Studied NDEs for 30 Years & What I Discovered Gave Me GOOSEBUMPS! with Dr. Scott Taylor

In today’s episode, we embark on a profound journey with Dr. Scott Taylor, a man whose life was transformed by an extraordinary shared death experience. As we delve into the realms of consciousness and the mysteries beyond our physical existence, Dr. Taylor’s insights offer us a glimpse into the interconnectedness of all beings and the boundless nature of love.

Dr. Taylor grew up in what he describes as a typical 1950s family in southern Minnesota, embodying the social norms and values of that era. Life seemed well-mapped out for him, filled with academic pursuits and family responsibilities. However, everything changed when he experienced a shared death event that altered his perception of reality and spirituality forever.

In 1981, Dr. Taylor was deeply in love with a woman named Mary Fran and had developed a close bond with her young son, Nolan. Tragically, a car accident claimed Mary Fran’s life instantly and left Nolan with severe injuries. As Nolan lay in the hospital fighting for his life, a gathering of family and friends held vigil, hoping for a miracle. On the sixth day, during his quiet shift in the early morning hours, Dr. Taylor witnessed Nolan’s final transition.

As Nolan’s heart slowed to a stop, Dr. Taylor experienced something extraordinary. He saw Mary Fran come across the veil to embrace her son, and in that divine moment, he was invited to join them. Together, they journeyed to the light, entering a realm where the universe itself seemed to be made of love and acceptance. This profound experience of shared death opened Dr. Taylor’s heart to the vast possibilities of the non-physical world.


  1. Interconnectedness of All Beings: Dr. Taylor’s journey revealed the profound interconnectedness of all souls. As he witnessed Mary Fran and Nolan’s reunion, he felt an integral part of their bond, demonstrating how love transcends physical boundaries and unites us all in a larger, universal consciousness.
  2. The Nature of Consciousness: Through his experiences and research, Dr. Taylor emphasizes that consciousness is fundamental and causative. It is the building block of the universe, from which time, matter, and all existence arise. This understanding shifts our perspective on life and death, recognizing that our essence is eternal and intertwined with the cosmos.
  3. The Power of Love and Forgiveness: Dr. Taylor’s encounter with the light and the divine beings he met there underscored the limitless nature of love. In the afterlife, he experienced a realm of complete acceptance, where all aspects of our being are embraced without judgment. This highlights the importance of love and forgiveness in our earthly lives, guiding us to live more compassionately and authentically.

Dr. Taylor’s experience did not end with his return to physical life. It ignited a quest to reconnect with that divine state, leading him to explore various spiritual traditions and practices. His journey took him to sacred sites around the world and deep into meditation practices, ultimately finding resonance with the binaural beat technology developed by the Monroe Institute. This technology helped him access expanded states of awareness and reconnect with the non-physical realms.

In his conversations with others who have had near-death or shared death experiences, Dr. Taylor has discovered common elements that transcend individual belief systems. Whether through tunnels of light, encounters with divine beings, or life reviews, these experiences universally point to the infinite potential and love that await us beyond this physical existence.

Dr. Taylor’s story is a testament to the transformative power of near-death and shared death experiences. They teach us about the profound nature of our existence, the interconnectedness of all beings, and the boundless love that forms the fabric of the universe. His insights remind us that we are never alone and that our lives are part of a grand, loving continuum.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Scott Taylor.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 116

Dr. Scott Taylor 0:00
You become part of the light. So you enter into it. And if you're really clever, you will look behind you and discover there's no shadow.

Alex Ferrari 0:24
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley. To present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships, and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to I'd like to welcome to the show Dr. Scott Taylor. How you doing Dr. Taylor?

Dr. Scott Taylor 0:57
I am awesome. Thank you for inviting me, Alex, I've been looking forward to this.

Alex Ferrari 1:02
Thank you so much. I appreciate that. I I'm fascinated with your work and what you've been doing for a couple years now. And wanted to know, my very first question to you is, what was your life like prior to the work that you're doing to this kind of spiritual experience and the experiences that you've had,

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:24
I grew up in southern Minnesota, and what could be kind like all the Leave It to Beaver family, you know, it was in the 50s. And dad went to work and mom stayed home and raised the kids and I grew up in the Presbyterian Church. We attended all all the time. And it was. Let's see, I grew up in Mankato, Minnesota, which is in the southern part of the state. For your listeners, who have watched Little House on the Prairie. Oh, I did. We're about 30 miles east of where that, you know, fictional representation of a real book took place, the only difference being and the television show. In the opening credits, there's Michael Landon and family and they're, you know, got the wagon, and they're going across the prairie. And in the mountain in the background, there are mountains. Well, I have to tell you that southern Minnesota is about, you know, 1100 miles from any mountain. So that part was a little but it looked pretty dance.

Alex Ferrari 2:42
But it looks pretty It's Hollywood Come on.

Dr. Scott Taylor 2:47
So it was a calm the idea was that you paid attention to social norms and and you lived within those and and that was it, I kind I had my world mapped out for me, you know, I was gonna enter into the family business. And along the way, you know, I did college and graduate school and was a Boy Scout and just stuff that, you know, fit a particular mold, a particular model of how we could grow up and and then everything changed.

Alex Ferrari 3:30
So, before we get to your experience, what is a shared death experience as opposed to a near death experience?

Dr. Scott Taylor 3:38
Ah, thank you for asking that question. Yeah, shared death experiences, is a relatively new nomenclature. originally coined about 10 years ago, plus or minus, the same guy who, who coined near death experiences, which was Raymond Moody, in his book 1971 life beyond life. He coined this experience that also shared death experience, and the difference is in a near death experience, most of the time, people have physical trauma, and it's so bad that their body dies. And as a result, our non physical body lifts out of our physical body, it has an adventure in the non physical world and then the physical body is revived. And, you know, the non physical body then re enters that experience now with a shared death experience. It is similar, except the person who's experiencing it say me. There's no physical trauma. I'm more than likely they're sitting bedside with somebody who's making a transition or their asleep or they're sitting quietly at home somewhere. So there's, there's nothing that's going on with the experiencer. And then somebody they care deeply about, is making their final transition. So they're actually going through a death experience. So when that person is leaving their body for the last time, there's an invitation sent to say me. And then I leave my physical body and accompany the person in their transition experience. So it's an actual death experience that somebody else gets to participate in. So it's very different in terms of is this really death? Or isn't it? And the answer is, yes, there's really a death that's occurring. And another person is there firsthand, to not only witness it, but they get to participate in it to

Alex Ferrari 6:06
Now for my understanding in the shared death experience, you only go to a certain point on that journey. On that transition, you don't go through the full experience that a near death or would have, is that a fair statement? Or Am I incorrect? It's like, you don't have a life review. You don't, you know, you don't know any of that stuff.

Dr. Scott Taylor 6:26
Oh, that's not true. In a shared death experience, you go as far as you are invited or allowed, right. And it could be you can participate with them. And in almost all of the of the steps, except, of course, the very final one. In which case, you know, you'd be you'd be staying also, no. In my case, which we'll talk about a little bit. It was, you know, just the opening parts of a of the transition experience. But I've talked to people who, who, you know, been at the reunion who have participated in meeting with divine beings and having a life review and accompanying people to the healing and regeneration center. And, you know, the Hall of doors that I mean, all of the things that are available to near death experiences are available to share death experiences. But to your point, most of the time is just those opening opening stages. And that's what you read about mostly, but there are other people who have participated in a full blown experience, just not very many.

Alex Ferrari 7:49
So it's kind of like you go to the airport, you're seeing somebody off. You get through the gate, you get through security, and you get all the way to the gate right before they get on the plane. But you generally that's the end of the road. You You don't have you don't have a ticket. You haven't paid the ticket. Yeah, that's pretty you say your goodbyes, and then you go back home, essentially.

Dr. Scott Taylor 8:08
Exactly. Right. I like that metaphor. Stick with it. I will you can use it. If I use it. Yeah, absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 8:15
That's because that was the first thing that popped in my head. I'm like, yeah, it's kind of like going to the airport and you go all the way to the gate because I've done that when I was younger, when you were allowed to go to the gate. Now you don't even get to go to the gate unless you have a ticket. But you would get all the way to the gate to say goodbye to somebody or to pick somebody up nowadays

Dr. Scott Taylor 8:31
Without permission you can go all the way up to the the gate yeah up to the gate with that tunnel. What am I trying?

Alex Ferrari 8:40
Yeah, yeah, the run that yeah, the walkway walkway to the PA you can get all the way there.

Dr. Scott Taylor 8:46
You can get all the way there you think I just did it with my folks. You know, they're both in wheelchairs. And, and so yeah, we went through TSA, we went down to the hallway all the way down. And it was a great way to get through an airport very quickly.

Alex Ferrari 9:04
Have somebody in a wheelchair, that's our

Dr. Scott Taylor 9:06
I have somebody in a wheelchair and then have one of those. Usually that you know they come with an operator and you know, the operators know all the secret elevators and get you right through TSA slight

Alex Ferrari 9:20
Side note for everybody listening also know Another side note is I discovered when I took my grandma to Disney World, best way to cut the line and have somebody in a wheelchair. Wheelchair I'm just saying. Now tell me about your extraordinary story in in your shared death experience.

Dr. Scott Taylor 9:40
Sure. And thank you for asking out because I I appreciate that. It happened in 1981. I was in love with a beautiful woman Her name is Mary Fran. And she and her son Nolan who just turned seven had spent the day out sailing on Lake Washington, which is in southern Minnesota. And on the way home, she attempted to make a left hand turn on no county road, look into the setting sun and didn't see oncoming car. It. That car hit her right in the driver's side door and killed Mary Fran instantly, no. And Nolan had a really serious head wound. And they wound up taking him to mail in Rochester, Minnesota. So he had some of the best care in the world. Thank you mail, they really did a lovely job with him. And there, he took six days to make his final transition. That's important because Mary Fran was one of nine children. And so in the intervening time between the car accident, and when Nolan left his physical body for the last time, there was a chance for all of these relatives to show up. So I mean, we're talking brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts and grandparents and friends. Other kinds of cousins family members, and that's just on her side name I got on my side of the family was there too. And it just meant there were a lot of people that had taken over the waiting room. As it as we waited through that, that that final period during that six days, because there were so many of us, what we did is we divided the time up into two hour slots. And we went into and were with Nolan. And my particular spot happened to be from three in the morning till five in the morning on the on the sixth day after the accident. It was I was there with Mary brand's older sister Janney. And the two of us spent time with Nolan we we read him stories. We told him about who was there and what was going on. When you have that many people it becomes really quite funny. I mean, the waiting room was just packed with people. And that the evening before the young man in the group had gone foraging for for cushions that they swiped from every couch they could find in the Mayo Clinic and brought him into the waiting room. And they were sleeping on the floors and on the on the chairs. It was just this this wild, you know, mix of people trying to get comfortable while they were holding vigil for for Nolan. Well, it got to be about 445 in the morning, but 15 minutes before the end of our shift was up and Janee, who was a train nurse went down to take a look at his chart. And she was looking at his chart and then was looking at the monitors that were surrounding his bed. And she just shook her head at the end held out her hand and said, Scott, it's it's time. So we grabbed a couple of chairs and we sat by Nolan's head and we we said our goodbyes, which meant that we had a chance to tell him that he had been a very brave young man, and that he had been fighting for six days to stay with us all and to be with us. But it was clear that his body was giving out. And so Janee said to him that if his mother should come to pick him up, remember she died six days before the scene of the accident.

If Mary Fran was coming to pick him up, that it was okay for Nolan to go with her and that that would be a good thing. And he shouldn't feel guilty because he had been such a brave and tenacious boy trying to stay with us. But if Mary Fran came, he should go. And we expressed our love for each other and then we left that to be five o'clock and we and we left well it wasn't more than 45 minutes late. or when the nurse on the floor came in and woke us all up in in the waiting room, and all of these people filed into Nolan's hospital room. And that's important because for whatever reason, I wound up being at the tail end of this group. So when I walked in, it was already about four people deep around surrounding the bed, because there were so many of us. And so I wound up just sitting on the window ledge next to Mary friends, youngest brother Willie, and, and then we just waited. And, you know, when you're holding vigil, it's, at least in Nolan's case, it was a very gentle process that his his heart was just slowing down, and the beats were becoming less and less vibrant. Until it just flatlined. And there's that ominous tone that happened. And when Nolan flatlined, what I witnessed was Mary Fran coming across the veil, and scooping up, Nolan out of his physical body. And they had this extraordinary reunion, as you can only imagine, between a mother and child. And somehow I got to participate in that. I mean, I'm just sitting there on the window ledge, but yet I, I am there and feeling the emotional exchange between the two of them. And then to my surprise, what happened was, then the two of them turned to me. And they embraced me. And then the three of us went to the light. And once in the light, it was extraordinary Alex, it was this exquisite place where you realize instantly that that the universe is love, and that you are entering into this, this place of profound love and acceptance. There's no judgment. But rather, you begin to realize that you are an integral part of the love of the universe. And then, the three of us, Mary Fran Nolan, and I had a chance to say our goodbyes. And we got to express our love for one another. We got to say how much we cared for each other. And then we had a chance just to be with one another, as in this really extraordinary place. And then at some point, it felt like it was finished. And the two of them then turned and left and went further into the light. And I came back into my physical body. So that's part A of the story.

Alex Ferrari 18:29
Real quick, if I can interject What happened to your body during this time where you obviously you weren't dead? You were kind of like a meditative state. Clear. So you were kind of like a meditative state that because you are the other people around you. So you weren't alone in the room. So it was definitely not So did anyone look at you like hey, what's going on with Scott?

Dr. Scott Taylor 18:51
That's part B of the story. Okay. I go ahead and thank you for that segue. That was great. So what happened was that I was with Mary Fran and Nolan and the light and yet in my physical body, and I remember I'm sitting on a windowsill and right next to me here is Willie mean, we're touching shoulders. And I am also fully present in the room. So I have now the split consciousness where I am with Mary Fran and Nolan and I am in the room. I didn't have a word for it then it took a long time for me to find it. I call it by location. That's that's as good a word as I can find. I had two distinctly separate fully functioning consciousnesses. And I know this because I'm experiencing this incredible space, this area of love that is First witness by me when Nolan gets picked up by his mother, and then when I'm in the, in the light with them, that it's like the love of the universe is inside me. And it's trying to break out. And my face was this expression of joy of ecstasy of acceptance, it was, it was totally inappropriate for the room. And so the only thing that I could think of to do was to take and cover my face with my hands. Because if anybody had looked at me, I am positive that they wouldn't have understood what was going on. And that my reaction was totally inappropriate for the room. Because remember, they had just lost their nephew, their cousin, their friend, their friend, whatever. And, you know, this is the second loss in six days with Mary Fran. And then now, Nolan. And, you know, there's a room filled with grieving people that are hugging each other and looking for consolation in each other's presence. And I couldn't do that right then. So I had, you know, my hands over my face. And then when my physical body, I'm sorry, my non physical body came back to my physical body, I could regain my composure, I could take my hands down, and I could be with the other grieving relatives in the room. So I was the short answer. Your question was, I was fully present in the room. And there you go.

Alex Ferrari 21:54
That's pretty fascinating, because I mean, studying, you know, a lot of the ancient texts you hear of these Yogi's who are able to do what you just explained, meaning being in two places at the same time, having to consciousness at the same time. And it's, it's fascinating to see that you had that experience, because I mean, I've only had with Dr. William Peters on. Before about shared death experience. I haven't had a lot of people who had shared death experiences on the show, but a near death, there's been not a lot of shared experiences. And I can't quite remember what, I don't think I ever asked him that question what was going on with your body at the time, but yours is interesting, because you had a roomful of people. So if you're alone, you could just sit there and be met in a meditative state, almost like an out of body experience state. But you had other people that you weren't next two people. So there's a fascinating, it's a fascinating what happened to you.

Dr. Scott Taylor 22:47
So it's so the the work of William Peters, and the work that I've done with your death and shared death experiences, we, we know something about that, that transition, we know that there has to be a heart connection between the individual who's going to have a shared death experience me. And the person who's making the transition in this case, that was Nolan. And, you know, just kind of as a side note, Mary, Fran was the single mom, the birth father had disavowed any knowledge of his actions, and so was never present in their lives. And so as a result, Mary fan chose not to tell Nolan who his biological father was. And so when I came along, and we are developing this, this nice relationship, Mary, Fran, and I, and I'm starting to begin to bond with Nolan. There was, you know, I'm, I'm a surrogate dad. And, and as a result, we had we had a really special connection. And when he left his physical body, I, you know, he sent out that invitation invited me to come along. Now it wasn't in words, it just, it just happened. And but that seems to be a critical part of what is necessary for a shared death experience.

Alex Ferrari 24:34
Someone has to invite you in. It's not like you just happen to be walking by the walking by the hallway, walking by the room and you're like, Hey, do you want to come on?

Dr. Scott Taylor 24:43
And, in addition, I had to be in a receptive state. And I've had about 45 minutes of watching, you know, the heart monitor. And, you know, there's not a lot to do there. So you're kind of meditate almost on the mat. If you're in a meditative state, just watching his heart monitor and wondering when it's gonna go silent. And so, you know, that's part of it.

Alex Ferrari 25:09
So it was so let me ask you, then, Scott, what happened to you after this? Because obviously, this experience happened to you. I'm assuming you just went on with your life as normal. Never gave it another second thought. And just moved on with

Dr. Scott Taylor 25:23
Yeah, exactly that. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 25:27
So what what would the after effects of this experience like physical, mental, psychological, spiritual?

Dr. Scott Taylor 25:32
Yeah. Well, what we know about near death experiences and shared death experiences, is that it changes everything. In an instant, what I discovered was how I thought the world work, didn't I mean, it was entirely different than something else, you know, what I grew up with, I mean, the lexicon of the Presbyterian church just doesn't cover things like by location. And the moment that you're in your greatest grief, you are in your greatest joy, in the fact that you can, you know, be two places at once and have conversations with people that have made their transition, Mary Fran, and Nolan who was making his transition, you know, that's just so outside my experience that I really didn't know what to do with it. And so I didn't tell anybody for like 15 years. It was, it was just that profound a change. But what did happen was, I knew that if I had done it once, I could do it again. And it became part of who I am to go on this big exploration, or how can I make that happen again, because I really want to be able to touch this place again, because it's extraordinary. And I just knew that I could have a relationship with Mary Fran and Nolan, that that was available to me, because it had happened once before. And so I wound up you know, in the, in the first decade or so, after that, I traveled the world, I went to every well, not every but a lot of them major spiritual sites, you know, like Stonehenge and the Sphinx and the pyramids, and the Oracle of Delphi and Machu Picchu and on and on, looking to see if you know, in these terrific spiritual centers, is there a spark of energy there that could help propel me into that space? Again? The answer's no.

Alex Ferrari 28:05
Because I went too much. I went to Machu Picchu and nothing happened. I'm just having happen.

Dr. Scott Taylor 28:09
You know, it's, it was it was a terrific it's a wonderful travelogue. And I met some really amazing people and I, you know, touch base with some ancient spiritual stuff, but it wasn't what I was looking for. And so then I started, you know, my meditation traditions. I started off with TM, I I was lucky in that Mankato, there's a very active the metal locket and Sioux live in that area, the Dakota Indians. And so I learned some some shamanistic things they went to, that's what I was doing in Peru is doing a shrimp some shaman training. And again, the idea was that I knew that there was something I had to be in the right state. Well, long story short, I eventually I found them in row institute that uses binaural beats to help you focus in whole expanded states of awareness. And it allowed me the time to learn what those states of awareness are. And it gave me the time in state so that I knew how to navigate the non physical universe. And that opened up all all the doors have ever wanted, in terms of Yes, I was able to touch that space again. Yes, I was able to reconnect with Mary Fran and Olin and a whole bunch of other people that have made their transition

Alex Ferrari 29:43
during this meditative during this meditative state.

Dr. Scott Taylor 29:45

Alex Ferrari 29:47
So okay, so you never had another shared experience as as like exactly like the original leak, you weren't in a hospital room and were invited in and none of that. None of that. But in a meditative state, you've been able to tap back into those those that that power, that energy, that place where you can connect with people on the other side.

Dr. Scott Taylor 30:09
Yes. People and people who've never been in the physical world, you know, divine entities of all sorts,

Alex Ferrari 30:18
When you're in that altered state, what, what what information? Are you? Are you able to gather from these other from the people who have passed or people who've never incarnated? Is there any wisdom that you brought back with you?

Dr. Scott Taylor 30:37
Well, one of the things that happens to people that have near death experiences, either they have it or their aunt, they enter it into into those states through meditation, you can do either way. They're vibratory states. And so if you can figure out what the vibratory state is you can enter into those states. And once there, you begin to realize that we live in a world of duality, where it's governed by the words either or, where, you know, Alex, you are you and I am me, and we're essentially separate human beings. But in the non physical state, that's not true. Absolutely. It is a state where everything is interconnected. And so it's run by the rules of both and which means I am me, Alex, you argue, we have our individual consciousnesses. And we are part of a whole, the whole of human consciousness, which means that any information that we desire is available to us because all information is interconnected. And so that's, you know, that's the premise for things like remote viewing. And I'll say, How can we be in this place and see what's going on 1000 miles away, or in another, on another planet? Or in another dimension? Or in another timeline? Yeah, I, it just this last couple of weeks, I've had some wonderful conversations with people who are training themselves to jump timelines. So you know, they have a life either, like Scott Taylor here, and in a universe a, but there's a Scott Taylor and universe B. And you can jump in and participate with that person.

Alex Ferrari 32:37
It's fascinating. I mean, the concept of the interconnected nodes in your connectivity, exactly, just rolls off the tongue. The, the mistake that so many of us make is that we feel that we're disconnected, that we are individuals, especially in the West, which has been pounded into us the individuality of us all, that, you know, it's we're separate from everything. But as we're kind of realizing now, as the planets going through what the planets going through, our economies are going through what they're going through, we're all interconnected and reliant on each other, it's kind of like looking at two ants on the ground and saying, they're not connected, they're all part of the same group, that same mound, where there's a queen, and they're all working together, they're individuals, and they go off and do their own thing. But they're working together as part of this, this in this unified group. And it's a small example of where we're at. And that's one of the powerful, I think one of the most powerful things about the internet, is that we are now interconnected in a way that we've never been in the history of man that we know of, at least,

Dr. Scott Taylor 33:50
Were interconnected here in the physical, and we're interconnected in the non physical plane to so what we're seeing is that what has always existed in the non physical has now replicated itself in the physical

Alex Ferrari 34:06
In a rudimentary way, but we're able to, I mean, the internet is you as I know, growing up, I mean, I was both you and I came from a place where there was no internet. We were both born at the time that there was no internet. Yeah, so we understand the difference. But when the internet came, it was clunky, it was brutal. You had to get those free AOL. AOL discs, just log in. Back in the day was it was a brutal experience. And it's gotten better and better and better, but it's going to even get even more advanced as the years go by.

Dr. Scott Taylor 34:43
Where I remember when 50k speed was

Alex Ferrari 34:46
50k Are you kidding? I was speeding. My first set and my first modem was 2400 baud. So yeah, who, like 36k 50k What are you gonna do with all that? Speed. Sorry, it's just a couple of folks talking about the old. I apologize. But so with all these experiences that you've had, what is the biggest lesson, or piece of wisdom that you've brought back that has shaped your life, and is a message that you're putting out into the world?

Dr. Scott Taylor 35:21
I like to think of us as beginning to understand that consciousness is loving consciousness is fundamental. And causative is the building block of the universe. They're everything arises out of consciousness, in dark, time arises out of consciousness, molecules and atoms, they arise out of consciousness, and that this loving consciousness is the fundamental building block of the universe. And so those of us that have chosen to come into the land of duality are coming here because we are wanting to learn more about love. And to expand our capacity to love as a, as a being, not only as a physical being, but our non physical being it being in duality stretches us so that we have more awareness of our loving nature of the universe's loving nature, and how to be expressions of that love here in the physical world. And beyond that, you know, and we can enter into it at anytime that we want to meditation training happens to be a wonderful way into it. It's a lot more fun and having a car accident, or you drown

Alex Ferrari 37:15
There's that way too. I mean, there's, there are options.

Dr. Scott Taylor 37:18
We can do the physical trauma thing, but

Alex Ferrari 37:22
No head trauma needed is what you said. Now, with all the studies you've done over the years, with near death experiences, what are some common elements that many Near Death Eaters have? I mean, I've spoken to dozens of Near Death Eaters at this point on the show. And I've I've already just from my own rudimentary research have come across a handful of things like the life review and an apparent and a panoramic place that the place of love relatives or loved ones that you've met before, connecting with a deity that you in this life would have, you know, would have followed or worshipped. So if it's Jesus, it's Jesus. If Mohammed, it's Mohammed, if it's Buddhists, Buddha, if it's a yogi, it's a yogi. These are the people that show up. So if you're, if you're Buddhist, generally speaking, a Jeep Muhammad's not going to show up for you. Generally speaking, these are these are common themes that I've I've heard from multiple stories, but I'd love to hear your, your common elements, what you found in your research.

Dr. Scott Taylor 38:32
The I think the thing that's important to realize is that these events are, you know, our transition from a physical world into the non physical world is all metaphorical. It is based on what it is we know as human being. So like you said, I happened to grow up as a Presbyterian Christian kind of middle of the road mainline forever. So that will profoundly affect what kinds of things will happen to me in my near death experience. So I will, you know, I will more than likely encounter people that I know, you know, my friend, my grandparents, you know, my cousins who are past my best friends in high school who've made their transition, you know, they'll be available for me, because that's, that's what I expect. And that's where my heart connection is. Why would Jesus Christ show up? That'd be a lovely thing. Would Buddha or my bear totem show up? Probably not because I'm not wired into those traditions. You know, am I going to go through the Hindu Bartos? Probably not. So, we think of it as you know, what are the metaphor First in our head, that will allow us to enter into this rather extraordinary space. So if we're, if we're moving from here to there, and we can feel the difference between being in the physical world, and now moving out into the non physical world and expanding, sure a tunnel shows up, you know, it just, it feels like a tunnel. I had this. I had this guy who was a trucker, and he was in an accident. And, and when he left his physical body, he described going up a tailpipe into heaven. And of course, he did, because he's a trucker truckers have tailpipes. You know. I just love that. Anyway. So yeah, there are typically people, when you leave your physical body, there's usually somebody there who's a guide, somebody that you know, and love. And, and it's their job to take you to the light. And you may go through a tunnel, you may not go through a tunnel, you can do it fast, you can do it slow, I encourage people to do it slow, because that tunnel was freaking amazing. There's just all kinds of cool stuff in it. And then once you enter into the light, there's a, there's a reunion of your family and friends, and you get to design that for yourself to get it, you get a chance ahead of time. And then there's a point where a Divine Being shows up. And you get a chance to have an interaction with a divine being somebody who's never had a physical existence before they've got another job. And their job is to begin to have you realize again, how interconnected we are. And so you begin, you merge with this Divine Being and realize that there's no there's no difference anymore. You are you You are, there's the other the Divine Being but then there's this merger. And the divine being has the ability to just love every bit of you, if there's any dark places in the soul, the light that the Divine Being has just makes them go away. And everything about you His love, and good, bad, ugly, those distinctions just go away, all of you is love. And then there's a life review. And the Life Review is an extraordinary event, we have a second or two Sure, go for it. This is a thing that people don't get very often. Typically life reviews happen from three different perspectives. You are you so you get to relive your life, just exactly as it happened with all your thoughts and sensations.

Alex Ferrari 43:09
But, but not to interrupt, I'm sorry, but all at once for my understand, happen. Not like in a timeline like it happens all at once, which is difficult for us to understand here in this place. But you're able to see everything every moment every second of your life and not only see it all at once. But feel it all at once is that correct?

Dr. Scott Taylor 43:30
Do it all at once. And you have to know what your motivations were all at once. And I know this sounds odd, but you can slow it down. And you can speed it up. I had a guy tell me that when he did his life review, there was a particular spot where he was mowing his front yard. And he chose to slow it down. Such that he could count all the mosquitoes flying around him. And it was like, whatever HD we have now, you know, 1080 It's like in a 1000s of

At many cases, many cases, they see many cases.

So it has the ability you can speed it up and slow it down. And that divine being that we just merged with typically sits right with you during the whole experience and usually ask you just one question, which is what did you learn? What did you learn? So you're you're having a scene and maybe you don't like what happened in that scene? The Divine Being says, Well, what did you learn? And, you know, reverse a, there's something you really liked. Wow, that was just so what did you learn? And so you begin to gain perspective on what it is that happened in your life and why it happened. Okay, so that's Part A, Part B is, you get to also do that same life review. But you get to be the other person in the scene with as much detail as you just now have. So if you have a best friend, you get to play the best friend in that scene and know exactly what they were thinking and how they were viewing the world and what motivated their actions. And so you get both get to be 100%. You, you get to be 100% the other so here's that bifurcation thing. But then there's the third perspective, which is the omniscient perspective, God's perspective, if you will. And from this one, what you begin to be able to sense is that you're having some sort of interaction. Say you're at a checkout counter at the grocery store, and it's not going well, this young girl is there, and it's her first day, and it's the cash register isn't working, and you're being snippy, right, you're just not being your best stuff. Well, what you begin to then realize from the omniscient perspective is how did that scene play out? How did it play out for you? And your friends, your community? And how did it roll out into the world? And then how did it roll out for that young woman? To her friend, she went went home, yelled at her boyfriend who went home and kick the cat who, right? So you get to see how our attitudes and our actions and what we say, play out in a larger context. Good and bad, good and bad. Absolutely. Now, here's the really cool part. And that is that this Divine Being is there to assist you through the life review. And so this is worth the price of admission for anybody who's listening to this program, here's your Get Get Out of Jail Free card. You can converse with your divine being and say, you know, what, if I had that scene with the checkout girl who's on her first day at work, what if I had done that differently? What would have happened? And so you get to replay it. And this time, I get to be like, don't worry about the cash register. You know, take your time, go slowly. It doesn't make any difference. If I stand here for a little bit, it's important that you learn how to do this. And frankly, all of us have had our first day at work. So just don't worry about me be cool and have fun learning how the scaffolds are work.

Alex Ferrari 47:53
So it's like a it's like a take to like a Tech Tour ticket eight to like you're making a movie, but you know, like, Okay, let's do it again. But this time, be nice to the cash register, lady.

Dr. Scott Taylor 48:03
That's right. Now, here's the cool part. That's like Instant Karma release. Because that experience where now I'm the nice guy instead of being a jerk that enters into the human experience. Also, Scott is a nice guy. So now there's another timeline, there's another experience that has been inserted into our, our human collective. And we get a chance to expand what it is that we learn in the physical world by having these redos during our life review. So it's, it's profoundly healing. And, and not only do you get, okay, so you get a redo? Well, how about if I did it this way, and you get reduced three, four or five, whatever, you get a chance to experiment and and see what the expression of your authentic self would have on that particular exchange, and then how that rolled out into the physical world. So it's, it's a rather extraordinary thing, that it's an unfortunate thing, you don't find it that much in near death experiences, because, well, it's traumatic, all of a sudden, you know, you're, you're thrown out of your physical body because of an accident. You're plunged into this world that you're not familiar with and weren't expecting. It has completely different rules for how you navigate and what you learn. And some of these opportunities just, you don't know to take to avail yourself of them. Right. But now you can and that's what that Divine Being is there for there. You're you're there. that, that Divine Being is your tour guide of what it's like to be back into this non physical world again,

Alex Ferrari 50:08
You, you kind of need somebody to kind of walk you through this process, kind of like when a child is born, were their guides, as parents were their guides through this experience, like, Hey, we've been here, this is how you walk, don't touch the fire, you're gonna burn yourself to put that in your mouth, all these kinds of things, it's, it's similar in a different way than that in that way.

Dr. Scott Taylor 50:27
After a while, you know, what we have to do is remember what it's like to be in that space again, and the Divine Being is there to help with that transition? No, it is, you know, and there's, there's a bunch of there's the circle of self, there's this circle of friends, there's the healing and regeneration center,

Alex Ferrari 50:52
What is the healing? I've never, I haven't heard that one off. I haven't heard that one.

Dr. Scott Taylor 50:56
Okay, so oftentimes, there's a reception center. So you go up, and, you know, there's a kindly person who says, Hi, welcome to the afterlife. And what we would like you to do is to, first off, we're going to check you in, and then we're going to put you in a in a room where you get a chance to relax and lose all of the garbage that you've accumulated by being in the physical world. And in particular, say somebody's add, like an amputation, you know, and they've gone their whole life without their right arm. Well, that right arm is restored in in that, you know, non physical body doesn't have to keep the ailments of the physical body. Say, the person died of cancer, well, that cancer doesn't have to be in the non physical body. But it takes us a little while to remember, Oh, I'm not sick, I don't have to act sick. I don't have to act like an amputee. And so it's, it's a process of remembering, and raising up our vibratory level to that and the non physical universe so that we can participate fully.

Alex Ferrari 52:17
Have you ever seen the movie defending your life?

Dr. Scott Taylor 52:22
I use that movie all the time. So it's really good. And mostly because I'll sit there and go defending your life. Right? Albert Brooks metal strapped and they go to heaven, she has to defend her life, blah, blah, blah, blah. Heaven is not like that. This whole movie is absolutely wrong. And it's wonderful. It's so one.

Alex Ferrari 52:45
But you know, but they did get a couple of things. It according to the research and according to the stories that we've heard, there is a life review. Now. There's been we don't have attorneys fighting for you. And if you don't get it, right, you gotta go back. But there is the concept of a life review. I love I one of my favorite things about that movie is Albert. For everyone listening, go go watch defending your life with Meryl Streep. And Albert Brooks. And Albert Brooks wrote it and directed it. And then he goes into every restaurant can eat what ever he wants, all the time, and the food is instantly there. And they just like it. He's so like, caught up with like, can I take Can I take these apple pies home, and he's walking around with like, 15 apple pies boxes, walking back to his hotel room, which is where he's staying, while he's defending his life. And the worst your life is, the more days you have to look at. And the less like, the better your life is, you only have like two days to look at things like it's a fascinating idea of what it is. And I'm one of my other if we're going down this road is what dreams may come. Oh, it's such a wonderful film.

Dr. Scott Taylor 54:01
So that one is a really wonderful example of you know, we talked about the light. And when people you know, go through the tunnel, they injured enter the light. And there's like the family room. There's three different kinds of light. There's black light, white light, and clear light. And each type of light that you enter into as a different kind of experience. Well, we see a lot of the white light in the media, you know, that's this powerful light that's just overwhelming, and it's all loving. And it's one of the cool things that I learned from somebody is that you become part of the light, you know, so you enter into it. And if you're a really clever You'll look behind you, and discover there's no shadow. Because because you know, this light is emanating from a source, but you are part of the light. Anyway. So that's white light, we see a lot of that Harry Potter went through it, you know, he had a white light experience. Anyway, so that's what Black Light, on the other hand, is this place of infinite potential is what the universe was before matter was created. And if you're an Old Testament person, you know, Genesis two talks about how, you know, in the beginning, there was the Word, and the Word was in the void. And, and so this is the void. This is where everything exists in its potential. There's no time, there's no space. It's just the universe in his primordial state. And it's unbelievably wonderful. The people that I've known that had blacklight experiences, almost to a person, they cross their arms like this, and they begin to rock. And they talk about how the black light held them, and how it loved them. And how this was words, their words are, this is the womb of God. Isn't that lovely? That's wonderful. This is the womb of God. So that's a black light experience. Excuse me. A clear light experience. That's what happened to me. And that's where you are in a physical surrounding, and all of a sudden, you begin to realize that everything is made up of light. So this microphone is made up of light, all those books in the background, my CDs are made up of light, we are all made up of light. So back to the original, what dreams may come when Robin Williams first enters heaven. He enters into a world where it's all of these colors. And he and all of these colors are emanating their own light. And he is stepping into that world stepping into the world of color and light. And that's what it's like to have a clear life experience. So it's one of the finest descriptions, not verbal, but using images is one of the finest images that I've seen of what a clear light experiences is. Am I entering into that space. No, thank you for bringing that up.

Alex Ferrari 57:50
Yeah, it's one of my favorite. I mean, even before any of this is when it first came out, I was I mean, I'm a huge Robin Williams fan. And I had the pleasure of meeting him before his passing and he was just an extraordinary. Yeah, it's an extraordinary was a few months before he passed. It was an extraordinary time, an extraordinary energy that I felt off with him. And he is he was a remarkable man. I know a lot of people have worked with him over the years and tells me wonderful stories about Robin and it's so tragic what happened with Robin, but then that movie becomes even more haunting after the fact. But when that movie came out, I think was 90 and then 90 somewhere. when that movie came out, I was still fairly much of a knucklehead. In my 20s I was in my 20s in the 90s. So I was fairly much still a knucklehead and that movie still pierced through the knuckle adness and touched me in a way that then not many films did during those during those years. Shawshank Redemption is another one that kind of really appears as as well. And you can you can call that very. You can make analogies between Shawshank Redemption and a near death experience of going through a tunnel, a dark tunnel and coming out into the light of that thing. And you can go deep into that. I have a question for you with all the all the research you've done over the years. Have you ever heard of a disturbing, near death experience? Because I've yet to come across one of those?

Dr. Scott Taylor 59:16
Yes, yes, I have. There aren't very many. In the literature, they they call them less than positive Ltd.

Alex Ferrari 59:27
Less than positive. Very, very nice.

Dr. Scott Taylor 59:32
But here's a really interesting thing. We were talking about William Peters in his research into shared death experiences. Now remember that near death experiences happen to somebody who's living, they die after the experience and they come back to the physical body. So it's not really a death experience. It's in mourning. It's something really similar but it's not the same right shared ethics. variances however, somebody is actually making their transition. So we are witnessing, and experiencing a real transition in his book at heaven's door, which is the one that's easy to do, they're right on the end. 800 people 100% of the people who had a benevolent experience, they went to a benevolent afterlife. So this less than positive experience that happens during an NDA II, I'm now beginning to shift my belief system a little bit to say, that has to do with returning to the physical and that less than positive experience must have some sort of bearing on, you know, if it's happening to me, okay, I'm going to recover and live life more here in the world of duality. But that less than positive experience has meaning for me somehow, it's teaching me something. So there's a lesson involved with that. And, and that's entirely consistent with Oh Hill, Joseph Campbell, and hero's journey, the hero's journey, you know, at some point, in the hero's journey you are confronted with this task is this obstacle that you have to overcome. And I think that a large part of what it is that happens for people when they have a less than positive experiences that they have to draw upon their inner resources to overcome the obstacle that's been put in front of them, they have to maintain this sense of detachment from what's going on. They have to adopt a new worldview so that they can continue on, you know, the easy ones are, you know, it's like, you know, somebody comes along, and whacks alongside of the head with a two by fours, and hey, Taylor, you are not living the life that you want to do, and you're screwing it up, man. And here's what you need to do in order to get back on the path. That's an easy one. You know, but less Are you know, how do you how do you think about yourself and and in relation to the physical world? Case in point? What we does, I've done a lot of this work with people who have entered into this state and they've been confronted by Oh, well, go back to Harry Potter, the three headed dog remember that one and getting on the trapdoor? Okay. A person that has has dominion in that world would step back from that scene, instead of being terrified by that three headed monster dog, they would step back and go, Hello, three headed drooling dog. Clearly, you are here to get my attention. What is it that you want to tell me so that I can keep moving forward. And almost instantly, every time I'm that three headed dog will transform and it will turn into some other entity that says, well, actually, I want you to do this, this and this when you get back to the physical world, because that will have impact on who you are as a human being, and the kind of joy that you can spread in the world at some point. So there's lots that those kinds of experiences and tell us but there aren't that many of them. And truthfully, I've had more than one interview with somebody scheduled, and they would back out at the last minute. Because it's painful for them to talk about it. And so there's not that much written about it.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:18
So is it more so when you have a quote unquote, not so Was it cold metal positive or not so nice and positive, less than positive experience when it comes to the needy? It's, it seems to me that from what you're explaining that it is still based in love in a way that this is what is needed for you to learn and to get these lessons to take back with you. Some people can hear it from a divine being. Other people need the three headed drilling dog to get their attention, and sometimes they will understand what's going on and sometimes they'll just be terrified. So there is those is that a fair statement?

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:04:58
Fair statement and Uh, and again, you know, always there is that divine being that's right there.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:06
Yeah, exactly.

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:05:07
They're all on, you know, maybe one of the lessons that we have to learn in life is to call on help when we need it. Right and right. You know, it's it's a big becomes a complicated answer.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:22
No, no, I completely understand. But it's great, because I've never had a conversation about this, this part of Indies. Everyone always talks about the positive, the positive is life changing. But there are people who do come back. And I've heard very kind of like, whispers of it from people, but never actually sat down and spoken to somebody who's had conversations with people who've, who've had them. They generally don't do interviews, the ones that do interviews, yeah, yeah, especially in our public ones, because it's so painful for them to go back down that road. So there's not a lot of information about negative and the ease. In the literature. You're absolutely right. But I think it's still like, like in life when something. And many times the things that happen to us that are quote, unquote, negative in our lives, are there to teach us whether we can see it or not, at the time, is not really relevant.

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:06:17
If your viewers are really interested in this, Nancy Evans, Bush, has written three books on less than positive experience. She's the only one that I know of that has significant research in this area, she had won, and, and thus was able to convince others to come forward and tell their stories and her books are beautiful. They're beautifully written, compassion, and an insight onto what else could this meet?

Alex Ferrari 1:06:52
Well, I will definitely try to reach out to her see if I can get her on the show, because I would love to have a deep conversation about this subject. Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:07:04
Oh. So when you say good, I'm not I what I hear is not moralistic mean, they're Dec. That can be one criteria. Right? So as you know, are you living a life that's consistent with the moral values with the community that you're living in? Churches are? Right, so my answer is like, not that, not that, not that we're not going that way. When I hear you say, good life, what I'm hearing you saying? Are you living an authentic life? Are you living a life? That is the truest expression of who you are? And are you pursuing those kinds of experiences that you signed up or when you came into this world? And because we all do mean, there's a whole, there's a whole center up there that talks about when you come into this physical world, there's a whole team of people that help you assemble the life that you're going to have here, you get to pick your parents and your friends and kind of experiences you want, both physical and non physical, spiritual, I mean, they craft what it what your life will be like. And a good life is is consistent with coming up with those kinds of things. Are you are you? Are you living the fullest expression of your life? That is appropriate for your learning? Meaning, it's me for my learning. But what is it? What is it that is needed for the other people to accomplish in their lives? And what does humanity need for me to do in this world? Here's, here's my case. So when I get a chance, and I make my final transition, and and I go up to the non physical universe, one of the first people I want to meet is Judas Iscariot. Judas Iscariot, to remind folks out there, he's the person who betrayed Jesus. And you know, sold him for 30 pieces of silver. Jesus could not be Jesus without Judas Iscariot. Right. And who would sign up for that job?

Alex Ferrari 1:09:39
There's gonna play that part in the movie.

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:09:44
Yeah, and who, who would is willing to accept the hate and damned nations of 1000s of years and millions of people for the betrayal of the Divine Jesus? And in my worldview, it had to be Jesus's best friend. Because who else would do that for him? Only somebody that loves him so dearly, right? That he would be willing to sacrifice not only his life, but his reputation and his you know, all the bad juju that people keep sending in for 1000s of years name

Alex Ferrari 1:10:27
Is a noun at this point. Judas says Judas, and you know exactly what that means,

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:10:34
You know exactly who we're talking about. But that was his calling, that was his fullest expression of himself, was to play that role so that the two of them together could make the life of Jesus be a central role and in, you know, and where it had to go. So, when you asked me about what is it, that is a good life? I think it has to do with who you are, are you living your authentic self? And are you living this this expression of physicalness in a way that gives you all of the experience that you need to to move forward?

Alex Ferrari 1:11:26
And, and Judas pretty much pretty much knocked out that name. It's not one of the most popular names in the list of babies. Now, isn't that so much? I've yet I've yet to run across a Judas. Personally, I don't know about you, I've never run against one. So now he pretty much killed that

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:11:42
I heard about parents who name their kids, Judas in the in the judge goes, nope, not acceptable. Pick another one. Amazing, we're not gonna let that happen.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:53
Now, what is your mission in this life?

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:11:57
My mission in this life is to love and to become further expression of what is possible. To expand my ability to love and to and to be there, for those who want to hang out with me.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:34
I want to go on the journey with you, sir.

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:12:35
So when I go on a journey with me, and this is a cooperative adventure, and it's my job to play my part to the fullest extent that I can.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:47
And last question, what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:12:49
We're back to that the ultimate purpose in life is to love to expand our ability to love and to gain knowledge. So that we as human beings, as a being a singular being become wiser, but also for us as a collective. So that we become wiser as a species. And we begin to draw on that. And, and for me, my personal mission is to make available these states of consciousness for people who would like to explore them. And they are no, this is, it's too bad. We have lots of people who love to read, to me love to read books about near death experiences. I think we're at the point in our history now where people can say, you know, stop reading, just stop reading and experiment and experience what it is that near death experiences go through? Because that is what will grow your soul more than anything.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:01
And where can people find out more about you and what you do?

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:14:06
Ah, please visit me at my website And there's a bunch of stuff about me. The classes I hold where I take people to the same places near death experiences go to, you don't want to take a class you can buy. Those are my six CDs that are above my head there. So you can do them at home. You can do these meditations at home. The technology that we use on those is, is a derivative of binaural beat technology and it's fabulous or focusing your attention and expanding your awareness. I'm also a podcaster. So when you go on to YouTube, look up the after life files to do after like files and you'll find and some really interesting interviews with researchers and people who've had near death experiences. So between my website and my podcast that will do it.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:12
It has been an absolute pleasure talking to you. It's been so much fun. Thank you so much for coming on the show and thank you for the work that you're doing. And the love that you're trying to spread into this world, my friend, I appreciate you.

Dr. Scott Taylor 1:15:21
Alex. This was awesome. Had a really good time and thank you for asking such good questions. I appreciate it.

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