Southern Baptist Faith Changed by NDE with Dr. Mary Helen Hensley

In today’s episode, we are graced by the presence of the remarkable Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, a healer, chiropractor, and an extraordinary individual whose near-death experience has profoundly shaped her life’s work. Dr. Hensley’s journey from the everyday world to the realms beyond life and back has given her a unique perspective on healing, spirituality, and the boundless nature of human potential.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley recounts her extraordinary life, starting with her childhood in the southern United States, where she was born with unusual abilities. Her father’s celestial encounter during her mother’s pregnancy set the stage for a life filled with spiritual experiences and heightened awareness. Despite these early signs, it wasn’t until a life-changing car accident in 1991 that Dr. Hensley fully embraced her spiritual gifts and began to understand her purpose.


  1. Embrace the Unexpected: Dr. Hensley’s near-death experience revealed that life is filled with unexpected turns that can lead to profound personal growth. By embracing these moments, we can uncover deeper truths about ourselves and our purpose.
  2. Connect with the Divine: Her experiences underscore the importance of recognizing and connecting with the divine presence within us. This connection can guide us through life’s challenges and help us navigate our spiritual journeys with greater clarity and purpose.
  3. Healing from Within: Dr. Hensley emphasizes the power of self-healing and the importance of understanding that our physical ailments often have deeper emotional or spiritual roots. By addressing these underlying issues, we can achieve true healing and well-being.

Dr. Hensley describes the moment of her near-death experience with vivid detail. The collision that broke her neck and left her seemingly lifeless was, paradoxically, the beginning of her spiritual awakening. “I felt my body, like a shake and a pop in my body as if my soul burst forth from my body,” she recalls. This out-of-body experience allowed her to witness her own death and the events that followed, offering her a unique perspective on life and the afterlife.

During her time on the other side, Dr. Hensley encountered an overwhelming sense of unconditional love and acceptance. She experienced a life review, seeing her actions and their impacts from a higher perspective. This profound insight into the interconnectedness of all life reinforced her belief in the power of love and forgiveness.

Upon her return to the physical world, Dr. Hensley faced the challenge of healing her broken body. Despite the severe injuries, she was determined to use her newfound understanding to help others. This determination led her to become a chiropractor and healer, integrating her spiritual insights with her medical practice. She emphasizes that true healing involves addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being.

In her work, Dr. Hensley combines traditional chiropractic techniques with spiritual healing practices, offering a holistic approach to well-being. She encourages her patients to explore their own spiritual journeys and to embrace the power of self-healing. Her unique blend of science and spirituality has helped countless individuals find relief from physical pain and emotional trauma.

Dr. Hensley’s story is a testament to the transformative power of near-death experiences and the profound insights they can offer. Her journey reminds us that we are all capable of healing ourselves and that our true power lies in our ability to connect with the divine presence within us. By embracing our spiritual gifts and using them to help others, we can create a more compassionate and loving world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Mary Helen Hensley.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 109

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 0:00
But here's the interesting thing about college is it's the first time for a lot of kids when they leave home and then they go and have a roommate. Now I found myself because a lot of stuff happens to me at nighttime. And I was like, how is this gonna? How am I going to deal with this?

Alex Ferrari 0:29
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley. To present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, hovering Mind Body Soul Relationships, and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors, just head over to I'd like to welcome to the show, Dr. Mary Helen Hensley. How you doing Dr. Mary?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:02
Hello, I'm glad to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:04
Thank you so much. I wish we could have recorded the entire event of you getting here it was it was nice. Thank you so much.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:14
Started with me going, Hey, God, I just finished work. I'm a hot mess.

Alex Ferrari 1:22
But I appreciate you coming on the show and making the effort to come on and, and share your journey in your in your message and your story with my audience. So my first question to you is what was your life before your near death experience? What was it like?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:36
It was interesting. I'm one of those where the near death experience was kind of like the ice cream and the cherry and the little flag, you know, the umbrella on top of the cake. Because I've had quite an unusual life to begin with. What was really nice about the car accident, which you don't hear that every day, the really fun thing about breaking my neck and dying was the freedom that I had when I came back in. And it was a freedom from myself a freedom from you know, growing up in the South in the Bible Belt. And that because you did not, you know, you simply just don't care what other people think anymore, you realize that you're here having your own incredible experience, and that everybody else is doing the same. And you know, other people's opinions or view or what you do or what you can do or what you believe in or what's reality in your world is simply that it's just their opinion. And it's, you know, they're viewing you through their lens, and that's all they got is their lens. And You quickly learn, gosh, you know how you look back at how much of your life you judged, based on one person's view through a single lens. You know, it's something that now our kids are viewing lives through, you know, a zillion lenses because of social media. And it's having, it's like the pendulum swung too far, too, you know. And so it's having a really interesting effect on people and how they feel about themselves. But for me, you know, back in 1991, it was such a liberating experience. So it's not that not that I wasn't wild and crazy and fun before that. But I've had just come out of you know, in my early days, what I could do was cool. And I enjoyed it. And it was something that as a child, I celebrated. It was weird because my parents didn't allow me to talk about it.

Alex Ferrari 3:45
So what are we talking about specifically?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 3:47
So it started at birth. My My father had to visit during my mother's pregnancy because my parents had been told that my mom had the German measles in the first trimester. And so basically, they were like, listen, folks, just get your head around the fact that if the baby survives at all, everything's not gonna be okay. And you need to just accept this. So dad, who's a Southern Baptist minister, by the way, has this visit and what's really interesting about this is he didn't get it visit from the hole angels. He had to call it a celestial being visit because he couldn't describe with words from within his box within his paradigm, his purview, who came to see him so he always referred to them as celestial beings. You know, I think they're probably his guides, and to be honest. But yeah, so when they came, and they were like, you're gonna have a daughter and remember, this is 1969. You know, you're gonna have a daughter, and there wasn't ultrasound at the time. So they didn't know I was a girl and they're like, you know, these two were like, she's gonna have some unusual abilities and you're gonna have to help foster that. So imagine, you know, you're a minister, and you can make

Alex Ferrari 5:06
In 1969, where all the stuff that we're talking about right now is a little bit more common knowledge now and there's no things like reincarnation and karma and meditation and things like that. We speak about this now, in 69. In the southern King movie, exactly. Can you imagine? Oh my god.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 5:28
Yes. So, you know, there's a creepy music in the background and the preachers like, okay, okay. But what was interesting for my parents is that, that first couple of years of my life, they were kind of watching and waiting. Imagine you've been told that, you know, they're like, What is she gonna start levitating and fly around the room? What, what's going on here? Well, what actually happened was, my very best friend as a child was my mother's father, Dr. Garland Clark, he was a surgeon from Kentucky. Amazing guy, and he was my everything. And he would, every single night, he would put me to bed with stories he was he was just such a huge, instill. It's huge part of my life. And so I would tell my parents, this is what we call them. Judge, that was his nickname. This is what Judge said, This is Bob, you know, and they'd nod and smile or whatever. And so I finally got what I always call the kitchen table talk. Because I remember my four year old brain remembers it because it was at the kitchen table. And that was, if you got called in to sit down at the kitchen table by my dad. You know, my dad was not only a minister, he was an American football star. He was this huge bodybuilder, he was six foot two, the big broom and solid voice and he you know, daddy calls you to the table, something's up. So I get called into the kitchen, and he sits me down. He said, Joba, do you know the difference between alive and dead? I'm like four, and I'm going. So it turns out, I find out in that conversation that my beloved grandfather has been dead since I'm one. So my parents are like, Do you know what that means? And I'm going, you know, the best way I can explain this to people who are watching this right now is like, there you are, in my little square window up in the top right corner of my phone. And here I am. And we're talking, having a real time conversation, right? There's nothing in me in my psyche, in my reality that says that you're not real right now. And vice versa, really am invested in the fact that you're sitting in Austin, and that I'm speaking to a real person. But all I've got is that little flat 2d guy talking over in the in the corner there. But my reality and investment in that is that I know and believe and realize that your real you could be a complete figment of my imagination, and just, I'm hosting my own podcast with myself. But it was very much that way with judgment. People are like, how could you not know he was very, the same way that I know when I speak to my mom in Virginia, and she's on the other end of FaceTime. That I know she's really there. Sure. I know what that kitchen looks like, I know what it smells like, I know that house coat she's wearing I know that I you know, I can see your earrings. I can. I know she's a real person. And so it was very similar. Only I've never known judge in conscious memory. You know, he held me as a baby. And then I think I was 11 months old when he died. And so we had this bond. And so he would show up and we're having real time conversations just like you and I are having, which is now carried into my adulthood. That's a there's not a night that goes by where we don't sign out. Do you know? So it's a really kind of cool relationship that we have. And he's very current about what's going on. And we speak the same way you and I are speaking and so people what? I just happened to be tapped into whatever that reality I have a hotline to whatever plane of existence he's in. But it's specific to him. It was it that night, well, back then it was now now it's specific to anybody. But he was my first experience because he actually introduced me to that. So you know, you grow up like this, and I would dream things and they would come true. So I was that kid. And you know, I also was very connected at an early age with death. Death didn't scare me horror movies didn't scare me that whole. I just didn't have an issue with death. I liked to spend this is the weird bit. I really enjoyed spending time in nursing homes. And so I would, I would pass up playing with my friends. In order to go hang out with the old people at the nursing homes. My mom used to just drive up, dropped me off and then go visit all people and then she picked me up. Do you know like this? That's where I wanted to be. I love Have them I love the wisdom, but I also loved what I could see around them.

So what did you see around them? Well, so you know, people get this idea that when someone is transitioning, or they're dying, that you know, it's like the dimmer switch goes down, and then the energy and life force gets lower. It's the total opposite. So it looks like this gigantic fireworks display. And I loved it. It was beautiful. And I loved being there. And being part of that transition time for people because they were just, it was like watching the fog lift off their eyes. And I loved that part. Do you know?

Alex Ferrari 10:32
How old were you when you were doing this?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 10:34
You know, eight 9 10 what Joe Biden got out of high school?

Alex Ferrari 10:39
Yeah, I've got young daughters, and I can't even imagine them. Seeing things like that, or even comprehending things like that. At that age, I guess. I mean, obviously, you were a little bit more an older soul, as they say. So you were able to comprehend a lot of this stuff inherently, when you came back.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 10:57
That's that was because of his explanations. Like, he obviously knew this was going to be my life. He knew it before. So he was kind of he stepped back in and invested the time to bring and think about how this was going. So you know, like, Dad, Dad records, he was a minister. So there was the funerals. And, you know, he wouldn't give to somebody before they died in order to find out what they wanted in the eulogy. So I'd like to help him write the eulogy by talking to the dead birth. Do you know,

Alex Ferrari 11:25
So let me ask you. So they asked you, you were raised in a Southern Baptist environment and your your dad was a Southern Baptists in the late 60s, early 70s, when this and 69, when this celestial being came in? How did he deal with that? Because that's not within his realm of his box. I mean, I'm sure my understanding Southern Baptists generally don't have these kinds of, you know, events. So how did he deal with it? And then how did

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 11:54
They talk all the time about people who did 2000 years ago,

Alex Ferrari 11:57
That's correct. But that doesn't happen now,

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 12:00
Just happening to you now that's all.

Alex Ferrari 12:02
So how did he deal with it? And then how did he in your parents deal with you? Not because of the do what did your mom kind of believe

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 12:11
My mom was delighted, because remember, judge was her father.

Alex Ferrari 12:14
Right! So she, she felt that she drank that Kool Aid quickly,

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 12:19
Very quickly, my dad, his way was being over protective, he was very overprotective of me, because I think he feared that if somebody found out that there would be exploitation, or that somebody would come in and try to force me to do X, Y, or Z, or whatever. And so that was what my siblings didn't even know. My siblings found out when my first book came out. I'm like a pathological liar. Do you know so it's but my mom was able to sit back and go, yeah, that's all true. It all happened you know? Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 12:55
So how did you. So going through life in high school, because I mean, like, high school is tough enough, you know, with just normal living, but being able to see the things that you are able to see around people and sense energies and frequencies and things like that. How did you psychologically deal with all of this?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 13:12
Well, this is where we get back to answering your initial question. So you know, I'm like, This is amazing, you know, but then what happened is, you want to start fitting in with your friends and you're becoming potty conscious. And you're, you know, you're, you're teenagers, you want to be a cheerleader, you want to be a football player. Do you know, it's like you're going through this and so you definitely I had no problem not talking about it. And then when I got to college, of course, you you know you want to fit in. But here's the interesting thing about college is, it's the first time for a lot of kids when they leave home, and then they go and have a roommate. Now, I found myself because a lot of stuff happens to me at nighttime. And I was like, how is this gonna? How am I gonna deal with this? This is gonna work very quickly. I have I've had some level of insomnia. I'm 53. Now, since I was 18 years old. And so what I would do was I would cat nap, and still nap, you know, with my roommate was at class or do whatever. And then I set up most of the night. And to this day, I don't go to bed before two o'clock and I'm off, you know, now be up a couple of times. It was just a habit that started early on. And so my roommate, she starts, I don't know, we weren't that far into it. When she starts realizing she you know, you talk in your sleep and like, yeah, yeah, I do. I do know that. And so she was the very first person that I ever got to tell.

Alex Ferrari 14:50
Outside of your outside of your mom or dad

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 14:52
Outside of my mom and dad, mom and dad. It you know, they told me and I told them simultaneously but I never got to just go out I can tell somebody. And so I felt like because I was living with this person, because I didn't know what was going to happen. You know, I see dead people, man, you know, like, you don't know, what's

Alex Ferrari 15:10
Six Sense, baby. I mean

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 15:12
I have to tell her, Okay, here's what's happening. And she was like, that's awesome. And that was it. And so I got this kind of positive response back to what I was doing. But still, I didn't want to, you know, I didn't want to be the odd one out at that stage so much. And it wasn't, it wasn't because I really cared so much about what people think it was more of their inability to understand what I was actually able to do. And it, you know, I didn't have the skill set at that stage to be able to help them with the emotional. You know, I learned that very quickly, as matter of fact, a girl that she lived on the floor above me, her father died when she was 12. And so she came down to our room one day, and she knocked on the door, and she was crying. And we were like, what's going on? And she was like, Oh, my God, I have one thing that my father gave me. And it was these little diamond studs, and she'd lost one. And she was so upset. And so of course, we went up, scoured the room with her helped her, you know, she was really, really upset. So that night, I go to sleep. And this man comes in and he was wearing a head to toe dress Navy uniform of, you know, the white like the Naval Academy, Punisher.

Alex Ferrari 16:30
Why twice?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 16:33
And he introduced himself and he was her father. And I was like, What do you know? And he explained how important those earrings were to her. It was the only attachment that she had, and she wasn't quite ready to let go of that attachment. And I was like, okay, so he told me where it was. And I'm like, Okay, this is going to be interesting. So I had to come up with a way to go and retrieve this thing without telling her. Because I realized in that moment, and it could have been a two way street as well. I might not have been equipped to be the one to explain this to her in such a way because I mean, a man Hey, hey, I was asleep last night and your dead dad came. And he told me where your earring was tonight. Like, we're like,

Alex Ferrari 17:24
Was this in a dream was? Was this in a dream? Or was this in the room?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 17:29
Visit? Yes.

Alex Ferrari 17:31
Were you asleep? Or were you awake?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 17:33
It was that weird kind of in between? Got it? Got? Yeah. I never know what what it actually is that space between. But yeah, so anyway, I went up and I found the earring. And it was in such an unlikely place. And I had to really dig deep to get it. We lived in these old dorms where there were these wooden planks and those old timey you know, the big clunky radiators fallen down in the crack under the piece of wood. Oh, cheese will never find it. Yeah. So she, she kept on. And I found myself sitting in like, oh, no, this is not how I wanted it to happen. So she's like, there's no way you knew that was there? What's up, and I was like, Oh, my God. And so I had to tell her. And I remember her face and her nodding head and the trembling lip. And it's that moment where at this stage in my life after 1000s upon 1000s of healing sessions with people and I understand the dialogue, and I know what to do at 18 I had no vocabulary for that. Do you know, and it was uncomfortable? And I don't think she hung out with me for a lot after that. Do you know, we got a lovely hearing back. But you know, there's a lot more to that. And so what yeah, it scared her? And then I was like, Oh no. So then now you have that negative feedback, which is you do this and that you scared them and now somebody that you liked is no longer in your life. Then I'm going on. So you know, like, my roommate and I were cheerleaders. And so like, she knew all about it, we'd have a great laugh. And we would I can see the basketball game scores Majan if I gambled and and stick them in an envelope and throw it in the underwear drawer. We go we cheer. Yeah, you know, and then everybody come back to our room and we crack open a beer and it was kind of a funny ritual of this thing I could do. And we'd open the envelope and there would be to score the game and they were like, no way do you know that awesome, but everybody's like drunken, you know, so nobody ever thought

Alex Ferrari 19:44
Anything was real.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 19:45
Like, yeah, it was it was kind of harmless and it was like an outlet or release.

Alex Ferrari 19:51
So okay, so you're going through all of this. I mean, so far. It's a fascinating life you're living prior to your Near Death Experience. Generally in near death experiences are the thing in someone that really, really focuses on their whole life around. But you've already been you were you had all these these amazing stories you've told me already. So you're absolutely right. When you said at the beginning, look, I lived an interesting life prior to my near death experience you absolutely have. So what happened at your near death experience? What like,

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 20:22
Well think about it. I am a cheerleader, writing down the scores to basketball games that I'm keeping in my underwear drawer and drinking beers with the big reveal. This is the this is me using this incredible gift to serve humanity.

Alex Ferrari 20:40
I mean, to be fair, you were in college, I mean, we're we're all idiots when we're good high school.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 20:46
It turns out, the big kicker to the story is that I had set up with myself, I must have known what type of personality I was going to come in with. But I had set up with myself that if I had reached the age of 21, because that was typically considered human being adulthood in the, in the western world in which I was raised. And so I had set up with myself that if I hadn't managed to find my way, to utilizing those gifts in service to utilizing those gifts to create to leave the place better than I found it, you know, that if I hadn't done that, then I set this event up to give myself a swift kick in the ass, you know, and that's exactly what happened. So on December 14 1991, I was living in Charleston, South Carolina, and I was living down there with my boyfriend. And of course, when you know, when you're dating the same guy, that you were dating in college, and now you've graduated, and you're still dating the same guy, like your mom's picking out the China and the silver,

Alex Ferrari 21:55
Obviously. Yeah,

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 21:57

Alex Ferrari 21:58
You're the baby. The baby the baby clothes, right! Picked up. Got it!

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 22:01
Yeah. So it's like this is happening. This is a thing. So I had moved to Charleston, because we were still dating. And I was working for a signing company. And I wasn't making signs or selling sign or even designing signs with my big graphic design degree. I was cleaning, mopping floors, because I couldn't get a job. And it was the best thing that ever happened. Because the people there really were, you look back on your life, and you're like, Oh, my God, they totally got this world that I was getting ready to enter. They said some stuff that actually, you know, I remember being out to dinner once. And they they dropped this line about it was something about the Bible. And I was just like, huh, do you know? And I remember going, Oh, my gosh, you know, because I was that kid. Now growing up in Sunday school and youth group and all this going hand up in the air. And I'm like, that doesn't make sense. That doesn't make sense. I was that kid, right? Oh, yeah, saying and I was like, Oh my gosh. So they were the people who told me that I needed to learn everything from the inside out, not just to be a good business person not to learn to mop the floor so that I could also be the top executive. But because it was important to view the world through everybody else's eyes. And you look back now going, Oh, my God, it's like they were, you know, these angelic beings that were sent to my life to help prep me for what was getting ready to happen. And I believe that. So on that Day, December 14, we were going to the Christmas bar, I was going into the Christmas party for that job. And I lived in an apartment complex. And there was a major highway in Charleston called highway 17 loads lanes of traffic this way and loads this way. So I pulled up to the stoplight, and my light was red. And so I'm sitting on the first car. And I'm like do to do to do and light stays red, you know, and then it turns green. So I have to cross a whole bunch of lanes of traffic here before I make my left turn going into town. And so you know, I live in Ireland now. So my my steering wheel would have been on the right side, but over there. It's the left side. And so as I'm driving across this way, this is impact point. So my light turns green and I make my way across and I get to that last lane of traffic. And I looked and I went that car's not gonna stop. And I see this car barreling towards me and then all of a sudden just like this, everything slows down almost to a crawl a standstill. And I'm just sitting there, I was not scared. I wasn't upset. I was just like, it was just like, oh, this is normal. And I'm like, Okay, I'm getting ready to die. What how do I want to do this? And it was like I was totally in control. There was no fear no nothing. And I'm like, okay, he's going fast. And if he hits me that's gonna hurt. So I can feel the hurt and then die. Or I could go up and out of my body, and the body gets hit. And then they did. And I was like, Well, you know what this seems it was so familiar. I didn't feel like I needed to experience I wasn't, didn't have anything to gain from the pain, the impact the pain. So I am now not just having a near death experience, I'm witnessing my own death. Because in that moment, the second I've made the decision, there's this noise. This is why I love frequency quick, because this is where my understanding of frequency began. And I'm like, it sounds like I played music over here. I played the bow on, you know, the round drum here in Ireland. But my favorite instrument is the alien pikes. Iliyan means elbow and Irish. So is the underarm bagpipes, you know, you've got the bagpipes that have the big bag, and then you have the ones that they pipe this way, it makes this most gorgeous drone, when they're filling the bag with air. It's like, I love that sound. Because for me, it always means Hey, we're getting ready to have an awesome session. Do you know, and so I just had such a good feeling. It's the closest thing I can think of that sounds like that. So I've made that decision that I'm going up and out. And all of a sudden, I hear that sound, this kind of undulating wall, and it's really deep, it's a low vibration. And with that, I need you I really am is now up and out of the body. And this is where you get that oh, oh, yeah, I'm not that body, you know, so I'm actually quite nice to my meat soup. Now I don't make fun of myself for telling myself I'm too fat or do what it you know, I'm just like, go live it up, do whatever, because that's not me. I'm just, you know, try to take good care of my state when I can. But I also have fun in my state.

And so I'm up and out. And that sound is getting louder and louder. And what I have hence discovered is that that sound and that low drone, low vibration, is what keeps us connected to the earth plane, the physical experience of being in the earth plane. And that's why it drives me crazy when people are like, Oh, that's so low vibration, or that. I'm Hi Vaughn. I'm so you know, I'm going to high vibe. And they're really low vibe. And I'm like you so don't understand what's going on here. Because it's like, it's like the dichotomy of dark and light here on Earth where both are necessary in order to weave a beautiful tapestry of human experience. low and high vibration, you can't have a nice piece of music without those. Do you know, right? It's the dark keys and the light keys on the piano. Necessary. Yeah, exactly, you know. So it was this kind of a lower, slower vibration. So now I'm up and I'm out. And I'm looking down, and everything speeds back up. And so all of a sudden, that car with the 81 year old man in it, who had hit a couple and almost killed them earlier in the year, but never had his driver's license taken away, thank god or I wouldn't have had the accident. But now he's coming at me at an estimated 75 miles an hour. And he T bones my car. So he hits the car and the car. Literally it was a little Toyota Corolla folded in half. And I can see myself I see the body pinned back up the seat folded up under me. I was wearing Bermuda shorts and a Santa Claus t shirt because it was Christmas. And I watched my head go like this through the driver's side window. That's when my neck broke. And glass goes out the glass and the passenger side blows out the car spinning around. And I'm just watching this with totally detached interest. And I never ever do a talk like this or speak to people without giving this reference because it's to date, the best thing that I can do to describe this to people. Because I get asked all the time like what you reach so upset, you were like 21 years old, you know, like, Oh my God, my life was too short. No, it was nothing like that. And that the best way I can describe it is if you've been outside and you're in Texas, you know hot it gets like you're super hot and you're all sweaty and you've been you know, working in the yard and you're gross and you finish your work and you feel good about what you've done. And you walk into the house and you peel off the sticky clothes, and you throw it down next to the washing machine and you go have the best shower ever. Cool. It's washing off and you're like satisfied with the work you've done. Unless the last thing you're thinking when you're putting on the head and shoulders. is about the clothes next to the washing machine. Yeah, you're right. So I never even thought twice This is the truth. I'm watching the body and I can see and it was like an animated it was just a body it was just the pile of clothes next to the washing machine. You know, if your car if you if you were ever on a frosty morning and you went outside to heat the car up, you know you go you turn the car on, and the heaters running and you know, maybe you're doing the wipers to get rid of the frost and the radios on to a passerby, the car looks alive. But there's no driver in the car. It's not alive. And we wouldn't say oh my god, the poor car is now dead. You know. It was like that was the body it was like you're so crystal clear. Oh my gosh, I'm not that body. Right. And it was amazing. And so, in that moment, I looked over and a girl that I went to college with now Charleston at that time was about 350,000 people. I wasn't from Charles, I'm from Virginia. But this girl who was my sweet mate in college was from Charleston, she was three cars behind the stoplight, who knew I don't even know why. And she watched my car, get hit spin through the thing. And what was so interesting in that moment, was that I could feel her emotion. I wasn't finding away from my body, I had no attachment. But suddenly, I zoomed in right on her and I could feel her heart. And I wanted to go to worry about me. And I don't cry for me, Argentina, I'm good.

But it was so interesting to note that I could go in and interact. So it's kind of like when we talk about, you know, departed loved ones or people who are around us, are they hanging about watching? Yes, sometimes do you know, you know, they're watching you naked in the shower? No, it's not like that. But there's this capacity to interact and to feel what's happening with the other person. Right. And, and so I could feel this with her. And it was really unusual. So next, my attention is back on the car, the car is finished spinning, it's come to a halt. You know, I'm now like hanging in there like a little puppet. And I don't know how much time passed, but enough time where an ambulance was called. And a guy comes later and walk up and he reaches through the passenger side of the car and turns the engine off. And so I remember seeing him very distinctly. And I saw some lady who ran up and put her phone number on the front of the passenger seat. And then she ran off which I thought that's weird. You know, like, why would she do that? Somewhere maybe soon want to get involved, you know? So as soon as that happened, all of a sudden that low drone starts changing pitch. And so I can hear this what I was call it the music of the spheres because it was just so beautiful. I've been trying to recreate it my entire adult life with it. How do you describe the indescribable, of course. It was incredible. And there was just this, this beautiful sensation and everything is getting faster. And I think this is where other people who've had the experience, they talked about the tunnel of light, that maybe it's faster or slower. I don't know why I didn't experience it the way that they do. But it was like I was here one minute, and then I was here.

Alex Ferrari 33:27
I've had other people this. Yeah, the people I've heard talk about dark, very dark space where there's a light in the distance. But it's like an emptiness void, but there's a lot of love. But the one thing that I have heard multiple times with near death experiences is that they think of a place and they're instantly there. So like I just spoke to one later earlier today, who's like I was I was here, I saw those back, I was in the darkness. I saw the light in the bed, but it was like it seems like it was light years away. But when I said hey, I want to be there. I was there. And it was just like it's instant. So that I'm assuming that's what you're talking about.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 34:05
That's exactly what happened. But what's so weird is the the place I landed I certainly never saw it in this world. You know, it was nothing. And it was certainly nothing I'd ever been taught to believe in either because remember, you can imagine what I was inundated growing up in church and what happened like and what God looks like and all this. But it was funny because for my father being a minister, my dad wasn't a holy roller. My dad is a football coach and a football player. And he had this show on every Sunday morning that we listened to before we went to church called football before and after that talks about his Friday night football games. So that man could stand in a pulpit and make the most incredible sports analogies, which is why his congregations were always full and incredible orator. And yeah, it was just awesome. And so you know, he was isn't like holier than thou or we didn't do the whole kind of fire and brimstone. It was just like, for him. He's like, he pointed at me like this. And he goes, Sure, but we don't even need to discuss hell, because that's not gonna be a problem. And it was kind of like, I expect you to go here. And that's where you're going, because you're going to behave yourself. Do you know, it was really funny, his kind of approach to it, it was funny. But um,

Alex Ferrari 35:25
So you're in this light, I guess. You're in this light now.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 35:30
Yeah, so now I'd like landed in the space. And I'm going, what is this, because the atmosphere was palpable, but the color of give, I'd love to be able to recreate the color. And there's just no way I can conjure in my mind immediately. But it was like, this kind of coppery caramel, Opal pearlescent. Sheen. And this was the atmosphere around and, and all of a sudden, you're like this. And then you're going hold on a second, I will have a body. But you have form. So I'm like, okay, a the big takeaway here is guys. Yeah, I still knew I was. You know, it's like, because I mean, let's face it, I don't care if you're a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, whatever. Everybody, if they're in a human experiences, at some stage going to fear or wonder, do you know, do I just cease to exist? When it's all over? It's just part of being human. So no, is the answer to that question. A big fat no, you do not cease to exist. And you know exactly what you've done. What happens afterwards is like, Oh, yeah. Oh, I forgot. You know, it's like you temporarily suspended reality in order to go play my play a game of Monopoly? You know, you're totally immersed in it. Because when you're playing Monopoly with your friends, you know, you're not a shoe, you know, he's not a dog, you know, you can't by Park Place with a pink $500 Bill, you know, like, but you're in it, and you're playing the game, and you're doing it, and then you put that away, and it's like, oh, yeah, oh, this is reality. Oh, or is it? This is this reality? So there are multiple realities happening simultaneously. And so you're in this space? And it's just like, Oh, my God. Oh, yeah. Oh, so I don't I couldn't even tell you. How long was it hanging out there? Do you know, who knows? In Earth time, it was probably about 15 minutes. So I'm in this space. And I'm just feeling it. And that that, for me was where the whole love is? And oh my gosh, oh, yes, I remember, I'm infinite. I'm wonderful. This is amazing. And then that atmosphere starts taking shape in front of me. And this is where it gets interesting. Because I was like, these the shapes form and they look like two old men. And I've had people it's been so funny across the years, and they're like, of course, they were old men, you know, in the in the patriarchal and I'm like, No, I loved the old people. I loved those old people. So of course, they would take that shape for me. Of course they would. And you know, as a child, I didn't have that whole understanding or feeling that I was in a male or female dominated world or whatever. I just loved old people. And so they took that form. For me,

Alex Ferrari 38:13
It was really interesting. It's really interesting, because I've heard multiple, near death, there's talk about whoever you want to see is who comes. So for you as old people, for other people's Jesus for other people as Buddha for other people's is, you know, an Indian guru, like Yogananda or Baba Ji, it all depends on what you are, at least in this life, in this incarnation are used to, and they make you feel comfortable in this environment. So for you, it was the old people and some people's women,

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 38:45
That's where Jesus, y'all told me, Jesus is going to be here and there when Jesus and then ongoing judge, where are you judge? Wasn't there Wait, because I was being allowed to have my own experience. And so here they come, and they step forward. And it was so wonderful like I can, it gives me I've told the story. 5000 times do you know, but I get chills every time I think about it, because in that moment, they are waiting so patiently. Oh, my gosh. And they were waiting for me to recognize them. And I couldn't and I was like, oh, oh, do you know, and I'm like, I know, I know you but I'm not sure how I know you. But I know I love you, but I'm not sure why do you know that kind of thing. And so all of a sudden, they and they just sat until I did and I was like getting dropped and I was like, and being homecoming of all homecomings. It was the best feeling in the world. So you're like basking in this love. You can't even imagine you can't even imagine and I can't. I can't even describe it for you. But they must have been the most trusted, loving with me since the dawn of time. I'm because next came my life review. And you know, it sounds so cliche, but it's so not cliche, it's not what you expect is either you don't see the movie. And this is where my entire perception of reality just got blown out of the water, because I am in the space. And next thing is like the atmosphere opens up around me in the 360, like IMax cinema style, experience, and you know, you think you'd do your life review, and it would go chronologically, and you'd go through each of the events that happen. And that's not how it happened. I'm like four years old at the kitchen table talk. I'm 11 years old, getting Otto von Bismarck, my false first Bulldog, I'm 17 years old and being raped. You know, when I've gone down to check out the college I'm gonna go to, I'm 16 years old, I'm getting my driver's license, I'm 12 years old, getting my first saddle Oxfords as a cheerleader. You know, I'm 14 years old, finding out that my dad is retiring to coaching, I'm 16 years old again over here, and I'm going to the new school where my dad's becoming the headmaster, and I'm leaving the school that I'm with all the kids that I've grown up with. And there's this whole series of events that's happening at the same time. And like, I am turned on my ear forever because of it. Because it's this concept now of concurrent lifetimes. So I'm living concurrently in my own life experience. In that moment, it was crazy. So I'm like, Oh, my gosh, um, none of these things and all of these things at the very same time.

Alex Ferrari 41:39
But let me assure Can I ask you a question, because that's really an interesting idea that I've heard this concept in, you know, old in ancient texts and things like that, where we're all living our lives, all at the same time. So like, my 60 year old situation is happening right now. As as was my 10 year old situation. And now my 48 year old situation, as we're speaking is happening right now. And that's why a lot of times, we can see, you know, when you see, Oh, I see your future when a psychic comes in, and like, Oh, this is what's going to happen that's going to happen is because those are the impressions of what's coming from, from your perspective. But at any moment that we do have free will. So we could, arguably, I could, right now put to put myself on fire in front of you, I have the choice to do that I'm not going to, but I could do something like that. But it's unlikely that I will do something like that, though I do have the free will to do that. And sometimes souls do go off the off the wrong path. They just go off the wrong path. And then in all of us, or when we go off the wrong path, our guides or the universe, as they say, are there to kind of push us nudges or punch us in the face to go back to where we we go and sometimes we don't figure it out on this lifetime, maybe we have to come back.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 43:04
Not necessarily the wrong path. But is one of the things that's happened right as human beings, is that we have, you know, we're evolution has gone grossly wrong for us is that we have evolved into a species that believes that if we are uncomfortable that it is wrong, that if we are offended, that it is wrong, if we are in pain, that it is wrong, if we make a bad choice that results in a rape, you know, like in my circumstance, I went off, I'd never taken a drink in my life. Right? I was raised in the the preacher's household. And then I go off when I'm looking at colleges, and I find myself at a college party. I'm drinking vodka out of an IV bag from a hospital of cheeses wasted, of course, you know, so I go off when this guy goes, Hey, let me show you something. I'm like, okay, you know, and then I go in and I'm getting raped. do identify with that. Dude, I've helped so many people with that story, you have no idea. So if I identify with anything, it's all the I would I'm so glad that happened. And I can say that to you. The same way I can talk about this water bottle, I can tell vibrational attachment to that experience other than thank God, it happened because it set in motion a series of events. Do you know

Alex Ferrari 44:21
So then let me ask you because this is really important here. And I'd love to hear your point of view on this. How can you disconnect from a very traumatic event in your life because what you just explained to me in such a nonchalant way, is extremely traumatic. And I'm not a woman and I felt when you said it the first time in passing. I was like, what did she just say what I think she said it was it was Yeah, daughters.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 44:47
What would you do? So when people judge experiences, this is where people have got to get a grip on the idea that other people's judgments and opinions mean absolutely nothing to you're immortal, unless you allow them to write. So I made a choice back then, you know, my father, he was, you know, he was not only a minister, but he was also the principal of a high school. He was a football coach. He did a lot of things. He was a pillar in our community very well with

Alex Ferrari 45:20
A movie character. He's a movie character.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 45:22
Character. He's a big day, right?

Alex Ferrari 45:25
He was like a loser. He's like an Hoosiers.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 45:28
Actually, Remember the Titans? Yeah. What about him? Yeah. That was my dad. No, no way. Really, they Hollywood it up that story a little bit? That's not quite how it went?

Alex Ferrari 45:43
Wow, that's really interesting.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 45:44
You know, is that that scenario? Right? Okay. My dad, for the first time in his life, I mean, I just remember him always work in a lot of jobs, you know, like keeping our family going and doing whatever. And, you know, he was the coach and the preacher and the principal and all this. And so she gets offered this job to become headmaster of a private school. And of course, I was like, the money in the stuck up. And, you know, because I grew up with the city kids, I grew up in Martinsville school system. And, of course, my dad was now strongly suggesting that I go to the school for my last two years, imagine leaving all of your friends you've had for life, and then go, of course, many times all the rich kids, right. And I'm like, I'm not really happy about this. And so my dad, though, the money for him, and the situation or change for our family was massive. Sure. And you know, I'm thinking with my 16 year old head, and I'm super ticked off about the whole thing. My parents are going, Oh, my gosh, we can put her through college with ace. Right.

Alex Ferrari 46:51
But you know, her house nice, yeah, kids don't think about any of this.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 46:56
You know, you've no idea. You're just selfish. And you know, you're like, Oh, my God, my world is ending. So this had just happened. It my dad had not been there very long. And this was transitioning, he was moving into this role that was going to be so huge for him and for my mom. And that meant they could, you know, work and he was in a wonderful position and retire and the whole nine yards. And so you're a dad, and you've got girls. So imagine if one of those girls comes home and says to you, I got into a bad situation. I've been gang raped, and I could tell you who they were, what would you do? Would be struggling with a very moral dilemma. On would you wrap your hands around their skinny throats?

Alex Ferrari 47:43
Yeah. I'd call I call, I might call a couple of friends that I know that do things like this.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 47:54
That I did not I hadn't been damaged. My my grandfather judge and all the experiences of speaking to the dead and doing this kind of thing. I knew enough to know that no harm had come to me, the real person, the real May, right here inside the meatsuit Sure. They had damaged the vehicle temporarily. But the driver, I was good. And so I had a choice to make. And this is where it people have argued with me here so irresponsible, that you didn't turn them into the police and you didn't do this. And I went, Okay, thanks for that. You know, you don't know the whole story. And so I made a decision in that moment, whether it was right or wrong. It was a decision that I made with a 17 year old brain. And my circumstances where I knew that if I said that to my dad was not killing them.

Alex Ferrari 48:47
Oh, no, no, absolutely. He would, he would go after them and kill Absolutely. And arguably ruin his life. And his family.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 48:55
Exactly. If he was that big that if he went and took one blow, he could have killed somebody. And he was a gentle man. And he was not an I couldn't bear the thought of putting him in that position. And you know, I'm a mother. I'm a single mom of two girls. And I know that feeling. You know, of what that's like. And so like, if somebody if that happened, and nobody told me that I would get it, I would get it. You know, and it was interesting, because many, many, many years later, I came across one of them. Wow. He came up to me and had an introduce me to his family and had become a law enforcement agent. And he has spent he dedicated his whole life to making sure that never happened anybody else it had eaten him alive. And he came and he thanked me for making the decision that I had because it changed the course of his life because if he had gone to jail is that you know, because he would have been considered an adult At that stage, if he had gone to jail, that whole thing would have worked out completely differently. And it wasn't right in that moment for me and those circumstances because I simply, He was drunk. I was drunk. You know, now, is that an excuse for someone to do that to somebody else? And I've heard every argument, of course not. But I also take responsibility for the fact that I was not in a position to take care of myself. And so I have to take some accountability for that. And I have the opportunity to decimate the remainder of someone's life story. If I go, look what you did to me, when I look, what we did, to me, is how I saw it, right. And I sat and I thought long and hard about what I was going to do. And that was the right thing for me to do. And he suffered, like, he went through his own hell do you know? And so he finally was able to turn it around, and he ended up doing something and he lives in service to people. And he has a beautiful family. And I was just like, Yeah, you know? Yes. Now, is that the right answer? For every situation, it is not, but it's mine. And guess what, no one else. They can criticize all they want to that was my story. That's what I wanted to do in my circumstances. And so one of the most beautiful gifts I got from being the whole beat dead thing was I came back, I couldn't care less if anyone listening to this believes me thinks I'm a nut job, thinks that I made bad decisions thinks I should have done this, I don't care. I don't care. I am a loving individual who shows up I work really hard. I am here living I just got I just got off a two week and joy ride with my 93 year old mother, where we went all the way around the whole UK had a freaking ball. I work hard with my patients here in my office, and I'm present with them, I do my healing sessions, I write my books I do, you know, I parent, I make some good choices, I make some awful choices. That's just me having the very hands on experience. And so I am not bothered in any way shape or form on somebody else's opinion. Because I know where all of my intention comes comes from. And I'm not always going to do the right thing. But my intention was to always be present, to play whatever role I can, that will best serve the situation. And sometimes it's really uncomfortable. But we don't like to be uncomfortable. Do you know,

Alex Ferrari 52:33
But that's how we grow. Just like if you go to a gym and you break your muscle down, you've got to break the muscle down before the muscle can grow. And you've got to go through the pain in order for that to happen without question. So so now we're so so let's get back to your new debt. We're talking about a near death experience. So like, it's like it's I went to McDonald's. So it's fascinating to me, like, Alright, so let's go back to when you were dead. So you're having your life was freshly dead. It's freshly dead. You had a full so you're going through a full life, life review where you're feel? Did you by the way feel all the pain that you might have caused other people in your life review?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 53:08
Absolutely. And it was amazing. It wasn't feeling it as in like some kind of punishment way it was in a very much. So like an actress critiquing a form of performance that was on video that you were watching. Do you know Oh, that's

Alex Ferrari 53:22
Agreat analogy. I love that

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 53:23
It was awesome. Because I was going, Oh, I know what happened there. You know, I've just lived it. Of course, I knew what was getting ready to happen. So you feel this kind of anxiousness and this, this feeling building up inside of you have? Oh, oh, gosh, yeah. That's that moment where, you know, we look at these big things. And we think that, oh, you know, I saved the world. And I did this and that it's the tiny, tiny little things. Those are the things that matter is picking this water bottle up moving it from over here to over here. It's those little purposeful moments of recognizing that I'm actually physically moving. I'm experiencing science and physics and spirituality and speaking to you all at once. You know, it's showing up in that tiny little moment. And so you're watching and you're going I know exactly what choice I made there. Uh, there was a girl that I said something this is how not mean I was growing up and I said something mean I still think about I'm 53 Right. So you know, growing up in the church as you do people get baptized and you know, in that hole in that hole jam, what happens people is in the in the Baptist world, a child of any age can make that decision you know, you've got other parts where somebody goes in and gets christened and you know, that's they were their bodies been consecrated and belongs to God and whatever. And in the Baptist Church, you make your decision to give your life over to Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and you make that walk down the aisle, and then you go for the big duck. Right, right. Though I was 11, and little Amy Whelan got up, and she made that walk cafe. And I was standing on the back pew of that church, and I shouted at the top of my lungs, she's doing it for the juice and the bread. I'm the preacher's daughter as well. So imagine the whole place turns around, I'm gonna get yanked down and I was gonna cumin, I was so mad that she was doing that, even though she didn't know about Jesus.

Alex Ferrari 55:37
That's amazing.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 55:39
I still have a little Amy Whelan. And if I if I ever won the lottery, she's getting an envelope with 10,000 cash in it just for that. But it's actually really funny now, but that you know, because kids do what they do. Sure, those moments do you know, where you look back, and all these great things that you think you're doing, it's that you showed up, you know, a surprise, because I love playing paying the toll for the car behind me, you know, and it makes a day and you never know. And it's such a nice thing. And it looks great on Instagram. And, you know, it's all that kind of thing. But it's also the moments that you show up. So the moment I made that decision not to turn that guy in. And he was the only face there were two faces that I was able to identify out of the group. And he was one of them. And the moment I made that decision not to do that, I started a scenario, I started one of those many possibilities of how life could unfold. And his unfoldment that family that role is as a law enforcement agent. It played out hinging on the decision I was going to make in that moment. And I showed up, I could have showed up differently, and it would have played out differently. Would that would that have been a life wasted? No. Would it have been a life, you know, that could have been something else? And it was on my head? Nope. It was me just showing up in that moment to perpetuate the next level, the next step. And that's what it's all about. It's just showing up, showing up to stuff. You know, we've judged it as this is good, this is bad, you did the right thing, you did the wrong thing. You cause somebody pain, you know, people cause me pain all the time. And I've been the one who's caused them pain. And, you know, I went through a difficult you'll, you'll understand this as a dad, you know, my daughter went through a really bad bullying experience when she was like 12. It was bad. And like, she's, she's an amazing girl. She's 20 years old now. And you know, but this started a cycle in our life course. And she went through this experience. And I was going in and I was talking to the teachers and I was talking to the principal and all this. And basically, rather than taking ownership of the fact that there was a bullying issue going on, they decided to make her a troubled child. And she fulfilled that prophecy for a long time. And because they chose not to address the actual issue. And they started deflecting, it set us down a different course. Oh my gosh, have we stretched and grown and moved and learned and loved because of that course. So you look back at that principal who set that ball in motion. She is a family, her family adores her, her next door neighbor who I know well thinks she is the cat's meow absolutely loves her. She was Satan in our story. So which one is she? You know, she's all of them. And so the big reveal here is to remember that you are all things, we are all things. And so when we start judging what other people are doing or saying or acting on your all those things, you're literally just witnessing 8 billion fragments of yourself experiencing life in different ways. And so you want to get off your high horse thinking that you've got the moral high ground because you've chosen this or that, right? Because all you're doing is just showing up and we're all of those things. It's like that situation. Oh, I'd never do that. Really. Because if someone broke into my house and was threatening, you know, in the dark, one of my daughters have kill him in a heartbeat. You know? So am I a murderer? I'm not right now. But that could be you know,

Alex Ferrari 59:21
We all have the potential for it.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 59:23
We all have the potential for that.

Alex Ferrari 59:25
No question. No question at all. So all right, so So you're back to being dead. So now we you're in the life review, you finished your life review then like at what point did you want to come back? Or did you just like

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 59:38
Absolutely and this is where like we you know, people like did they make you come back? Nobody made me do anything I am now so in fully empowered. And in the total remembrance remembrance of the fact that I had created all this for myself anyway. Right. I had chosen the life the circumstances, the people I end up to so I'm looking around. And have you noticed there was nobody Um, you know, an important character that wasn't present. God. I'm like, you know, because I'm like, Okay, this is not how I was told this is gonna work out. And I'm like loving myself and going, oh my god, this is incredible. I'm amazing. Look what I created. Look at these guys, this is incredible. And there's no guy with the big beard and the gavel, who's going to decide whether I get now to go to heaven or hell,

Alex Ferrari 1:00:25
No Pearly Gates, no Pearly Gates.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:00:29
And I realized, oh, my gosh, I'm creating this. I am full of that same cosmic amazing energy, that source energy that makes each one of us the divine creators of our own story. And unlike this is awesome. And so I had a choice a choice I gave myself by the way to go back into that same body. Now, I knew what the stakes were because I was smashed, man, I was messed up. You know? So at this stage on the ground, what's happening is I'm now laying on the ground. I'm on one of those boards with the with,

Alex Ferrari 1:01:04
Are you still technically alive at this point? No, I'm no like your body is now. No, no, but it's because you're but but as your body while you're down there, is it? It's alive? Or did it go?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:01:17
Oh, it was it was it was starting to become alive again at that stage. Okay, got it. Yeah. So it was dead for a while, right. And so, you know, they've got to carry me off anyway, regardless, alive or dead. And so I knew that I wanted to go back because I actually quite liked this character that I am, too, you know, so good.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:38
Character. It is a good character.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:01:40
You know, it was, it was I enjoyed me, I like my sense of humor. I like my family. I love my circumstances. You know, I just, I liked the character. So I looked in in a split second, I knew that the body was salvageable. And I also knew that there was going to be a lot of stuff attached to the body if I chose to go back into it. And I was like, Yeah, but put me in a garage. Do you know I wanted to go back in. Because I love I am that personality type. I love the challenge. And so I don't equate my value as an individual my contributions to mankind based on whether my head's crooked, or I have a weird hip, and you know that I'm deaf in my left ear, or I detached my retina in my right eye or that I wasn't going to be able to have children, because of the way my pelvis was smashed. Do you know, I didn't value myself, or my experience based on those things I could or couldn't do. So I was like, I'm the one in. Right. And that was such an incredible challenge going back into that body. So like at break the second that I breathed it. The second that that was that thought was even there. I was gone. Boom. Okay, blue back in. Yeah. And you felt did you feel all the pain? Oh, my gosh, are you kidding? Imagine putting on like, imagine jumping into a swimming pool with like snow boots and a parka. And jeans. And you know, and you jump in and you're just like, Whoa, I was like, sick and heavy. And I was my body was in such shock that the pain hadn't set in yet. And so next Adam was like this. And I was like, you know, and so you can imagine they were freaking out because they're like she said, and now she's not. And I'm like Lazarus coming up, you know. And next thing, I tried to get up on the spot, because I couldn't remember doing it unless I made it up in my head, but I don't think I did. Because I can remember actually physically trying to get up. And then boom, collapse and back down. And so then I'm in the ambulance. And I'm like, sobbing. And there is this lady in the back of the ambulance and she's stroking my hair and she's like, it's okay, darlin, you know, it's okay, we're not going to let you die, you're at the end, I'm going have already been dead. You know, I used some language. And so I'm like, on the way. And I'm like, what is happening? So I get into the ER, and I guess I passed out again, whatever. And then when I came to again, and I'm like, looking in the room, there's the guy who was in the uniform. And he's the one who had reached in and turn the car off, so the engine wouldn't blow up. And so he's sitting there looking at me, and I'm like, trying to swallow and I don't realize that my neck is broken. And I'm like, I know you. And he gets up, you know? And he's like, yeah, yeah, you know, and the first thing he said to me is, You're one lucky little lady. And I'm looking at him and I'm when you were at the accident, and he's kind of looking at me and

Alex Ferrari 1:04:50
Because you were out when he came in. He's like,

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:04:54
How do you know that? And he goes, Can you remember anything that happened before the accident? You know, it's like, yeah, but you know, my college suitemate name was ma'am. And she was there, you should ask her. And then there was the lady who put the thing on the front seat of the car and like, now your man's freaking out, right? And he's going, young lady. You were crushed. And we have used the jaws to get Yeah, you were dead. There's no possible way that you could know that. And in that moment, both of us realized what had happened. It was like the penny dropped. And he was like, close the notebook. And he's like backing out of the room and imagine his dinner conversation. And I'm like, now here, I'm sitting in this room by myself going Holy shit, I've been dead. Do you know? Like, how do you do? What do you do with that? And so that's when it all begins? Do you know it was just absolutely incredible. And it was judged the medical doctor, the dead medical doctor, who was the one who said to me not too long after you're going to be going where we he always talked about we, like, who's we have any of your IRA, you know, are out there. And he's like, we're sending you to chiropractic school. And I was like, to what? I know what that is, what are we talking about here? Like, oh, my gosh, are they the cracky guys that they make fun of? I don't want to do that. And I just graduated from four years of college, right. And I was I going back to school sunshine, not happening. And so he said, You know, I was aware of my guides and told me before I went back, that my if I chose to go back and that the abilities that I had would be enhanced. I would never be alone. And I would know this. And there would always be guide posts, always visual audible, palpable guideposts to guide me along the way, I'd never be left thinking, Oh, my gosh, I've lost my mind or whatever. And it's been that way ever since. And so he was like, we need you to go to school. And the reason they did was because he knew the future of medicine, he knew what was happening that way. And he he wanted me to know that with the type of work I was doing with the healing work, I'd be doing that the understanding of a vitalistic philosophy of of life, that you know, that we are the mind we are the body, or we are the spirit and one cannot function properly without the good health of the other. And the reason that we get into difficult situations is because the body is serving the spirit, not the other way around. And so if a soul needs to learn X, Y, or Z lesson, the body's going to throw up a few red flags, create a few illnesses do a few things mentally, in order to allow that person to go down like we're driving this bus, you are captain of your own ship. And you can make that thing perform at will. It's like how many people do you know who've had cancer? And you're like, oh, no, that was emotionally based. That happened because this happens. Do you know? Or how many people have you seen finish it, you know, a lifelong work and they drop dead right after they retire. Do you know it's because they're in control of what's happening with the body. And that's not something we're taught. We have been taught, conditioned, you know, with that kind of allopathic approach to health care that it's an outside in approach, somebody else is responsible for me, someone else is responsible for my mental health. Someone else is responsible for taking care of me, someone is responsible for my welfare, someone else is responsible for my education, I'm going days, wake up, do you know there are others out there who can assist and help but no one is responsible for your experience here, but yet.

And the beauty of that is that you're in charge of how this body's going to interact. It's like, I've literally just done two years through the same pandemic that everybody else went through, with my hands on people all day, every day, up close and personal adjust. And I'm doing that, you know, I'm not vaccinated. And I don't have an opinion one way or the other, will have opinions, but I don't care one way or the other what people choose to do or not. That's none of my business. That's their experience. I'm having my experience. And what was fascinating was the amount of people who came into my office who wanted to come into my little world and change my world based on their fears, or what they perceived as their needs. And I'm like, this is not the place for you. And they were like you can't do that. I can do that. There's the door. It works two ways. I love you. I'm grateful. I'm glad I can be here of service, but don't come in. You know, that's like somebody showing up at the gates of Harvard demanding to be taught how to cook. Well, you know what, they teach that at a different college? Well, I want to learn it here. It's my right to learn how to cook here. Well, this is a law school. I don't care what it is. I want to learn how to cook here. We find crazy like that. Sure. We want to make ourselves so comfortable that everything around us is exactly like us. And everything is just morally where we want it to be, or just in alignment with our, you know, socio political ideas of how this world should operate, do, like, Oh, what fun is that? Right? Everybody should have exactly the same thing or nothing at all, you know, and there should be no hierarchy and every child needs to win and everybody, how do we learn and grow like that? You know, we're trying to make everything the same to the point where we're just, you know, fat, dumb and happy. And I'm going, Okay, if that's what you choose rock on, but don't put it on me.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:33
So let me ask,

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:10:33
I'm here to have my experience the same as you are.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:36
So let me ask you, what, what how did your How did your abilities change? And how have you, when you came back, you you automatically knew that you're like, Okay, I better get my my ducks in a row. Now. I've been given the kick in the ass that I needed. How did your abilities change? And what kind of work are you currently doing with frequency work and things like that?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:10:58
So first of all, I'm having to like rehab this whole body because like, I have all this stuff, you know, broken my neck and the issue here. And, you know, so I had to kind of get used to life inside of Mary Helens new BOD Dino. And I tell you, what, if you want to talk about the perfect opportunity to become a poor May, the perfect opportunity to make excuses as to why you couldn't do x, y, or z or why you couldn't be excellent, or why you couldn't go forward and do whatever it was there. And no one would have batted an eye. Do you know, but the one thing I really learned in that space is, you know, what I wanted, I wanted to be excellent. When no one was looking. I wanted this for me. This wasn't for anybody else or their experience. Or, or if they were letting me off the hook not to be, you know, not to show up for stuff because I was injured or I've been in a horrible accident, oh, she had a near death experience, she died. You know, I don't, I didn't want to be that. Do you know, I wanted to be someone who was making the most of everything that I wanted to be 100% of whatever this broken body could give me. And let me tell you I live large, right. And so I come back in and all of a sudden, she who can speak to dead people, I now can touch somebody. And it was like downloading a hard drive. And whatever was going on with them in their current state be in a you know, a state of distress physically, emotionally, chemically, spiritually. It was just in there. And now I don't even have to touch somebody all these years later, I've been doing it for so long. Do you know that back in the day when it first started, it was just a touch and boom, there was the info. Or I could be in a concurrent lifetime. Or I could be, you know, someone who was having this trouble in this life. And this happened back in 1492. And I'm like, oh, here it is. Let me bring that piece of you back forward. And let's clear that up. And that's how it changed. So you know, people like Oh, so you can heal you. All of us can heal. You know, we can all do that. It's just I do it every day. So there are people who sing everyday for a living, you know, I couldn't do on Broadway right now, my voice wouldn't hold up. I'm a good singer. But my voice is trained for going on Broadway right now. Because they do that every single day of their lives. So there, we all have intuitive skills, we all have the capacity to change our state physically, chemically, or emotionally. But everybody doesn't do it every day. They don't practice that I practice it every single day. So I'm really good at it. Do you know, like the ability cake boom, overnight, just like that. So that's what I do. So alongside with that understanding of frequency, and that all of us are just frequency and light sped up or slowed down. So I suddenly went, Oh, I'm a master manipulator. Now. My grandmother used to call me a little manipulator when I was a kid. And I've recovered professional manipulator. So I'm going in I take people I don't have a lot of time because I'm, I'm truthfully that busy and delighted and thank you for that, but also work really hard to do that. And so I don't have time to mess with people. And I'm not everybody's cup of tea because I'm brutally honest. I'm like, okay,

Alex Ferrari 1:14:15
I figured that I figured that

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:14:18
The deal, here's what we're doing. Here's what's happening, this is what I just saw, this is how we move through this. You either want to do it or you don't and it's okay. I'm not invested in which choice you make because those choices belong to you. All I'm doing is like this, I'm wiping the window clean. And making it crystal clear and helping you like one of my books is called Understanding is the new healing. I am bringing to somebody who's dying of cancer and understanding as to how they got there. And going if you choose if it's if it's on your path, and this is what you want to do you have a choice out of this. Here's what you can do and here's where you left that piece of you that is continuously allowing the strain to take place that is now we Can your physical mortal coil, you know, and why you're having a struggle of of reproducing healthy cells and you know, you're succumbing to that negativity.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:12
Doo doo doo doo doo doo distance healing or is it only in

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:15:16
The same way, it's like I'm talking to you over a frequency Do you know, like that can't be real. But nobody has a problem with the fact that you're in Texas and I'm in Ireland, and we're talking in real time here. It's just a frequency, right? So of course, you can tap into someone's frequency on some other part, you know, I just don't have to have a device to do it.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:37
Got it. So

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:15:39
that's how it changed. Post death. And so you're 30 years later,

Alex Ferrari 1:15:45
You're still doing the good work.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:15:47
I'm still doing the work. I'm loving it. And I'll tell you what was really fun coming off of, you know, my vacation with my mom around the UK. And I really made note of this, how excited I was to come back in. I was only gone 10 days 10 days ago. And I was so grateful, not to somebody else, because no one else made that happen. I showed up. I allowed myself to immerse in the, in the full experience. And I've created this world that I love. I'm living in the same world that other people are living in where they are having a horrific experience. And that's okay, too. But you know, I live in the same. You know, we're all went through the same pandemic, I've had, you know, the said a lot of the same things that happen. It's a matter of choice, I wake up every day, and I go, is the pain I'm in right now. And that's every day. Is it bigger than what I'd like to accomplish today, I was looking so forward to talking to you tonight. I do these old all day, every day, I do a ton and I was so looking forward because you're you and you're only you and your unique perspective and this exchange, it'll never happen like this ever again. I get to do this one time. And I was so excited for that. And I approach everything with that same enthusiasm. And so it makes my wife really fun. You know,

Alex Ferrari 1:17:08
I mean, you are a force of nature. There's no question about it from the moment that you logged into zoom. I mean, I was just like, oh, well, okay, this is this energy now. All right, let's, this is gonna be fun. And I mean, I've done this. So, so much. Now I've done this over seven years now that I've been doing interviews, because podcasting is where the money is. So I've done so much of this that I I, I can sense pretty quickly. From most of the times I can sense from other people's interviews. So like, I saw one of your talks. And when I saw one of your talks within the first five or 10 seconds, I was just like, Yep, no, it's not gonna be an even an issue. But then when you came in, your energy was so wonderful. And it was so chaotic. But in the most beautiful, wonderful way. I was like, Oh, this is going to be I'm this is going to be a bucking bronco. This is going to be fantastic. I can't wait that this is going to be a great conversation. And it has been a wonderful conversation. I have a list of questions. I never even got to I didn't need to get to them. It was organic, it happens. They're there. They're there as backup. They're there as backup and your conversations, your perspective on your near death experience is so unique. You as a person are so unique in the before the near death and after near death. And there's so many nuggets of, of gold here that were talked about in a hope, a truly hope that it does inspire others to look at their lives a little bit differently and look at life a little bit differently and how we can be of service to other people. You know, I've talked to dozens now of near death experiences. And the one common thing is always they come back and they want to be of service. In it, it's they want to be of service. They want to show Express show love, teach love. These are the common things that I every single near death or I've talked to I've never heard of one of them come back I think gotta had that I just got a new boat. I really needed to get a new boat I needed I really needed to get that house with 35 rooms and 85 bathrooms I really need that that 12,000 square foot house I needed I after my near death experience. I understood that the way is materialism. The way is to gather as much stuff as I can here while hurting as many people I've never heard that statement from anybody.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:19:35
Well, it's funny because on my travels one of the week kind of tailored it around I was speaking I was a the the wrap up headliner at Glastonbury in England, and for the oldest metaphysical conference in the UK. And you know, that huge audience and all of this and I had so much fun but it was so funny because as you can imagine glasses Very attracts, you know, on a large part, a real interesting type of crowd, you know, you can say they were just cracking up at themselves because I was just like, Listen, I'm gonna, I'm gonna drop a little truth on you here. You don't have to have dirty feet and smell like patchouli to be enlightened. See that organizer in the back and his eyes were like a cartoon character hole by God did you just say that? And I was like, it's so funny because that doesn't equate spiritual. I'm like probably one of the most least likely. You know that this, then I think that's why I'm saying they pick me I picked me to do this work. Do you know, because I'm not that classic character. I'm totally that I just had such a laugh about the way that I was raised. I was like, Oh my God, my vision of every Sunday morning is I had weird summer hammocks. Hanby there on clothes, and she was super thin. And I wasn't and so out my memories of wearing a tight camelhair jumper and talking about Jesus all day on Sunday. And I was like, this is awful. Bring this idea of who and what we really are into a space of love and joy and fun and laughter. But like I said, I can be a bit of a butthead when somebody comes in. And they pretend like they want to get better. And they're wasting my time because they refuse to show up for themselves. Right? And I'm the one, I'm not the person for you. And I am not for everybody. Because I am going to tell you straight up this is this is what happened. Here's where here's where, you know, you dropped the ball on yourself. And if you want to continue on this path, here's what you're going to need to do to do that, or I'm going to go straight up, listen, that it's worth the end of the rodeo. And so I can assist you through this process in the most beautiful and peaceful way. Or you can die in horrible terror or do you know like, it's your choice?

Alex Ferrari 1:21:54
Exactly, exactly. And you know what, I've had the same experience, because with all of the shows that I've done over the years, I'm not everybody's cup of tea, I'm pretty straightforward. I'm pretty brutally honest. Because I you know, in my filmmaking and screenwriting shows, I tell it how it is and like, look, chances are, you're not going to make it. But that doesn't mean you can't stop trying. And if you aren't gonna go for it. This is what you can expect. And it's it's the reality of the of the film industry, you got to do this, this. And people don't want to hear that they want to hear the they want to hear about the Oscars, they want to hear about the red carpet, they want to hear about these lovely stories. But that's not the way it is. And even on this show, you know, I'm not everybody's cup of tea, I approach spirituality in the exact same way I approach everything in all my shows, because I'm going to be honest, from my perspective, my truth. And you know, and I read the comments sometimes, and some people are like, No, this is that. I'm like, if you're stuck in your own dogma, that's up to you. And that's your experience and God bless. Go with God, do whatever feels right to you. So if I'm not the voice, find the voice somewhere else. But find something that helps you on your path. But I'm not for everybody either. So I completely understand your point of view when it comes to that, because I could absolutely I could absolutely see other people. You rubbing people the wrong way? Oh my god, I could. I could see it coming a mile away from the from the moment I started feeling like oh my god, you would just piss off so many people, just like I piss off somebody people because of the way I am. So but but the people who do get our message and do understand our perspective, it helps them. And even if you drop a seed and somebody who's upset at you about the way you said it, that seeds could flourish years later,

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:23:39
That's called parenthood.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:42
There's that there's,

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:23:44
I'm coming back next time I'm doing spiritual stand up the whole time.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:50
Yes, so do that.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:23:51
That's making fun of and taking the piss out. Well, I have to say, I'm doing a bit of it now. And I really enjoy that because I just like, I don't get upset about anything. It's like my secretary goes, Oh, my God, she goes, Did you realize that your house phone got shut off while you're gone? I went yeah, forgot to pay the bill. And she was like, what? Like, how I don't understand this, you know, you're a doctor and you're doing this and she could not get her head around. I don't care. I'll cut it back on when I need it. You know, I'll do it. Like I just forgot to do it. There was no ill intention. There was no drama horror story behind it. I just whooped it up on on my vacation and spent my money and then came back and now I'm working again. Do you know like, people get these ideas and notional mounting. I don't care. I'm here to drain every last drop out of this experience. And that is, especially the uncomfortable moments. Do you know

Alex Ferrari 1:24:47
Because that's what makes us grow. That's what makes it real. That's what makes us grow. And it's, you know what, and I agree with you 100% A lot of a lot of the society right now wants to to make everything You know, baby proof everything. You know, like, you know what I when I was, you know, I mean you and I are similar vintage. So we I remember growing up in Ivor still remember this happened to me when I was a kid, I was in preschool or Kindle, I think it was preschool or kindergarten one of the two. And they had these giant blocks that you could could play with giant plastic blocks that were probably the size of shoe boxes once dirty when I only dirty, but they had corners on them, that could slice you in a heartbeat. And I remember falling and I still have a scar on my knows, from where that entered, or playgrounds where we grew up, where, you know, the monkey bars would go up six storeys, and all there was a cement nut, woodchips and our and our slides were metal and we had third degree burns in the summer, when we went down that like this, these are things that you know, that's why our generation that feels a little bit, a little bit tougher, a little bit more rugged than the younger generations, nothing against the younger generations, they're going through their own experience. But I do agree with you that, that you need to feel uncomfortable. That's where the growth happens you have, you have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to grow. That's the bottom line. And if you don't do that you don't you don't grow. Now, I don't want to take any more of your time. Because you've been working all day, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I asked all of my guests. What is your definition of a good life?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:26:26
Oh, gosh, I'm living it. You're the example. Everything we've literally just talked about, it's going in, you know. A good life is one where you do everything that that real you that immortal you who took on the temporary suit in whatever capacity and whatever generation in whatever century, and that you came in here to learn something. And you have to remember, it is so important that you don't isolate Well, that's a bad person visit. And this is where people go. So if it was a pedophile, your people always throw that at me. Do you know it's that kind of? So you believe Hitler? was a good person? You believe Hitler was necessary? Yeah, I do all of them. Do you know what? It's fascinating, because when you've worked with as many people as I have, and you've seen the different experiences that people have, whether it's from this lifetime, or other lifetimes, everything is necessary. Everything is part of the growth, everything is part of that picture. And so when you start getting on your little high horse deciding that you're a really good person, because you don't do that, and that person does something that you don't particularly do in this time, if you've lost the run of yourself, because all of us are the asshole and somebody's story, everyone. Oh, absolutely. And that's when I was telling that story about the school principal, you know, she made our lives a living hell by doing what she did. But that doesn't mean that her husband doesn't love her and her family or children adore her. In their stories with her. She's wonderful in our story, she played a role that kicked us down this road, right? You know, so you're going to be that in everybody's life, everyone's not going to like you. Every is not everyone's not going to agree with the choices that you make. And so I think reaching an understanding of that is where a good life happens. Do you know understanding why you're here? And what you're doing here is the new healing.

Alex Ferrari 1:28:28
And what is your mission in this life?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:28:30
I'm doing it. I am living it every single day, I want to screw up. I want to make great choices. I want to laugh I want to love and you know, oh, so you actually want to be uncomfortable dudes. I've had cancer twice. I've had a brain tumor, I broke my neck and died like I've done it all. Do you know, and I'm still. And the very fact that I am alive. And breathing in the midst of a pandemic without being vaccinated makes so many people angry. And it just cracks me up. You think I'm so deeply involved in the moral dilemma of yes or no or this or that? I don't care. I'm doing my thing and you do your thing. That's the beauty. That's the big give here. That's the big gift. Do you know, it's that you see that all of us have different opinions and different choices, and that you go over in your lane and you do your thing. But if you're going to come over in my leg, which you're welcome in, don't come over here and start judging what I'm doing. Because it's not the same thing as what you're doing. Because then that just shows me you actually don't get what this is all about. Do you know,

Alex Ferrari 1:29:34
Fair enough? Fair enough. Now where can people so where can people find out more about you your books and the work that you do?

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:29:42 And I'm told that I have quite a big a big showing in podcast World Two. I think if you if you just Google me, I'm in there a lot.

Alex Ferrari 1:29:56
Very much. So you have you have a few interviews out there but this is odd You sent the best one obviously. Obviously, the best one that you've ever done,

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:30:05
Absolutely! Yeah, so I'm Dr. Mary Helen Hensley author on Facebook, Instagram, you know,

Alex Ferrari 1:30:13
You're not hard to find you're not

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:30:15
I'm not hard to find. No.

Alex Ferrari 1:30:17
It's an absolute pleasure, refreshing pleasure and honor talking to you today. I hope that this covers it. I hope this conversation does really help some people out there and thank you for not only talking the Good talk, but walking the walk as well. So I appreciate you so much, my dear.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley 1:30:35
I appreciate what you're doing and giving me the platform to yap on you know.

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