THEO Speaks! Channeled Message for 2023 We All Need to Hear! with Sheila Gillette

In the dance of the cosmos, we often find ourselves yearning for a deeper connection, a whisper from the divine that guides us through the labyrinth of life. On today’s episode, we welcome the extraordinary Sheila Gillette, a channeler who brings forth the wisdom of THEO, a group of twelve archangels. Sheila’s journey into channeling is a testament to the limitless potential within each of us to tap into higher realms of consciousness.

Sheila Gillette recounts her profound near-death experience in 1969, an event that catalyzed her awakening and set her on the path to becoming a channeler. Her early experiences were marked by a gentle preparation phase, guided by an entity named Orlos, who helped adjust her body’s energetic frequencies to accommodate the powerful presence of THEO. This gradual attunement was crucial, as the intense vibrational energy of the archangels initially felt like “sticking your finger in a 220 outlet,” a powerful surge that Sheila had to acclimate to over time.

Sheila describes how THEO’s messages resonate with a timeless wisdom, emphasizing love, unity, and the interconnectedness of all beings. THEO’s teachings align with the essence of many spiritual traditions, revealing universal truths that transcend cultural and historical boundaries. As THEO aptly states, “The quantum field is synergy… It does not discern what you’re asking for… It just aligns with the energetics to assist its creation.” This underscores the idea that our intentions and emotions are powerful tools in co-creating our reality.

In a thought-provoking discussion, Sheila and THEO explore the nature of prayer and intention. Prayer, as THEO explains, is not merely a request but a focused act of love that generates momentum in the energetic fields to manifest desired outcomes. This insight sheds light on the power of conscious intention and the role of love as a fundamental force in the universe. “Placing with intention and prayer has love in it,” Sheila shares, highlighting the transformative potential of heartfelt prayer.

A significant portion of the conversation delves into the concept of multi-dimensionality and the evolution of human consciousness. THEO reveals that we are currently experiencing a shift into higher frequencies, often referred to as the fifth dimension. This shift is characterized by an increased capacity for spiritual awakening and a deeper understanding of our divine nature. THEO emphasizes that this era of transformation is unparalleled in human history, a time when we are called to expand our awareness and embrace our spiritual essence.


  1. Power of Intention and Prayer: Prayer is a focused act of love that channels energy to manifest desired outcomes. It is through intention and love that we can create positive change in our lives and the world.
  2. Embrace Multi-Dimensionality: We are experiencing a shift into higher frequencies, opening us to greater spiritual awareness. Embrace this transformation and explore your divine essence.
  3. Universal Truths: The teachings of THEO and other spiritual traditions reveal universal truths about love, unity, and interconnectedness. These truths transcend cultural and historical boundaries, guiding us toward a harmonious existence.

As we reflect on today’s conversation with Sheila Gillette, we are reminded of the profound potential within each of us to connect with higher realms of consciousness. By embracing the power of intention, exploring our multi-dimensional nature, and living in alignment with universal truths, we can navigate the complexities of life with grace and wisdom.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sheila Gillette.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 209

Sheila Gillette 0:00
Placing with intention and prayer has love in it. Where you wouldn't pray for another or for self. So in a prayer is an ask. But it's also a focus of love.

Alex Ferrari 0:26
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Sheila Gillette.

Sheila Gillette 0:31
Hi, Alex, returning champion, alright! I don't think I've gotten that before. That's great.

Alex Ferrari 0:41
It had such a fun time talking to you and feel last time you were on the show. And people have really, really love our conversation from last time. So I'm so glad that we booked this. I think we booked this right away. We had such a good time. Last time. We're like, we got to do this again.

Sheila Gillette 0:58
Yeah, we had fun.

Alex Ferrari 1:00
So um, and I was just telling you that I was watching you on the new documentary series on Gaia, about channeling, which you're doing beautiful that they shot you beautifully feels they're it's such a wonderful series.

Sheila Gillette 1:15
It is it is they've done a really nice job with it.

Alex Ferrari 1:19
And they're putting that kind of information. It's like, I can't even imagine five years ago that even coming out or 10 years ago, even coming from it for you. I could only imagine that you've been doing this for a few minutes now.

Sheila Gillette 1:33
Yeah, yeah, it's, you know, it's wonderful to see it come full circle, kind of so to speak, and it's just expanding. And as we spoke about before, this is the consciousness shift we're talking about if people are interested in the subject, because they're experiencing their own personal experiences, metaphysically or psychically, and they want to know more. So I love seeing this expansion, because this video talks to me about this decades ago, this would be happening. So it's really affirming to see these waves of awakening, if you weren't happening, as they are now. It's exponential.

Alex Ferrari 2:20
Now, one of the I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the past channels that have come before you like Seth and Edgar Casey and these kind of pioneers in this space of channeling. And you also are one of those pioneers that came in a little I think a little bit that what Seth was around before Seth was before you correct?

Sheila Gillette 2:42
Yeah, a few years, yeah, itself came through, I think in the mid 60s, I think and I had my near death experience in 1969. So I I was, I was of the 70s, generation

Alex Ferrari 3:00
70s generation of channelers. What I find fascinating going looking back and I've read a bunch of editor Casey's work and, and, and raw and Seth and these these channeled works. It, it seems like these these beings that are trying to send this information, there's constant, as much as I keep talking to different channels and different reading different materials. There's a thread as constant thread of similar ideas, similar concepts that are truth that might be painted slightly different depending on the perspective. But the truth is the truth. And they're truly trying to elevate us, but I can only imagine someone like Edgar Casey's time, for God's sakes, can you imagine? I mean, he was one step away from being burned at the stake.

Sheila Gillette 4:00
Yeah, yeah. You know, there had been over centuries, actually, you know, God didn't stop talking to us. You know, as God has always been spirits always been talking to us and through us for centuries. But it's been an evolving consciousness, it's happening but also, we're now in this higher frequency state that we call the fifth dimension airy state, which is has exponential growth and people's Awakening people experiencing because we're spiritual beings having a human experience. So the third dimension was much denser frequencies and vibrations. So there were a few people that connected. You know, a lot of a lot of the the two teachers that have come before in the sense of religion as well, that were messengers. So this is just a time of tremendous expansion. You know, if you think about the evolution of technology, in how it's just happened last 100 years, or less, that's what we're talking about, we're ready for this expanded technology, if you would, because the vibrations and the frequencies are so more refined, maybe as a good way to put it. Our physical energy, our physical vibrations are less dense, they are said in this time, we would be able to, you know, see through the veils of our multi dimensionality, if you want to know more. So it's, it's an interesting time to be alive. They say Theo says, there's, there's never been any consciousness shift like this ever, in the human experience, and we've all chosen to be here to experience it. And a part of the chaos we're seeing in our world is a part of that. Because all those other foundations of the way we're thinking the foundations or structures on our planet have to change as well. And they are changing political structures, financial structures, business, you know, it's all evolving. Just like I said, Look at what's happened, my mom lived almost to be 100. And I thought about her life. You know, when she would she was born, you know? She saw cars, planes, planes, you know, technology, television media, yeah, just in her life, the amount of change that happened. And in our lives as well, you know, when you think, here we are on the internet, right? When I started doing this work, we didn't have the internet. It was It may have been a glimmer, glimmer, and Al Gore's mind, bad. We didn't have it. And we didn't have home computers. You know, when I, when I met with people, I met with him in person, I would travel to different states and work with people. And then I do private sessions on the telephone. And I would create cassette tapes of the sessions and mail them to the client, because that's what we had, then I had a digital recorder. And, and now here we are, we're talking like, we see each other, we're talking or we're in the this time, this moment, wherever we are living wherever we have our offices. So it's a spectacular ship. And it's just been last few years. But we take so for granted every time i i get to do this. I just get God bumps and think of how miraculous This is that we can do this.

Alex Ferrari 8:30
Yeah. There was an old comedian who said that, you know, it's amazing how we take things for granted, like, we're in an airplane and the internet goes down on the airplane, and people are like, Oh, the internet's down. And he's like, we're flying through the air. What is wrong

Sheila Gillette 8:50
I saw that, I saw that it was hysterical. And it's really true isn't it is really true, you're sitting in a chair in the air, you know,

Alex Ferrari 9:02
2000 miles that used to take six, eight months of travel for you to get to a destination. And now you can do it in a few hours. It's, it is it is fascinating. And just in my lifetime, you know, I was I was I was a child of the 70s. From that point, to the point where you are now is oh my god, so much technology. And it's really interesting, if you look at it that throughout recorded human history, at least recorded human history that we acknowledge the last 6000 years. Yeah, there's probably a few things older but just even in this last 6000 years, we were using stone tools and you know, all that kind of stuff in in the last 130 years. 140 years, the amount of technology that has been created is so at It is so insane that when you're saying earlier that we were more ready for it, because can you imagine giving the, you know, the kind of weapons let's say we have to five, 600 years ago, it would have been a disaster. It's a disaster now, by the way with weapons, but anyways, but just in general like technologies, they wouldn't even know what to do. They're the concepts of, of the technology wouldn't be a lot, just they couldn't grasp it, they weren't ready for it. Just like this information that you and I are talking about today and having field channel live to, you know, 10s of 1000s of hundreds of 1000s of people around the world. Before that conference, you weren't, you would have been burned at the stake, I would have been, I would have either been burned at the stake, or I've been, I would have been shunned because I was a male. I didn't know about many males that were burned at the stakes. But you know what I mean, back in those days, but I do know, it is so it's so fascinating. Now this information, so more openly talked about. And I tell you every time I run into somebody, who is that I tell them what I'm doing now. They're like, so what is channeling? Or what is that Surprising, isn't it? It's here that. And I, by the way, I have conversations with people in Hollywood, who are big time people in Hollywood, who publicly would never ever say anything like this. But privately they just like, talk to me for two or three hours about these concepts. And they're like, I can't talk to anybody else about this. This is so wonderful, just to have this open dialogue about the fabric of reality, and why we're here. And all these other concepts are so far beyond the dogmas of religion that has been kind of thrown upon us for the last, you know, 1000s of years. Yeah, it's interesting. And really, and I'm sure you get that as well, you probably much more than nights.

Sheila Gillette 11:58
Well, what's interesting to me when I started, people, if they did talk about it, it was like, to you, you know, and, and it wasn't openly discussed, like now, on TV and movies, it's spoken of, you can sit in a restaurant and overhear conversations of people talking about having psychic experiences or going to see somebody like myself. And, and I think it's wonderful, really, because it opens so much up to people to know that we're more than this physical body, you know, that, that we just chose this physical body, this earth suit to navigate the planet, but but our soul is much bigger than that. And it's eternal. And this is a point in, I'm going to use the word time but linear time of experiencing emotions and human life. This is one choice. This is just one choice of, as theory teaches us billions of choices that our soul could make. The earth is just one. And for some, that's even shocking, because we have this myopic view. But that this is all there is.

Alex Ferrari 13:24
Also, also egotistical view.

Sheila Gillette 13:26
Yeah, but you know, if you just look at the pictures from space, we can know that that's not true. It's just amazing what technology has brought us, particularly because they did the space program. So much has come from that. And I remember talking to this elderly woman one time and this is after I had my near death experience. And my children's father and I, we moved to the mountains in Colorado and this lady, this was right after they did the the launch and did the moonwalk. So yeah. And she's, she was just chatting. And she said, you know, she must have been, at least in her mid to late 80s. She was quite elderly. And she said, I know why they want to go to the moon. Because she'd seen a movie where a guy went to the moon. And there were all these pretty women Fanning and was fins and feeding him grapes. And I thought wow, this is but this is the perception of that time to for us to walk on the moon. You know, but since then, that's when all the technology stuff started. Just exploding, exploding, and even the things that we take for granted in our houses now, you know, that we didn't have before microwaves and, you know, the way we cook the way we live. It just exploded.

Alex Ferrari 15:13
It's really remarkable. And even when when they went to the moon, it changed the, the foundational zeitgeist of humanity. It was, it was a belief that it could never be done. It was impossible. It wasn't a thing. But when that happened, and that opened up a lot of ideas, a lot of thoughts about well, if we didn't go to the moon, maybe can we go to Mars? And if we can go to Mars, is there other things out there? And then now all these images coming back from deep space, and the more they find out about space, and the more they keep, they like, oh, wait a minute, I think at the beginning at the center of every galaxy, there's a black hole. Oh, that was a concept that Raul was talking about the channeled works of Ra was talking about in the 80s. And now, they're just like, yeah, there's, there's really a black hole. And we're seeing that now. And there's multiple Goldilocks planets that we can even perceive from this distance. And it's just, like, even astrophysicist are saying it's a lot. It's a waste of space, if we're the only ones.

Sheila Gillette 16:19
Yeah, yeah. You know, people talking about being fearful of aliens, and UFOs. And things, you know, if they're smart enough to get here, they're much smarter than we are. So it's it's just we've, we've just lived in this kind of bubble that now is expanding, I mean, the, the awareness is now expanding because of the experiences people are having. And they want to know more.

Alex Ferrari 16:52
But also, that expansion is scary for a lot of people, because now what was rock solid in their minds, is being challenged, and not just being challenged by one or two people, but being challenged by society now. And a lot of these challenges are what's causing all this uprising and like, no, no, wait a minute, no, no, we want to hold back to the old ways or No, that can't believe that. And it's, there's a big, just a big jump of stuff happening all over the place. And people's foundational beliefs are being challenged in a very, very big way. And they're, they don't know what to do. So again, you can either get angry and fight, or you can be curious, and open yourself up to other ideas. And that's who comes and listens to the show, hopefully.

Sheila Gillette 17:41
Yeah, well, that's one of the main messages that Theo gives us is remain curious.

Alex Ferrari 17:48
I haven't heard a channeler. I haven't met one yet. Nor have I heard of one, maybe you have, that does not say, or does not preach the idea of love, that we are not this physical being. These are the basic concepts of what Jesus taught, for God's sakes, you know, these basic concepts. I've never heard of one going, you need to be more selfish. The key to life, the key to life is the physical indulgence, like I've never that those things don't come through in a public way. At least have you ever heard of those kinds of messages coming through a channel? And if they didn't get any publicity out of it?

Sheila Gillette 18:31
No, but but I have heard of some conspiratorial stuff in the most recent years coming through that not necessarily don't love each other, not those kinds of messages, but just stuff that just isn't true. And, and that to your point. If the for me, if the messages are coherent, they may be used different words, but the message itself the basics, are there's a coherence to it. With the love vibe, let's say right, then I would say believe it because, you know, if, if, if there's a message coming through, now, I believe it's here for our highest good I would say, I don't know what the percentage is. But I would say that you can feel the difference. We all have a barometer in us when we hear the truth. And truth can be said to your point earlier, in different words in different ways, but there's a consistency in that truth. And that's what I would look for with any team Should or anybody hear you're getting getting information from, you know, because Theo often says it would be a really boring life in a boring place if we only had one book to read. And if we only had one song, or if we only had one movie, you know that, that there are different messengers to come forth creatively. And so that we can all understand because somebody that might listen to Theo and prefer to hear the message from somebody else. That's okay.

Alex Ferrari 20:41
Different flavors.

Sheila Gillette 20:42
Yeah, yeah. To my point about it would be really boring to only have one book.

Alex Ferrari 20:50
There was a, there's an idea that I know Theo's talked about before, and this is a concept that's been talked about a lot is that we are, we are all one, we are all part of the creator, the source, and that the source has put us out to experience have different experiences, so he can or he or it has a better understanding of who it is, in the way of our evolution through these experiences negative and positively charged. I came up with this idea of like, are we the algorithm of God? Because an algorithm is unpredictable, it has its it has free will within guardrails that have been put up by the Creator. So if we use that as an analogy, that means we all have free will. And we can go either way we want but there's probability on which way we think it's gonna go. But sometimes it surprises us as an algorithm. So is that a just a nice analogy of what we all are in the universe, like giant algorithms for the source to figure out and discover things?

Sheila Gillette 22:00
That's an interesting concept. And I think now with all the technology and everybody's being more aware of technology, it's a different way of describing it, but why not? You know, it's, it can make a lot of sense to a lot of people I'm not technologically that well versed. But I even get what you just said,

Alex Ferrari 22:24
Well, then that's good. That's good. Because you know, the basics of what an algorithm is. So if you understand that concept, it's just an idea for people to really grasp that idea. Because it just when I was that kid, that idea came to me the other day, I was like, we the algorithm of God. And as if that if that is the case, it makes so much more sense to me. Because we perform very similarly to an algorithm in the sense of, again, with parameters, and we have karma we have, you know, there's certain parameters that we have placed with in this life. But anyway, it's just a fun idea I just wanted.

Sheila Gillette 23:04
And then you could ask the question, are we artificial intelligence?

Alex Ferrari 23:09
Well, there's that whole that's, that's a whole other conversation. And I think, no, look what's happening with AI right now. It's, it's very much in the news right now. And it's out there. And, you know, the tools that are being created in AI right now that are publicly being thrown out there. It's just baffling. And you see what they're doing right now. And I go, Oh, my God, in five years. This thing is going to be I mean, everyone's going to be there's going to be writing books. It's going to be you know, it's going to be painful.

Sheila Gillette 23:41
They've already shown that it can you know, what is it that chat is a culture chatty,

Alex Ferrari 23:47
chatty, J, J, f t, of course, technical guys named it, Chad, J, F, T, or JNPT, whatever that thing is that it's open a eyes, text writing thing. But then I just saw dolly AI, which is that you type in draw painting of Sheila channeling feel wearing a purple dress, while riding a unicorn. And they will paint that for you in four different paintings. And oh, in Van Gogh style, it's my I did a just for fun, mind blowing. So you could see where these tools are going to go. And it's going to alleviate a lot of, of time consuming things for us as a society. Just so then we have even more time to think about life, I hope, kind of like what Socrates and Plato were doing back in the day.

Sheila Gillette 24:41
Yeah, yeah. Or, you know, who knows? Who knows where it's gonna go? I mean, and, again, it's what Thiel talks about. There's going to be continual momentum. innovation happening. Hmm. And it's how we navigate it and work with it. That's important.

Alex Ferrari 25:05
Absolutely. Absolutely. Now, since you brought Theo up, is the is the URL available for a session today? I'd love to ask them some interesting questions. I've been working on a list of questions over the last week, hopefully the interesting questions I don't think he's been asked before. So I love to see if we can do that for the audience.

Sheila Gillette 25:25
Sure, be happy to share them I do. Here we go. It is the beginning as it is, we are appreciative of the opportunity to be of service to you.

Alex Ferrari 25:41
My first question Theo is how does the power of prayer work?

Sheila Gillette 25:49
Intention. So know that you are creative beings, placing with intention and prayer has love in it. Or you wouldn't pray for another or for self. So in a prayer is an ask. But it's also a focus of love. Which has momentum in the energetic fields to produce an outcome. However, depending upon what you're praying for, a prayer could just be a wish. Unless you decide for what you're praying for, and are receptive to the outcome of it.

Alex Ferrari 26:42
There enough, what happens to a soul when it commits suicide?

Sheila Gillette 26:50
Every death is a suicide. Because the soul chooses to leave. We know that shocks most when we say this, but no, every soul will have its own way out, whatever that is, whether it's by what you call suicide, which is misunderstood by many, because one cannot understand why another would in their lives, but you don't know what you don't know you're looking at them through the lenses you see yourself. So there is in each relinquishment or of the physical, a process that occurs of evaluation of the life and what has been learned there. So that's what we would say whether it's a suicide, or any other way of leaving that physical. We do not speak of birth to death, we speak birth to birth. So you burn into energetically into your physical body. And when you leave you burn into once again your multi dimensional essence, your eternal soul. So it's not a death, energies constant only form changes.

Alex Ferrari 28:35
From the spiritual point of view, what is the quantum field?

Sheila Gillette 28:42
From a spiritual point of view, the quantum field is synergy. It has no spirituality in it. It's like electricity would be asking. If it lectricity had a spiritual point of view, it does not. It has a conduit that harnesses it gets put in your home or in the world or an office building to be utilized by humanity. But it in and of itself, it is not a spiritual essence. It's a tool isn't it? Well then how can show the quantum field does not decide whether what you want in your life is good or bad. It just aligns with the energetics to assist its creation. It does not discern what you're asking for in other words,

Alex Ferrari 29:59
So then how do we access the quantum field?

Sheila Gillette 30:04
So all around you just like electricity, and you are the conduit with your thoughts, and your visions and your emotions. And then this energy aligns with that to bring forth an outcome that is desired.

Alex Ferrari 30:27
So it's a co create, it's kind of like a co creation.

Sheila Gillette 30:32
Yes, it's a tool, actually.

Alex Ferrari 30:36
Well, then what is quantum entanglement?

Sheila Gillette 30:42
That's in the energy way. Speaking of quantum entanglement, you're talking about people, aren't you? Yes. So that's energy entangling on all levels of how one expresses the energy in human spirits and having quite a bit to do with emotions.

Alex Ferrari 31:09
What is the Law of One?

Sheila Gillette 31:14
It is the oneness of all the connectivity that you have to every living thing.

Alex Ferrari 31:23
But is that law of one? The one that is discussed in regards to the densities of the experience of of consciousness?

Sheila Gillette 31:35
It can be yours. Okay.

Alex Ferrari 31:41
Can you explain the vibrational polarities of the energy centers of the body?

Sheila Gillette 31:50
You're speaking of the chakra system, correct? Yes. And so the chakra system is let's call it the electric coal conduit. So the energy, your solar energy in the body, and when spinning all in synchronicity maintains an optimum balance, when it does not, then you're out of balance. So paying attention to what you're doing eating, sleeping, exercising, all the good health habits, hydration, all of these things assist in maintaining the balance of the chakra system or the electrical system of the body.

Alex Ferrari 32:34
Well, then what is the what is the kundalini awakening that I've heard that goes through the chakra system?

Sheila Gillette 32:40
A Kundalini awakening is is an up leveling of your vibrational frequency. So, as the energies become less dense, you can feel this surge of energy that goes through the body can be feel felt as electricity would be a buzzing sensation in all your cells, but specifically through the creative Center, which is your center of sexuality or creation itself. Okay.

Alex Ferrari 33:22
What is your definition of intuition?

Sheila Gillette 33:28
Intuition is felt in the human experience because you have a body and you are sentient being meaning your body is the has the ability through all its senses, to feel in to Wishon gut feeling body sensations, you guidance messages that are heard in the inner mind, visions, clairvoyance, all of these experience is done through the physical body. That's why it's so interesting for us all to have a human experience to feel all those sensations

Alex Ferrari 34:23
Do we all have the ability to channel?

Sheila Gillette 34:28
You all do channel it depends on whatever form the energy and passion you use your soul energy in. The artist is a channeler of the art become composer, the musician, the book writer. All of these things are channeling experiences. Yes,

Alex Ferrari 34:57
They are. But where do where does that come? From I understand you're channeling, you know, Sheila's channeling Theo that the entities called feel, but when you're channeling music or channeling art or channeling, writing, or channeling math, or physics or these kinds of things. Where does that? Where's that coming from? Is it the ether

Sheila Gillette 35:18
All coming from the source of energy of creativity

Alex Ferrari 35:26
And does, do certain ideas have their time and place to come through? They do. So that's why in the last 100 120 years, so much advancements have been done, and technology and art and many other disciplines around the world,

Sheila Gillette 35:49
Yes, if you couldn't think about your computer systems, when they all came through the home computers, they were coming through many people came through Steven Jobs, Bill Gates, same timing. Yes. And they were open conduits for the synergy to be channeled through them to be created.

Alex Ferrari 36:19
Is that why now there's so much more openness to these messages, these ideas, these conversations that you and I are having right now.

Sheila Gillette 36:29
Why it's time for this openness is the fifth dimension airy energy, which is an evolved consciousness that then allows for the individual to have the ability to receive not being blocked from the belief that it cannot be done. So it's refined? Or let's say you broaden the aperture of possibility.

Alex Ferrari 36:56
Got it? Okay. What is deja vu?

Sheila Gillette 37:03

Alex Ferrari 37:07
Remembering what exactly? If you've never been to,

Sheila Gillette 37:10
As we stated earlier, the veils between your multi dimensionality are very thin now. So it's us, typically a remembrance of something from the floor that you've experienced?

Alex Ferrari 37:27
And what are Archangels?

Sheila Gillette 37:32

Alex Ferrari 37:35
Can you elaborate?

Sheila Gillette 37:37
We can you as humans know about hierarchy in, let's say, corporations. So if you think about the billions of angelic beings, the Samsung, and many others, their mark, angels are super vizury over those different legions of angels, and as messengers, or teachers of the word of source or God.

Alex Ferrari 38:13
And have they always been? Or have they evolved to that point?

Sheila Gillette 38:17
They have always been

Alex Ferrari 38:21
And how do we connect to our higher selves?

Sheila Gillette 38:25
Your you do connect to snowing it's possible. Every time you go within an ask a question and feel a feeling or an answer. You've connected. And you can call it your Higher Self, your higher power, your intuition, many words could be used.

Alex Ferrari 38:51
When, when a soul decides to leave this or this earthly experience, do the near death experiences that have become so popular over the last 30 or 40 years? Is it? Are they accurate representations of what is happening on the other side?

Sheila Gillette 39:12
To some degree because it's the perception of the person having it each person in their own experience will experience what they experienced there may be consistencies in it. But that has to do with their belief systems as well as what they can accept. We find it amusing that you say near death experience have become popular. Why? It's just the stories about them that have become popular.

Alex Ferrari 39:49
Correct the story that the information is getting out there more so it's become more and more accepted?

Sheila Gillette 39:56
Yes. And even by those who don't believe in them?

Alex Ferrari 40:02
Correct! Because there's a curiosity about all of it. Yes. What is your definition of living a good life?

Sheila Gillette 40:15
The Good Life lived by you is the fulfillment that your souls desires are met.

Alex Ferrari 40:24
What is your definition of God?

Sheila Gillette 40:28
Solid state of unconditional love

Alex Ferrari 40:33
What is the ultimate purpose of life?

Sheila Gillette 40:36

Alex Ferrari 40:40
Can you elaborate.

Sheila Gillette 40:44
Life is the purpose. What most people say is what's my purpose? What they want to know is where can they express their life energy passionately. So you've achieved purpose by entering the physical body by life itself. And life itself is always wanting more life lived through you are for you. That's why you keep creating and being interested in and it's life. Emerging more wanting more lives. Yes. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 41:27
And finally, do you have any any message that you'd like to leave the audience with?

Sheila Gillette 41:35
Know that you are more than you think you are. And if you could see ourselves as we see you, there would be no discontent. There would be only love.

Alex Ferrari 41:48
Thank you so much for this time. I appreciate it. You know.

Sheila Gillette 41:53
We are appreciative of the opportunity to serve God's love on to you. Thank you good day!

Alex Ferrari 42:06
That doesn't get old. No. It doesn't get old. Remind me Sheila, do you do remember? What's going on? Or do you get pushed aside?

Sheila Gillette 42:18
You know, I don't consciously remember everything or the the questions, there'll be little bits and pieces that I remember. But if you were to discuss it with me, and we go, oh, yeah, I know that. Or if I would listen to the your, your recording. I would be like, oh, yeah, okay. Yeah, it's kind of it's not I don't come out going, Oh, well, they said this, this and this, you know, that kind of,

Alex Ferrari 42:43
It's almost like a dream state. Like, you kind of remember the dream. But if you're, if it was told to you again,

Sheila Gillette 42:48
It's like a lucid dream. It's kind of like a lucid dream, you know, what's going on? And words are being spoken, but I don't remember.

Alex Ferrari 42:57
Well, I asked Theo some very difficult questions and with, with the he, I say he for lack of a better word, because he really, he didn't hesitate. You know, were other never do they never do. They didn't they don't hesitate. I mean, the one the one really difficult question I asked was about suicide, what happens? And just like that, it they just like, it's this, this, this, this, this and this, and you're gonna shocking, but this is what's happening. And she's very matter of fact, I realized now because we were talking about AI earlier, when you ask AI questions, it goes straight to the point it does not hesitate. Very similar to talking to Theo. Yeah. Because it because they'll answer a question. And sometimes it'd be a short answer. Sometimes it'd be a long, elaborate question, or answer. But sometimes I'd like elaborate. Can you do Mike, can you? Can you elaborate? Yes. And it's the same thing with AI, you ask it a question, it will give you an answer, like, you go a little deeper in that. Sure. And it keeps going. So I was just remember, I just saw the very similar energy of the answer your question and answer process with with the specifically with you is just very straight to the point.

Sheila Gillette 44:21
What they are, and you know, to your point is, you can ask for more information. And that's what my husband Marcus is so good at when we do our programs and so forth. If a question is asked, he's so intuitive, he knows that they'll give more and he'll say, he'll ask another question to broaden the answer. Or say, Could you say more about that? And they will.

Alex Ferrari 44:49
They. They do they do. And I discovered I think you didn't mention this in our first interview, but I discovered in that channeling documentary that you were prepped for the to buy another entity

Sheila Gillette 45:02
Yes, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 45:04
Can you talk a little bit about that? Because I don't think we ever spoke about that in the first interview.

Sheila Gillette 45:08
Yeah, the first spokesmen that came through was an entity called Orlando's o r LLS very soft spoken, almost whisper, and gentle and kind, and told me that my body was being prepared for higher teachers, that there was an adjustment energetically for this ability to have them come directly through me. And so that was a couple of about two years.

Alex Ferrari 45:44
And then they do two readings with orlagh.

Sheila Gillette 45:47
And I did groups. And then I was in Seattle, doing a group working with a group of people. And Arzo said, It's time time to leave the higher teachers are here. And feel came in. Oh, my gosh, the tower, I mean, and loud, really loud

Alex Ferrari 46:13
Loud in your head or loud, verbally?

Sheila Gillette 46:15
Verbally. I, in me it to me, I felt the power in my body. But the people in the room were like, Whoa, what was and they came in and they said, we'll be known by the name Theo, we're 12 Archangels. We will not identify individually, because it's the message we want you to hear it and you know, it's not about the messenger. And they told me to look up the word Theo in the dictionary, they I mean, they just gave a lot of information, but they sounded to your point of AI. Very computer like very unemotional, they blended with my energy enough. Now they sound more human. But when they first came through, and then people would say, Well, what accent is it? Where are they? Well, we asked that question. And the answer was, it's not a specific accent. And it used to be much stronger. It's not a specific accent because they come through the vibrational frequencies of our planet, our atmosphere, our world. And it's a blending of all language and a blending of all sound that it comes out like that. And so a lot of people in you know, years ago, they would, they would say, Oh, it sounds German. Oh, it sounds Indian. Oh, it's, you know, but what was however, they were hearing the message that resonated in there, the way that you heard it. But they said there's no actual specific accent to a specific place, it's all about the vibrations, that they come through, and enter my body and use the vocal cords to come out.

Alex Ferrari 48:20
And that printer in that prepping period was kind of like priming the machine to handle the electrical voltage that was coming in. Essentially, yeah.

Sheila Gillette 48:31

Alex Ferrari 48:32
Because if not, you'll blow

Sheila Gillette 48:35
Well, it was you know, the only way I can describe to people how does it feel? It's like sticking your finger in a 220 outlet. I mean, it doesn't look like that. But it's a huge electrical.

Alex Ferrari 48:48
But you're good with it now but now you're you're

Sheila Gillette 48:51
Yeah, yeah. But in the beginning in when that first happened for about the first week that they came in, you know, when you hit your elbow, how that feels how uncomfortable that is. My whole upper body felt like that. Oh my God and I and I said if this continues I can't do this because it just it was so uncomfortable in my nervous system. And they said oh, no, no, now we're just adjusting. Yeah, and they have and they're there been a few times over the years where there's been another adjustment because they've they just keep fine tuning. Fine tuning my body for a greater ease of communication

Alex Ferrari 49:37
Does Theo or the the, the group that identifies as Theo do they channel through others under other names? The SAR is that knowledge is concerned or the source energy is concerned. They say no, they say not. So this group, this group is just yours. And that's it.

Sheila Gillette 49:58
Well mine and yours and obviously,

Alex Ferrari 50:02
Yeah, but you're the you're the entry point. You're the doorway.

Sheila Gillette 50:04
Yeah.I'm just the megaphone

Alex Ferrari 50:07
You're the Chronicles of Narnia, you go right through the wardrobe. So the other side, I wonder, I wanted to ask you, either because even the messages that come out through theater are so profound. But through your work over the over the decades that you've been doing this, have you ever has the message ever been lost? Because people are just more fascinated with how it's happening rather than the message coming out, especially at the beginning, because it would be kind of, it's a little bit more acceptable now. But I imagined at the beginning, and by the way, it's still not by any stretch it completely normal, even not normal, but accepted widely today, but more now than ever before. But I imagine the first time it would be kind of like, they would just be in awe of it, and almost just kind of like focused on what was happening as opposed to the message that was coming out.

Sheila Gillette 50:58
Yeah, there. Yes. And as we've been able to receive the messages, they've gotten broader and deeper, you know, as we're ready to make the changes, psychologically, emotionally, and intellectually. The more curious, we remain in our asking, the more information they give us. So yeah, it was very rudimentary. I, oh, maybe that's not even the right word in the beginning, and most people wanted to know, like, psychic readings, more future, what's gonna happen to me? And when am I gonna move to Florida? All of those things that naturally are part of our human life in different cities, but has gone from those first initial asking, and a lot of asking about deceased loved ones, because it's so healing, you know, when they get them when people get a message,

Alex Ferrari 52:08
And they got messages of love.

Sheila Gillette 52:12
Yes, what was interesting for me is the different things in a global sense. Like, I got information about Watergate, two years before it was public. And I got to tell you, shocking, I mean, been 616 years later, I met John Ehrlichman, who confirmed everything that I had gotten. So it's it's been a fascinating ride, you might say, of prophecy that now are borne witness to for several decades. And so I just trust so much more. Well, not more now. But, you know, because of all that confirmation, all that knowledge, all that affirming of the information, it's just like, oh, yeah, this, doing this with you today is another one, because they said this would be happening, right, in the early times of the 70s, that we would be communicating like this, and that this same kind of information would be more widely accepted because of media and because of the ability to, to communicate in these ways. And, you know, I had no evidence in my life, about that being possible. Other than all of the other things that they they had said, that kept being affirmed every day. And so it just went, Oh, okay. In here we are, you know, you're we are doing it.

Alex Ferrari 53:54
So you mentioned that as we kind of grown psychologically and spiritually and kind of awakened more the veil that is becoming thinner and thinner. Is that why and I'm asking this question for people listening. But is that why like when a Jesus or Buddha, or, you know, Ababa, Jia Yogananda, there's so many different masters who walked the earth, they only were able to teach to a certain level very basic ideas, because the consciousness of the people around them they couldn't. Can you imagine during Jesus's time going, so there's this chakra system? And then can you imagine he would have been burned at the stake to properly and he went? Well, obviously, he was. Yeah, I really didn't go too far from that, obviously. So I mean, because his ideas were so out there at that time, and even then you look back at the the basic teachings are these basic truths that we all understand. And we take for granted today but he couldn't go farther, let's say Jesus or even Buddha, they they couldn't go down

Sheila Gillette 54:56
That was also the density of the energy Get the time to, you know, our energy here. So much more refined now. So yeah, it was our ability to receive the information was limited.

Alex Ferrari 55:16
And to you, you were mentioning that you've seen so many kinds of prophecies happen. Is there anything that Theo has said? I don't think I've ever even asked you this. Am I moving to Florida? No, I'm joking. But no, but is there? Thank you. You see, yeah, you're right. I knew you're right. But But is there any broad brushstrokes of things like, Hey, you're going to be talking through the internet? And disinformation? Is there any big things like that, that Theo has said, in the past now?

Sheila Gillette 55:45
You know, yes. And we're living in right now. I'm, in my first book, the fifth dimension, they spoke about this time, really, that there would be this huge change of consciousness, and political structures would change throughout the world, that we would be a global economics, you know, global economy, that we would gather together, there would be a United Nations much more powerful than the one we have now. That would be a collaborative group, not not so insular. And of late, they've said, the pandemic has been a part of that, recognizing that there's this oneness is it we're, that we're one species, we're all connected, there's no lines that separate us. So it's, you know, for the virus didn't discriminate. And it spreads like wildfire, fire through the whole world. While we're all that connected. And so all of what all this chaos, it's been going on, it's all part of a change. So I feel really optimistic and positive, as they say, out of the chaos will come order. And, you know, we hear all the negative stuff, but there's a lot of stuff we don't hear good stuff that's happening. Right, you know, for the planet. And for new business and, and more connection, so I feel really positive about our evolution might say, as a species.

Alex Ferrari 57:56
Well, I'm I'm glad someone's positive about it. We're all keep hearing all the negative is good to hear this. Everyone said,

Sheila Gillette 58:05
I think we need to have people talking about the positive stuff.

Alex Ferrari 58:09
Absolutely. It's so negative now. Well, negative cells fear cells. That's why, you know, the the, the news organizations and media in general, like fear sells, fear definitely sells more than Oh, yeah, good news does. But, you know, I always look, I always try to look for the good news out there, because it's,

Sheila Gillette 58:31
Well, it's kind of kind of the human species, you know, negative news travels faster than positive earnings.

Alex Ferrari 58:39
Very much, so very much. So.

Sheila Gillette 58:41
It gets addictive too

Alex Ferrari 58:43
Oh, no. Yeah. Be well, it's a, it's a kind of like a reinforcement circle, if you will. It constantly just keeps going and going, and you just want more and more and more of it. And then you go down a rabbit hole. And then it's, if you live in fear constantly is so stressful.

Sheila Gillette 59:01
It's it is but that's how people have been controlled. Correct? For centuries, and that's what's changing. You know, we need more critical thinking on our planet, people to say, is that true? You know, really check themselves about what's true, or not.

Alex Ferrari 59:26
Yeah, kinda like, so Jesus was born. And he showed up 30 years later, and nothing happened in those 30 years. Like, oh, like, just give me that. I just, that's just that was the second graders critical thinking when I thought that was like, This doesn't make sense. Yeah.

Sheila Gillette 59:41
Exactly. Exactly. And we all know that we all know how to feel that feeling you're talking about just doesn't make sense. Right?

Alex Ferrari 59:51
It doesn't make sense. Yeah. But then when you start hearing these ideas from channels and from spiritual teachers, and Indian gurus and, you know, all sorts of spiritual masters from around the world. Again, and I've said this before on the show, and I'll say it again, because I have a very unique perspective. Because I get to talk to people like you all the time. I've now done close to 200 of these episodes in a year, which is a lot of information that has come out. But I keep seeing the patterns. I keep seeing these these patterns from every walk of life, whether it's a guru in India, whether it's a channel like yourself, where it's a medium, where it's a quantum physicist, these ideas, there's patterns that I'm seeing to recognize now again, and again, which just reinforces the truth because the truth is a truth period. It can't. It's what it is. And the more it rings true, the stronger it is, the stronger the vibration of the of the information. And I just keep seeing it again, and again and again. And like I said, I haven't spoken to a channel that goes, Hey, you know, drink more. It's all about the physical. You forget about that spiritual stuff. Like I'd never be selfish. Don't be a service. Like, I've never, I've never heard that because those aren't truths. And we, and if I would come out and say that, like you know, guys, I've been talk I've been thinking it's really all about yourself. Everybody would go this Does it smell right? Some? Some people might like it, because they're like, oh, yeah, he's right. But most people will go this. This doesn't smell right. Yeah, it's been it's been a pleasure talking to you, Sheila. I asked these questions of a Theo, but I'll ask them of you as well. Mike, my last question is, we'll hear what you think this time? What is your definition of living the good life?

Sheila Gillette 1:02:01
All my dreams and desires being met. And that doesn't mean winning the lottery. Not that that wouldn't be nice, but it just means waking up in the morning. Just grateful for that day of life and love.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:25
What is your definition of God?

Sheila Gillette 1:02:28
Unconditional Love. And I got I can say that because the assess that.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:35
Yeah, that's exactly what he said. Yeah. You said it a little differently than you did. It's just a little a little a little bit more forceful, a little bit.

Sheila Gillette 1:02:45
A little more merciful.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:47
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Sheila Gillette 1:02:51

Alex Ferrari 1:02:53
That's what they said.

Sheila Gillette 1:02:53
See I'm a good student.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:58
The first one you had to think about but the last two years that was that was the that came out from Theo.

Sheila Gillette 1:03:02
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I've been a good student of that. Because we all want to know what our purpose is. And if you really think about it, it's true. Because all we want to do is survive from the minute we're born. Right? And so life is important. Obviously, if we didn't have that life in us, we couldn't paint the picture or write the book or sing the song.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:35
One last question. Did you and feel speak on the other side prior to your incarnation? Like they chose you? Or did you have this conversation on the other side? I've ever spoken to you about this?

Sheila Gillette 1:03:46
Well, I don't remember it. But I, they have been asked in and it they come through me by agreement. So I'm thinking

Alex Ferrari 1:04:00
There's paperwork. There's paperwork involved. There was a notary. I'm assuming there's a notary on the other side. And where can people find out more about you and the wonderful work you're doing with Theo?

Sheila Gillette 1:04:18
Oh, and our website, And we have many great things coming up. Oh, very cool. Topic up. Yeah, we have the art of relationships. seven week course coming up, starting in February. And it really about all relationships, primary work, family, end of life, but most importantly, love of self, the relationship to the self, because it that has that's primary to everything else, but it's really a good course. So it's fun. It's really fun. And we have an artist relationship book that's newly published. So

Alex Ferrari 1:05:10
When's that come? Is that just come out? Or is it coming out?

Sheila Gillette 1:05:13
It is out and we're revising right now. Because yeah, I'll just unabashedly show you

Alex Ferrari 1:05:21
Please. Yes, of course. Of course. Yes. Yes.

Sheila Gillette 1:05:24
And it, it talks about well, it's it was born out of these programs, the art of relationship program, and it's a deal we asked you a few years ago, what's next? What do you want to talk about? And I said relationships because everything's relational. Everything we do relationship to somebody else, even at the supermarket when we're checking out we're having a relationship with the clerk. So it it helps us navigate our holes

Alex Ferrari 1:06:00
And is there a message you would like to leave the audience with?

Sheila Gillette 1:06:05
You know, the typical level yourself, but just know you're more than you think you are. And you have more than you think you do. And just remain curious and become that more nests in your life.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:22
Sheila, thank you so much for coming back on the show. You're welcome back anytime you and Theo to come back and chat with me. I love having you on. And and thank you for all the amazing work you're doing in the world. I appreciate you.

Sheila Gillette 1:06:32
Oh, Alex, it's my pleasure. And I love talking to you. So you just let me know when and where and I'll be there. Okay,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:42
Appreciate you.

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