expand the knowledge of emotions and the learning of compassion

Alex Ferrari 0:38
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I'd like to welcome to the show Sheila Gillette. How you doing Sheila?

Sheila Gillette 1:15
I'm great. Alex, it's nice to see you.

Alex Ferrari 1:18
It's a pleasure to see you as well, my dear, thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you. And hopefully talk to Theo a little later in the show. And I'm always fascinated with channels, their whole process, how they got to where they got to, you know, it's it's an interesting choice. Sometimes it's not a choice to walk through so much. We're going to also talk about your near death experience. What was your life like prior to the near death experience? And prior to the channeling?

Sheila Gillette 1:52
Well, I was a very young mother. So I had two small children at home. And I had a new baby. And after the birth of that child is when I had my near death experience. And so I'd my prior to that was just being a mother, a young mother, very young, I started having my children and my teens a while actually. And so I was 24. When this, this all happened to me. And it was, you know, an interesting experience to your point about jobs or positions to be had in the world. In my near death experience, high pulmonary embolus, after the birth to my youngest daughter, and I could not breathe, I had an elephant sitting on my chest, my lungs were full of fluid, and I could not breathe. And I was in intensive care. And I said, I just kept saying, Hey, God, give me a job, I'll do anything. Because I had two little ones at home and a brand new baby and, and my intention was I want to stay here to be their mother. Family was very important to me. And so I I just kept repeating that like a mantra because I knew if I close my eyes, I'd never open them again. I just knew that. And so I just lay there in that cubicle in the bed, just holding on to life and you know, ask him for a position. Now if God had given me a roster of positions to take, I don't know that it would have been this one because this was 1969. And none of this kind of thing was spoken of openly. You know, the the only thing the only thing that I found that could speak to what was happening to me was a book about Edgar Casey's life. That's the only thing I could find that even resembled what was happening to me. But I was in intensive care. And it's as if the sun rose in the room itself. It was so bright. And I was blinking and as I looked and focused. There was a movement at the end of my bed and Jesus was standing there. Well, you can imagine a 24 year old going Oh, hello. Like, this is interesting. I was mesmerized by his eyes. So warm and lovely and beautiful Hazel Green eyes. And I just kept looking at him and he took his arms like this have folded them, or cross them inside the garment, he was wearing heavy long sleeves. And when he did that, he smiled at me. And when he smiled, I, I heard in my inner mind sharing, like we hear our own thoughts, I heard a distinct male voice say, remember my child you are loved. And at that point, I felt this in my crown opened up in this warmth started just seeping down inside my body, in every cell. And as it went through, through with the trunk of my body, I felt as if I could take a deep breath and start getting better. And I didn't know till after the fact that my family was being prepared that I would not live through the day. Well, I surprised him. And I know that we call it near death experiences. And I had several of the kind of list of things that people have that come back and talk about it. But I really, truly believe I had a miraculous healing in that intensive care. So I was in the hospital about a month and I got home. And about six months after I was home, I started having all kinds of psychic phenomena happening to me externally, internally, I could hear messages as I heard Jesus's voice that day. And I just read just new things, and was given information about things that were happening in the world I couldn't possibly have known. And this it was a little scary, but And while a lot skier or in some cases, because I didn't have anybody to talk to about it. And I didn't know anybody that was having these kinds of experiences. And then the angels started speaking, I had the phenomena happening. And then I Trump trance spontaneously, after doing automatic writing, and became a direct voice trance medium. Back then the the term channeling wasn't even used for this type of work. And I started getting all this information. Like I said that I couldn't know what you know, there was no way in my consciousness in my intelligence, they could have had that information. So I kept getting confirmation after confirmation. And I trusted what was coming because things were coming through. And, but it was off putting, as you can imagine, my children's father and terrified him. And like I said, this, I didn't go into social situations, let's say and say, Guess what I can do? Because people would have been, they would have been terrified. But the angels kept teaching me. They were my mentors. And people started finding me and I don't know how, you know, we didn't have the marketing tools to say, I'm here and open for business. It's just people kept finding me and I was invited to go to a conference by the University of Miami called psychics and scientists, which they gathered psychics and and scientists who are researching para, para psychology and metaphysics. I don't know how they got my name, I got an invitation. I went to that I met some scientists and they tested me for my psychic ability, which in that time gave me it was like the good housekeeping seal of approval. You know, like, you're not a crazy person, you're psychic. Which, you know, for me was real validation from science, that this was something that was real in my life. I had the evidence of the information but you know, it's as we all do, it's nice from from a third party validation like that. And so I've been doing this work ever since.

Alex Ferrari 9:34
So when you before before the near death experience, were you a spiritual person?

Sheila Gillette 9:40
I was. I was my family were Catholic and Episcopalian which is a form of Catholicism. And we went to church on holidays.

Alex Ferrari 9:55
Every every good Catholic does honestly.

Sheila Gillette 9:58
Yes, yes. You know what? My parents didn't go every week, but they took me because I like going. I liked the the sense of spirit. It wasn't the dogma that I paid attention to. But I like that building. Why lie? Being in the building? I liked the choir. I like, it felt good to me there. You know, I didn't really pay attention to what the priest was saying. Much, you know? But I thought sure feels good in here. And so I used to say, will you please, they just thought I would go, okay, they take and drop me off and come pick me up. So in a sense, that was my spirituality, but it wasn't religion. Right. And I think that was just for many past lives being in those kinds of experiences. And my family was very, I was curious about spirituality. So I had, when I had friends in school, I went to church with him, too. You know, I went to Protestant and Methodists and, and my Jewish friends, I got to go to synagogue with them. And so I was a student of spirit. Let's put it that way. But not in that sense of having anything profound like happened to me?

Alex Ferrari 11:35
Of course, of course. So when did you discover your ability to start channeling? And, and you were how were you introduced to Theo?

Sheila Gillette 11:48
Well, as I say, I had all this phenomena happening. And then I was doing automatic writing. And I transformed taneous Lee. And then this voice came through me. And the voice that came through me identified as an entity named Orlando's and orlo said, very soft spoken and very genteel, said, I'm here to prepare you for higher teachers. And I was in Detroit, I was in a trance state, in the sense of I couldn't move my body. I It happened when I was laying down like Edgar Casey. And that was a little unnerving to not be able to move. And now I know you know, it happens in night people when they have out of body experiences that night paralysis, but it was my body being held in a certain state so the the electrical system on my body, my nervous system wouldn't short circuit because they were working on the frequencies of my body. Now, this sounds a little strange it did at the time to me because I didn't know what that meant. But I just trusted Alex, you know, when I was in that intensive care room, and I said, Hey, got me a job. I realized when this all started happening, to me, this was a job. And like, I, like I said, I had been given a roster of positions I probably wouldn't have chosen at that time. This particular one now, I'm very glad I did, and, and have learned so much, but in that time, people were afraid of even talking about metaphysical things.

Alex Ferrari 13:43

Sheila Gillette 13:45
Just now we have these discussions. We have podcasts like yours, and your listeners are interested, but that wasn't the case back then.

Alex Ferrari 13:55
No, it was it was I mean, I was raised in the in the Cuban you know, as a Cuban family and they have their you know, Oh, grandma can see. You know, that or, Oh, grandma always knew about stuff, but it was just kind of like hush hush. It was like never really discussed very often unless you were full blown into something as simple as being a Sunday at or Sunterra which is kind of like I'm sure you know what that is like the the kind of like the white the white magic in the black magic of like the Caribbean Credit Karma was like a voodoo of

Sheila Gillette 14:33
Well, every culture I think has there should know like the Mexican Spanish cultures of the southwest and have the current eras, which are the healers, the the Native American native Indians have medicine, men and women. But it's the same thing. You know, it'll talk about my grandmother was like your grandmother. She was She was an interesting moment and my in and thankfully, my family was very supportive even though they didn't understand necessarily what was going on, but they were supportive of me. And, and my family believed in reincarnation. So that was another piece of acceptance.

Alex Ferrari 15:28
Which is pretty odd at that time that reincarnation in an American family was not a standard by any stretch of the imagination, because it's not spoken about in, in Catholic or Christian circles at all. So that's very interesting that you did that. So, and you did mention that your husband was terrified. I've heard that from other other people, too, like their spouses were just like,

Sheila Gillette 15:52
I mean, what's going well, you can imagine, here is his he was drawn to so you know, he hadn't had any experience with this kind of thing. Not that he didn't think it was possible. Because he was open to all kinds of possibilities. It wasn't a closed thinker. But here is his young wife, two little kids, his wife goes in the hospital have the baby, all this craziness happens, the baby's premature, is taken to another hospital and doesn't know if she's going to live. His wife's in a separate hospital, thinking she's not going to live and then coming home and being a totally different person. Right. And he would say, you're not the person I married. Because you could, as you can imagine, it transformed. Me and that was frightening to me, because I felt like the same person. You know, but with all of the phenomena happening. It was a crazy, it was a crazy time, in the sense of all of that happening without, you know, without a mentor, without somebody saying, Oh, this is all gonna be okay.

Alex Ferrari 17:13
For the world shows like this. They weren't books, there wasn't no horses, you could take schools you could go to now literally about right mediumship and channeling around the world. So it wasn't it was just not talked about. I mean, moody Raymond Moody hadn't even come out yet with the book is that the same 75

Sheila Gillette 17:31
Years years later, I've been doing this for decades. Raymond Moody came out with his work with the late

Alex Ferrari 17:39
76 77 76, something like that around. There's when that book came out, and then that was the first time the near death experience was even coined. As a as a term. Yeah, yeah, it was. It's it's pretty fascinating that when you started to channel feel, what is it like? I always like to ask what is it like when you channel him? Like, do you? Do you feel it? Like how do you use it make you tired? Does it energize you? Do you remember what he says? Do you just like, is it Edgar Casey style that you have no idea? What is it like?

Sheila Gillette 18:11
Well, in the beginning, in the beginning, it was Edgar Casey star. And then as it evolved in the number of years I've been doing it, then I'm aware it's happening. Well, first of all, I was laying down ice clothes. And then I did that for several years. And then I was in New York working individually with clients. I used to travel quite a bit and meet, meet with people. And I got a call then I got bronchitis. And I couldn't lay down and let them speak because I just keep coughing. So my assistant that was with me, said Theo, is there something we could do for Sheila, this is difficult may say tell her to sit up. So I did.

Alex Ferrari 19:05
Like no one. No one told you you had to lie down. That's your choice. You could just sit up.

Sheila Gillette 19:09
Yeah, yeah. And it's just how it started. Right. So I thought that's the way it was gonna continue. So I sat up, and then I, you know, sat and closed eyes. And that was many years. I did it that way. And then my husband Marcus, and I 25 years ago got together partnered and we were doing an event and Asheville,

Alex Ferrari 19:42
North Carolina.

Sheila Gillette 19:43
Yeah, North Carolina, and we were, we were there and they opened my eyes. Then began moving my hands but that was it. You know, they come in the right side of my body and take over my vocal cords and I was That was comfortable. Then they started moving my hands out was okay. But then they opened my eyes. And it was like, whoa. And it's, it was uncomfortable in the first moment because I could see people's reaction. And then it was just as they were speaking, I was just somewhere else. I'm, it's like a, like you're in a movie theater, and you have all those seats. And somebody sits next to you. I'm just moving to the next see. And then they wish.

Alex Ferrari 20:35
But you remember, you're hearing, you're hearing everything you remember,

Sheila Gillette 20:38
I'm hearing everything, but I don't remember everything.

Alex Ferrari 20:42
Kind of like the dreams that almost like a dream, like a dream like you can't grab onto it.

Sheila Gillette 20:46
Yeah, it is to this fact, if someone would talk to me about what they had said, or I would listen to a recording of what was said, then it would be Oh, I know that. But it wasn't a conscious recall of everything that was talked about, or even who was asking the question. You know, in large groups, people would ask, I wouldn't know who asked what. But I would be aware of the information. Especially if I listen back to it, it was like, to your point about remembering a dream. You know, it was and over the years since I did, it just became so comfortable. And I trusted them so implicitly, because I knew they weren't going to hurt me. But when they stood me up and started moving my body taking over the whole body, that was another level of oh my god, what if I fall down and break my head off? You know, I just because I didn't have any control over any of it. Now that sounds really, really strange and scary. And if I was listening to me, and not knowing what I know, I would think that's crazy. But that's what happened. You know, it's just been this evolution of the experience in and now I trusted, and I've been doing it for so many decades. But to your point about does it make me tired, I take really good care of myself, because it looks very easy and simple. But what's going on at a cellular level is a high vibrational frequency. The only way I can describe it, it's like sticking your finger in a 2d coinone outlet. I mean, it's affecting the nervous system and the electrical impulses of the body. And so there's been adjustments over the years that they so they can blend even better with my my body and my system man, my me, you know, and just there could be that blend to allow them to communicate even more clearly.

Alex Ferrari 23:08
Why and imagine at this point a game, you've, you know, the muscles that needed to be strengthened had been strengthened, the areas of the body that needed to be adjusted are calloused over at this point and don't have the same, the same, or you know, they're not as sensitive as they might have been before. Like you can handle it. You've just done it so, so much at this point that I'm assuming it's a lot easier now than it was 30 40 years ago.

Sheila Gillette 23:33
Oh my gosh, there's no comparison. Absolutely!

Alex Ferrari 23:37
But it doesn't like just drain you're like I can't I can't do I just gotta like it doesn't drink because some people get drained. Others get energized, like you said because of the energy that comes in it, but it's but it's too much. And it can that alone could wear you out as a as like a battery like you put too much electricity through a battery. It you just burn it out because it can't handle it.

Sheila Gillette 24:00
I get both. And I think everybody does that does this to any degree if they're allowing their body to be used in this way. And so I don't notice it. I don't go well, depends on how much I've been doing to it. We do a lot of teaching. I work with Theo, I would say pretty much every day. I don't work with the public every day but I'm doing something to get the information you know writing books and doing mentoring programs and a lot of stuff so pretty busy at the Theo group who keeps you busy? And so yeah, I get tired. It's just like everybody, you know, what gets zapped? Ah, because it's the nervous system is I get depleted in my minerals because that that's what feeds the nervous system. So I have to be aware of supplementing, you know, my, my minerals, magnesium, potassium, all of the things that keep us from running. So I've learned over the years how to do that and to listen to my body. When it's getting drained, the adrenal system gets drained, because it's a stressor. So, and that's what makes you tired. Got it. So if I've been overdoing it, I get tired like everybody else. But every time I go into the trance state, I asked the OSI invite him to come in, to give me energy to balance my energy out. And they've been amazing doing that I can, I can remember times when I was having a really bad day, some challenges were happening. And I was just off, like we all traverse sometimes. And I would always ask them to balance me out. And they always did. It was, it was amazing. I do go in and work with him and I come out 100% bounce down, which was great, you know, and as they say, in the asking is given,

Alex Ferrari 26:24
Be careful what you ask for. You ask for a job. Look what they gave you, you should have been more clear, but like, kind of have a job in this sector.

Sheila Gillette 26:35
Exactly, exactly. Oh, I think I'll do this one. But it's been great. It really you know, and being a mentor to others are opening up, which is been something I knew from the get go, because if I can do this, we're allowed to do it in whatever form because this is the evolving consciousness that's happening. Right? And that if I can be a mentor to someone, I knew that I wanted to do that. And so I have been, and you know, many of you probably know, and many people know Esther Hicks and Abraham Esther was a student of mine. And I got to mentor her, which are very proud to say and appreciate being a little bit a little bit responsible for, for all that wisdom that has come through her. And, and many others. I mean, that's probably who, who people know most right now, maybe more, but it feels really good to be that person says to somebody who's a little frightened. It's okay, you're gonna be okay.

Alex Ferrari 27:58
This is normal. You wish you wouldn't have that at the beginning?

Sheila Gillette 28:02
Yeah, but in a way I did. Because the angels would teach me they would tell me how to handle it. But I would have liked a little more external

Alex Ferrari 28:14
Guidance, or a pamphlet would have helped.

Sheila Gillette 28:19
Well, I did find Edgar Casey. So that helped a ton. Because so many of the things and how it was his message was coming through him was like what was happening to me. So that, you know, I was led to that. I know, I was sure that for example, I thought through automatic writing. In the beginning, I would get prose. And I would get like a whole paragraph of 15th century Castilian Spanish. Why didn't write Spanish and I didn't speak Spanish. And then the next, then the next paragraph would be English. And then another paragraph was read. And then I had to find and then I found some I found a professor at a local college that taught Spanish and he translated it for me. And what I found out is the angels were translating it for me. There was the Spanish and then the next paragraph was English. That was the translation. But I didn't know that somebody didn't translate the Spanish. And so it was things like that, that I knew wasn't coming for me. Right. But the angels knew they had to give me something to know that it was more than me These messages were important.

Alex Ferrari 30:03
Well, let me ask you, do you think we could ask you a few questions today?

Sheila Gillette 30:08
Absolutely. I'd be happy to do that.

Alex Ferrari 30:10
Great. Thank you. Okay.

Sheila Gillette 30:12
It takes just a second. Okay. Okay, here we go. It is the beginning as it now. Yes, we are appreciative of the opportunity to be of service on to you, you may ask,

Alex Ferrari 30:30
Do we choose this life and the challenges in it?

Sheila Gillette 30:35
Yes. No, that challenges of your life are only the curriculum of life itself. It doesn't define you. The soul has a desired outcome, as it comes into human experience. And life is happening for you, not to you, and through you. Most thing in a victimized circumstance or belief system, that if there is a challenge, something's been done to them. But that's untrue, the soul draws to itself, perfectly opportunities of growth, to expand the knowledge of emotions, and the learning of compassion.

Alex Ferrari 31:24
What is awakening to the fifth dimension mean?

Sheila Gillette 31:30
Know that the dimensions about the Earth, predominantly first off was a third dimension, your physical reality, which had a density to it. And then the fourth dimension began in the spiritual awakening that began occurring. And you could even say 100 years ago, or more in the spiritualism that came before. And as this evil, then the fifth dimension fully in place about your planet, now there are 12 The fifth being a higher vibrational frequency that is aligned with the So now, in this refined multi dimensional experience of awareness and consciousness shift that has never happened before on this planet. For your coming out of the density, into what we will use the word light from many people would understand that we try to speak up things in ways that the human has an understanding of their life experience. So coming into the light, a higher vibrational frequency, greater awareness, more connected this to the soul, and the ability that each and every one of you has, you're more than your physical body. But you have a physical body with all the senses to gain the insights, what you call psychic insights, we would say they're all a part of this frequency.

Alex Ferrari 33:14
How do we overcome the fear we have in our lives?

Sheila Gillette 33:20
Here are the what ifs isn't it? The fear is a part of the third dimension, if you weren't in the sense of when you came into the physical existence, it was fright, flight, fear freeze. Yes. And it meant for your environment to stay safe and survive the survival mechanisms. So you learn how to look outside the cave opening before leaving the cave, in case the tiger was there to eat you. But that's carried forward. That fears of I may not survive is part of the greatest learning that is now knowing that you can change the neural pathways in the brain, change your belief systems, again, to know the victim, but you are the creator of life through you and for you. And that changes your perception. If you look at things with a with a broader aperture, with a greater perception of experience and challenges there to grow you, not the tiger to eat you. You have the ability To change your beliefs. And fear comes from belief, a belief that you need to be fearful. And fear and faith ask the same of you to believe in something unseen. And you're making it up anyway. So you might as well make it a good instead of what if something bad is going to happen? What if something good will Yes?

Alex Ferrari 35:26
Yes, very good. How do we discover why we are here and what our mission is in this life?

Sheila Gillette 35:35
No, each soul chooses incarnation and you all have won the lottery, you have a body. It's not something demanded of you, but a choice to be made. For growth and expansion and awareness in the experience of the human experience, having a body to touch and be touched, to allow the all the senses to be experienced, and to experience emotions, that is a gift. So the purpose, all purpose is life itself. And most importantly, each soul wishes to survive once in a body. Survival is the ultimate desire for that choice and experience. Yes, yes. So to understand there, what you're looking for is how to express that life energy flowing through you purposefully in purpose, but passionately. So the better question is, how do you know what your passion is? You know, by how it feels. You would do whatever you're inspired to do creatively in life. It's almost a compulsion to do it. Yes. For the artists, how many artists begin drawing at a very young age, and then are told you can't survive, you can't live that way. And then they stop until later on, as much more mature to see and try again. But the good opinions of others about what you should or should not do, do not count. Because you they are seeing you through the lenses they see themselves in if they think they can't, you kept yet. So remember, the inspiration comes from within. And under the I don't know, is the nobody, you will all know where your passion lies. It's just being covered over by beliefs that you are not worthy of expressing. And that's just untrue. And when you can rewrite those scripts change, change those beliefs, even to our change. situation, set circumstances that you've been through where beliefs were adopted about yourself, that were untrue, those events will change. And some of them are very horrific. But what can change is your perception of them. Seeing the gifts and blessings rather than the victimization, and who you are today because of that. The strong being because of these little parts of yourself that had the courage to keep going and to survive at all costs.

Alex Ferrari 39:03
What is soul integration?

Sheila Gillette 39:06
We were just speaking about that. It's becoming familiar with these fragmented aspects of the soul that happen in those moments, challenge where the beliefs about the individual were adopted or created to survive in the environment that they're in. Again, those events will change. But the perception of them can and the adult self can access those little parts of self that are frozen in that moment and bring them forward into the heart rate parenting them reframing those beliefs, loving them as one individual said, are loving them up and loving them forward.

Alex Ferrari 40:06
What is consciousness?

Sheila Gillette 40:11
Many things, but aware, awareness is a consciousness. Presence, being in the moment not too far in the future not too far in the past, but living life in them will map. But what is occurring now is a consciousness of knowing the power of the soul. Your soul is larger than your physical body. And you know that because you can feel its parameters. If someone stands in your presence, if they get too close, you step back, don't you? Because they've invaded your soul space. If you are just sticking your arms out from your shoulders, you could feel the walls at the extension of your hands energetically, and even beyond. Because you can extend your soul energy when necessary, you can fill a room

Alex Ferrari 41:24
How do we connect to our higher selves?

Sheila Gillette 41:28
Intentionally. And how you do that best is quieting the mind. Meditation, which always in contact to the higher self or your higher power, always, it's always speaking to you.

Alex Ferrari 41:50
What do you think about what is happening in the world today?

Sheila Gillette 41:54
The chaos that is happening in the world today is the change that is coming unnecessarily. So for the consciousness shift that is now for the old foundational ways of being that have been known over centuries, 1000s of years do not work. And this is allowing for that to be seen to surface and to change. political structures will change. economic structures are changing for your global economy that's being realized. And there will be a political structure that is collaborative, much like your United Nations only with more power and collaboration amongst the people of the world. This is the time that's so profound. That this is the time that's changing the fifth dimension, airy energy is the time of consciousness shift Never before happened, to bring ones into the alignment of fuller awareness of who they are no longer separate and cohesive, you're better together than you are apart. And collaboration is where advancement happens. It's been seen in the most recent years, we'd say 200 years or less, and all the innovations that have occurred, and that will continue and there will be a continue on that brings about a better life for all species on this planet. Because that is the consciousness shift that is happening. Now. The care of each other, with unconditional love and of the planet.

Alex Ferrari 43:49
And where is humanity heading? After all of this chaos,

Sheila Gillette 43:55
There will be balance could you imagine that each person is fully soul integrated, which is a solid state of unconditional love, you would treat each other appropriately. And and when that happens, so would be peace in your planet. For each person realizes their worth, not from narcissism or self centeredness, or a personality disorder as such, but from the truth of being so centered. A piece we within what, of course bring peace without your world is a reflection of the chaos in each and every one of you.

Alex Ferrari 44:42
And is there any final words that you would like to leave the audience with?

Sheila Gillette 44:48
And blessing of your life and the changes within you is what you've come to do. And that changes your world and Yes, it is you. Each and every one of you is unique and came to be significant however that is expressed through you in in your life.

Alex Ferrari 45:17
Thank you very much Theo!

Sheila Gillette 45:20
You are complete with your asking?

Alex Ferrari 45:23

Sheila Gillette 45:25
We are as well. God's love unto you good day!

Alex Ferrari 45:31
Good day!

Sheila Gillette 45:36
Hi, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 45:39
How are you doing?

Sheila Gillette 45:41
I'm doing great. How are you doing?

Alex Ferrari 45:43
I'm good. That was good. That was a it was it's always a thrill. It's always a thrill. It's a, I've noticed that when I speak to channels, they're just so straight down the middle. They don't there's no BS, there's no there's none of the puffiness or the extra junk that we throw on in our conversations. It's straight to the point surgical almost, with with their answers. It just like every word means something as opposed to the way you know we speak is, you know, there's other things going on, there's this or that there's double meaning they know that stuff with with channels. Whenever I speak to a channel, it's always straight to the point. Powerful in your face. Here's the truth.

Sheila Gillette 46:36
Yeah, that's That's true. I, you know, was interesting to me when this all first started, and the information started flying. I had a really good friend that was very supportive. And she'd come and sit with me and Run the recorder. That's back in cassette days. Sure, sure. And, and our children were small. And so she would bring her loved ones over to my house. So I would go to her house, and then we do a session with Theo and she'd run the recorder. And it amazed us that they would be giving a long dialogue of teaching. And in the middle. They would say the little ones need assistance, and they just stopped mid sentence. And then my friend would go out and see what was happening. Maybe they were fighting over a toy or something, but there was a ruckus. And then she'd come back and and she'd say okay, now everything's taken care of and everybody's okay. And she starts the recorder again, and they start next word. Wow. They wouldn't even go, oh, where was I? You know how we do? What was I saying? They just start next word and finish the sentence and go on and complete their teaching. That was so amazing to us. It was just like, wow. And then I noticed as we humans speak, we'll go ah, ah, oh, yeah, we have Sint OS. They don't? Nope. There's none of that. I know, the first time. We did a meditation, the Theo meditation in a studio. And I was in the booth with the studio when Theo came through. And they gave it straight through the meditation. And they pause where they would want the music inserted. And I came out of the studio. And this was a sound engineer that worked with a lot of different people. And I came out of the booth and he goes, Well, there's no editing match. We're perfect all the way through. And, you know, so those things are so confirming that it's not me. Well, because we as normal humans, we don't do that.

Alex Ferrari 49:18
No, it's It's I try to explain this to people who asked me like I have friends and colleagues who just go, do you really believe in this channeling stuff? Like, they're fascinated within like, do believe. And I go, look? Well, I always say this. The first thing I always say is like, what are they saying? And if it's reaching you with what they're saying? Who cares how it comes out? If it's a profound thing that moves you and helps you in your life, great. If it doesn't discard it and move on with your life. That's step one for me. But then I go I've been in the film industry for 30 years. I've worked with top notch professional Oscar winning actors. The ability to do what you do As the channel is so complex of a thing for an actor, even at a Meryl Streep level, Denzel Washington level tune, you know, we had a, I think we had maybe 20 minutes, 25 minutes maybe of us talking, you know, and I'm sure you've done a couple hours hour and a half nonstop to be able to recite that much information, perfectly no arms, no brakes, no break of thought no on this and you go off on a train of thought, just straight is nearly impossible for a professional actor to do. It's just not possible. And that's only from someone like myself, who is a professional have a professional eye on these things, that I can look at that and just go, man, I challenge any actor in the world to just just take the recording that you just did with me and Theo, memorize it, act the way you acted, and knock that out 25 minutes straight without breaking. And also, by the way, you didn't have these questions prior. So it's not like you did research on these answers. It just came off, you know, off the cuff. So that's the other thing. This is not rehearsed. So this is not a monologue, you're reciting this is off the top of the head of a human being is, it's just doesn't make I can't explain it. So there has to be something else going on. And because I've had the opportunity to speak to multiple channels now and have live sessions with multiple channels, I just start seeing the commonalities that everyone's a little different. Everyone has a little little flavor, like every human being. But the concepts is all the same. And that's why when sometimes I'll see a channel on YouTube or something before I ask them on the show, I'll look at them channeling and I'll go. Yeah, that's not right. I can tell I can smell it. I can smell it. It's just not. There. They're

Sheila Gillette 52:02
That's discerning. Yeah, it's discernment. And the thing people ask me a lot, because there's so much out there.

Alex Ferrari 52:10
No, God now. It's cool. It's, it's cool to be a channel.

Sheila Gillette 52:13
Yeah, yeah. And the thing to me, is, if they're, if it's love, non judgement, and the message is cohesive, like you said, you've talked to many that you see a cohesiveness in the message, that's what I pay attention to. If it's real divergent into freezing us, then I would just let that go. Because that's not the that's not what's to be taught love is to be taught, right? You know, it's to make us better. Right, to make us better, or for us to discover how much better we really are than we think we are. Correct. So I love the fact that that's what you decided to that's what I tell people. And theory even says to people, Hey, if you're getting information, any information, whether you're reading a book, or you're going to different channels, or wherever you're getting information, take that which resonates as truth, and let the rest go away. Just hold on to the truth that speaks to you. And they'll even say even us, which I think is really interesting, they're not attached. If everybody hangs on every word, if they're getting the pearls of wisdom that they need. That's the purpose.

Alex Ferrari 53:45
And there's so many different delivery mechanisms in this world, from books from ancient masters, to, to videos, to documentaries to another person saying something at the right moment at the right time, a line on a radio station, as you're listening to a song, a certain line just hits you and you're like, oh my god, there's 1000 1000s of ways to get information. So it doesn't all have to just come through you. Or you know, you might I might read a book that is absolutely profound to me. And the next person will read it and go it and get it. And if you read the comment, if you read the comments on some of my videos, some people are like, I don't understand a word that they're saying. And then five other people like what are you talking about? I completely got what she was saying. And like it just, it's just relative of who you are and where you are in life. But there's so the thing again, I keep hearing again and again from channels that are true, is the truth that comes through them. And that's the common truths. That's the thing I'm also noticing from near death experiencers channels medium sized I kicked people that I talked to there, I started noticing the commonalities with their messages. And a truth is a truth. sky is blue. You can say whatever you want, but the sky is blue. It's always going to be blue, it is blue, it's going to be blue. And, and that's truth period. As much as you want to say the sky is purple, the sky is blue. That's a truth. These are those things. So certain things that you've said. And I asked the same questions by the way of different channels to see what comes in. And it's almost always a different flavor of the same truth.

Sheila Gillette 55:41
Well, and then, you know, you can trust it.

Alex Ferrari 55:44
That's true. And I want to ask you, I don't think I've asked you this before. But who is Theo? Is it a Kunga? Is it a group of? of Ascended Masters? It's what who is Theo?

Sheila Gillette 55:56
It's a group of 12 Archangels. Okay. And they will not identify singularly. Right. And they said that from the get go, that they would be called video, because the message is what's important, not the messenger. People would pay too much attention. Oh, that's Michael. Oh, that's right. And they and they would be so connected or intellectually aligned with who's speaking rather than really listening to the message. So they would not identify who they are. Other than we are Theo.

Alex Ferrari 56:39
Do they have a sense of humor?

Sheila Gillette 56:41
Yeah. In fact, they told us this year they're working on their humor, because I save all always had a sense of humor, and it's very subtle, and it's dry. And they would say, so I would be sitting in the side rooms, like I said, and they say something and I think, oh, that's hysterical. And nobody would laugh. Because people are so intense when they're he Oh, yeah, if you're talking Archangels Of course, she would be. But now they're getting funny or they're, I think they had to learn how we receive humor, how to how to deliver. It's not easy. Funny, you know?

Alex Ferrari 57:28
It's not easy.

Sheila Gillette 57:30
They're getting funnier, that I've always thought they were funny anyway.

Alex Ferrari 57:35
Maybe Robin Williams is helping them on the other side? Who knows?

Sheila Gillette 57:39
When that'd be great.

Alex Ferrari 57:43
Oh, Sheila, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests. What is your definition of a good life?

Sheila Gillette 57:49
Oh, gosh. You know, we talked about the pillars of life having to me, it's it's like our chakra and so harmony together. But health, money, vocation and money, relationships, spirituality, gosh, all of those important things in life all being satisfied. And creating and saying I am the man or I am the woman who is has does is really living into that good life. And, gosh, you know, I never going to stop being curious. And I'm never going to my husband is the best question asker ever. He never runs out of questions. And he's so intuitive that when we do our classes, he's able to follow up on questions for our clients. When they've asked a question, and Theo's talk to them, he's so in tune that he can say Can I do a follow up for you? And it just flushes it out even more so you know, with that kind of curiosity? mean we'll never stop learning and never stop creating I mean, gosh, once you've done something there's more to do right?

Alex Ferrari 59:19
Always more to do Oh is more to do Oh is another painting to paint another book to write another another speech to give? There's always something to do.

Sheila Gillette 59:29
Yeah. And interacting with others is just the icing on the cake, you know, and and our soul transforming together is so exciting to me. It really is

Alex Ferrari 59:45
Now what is your definition of God.

Sheila Gillette 59:49
Solid state of unconditional love.

Alex Ferrari 59:53
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Sheila Gillette 59:57
Life Living because if we don't have life, we can express our energy passionately.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:08
And where can people find out more about you in the work that you're doing?

Sheila Gillette 1:00:11
They can go to our website And we have a lot of stuff there. And we even have gifts. For people who get on our email list, we have field guided meditations. And we have lots of mentoring classes. And and we have three books. We have a new book that just came out called The Art of relationship discover the magic of unconditional love. But there's the soul truth guide to know so truth. Right?

Alex Ferrari 1:00:45
I mean, obviously, Theo's not talking right now obviously

Sheila Gillette 1:00:50
My first book called The Fifth Dimension channels to new reality, which speaks about right now what's happening on our planet right now. So it's, we've got lots of stuff.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:04
Well, I appreciate you coming on the show. Thank you so much for bringing Theo in as well. And you're welcome back anytime. I appreciate the work you've been doing over all these years, to help help people and help the planet. So I appreciate you my dear.

Sheila Gillette 1:01:20
Oh, I appreciate you too. And thank you for the invitation. And I would love to come back again. So I'll see you next time.

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