EARTH WILL SHIFT! Live CHANNELING: Theo REVEALS Mankind’s SPIRITUAL FUTURE in 2024 with Sheila Gillette

In the serene landscape of consciousness, we find ourselves invited to explore the depths of our being. On today’s episode, we welcome Sheila Gillette, a remarkable channel for Theo, a collective of 12 archangels. Sheila Gillette has spent over five decades offering profound spiritual guidance and insights into the human experience.

In our conversation, Sheila shares her journey and the wisdom imparted by Theo, emphasizing the importance of self-love and the inner work necessary to transform our world. “You are divine spiritual beings having a human experience,” Sheila explains, “and you are more powerful than you know.” This message underlines the necessity of recognizing our intrinsic worth and the profound impact of our collective consciousness on the world.

Sheila elaborates on the current global upheaval, noting that the chaos we witness is a manifestation of the old paradigms crumbling. The wars and conflicts are not to divide us but to push us towards collaboration and unity. As Theo articulates, “This chaos is such an old paradigm or a belief system that has been carried forward for centuries, that is now to change.” This upheaval serves as a catalyst for change, urging humanity to embrace a new way of being.

Our discussion delves into the importance of internal transformation as a precursor to external change. Sheila stresses that by integrating and loving all aspects of ourselves, we can radiate unconditional love outward, thereby influencing the collective consciousness. This inward journey is essential for overcoming the divisiveness that has long plagued humanity.


  1. Inner Transformation: True change begins within. By integrating and loving all aspects of ourselves, we can influence the world positively. This inner work dismantles old beliefs of unworthiness and fosters a sense of unity.
  2. Unity and Collaboration: We are one species, better together than apart. Embracing our oneness and working collaboratively is key to creating a harmonious world. This involves moving beyond the divisive narratives that have historically separated us.
  3. Power of Self-Love: Recognizing and embracing our divine nature empowers us to live from a place of peace and humility. This authentic self-love is not narcissistic but a deep-seated knowing of our worth and capability to handle life’s challenges.

Sheila also addresses the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to advance human society. She encourages us not to fear AI but to embrace it as a tool for innovation and progress. “Fear blocks any advanced thinking or critical thinking,” she notes, advocating for an informed and balanced approach to technological advancements.

As we conclude, Sheila offers an optimistic view of humanity’s future. She believes that we are in the midst of a significant transformation, moving towards a global, collaborative society. “You are no longer the humans who were third dimensionally,” she says. “Your consciousness has evolved to the fifth dimension, recognizing that you are souls having a human experience.”

In these times of change and uncertainty, Sheila’s message is one of hope and empowerment. She encourages us to trust in our inner wisdom, embrace our divine nature, and work together to create a better world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sheila Gillette.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 378

Sheila Gillette 0:00
And it is not to divide you, but to empower you to collaborate as a species to change this way of being world. Changing it from within changing, said externally. So doing the internal process of obtaining that love or unconditional love of self, that radiates out into your world, integrating those aspects of yourself that hold beliefs that are simply untrue, about being not worthy. You are divine spiritual beings having a human experience. You're more magnificent than you know. And you're more powerful than you know as well.

Alex Ferrari 1:04
I like to welcome back to the show, returning champion, Sheila Gillette. How you doing Sheila?

Sheila Gillette 1:10
I, Alex, it's good to be with returning champion. I've not had that designation. I like it. I'll try that on for size.

Alex Ferrari 1:22
Why not? Why not? Well, I appreciate you coming back on the show we've been on a few times before and every time you come on, people love and we have a conversation, especially when Theo shows up because he has a he has a very, he has a presence. Let's just put it that way to say the least. And, and some and some amazing knowledge. And I wanted to bring you back on the show. Because I keep getting asked these questions. And I'm trying to ask, you know, people, I really trust these questions, because they're very deep questions that my audience keeps asking me in regards to what is happening in the world today. So before we get to Theo, which we'll talk to Theo and a little bit, I wanted to get your perspective, just from your own life experience. And also just because of all the fields teachings, that you have, I'm sure burned into your, your psyche at this point in the game, you definitely have have a seat at the table with this conversation. But the world is going through such upheaval right now. And specifically, the wars that are going on overseas. You know, when both of these wars, the two big major wars in the Ukraine in Israel happen are happening, or started to happen. My first reaction was like, Are you really like Syria? Is this really happening again? You know, and specifically, you will also with Israel, the Israel war. I'm like, Oh, my God, this is a fight that's been going on an argument that's been going on for literally 1000s of years. And we're still bringing this back up. So my question to you is, why are these these wars starting now? And really just kind of appealing the world in some in such a way and creating so much pain and suffering? unneeded, really?

Sheila Gillette 3:10
Yeah, we can see it as as unneeded. But this is the old paradigm. The old way of being on the planet is that there are those who want to control the mass. The mass says I should say, and what's happening now, as this chaos is occurring. You know, Theo talked about this back when I wrote the fifth dimension. You know, they'd been talking about it for over five decades, that there would be this chaos that would ensue from the change of consciousness. And where's the change of consciousness in us? The changes come inside of us, and talking about things becoming intolerable. You know, the thing that that needs to change is the divisive pneus pitting one against the other. We're one species on the planet. We all want the same thing. We want to love and be loved. We want a life well lived a sustainable life, we want to be healthy. All of those things that is a life well lived. Everybody wants that. And you know, when when we see these horrific things happening, because we have the internet in an instant were put on the battlefield continuously. But the thing that hasn't changed up until now fully is people judging each other as other dehumanizing others because of I'm better than you are. Well, that's just not true. And the majority of our human species We want to collaborate, we want to help each other we want, you know, just in these wars, we witnessed these things, and what can I do to help? You know, when we feel powerless? In the sense of I can't do anything, you know? Well, yes, we can, we can have a voice, as many people are doing of saying, let's stop this. But unfortunately, people are being used against each other, in the sense of judging each other better than and lesser than, and that's just not true. We're all the same. And when we, and we're really a collaborative species, we're better together than we are apart. And we're safer together than we are separated. And we can agree and disagree and have really great discussions that further all of us without making one idea bad and another, better in you know, that better lesser than kind of thing. That's what we're being called to do now. Because it's so extreme. Theo was just talking about things becoming intolerable. That's when things change. And we're at that crisis point. And they spoke about it so decades ago, that we would get to this point, what we're at what's happening now, for all of us to say, No, I'm not living like this, we're not doing this anymore. And what actions can we take? Well, we can change our minds, we don't have to default back to that old judgy judgment of each other place, and see what we can do together.

Alex Ferrari 6:54
So Sheila, let me ask you this, because in my experience in life, I've always realized that when things are not too bad, or not too good, you're in that kind of gray zone, that middle ground, there's no movement. So let's say you have a job that pays you well, but you're really not happy there. But you get paid well, and you kind of don't really want to move until a new boss comes in and starts applying pressure and starts making it in bearable for you to work there. To that point, you're like, you know what, I'm going to start my business. But until that pressure is applied, to get it to a place where you're, it's just not, it's not sustainable anymore, you're so unhappy, that you have to react, same good thing goes with a relationship. She's nice, she's not and she doesn't really stop that bad. But to the point where she starts or he starts to really cheat on you, or abuse you or you know, berate you, or steal your money, it starts doing things to make that like I have to get out of this relationship. And that could take decades, by the way, sometimes for people, I see that what you're what Theo is saying about the world is basically we're we are now going into a bad relationship. And the world needs to be that needs to become unbearable for us to react to us to move. Is that fair to say?

Sheila Gillette 8:21
Yes, absolutely. You know, it's, I liked your analogies. It's really true. You know, and that's what Theo says, when things become intolerable. Things change. And to, to your point we go, you know, there's a saying that the enemy of great is good. And that's what you're talking about. It's, it's accepting the status quo, accepting, it isn't so bad. Ah, oh, give it one more day, whatever. However, we address those kinds of things in our life and talk to your point becomes, I can't do this anymore. And that's what's happening. as a whole as a collective species. As human beings, some of us are speaking out, that it needs to change. And then others are staying in the old paradigm of a blaming the other person, you know, the blame game, and that's what's changing. Alex. When we take responsible bility for our own emotional maturity, the world will change. And, and you've heard Theo talked about integrating changing our belief systems inside of us, because it's really an inside out job, not an outside in, but the outside is just a reflection of where we're at as human beings

Alex Ferrari 9:57
This need to Create the other is something so it's instinctual in our species as a general statement that the, you know, like, oh, they have a different color skin, or they believe in something else I do, or they eat different foods than I do, or they, they live in a it's it's a constant state. And I think it goes back to the tribalism where there was a tribe. And then if there was another tribal I go, I don't know that other tribe, and oh, they do things a little bit weird. They're a threat. And then you have to demonize them to kind of dehumanize them and be able to do things to your fellow man and woman that you would have never done. If you didn't dehumanize them originally, this is the basis of Hitler's Germany. You know, it's just, and so many other, I could list off a ton of detail.

Sheila Gillette 10:51
It's, it's been passed along comparison to be yours. Yeah, those examples have just been those belief systems, and ways of being that won't work any. We, we were in the throes of that change. And it's changing our belief system, really, history won't change. That how we view ourselves from that, and how we grow from it will change. And we have to be willing for that change and acted in it. It's not a passive thing. It's you're taking responsibility for your emotional maturity. And the expectation of somebody else doing it for you, you know, that's been, oh, they'll take care of it. Well, who is the there? You know, that's where we get the authoritarianism. That's where we get these, these people that want to control the mass, because we give it over to them. We say yeah, I don't want to take care of this, you do it. Let's fix it up.

Alex Ferrari 12:07
But that's but that's, but that's the history of humanity. Because that started with kings and, and queens and people who didn't think they even had any power within themselves, to the place where we are now that there is a large swath of the of the population who is starting to understand that we have the power and we want the freedoms. But yet, if you are willing to give away your freedom, and your choice, there will always be someone who will be more than happy to make the choices for you. And it is so, so, so true. And it's with, you know, with religion, fear based religions, government, families, communities, it's all around you. But if you wonder, truly understand that you have the power within, which is what Theo's talked about, what what this show is all about, is to understand that the answers live within you. But you know what, that's scary for so many people. You know, it's really scary. How do you overcome those fears of saying, I don't need someone else to control things, I have the power? Well, that's a lot of responsibility. I've got the power. I can't blame Joe across the street, my neighbor for my not being happy anymore. It's truly my responsibility. That's a little bit scary for someone who's not who's not ready for it. It's what would what advice would you give them?

Sheila Gillette 13:35
Well, you know, that the US has been giving us the sole integration process for five decades. And it's an internal process, to relinquish the old beliefs that we're talking about, of not being worthy, not enough, not powerful, all all of those beliefs that are simply in truth of who we are. And as we rewrite that script, and it's not about narcissism, or conceit, or any of those self centered personality disorders, it's about true internal power, which is a state of peace and being in humility. It's not arrogant. And that comes with authentic self love. Not not this super insane, imposed superiority that just an over covers over inferiority, and we see a lot of that in but it's a sense of well being and it's a state of being that no matter what challenge you might be having, you know, you can handle it. The there's this state inside of you that just knowing that any challenge in our lives If it's just an opportunity of growth, it's our curriculum for growth.

Alex Ferrari 15:06
And it's also, and I agree with what you're saying that it is not ego based, if it's done correctly, because you know, we could we've all run into the most spiritual person ever. And they'll, they're the first want to tell you that the most spiritual those, those people which are an ego based, coming from an ego place, but when you understand that your power is within you, it's not you, as per se is that your ability to connect to source to connect to your true self to your higher self. And that's where I love when you said self love, most. Most people I run into have a problem with self love, because of the programming that we've gotten in, in our society, especially in the West, that we're not enough that you need x thing or y thing to be happy, or money is the money is everything, that's all you need is if you have a new Porsche, or a new Ferrari, no pun intended, your life is going to be perfectly fine. Where, you know, coming from where I come from, which is Hollywood, I met people and worked with people who had outside everything that you can imagine fame fortune, people adoring them, and they're some of the most unhappiest people I've ever met in my life. So these are the false narratives.

Sheila Gillette 16:29
It is a false narrative, because it's, like I said earlier, it's an inside out job. You have to change those belief systems in you. And when that happens, you lay new neural pathways in your brain, it's really changing your mind out as the default system that we've been in for centuries, 1000s of years of not enough. Not worthy centers, you know, all of those things that have been passed along generation to generation, system, society, society, the society, it's 1000s of years of human conditions. That's what we're changing. And that's changing to loving the self, which is been taught for 1000s of years to, but what does that mean? How do you do it? Well, you integrate and recognize that you are an eternal soul. That comes from source God feel calls it a state of unconditional love, that we can attain and feel within and then we're not reactive to our lives, we respond to them. And that's a very different energy. Because reaction comes from our emotional imbalance.

Alex Ferrari 17:55
It happens for us, not to us, is yes, is my mantra. And so many times anytime something comes along my path that I'm not real happy with or not what I want, I stop and go, Okay. Well, this energy is coming towards me. Why? What, what what do I need to learn here? What is the lesson that needs to be learned? Why is this? Why is this energy coming towards me? And then then it's just a different perspective change. It's the same thing. I always tell people, you know, that there is no quote unquote, good or bad. I know, that's very controversial, but I'll use it in this example. A bad thing that happens when we get into a car accident, you and me Sheila get into a car accident. It's a it's a fender bender, no one's hurt. But our cars have a little work that needs to get done. So you and I are having a bad day, quote, unquote, right? It's a bad day, our perspective of the event is a bad day. But when we take it over to our mechanics, great day for the mechanics, they got work, same problem. Two different very different perspectives. So the problem itself is is fairly neutral. It's us that put the good or the bad negative, or positive vibe on it. Would that make, does that make sense to you?

Sheila Gillette 19:13
Oh, absolutely. I've had that in my life. And I came to that very point you're talking about many years ago. You know, I was waiting. I was being a whiner. And insane. Okay, do why do I have to go through this? You know, because people would say, Oh, your life must be great. You have sealed? Well, no, I have the same challenge that others have. You know, I'm here to live this life and get my lessons to and it's great having the angel support me. But it's like, to this point, I was wanting lawyers. And they said, well, you'll learn compassion. And I thought about it for a minute. I thought wow. To what you were saying you If this is here for me to learn, from, rather than resisting it, I am going to put my arms around this thing and squeeze every bit of learning out of it that I can get. Because I don't want to do this again. So I'm going to be sure that this thing that's happening for me, I get all the benefits. And you know, we're to the point where resistance, I don't have to those things anymore. I look at it, as you said, Why is this happening for me? Why? Why is this in my path now? And sometimes now, it's just to see how far I've come. It's just an opportunity to test, who am I today? Am I holding true to who I say I am, and how I'm living my life or not. And that can be an instantaneous release of whatever the challenge might be. As long as you keep open, a broader aperture, your perception of seeing a bigger picture rather than a myopic, or this is happening to me, kind of added to.

Alex Ferrari 21:23
So we've been chatting here for a little while, I love to bring in the elephant in the room, as they call it. Mr. Theo? Can we bring you in? I will be happy to and can you and you can explain to people what you're doing because we just jumped in because we just assumed that everyone understands that you're a channel that you're trans gentleman Theo comes in? What is your process as far as channeling Theo come in for people who are not familiar with it.

Sheila Gillette 21:49
Okay, but Theo's a collective of 12 Archangels that speak in one voice rooming. They come into my body on the right side, they take over my body, and they speak directly to you. And answering the questions or inquiries that people have. And I've been doing this over five decades, and it's a very comfortable thing to do. I trust them implicitly. In the beginning, it wasn't as comfortable as it is now because our energies have blended vibrationally. So it's there's much greater ease with it. But I just invite them in and I allow them to take over and I just kind of move over to the next seat. That's the best way I can describe it. And allow them to use my party.

Alex Ferrari 22:40
Alright, let's get into it. Okay, here we go.

Sheila Gillette 22:50
That is the beginning, is it not?

Alex Ferrari 22:53
It is.

Sheila Gillette 22:54
We are approved to devolve the opportunity to serve you may ask.

Alex Ferrari 23:00
Yes. Thank you, Theo for being here. There is so much upheaval happening in the world right now with the wars in Israel, the wars in the Ukraine and so many other places in the world. Why are why is humanity going through all of this right now? And how can we overcome the pain in the suffering of people and loved ones that we know that are going through these horrible times.

Sheila Gillette 23:26
So it difficult to understand that those would be the Wayshowers of a new way, but they are for this chaos is such ever old paradigm or a belief system that has been carried forward for centuries, that is now to change. All of this has to surface to be seen for what it is. And it is not to divide you but to empower you to collaborate as a species, to change this way of being in the world. Changing it from within changing that externally. So doing the internal process of obtaining that love or unconditional love of self that radiates out into your world integrating those aspects of yourself that hold beliefs that are simply untrue, about being not worthy. You are divine spiritual beings having a human experience. You're more magnificent than you know. And you're more powerful than you know as well. And this is requiring you to come together you're better together than you are apart. You're one species on the planet. It matters is not where you live on the planet, the color of the skin, the language that is spoken. It is that you are one species. And not to see each other as other. But in the oneness, the wholeness that is, this is the shift of consciousness that is now. And there was the pandemic, to show you the virus to show you, there was no deciding who should have the virus and who should not because of color of skin language. It looked for a host and what was the host the human body? It did not discriminate. So that is not shown you and now you have these wars to show you change the narrative, change the belief systems, change the lack of love, inwardly and outwardly. You may ask,

Alex Ferrari 26:16
Are things gonna get worse before they get better?

Sheila Gillette 26:21
They are worse. There's always looking for the other to get worse. How worse Do you think it will get before you at the time of the action is now? No, as things worsen, they only get worse because there's nothing being done.

Alex Ferrari 26:47
In the next year and 2024, I have been told by other channels and other psychic mediums that we're going to have a rough year it's going to be a rocky road. Is this what you're seeing as well, before we see the other side of what we're going through? Before we start to act?

Sheila Gillette 27:06
We find it amusing that others say you're going to have a bad day, you're going to have a bad year? Are you we would ask are you going to believe in another's opinion over your own. Because that's the old paradigm. You will have the ability to change the trajectory of what is happening inwardly that then changes the external. Another's bad yeah, does not constitute one neuron. But in the global shifts and changes, what can be seen is the collective mind can make the changes desired by doing the inner process to change the mind, change the brain out of the default of fright, flight, fear into what if something wonderful could happen? What would that look like? What would that be? The old paradigm of staying stuck in what was? Or what is in the moment? Yes?

Alex Ferrari 28:25
How can we stop blaming each other or separating ourselves demonizing each other. So it's become so much easier to create harm, create pain and create suffering, when you dehumanize the other? How can we stop doing that as a species?

Sheila Gillette 28:47
That is the old way of being. So critical thinking critical questions? Is this true? Or are they other? And the true answer is no. They are not. They're just like you. It is those that would have you believe there is other they create the division. And then is the acceptance by those that they must have truths. That that belief or either that is being taught to you is true, is it the critical thought is asking on the inner? Is this true? Whatever you're being told, whatever you're being told, is it true? You all have a truth parameter inside of you. When it's spoken to you or you speak it you feel viscerally something in your body. And you know without doubt that's truth. begin asking those questions of things you hear of opinions who here Remember each and every one of you is a powerful, magnificent being with knowledge yet tapped trust yourselves

Alex Ferrari 30:12
Are is the is the frequency of humanity leveling up, if you will going higher, are we getting away from this lower lower third dimensional frequency and actually going to a higher frequency as a as a collective?

Sheila Gillette 30:28
Yes, you are. And that is why everything's in chaos because for the surface is a recognition that this old way of being does not work. And a new it's being birthed in and through all of you now. You are a global species, you have a global economy, there will be a global political structure that is collaborative, that is being birthed out of this chaos. And new world being birthed in you have chosen, be a part of that birth midwives if you would have the birth within you, and the birth of this world, and not to be afraid of what is emerging now, new systems, new technology, new innovation, all of this is continuing to happen. Look at how innovation has changed our world in the most recent 100 years. If you speak to someone that who is over 100 years old, their life has changed immeasurably from horse to automobile, to all of the things technologically that are being used today. And taken for granted. That will continue. That is going to continue to increase the experience of life upon this planet and the planet will be here longer than anyone alive on it today. The planet is strong. But there are those who would speak to you that it is not in give you fear about it. But as your consciousness change that changes your environment, it changes the world. And it changes the interaction of this species with it. For a positive gain, you are no longer the humans who were there dimensionally Yes, you have a third dimensional physical body of physical reality. But the consciousness has evolved to the fifth dimension, which is a recognition that you are souls having a human experience, and you're far brighter, smarter, lovable than you ever thought you were. And that's not out of conceit or arrogance, but out of a centralized knowing of truth.

Alex Ferrari 33:15
How do you see the development of artificial intelligence or AI? And how will it help or hurt humanity's future?

Sheila Gillette 33:25
As in all things, innovators, if used properly, it advances roll things. Yes, this too was spoken about the internet it was spoken about the space travel it was many of these things that have been new and innovations have been questioned. In the negative. Understand this, that ay ay as it's put it's been used since 1950. It's not new. But what has brought it forward more to individual use is your computer's your ability and each and every one of you has one you carry it around in your pocket, do you not? So now it's becoming more let's say user friendly or that the common person has it poor. So it will advance but to hold fear over it is is a disservice. Becoming aware knowledgeable of it and how to use it will only advance but fear have blocks any advanced thinking or critical thinking? Or awareness? Or possibility? Thinking? Yes. Yes. It's like the proverbial head in the sand.

Alex Ferrari 35:17
How do you see the relationship between the individual consciousness and societal change evolving?

Sheila Gillette 35:23
That's what we've been talking about. It's, you're all responsible for the changes. Life is happening through you and for you and from you as you. That's where the change begins.

Alex Ferrari 35:43
For those who feel lost and scared about this change, about looking inward for the answers, what advice would you give them?

Sheila Gillette 35:55
It can be begin questioning. For all that fear comes from outside, there was a leader in the United States, a wife of a leader of a president actually has a name is Eleanor. And one of her profound statements was, all the water in the ocean cannot drowned you unless you let it in. That is true with the information. It cannot harm you unless you let it in the divisive information, the information about you that is simply untrue that you're not worthy, or lovable, or enough. Whatever those opinions outside you do not accept them. For most opinions or projections of others of how they see themselves.

Alex Ferrari 36:53
How do you see the what are your thoughts on the interplay between science and spirituality in the way it's going to shape our future as a species,

Sheila Gillette 37:02
Science is proving spirituality. So that those that have to hold on and have proof if you would be given it. Science is curious about spirituality because it has power. And science is recognizing the vibrational frequencies of what we speak about, and the influences upon the planet. As we've spoken, there are 12 dimensions about this earth planet, that are vibrational frequencies that you all are connected to sciences affirm their level, they will firm the twelves and physical science or physicists will come up with theories and understandings of what that means and how it is relative to human experience. But you're living and you'll know it more by your life, in your own personal experience for scientists or trained observers, not experiences,

Alex Ferrari 38:14
How to how do we raise our frequency to access these other dimensions?

Sheila Gillette 38:19
No, you can. If you believe you can't, you can't, if you believe you can get that's where it begins. And your vibrational frequency is a physical thing. Your soul frequency is a constant. And that is connected to the unconditional love we speak about which a physical frequency the density of your body and your receptivity can be raised to be more refined. And that's what's happening now.

Alex Ferrari 38:53
Is that how the Ascended Masters and walking masters can access these these other frequencies or these other dimensions? Because they've learned in this lifetime how to raise their frequencies through practice meditation, their own evolution?

Sheila Gillette 39:09
Yes. And your your old guru or master? Actually, it's not they could do it. It's the you can also they just know the code. And you're discovering it.

Alex Ferrari 39:26
So when you say that they know the code, is that an indication that we are in a simulation of some sort, and that we're able these other these Ascended Masters are seeing the code behind the simulation aren't able to manipulate it in ways that we can't comprehend, because we can't see it.

Sheila Gillette 39:46
We don't like the word manipulation. Play with they can use that information to be aligned and to to it. And you're learning how and part of that It is the integrative process to release beliefs, thinking and can't. And those beliefs had been passed along for 1000s of years. So what's happening now? You've heard of generational psychology process of psychology and letting go of old patterns. Well, this is true. But it's not just psychological. It's on the spiritual aspect as well. And even functional medicine is proving that it's body mind spirit. And that's been talked about, for many, many years. Only the left the spirit out of it before now.

Alex Ferrari 40:46
Can you discuss a little bit about parallel realities and your take on those?

Sheila Gillette 40:52
Its multi dimensional expression. And so these to think that parallel reality, it's just a multi dimensional frequency, or ability to know beyond what is your third dimensional reality, your physical reality. And that's what's happening in this fifth dimension, where there's there's between your multi dimensional self, your soul experience, are very thin. So you can have spontaneous recall remembering of who you are, and all your experiences that you've had, whether on the earth, or in other places,

Alex Ferrari 41:39
Is it true that every major decision or every decision of consequence, splits off to a another reality that plays itself out, so the soul can evolve, and really feel out every possibility of this life?

Sheila Gillette 41:57
That's an interesting way of saying it. And since you made films, you could say it's playing the film to the end. Right, a better option. So yes, that can be done. And it's a poor memory that only goes one way, isn't it?

Alex Ferrari 42:15
It is, it is. But it's kind of like, you know, what if I met Sally, and married her, what if I took that job in New York, instead of the one in Cincinnati? And playing those out all the way through to the end of life? Is that that's kind of what I'm talking about. Is that kind of what you see is yeah,

Sheila Gillette 42:34
Yes. Because what if it goes both ways? What if something horrible is going to happen? Or what if something wonderful is going to happen? Which would you prefer? To one if you can play both? Yes, yeah, to see his see the result because you're the creator.

Alex Ferrari 42:58
And you explain this concept that I've been told many times. And it's difficult for for, for us with our hardware, our brains to kind of wrap our heads around it, that there is quote, unquote, no past life, or no future life, but all lives are happening at this moment, and affecting each other accordingly. Can you explain that?

Sheila Gillette 43:22
Total of all your experience. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 43:26
Can you explain how it's all happening? At the same time?

Sheila Gillette 43:29
We cannot physical science could in the different dimensional work experiences of time. But ultimately, there's no time. You have what you call the past and the present and the future, because you have a calendar, and a clock. And those are only useful tools. You haven't had them throughout all human experience, but they are delineations of linear time, are they not just to manage your day. But it does not mean that because you have had other experience on a soul level that it's past, or present did exist energetically. And in that existence, there is no time

Alex Ferrari 44:22
Have the souls that have chosen to incarnate at this time, chosen this specific moment in human history, to see this great change to be part of it and to assist it.

Sheila Gillette 44:35
Yes, you've all chosen to be here now. That God is the deity of war with white hair and beard sitting on top of the mountain does not demand of you that you get born. It's a choice. In actuality you won the lottery, you got a body there are billions of choices. Earth is only one that a soul can choose. And there's a reason you choose them over and over again because of the exquisite planet you live on. And you have a physical structure in which you can have these sensory perceptions. You can touch and be touched. You can feel the essence of love, you can feel all the spectrums of emotions, which is a gift.

Alex Ferrari 45:33
Are we the most difficult planet? As far as incarnation is concerned?

Sheila Gillette 45:39
Oh, perception. We actually think your parameters quite explicit. And with the right receptivity, you can enjoy it.

Alex Ferrari 45:50
But as far as the I've heard it, we are the PhD of a of experiences because it is difficult down here. But it is perspective, of course, but the potential of learning here is great.

Sheila Gillette 46:04
You could say it's the PhD. But no, there are many other planets even in your particular universe. So solar system, there are billions of planets. Because stain life.

Alex Ferrari 46:20
Do you have any parting messages for the audience that you didn't feel that needs to come out right now. And this time, this moment,

Sheila Gillette 46:28
Do not get caught up in the negatives. Know that there's a greater power still within you. And you do have choice. You are a creator. And you create the life you want to live. Be aware of what you want and perceive it and move in the direction of that desired outcome. And it will be so you are complete with your ask.

Alex Ferrari 47:07
I am thank you for your for your time and your wisdom.

Sheila Gillette 47:12
We are appreciative of the opportunity to serve God's love to you. Good day.

Alex Ferrari 47:25
How are you feeling my dear?

Sheila Gillette 47:27
Good, Alex, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 47:32
It's fascinating. It's fascinating to your the two voices.

Sheila Gillette 47:40
It's different.

Alex Ferrari 47:42
It is different. The tone is different, the energy is different. They don't joke around too much. I've noticed that the fairly serious,

Sheila Gillette 47:51
You know, it seems as such, but they're really funny sometimes. And actually, this year, our team said, you know, people were wondering if they had humor and they said they're working on it.

Alex Ferrari 48:06
To dry it's a dry humor, it's a very British, it's a British humor.

Sheila Gillette 48:12
It's very tricky. You're asking about serious stuff, they will be very serious, because you know, they're very ill on on track, I'm gonna say but really on purpose with this shift of consciousness, and they want us to get it. They really want us to understand. And and, you know, they say they're their admiration for us is if, if we could see ourselves as they see us. We'd have no discontent. They see us in our magnificence. And I love that. I only hope that we can see that in ourselves. I'm certainly working on it.

Alex Ferrari 48:58
Yeah, as as am I, my dear as am I and as I am with this show and trying to get this kind of information out to the world at large. It's it's not an easy. It's so fascinating. Because I again, I have such a unique perspective on this because I get to talk to people like yourself every day. And I've at this point, we're getting close to 400 of these conversations, and subtle a lot of information. But the thing I keep coming across is there's so much in the common threads from every walk of life from a channel to a near death experience or to a psychic medium to a spiritual master. They have a lot of these key things keep showing up in a very solid way. Not in a fufu way but in a very solid way like Nope, there's 12 dimensions and your frequency is this frequency is fundamental. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, and I rarely yet, anything or anybody that goes off track from those kinds of narratives, it's fascinating to see for people from all walks of life,

Sheila Gillette 50:09
You know, I love hearing that, because then you can trust it. You know, if there's, if there's consistency, if there was too much diversity in the message, it would be what's true. But when you see these consistent threads, those are the things we pay attention to, you know, and the delivery, the words might be different. But if the thread is still the same thread, yes, yeah, we can apply that in our own lives. And that's, that's why we're having so much of this now. You know, when I began doing my work, this wasn't even talked about openly and proudly. Of course, now, it's such a common conversation. And to your point, the number of of listeners and viewers to your channel are amazing. You're seeing the desire of people knowing there's more and experiencing more, so to give to give the world valleys.

Alex Ferrari 51:17
Oh, I appreciate that.

Sheila Gillette 51:18
I'm glad to know you.

Alex Ferrari 51:21
Same goes to thing goes the other way, my dear. It's interesting that people are searching for this, they are hungry for this. And even if they don't know what they're searching for, I find that the universe kind of throws the right episode. To them at the right time, it comes up on their feed and, and I've heard that from so many people that like, Oh, I just lost, like a third episode on pets the other day, just because so many people ask me what happens to our animals. And I had so many people like I just lost my dog. I just lost my cat. Oh, my God, this came with the exact same time or you know, or near death experience. Like it just lost my mom, I just lost my sister. Something along those lines, it just keeps getting thrown out. So I'm, I'm being used by the universe in a very powerful way. Kind of like when a book comes into your life that you are waiting for that you need it at that moment.

Sheila Gillette 52:11
Sure. And how does that happen? It's because our soul draws that to us. It's, you know, throw mean, this is the trends in nanobots talk like this. And then the spiritualists and, you know, there's there been these languages in our history over time. But throw the throw code speaks to this, you know, if you read on Walden, David Thoreau, and and just about the the the barriers that we go through. And those are beliefs, of course, programming, and how we change from changing our experience, and actually how we change by changing the question.

Alex Ferrari 53:09
The right questions

Sheila Gillette 53:10
To why is this happening to me? To Why is this happening? For me? It's a quite different question.

Alex Ferrari 53:19
Very powerful, very powerful distinction, no question. Do you have any? Do you have any parting words for the audience about what's going on in the world?

Sheila Gillette 53:33
I'm optimistic, be optimistic. out, you know, I feel talked about this time, you know, 50 years ago. And they talked about many things that now have come to fruition that I trust, and I trust in us that we're making the inward changes that we're going to change the world. We here now that have chosen, we're not going to hold on to those old patterns any longer, and we change them in us than the future generations won't act now. So it's a powerful time to be alive and to see this transformation that's happening. And stop the repetitiveness of divisive madness that has been all through our history. And

Alex Ferrari 54:32
Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions. I asked all my guests. It's been a while since I've asked these to you and I think there might be one or two new ones in their sub gears here what you say? What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Sheila Gillette 54:45
All the pillars of my life functioning with ease and grace and those pillars would be money of a patient vocation. Alright, is how I view my my schedule and my experience, relationships, and help having all those things, working optimally in my life with ease and grace and fun

Alex Ferrari 55:18
Fair enough, if you had a chance to go back in time and speak to little Sheila, what advice would you give her?

Sheila Gillette 55:24
Many times. I speak to my little selves a lot. I thank her. For her courage and strength to make me the woman I am today.

Alex Ferrari 55:36
How do you define God or Source?

Sheila Gillette 55:40

Alex Ferrari 55:41
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Sheila Gillette 55:42
Life, life itself, living through us. And it always wants more life lives through us in various. And that's exciting. Holding that in my mind. No, I know. I'm gonna live to 150 I got so much to do.

Alex Ferrari 56:04
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Sheila Gillette 56:08
Oh, they could go to our website. Got a lot of good stuff going on over there.

Alex Ferrari 56:15
Sheila, it has been such a pleasure talking to you. Again, thank you so much for coming back on the show and sharing not only your wisdom Patheos wisdom with all of us as well. I appreciate what you're doing for the people of this planet. So thank you.

Sheila Gillette 56:26
Thank you, Alex. I always love our conversations and enjoy them immensely. And thank you for the invite.

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