Two NDEs: I Died at 8 Yrs Old & Met the Eternal Saint Babaji with Rev. Bill McDonald

On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Reverend Bill McDonald. As he joins us, we delve deep into the extraordinary spiritual journey that has defined his life. Rev. Bill McDonald is not just a veteran or a spiritual seeker but a man whose life has been punctuated by near-death experiences and mystical encounters, shaping a … Read more

GOOSEBUMPS! Teenager DIED in Horrific Crash; Came Back with Message for Humanity (NDE) with Ishtar Howell

In the vast tapestry of our lives, there are threads of the mundane interwoven with glimpses of the extraordinary. On today’s episode, we welcome Ishtar Howell, a soul who from the very beginning was no stranger to the spiritual realms. Ishtar, a beacon of spiritual curiosity, shared tales of seeing ghosts and interacting with otherworldly … Read more

I Predicated My Near Death Experience with Stephanie Arnold

In the sacred dance of life and death, there are moments where the veil between worlds grows thin. Today, we are graced by the presence of Stephanie Arnold, a woman whose extraordinary journey through life and death offers profound insights into the nature of intuition, love, and survival. Stephanie’s tale is not merely one of … Read more

Studied NDEs for 30 Years & What I Discovered Gave Me GOOSEBUMPS! with Dr. Scott Taylor

In today’s episode, we embark on a profound journey with Dr. Scott Taylor, a man whose life was transformed by an extraordinary shared death experience. As we delve into the realms of consciousness and the mysteries beyond our physical existence, Dr. Taylor’s insights offer us a glimpse into the interconnectedness of all beings and the … Read more

Southern Baptist Faith Changed by NDE with Dr. Mary Helen Hensley

In today’s episode, we are graced by the presence of the remarkable Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, a healer, chiropractor, and an extraordinary individual whose near-death experience has profoundly shaped her life’s work. Dr. Hensley’s journey from the everyday world to the realms beyond life and back has given her a unique perspective on healing, spirituality, … Read more

Ex-Soldier Died, Went to the Other Side & Met Jesus with T.S. Dismas

In the radiant dawn of today’s episode, we welcome the profoundly insightful T.S. Dismas, a man whose journey through the realms of life, death, and rebirth offers a unique perspective on the nature of existence. T.S. Dismas, a former military police officer turned counselor, experienced a transformative near-death experience that reshaped his understanding of life … Read more

I Died for 20 Mins & Had Two NDE’s (Remarkable Near Death Experience) with Rob Gentile

In the boundless realms of human experience, today’s episode graces us with the presence of Rob Gentile, a man whose journey through life, death, and rebirth illuminates the deepest corners of our souls. Rob is the author of Quarks of Light: A Near-Death Experience and his story is a testament to the transformative power of … Read more

My NDE Revealed the Bible Got It Wrong with Betty Eadie

On today’s illuminating episode, we welcome the remarkable Betty Eadie, a woman whose profound near-death experience has touched the lives of millions. Betty’s story is one of transformation, spiritual insight, and unwavering commitment to sharing the lessons she learned during her time beyond the veil. Betty’s journey began in the most unexpected way. At the … Read more

Atheist Shocked: I Had an NDE & All My Fears Were Gone! with Jose Hernandez

In the quiet spaces of life, we often find the most profound truths. Today, I am honored to share a conversation with Jose Hernandez, a man whose near-death experience reshaped his entire existence. This story is not just about survival but about transformation, a journey from the tangible to the spiritual. Jose Hernandez grew up … Read more

Harvard Doctor DIES; Has PROFOUND SHARED Crossing & Shown EVIDENCE of HEAVEN SDE with William J. Peters

Life, much like a river, flows with currents both seen and unseen, leading us to profound insights and transformations. Today, we welcome William J. Peters, a remarkable researcher and author, who shares his journey into the mysteries of near-death and shared death experiences. William’s path began at the age of 17 when a skiing accident … Read more

NDE: Life is a Classroom NOT a Courtroom with David Ditchfield

In the tapestry of existence, moments of profound transformation often occur in the most unexpected circumstances. On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable David Ditchfield, an artist, musician, and author whose near-death experience (NDE) catalyzed a profound spiritual awakening and creative outpouring. David’s journey from a struggling laborer to a conduit of divine creativity is … Read more

Why I No Longer Have Faith After My Near Death Experience (NDE) with Peter Panagore

Life is an ever-unfolding mystery, a dance of light and shadow, of birth and death. On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Peter Panagore, a man who has journeyed beyond the veil of death not once, but twice. Peter’s experiences offer a profound glimpse into the realms beyond our physical existence, reshaping our understanding of … Read more

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