My NDE Revealed the Bible Got It Wrong with Betty Eadie

On today’s illuminating episode, we welcome the remarkable Betty Eadie, a woman whose profound near-death experience has touched the lives of millions. Betty’s story is one of transformation, spiritual insight, and unwavering commitment to sharing the lessons she learned during her time beyond the veil.

Betty’s journey began in the most unexpected way. At the age of 31, she went into the hospital for a hysterectomy and, during the procedure, experienced a severe hemorrhage. What followed was an extraordinary near-death experience that took her beyond this world and into realms of indescribable beauty and love. Her account is among the most detailed and vivid ever recorded, offering a unique glimpse into what lies beyond.

As she describes it, her experience began with an out-of-body sensation, where she found herself observing her lifeless body from above. Three men in brown robes appeared by her bedside, assuring her that she had died prematurely but that everything would be okay. This was just the beginning of her remarkable journey. She soon found herself traveling through a tunnel and arriving at a dark, yet comforting, place. Despite the darkness, she felt an overwhelming sense of love and peace.


  1. Embrace the Divine Love: Betty’s encounter with Jesus was a moment of profound revelation. As she ran into his open arms, she felt an indescribable love and acceptance. Jesus explained to her that every spirit chooses its earthly challenges to facilitate growth. His words, “You chose it,” were a reminder of the purposeful nature of our earthly experiences. This encounter underscores the importance of embracing the divine love that is always available to us.
  2. Life Review and Accountability: One of the most impactful aspects of Betty’s experience was her life review. She relived moments where she had caused others pain, feeling their hurt and understanding the ripple effects of her actions. This powerful insight emphasizes the importance of living with compassion and integrity, knowing that our actions resonate far beyond their immediate impact.
  3. Interconnectedness and Prayer: Betty was shown a vision of the world’s interconnectedness through a matrix of energy. She learned that our prayers and intentions have a tangible effect on this energy field, influencing the world around us. This insight highlights the power of collective prayer and positive intention in shaping a better world.

Betty’s description of heaven is both enchanting and awe-inspiring. She speaks of a garden where each blade of grass and every flower possesses a unique spirit and energy, radiating love and life. The vibrant colors and the spiritual essence of everything in this garden made her feel deeply connected to the divine. This part of her journey illustrates the beauty and harmony that awaits us, reminding us to appreciate the simple, yet profound, joys of our earthly existence.

In addition to these spiritual revelations, Betty was also taken to other worlds and met beings who were dedicated to protecting Earth. They communicated the importance of spiritual growth and the need for humanity to rise above its challenges. This cosmic perspective provided her with a deeper understanding of our place in the universe and the ongoing support we receive from higher realms.

After her return to life, Betty faced significant challenges, including depression and agoraphobia. However, she found solace in nature, recognizing the divine presence in every living thing. This connection to nature helped her regain her strength and purpose. Eventually, she was guided to write her book, “Embraced by the Light,” which has since become a beacon of hope and enlightenment for countless readers.

Betty’s mission is clear: to share her experience and the profound truths she learned with as many people as possible. Her story is not just about death but about living fully and fearlessly, embracing love, and recognizing the divine in every aspect of our lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Betty Eadie.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 088

Betty Eadie 0:00
So it'd be like dining and meeting your mother or your father. And you run to them to embrace them. And that's what I did with him. And I ran to him. And as I ran to him, he opened his arms to receive me in them. And we embrace and I said, Why did you send me there? Why did you send me down there? I never ever, ever want to go there again.

Alex Ferrari 0:41
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I like to welcome to the show Betty Eadie. How you doing, Betty?

Betty Eadie 1:15
I'm doing great. Thank you for inviting me.

Alex Ferrari 1:18
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you about your journey, and your life's journey and before your before the big event and all the other things in your book and everything. So, first question I have to ask you is what did you what were your thoughts about dying, and death before your near death experience?

Betty Eadie 1:39
When I was a child at a boarding school, I was about four years old. I was told that because I was Native American and because I was part Irish, that I was a heathen and a sinner and that I would be going to hell. And part of their help for me was to educate me about the ways of God. When I learned instead was fear of him frightened and I couldn't imagine why the color of my skin and the fact that I'm Native American would, why would God select this this type of people to put into hell. And so I was fearful all my life. I was fearful of dying. I didn't particularly believe that God was the God that they were teaching. But I didn't know who God was. And it was frightening, very frightening for me. But that was just a that wasn't something that led my life. I think I pushed that into the subconscious mind and just got on with living and I had low self esteem, low self worth all the things that come with child abuse. And so at the age of 31 I had married young and had seven children. I know

Alex Ferrari 3:17
Wow! I have I have a couple and I'm exhausted.

Betty Eadie 3:22
I'm sure I I'm sure I was to some extent. But anyway, it was it was very frightening to me to go through that experience of life just growing up. But I wanted a family that I could be with forever. And so I'm married and had my own my children raised them the way that I wanted to raise them. I actually took them and put them into churches, only to become disillusioned this disillusioned and take them out because they were told that they were they were sinners and had to get on their knees and they're like 789 10 years old, you know just babies and when they came back and told me what the that they had to spend time on their knees begging God for forgiveness that just did it for me and religion. At the age of 31 I went into the hospital have a hysterectomy. And it was during that time first time I'd ever had any surgery or anything at all I'm fairly healthy woman I've always been out the went into the hospital I hemorrhage during surgery. And right shortly after and and they had staff problem since the end. There were a few nurses that were around. They told me that I was fine after the surgery except for a slight hemorrhage that they had repaired. And bedded me down for the night. I woke, and I felt myself dying actually, you just feel this sick feeling and, and I knew something was wrong but I was too weak to call for the nurse. And the next thing I knew I was out of my body. I went up to the up to the ceiling and turned to look down and I could see myself laying there, I came down for a closer look. And I wasn't frightened. I was amazed at what I saw. And shortly thereafter, three men and brown robes and golden belts appeared by the side of the bed. I knew them that I was taking me a while to to really recognize them. But I knew I was comfortable with them. And they said that I had died prematurely, but that everything would be okay. I was worried about my family I wanted to go home and see them and so I went out My Spirit went out through the window and I arrived at my home my husband was sitting in a chair reading a newspaper The kids were running all over the place he had promised to put them to bed early and he didn't I remember being annoyed at him even out of my body which annoyed me

Alex Ferrari 6:40
Once a mom always a mama

Betty Eadie 6:42
I think so and but I knew that they would be fine. I just had this it seemed that the longer I was out of my body the more knowledge I was able to to receive and accept I think more than receiving I think it's there it's just challenging to go from being a mortal being to being an a spiritual being. And I started to I could see into each one of their lives and I knew that they would grow up and that they would be fine. It was okay to leave them I went back to the hospital bed and started traveling down into a tunnel like effect. Just spiraling down it I mean, it was it was moving I what I was moving do but not twirling like it was moving me at such a tremendous pace pace. I came to a dark place very dark, very black. I love to camp and have gone camping a lot. And when you're in the middle of the forest, especially in the state of Washington, where the trees are, oh my goodness, you know, they're so tall. They when you're in the middle of them, you don't see the sky at night. It's pitch black. Well, it was pitch black in this face, but I felt no fear. And I have claustrophobia. So it was challenging for me even in that moment to think I have no fears. I have no I'm not frightened of this black. In fact, I felt like I was being bathed in love. It was warm and beautiful. It was I you know I have often said I if I didn't know what was beyond this, this blackness, I would have wanted to stay there forever. I could live eternity in that space. But it didn't last for long. And there I saw a pinpoint of light that became brighter and brighter. It was almost like a search light moved around a bit not a lot but just a little bit where I was watching it and then it focused on me. And as a focused on me It broadened but more than that it drew me out of that blackness, and right into that and up and out. I was traveling at a speed I can't even tell you what that speed would be like and I've often thought was it speed was I traveling or was that going through a transformation? My you know, spiritual transformation and of course I don't know. But when I came to the end of that light in the light was brighter than ever it just widened and a turn. There was a beam in into light And I could see the shape and the outline, but the light was so bright, and then it just a golden halo around him when I see that it was a male figure. As I got closer, then I knew who this man was. I knew who he was because I had always known him. always disliked the three that met me at my bedside. I knew that I had known them. In fact, they said, we've known each other for eternities. Well, I had heard of eternity. But I had never heard of eternities. And I thought, My gosh, I mean, I knew them, and I loved them. But I knew that this was Jesus. And I knew that I loved him.

And that I had always known him, perhaps for eternities as well. And then what surprised me is I thought back about on it, when I'm going through the process, there was no thinking. It was just responding in a very natural, normal way, to this beautiful man that I knew that I had known forever. So it'd be like dining and needing your mother or your father. And you run to them to embrace them. And that's what I did with him. And I ran down. And as I ran to him, he opened his arms to receive me in them. And we embrace and I said, Why did you send me the earth? Why did you send me down there? I never, ever, ever want to go there again. And I said, much less send me down to become an Indian and an Irish person who was criticized and and condemned for everything you can think of. And I just ranted and raved. I was just irritated. He chuckled. You lean back, and he just he was amused. And I thought at the time, how can you be amused at something when I feel so in your table even angry about? And he said, But you chose it? Right? I said I did? He says Yes, you did. He said every spirit here is at a different level of growth, everyone. And each one is on earth to be tested to test with their growth that they have acquired thus far. And he said, and you chose to go down due in to the family that would give you the greatest challenges. I said, Wow, I don't think I would do that now. He said you probably wouldn't have to. And he went on and he just and as he spoke it was even words. It was like it was more like he was speaking to my heart because it just it resonated in me. I mean, everything, every thought every feeling. It was wonderful, beautiful. I can't even tell you I'm resisting breaking out in tears Even now, because the glory of this experience cannot be put into words. We don't have the language we don't have. It's all it's it's feelings that you have any went on to? You know, and I'm bubbling with questions now. Because, you know, my life was pretty tough. He said, But you endured it. You endured it. You said you have acquired greater growth, because of all your challenges. Everyone is challenged by that, what they need to understand and to grow from? And he said, and you endured it? And I said I did, because I really did think that I endured too much. He says you endured it? And he said no. And I just went on and on asking him all these questions and he just kept chuckling and he said to me, I call him guides because they became my guides but I can't call them angels because they didn't have wings like, yeah, they didn't have those but two ladies came over and he says, show her everything she wants to show the show. Take her and show her. And they said, Okay, and so they did. And they took me around in one room I wrote about in, in my book, embrace fire light is about the garden. The place that I look back, forward to I don't look back, I look back on but I look forward to experiencing again, because it was the most magnificent garden in the world. The movie Avatar captures it in the human way that they can. But of course it is nothing as even oil was brilliant, beautiful, one of my favorite movies of all times. And I mean, I think I watched it about nine times or so and then bought the DVD, and I still watch it, and I show my grandkids. And I explained heaven is like this, because when I stepped into the garden, I always like grass to hit me or you know, it wasn't grass, it was more like weeds across the where I lived, there was a field and I would go out there and walk in there. And there was some grass, some green, but mostly, but it would be high and early in the spring. And it'd be up to about to my calves. And I'd love to walk in it. And feel Phillip brush and my legs. I don't know, there was some cool and calm about that. To me it was wonderful. And as I looked down at this grass that I was walking on, it was a green that that you just can't even imagine because it's a green that each blade of grass had life. It had spirit, it had energy each each blade, imagine that. And as I walked on that, and I and I imagined that it was taller. So it could brush the back of my calves. And it grew. It grew up the right word and what is it like is it we communicated in some nonverbal way. And it grew up like Avatar, same type of thing. And the Spirit and they showed it the the grass and everything brightening, like a light bulb coming up on Inside of it. But what what you see in heaven is greater than that. It's it's the spirit of each plant, each flower. Each blade of grass is the spirit that your sensitive feeling. And it's all beautiful. Just I mean beyond imagination. At one point, I saw a rose and I crawled into it. I went over and I held it kept it in my hands, and was just smelling it was wonderful. And as I was smelling and feeling it and loving it, it grew and grew and grew and grew and grew. Now I've often wondered, was it growing? Or was it shrinking? Because I went inside of it. It beckoned me to come in. And I went inside the rows and went clear down into the stem of it. And the fragrance was wonderful. And I it loved me and I loved it. There was great love in that in that rose. immense love. And I remember coming out when I came out of it. And it was still a huge rose. I remember kneeling down by it and just praising God for that experience. I mean, that's how glorious it that it was. Unimaginable. Really I mean, I would never have thought that

Alex Ferrari 19:12
What's fascinating about your story so far is that it's so detailed. Yeah, it is one of the more I mean, I've I've spoken to many people who have had near death experiences and I've never heard something so you're so deep. It almost seems like a mixture of Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.

Betty Eadie 19:30
Absolutely. You know, I studied the some of the background on the avatar because I thought someone there add to the experience there.

Alex Ferrari 19:44
Did you find anybody?

Betty Eadie 19:46
No, I haven't really I mean, I didn't go that far into it. But I just I just really amaze me and and I haven't experienced Alice in Wonderland. So I don't know about that because As when I was in the boarding school, we weren't allowed to, to read books or to watch while there wasn't any television that I was a child, and, or go to movies, theaters or any of that that was not allowed. It was a religious preference of this group.

Alex Ferrari 20:18
So far, so you're in, you're just coming out of the rows. So what happened next.

Betty Eadie 20:23
So after I came out of the rows, I actually went into there was a waterfall. It was very, very tall, very, they're very big on a mountainside. And it came down and came into a, like a river and upon. And it was beautiful. And, you know, the church I went to I went to many churches, I think I joined them all, because every time I go to a church said, say, you don't belong to us, you're gonna go to hell. And I thought, well, just in case there is a loving God, just in case there is the heaven, just in case there is a church, that is the only one. I went and I joined them all, Joy

Alex Ferrari 21:12
Fair enough, fair enough, I just to make sure I cover all my bases just want to cover all my bases.

Betty Eadie 21:19
Oh, I'm telling you, I really had to cover all my bases. That's how that that's how it ends I was about, about preserving myself. And so and they in this one church, they said that when you die and go to heaven, that everyone sings praises all the time, and I started to sing, you know, I used to have a good voice. I would sing I could sing perfectly Ave Maria and, and other songs, because I wanted to have a good voice when they haven't,

Alex Ferrari 21:55
obviously, I mean, as one would, as one would have. I mean, you don't want to go up there off key. I mean, that's not

Betty Eadie 22:06
It's perfect. At the music, everything is so perfect. But every droplet of water coming down, over cascading over the falls, doubling down, saying, but not not with our voice, but the sound, vibrations almost. Oh my gosh, wonderful. And I remember thinking, that's how we praise God, we praise God with our essence, our very being. When we love when we think good when we are kind to one another, we glorify Him. So just as the droplets are coming down, they're glorifying God, with their being with what they have to give. And just like the flowers opening up the door by and, and, and, and anytime a creator creates something, and that thing is perfect. And if it can give back something, like just the beauty even like a like a painting. And people look at it and say oh my gosh, as most glorious painting there ever. The painter, the person, the artists is glorifying. And that's how we glorify God, not by all this other stuff. But by that and and all that knowledge just comes into you. When you it's flooding into you. Yeah, you become enlightened. And that's what that's what came into me and I'm going Wow, well. Yeah, that makes total sense. Not like as if someone's talking to me, and yet someone is feeding me all this knowledge. And it was it was incredible. And then probably the most exciting thing not the most exciting, but the most unexpected thing is two Warring Angels came warring. Well, it's what we call Warring Angels. They do war against evil, but they're not they don't do battle with knives and guns and they are so gifted, so spiritual, so beautiful. And now things are often said and shown and through metaphors, giving you an image that you would understand. And so to me a warning angel has all of the guards on right now that's how they appeared to me. But I understood that much of what was given He was given at the level that I could comprehend. So well, like Jesus. I said, Where are the nail prints in your hands? And you're not giggle theory just chuckle. And he said, he said you don't need to see my pain to know who I am. And he's and he showed me his palms, he had nothing. I think back on that, and I think, why don't I need to see that? You know what, at what level am I that I can accept him without all the minutia? Why, you know, I don't I try not stay in that thought too long and it doesn't stay there anyway. But I have tried to analyze certain parts of it i. So anyway, they they came and they said it was time to go to the other worlds. Now, this is 1971. I had never believed in other worlds.

Alex Ferrari 26:22
Can I stop you for a second in 1971? How much information was out there on near death experiences and the and the kind of tropes that are involved in those kinds of like the common the common story, storylines or story plots that everyone kind of goes through? Was there a lot of information? And a Raymond Moody wrote a book, I'm not sure when that book got released. Was there a lot of information at that point about that?

Betty Eadie 26:51
Wrote a book. It was my experiences in 1971. Raymond wrote his book, I believe, was the 1975. Okay, so there wasn't a lot there was that,

Alex Ferrari 27:02
Okay! Elizabeth Taylor.

Betty Eadie 27:08
Ross wrote on death and dying, so she was focused on the death process, not on the afterlife, and etc. That was later on, I actually met her and when we did a speaking event together. And we became very good friends that I gathered a lot of information but no embrace spotlight time when I had the experience. I hadn't read anything about near death experiences at all. Any mother of seven children my life was spent at you know,

Alex Ferrari 27:49
Nuff said. Nuff said,

Betty Eadie 27:52
You know, you know the what that requires.

Alex Ferrari 27:54
I'm just multiply, I'm just multiplying in my head, the numbers and whatever I feel times it by like three or four. And I feel where you were, they were my life. So you were going so then you were said, you have to go to the other worlds. What was that, like?

Betty Eadie 28:09
We went to the worlds and we traveled again, at another speed that I can't even describe one of them on either side of me, but not touching me. And we just traveled. And we arrived at this one, and that one and the other one. And there were many worlds. And I just remember one portion of that may said the risks would have to be taken from my, my memory. But as we arrived, people came and they were excited and what they looked like, I don't know, I don't even know. I mean, I know in the subconscious mind, I'm sure but at the time they were I knew them again. And I was connected with them in some unusual way. Because they were they took me to meet with these people. I came to give a report. I mean, I know it sounds bizarre. But nonetheless, it's very, very real. It was very true. And I gave them a report and they gave me a report back saying that, that they are protecting our earth and that we will see more and more of them as time goes on because the world was heading to a bad place. And but not to fear that there is no doubt but they wanted to help us see the world. And I was shown many things that were kind of associated With that some of it was what we are experiencing right now. It could get worse, what we'll say that will be the help from them as well as our spiritual growth. Because there's greater power in prayer, our communication with God, and unfortunately, a lot of people don't believe that because they think prayer is when you get on your knees, you go to church, and you run to the altar, or, or whatever. And it really has very little to do with any of that, that those are fundamental things that were taught. So it's like a ritual thing, they when you get on your knees, you become a little more calm your spirit, you know. So it's things that are good, not putting them down. I've been through it all. And I know that it works for many people. Jesus said, Go into the closet and pray, well, what is the closet but the inner sanctum your inner sanctuary of the sanctuary are going there. You go in there. And it's just, it's your desire, your intention, and your desire. And that goes out in what was shown to me is a matrix that covers and I did see matrix

Alex Ferrari 31:31
I see that you like sci fi films, you and I can go to a movie together.

Betty Eadie 31:36
But someone came in this is Betty, what you're always talking about the matrix, there's a movie out and it's called the matrix, you got to go see it. So I did it was matrix number one. And I went there, and I just I couldn't get enough of it. I was on tour with my book at the time. And every time I'd have an extra day, anywhere on tour, I'd say they'd say, What do you want to do? You've got a day, I want to go see the matrix. So awkward go no, go see the matrix. Because I, I saw the matrix that covers our world. And matric is sort of like, like an electrical field, an energy field that goes all around us. When we pray with intent, good intent, that goes out just like energy, just like electricity into this matrix. It tweaks the matrix. Now, when you have the whole world praying for the same thing, can you imagine what that would be? For lists? If the if it's all good and dead? When you have all the evilness going out, it's energy to and it goes out into the matrix. This changes our weather, This Changes Everything, earthquakes, it creates all kinds of things. So I don't I'm trying to grass the full meaning of all of that. And yet, I understood it already. So it's kind of a strange feeling.

Alex Ferrari 33:20
Right! You're like you understand it at a different level that you can't grasp if that makes any sense.

Betty Eadie 33:27
Oh, totally different level and coming away from that. I'm just, it's still like popcorn, I'm going. So that's what it was. Yes, I'm remembering now. I mean, you're just going into it. The brain is. Our physical brain is amazing. But our spiritual brain, our brain, and spirit, our whole essence, is incredible. It's just, it's just beyond any photo.

Alex Ferrari 33:54
So after you're done, after they're done giving the report and taking the reports, then what happens.

Betty Eadie 34:00
So then they took me back to the garden, and I met people that I had passed before me 1000s of them. But we had known each other forever. And they were basically saying farewell to be an ISIS. I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here. I'm not going anywhere. When Jesus told me I had to go back that it was not yet my time. I told him the same thing. I says, I'm not going I'm not going and you had Nate. I said those words. I swear I said,

Alex Ferrari 34:47
Did he giggle?

Betty Eadie 34:48
You know, it was yeah, it was like Yeah, right. Now, right, of course, you know, and I says no, I'm not You actually took me to a council, man, um, this is back in the 70s, I was a little bit I liked some of the way I'm trying to remember her name how and ready, I was back then I am woman hear me roar, you know, the woman movement, that type of thing. I was that type of woman. And so for me to stand before what I thought were a council of men would have made me angry. But there it didn't. The love that they, you know, sent to me was incredible. And they explained to me that I had not fulfilled the calling that God had for me. And I said, Well, I can't go back. After being here, I can't go back. And I said, Well, let's let you know what your mission is. But after you know you, it has to be removed from your memory. Or you won't fulfill it, because or you will rush to get it done. And take it out of its time. It was given to me what my mission was. And that was to bring back all the information that they had given me and to share it. And I said to Jesus, how on earth am I going to share that? How am I going to tell people that there is no hell? Oh, my God, tell them that they believe in now. He said, tell him this. If there is a good parent wouldn't cast any one of their children into a lake of fire? Or wouldn't throw them into outer darkness forever, remove them from them. How much greater is God's love than yours? And I thought, wow. That assaults it.

Alex Ferrari 37:11
He speaks the truth. He speaks the truth

Betty Eadie 37:13
in a course. And so it was after the end, he said that it would be given to me as time goes on, and even as time goes on. If it's needed, I have more memory of what I experienced after coming back, which was a horrible experience

Alex Ferrari 37:39
The pain although like oh, why am I back here is like putting on a really bad suit again, like Oh, God.

Betty Eadie 37:47
I thought oh, that dirty feeling you I just felt dirty. Coming back to the body, and during the time I was laying in a hospital bed still now recovering from everything. Every now and then I'd be taken and shown more of the progress of our world and where it was going and why it was necessary. Number one, that people learn that God loves everyone bequeath to everyone. He's in touch with us more than we know. But we aren't open to to that. All this stuff was was water that was fed to me while still in my bed.

Alex Ferrari 38:32
Also, while you were when you were back, and recovering, a lot of this information started to kind of seep back in

Betty Eadie 38:40
No, I was given more information. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 38:43
Right. So it was like they were downloading the matrix. They were downloading kung fu into the back of your head.

Betty Eadie 38:48
Glad you mentioned that because that was another exciting thing about my experience because we are constantly being downloaded. Interested are downloaded by your heart's desires and so you have to be careful what your heart desires or if starts coming your way right I mean we actually well that book came out the

Alex Ferrari 39:16
Laws of attraction are also the attraction and the secret and all that stuff right?

Betty Eadie 39:21
Someone read my book as it's all called love going that's embraced by light that's embraced by light. So that was that was really interesting. And that anyway, my mind was going off to some something else.

Alex Ferrari 39:40
Well, let me ask you, let me ask you, a lot of times near death experiencers feel they feel that they experience a life review. Did you get a life review?

Betty Eadie 39:49
I did. I had a life review which no one would really want ever not I you know, I didn't kill them. The one I didn't do any of that, but I did things that I was ashamed up. And there were people's feelings that I hurt things that I said things that I did that hurt them purposefully. And when you're happy as a spirit being those things are more painful than they would be, you know, in the flesh, you'd you would say, well, they deserved it. Right? I did that. And we always have a way of, of making some rationalization, rationalize it, yeah. But when you're back in the Spirit, you know that you came to earth to grow your spirit, then you feel like you're a complete failure, I failed. I could have been better. And it was grievious. But it goes on I call it the ripple effect in my book. If you hurt someone, and they don't let go, that hurt, but pass it on. And pass it on. Like a lot of parents nowadays. You read about it in the newspaper, they rape in their children. Why? Because they were raped, molested or whatever, their children go out and start doing the same thing. It becomes a family trade, almost, it ripples right on through the family. So when you when you die, and you go through your life review, you have to experience what the other person felt. In other words, it's kind of like that karma. But you're experiencing what they felt you, you, you hear what they have said about you. Because of that, you get all of that it's almost like a cleansing thing you've got to go through. So all of this goes on and on or on for generation because I asked about, about Hitler. Can you imagine? Like, oh my god, yes. Now what is forgiveness? Forgiveness is you make what you have done right? to the greatest extent that you can, but you have to forgive yourself, but you're not going to forget what you did. Because that's all part of the progress. Process of not doing it again, you have to remember. And so if you don't, if you hurt someone, make if you can make it right, and seek their forgiveness and also forgive yourself. And you'll forgive yourself by praying and asking God to help you to forgive yourself. Self forgiveness is the worst guy, it's very hard to forgive yourself.

Alex Ferrari 43:07
Right! We're the toughest on ourselves and anybody else can be sometimes

Betty Eadie 43:11
Absolutely. My experience wasn't just about heaven, it was about the meaning of life and about living your life. abundantly. Not in this, you know, in some of the churches as they say, you go in and they sing songs like I'm a sinner and I'ma this I'm a dad made all of their more cool songs, you've come out you feel like low like you feel like a creep you feel like you're just the worst sinner ever. They misunderstand they just don't get it you know, he's just died on a cross for to save us from our sins. And he says in every way he can look your mind. And I have paid the price. So forget about that go out and do the best you can do. So it's about why the people who contact the it's amazing what they were able to let go of, and to to have a happier life. So it's not just about death. It's to me more about accepting life and embracing it and do the very best you can

Alex Ferrari 44:33
You know how after this experience, how long did it take you before you were able to get the book off the ground? Get it out into the world that whole story.

Betty Eadie 44:44
I was challenged after I came back very challenged. I wasn't the same person. I was before and be before I before I again low self esteem low self worth. I hadn't worked you know I didn't go to any counselors or anything, no one even suggested it. I didn't even know about them. But after coming back, my husband noticed there was a great change in me. I was stronger. I was direct, I live my life in a very you know, I'm transparent. And before I'm quiet about everything, not hiding things, just, I didn't feel like I, who wanted to not acknowledge me, you know, I mean, it was just a weird personality thing. So he was a dominant person in our marriage. And then when I came back, I was stronger. I was more vocal. I was more self assured. And that took a while for him to now I shared all my experience with him. So he knew about it, but he was It was challenging for him, our marriage began to suffer. We would talk about it, though we've been so we kept things together. We had great communication between each other. So it worked out we were married almost 50 years. So it worked out great for us. But I went into depression. I don't know if you know what Agoraphobia is, I had that. I couldn't leave the house, I was fearful of being out with people. anxiety attacks, panic attacks. I went through all of that for a time. And I prayed about it and prayed about it. And I and understanding the power of prayer, understanding that prayers are heard, I watched first. When I was in heaven, I watched prayers come up light beams of light. And so I know that and that these are these electrical things I was telling you about that go out. So I knew about the power of prayer. And I prayed and prayed and prayed, but it wasn't getting much better. And and then finally, one day, I heard in my, from my Spirit in my head, in my years, the voice of God, you might say, say find me in the world go out and find me in a world because I says, you know, every father, how can I live without you? I can't. This is fine in the world. So I started going out around the block. And I because I loved the flowers since being an avid people who had gardens and whatnot, I would look at their gardens and, and I'd say that's gone in there. And that's gone in there. I started finding them in everything, everything. And I drew energy from that. And I knew that you could draw energy from anything, everything, the trees, the flowers, they are their spirit, each living thing as spirit, every everything that lives and breathes and feeds. It has a spirit. And so I started hanging out in the gardens a lot. I started being I became a tree hugger. And and I started to gain my energy back. And and then one day I was told it was time to write the book. And it was 19 years later.

Alex Ferrari 48:48
It was not so it was 19 years later that you decided to write the book.

Betty Eadie 48:52
I didn't decide. I was. So did you. Did you?

Alex Ferrari 48:58
Were you involved with Raman in his book at all or no.

Betty Eadie 49:02
I met Raymond back and I think it was the late 80s. But I wasn't involved in his book. No.

Alex Ferrari 49:11
Okay. That was just I was just curious because he's, you know, he, you're such a detailed and D that, you know, he's talked to everybody. almost everybody's at one point or another.

Betty Eadie 49:23
I know Raman, but I bet no, I think I was on television show with him. When I looked at him. I had lunch with him. And he told me about his friend, Howard storm who also wrote a book later. And he said you need to call him and talk to him and I did. And he said Howard didn't want to write his book. And so I kind of convinced him to, to write it and but they were the only two that I that I knew at the time. Embrace by light was already out at that time.

Alex Ferrari 50:02
Yeah. And embrace by light is one of those seminal books in the in the topic of Near Death Experiences. Like I said, it's such a detailed account, one of the most detailed accounts of a near death experience ever. And it's I mean, it's gone on to sell me billions, millions and millions of copies over the years. So it definitely reached an audience, to say the least.

Betty Eadie 50:26
Well, it really did. And, and that, you know, I'm gonna have to write about that at some point. Right now I'm working on the script for the movie. Oh, good for you. That's awesome. Challenging. Yes. I know, over the years, it's been challenging because, you know, it's been, the book has been out since 1992. I've had many people come forward and want to help get the movie. But believe it or not, they wanted me to die on a motorcycle.

Alex Ferrari 50:58
Because it's more it's more interesting. Because because of the hole going up to heaven or the afterlife, speaking to Jesus going into a rose, right? Not interesting enough, we need some action we need exactly. If that's not Hollywood, I don't know, what is Jesus.

Betty Eadie 51:19
Exactly what they were doing, and it was crazy. And so I did and and I won't mention the names. Yes, so

Alex Ferrari 51:30
And did you self published the book originally? Or did you how did you get the public? Because I know there's a story there.

Betty Eadie 51:35
Okay. There's a great story there, actually. And it's heavenly. Because while I was I was told when I was told to write the book, I was awakened at about 530 in the morning, six, something like that. And I was told to open your eyes. And I opened my eyes now I'm accustomed to receiving visitations, you might call it. And so I opened my eyes. And I was told it was time to write the book. That was just second warning on that, because I was actually told that when I was on the way to work, and I had some, I love classical music, and it was on and I had my hand up, and I was leaving it like an orchestra. You know, orchestrating, and I was doing that when the boys came and said, It's time to write the book. And I was startled, and it started me it was like, someone was sitting in the car. And with me, and I was alone, actually. And I said, I don't know how to write a book. I've never written a book. I don't know how to write anything, actually. And they said, time to write the book. That was the first time then I didn't hear from them till that morning.

Alex Ferrari 52:56
I didn't hear from them that they'd like to try to leave me messages I couldn't. I was I just I just disconnected my phone. I couldn't hear for them

Betty Eadie 53:06
So it was my dad and I, this boy said, open your eyes. And so my eyes they said, Don't close your eyes. And so I'm laying there with my eyes open. I'm thinking what the heck's going on? We're word started going across and this is another matric thing. Words went down like this. Words went like this. And this is why go back, I don't see that movie and find out about these fellas who wrote it. My words went across like this. And I'm looking at him. And at first they started slow. And I could see that they were letters, there are words, actually words, that letters are going across, and then pretty soon as they sped up, and I just stayed focused. And my husband got up to go to work. And he says, are you alright? And I just signaled him to stop. And he went out. Now he got used to these peculiar things that would happen to me. So he just thought, Oh, well, what

Alex Ferrari 54:06
She's at it again. I'm just gonna, just gonna go, I'm gonna go make my coffee.

Betty Eadie 54:11
Exactly. Got his coffee. So we're just kept going across the meter after he came home from work. He said, What was all that about? I said, well, they woke me up and told me that it was time to write the book. Prices. This is the second time I'm being told that this time I've given what's in the book. And, and what not to put in the book. And that I don't have to worry about a publisher. He says, Are you going to publish it? I don't know. I've never published anything in my life. He said, They said not to worry about it. I will know the publisher when I hear His voice. Know what he's going to call. Of course my husband's going You know, what do you do? So where are you work? You work at Boeing, and he worked in a department where they are always creating different things. You have people there knew about publishing. And they said, he told him that I would write a book. And they said, Well, you know, you could Self Publish. So he thought, Oh, okay. And so he started saving money. In fact, he went to get alone, when he found out how much it would cost and self published, we didn't have the money. And he came home and he's honey. He says, Don't worry about the book, I'm gonna self publish, it will help you self publish it. I said, No, I don't want to do it that way. He said, are you gonna do it? I says, they said, the publisher will call me. He's a thing don't work that way. Is this Bible? No. I'm just going by what I was told.

Alex Ferrari 55:54
My people, my people are telling me this is gonna happen. So I want to trust my people.

Betty Eadie 56:02
I know it sounds crazy. But so one day phone rang, and I wanted to hear this man, I would know His voice. And he would say one word. That would be the clue that he was the right person. So the guy called, I thought, I thought I didn't really I call him Wow, this is the one I I know this voice. And so anyway, long story short, it was I, I started working with him briefly to get the book, he sent me a manuscript. When I got ready to send him the manuscript. The boy said, No, I'm going, No. And so but I already promised it. So I only Sam like 15 pages to the guy, because I promised him and I am a promise keeper. So he got it any then he wrote back and he said, It's not finished. I mean, you I want to finish manuscript. The boy says no. Now. So then the phone rings, and I answer it, it's another person, the same voice. But he said the magical word. And that was passion. This is very sad. Because i This time, I was speaking at various churches and organizations. I started working as in hospice, and you know, with people, and speaking in the churches as this woman wrote down some notes, and she started passing them around xeroxing them or whatever. And this caller had received some of those papers. It was like eight pages. And he said, that he said, I have a passion to publish this. And I said, Why didn't you call me long time ago, I was mad. I said, because I'm already working with someone. And he said to and I told him, this is a line or that guy. He says, I'll get the I'll do everything I can to get the get the rights. So that's how it happened. He got the rights. He didn't have a publishing company, but he talked some people into it. Someone went out and borrowed $50,000 on their home. And that's how embrace got published. And I worked with them. I even I was even shown the cover of the book in Division, the font size. And so when they came out with the font size, I says, No, it has to be in a different font size. And this is this is very publishing isn't done like that. Publishers choose the cover of the book. They choose apart font size, ISIS have been on the wrong paper. I mean, I had every detail. So anyway, they changed it. But when the paper book when the paper book came out, take the publishers called me Bantam Books, they call me and they said we're doing the paperback. Betty, I understand that you know what the book is supposed to look like? And I says, Yes, I do. And they says, What is it like we're gonna go for whatever you say. The book was such a success, right? Enough all in the thing you said he was going to open a door and he said it was going to be tough and struggle, but he said, I will prepare the hearts who will listen? He said so if you go out and again I'm paraphrasing. If you when you go out with the book, don't pay attention to be in scorned and ridiculed. Don't, because they weren't prepared. Those who are prepared will listen. And he says they're prepared according to the openness of their art. So when I went out and people started ridiculing me, which I got a lot. I prayed for them. Because I knew that they were not open to hear. So, I know that sounds crazy, but I never was so offended. not offended.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:46
That's such a remarkable story, buddy. I mean, the amount of the journey holding on to this story for 19 years and the vision is the talking begin the book out and it's affected millions of people's lives around the world. And you're still talking about it to this day, you said, You sat with Oprah, back in the 90s had a you know, amazing conversation back is well, I mean, it's been a heck of an adventure for you.

Betty Eadie 1:01:17
Well, it has been and I know people could find this if they if they were to go on the internet, but I've had successes that are incredible. I met one of my favorite people of all times. Of course, I'm older, so I mean, Dr. Welby. I don't know if you know that. Okay. Robert Young. I, probably the only actor that I just was in love with. Well, because we all fall in love with actors and actresses, people that we just dream of them. They're just so everything that we think that they are. After reading embraced by the light, he called me. Yeah, yeah. And so someone called and said that he adjusted me. We have Robert Young on the phone, he'd like to talk to you. Nice is Robert Yan. Now I'm thinking No way. Anyway, I was able to visit with them. He he had a luncheon at his house for me. I met and these to be our successes in that. They reached out to me because they were having struggles that embrace violet prints. I don't even know if you know,

Alex Ferrari 1:02:41
I've been prints. The prints? Yeah, I'm not I'm not that young. Yes, I do not. I might. Thank you. Thank you, Betty. But I'm, I am not that young. I was around in 84. Okay, I know princess. Leia. Yeah. I appreciate it. I've been walking. I've been walking the earth for a little bit just to have some I do have a little bit of gray here. So I'm not as it's all done with post zoom just makes me I put the filter on that's all this is. So Prince reach so you spoke to Prince as well.

Betty Eadie 1:03:19
I was invited to Paisley Park and sat and visited with him for quite a while.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:27
He's such a remarkable soul.

Betty Eadie 1:03:30
Well, now my son was mesmerized by Prince. I didn't really know who Prince was. To be honest, because I'm older. And in that, you know, I mean, I've heard you know, heard of him, of course, but I didn't. You know, I wasn't really you just wanna you know, I'm more than Elvis Presley. Beatles, Beatles time. Yeah, Elvis Presley, that kind of thing. But my son was touring with the, and when Prince came to one of my speaking events. Yeah, believe it or not, I couldn't believe it. Wow. It was amazing. I was up on stage speaking. And I thought, wow, the audience is really small. Well, it doesn't matter. God said He was going to prepare and it was one two or three. I'm here for that. And the lights dimmed. I could hardly was Brian on me that I'm in I could I couldn't see anyone out in the audience. And then the backdoor the survey, it was almost like a stadium that was big and I misplaced the place and nobody's here. The door opened up. And in came entourage. And then and our first one in was a little short guy. And then all these people around him and they set way in the back. That was Prince. I didn't know that till afterwards. So he bought them out.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:58
So it'd be almost like a private event for him,

Betty Eadie 1:05:02
Like a private event for him. And so I was a little bit annoyed when I found that out, right?

Alex Ferrari 1:05:09
Like I've called these people could have been sitting there listening to the message.

Betty Eadie 1:05:12
Exactly. And so the gal come and she goes, Well, Prince would like to invite you to this Paisley Park. And I thought, Okay, I'll go there. I got a word or two to say to him. I mean, that was irritating. I didn't know who he was. My son said, No, that's prince, the prince. ISIS. Why sure, acting like a prince. Like he owns everything that you can just buy anyone out. He says mommy says, You've got to be careful what you say he is. Awesome. So we went there. And there it was. And I just, I just fell in love with that guy. I mean, he was the same age as my sons. So I can say that and marvelous person this wonderful get the thing across his cheek, the slave. Yeah, I had a wonderful time with him. But he and I became friends. Yeah, and he just, it was awesome. So I've met some wonderful people like that, who they would never otherwise have been my friend, except for embraced by like, because embraced by and like, freed them, to be themselves, freed them to be themselves. And, and for that I am forever grateful to God, for changing my life, through embrace to

Alex Ferrari 1:06:40
Now I'm gonna ask you just two questions, ask all of my guests. What is your mission in this life?

Betty Eadie 1:06:47
To get the movie done.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:51
And what is the ultimate purpose of life, the know the of life in general for people,

Betty Eadie 1:06:59
To free them from fear And to turn it Well, first off Well, actually, that's kind of the third thing. The first is to learn to love one another. And that's what Jesus said to me. The last time I saw him, I said, how, you know, how am I going to share all this, he says, The most important thing is learn to love one another. And all else will be fine. And so putting God first you know, God, love one another. And freedom from fear. So you can grow your spirit and be the person that you mapped out. You It's a blueprint you made yourself to be and there are few if any coincidences in anyone's life. They're just not. And you and we are co creators with God, every day, we get up, and we create our day, every day. And it you know, in the native way, if you're going down a path, and you see that you're going down the wrong way. Stop and turn around, stop and turn around. It's that simple. I keep trying to go that same way, when you're offbeat or you're, it's not doing it you you know, you're you know, don't call it that way. Turn around and come back go or go in another direction. But and that's what the freedom of life is all about. You'd be surprised when I have you know, it's going to next year I will celebrate 50 years. having had that experience, years, I have given my life to embrace firelight, why I want others to feel like what I feel, first the glory of God, second, freedom to live freedom to explore freedom just to, you know, to live righteously and surely as you can, and not necessarily in the struction structure of any sort of religion, except for faith in God. But I do believe in churches, I do believe that joining together with like minded people is necessary. And if that's in a church building, or whatever it's in, that's good. You need to be around like minded people.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:44
Betty I appreciate your time and thank you so much for telling me your story and telling my audience the story and hopefully this this conversation enlightened, no pun intended. The people listening, people listening to engage Have the courage to fight do to follow their dreams and, and to really live a life without fear and not to fear deaths, and to to move forward with bravery and throughout this life, so I appreciate you and where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Betty Eadie 1:10:18
Well, I have a website, and it is I also have a movie site that, that I put up, it's an And, you know, if, right now, I, you know, I accept contributions, because I don't have all of millions of dollars that the publishing company got, and I praise God that they did, because they stepped down on a limb. And they helped me. I think I would, you know, I would certainly get the movie gone a long time ago. It's like, you know, if I know, but God has His plan. All right, and I'm waiting for that plan. Patients, occasionally, it's going to happen. All the right people selected, everything's going, they just don't know it yet. But when it happens, it is going to collide, and it's going to be perfect. And it's going to help millions and millions of people. And these are the times that we need to get it out there. And I'm getting too old. I need to I want my dream. If God is listening, and I know he is, what I want is to get film done. And I'm going to buy go to major cities to some of these places where I watch the matrix and where I watched. And I want to get a ticket and get into the rear part of the theater and watch it. Watch it and feel the spirits of those who are receiving. I want that. So I'm going to do that. That's my my goal,

Alex Ferrari 1:12:08
Betty I wish you nothing but the best in your goal. My dear, thank you again so much for coming on the show and I truly appreciate you. Thank you for keeping up the good fight and trying to enlighten all of us.

Betty Eadie 1:12:18
Absolutely. Thank you again for inviting me.

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