LIFE-ALTERING LIVE Channeling That Will REDEFINE Your Life! A Must-See Event! with Rubia Lacerda

In the vast symphony of existence, there are souls who hear the cosmic melodies more keenly than others. On today’s episode, we welcome Rubia Lacerda, a spiritual guide whose journey has been one of embracing and sharing her extraordinary gifts of channeling and mediumship. Born with an innate connection to the mystical realms, Rubia’s life was anything but ordinary from the very beginning.

Rubia’s early life in Brazil was marked by her struggle to fit into societal norms while grappling with her unique abilities. As a young girl, she experienced mystical visions and dreams that she could not fully comprehend. It wasn’t until the age of 16 that a medium revealed to her the nature of her gifts. Despite this revelation, Rubia spent many years trying to live a conventional life, moving to Australia and working various jobs. The persistent knock of her spiritual calling, however, became impossible to ignore. “When I decided to put my channeling gifts and abilities out into the world, I started to create my own reality,” she reflects.

Channeling is not just a skill for Rubia; it is her life’s mission. She describes her process as a profound blending of her consciousness with that of higher beings. “I close my eyes and welcome them into my field. It’s like my consciousness takes the backseat, and theirs comes forward,” Rubia explains. This deep connection allows her to deliver messages of guidance and wisdom to those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

The journey to openly embracing her abilities was not without challenges. Rubia faced skepticism and the fear of judgment, especially considering her family’s small religious town in Brazil. Yet, with courage and the support of her loved ones, she stepped into her role as a channeler. Her mother’s words were particularly affirming: “People can say whatever they want. I’ve seen you struggle, and now you’ve found your purpose and your passion.”

Rubia’s work as a channeler has touched many lives. She shares how her sessions often lead to profound emotional shifts in her clients, helping them to unlock their own spiritual potentials. “People get quite emotional, and it changes so much for them,” she notes. The collective impact of her work is evident, as more individuals are drawn to the wisdom she channels, eager to explore their own spiritual journeys.

One key aspect Rubia emphasizes is the importance of maintaining a clear and regulated nervous system to channel effectively. “If you don’t prep the body and the nervous system to receive the energy of channeling beings, you can blow a circuit,” she advises. This preparation involves a disciplined lifestyle, including mindful eating, regular exercise, and maintaining energetic boundaries.

Rubia’s philosophy extends to her personal life, where she practices what she preaches. She is selective about her environment and the company she keeps, ensuring that she remains energetically balanced. “I am constantly receiving information, so I need to spend a fair bit of time on my own to recharge,” she explains.


  1. Authentic Self: Embrace and express your true self, as authenticity is the key to spiritual fulfillment and collective harmony.
  2. Energetic Preparation: Maintaining a clear and regulated nervous system is crucial for effective channeling and spiritual work.
  3. Inner Joy: Connect to your joy and passions, as these are gateways to deeper spiritual insights and personal fulfillment.

In this enlightening conversation, Rubia Lacerda guides us through the complexities and beauties of spiritual channeling, offering wisdom on how to align with our true selves and navigate the spiritual path with grace and courage.

Please enjoy my conversation with Rubia Lacerda.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 293

Rubia Lacerda 0:00
Know that people will follow you as they see the changes in you, rather than you trying to change those around you. It is a matter of them seeing and then they get to choose if they want to follow the same spiritual path.

Alex Ferrari 0:17
I like to welcome to the show, Rubia Lacerda. How you doing Rubia?

Rubia Lacerda 0:31
I'm doing very well. Thank you for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:33
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you and the entities that you channel as well and, and hear a little bit about your your remarkable story of how you've gotten to the place where we are today. So my first question to you is, what was life like, before this insanity, that is channeling?

Rubia Lacerda 0:53
Wow, life was actually very normal and quite boring. And I was living a life that I was told that I had to live, you know, you need to do this, you need to study get a job, which is completely fine, right. But for me always felt like there was something missing. And I was just following. And when I decided to put my channeling gifts and abilities out into the world, I started to create my own reality. And I was like, wow, the stuff that all these spiritual teachers are talking about, and all these people talking about on the Internet actually works. So yes, I'm very grateful for this work because it has brought a lot of excitement. And you know, as sometimes even, you know, butterflies in the stomach, because what is next what is going to be the next thing because what I've learned is that people also love channeling, I didn't know how much people loved him in learning about channeling having their own channeling gifts and abilities activated.

Alex Ferrari 1:54
So when so let's go back for a minute, because there was when did you actually start? How old were you when you actually started channeling?

Rubia Lacerda 2:01
I was born medium and psychic, right. So from a very, very young age, I remember already having mystical mystical experiences. And I knew that I could channel I discovered when I was 16. So that was that's about 25 years ago, I knew that because I was having all these dreams and tapping into alternate realities. And I was like what is going on with me so I went on a discovery journey to find out what is actually happening where I had a medium tell me you are a medium and you have these abilities, it's going to be with you forever, and you may as well just work with it. But you know, a 16 year old I just wanted to party and whatever and I didn't have the confidence to follow that. So but I started to channeling and sharing that with the world three years ago.

Alex Ferrari 2:48
Really so you you were a closeted channel for a long time

Rubia Lacerda 2:52
I was because then I went to uni in Brazil. So I was born and grew up in Brazil, I went to uni and then at the age of 23 I came to Australia where I live now and then I just fall follow the norm you know, I did all sorts of jobs over here and then I got citizenship and then I kept us working and I said I'm going to work for the government because it's cool to work for the government and that's the thing I'm going to do forever but of course you know the knock on the door was always there and it was harder and harder the older I got was harder and harder to to stick ignore because I was you know always seen things feeling things knowing things, hearing things and when in 2020 I started our I call my mission I started to put my gifts and abilities out there but as a counselor and a healer I wanted to keep it very normal because I was afraid of people thinking that I was making it up

Alex Ferrari 3:43
Right which is the the danger of channels in general is like it's yeah it because it that's been and I've said this to so many channels on the show before it does sound insane to somebody who's not really connected to this world and just like I'm sorry what you're channeling what and what they like it doesn't if you're completely outside this world it does is strange and it does it does clear room like I always say like you don't walk in and go hey guys, I channel. So when you were you were kind of rejecting the call to adventure as if I may use the Joseph Campbell term. You get cannon called like you gotta go do this work and you've kind of worked constantly. Just say no, no, no. You knew what it was though. There wasn't a moment that you were like, Why am I hearing these voices in my head? Am I going insane? None of that ever happened to you?

Rubia Lacerda 4:38
I never thought that I was going insane. I did think so that teenager phase young adult teenager face a new levels like spirits. There's a religion in Brazil called spiritism. And that was really helpful. I was reading books. There were books that were automatic written and they talk about all of that. Although in the light, the lights Since 2015, when I decided to start studying, that's when things started to get a little bit more I was experiencing more. At times, I would just think, Gosh, my imagination and my visuals and the things that I see. It's so vivid and so wild. And sometimes I would kind of have a giggle about the things that would cross through my mind. So I never thought I was crazy. But I sometimes I would think that I will, I just had a very wild imagination.

Alex Ferrari 5:26
So yeah, so there wasn't a an automatic, like, Oh, I understand everything. This was a process of dealing with this and learning about it, you didn't have a guide, per se, you kind of had to do this all on your own, like finding books and educating yourself.

Rubia Lacerda 5:40
Yeah, so I was very obsessed with self development, I started getting really into it around 2008. And then as it progressed, I was following a few teachers and learning in back then all of that we see on social media and on the internet wasn't at you know, social media is just started around that 22,008. So a lot of the things were just conversations with people and books and things like that. So yeah, I was very I was, but I was very spiritual. I was learning a lot about spirituality. And I was very aware that I was very intuitive and psychic. And people would always like, find a way to come and talk to me, like friends, people at work, I was always kind of not giving people advice, but helping people through things. So it was quite a was a natural, if you can say we helping people and with being able to tune in into my intuitive abilities.

Alex Ferrari 6:34
So when you finally decided to come out of the closet, as they say, how did the people around you, you know, react to this family, friends, colleagues? Like I said, Not everybody's going to be open to this. So how did they deal with it? And how did you deal with it psychologically?

Rubia Lacerda 6:52
So because I'm in Australia, like I've lost, I've been here for 17 years, I lost a lot of contact with the people that I grew up with, like we because because we live such different lives, we are such different people. And it was just a natural process that I lost contact with them. I was I had just left a job that I was working on. Like, in a nine to five job I was working on that yet anymore. And most of my close friends, well, all my close friends were quite spiritual already. And I had I had shared privately with some friends who can can channel extraterrestrial beings, and this is what's going on. And most of my friends thought, Wow, that's amazing. And one of the reasons why I didn't come out sooner was because my family lives in a small religious town in Brazil. And everyone knows everyone. And I was like, if I do this, like it's going to have a backlash, it's going to affect my family. I'm not there. And they're going to have to put up with the backlash. Although I just had to do it. And I did it. I put out a post on social media and like boasting, you know, some big platforms, and the post went quite viral, not viral went a little bit viral as in people like, wow, this is amazing. Thank you for doing this. I feel the same. I wish I could have your courage. And I just called my mother. And I said, Mom, I'm so sorry. But this is what I've done. I can channel these beings. You know, I've been talking about ETs, since I was very young, I would always tell her, you know, I'm not from this planet, right mom, and you understand this, and they would kind of laugh and think it was funny. And I said, Mom, this is seriously this what I'm doing. I'm so sorry if there's a backlash, like I really am, but I need to follow my heart and my muscles guidance. And she said Rubia I don't care what people say people can say whatever they want. I've seen you struggling when you were you know a teenager and your whole life like you're you're struggling with just fitting in, in life in general. And now you found your thing you found your purpose and your passion and your people because I joined a mentorship where there's there were many other people like we call galactic business, it was like a galactic Business Mastermind. And I'm happy for you go for it. I don't care what people think. And there was like, instantly, I just had full body goosebumps. And I said, this is another sign from the universe that I'm on the right track. And my father is quite professional. He's He's a doctor so he can imagine. So he's known about my these gifts that I have. He never really questioned much he we don't really talk about it. There was one time but he he didn't mind because he knew I was happy. There was one time that he did ask my sister, who are these Arcturians that your sister talks about? And that is just the spiritual beings and they then change the subject and started talking about something else.

Alex Ferrari 9:46
Well, good. So then it wasn't a painful, a painful now if you will.

Rubia Lacerda 9:51
It wasn't and every now it's very interesting. It's like when I talk to their parents about this they say well that everything was perfectly planned. For this to support you and your nervous system, because it's so important that you do this. So I know intuitively speaking that some people from previous jobs, some people in my hometown, but there's a very high chance that they think I've gone a little bit crazy, maybe I'm schizophrenic, whatever it is, but they never, they message never got to me. And I am actually okay with people thinking, you know, whatever people think about me, it has nothing to do with me, it has only got to do with their own programs and beliefs, whatever it is that's going on in their life. So it's not something that I take it to heart. And it's very rare. But sometimes I may get a comment on social media, I'll say that I'm crazy. I'm making it up. But it's very, very.

Alex Ferrari 10:42
Now you mentioned your nervous system. And this is something I've heard from multiple spiritual masters and channels, that if you don't prep the body and the nervous system, to receive the energy of a channel of channeling beings of some sort, ascended masters, turions, whoever who's ever challenged, you can blow a circuit, like you really cannot handle it. So it has to be a slow kind of building up of a tolerance process. Is that what happened with you?

Rubia Lacerda 11:13
Yes, yes, I talk a lot about something that I teach as well as the nervous system, and the health of the body in order to be connected with these gifts. Because Can you imagine if you've got a chaotic life, chaotic things happening, and then you come in, and these beings are speaking through you, and you don't know how to manage it properly, you can actually go to the other other end of the spectrum, giving it out altogether. And I know people that have done that. And you have to be prepared, because a lot of things will come into can come into your field as a channel and as you know, as a medium as a as you're open. And there's there's a lot of fear messages out there. And I had someone message me recently, how do you know the beans you're channeling are off the lights, because I know channels that gave up because there were things that were not of the light coming through. And that was his question to me. And I said, I am so centered, and I am so regulated, and I've worked on that, that I am able to tune in and receive a message because my channels clear that I know that what I'm receiving is clear, it's of the light. Whereas if I had a dysregulated nervous system where um, just, you know, in our flight or fight flight fight, or flight response in a stress response, it's so much easier for a thought for your thoughts to be infiltrated. And when I say if you train it is not even something external. See, be infiltrated by your own beliefs and programs. So 100% and regulate the nervous system is crucial for people that are doing this work.

Alex Ferrari 12:51
So that's very interesting idea, because I've had that question asked a ton in the comments. Anytime I talk to a channel like how do you know these people that you're channeling or this being that you're channeling is not a demon or not something like that? And I said, Well, if it is a demon boy, they're really positive and fairly profound. So if it is, he's not doing his job, right? He's a demon. It's just the way I always look at it. So I always just, I, I just I always look at the message. What is the message coming through if it's something that is positive, not fear based, profound, really helpful. It's obviously from the light I've never heard of a channel at least from my experience that's bringing in negative things that is getting a wide audience even a small like I just have Have you experienced a channel and you have to name names but have you experienced anything like that, that that's coming negative and fear based and hate and anger? Like I've never heard of that.

Rubia Lacerda 13:53
I've experienced channels that will do do bring messages that are more of fear like there's a galactic war happening in you know, like you guys have to all be prepared that type of message. And interesting enough that you said it is of the light there are some people out there that talk about false light. So some people that when they tell Do you know it is the light because some people say you can think is the light but it's false light, they're just pretending to bring distorted messages of too much light because some people think that if you talk too much just about the light that's a problem. So yes, I have experienced channels and the problem with the awesome things that some messages are correct, although most people's nervous system and are regulated enough to hear about galactic wars or potential things that could happen on planet Earth. So yes, it really goes back to full trust full trust itself. So for me, it's full trust in myself, the beings that I'm channeling and confidence in what I'm doing because regardless There will always be people that will question and say, How do you know? And Someone recently asked me because I teach about channeling and intuition. And there's a lot of things that I teach you to look after your body look after your mind become a better channel. And someone asked me if there was one thing that you could teach that you could share with people, and that was it. What would that they give people the ability to have that so they could channel? They could connect the intuitive gifts better? What would that be? And instantly the first thing that came to mind, and I could feel it was trust in themselves.

Alex Ferrari 15:34
That's very true. Now, let me ask you about your process. Specifically, how does it feel when you channel I've heard every, everyone's a little bit different. Everyone, you know, Bashar doesn't want you to Darrell does it one way and other people do it other ways. How does it work for you?

Rubia Lacerda 15:50
For me, so I close my eyes, and I just I welcome them into my field. And I can feel like I first I see them, like it's like a group of beautiful beings. And then I feel like almost like my face morphs with their face. And then it's like, my consciousness takes I'd say, takes the backseat. And then it's their consciousness, it might be. So I am still here and present, I but I'm like an observer, and they are speaking through me. So I don't have I cannot control what they say what comes out of my mouth. It's they are saying it. And at the same time, I'm not completely out. I am being like, I'm like, you know, experiencing the channeling. I'm still I can hear things. I remember what they spoke about afterwards. I might not remember like a week later, but straight after I remember.

Alex Ferrari 16:44
So you remember every so you are you are kind of like in a side room, if you will. Yes. And listening to everything and seeing everything.

Rubia Lacerda 16:54
Like this chair behind me, I'm the chair behind,

Alex Ferrari 16:56
You're in the backseat, you're in the backseat, they're driving, they're driving, yes. But at any time, you still have complete control. So if you need to stop or you want to stop, you can,

Rubia Lacerda 17:06
I can so it can take takes a few seconds. So I've had instances in the past that there was someone came in to specifically talk to their students. It was like a session. And we were just sitting here and having the conversation. And that was a very long pause. And I just heard the arcturion say, come back. So I just took you know, I just took a few seconds and then I'll open my eyes. Okay, there was something going on with internet computer. So whatever it was, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 17:33
Yeah the Arcturians are not very good with tech support. I've had that happen before, which is hilarious. When channels are generally good technology scraps, like some not so much of the tech support. So during the years that you have been channeling, can you kind of give an example of a specific moment or instance that you're channeling had a profound effect on somebody.

Rubia Lacerda 18:02
So many, there's quite a few like people get some people get quite emotional and it changes so much for them. But the what is coming up is channeling on a bigger audience. So I've been interviewed on on a youth for another YouTube channel. And I noticed the impact, just the impact of two things, me having the courage to put myself out there because people have, there's a lot of fear. How do you know you know what people think of you? How do you trust yourself? How do you know you're not making it up? But the frequently asked questions. So people really appreciate, excuse me the courage. And then people really, really appreciate the message a lot of the messages that their students brain through so I noticed for me, the most profound thing changes has been to see the the effect the positive effect that is has on a collective on like on groups of people.

Alex Ferrari 19:08
So what's the most challenging part of being a spiritual challenge, a challenge Channeler.

Rubia Lacerda 19:13
Being so open and connected and having the ability like I pick up on everything, energies and people so like, a lot of things are, I have to be quiet, reserved with my energy, the places that I go and the people that I spend time with, because I am constantly received not constantly but I am receiving information. So it's like, it's very clear what comes through. So sometimes I have to spend a fair bit of time on my own to recharge.

Alex Ferrari 19:48
So you're like an empath like an empath almost

Rubia Lacerda 19:52
Yes. And I never say I'm an empath and can go anywhere. Like it's not something that it's not a problem, but it is Something that because my channel like it's literally open, my crown is very open. It's like an antenna. So yeah, I changed my life drastically after I started. Well, I had already I already started to change my life drastically. And then I understood why for a couple of years, I stopped completely drinking alcohol, I stopped going out to bars and pubs because I used to go out a lot and I stopped and then when I started chatting, I was like, oh, okay, I understand what is happening. I have been prepared to do this work.

Alex Ferrari 20:31
So no raves?

Rubia Lacerda 20:33
No, right? Well, I did go into one but it was like a spiritual one.

Alex Ferrari 20:39
Because I as I have joke and half I'm serious, because if you go to a place like that the amount of human beings around you can be overwhelming, you know, a very overwhelming when you're surrounded by so much different energy, even I even I somewhat of an empath, myself and I feel people's energy pretty easily. It's an being a film director, it's very handy. So you could check, you can feel people's energy, but it gets overwhelming. Sometimes you have to really kind of prepare yourself or protect yourself in that, is there something that you do to kind of shield yourself from that chaotic energy.

Rubia Lacerda 21:18
So it really comes down to like being wise with where I'm going. So this festival that I went, I only it was a four day festival, I only went for one day. And it's a quite a spiritual one. So they don't even sell alcohol there. And I was just made sure that I was really in my energy, and I stayed in my center. So a lot of people say how do you protect yourself? How do you do so a long time ago, I say I am protecting all the time, I don't need to be constantly protecting myself. Because the moment that I protected myself a long time ago, I trust that that protection, it's always there, this is a big thing as well, some people feel the need to be constantly protecting that means that they're not trusting the initial protection that they had in the first place. So and it really is a matter of and sometimes I may, if I'm walking somewhere, and I may not feel safe, they may be a drunk person on the streets feel rare here, but I may go like white light around my body, like and I feel that that's more for my mind than for my protection, because I'm protected regardless. But to answer your question, it really is a matter of being wise with the decisions that I make, where I'm going, who I'm spending time with and the places that I'm going to. And also looking after, for me and this is for me personally, I just want everyone to know that there's a lot of things that you really have to tune in and see what is best for you, I know that there's channels that don't do some of the things that I do, although these things are important for me, personally. And for me, it's also like the foods that I'm putting in my body, the frequencies that I am allowing in my body like the the quality of the water, the quality of the food, all of those things actually have an impact on on but because I'm such an open channel, there will be an impact. So I'm making sure you know that I'm looking after to the best of my ability, my body, mind and soul, especially body and mind.

Alex Ferrari 23:14
What's the biggest misconception that people have about channels?

Rubia Lacerda 23:18
People think we can clearly see and clearly hear everything and everything is so clear. It's like, I'm seeing the beautiful light beings right in front of me basically speaking, and I hear them talking to me like you're talking to me right now. It's a different voice. And it's so easy and open that that's the one great question actually. Yes. Because I get that a lot. And it's not like that.

Alex Ferrari 23:43
It's not it's a little bit. What's what is that process then? Do you hear the voices? How do you confuse your own voice in your mind with the voice that is channeling through? Or how does that work?

Rubia Lacerda 23:54
So it's a it really is a process of trust itself and practice. So for me, I knew that they were they've been talking to me for a while and I was channeling an indigenous guide, just for myself no one knew I will the channel these beings come through and when they are tourists started to come in the indigenous being was there and he said, they've been here the whole time. I'm just the one that was passing on the message because you wouldn't let them in. And so the way that I can hear the voice and this is when people think you know you're a little bit crazy that this language that I'm gonna use, I can get their voice inside of my head. And I just know because there's there's just, it's like a knowing it's I just know and when I am trance channeling when they come through when they speak through me it's basically I'm not in control so that it's not that I'm not in control of what's coming out of my mouth. And sometimes I come out of channeling and I was like wow, I wish I could like I'll get a little bit jealous. I was like, I wish I was as wise as you guys.

Alex Ferrari 24:56
That's that is occupational hazard with channels. I I've never known that from other channels like cheeses. I wish I was that smart or that wise, that deep.

Rubia Lacerda 25:08
Oh, it's like competition.

Alex Ferrari 25:12
So do you mind if we do a little channeling session for the audience?

Rubia Lacerda 25:15
Not at all.

Alex Ferrari 25:16
All right, looking forward to it.

Rubia Lacerda 25:19
So I'm going to close my eyes, it's just going to take me a few seconds, and then they'll come in and say hello. Greetings, we are the Arcturians. And it is an honor for us to be here today.

Alex Ferrari 25:37
Thank you so much for coming in, I have a few questions I'd love to ask you. First question is, what is your definition of consciousness?

Rubia Lacerda 25:49
Our definition of consciousness is the bridge that gives life to all that is, it is, let's say, the driver of the vehicle, as cautiousness is placed in anything or anyone, it is then able to drive that human that think that living being and then you can expand into the explanation of consciousness to all that is, and into so many other things. We would like to ask if there is any perception of consciousness that you would like to dive deeper into?

Alex Ferrari 26:42
Yes, the question I get asked all the time is, what is it does? Do animals have consciousness? And how do they evolve their consciousness, as opposed to our consciousness?

Rubia Lacerda 26:55
All living beings on your planet, have consciousness and the consciousness levels are different, even amongst humans, you will have different levels of consciousness, in the evolution of that consciousness comes down to the choices that that been made, even before it took that form that physical form. And for animals that will evolve in your planet, they evolve to a certain point, as that is part of their soul contract to come here and experience themselves as that leaving being, although humans have the choice to evolve further, further than what some will be currently choosing if that makes sense.

Alex Ferrari 27:47
It does. It does. So does. So if you were going to manifest How would you how what are techniques or the you can use to help yourself manifest things that you desire in this life?

Rubia Lacerda 28:02
When it comes down to manifestation, it really is a matter of having being in the frequency of what you want to manifest, because your external reality is a frequency match to your internal state. So manifestation is not a matter of let's say, mantras, and thinking about the things that you want, but it is a matter of becoming that which you desire to manifest. So we are not saying become a car, for example, although become the version of you that has the new car, and maintain the frequencies that allow you to be that being so many of you ask about money wealth. So what is it? How is it that a wealthy person when it comes to money, be how do they be? How do they feel? So we advise to be already in the frequency to the feelings and emotions of gratitude, of being grateful for all that already exists in your life, for already feeling wealthy for all that is already in your life. And then taking this is a very important step that many people miss, which is taking the aligned action, following your passion and taking that aligned action without fear without fear of making a mistake or taking wrong path or making wrong choices. And as long as you are cultivating those frequencies and taking the aligned action. There is no other choice but for you to manifest things. And if it doesn't go the way that you planned at least you will get life experiences and feedback.

Alex Ferrari 30:01
How can we have free will, if there is a soul blueprint or a destiny that we agreed to come down to this earth to do.

Rubia Lacerda 30:10
The most important thing to remember when it comes to freewill is that when you connect to your heart, and you tap into what truly your heart desires, not your mind, not your ego, tapping into your heart, then you discover what is it that you want to pursue, that you want to follow, then that gives you the free will to make the choice to follow what's in alignment with your heart. Many people believe that they are not following their free will, because there was something to do with their blueprint. But a lot of the times that belief is attached to a, an eagle desire. So connecting to the heart and making sure that is something that really truly feels in full alignment with your heart's desire, not because somebody told you society told you that you have to do or your family told you that you have to do and you want to impress others, then that is an ego based desire. So when you are connecting to your heart's desire, then you will feel like you have free will to choose,

Alex Ferrari 31:23
How do we connect to our higher selves?

Rubia Lacerda 31:26
Connecting to higher self, it is also another process that we recommend connecting to your heart, connecting to your heart and trusting in yourself in what is coming through into your field. A lot of the times to connect deeper to your higher self or even connect to your higher self in the first place. You need to remove the beliefs and programs that have you stop the have you think that you are making it up or others will think I'm crazy is just my imagination, it is a matter of removing the beliefs that have you thinking that in the first place, and then your channel is clear. And you are able to connect to hear your higher self on a deeper level. Because your higher self is always connected to you and is always giving you messages. It's a matter of removing the distortions that and disruptions that are on the way.

Alex Ferrari 32:25
From your perspective, what is the ultimate purpose or goal of spiritual evolution?

Rubia Lacerda 32:31
There are a couple of perspectives that we would like to share. The purpose of spiritual evolution is to support humans to evolve beyond what they believe and perceive life to be because you don't know what you don't know. And through spiritual evolution, you start to learn more about the things that you don't know. And the second part of our answer is that it is another way that certain souls that come to planet earth as humans will choose to experience their human experience. I want to go to Earth and have an experience as a spiritual being that is on a path of spiritual evolution. You could say it is a life experience that many choose to go through.

Alex Ferrari 33:22
How do you navigate the balance between individuality and unity consciousness?

Rubia Lacerda 33:29
It all comes down to integrity, to who you are being when no one is watching? Are you being in integrity to yourself? In then are you being in integrity to the collective so that you can support yourself first and foremost that the highest and then the collective?

Alex Ferrari 33:52
How do you maintain a state of inner peace amongst all the challenges of life?

Rubia Lacerda 33:59
To maintain inner peace. It is so important that you are present. Yes, there is time on your planet. Although time is an illusion, the past and the present the past and the future is an illusion. And the more that you connect to the truth of the present of being present, there is no other choice for you to feel in their piece. And of course you are going to be sitting with yourself in the present and many feelings and emotions and feelings and thoughts may arise. And it's a matter of accepting as well. All that is ending that process. You may even laugh at all that arises in all the worries that you may put on all the things that may be happening in your life and then you realize how you're all that is it is being a frequency match to who you are I mean, so it is so important that you are present, that you cultivate that inner peace so that you can create more of that in your external reality. Why do we suffer in life, you suffering life because there is a choice, it is a choice to come to a planet of duality, a planet of contrast, and the level of suffering is also a choice, you may choose to suffer, because of a because of certain situations, or you may choose to just surrender and trust that there is a lesson or whatever it is that there is for you there. So, remembering that suffering, a lot of the times not all the time, a lot of the times is a choice.

Alex Ferrari 35:53
How do you approach the concept of ego and its role in the spiritual evolution?

Rubia Lacerda 35:59
While the ego is very much part of humans, and many humans will leave only an ego based life in their current lifetime. And ego is there as also part of the contrast to support humans to evolve in ascend, because the more you observe your human self, your Eagle self, you are then able to see the contrast experience of it, which is your spiritual self, which is beyond the veil of illusion. So the ego, you could say, it is an experience of who you are not so that you have the duality contrasting experience to discover who you truly are.

Alex Ferrari 36:48
How do you quiet the negative voices in our head?

Rubia Lacerda 36:52
There are many ways a lot of the negative voices in humans head is because of a dysregulated nervous system. So it can be something quite physiological. And it can also be related to trauma, childhood trauma, or sexual trauma, and also beliefs from society, religious beliefs, so it is a matter of going to the unconscious root of why those negative thoughts are there in the first place. A lot of the times you could even say most of the times, those thoughts are there because of an unconscious pattern that is running in the background. So as long as that unconscious pattern is dealt with, then the thought new thoughts can start to come in.

Alex Ferrari 37:49
How can we heal physical and emotional pain and suffering in this life?

Rubia Lacerda 37:54
Well, our last answer to your last question is very much related to this as well. A lot of emotional and physical pain exist due to unconscious pattern. So an example that Ruby usually gives is a visual example is when you think about the we are having trouble remembering the word. When you think about outside of the water, that ice there is ice outside of the water. And then in the water, the iceberg, you only see the tip of the iceberg outside of the water and then underneath the water, there is this huge iceberg. And that is 90% of what is controlling your life is that we would say that what is underneath the water is your unconscious mind. That is creating the emotional and the physical pain. So as long as you are addressing those patterns, you are then able to shift once and for all the emotional and the physical bang, alongside with some lifestyle changes. And also with some mindset reprogramming, so starting to cultivate new new neural pathways so that you're able to then create a new you that doesn't have the emotional and the physical pain.

Alex Ferrari 39:29
What advice do you have for individuals who feel overwhelmed or lost in their spiritual journey?

Rubia Lacerda 39:35
The answer to that question is always to look within and ask the following question. What are you pretending that you don't know? And really be honest with yourself, because a lot of people are afraid of their desires. errs have what they their soul chose to experience. Therefore, feeling lost and overwhelmed. It is easier on some level, in some level, it is easier to feel that way, then to truly go for what they thought was calling there too. So we want you to really tune into your heart, be honest with yourself, what is it really, that you want to do on your spiritual path? And then it is a matter of knowing, and discovering and finding ways to know that you are worthy of that, that you are deserving of that?

Alex Ferrari 40:43
What advice would you have, for someone who's just beginning their spiritual journey?

Rubia Lacerda 40:49
Don't take it all so seriously. And don't try to make all your family members and loved ones to come on the same path as you. And we say that with light hearted fun, because that is something that can that we see happening a lot, know that people will follow you as they see the changes in you, rather than you trying to change those around you. It is a matter of them seeing and then they get to choose if they want to follow the same spiritual path. And for you person, only going through that beginning stages of spiritual journey. Have fun, explore, discover, learn, allow yourself to go on a journey without taking it all way too seriously. Knowing that you are able to have fun and enjoy and play throughout this process of self a spiritual discovery.

Alex Ferrari 41:52
What do you say to someone, because I hear this concept that you said earlier, the Look Within Can you explain that concept to somebody who has no understanding of what that means, what process you actually have to go through to find answers within yourself?

Rubia Lacerda 42:12
The process of going within can be quite individual to each person. So the best way to go within is when you are channeling your art, when you are being in your art and being in your art could be. It's something that brings joy to your heart. So that could be going for a walk, it could be exercising, it could be playing an instrument, it could be spending time with loved ones, when you are really in your joy, you are opening you are activating yourself, which means that it will be easier for you to connect your own heart to hear the messages of your heart of your higher self. So in order for you to go within, it is advisable that you are in your joy, because that opens the channels to go within it is easy to go within. And that is why we say that is quite an individual process. So for some people, for Ruby, a lot of the times has been exercising, she will exercise she will be walking home or driving home. And in those moments after the exercise, a lot of ideas and inspirations will start to drop into her field and that for her is going within. So connect to your joy. And for some people you may be to sit down and meditate and connect to your heart. And you start to have an internal conversation with yourself. What is it that I really want? Am I happy in this job? Am I happy in this relationship? Is this what I want to do? And if it is great, and if it's not what is it that I want to do different? And how can I start that with small steps, baby steps, what is the first step that I can take? That means that I'm listening to the voice within

Alex Ferrari 44:19
What is the primary reason you have chosen to connect with Rubia and guide humans during this time in our spiritual evolution as a species?

Rubia Lacerda 44:29
We have a soul contract with Rubia which was chosen even before she took human form. And the reason why we have chosen this as it is also in human terms a spiritual contract for us and we have chosen this because the pollution and ascension of humanity is crucial for the evolution of all that is and because it is quite a magnificent IT technology that planet Earth is and that human beings are. And that can be used for with ill intent. And we are able to come through and bring messages that will support humanity to use it for the intent that is going to support the highest good of all. And we have been here for many, many, many lifetimes. Many of us have been assisting on this process of humans on planet Earth since the beginnings of times here,

Alex Ferrari 45:39
What is your core message that you want to communicate to humanity at this time?

Rubia Lacerda 45:45
Before we share the message, we want you all to know that many of the things that you are looking at for answers for the answers are very, very simple, there is no need for some extremely advanced answer. So receive the simple message that we are going to give you, as one of the most crucial messages that you may receive in your life, in the message that we have that is so important, especially at this time in your planet, is for you to really do whatever it is that you need to do to cultivate being your authentic, true self. Because when you are your authentic, true self, you are cultivating the true frequency of your soul blueprint of what your soul has chosen to come here and experience. And even though our message may sound simple, this can be quite an uncomfortable process. Because then that means you're going to have to start saying no to the things that you really want to say no to, instead of saying yes, because you want to people, please, you are going to start to have to start setting boundaries with loved ones, you are going to start really thinking about who you are being in this world, your relationships, the things that you have chosen to be doing have here. And some big changes may be needed. And when you are expressing your authentic, True Self on an individual level, in collective level, you do see things shift a lot faster in your planet,

Alex Ferrari 47:37
How do we create a more peaceful and harmonious world?

Rubia Lacerda 47:41
The message that we just shared is also very fitting for this question. And also to add on to that is, who are you being when no one is watching? Are you being in Integrity with your own self? Are you first and foremost, looking after your body, your mind and your soul? And then are you being a positive impact in the life of others that can only bring harmony, so know thyself, and no others?

Alex Ferrari 48:24
And finally, do you have any parting words for our audience and I'd like to thank you for your time.

Rubia Lacerda 48:31
The parting words for the audience is beautiful beings, you are in crucial times on your planet. Where right now, the best thing that you can do is really is to ensure that on a individual level, you are making your part not only with learning, with self developing and healing and also but also with the aligned action that you are taking to create new realities for yourself and for the planet. So we really would love to invite you to scan your life, how is your life going? Who are you being in Are there any changes that are necessary for that you can make that is going to support you and then that is going to support the collective and know that as you do this on an individual level. You are truly supporting the collective consciousness. And we would like to say you are welcome and thank you for having us here.

Alex Ferrari 49:59
How are you? But how are you doing? How are you doing?

Rubia Lacerda 50:06
Yes. Great.

Alex Ferrari 50:08
You doing good? How do you feel energetic or drained?

Rubia Lacerda 50:12
No, I feel I feel energized. I may get afterwards I may get a little bit tired. I'll have a lie down. But it's never something that drains me.

Alex Ferrari 50:20
Oh, very. You heard everything that we said. I did. Yes. Yeah. Well, you know them better than I do today enjoy this process.

Rubia Lacerda 50:30
They love it. They love coming through. And sometimes they know that I interesting he has humans like I will have judgments of what they're saying, I want them to give a different answer. It's so interesting to observe my mind while they are speaking. And it's a really is a matter of fully trust, I trust them, I trust what they are sharing what they want to share with others. Because this topic of spirituality and consciousness is huge. And like sometimes I personally as a human like to give as much details as possible and over explain and have a conversation about like, I could go on about the the first question, and we could still be talking about the first question. So they are very, very grateful. They they and something that they didn't share is that they say we wish humans would put themselves on a pedestal the same way that they put us. So they the same way that we see them like wow, these incredible beings are students while they see us that same way. Because there's things that we have access to that they don't have like the field, especially with the physical body, the pleasure the sensations, like they find that incredible.

Alex Ferrari 51:46
Now, I'm going to ask you a few questions asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Rubia Lacerda 51:52
My definition of living a fulfilled life, it really is following whatever it is that he believes inside of you like your heart, your heart's desire. And following that no matter what, go for it. And I love the shots formula, follow the shots formula, the five step formula. And and that's because you just don't have no assumptions. I see some of the outcome and do this, go for it.

Alex Ferrari 52:16
If you had a chance to go back in time and speak to the little girl that used to be you, what advice would you give her?

Rubia Lacerda 52:22
Well tell her Don't listen to them. No. Your head? No.

Alex Ferrari 52:33
You're not crazy. It's all gonna work out. Yeah, that's a great one. How do you define God?

Rubia Lacerda 52:41
I define God, as the creator of all that is, as one miss and I defined all that is as also God. So I define that we are a fractal of God experience itself in this human form.

Alex Ferrari 52:57
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Rubia Lacerda 52:59
The ultimate purpose of life is to we are a fractal of creator. So I see God as a creator, creator being. So our purpose is to come here and create anything that process of create is to experience life and so experiencing at its fullest, be the creator and in whatever tuning into your heart. And they all intertwine right tuning into your heart. What is it that you want to create and be that creator?

Alex Ferrari 53:29
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Rubia Lacerda 53:33
So people can find out more about me or my website, which is That's And I'm also on social media platforms, same Lane, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. It's all there sold on my website.

Alex Ferrari 53:54
And what do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Rubia Lacerda 53:57
Oh, yes. Okay, are there good and said that, but then, you know, you know, my reaction, it's like, Be your authentic self. So for me, I wouldn't put myself in front of a camera or in the audience in the past, because I'm like, Oh, I can be a bit quirky and you know, a bit too much fun. And I get too excited. And maybe people think I'm weird. Be your weird self, the world or the humans love it. We love authenticity. We love your weird self. All of its welcome. So go out there and be you and give that gift to humanity.

Alex Ferrari 54:35
My dear, thank you so much for coming on the show, and sharing your talents with us and and sharing these profound messages for the audience. I appreciate you know what you're doing in the world.

Rubia Lacerda 54:45
Thank you so much for having me.

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